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Well, in a convo with the apprentice I decided that I needed to finish things before I can start new things. This weekend I got my studio setup for sewing and the like and then pulled out items that were lingering....like mending. Seriously. I had PJ pants I started last January that just needed hems etc.

This weekend I:

1) Finished a baby hat for a shower, washed, blocked and delivered it Maleficent style.

2) Finished hems on two pairs of pj pants for mel.

3) repaired 1 pair of pj pants for mel

4) Darned my hand knit red cashmere socks

5) Darned and reinforced my hand knit wool/silk half gloves

6) Darned and reinforced two pairs of mel's hand knit socks.

What I still need finish:

1) Finish Mel's orange socks

2) Darn my favorite grey sweater

3) Repair two more pairs of Mel's pants

4) Fix hem on one leg a pair of dress slacks

5) Sew button on my black dress slacks

Things I want/need to do:

1) Cast on my pussy cat hat for the march on Saturday

2) Cut out and sew crown clothes

3) Fix my armor for this weekend

4) Recover my scutum shield for this weekend
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This morning Benton and I were listening to "Stuff you Missed in History Class" Podcast (highly recommend this!) and the episode on Early Danish Royals

You can listen to it here:

Early Danish Royalty

The interesting thing is the tie it to our Bluetooth Technology since it was named after Harald Bluetooth from when Ericcson was first working on the tech. Holly and Tracy in the podcast also talk about the fact that Harald Bluetooth may have had a blue tooth (dead tooth) but again conjecture. But still neat!

Bluetooth and the Vikings from Smithsonian/

So the cool thing is the symbol for Bluetooth tech is the runes for King Harald!
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I posted to twitter about my busy day and most of it was work, housework, being mom, cooking and in general not trying to leave my house a disaster when I get home from work. I learned this when I was nursing that if I didn't start the bottle cleaning when I got home it was never done and I tried to do that last night by getting dishes started while I made dinner and helped Ben with homework, picked up my stuff from the front room (as I could), moved mel's stuff to his side of the bed and got laundry going as well as washing things I just made for the ladies born last month.

I then sat down and dinked around on my phone for probably 45mins versus knitting while watching tv and then finally did knit and watch the mid-season premier of AOS. Wow, that was a good episode. I really wish we could get Tony Stark to have a talk with Coulson on what sentience is and how you determine it even if it was created by a creepy as magical book. But enough of that...I'm just enjoying AOS and that is good.

So I adulted but I did get some knitting in. Hopefully I'll be motivated to finish the cleaning of the studio on Thursday so I can be sewing on the weekend or at least mending and then cutting out crown clothes.
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Friday was getting the old futon we cleaned out of the house to my coworker for his daughters sewing room. woot! We did a bit of shopping and then home to play with a new standing lamp. Which did not fit where we wanted but I move a few more of them around and it worked in another place.

Then I was busy around the house picking stuff up and putting things away etc and doing I'm not sure what. Honestly I can' t remember but I didn't sit down much and I was running around the house a lot and also working on a crochet project. Mel was busy in the shop but went to get Ben, I hit costco for things we needed for the weekend and then it was home for left overs for dinner. Ben had had a really good week and we watched some tv.

Mel and I sat up way too late watching Young Justice but that was okay. I got up at just before 6 and packed the car to head to 12th night, got Domnall and then headed to Ari's. We packed things in her car and were on the road to the event on the NW side of Phx. We arrived at 930am and kibitzed with people. It was cooler than I expected but snuggled up in my Hrafn cloak it was all good. Domnall got troll setup and Ari (dressed as the White Witch from Narnia) went to Laurel's circle. I worked on the crochet project and got to a point where I realized the stuffing was in another bag in the car so I pulled out a knitting project. The "men" were confused by me switching projects mid-circle. Sorry guys gotta keep my hands busy. But it was a good circle and there was laughter and mirth and some good discussions. Got done and then handled some good arts business with the Kingdom MOAS. She got the taste of stern but helpful peer. And got the Hrafnheim/BTY laurelate opinion on the competitions and what we need to do to fix them which is dust off and nuke from orbit and try again in a few years after we've gotten folks into making things and have a good time.

Got to sit court and eat a wonderful spread that Ari and I brought. Took care of Dom since he was stuck at Troll and chatted with [profile] public_shaylan and Bran. Good times. Throughout all of the afternoon I chatted with folks and worked on the crochet project which I finished. A cute bunny for Baby Cora Jade.


