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Coronation finish (5/6):

So, when I last left off it was Saturday afternoon May 6th and I was still in shock from getting the "Glory of Atenveldt" and hungry, so court ended and we got lunch at the kiosk on the lawn. Got a lovely picture of me, Duchess Deborah and [personal profile] lferion which I need to get  copy.  Got fed and then things taken care of before we headed into court. Ari and I had been doing our standard "untangle yarn at coronation" schtick.  Her Ravenclaw socks were being persnickety.  We had lots of people just agog at our efforts to not cut the yarn.  We got about 85 % done by the time the second court finished.  Now back to my previous post...I knew things were happening...and it was a waiting game while our new to Atenveldt Majesties (they'd reigned many times in Meridies). They did a play which was funny and having Count Dennis of the Titan's being the "voice of tradition" for Atenveldt was a really nice way.   So the big finale of the coronation court was them calling up the pelicans and speaking about service etc, and keeping with the schtick from earlier HRM Amber (a member of the Laurelate) talked about art and how people can do both service and art and called up the Laurels.  I sallied up to the front of the area and purposely did not look to where I knew the candidate was...since I'd known this was coming.  They called up my wonderful apprentices husband Domnall (Domegnev) and the crowd went wild.  He was a bit thunderstruck. His knight, [livejournal.com profile] americanknight was ecstatic.    Yay!!!!!

So we know what the summer work will be since he will be answering the offer in Sept.  Research has shown that the last time a laurel/pel was given was to Aaron Swiftrunner (former Society Seneschal) whom I know quite well from my time as seneschal the first time during the embezzlement fiasco.  So that is cool.  He deserves it and the household is also just happy as clams.  There was some drama where they forgot to call out Asa as a Duchess of Atenveldt and they never thanked Ari for her service as Signet before I took over.  The Kingdom herald took to FB to "fix" that but seriously.  That was lame.

Sunday was another busy day where Sam and I got the signet case all reorganized and sorted withteh 40+ scrolls that got turned in by Twin Moons. I sat and chatted with people and watched teh tourneys and it was nice.  Mel and 7 other guys made it to the king's champion finals and they realized that they all were going to different events and they had the "hateful 8" for the champions. Morgan was the true victor but they all are going to be a rotating stock of Champions.  So Monday at scriptorium Poe designed a hyrda with the heads of each of the winners.  She got them laminated for badges for them to wear.  Its cool.

The weekend after coronation I was running Baronial A&S in BTY.  There were issues with the site that made a few things annoying but all in all it went well. We got things to look really nice and there was good art on display.  I put on like 13-14k steps that day and was dog tired when I was done.  Hrafnheim won the household championship again. Ivan won the Championship even though he didn't enter. They basically talked with everyone (but him, he was off site dropping boy off at a party) and missed them asking him.  Lol.  But its all good.  We had a nice turnout but not spectacular. The smoked chicken we did was a big hit with Ari's curry. 

Work has been nuts. Lots of OT and me not having the time to work the OT. Sighs.  The weekend after A&S Mel went to San Diego with Paul for a kung fu thing.  I coped wth being a single parent but did some work around the house etc.  The following weekend (memorial day) was PHXCC.

There is a lot to say about that con.  There was a lot of stupid, There was a lot of awesome but we did have fun.  Dick Van Dyke, The voices of Batman the Animated Series, Alan Tydk and John De Lancie were faboo.

The album of Con

Ari won the con with Jim Butcher freaking the heck out over her Mab.  I got stopped a lot in my Lolita which was great. And I painted on things at the SCA booth while stuff was going on for the demo portions.
Lolita: with a gal in the same fabric:


Winter-Spider Outfit:

Cool Pic of Ari and I in cute dresses:

This past weekend (Jun3/4) was the kingdom collegium and I took 2 classes and then sat around both days and painted scrolls.  TRM are big on giving things out and I'd done 4 pieces of calligraphy that week alone and I've been behind on on things and just wanted to finally finish something.  So the scroll I had low lighted at the con I managed to finish completely on Saturday and then started another one.

So, now I need to finish a knit hat and 2 tunics and then I can really start work on TRM clothing and Dom's scroll.

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This post was ate by the firewall...we shall see if lets me finish it.

We have fun, were tired and sore and tired. Good times had by all and we had epic cosplay moments.

Cosplay quickies:

Ari and I as Mab and the Morrigan:

Me in the parade marching with the SCA and [livejournal.com profile] happygoth

Ari and I and Hydra Cheer

Me as Athena:
Friday AM - Athena

Lolita - So Fluffy!
Friday Night Lolita - All done
Star Wars Lolita

Zatanna -
Bollywood Zatanna
Bollywood Zatana - hair pieces
Bollywood Zatanna - The back

Meeting John Ringo:

MEeting Jim Butcher for a quick selfie!
Selfie with Jim Butcher!
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When last we spoke I was in a panic. That was what lack of sleep and stress does to you...it makes you fret but I was smart and asked for the awesome and talented help of [livejournal.com profile] lferion. She got the binding done on the neck/armscye of the choli. I had finished the armscye on the vest before dinner and after cleaning house for scribble. While she did the choli, I got the bolero cut out and then it was pinning for closure marking on the lolita, the choli and the vest. She also got the band on the bottom of the vest. The bolero now just needs some tweaks on the sleeves, I think they are too puffy and need to bring them down a bit, get the edging done around the neckline bottom. I got the closures on the Lolita, the skirt I made and now just have the vest/choli left.

Relaxed after the sewing binge and finished off the beer we brought back from PBC.

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My manager is out sick yesterday and today and its been quite and I buckled the heck down and rocked out on lots of paperwork which includes change papers and engineering justification memos on why we are changing things. Lots of work etc.

