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This was from a week ago and I hadn't finished it to post but its good enough for me to talk about. So this is 5/5 and 5/6 recapped almost.

The weeks leading up to coronation for Atenveldt is busy...especially if you are a scribe and it was a daunting week at my job that pays me money. Sighs. I was tired going into the weekend and we had spent all of Friday night cleaning up the house. We were hosting a BBQ for the household and we had to clean up the house. I had cleaned the kitchen the night before attempting to make a margarita cake for the Cinco de Mayo nacho fest. It failed...not sure why...I don't think I got the yogurt mixed all of the way through and it was over dense and yeah. Bad. The cupcakes, version 2, turned out edible versus the run previous in the week when I had almost killed 2 cupcake pans. yes, I had baking fails this week...its been special. Anyhoo the cupcakes were edible but not pretty and so was the cake but I didn't serve the cake. I made trifle on Friday night with it and about 6 cupcakes that hadn't gotten eaten by my engineers. It turned out tasty. But by the time 10pm or so rolled around Mel and I were toast. He's cleaned the porch, we got the family room settled and the house was as good as it was going to get.

Saturday morning was early but we got ourselves packed up and moving. Mel was not doing great. He hurt and I could tell. The boy was spastic but good and he had a bag full of things to do. I hoped he would have some one to play with so he wouldn't have to sit through court and he Andrew and another little boy had a good time. He came in to court a few times to check in and ask for snacks etc and that worked out well.

Being scribe makes court dramatic and anticlimactic at times. I know what is going to happen so I'm anticipating it but then I know what is going to happen so its not a surprise. Its a very weird state of being. To pass the time at Coronation Ari and I have a tradition of untangling yarn. I didn't have anything at that level but her ravenclaw socks decided that they were going to be a brat. Almost 2 courts it took us to get to 3/4 of the way through. People around us were just flabbergasted that we didn't cut the yarn...that is not the point...the point was to be smarter than string. :) I also knit on my new socks which are in the Sanderson Sisters (Hocus Pocus) Colorway by Mintrain on Etsy.

So back to know what is happening in court...I knew that they would be presenting the premier of a order that day since it was commissioned for Ari to do. It did not have a name associated with it. The Crown had spoken with Ari, NBD. This happens with lots of awards. She kept the scroll in work and we saw bits and pieces like the gold leaf etc. Now to back up a bit the award is the Glory of Atenveldt. Just read that and then click on the other people who were made premiers. Seriously, I was shocked when TRM called me up and I was thinking this had to do with the switching of the signets and Morgan starts speaking about how for as long as he's known me I've been a Laurel and how I'm all of the things that makes a Laurel a Laurel...I was a bit shell shocked. That is not how I've thought of myself. But I guess I've been doing good at Rule #4. Cause after the award, I had more folks come up to me (peers and non alike) tell me how proud they were they I got to be the premier. Thomas Tawlwardie made me cry. I look at the people who were the other premiers and I'm still not thinking I'm in their league. I think of when I won baronial A&S and we went up to our old shire in Northshield and Master Fiskr asked me after I told him I won "Didn't Ivan enter?" I just don't think I measure up...never had....just tried to do my best. Its just kinda scary and humbling and mesmerizing when you realize a lot of people think of you completely differently as you think of yourself. In this case its a good thing...just still weird.

That for me was the end of their court...


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