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Work has been work.  We have impossible deadlines and I'm wrangling cats and keeping plates spinning and by the end of the day I'm exhausted.  And I've been letting the stress get to me and coping by having a drink and sitting on my ass watching tv.  I realized the issues my brain is having is that I'm not letting the creative parts of me balance the analytical side and that is hard when in a day I don't accomplish anything tangible but moving electrons on a spreadsheet its hard.  So I've been trying to make instant gratification things.  I'm finishing a hat for a present. I've done a crap ton of calligraphy but that is again a job thing (SCA job versus engineering).  So I have been trying to pick things to finish and I painted 2 scrolls and started a 3rd so I can make something and finish something.

Its enlightening.  My craft/head space is cluttered and I just need to finish things.  I have 2 tunics for the boys to finish from Estrella still. Oops.  Then I can get the fabrics out for my clothes and theirs for crown and upgrades.  I'm testing a new neckline pattern on myself before I use it on TRM clothes. So its all practice to make perfect.

So July will be sewing.  Which is good. I'm taking the 2 days in the middle of the 4th of July week off since those were our only 2 work days due to the holiday days and our 9/80. This is good.  Looking forward to it.

Also part of the stress is getting my tubby butt back to the gym.  I've let that slide completely and yeah, need to fix that.  So back at the grind stone.
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I spent Friday doing school shopping with the boy. I was completely tuckered when we got home. I didn't craft on Thursday night or on Friday night for cosplay. I worked on the damnable scarf and am very close to finishing it. Mel has been decompressing from work stress and it has been nice to sit on the couch and watch the Olympics.

Saturday I did the grocery shopping and then worked on the lolita. Sunday AM was lolita in the AM/noon and the afternoon was working on the sarees at Ari's.

Benton had some rough spots this weekend. He did not listen well and did not get his reward for good behaviour (eegees) twice. I had to have him do pushups in the stores and he was annoying to the stylist who cut his hair. He did well at Ari's playing with Mason for hours and then he lost the groove. But he was tired and hungry so I can understand. I was tired and hungry too.

On the saree front I made the decision to add the pallau from the saree [livejournal.com profile] uaekiwi got me for my wedding and that I've already gotten trim and a skirt out of. I got the bottom trim all sewn on, the extra fabric and now just need to sew down the top trim and the edge of the extra fabric. The pallau piece has red on it which will go nice with Zatana's cape she wears at times off the back of her tuxedo jacket.


I still need to pattern the jacket/vest/chemise but I think that can be accomplished this week so that I can spend the following week working on SCA clothes for crown and then just working last minute items. Mel goes to Britain Sunday so I want things pretty settled and be at hand work so Ben and I can watch movies and color together etc versus me making yards and yards of trim in my studio.

The Loli is now getting very close to done.



I still need to put a bit of trim on the ends of the undersleeve, trim the bottom of the jacket, takeup the skirt piece and make the collar. The entire weekend it was "more floofy, if you think its too much, add more!" and I think I got the asthetic right on the butt bow. I still probably need bows in the front but now I'm thinking I'm going to bustle up the skirt on the jacket to show off all of my hard work on those damnable ruffles.

I sat down after dinner last night and finished up our hair bows for the Hydra Cheer squad, though I need to figure out how to use the cyber dreads I bought. I also cut out the fabric for the bun covers but I need to dig out my cotton batting to make them bigger and smoother, plus add more lace.

So, lots of progress and things are falling into place nicely. Just need to get through the next few days before school starts and then we can get back into a normal routine.

I also finished Venom in the same series I've been reading by Estep. Kev didn't give me the fourth book in the series so I started in on The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay.

I slept like utter crap last night and its now been a monday with computers, late sleepers etc. Sighs.

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Friday was spent relaxing and getting things organized for the next day crafting fest. I had a nice breakfast out with the hubby, spun, did some reading and then had a massage and pedicure before picking up Benton from school. We had a nice night. Saturday we got up and headed to the zoo with Ari and the kiddos.

Zoo Trip July

After that it was home to have lunch and rest. It was damn hot that morning. I headed over to Ari's with Ben for a play date and crafting time. What sucked was that my back threw out when I took stuff out of the car. Sighs. I put on a corset to try on for my costumes and just wore it while I cut out fabric for my Star Wars Lolita dress for D*C.

I'm using the riding jacket pattern that Ari had draped on me for the Victorian Baroness and it works great for the top of the Loli. I'm using the rest of the pattern for the peplum on the jacket and the skirt from Simplicity 1300.

The directions are awful. Sighs. I'm okay with following directions but man, when veteran sewers look at these directions and shake their head its annoying. I managed to get the jacket, peplum and sleeves all cut out before my back told me to fuck off. Got home and rested. Mel made a great dinner and I laid down with a tennis ball to pressure point my back. Sighs. I spun a little bit but the day really wiped me out and I was in bed after we watched some tv.

Sunday mel got up early and got on his bike and if my back wasn't a bitch I would have loved to have joined him. My last ride was Sept 13, 2014. Damn. huh. Anyway, he got back, got a quick shower and we headed to Joe's for breakfast. It was nice. Got home and I worked off and on on the studio clean up and the front room cleanup. We all went to costco in the afternoon and then back for dinner. I managed to cut out two skirts and sew the top of the loli. I figured out I am missing a piece and have to piece fabric to cut it out. Sighs. It was late when I realized this and well, I'll cope and fix it tonight and then cut out a tremendous amount of ruffles. A metric butt tonne of ruffles.

So plans are a foot. Need to order a few things and just make stuff. All good though. Minus my back.....