Linnet came down with Lice so scribble was cancelled which meant that I was able to get working on crwon clothes earlier. Wander was over and with her awesome spatial skills I got the neckline completely worked, squared up and sewn. She worked some magic since I'd cut the front and back panels off a bit and I hand finished everything on the sleeves and the neckline. The trim was gift from Chani while we were crown and I had *just* enough to do what I wanted.

Neckline Done!

Sleeves in progress

So tonight while the boy is in the shower I'll get the sleeves attached to the gores/gussets and then get that sewn onto the dress. Then I will do the hem and I hope I have enough bias tape left over from my last binge of making it to finish it. Its going to be close.

I also got the trim laid out with Mel's opinion on choices.

trim layout

So looking positive to finish by Wednesday night which will be great. Then Thursday can be cutting out things for Zatanna and packing for crown. still gonna be a lot of late nights.

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Thursday was crazy working and then leaving early to get Ben for his group therapy appointment. We were 30mins early so that meant we headed to Fabrics that Go around the corner. I got a pretty veil for me and a gift one for Baroness Brighed for her stepping down on Saturday. I got some neat sun batik for Benton and a really nice red black and white plaid. Got done and headed back to his appointment. Ben did fall in absolute love with a soft leopard print that if it hadn't been $30+ per yard I would have gotten him some.


So Thursday is group therapy day and she has 2 sessions, younger boys and older boys. The older boys start coming in while the little guys are in session. I need to bring headphones and to sit against the wall cause boy are they loud and disruptive while I was working on drawings. We headed to Beyond Bread for dinner where Benton ate his fill. And then home for bed by 8pm. Mel's flight had been delayed and delayed and finally touched down about 1030pm and he was home by 11pm. He was tired but he got me presents of a double decker bus coffee cup and the brit version of The Cursed Child. Ben got a Brit Lion, a GB Olympics Team t-shirt and a Gruffolo book.

While I was waiting for Mel to get home I finished the cyber dread falls for the convention. Though I won't be wearing the one set with the Lolita...[livejournal.com profile] danabren is right...it looks like a jelly fish.

I also worked on Socks this weekend. I was inspired by finishing the Slytherin socks and pulled out Mel's Caution Socks and put a cable down the center which I'm liking.

And I cast on 2 pairs for myself since my second set of Signature sock needles arrived. I am making a rainbow/black striped ones and a pretty sparkly set.


Friday was busy with errands, the van driverside window mechanism breaking (thank you Jack Furriers for fixing it fast!) and my hair cut/color and errands before we picked Ben up for his followup appointment about his lungs. He got put on Singluar to help with the asthma and allergies. Additionally, we made the followup appointment to get him eval'd for ADHD meds. This is a preemptive strike since the school already hit him with a referral, he gets 3 before he is suspended. Sighs. Ben did not have a good day, he hadn't the day before so when we got home and I made dinner of lamb chops, mel took all of his toys out of his room. He was not happy about that but tough cookies. He went to bed whiny but well fed. He really, really likes lamb chops. I worked on the socks friday night. I was just not into starting anything else. Though I did get to sewing the crown under dress seams so I could have hand work the next day.

Saturday we got going for Mon's Investiture. Mel was very out of it. The jet lag was catching up fiercely but he was maintaining being awake etc. Ben did good during the day playing with Mason and keeping out of trouble. I sat at the back corner of the event and let it pass by while I sewed and chatted with Ari, Jules and various other folks. I got half way through the dress during the event before I called a time to go home cause I was toast. That site makes my allergies really bad. Got home, had leftovers and a whiny kiddo. Mel didn't even get through dinner before he passed out. Ben went to bed and then had screaming terror fears from stuff he over heard on the playground. It was lots of cuddling, snuggles and signing "My Favorite Things" to get his mind off of the scary things. Sighs.

I sat and finished the dress and knit on socks until late. My left tear duct in my eye was very swollen so I took some benadryl and hot compressed it. Which means I woke up horribly drugged out. Sighs. I got coffee and breakfast before I started to feel better and then I avoided paid work to clean up my studio from the crazy cosplay frenzy for the crazy crown frenzy, cleaned up the front room from the detritus of the previous days event and got my test fabrics out for Choli sunday building with Ari.

I managed to get the neckline cut/ pinned and machine sewn with the bound edge machine sewn ready for the hand stitching on the turn as well as the racing stripes on the sleeves before I headed for errands then to Ari's. I did not find what I wanted at Kohl's but I did hit a jewelry sale (SHINY!). Then we sat and got things worked out for my choli/vest/bolero patterning. Yay! I now have a plan. My goals are Tuesday, finish the under dress for crown, Wednesday Finish the over dress for Crown, Thursday night cut out the choli/Vest/bolero and maybe sew but I'm not guaranteeing it. I may drag the sewing machine with to sew on Friday/Saturday nights but not sure. I hope to get the choli done at least before we leave. But we shall see. I may just stay up way late the next few nights and get things done. We shall see.

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Yesterday was odd but okay. I worked hard and then picked up Benton at Mary's gym. Mel called quite tipsy from Britain while I was driving. Ben was squirrely the entire evening and went to bed in tears. You insult me, you don't get tucked in. Sighs. Its not been a great week on behavior. I'm pretty sure friday while he's at school we will be removing all of his toys from his room. Sighs.

