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Jan. 19th, 2017

ianuk: (baroness)
Yesterday was DH's and I 21 years of being a couple anniversary. Our relationship can drink! Woot! Looking around we are still flabbergasted that we are the stable normal couple...when the heck did that happen? We also realize that we aren't normal with how our relationship works. People are still confused that on a weekly basis we don't see each other much but still make things work well.

On the finishing front here is the progress:

What I still need finish:

1) Finish Mel's orange socks

2) Darn my favorite grey sweater

3) Repair two more pairs of Mel's pants

4) Fix hem on one leg a pair of dress slacks

5) Sew button on my black dress slacks

Things I want/need to do:

1) Cast on my pussy cat hat for the march on Saturday

2) Cut out and sew crown clothes

3) Fix my armor for this weekend!!!!

4) Recover my scutum shield for this weekend

Feels good to finsih things. Looks like its going to be wet for the local women's march . I'm still going to go...but I'll just need to plan accordingly.


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