The pattern is fiddly but I like it. Then I worked on the baby hat which is the Moochi by Woolywormhead for another baby, Miss Virginia Anne. We left about the time they were going to start serving feast and headed to Uncle Bear's Brewery for booze and noms. So tasty.

We got home just about 10pm and I got home, unloaded, unloaded the cooler and then immediately took a shower and then parafin waxed my hands. Mel's been restoring his early 1800s Canadian Production Wheel and its a lot of hand scraping to get the old finishes off and well, I've been crocheting or knitting too much so yes, hands better. And then I collapsed into bed. Mel was amused but understood me being tired.

We got up early again the next day for war practice/polling. I woke up poorly but drugs and coffee helped that tremendously. Got to the event with more coffee and donuts for the household and then sat at court working on my knitting and then chatting with Mistress Cecilia in our tent for hours with other folks in the house. Benton was good and played around the tent or on the play ground with other kids. I finished the one hat and cast on another in the same pattern for another baby (as of yet unknown name/gender and still in uetero with their mama). But the first hat is cute and it needs a wash and block.

Moochi for Virginia

Polling was good and then it was the long slog for the knights circle to then have court. Sighs. The household packed everything up (we only had 2 men (a squire and a man at arms) and the ladies of the house did everything else. Sighs. But things were in the van minus the few benches we needed for evening court. Court ended a while later and Benton and I quickly jetted for home. I was done and tired and just wanted to not be outside. I was annoyed about a few things but oh well. Chatting with my apprentice made tings better.

Dinner was the most amazeballs pork ribs. That morning I had gotten the roaster out, poured in 2 bottles of Guinness and the then liberally applied Montreal Steak Seasoning and Garlic powder. I set the temperature to 275°F and we left for the day. I turned it off at 6pm. OMG! soo good. Mel had made some ramen the day before and we had a simple dinner of ramen and ribs. So good. Seriously. We are making that again.

Yesterday I finally made it back to the gym. I decided leg day was where the year needed to start and I did good. Didn't do squats since the room was full but I headed off to the leg press machines and switched off with another guy. Ran into some of my young engineers (we will all be at the gym at the same time Wednesday it looks like) but all good. I hit the treadmill and while I didn't over push I was amazed at how having working lungs helps with running. Seriously, my legs were pulling not my chest and that felt wonderful. Yay for a controller medicine.

I got home and Ben ahd his first Red day in a very long time. I think he was over tired from the weekend but we shall see. I had a quick bite to eat before heading to scribble where I got all of the names and did one full text for the awards for Sunday. Then I effed one up cause I tried to erase and it wasn't dry (headdesk). Then I headed (at 10pm) to Target for essentials like eggs and papertowels. le sigh but I got home and into the shower by 1045 so I call that good.

Today I'm feeling less sore than I expected but I'm sure tomorrow that will be different.

But all in all a good weekend though not doing anything I wanted to be doing like sleeping in and just hanging on the couch....oh well. I have to adult.
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Well the first work day back was tiring. I was out of sorts and just trying to remember where I was in things. I did not do my normal "make a list" for the year end so I was a bit of a lost puppy for most of the day.

Got things settled though and that was good. I was beat when I got home with Benton. Luckily Mel had made dinner before he went to the dojo with Ben so it was an easy night for that. Got Ben fed and showered and we started on a second chapter book (Magic Tree House #2) and then I sat like a lump on the couch. I was tired. Mel stayed home from practice and we finished watching the finale to Gravity Falls. Gods I love that show. We started in on Young Justice then. I'm sad they've changed voices for Batman and Superman. Kevin Conroy is Batman in my head when I hear him speak in comics.

Tonight I'll hit knit night and hopefully finish up on something whether its mel's sock gusset or mary's baby gift. I need to stop by joanns to buy more stuffing before I go though but my plan is not not work late and make it to knit night at a good time to sit and craft. Yay!
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I will be back dating some info as time permits buts my holiday was okay. We had a lazy and busy time. It was very weird. The entire family was sleeping in till at least 8am...sometimes later the entire break. Ben is growing and eating all of the time which was good but we learned not too much sugar otherwise he's a grump monster in the AM. We went roller skating with [profile] scribe_ari and the kids. Ben did great on his new from Santa skates and it was fun. Definitely need to do it some more soon. We hit the zoo and in general had a nice time.