I pulled out the Lolita and got the sleeve trim sewn on, it was only pinned on teh one sleeve. We had stopped at Hobby Lobby and I got ribbon to finish. The man at the front asked me how my day was and I answered honestly "pretty sucky" which I guess he didn't expect. You ask that kind of question you get an answer you might not like. I got the trim done and then decided on the bottom trim on the jacket. I had thought I'd use the thick trim but with the bustling it would have been too stiff so I used the thin trim and I'm quite happy with it. I then pinned the bustle rosettes I had made on and called it done. IT was late but the women's sand volleyball was on and I attempted to figure out how to hike that skirt section up on the loli but did not trust myself to do delicate pleating up work when tired and after 10pm. I mucked around with the alligator clip attachments on the buns and added a few bow that I need to sew on to the buns. Yes, I bought premade small bows cause they were cheap and will be consistent for what I need.



I also was an adult and packed lunches and did the cat boxes since mel was not here to do his chores. I also got the trash/recycle bins moved out into the sidewalk for this AM. This was good cause this AM I'm tired and just a bit toasty from so much work. I have plans for sewing tonight which will mean I finish the hydra cheerleader and the loli skirt and the base sewing of my over dress for crown. Mel will be home (hopefully) by 8pm, I may be going out to karaoke. We shall see. I may just be in project hiding mode after taking Ben to his first group therapy session. I have to leave work at 3 to pick him up by 4 and get him to his appointment by 5pm. Sighs. Bringing work along so I can get going on this papwerwork avalanche.

Tomorrow is massage, haircut/color and doc appointment for Ben for his lungs. I need to sew the over dress of the crown clothes including getting the neckline done by the evening so I have hand work for Saturday. I don't expect Mel to be in any shape to do anything so I'm thinking in terms of single mom stuff at least until Saturday. We shall see.

Sunday I'm heading to Ari's for choli work and I hope things are set for me to finalize the final 3 pieces for Zatanna.

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well, work has gotten special. I'm on critical chain with unlimited overtime for the next few months. I'm reviewing drawings that haven't been used in 4+ years and things were old to start with. So lots of spec updates, obsolescence items etc. But that paperwork takes time and we have probably 30 drawings to update and release before I leave for D*C. Sighs.

I managed to be mom, have a good dinner, put dishes away, did 2 loads of laundry and hand sewed the bustles on the lolita, got the first sleeve final trim setup and ran out of ribbon. (headdesk). I then made 2 rosettes to go on the bustle points. So either tonight or tomorrow I need to get more ribbon. But I think I will get what I can done tonight (hike the skirt) attach rosettes, sew the one sleeve and then piece together the crown clothes. My plan is Saturday to have them as handwork. Sunday is Choli Sunday with Ari so we can get things done but I may have to work a bit in the evenings as well. Suck.

Oh, well, I get paid a ridiculous amount to do this so I should not complain but my work life balance is not ideal and I had more planned.

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Work was work worky work work. I found some issues and now I have a lot of work a head of me. Oof. Luckily I need more things to do (LOL). Got done, got home and the boy had not had a good day at school and that made all of us tired. Plus a random no-sleep text from my mom made me in a further foul mood. Sighs. I ended up in bed by 10pm. I was so tired. The whole family was grumpy so nuf said.

Saturday morning I got up way before I wanted to since Mel and Ben were talking on the porch while mel got ready for his ride. Sighs. I got up though, had coffee and attempted to stay on task and get things done. Which I did, overall. But the one thing I wanted to figure out was a spectacular fail. Ooops. I made a choli and it did not fit and was not what I wanted for the Zatanna. Its not even useable for a pattern itself. Sighs. But that clouded my brain when I finished a skirt, finished putting trim on the sari, Finished a scarf and didn't kill people. It was an almost thing at the pizza place cause they were dumb. But I ate pizza drank beer and went to bed much happier than when I started.


Mel had a productive day and finished the entertainment center. He will shellac it next weekend so we can get it installed into the house the following week. That means I have 1 piece of my parent's furniture left and that is the curio cabinet. We are looking for an antique to replace it.

Sunday AM mel woke up early for his flight and I snuggled in bed until Ben kept banging on my door from 630-715am. I was not happy. I told him that I would not accept that behavior and sent him to his room after he immediately threw something I told him not the throw. I left him sit there while I drank a cup of coffee and then planned the day. After that he was right as rain. We had breakfast at Prep and Pastry, did errands and came home for snacks etc. He played well, watched a movie nicely and was in general just awesome to everyone. Willa came over in the afternoon to help me cut out crown clothes. I had to do fabric kung fu and was left with a tiny bit of scrap. My under is short sleeved due to fabric but I think it will be very comfy.


Had a wonderful dinner with Ben and we watched more Olympics. He really liked watching the skeet earlier in the day, we watched some golf, synchronized swimming and volleyball. He got a good shower and bed shortly there after. I was tired but I sat and was watching the Olympics until the cable went out so I turned on Hulu and started watching Sleepy Hollow and finished my socks.


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Yesterday at work I found an issue that will now cause me a tremendous amount of work. I reviewed another 25 drawings yesterday and found 12 drawings that may also be needed to be updated in the slog I'm working on to restart this production line. Oof. It was disheartening.

Ben did not have a great day at school and then was obstinate with me. I held firm and calmly explained things and he threw the first real kicking screaming throwing things tantrum I've seen in a while. Obviously he had a lot of things to burst out and I just let him do it in the sanctuary of his room while I ate dinner and got on with my evening. He relaxed and then had quick dinner and shower before bed. He's bulking at what he has to do versus what he wants to do and while I understand that completely we have to learn that we do our "have tos" before we get to do our "want tos". We had a bit more of that this AM so we shall see how today goes.

But I was calm, I did not yell, he got one pat on the bottom when I took him to his room to scream and I think that unnerved him more. I'm also trying to not fly off the handle and be annoyed with the little things.

Got him to bed and I put on the Olympics which were awesome! GO Phelps! Go Simone B! Go Ally and Go Simone M! Wow! I watched and was amazed while working on the Chun Li (a la Street Fighter) buns for my Star Wars Lolita. They are uber silly but should be cute once I get them onto clips for attaching to my hair and put some more ribbons and some cyber dreads on them.



Today is work work work and then we shall figure out dinner and I should get more work on the lolita done on the jacket. I have to sew in the bustling, make 2 rosettes for them and then get the bottom ruffles attached. Tomorrow will be me making the collar and cutting out the crown clothes. Mel leaves for Britain Sunday so I hope to have things to the hand work stage a bit so Ben can have some supervised TV time etc. Though we may also get an outing like the zoo or something. We really should get out of the house him and I.

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I spent Friday doing school shopping with the boy. I was completely tuckered when we got home. I didn't craft on Thursday night or on Friday night for cosplay. I worked on the damnable scarf and am very close to finishing it. Mel has been decompressing from work stress and it has been nice to sit on the couch and watch the Olympics.

Saturday I did the grocery shopping and then worked on the lolita. Sunday AM was lolita in the AM/noon and the afternoon was working on the sarees at Ari's.

Benton had some rough spots this weekend. He did not listen well and did not get his reward for good behaviour (eegees) twice. I had to have him do pushups in the stores and he was annoying to the stylist who cut his hair. He did well at Ari's playing with Mason for hours and then he lost the groove. But he was tired and hungry so I can understand. I was tired and hungry too.

On the saree front I made the decision to add the pallau from the saree [livejournal.com profile] uaekiwi got me for my wedding and that I've already gotten trim and a skirt out of. I got the bottom trim all sewn on, the extra fabric and now just need to sew down the top trim and the edge of the extra fabric. The pallau piece has red on it which will go nice with Zatana's cape she wears at times off the back of her tuxedo jacket.


I still need to pattern the jacket/vest/chemise but I think that can be accomplished this week so that I can spend the following week working on SCA clothes for crown and then just working last minute items. Mel goes to Britain Sunday so I want things pretty settled and be at hand work so Ben and I can watch movies and color together etc versus me making yards and yards of trim in my studio.

The Loli is now getting very close to done.



I still need to put a bit of trim on the ends of the undersleeve, trim the bottom of the jacket, takeup the skirt piece and make the collar. The entire weekend it was "more floofy, if you think its too much, add more!" and I think I got the asthetic right on the butt bow. I still probably need bows in the front but now I'm thinking I'm going to bustle up the skirt on the jacket to show off all of my hard work on those damnable ruffles.

I sat down after dinner last night and finished up our hair bows for the Hydra Cheer squad, though I need to figure out how to use the cyber dreads I bought. I also cut out the fabric for the bun covers but I need to dig out my cotton batting to make them bigger and smoother, plus add more lace.

So, lots of progress and things are falling into place nicely. Just need to get through the next few days before school starts and then we can get back into a normal routine.

I also finished Venom in the same series I've been reading by Estep. Kev didn't give me the fourth book in the series so I started in on The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay.

I slept like utter crap last night and its now been a monday with computers, late sleepers etc. Sighs.

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Work was exciting as in sarcastic exciting...our main DB for drawings, models etc was down for half the day which means I got no really good work done other than reviewing things I already did and planning my attack for today. But I managed and that was okay. It forced me to slow down on a task and think and that is good.

Got Ben picked up from martial arts and then home for reheat dinner. He was tired. I'm very sure he's growing right now since he's going to bed by 730pm and not waking up until 8am. I'm sure getting his breathing back on track has helped but that is tired boy. Which is good. Grow before school starts.

In annoying news Mel is headed for two almost back to back overseas trips. Sighs. He's missing the first day of school for Ben. Hell, he's missing the meet and great next week as well. Sighs. Just realized my shift in schedules. Grump.

Anywhoo...Ben and I had an okay night...he was tired, I was tired but I think I did okay on not yelling and he did pretty good on listening so I say that is a win. I just have to consciously remember how to say things and how to act. Though thinking about it we did have an issue with the trashcan that led to some tears and yelling. Le sigh so I guess a C- for yesterday.

Got him abed and then I got laundry sorted for me to do....course I didn't remember I was doing laundry since I didn't set my timer but it worked out okay due to other clock issues.

I then decided to work on the sleeves of the Lolita since I didn't want to finish anything else...but that meant I needed to put white on the serger and that was 30mins of fun. I usually have no issues switching out threads but last night...man and I finally got it almost right and turned on some music and it worked...Willa's serger needs music. Who knew? I then re-did the seams on the flounce and put a strip of ribbon on the inside of the pouf to make it pouf always. Neat trick I learned from Ari. Then it was cutting out gauzey flounce for the sleeves out of not enough fabric but I managed and then I raided some saved trim that kept not working for SCA stuff or for my saree and got progress. Plus, I looked at my sewing machine does a smocking stitch which I used to do gathering for the trim....headdesk. Seriously...this would have been way useful during the Victorian Baroness and the ruffles in the Lolita Skirt. Oh, well.

I did get my dummy set up with my corset chemise and my corset only to realize that my boobs are bigger in the corset so I grabbed some yarn and stuff it. Lol.

This is so I can get the shape right for when I do the shirt and the collar treatments on the jacket. Plus it just makes me giggle.


So the sleeves are currently pinned with idea trims. Mel and [livejournal.com profile] danabren think the under pouf trim needs something flouncy....I shall see. Maybe some pleated ribbon under it in white? OR some more lace? Need to get this set done and then figure out what more I want. But part of that will mean taking the white flounce off of the sleeves cause I didn't think this plan all the way through yet. But all good.