Mel and I are almost finished watching all of Gravity Falls on Hulu.

On the making things front I made:
1) a cowl for [profile] public_shaylan

2) Caution Orange sock for Mel, I still need to finish the second one but its at the heel gusset.

3) Finished the minecraft creeper hat for Benton and Viktor

4) Got the hot head torch on and made beads with [personal profile] swordmage as a gift for Wolfgrim's wife Jess which we made into a Viking Festoon.

5) Worked on a baby gift for little Cora Jade which I hope to finish this week/weekend.

We also managed to get new to us furniture. So in the way of last January we reorganized where we reorganized the front room. This time we reorganized the family room and the bedroom. We had intended to buy bedroom stuff but managed to buy stuff for the family room. We moved out the big dresser and the futon and the purple couch. We replaced them with a 1930s armoire, a new Ashley couch and a new to us vintage 1960s custom sofa and chair.




So this has spurred a reorganization trend and I've been throwing things out in the KonMori style and folding things small and making things better. Yay!
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What's In a Name (1411 words) by ianuk
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Bruce Banner, James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Hulk (Marvel)
Additional Tags: NOT A:AOU Compliant, not ca:cw compliant, Helpful JARVIS

What happens when a helpful AI eavesdrops on an Avengers phone call and then calls that Avenger on a subtle but well played practical joke? Hilarity ensues.

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Well, we shall see if this works....if you have a DW account please find me and I'll add you? not sure of the terminology there yet.
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So LJ moved its servers completely to russia...and that means I'm limited on where I can post from. So, I've reactivated my dreamwidth account and need to figure out how to crosspost etc.

So we shall see.... I'm Ianuk over there....
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To state I'm disapointed with the election is an understatement. I see our
country going backwards in progress. But, the silver lining, it shows the
deep issues point blank for many who ignored them...including myself.

The Obamas did a great job as POTUS/FLOTUS and I will remember them and
their caring for people etc.

The Trumps, we've seen how they behave and well, I guess we shall see how
the future will be.

But as a person who believes in rights for all, in protections for all no
matter of what race, gender, sex orientation or religion I will work to
make a difference so that the mindfulness we need as a nation is not lost
with this influx of backward thinking we haven't seen in office since
probably the McCarthy Era.

I posted yesterday on Twitter:

So, go make things, you never know, when after they have left your purview
how they will give you bits of joy.

Make things, make a difference, be good and just and all of the ideals this
country was founded upon.

Keep Calm and Make a Difference
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Busy weekend prepping for coronation and southern. Food, scrolls, sewing
etc. I did manage to eek out enough time to make a new skirt for Halloween.

I call my look today Corporate Witch

More updates later....
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I will be back dating posts soon but due to home computer is dead and firewall issues I have to mobile post.

Life in general has been busy. I've been crafting, working OT and scribing. We hit Philadelphia for [livejournal.com profile] bertana's wedding mid month and that was a heck of a lot of fun for the family. I'm still sorting photos.

Last night Mel and I celebrated our 13th Wedding anniversary by going to Maynards Kitchen (https://maynardstucson.com and that was tasty. I had the roasted duck and mel had the bouillabaisse after we shared a tasting platter of meats/cheese/fruits. The duck had puffed barley as an accoutrements and it added a crunchy nuttiness to the food that was really good. I do need to buy some swiss chard now and cook it like I do spinach. The bouillabaisse was also faboo and mel gave me a scallop.
For dessert he had the creme brule and I had the sweet potato beignets. Neither one of us could finish them. Then we took a walk into downtown, and down an alley to Independent Distillery.

They are a speakeasy style place where they make all of the ingredients for their cocktail mixers and garnishes. The bar tenders dress in 1930s style and its a great place. Mel had never been and was quite impressed. It was a slow night for them (it being a Tuesday) but we chatted with the bartender and figured out he grew up close to where I did. We chatted about local places in Iowa (Lake Okaboji and Arnold's Park and its awesome 1930s roller coaster Arnold's Park ) and the like. We got his approval to come back any time we want. Mel loved their old fashioned and their dark and stormy. We got to see the head distiller and I may need to by some of their gin to share.

Got home and settled in for the night. Ben had been watched by the lovely Sam and had been really good for her. The cats were happy and it was in general a good night.

So, a quick pictures of last night:
Before dinner at the house:


At the distillery:
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Test to see if this works.
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This post was ate by the firewall...we shall see if lets me finish it.