So I sat down to think about the trims while I was pulling gathering stitches and realized it was 1026pm. Sighs. So much for going to bed on time. Oh, well. Got the trim pinned on, the table cleaned up and the laundry out of the dryer and went to shower and bed.

This morning I got sheets on to wash and did the dishes before Bridget got there. Her mermaid portrait turned out awesome.

Now work. Yay!

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Friday I left work and ran a couple of errands. Got my new contacts...still need to break those in though and will start on that tomorrow. Got home and was deciding what we wanted for dinner when Paul called for dinner out. We got to meet his new boyfriend (Tim) and see Ari as well. Ben was a handful but he was exhausted and tired but he ate good. It stormed really well while we were gone too. Got home and headed to sit on the couch after getting into comfy clothes. I was beat. I didn't stay up too late but did finish Spider's Bite. Mel was up playing Minecraft for a bit.

Woke up nicely on Saturday. Mel fixed the pantry cabinet which mean I spent the morning reorganizing it and throwing lots of weird stuff out and finding I had 5#s total of cous cous. oops. I guess I kept buying it thinking I hadn't?

Got into the studio and started serging fabric. I figured out I would need to head to the store later for other serger thread to match the blue. Got my machine figured out on how to do a rolled hem and then started building the tiers of the lolita skirt. And here is where [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and [livejournal.com profile] danabren and I scream "fucking ruffles. The bottom tier alone is 12+ yards of fabric. I attempted to do them gathered and kept breaking threads so I just hand pleating everything. I'm used to it for the Rus pants.

First tier and cat helps:


Benton as came in and helped pick up pins and clean up the thread off of the floor for me which was actually really helpful. He also handed me pins while I pinned the first tier. Which is also helpful. I sat down to teach him to handsew a bit and he didn't do too bad. Still needs to finish it though.

Now as I was working Mel and I had an argument about dinner. I didn't realize I was grilling and would have set things out, got the grill going etc. But I managed to get it settled and done just before the storm moved in. I ate and then headed out to Joanns (serger thread and coupons), ulta (20% coupons), old navy (school uniforms for $5, Icing (hair supplies) and Total Wine (booze). Got home and then started in on serging the rest of the tiers since I was going to have to switch colors so I did all the white first and about 930pm the serger started growling. I shut it down thinking over heating....game it 15 mins and it still did it. Snarfed on Twitter and the awesome [livejournal.com profile] swordmage came over with hers at 1015 at night. We got it running, figured out how to do the turned hem on it and I got going. Woot. I ended up with insomnia and got a shower after I switched to the blue thread and got it setup for the gauzy fabric. I read until 1am on the next book in the series Venom.

I woke up early and got up about 730. I just couldn't stay abed. Ben slept in until 830! (which was good for him). I got dressed and headed out to shopping and got Donuts at the new Queen Donuts near the subway by the base. Their donuts are huge and the price reflects that but they were tasty. Mel said their old fashioned is not as good as Donut Wheel. Got home and started in on ruffles and there is where I made a mistake. I read the directions which weren't clear and I missed a location for a set of ruffles and well, I realized that when I got to a tier about that. Ari saved my bacon with a suggestion and I made another layer to go in there and added another layer at the top. Sighs.


That white shouldn't be seen....sighs. So....

To final!

Though I think I will bring the white fabric up by half its height. The weight of the bottom tier is pulling it strangely and it looks odd. [livejournal.com profile] bewilde agreed this AM.

I got that done and then had a beer..it was 930 pm but I was wired. I made a peach cobbler and decided (smartly) to not attempt to make the AB Blueberry Buckle. I saved that for this AM where I put on an apron and made a wonderful confection like a 1950s housewife. I'm in a skirt and lowish heels and "gussied" up a bit. Bridget and the kids arrived about 10 mins after Ben woke up and got them settled. The buckle was not out of the oven yet but Bridget says it turned out fabulous.

So, in all a frustrating weekend in some respects but not too bad. Ben was okay. I know he missed his friends but a week of Maddie and Mark should be good for him. We have the appt with the school today and then we will be hopefully set for Kindergarten minus me being school supplies. I hope to get that done on Friday.


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Well, yesterday started the same with a bit of clingy Ben at drop off. He was tired and had a cough but you never know with kids. They are "sick" and then the minute they see their friends they are fine. Well, that was not the case. We got a call at 1015 that he had pulled himself out of the pool at school to lay down. And yeah, my kid who you can't get out of the pool was voluntarily getting out to lay down. I got there and he was not well. He was coughing and his breathing was awful.

Got him home and snuggled up with books and tv while we waited for his doc appt at 330pm. He was almost inconsolble for feeling bad and his head hurt. I got him some tylenol and it took forever to kick in....(I really hope he hasn't inherited my drug resistance) before he settled down in a light doze watching the tv. He was awake, mostly but resting which was good. Got him to the doc and he fell asleep in the car. I got him there and after some questions and having Dr. McMahon see him they started in on breathing treatments. His sinuses and ears were clear of infection but he had some nose congestion. She was shocked by his breathing and wanted that under control.

So, we sat and read books through the 3 treatments. He was getting squireelly due to the exhaustion, the drugs and being Ben. But we got things doing better, not great but much better than when he came in. He has to take prednisone for 3 days to help with the inflammation and has a rescue inhaler with the spacer. Did you know that they want everyone to use a spacer now? Seems to be that most people were really only swollowing the meds versus really breathing them in. Huh...I think I have one some where in my stuff under my sink. I will have to see. If not I'll get a scrip for one. So, after the doc we got gas, go the scrips, got Ben a Happy Meal for really doing well at the doc and to make sure he'd eat something other than the gogurt and a milk I finally got him to eat before the afternoon. He ate well, but slowly and was happy to get the little stuffy of Snowball from Secret Life of Pets which I want to see (though park place is stopping playing it today...its only been out a month! WTF?). Got home, he finished his dinner with his first dose of bubblegum flavored prednisone (bleah) and then it was shower and bed. I gave him an inhaler dose about 715 just before Mel came home and we kept checking in on him to make sure it was all right.

Mel came home and I was exhausted. I'd had enough wherewithal to ask him to pick up Pizza for dinner. He didn't question it and that was nice. We had dinner, I explained the day and what we needed to do and then I dinked around on my phone for over an hour before I got the gumption to actually be productive. Being a worried mom was making me addled.

Anyhoo, I sat down with the fabrics for the skirt and started sewing all of the strips together for each tier. Basically there are 3 main tiers which have a base fabric (white with silver stripe), a silvery under-ruffle and a gauzy blue over ruffle. There is a 4th tier which is just the silver under ruffle and the blue gauze which has lace trim on it. Its a lot of pieces. The 4th level has 7 pieces of guaze and 9 pieces of silver and I think now I'm to separate the pieces into quarters and gather them together but the directions are confusing. I think I've sussed it out though. We shall see. I also may need to serge the edge of the gauze fabric but not certain yet and I may also take the lace off and gather it a bit since it has space for ribbon to do that. Again, not certain. We shall see.


But today I'm at work and Mel is home with Benton. I wore my shoes I plan on wearing for the lolita to start breaking them in. I have socks coming from Sock Dreams for the dress so we shall see how it all goes together.


I have 2 errands to run after work and then it will be home to the boys for the weekend. I had hoped we could go to the zoo or the air or children's museum but it may be better to hit a movie. We shall see.

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Work was dull. The drawing reviews I'm doing are tedious but necessary. I found the most ubiquitous note ever that had us laughing "Soldering shall be in accordance with applicable specification." So if the Barnam and Bailey Circus has a solder spec we could use that. Seriously. LOL. But by the time quitting time came I was toasty and my brain was soup.

Fought traffic to the knit shop, we had weather moving in again and while we were there the first pass blew through which took out power poles etc around town. Didn't loose power there or at home but things flickered. I got to show off my TDFleece spinning and the cat. I worked on the Chevron scarf that I blogged about Rule Number 3 breaking and its still effed up. But I'm making do. The comments from people on Ravelry also show that its effed up and the pattern writer is still being rude. I have about 2/3 of a second ball left and then will be done with it. I'm all about finishing old UFO's (unfinished objects).

Got done there and headed home. Mel was watching Minecraft stuff on youtube. I headed back to the studio and managed in 2 hours to get the second sleeve on the jacket, the armscye hem turned, the neckline tack stitched and all of the last of the fabric for the skirt ruffles cut out. I have no idea why I was so scared to cut into the sheer fabric. It was easy, just goes to show I don't trust my own abilities with things at times to the point of nerfing myself. Put everything away and stacked the fabric up for sewing tonight.

The trim is just laid around the neckline...not sure I will use that or something else yet.

Pile of fabrics for the ruffle booty!!!!

Weather was also nuts last night. I guess there were 61 mph winds at the base (1/2 mile from my house. crazy.

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Tuesday my work motivation died about 2pm. I got hit by the afternoon tireds and was zonked even after another cuppa. Well, this being productive thing is taking its toll. Oh, well.

Picked up Benton after waiting at the dojo for class to finish. The AC was partially out so I was hot, tired and a bit irritable when I got home. But I tried not to have that affect my mood. Got changed into comfy cooler clothes and made tuna salad for dinner. Exciting but cool. We at dinner while watching Animaniacs and then a storm started rolling in. Ben was uber awesome the entire evening and uber cute. I sat down listening to the weather moving in and turned on youtube to get caught up on all of the trailers that dropped at SDCC.

After that I finished reading a real world probable MCU which was cute and then started in on the sewing.

I pieced in sections into the sleeves to open them up for me...they are probably a bit big now but they are comfy. Then I attached the flounce to the lower sleeve piece 3 different times before I got it right. I was being lazy and sewed the hem of the white fabric with black thread and it looks like ass so I will have to tear that out tonight and attach the lace after I finish the second sleeve. I got the first sleeve attached to the jacket top and did a new technique to me which was using gathering stitches to futz the fit around the top of the sleeve arc. I think it looks great and then I put in the the gathered stiffener to hold the "pouf" of the sleeve and it looks really good. That all took me 2 hours but now I can do it much quicker on the second sleeve. I hope to get that done tonight so Thursday I can work on trims for it and finish cutting the gauzy ruffles. I just didn't want to start a new thing when I had the sleeves to finish.


Mel got home in the middle of things since practice got rained out. All good. He sat on the back porch drinking a beer and watching the rain/lightening. It was pretty cool.

I got a shower and then headed to bed where I slept hard. I was dreaming about how I'm going to make the dickey for the lolita...basically its going to be a sleeveless chemise but I'm toying with collar ideas etc. I think it will depend on how I trim the jacket of how fancy the top will be. I think a simple collar and maybe a cute little bow will work. Not sure yet.

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Work was okay. Got news that Janelle was in labor and later that day Miss Theadora made her debut. Yay. Busy working my newest projects at work and the eye strain is a bit much from staring at drawings for 7 hours out of yesterday. Ooof but that is my life. Soon will be the changing said drawings for 7-8 hours per day. Woot.