We have fun, were tired and sore and tired. Good times had by all and we had epic cosplay moments.

Cosplay quickies:

Ari and I as Mab and the Morrigan:

Me in the parade marching with the SCA and [livejournal.com profile] happygoth

Ari and I and Hydra Cheer

Me as Athena:
Friday AM - Athena

Lolita - So Fluffy!
Friday Night Lolita - All done
Star Wars Lolita

Zatanna -
Bollywood Zatanna
Bollywood Zatana - hair pieces
Bollywood Zatanna - The back

Meeting John Ringo:

MEeting Jim Butcher for a quick selfie!
Selfie with Jim Butcher!
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Stayed up till 1130 getting laundry, hooks and eyes and detail stuff completed for me to pack today. I have to make a wand, help mel with my spear break down this afternoon. I had attempted to get my phone backed up but my laptop died....will have to fix it when we return. It should be a clean and re-install from my backup but that is time I don't have. Downloading photos for backup to another drive now so I can have clear space on my phone for the trip. Not sure if I should attempt the upgrade in software before that...we shall see.

The other annoyance is I'm fighting a cold. Grumble.
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We've lost many icons of my childhood/teens this year.



Steven Hill (Law and Order)

Kenny Baker (R2D2)

Gary Marshall (director)

and now

Gene Wilder.

I watched Young Frankenstein so much as a kid I could quote it. It wasn't until I was much older I understood why the jokes were funny. I remember the awe of him in Willy Wonka and truly loved him in Haunted Honeymoon as well. Sighs.
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When last we spoke I was in a panic. That was what lack of sleep and stress does to you...it makes you fret but I was smart and asked for the awesome and talented help of [livejournal.com profile] lferion. She got the binding done on the neck/armscye of the choli. I had finished the armscye on the vest before dinner and after cleaning house for scribble. While she did the choli, I got the bolero cut out and then it was pinning for closure marking on the lolita, the choli and the vest. She also got the band on the bottom of the vest. The bolero now just needs some tweaks on the sleeves, I think they are too puffy and need to bring them down a bit, get the edging done around the neckline bottom. I got the closures on the Lolita, the skirt I made and now just have the vest/choli left.

Relaxed after the sewing binge and finished off the beer we brought back from PBC.

Pictures )

To Do List )
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Not Princess, Mel did well but his head wasn't quite all there for 2 fights and he lost to the victor so I'm not upset. We looked good and the house did great and yeah.

My progress on things this weekend were not great. Putting edging on by hand is slow and I forgot my white edging. My hands hurt and I've had not enough sleep after 4 nights of waking up at 1am to 3am I'm exhausted. Sighs.

So tonight I need to get the vest and choli done and cut out the bolero and get it sewn. I have to still figure out that collar and find my sleeve pattern. Yikes.

So panic. I will probably be asking for help on simple things at scribble tonight.

To Do List )
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with the help of the awesome apprentice I had sanity and conversation and sanity checks and sewing and stuff worked!

To Do List )
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Work is still progressing...lots of paperwork and keeping hundreds of things straight and organized. I like that work but its exhausting.

Got done with work, headed to Costco and Petsmart for things we needed like cat litter and milk. Got home just at 7pm. Mel had made beef curry and that just hit the spot with me. Benton had a green day at school and I read him a cute story before bed. Then I settled in to work on the crown over dress. I put brocade/fabric trim on the bottoms of each panel and the top of just the front panel and then put in strips of tablet weaving. I made the straps but have to still attach them. Volchek and Lucian were over to work on stuff for crown and it was good to sit and listen to music while I hand sewed and then all worked on armor and regalia polishing (Mel). I got into bed about 1140 and crashed. I could have stayed up and completely finished it but I have to pull one of my other dresses to get the strap lengths correct and that was too much effort that late at night. So, here is the package all put together sans straps. And yes, my top trim is a bit tilted and I didn't notice it until it was all done and had more trim put on but with my jewelry etc I don't think anyone but me will notice. If they do I will punch them. (grin)

Crown Ensemble!

close up

Tonight after I get home with Benton from his appointment I will breakout fabric and cut out the choli and vest for Zatanna. I know I need to line the vest a bit since the fabric is stretchy but haven't quite parsed what that fabric will be. I may just have to use some ducky-bunny fabric but we shall see.


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