Got done with work, stopped off at the credit union to pay on the roof pledge loan. Need to be hitting that harder if we want it off the books by years end. Admittedly, we have 5 years to pay it off but we don't like to be in any sort of debt. Got home to an empty house. Well, I wanted to work on projects right away but as we've been telling Benton, do the things you don't like first so they are done so you can do the things you do like. So, I did dishes. Was just starting in on the sink after putting all of the clean ones away and getting the dishwasher going when Mel and Ben came home. He took over the dishes since it was silverware and a couple of glasses and feast gear that was left. I put on a load of shirts and then hopped into the studio to work on the lolita.

I got the peplum cutting mistake fixed and once its ruffled no one will be able to tell. Then I got the sleeve pieces out and started to piece the first sleeve. Got the top sleeve gathered to the bottom and then sewed up the inside seam to find out my She-Hulk Bicep/forearm combo does not meet a Size 22 dress size. I need about another inch. Oof. I made a sandwich for dinner and then Wander was by for movie night so I got her take and my assessment was good to add a bit to the sleeve pieces and then resew that seam. Its on the inside of the arm and its covered by another flounce (which I still need to cut out and will now lengthen for curvature of my forearm. Good to know. I need to mark the pattern pieces because I really to like the sleeve pattern and it will be nice for later projects too. I also got her take on my plan to cut the gauzy fabric and my plan is good and I may be able to just tear the fabric. I will have to see if I can get my serger to serge those edges.

I got my stuff and headed to scribble where it was names on scrolls for a few events and then I callig'd 2 scrolls for one of those events. Next week we have more full texts to do and hopefully will have the last august event on the books. I know the closer we get to Dragon*Con the less we want to work on scrolls and Ari as Gwyllym's MOD to do as well. Luckily that is straight calligraphy for her but still time.

Got home and cut the pieces for the sleeves and then drank some water, showered, read for a bit and went to bed.

The weirdest thing about yesterday is that my mouth feels like I flossed too much and my left side feels like my wisdom teeth are coming in. I had those yanked 15 years ago. Not sure if its sinus stuff or worse but we shall see. Its just not making things pleasant.

So for tonight I will get the sleeves finished and cut out the froofy fabric and the strips for silver trim. All good.

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This will be separated out by costume/ensemble:

Hyrda Cheerleader:
1) Make Hair Bows
2) Attach alligator Clips to bows (need to buy larger ones)
3) Fluff pom poms
4) Attach letters to shirt
5) Buy sneakers

1) Make or buy top hat
2) Make bolero
3) Make Choli
4) decide on trim attachments to sari
5) Drape and pin sari for wear
6) Make wand
7) Validate skirt fits

Star Wars Lolita
1) cut out last of ruffles
2) Cut out fabric for trims
3) decide on trim shapes
4) fix peplam error cut
5) sew sleeves
6) trim sleeves
7) trim bodice
8) Make skirt
9) order socks
10) break in shoes
11) make chun-li buns/covers
12) Test hair style
13) make cyber dread clips
14) Sew bodice to peplam
15) trim coat
16) make chemise/collar

1) re-pattern under dress for shaping
2) cut out under dress
3) decide on trim color for under dress
4) decide on pattern for over dress (split side versus normal)
5) Cut out over dress and trims
6) sew under dress
7) sew over dress
8) trim under dress
9) Trim over dress

D*Con Other items
1) Make bags 5x (give to willa for help?)
2) Sew halloween skirt
3) Sew comic skirt
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Up until about 2pm on Sunday I was feeling like a total failure. It took Ari hitting me upside the head to tell me that just cause I wasn't working on my cosplay stuff completely 24/7, didn't mean I suck. I was making stuff and doing good and I need to shut up and color.

So, lets rewind a bit....I had things to do this weekend which involved finishing up the lolita....I only managed to shop for it...I got some trims and another yard of fabric to make more trim...but I've been thinking about it.

Thursday I went to karaoke after spinning while Ben was in the shower. I got my first bobbin of 2 ply done on the red/denim yarn.
Stage 18: first bobbin plied

Had nice time singing and having a drink before getting home about 11pm. Mel was out and had to go to work in the AM. I set my alarm and crashed. He left around 515am and when I got up at 10 to 7 there was coffee. Yay! Got Ben to school and then came home to spin. I got the second bobbin done of the plying and then started in on errands (see above purchases) before I headed to my massage and a bit of other shopping. I didn't get my toes done...they were too busy but I picked up the boy who had had an awesome day and we got muchkins and coffee at Dunkin before heading home. I sat and finished up the pieces of the cat I was working on for a baby gift and the boys played legos. I got that done and we showered and then headed out for [livejournal.com profile] swordmage's bday at Ermanos. Ben did really well though he was tuckered. Good beer, food and conversations. Got home and I was tuckered myself. I didn't have the energy to do more than stare at fabrics but I managed to pull things out of stash for more purse/project bags for D*C.

Went to bed and slept pretty horribly....not sure what is up. We got up late to head to the event but it was all okay. Things were seriously running on SCA time. We should have carpooled with Dom...lol. Ben did okay. He was tired but he ran around with the kiddos there while we judged and taught folks what a median standard means and how not to be a jackass when judging. I saw lightbulbs going off above peoples heads which was good. We finished judging and then had almost 3 hours until court....seriously. 3 hours. Sighs. This meant we had to eat in SV and then drive home to make sure Ben didn't melt down. But he did good, we had Culvers and it was tasty. I did manage to get pictures of me spinning during court and also to chat and kibitz with Caolfinn. Which was awesome.


Got home and I started in on plying the rambouillet. It is so pretty.

Sunday I woke up poorly. Like the bed was on the wrong floor kind of waking up. Boy oh boy was I in a bad mood. I was a grump which was not helped by the fact that I had nothing but coffee until lunch. I had lunch and a beer and was much better. I got dinner on to cook and made spanish rice for the house hold meeting/pool party. But during the finale of this years Tour de France:
I finished my plying and then spooled everything off and organized it into this picture just as Froome crossed the line with team Sky in a can-can line.


Left: Silk/Merino singles 22-24 wpi and 233 yards all drop spindle.
Top: 2 ply rambouillet of 160 and 236 yards in skeins, Full singles to ply during tour
Middle (little): left overs from red and another project. 17.5 yards 3ply, plied during tour
Middle: red and denim merino, 69 yards and 131 yards 2 ply, 1 oz of red spun during tour all else plied.
Bottom: Easter yarn 148 and 174 yards plied only.

Total yardage spun and plied: 1633.5 yards
Total yarn to use: 1168.5 yards

We left for the household meeting a bit late because I couldnt' find my swim suit....it was in the laundry still from the retreat...really???? Sighs.

I relaxed a lot when I chatted with Ari who hit me on the head and chatted with A'isha on hair styles for the loli. We got home and dinner was not going to be done..I should have set the cooker to high while we were gone...oops. Ben ate his lunch which he hadn't earlier in the day and I think I drank a beer for dinner while mel had chips. I wasn't hungry. Hrafnheim can cook and if you go hungry its your own damn fault. Ben had a ice cream drumstick...thus he ate dinner.

I was feeling restless and just started cleaning up my messes. I had spinning stuff everywhere in the family room and I organized it and put things away. I cleaned up the studio for use, organized the stuff I had bought, put more things away, finished the cat for Julia/Eric, cleaned off the table for cutting later in the week, pulled fabric for crown clothes and just tidied things up. It felt really good. I then sat down about 9pm, pulled up Pinterest for how to make hair bows and made 3 as test pieces for our Hydra Cheer Squad.

The Cat:

The Bows:
Option 1
Options 2 and 3

And then I decided to finish a long lingering knitting project that just needed a hook and eye put on it.


So, I guess I was all about finishing things that have been on my plate and are stealing my muses to work on things I need to. All good, just didn't feel up to it...Now I do.
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Well, the morning was stress balls. Got the diagnosis summary for Ben and that was truthful but still damaging in my head. Yes, he presents as ADHD and by itself the summary hurts but with the plan etc its part of the same package and taking it out of context is a bad plan. Got that settled and we have a meeting with the school August 1st to go through the plan for the year with his K teacher etc. So, we are in, we just need to make sure to follow everything so we can stay there. oof. I'm less stress and more stressed due to now the worry that we have the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads since we aren't out of the woods yet. But its forward progress.

Got done with the day and headed to knitting. I got myself noms at Beyond Bread including their green chille corn chowder. OMG was that good. I also got myself their raspberry torte cup since its tasty and I've been craving sweet things. I weigh in tomorrow to see how much this past week of stress and back pain has nerfed my weight loss. My pants are falling off my butt so I don't think its been too bad and I've only went over my calories 1-2 days and not by a lot either. So all good.

I finished one back foot on the cat and almost finished the second one before it was time to leave. The girls also helped me decide that I want to barbepole the singles I had for the red and blue.

16 WPI on Denim Merino from GDW Retreat 2016

20 WPI on Red Merino from Stage 2.

Headed to Lowes where again, no receipt and this time my lowes member number wasn't linked to my purchase which sucked but I have store credit to get things now. Course I think I realized what is up..I probably have 2 mylowes accounts. Need to fix that.

Anyhoo...got home and took care of things and then sat down to work on spinning and really got into a groove until my back wasn't happy with me. It was spasming and I'm sure spinning didn't help it. So I sat on the floor with the tennis ball for pressure points before I headed to bed on time etc. I read for a bit and then was zonked.

Stage 17: 4th bobbin almost done. Rambouillet

Today is lots of things to do...and mandatory training we have to do. My goals are to pick Ben up, have dinner, get him cleaned up, read a book and then finish the 4th bobbin of rambouillet which will leave me to plying for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the TourdeFleece.

As well as working on the Loli (I hope to finish it this weekend) and working other costumes/pieces for D*C. I also need to go through my fabric and pull out things for crown. I need a new under and another overdress. Plus we are going to Mons for their A&S and have a household gathering/pool party.
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Work is progressing. I got a call and had to head home to get the cooler worked on. I had data analysis to do so it was nice to do that in the quiet of home. The cooler is operational but neither I or the installers trust the wiring or the controller. So its off until we need to use it when we are home and they will be coming Friday to replace wiring and the controller. The manager was completely surprised by how the unit sounded and how much force its pulling for the pump and the fan. They had other installs for "older clients" to do Wed and Thursday so Friday while we are home is okay. They understood my frustration and what we've been dealing with, finally.

Mel came home with Ben and well...he'd gotten another note from school and then refused to sit in the corner as needed and was sent to bed. I don't agree with that...but I was working and Mel was handling it. He was only removed from class for about an hour and not the entire day and I'm more lenient on that but he was not listening, nor making an effort to listen. It dampened the evening to be sure.

I didn't cook since I lost my appetite. I managed to spin for a bit and then read for a bit and then cut out fabric for the lolita dress. I got the main skirt pieces set and the underruffles but the over ruffles confused me. It was asking for you to cut the casing out of that fabric and I was like "huh" and what? Plus it was late and my back was hurting so I cleaned up my mess and stopped like a good girl. I think I just need to cut out the ruffle parts, ignore the information to cut out another 2 pieces of waistband and do things how I think it should be done. Ari got her coat top all put together and trimmed and it looks uber cute. I hope I can make mine as cute. We shall see.

Just worried about the school paperwork and their probable rejection of it which will lead me to have more stress coming up. Sighs.


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