Should hear from the doc tomorrow on the eval at the school and plan forward for Ben. He was very happy that "Mommy's friend who he sees in her office was at school" LOL.
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We had a very, very busy weekend. Thursday night after I picked Ben up from the dojo and got him fed, bathed and into bed I worked on my studio and got things more organized and started in on more repair work of things that have been sitting around. Mel got home and I headed out for drinks with a coirker who was leaving the company to other things. Finally realized that he's like Byron from college. Conspiracy theory but more hipster than Byron. He's tattoed all over and does his own 1 manned electronica band and puts his records out on tapes cause its cheap. I will miss Eric though...he was always good for a interesting convo.

Friday we got up and took the boy to his last day of Pre-K. We got some errands done and then headed back to school for the performance and potluck. We had a really nice time and Ben was uber cute. I made his teacher get a bit teary eyed at the gift we gave her (cute bin with cookies, coffee, yarn and pinwheels to celebrate summer).

Click Pic for the album:
Benton's Pre-K Finale

The potluck was nice and we hung out with Matt, Jaylee, Mary and Andrew and all of our kids. Ben came home after that and then I ran errands for the car. Got it emissions tested and fully detailed and then hit Micheals for cosplay stuff. I got home and I think I worked on more mending and things. We had pasta for dinner and the squire/apprentice were over working on projects. Paul stopped by to drop off things and I did research after everyone left. I was pooped and I think we were in bed by 10pm.

Saturday Mel got up early to head to ed's to work on the MEGAPATIO and I got up with Benton and got him ready to go over there to spend time with Holly and Henry. Then I came home to most of the day to myself and my house. Things I accomplished:
1) restored the headlights on the car
2) removed the tape holding the bumper on the car and scraped off the gross stuff
3) Watered and fertilized the outside plants.
4) Sewed together 2 pair of pj pants for Ivan that have been cut out since xmas. (sighs).
5) Sewed his wool fighting tunic final seams finished which has been sitting since Janaury 2015 (sighs), it just needs a hem and is hanging now.
6) Got halfway through fixing a pair of capris with a hole where I had to remove the duct tape patch with goo gone and rewash and buy patch material.
7) Fixed all of the seams in a pair of my rus pants, if I'd done it right the first time I'd never had needed the repair. sighs
8) Double sewed all of the seams in a tunic which now may be too small for me but will fit Sam or Ari since the seams allowance now had to be eaten up by seams to fix material destruction on the points of my boobs etc.

Got done with all of that, showered and then headed to Christy's for a BBQ. Had a nice time there and knit on the shawl. Benton played with Christy's roommate for quite some time and also fell in love and out of a hammock. So now I need to get a hammock cause the porch requires it. Got home late and managed to get to bed relatively early.

Sunday I enjoyed coffee on the porch and read for a bit before slogging off to Costco and the grocery store before being home and working on t-shirt mods. I'd been reading lots of tutorials on how to do it and I mucked with my serger a lot and then modd'd 3 tshirts. The first was a bit tight since the fabric didn't have any stretch but the next 2 turned out cute. I will probably do rolled hems versus the serger though on the arms/neckline. I'm not great at serging where it needs to be pretty.



I'm going to go through my tshirts and mod a few more for fun to wear. Though I do need to not get the neckline to bowl out as much. But they are cute. I made steaks for dinner (from Dickman's). Mel and Andrew were brewing beer all afternoon and I did make a beer run to AZ beer house since Drew had never had Dragoon Brewing Co before. I got a 4 pack of their IPA, A growler of teh double IPA from Bisbee and a Green Tea Saison from Thundercanyon. AFter dinner and Benton to bed I got my sewing mojo back on and cut out my skirt out of the galaxy fabric and sewed it. I put in my first zipper which was amazing to me. It took me an hour and only 1 tear out to get it to look nice.


The skirt came out long and the finishing instructions for the waist band were special if you've never sewn from a pattern before. Sighs. But its cute and it fit perfectly minus being way too long.

Went to bed at a good time feeling very accomplished and we slept in the morning. I was tired and had coffee, made steak/egg burritos and read. Managed to make a rhubarb cobbler for Paul's BBQ and we headed there about 1230pm. We had fun in the pool and playing games/chatting. Benton got cold in the pool and curled up under his towel on the hot concrete before getting into the hot tub to warm up. Such a child of summer.

Got home with a tired boy who ate some dinner, had a quick shower and went to bed. Mel finished up reading him Basil of Baker Street which is the first chapter book we are reading him. Not sure what we will start next.

Wander arrived just as I was packing for scriptorium and she was able to help me get my hem marked on the skirt, answered questions about the waistband finishing and helped me mark up the pattern for the next skirt. Which if I have time I will cut out and sew tonight. I have laundry to do and lots of things to prep for the convention. I am also going at Athena and need to make a spear (Have Mel make me one) and get my jewelry taken care of plus find my roman sandals. Ari will grab her medusa for fun.

So that brings me to thinking of what I want to wear. Thursday we arrive and I have a Supply pod shirt to wear that will get me a free prize. So I think it will be the skirt and top. Friday will be Star Wars or Medusa. Saturday will be Star Wars and Sunday will be the other geek skirt and a t-shirt. Its supposed to be 109°F Thursday and 117°F Saturday. UGH!!!! OMG. HOT!!!! Reasons we don't live there for over one hundred Alex! Bleah. Its supposed to be 111°F in Tucson Saturday but that is the highest I've ever seen it get while I've lived here.

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Friday was hard at work....I'm waiting for people on way too many things and yeah. I was DONE by the time I left. I also got a large bonus at work and that was nice.

I did see Mike from American Pickers on the road and I waved at him when I passed and he HONKED AT ME!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Got home and worked hard to clean up my house for cloak night. We did a bang up job and I even got my studio cleaned up with clothes put away and the floor cleaned up. Our bedroom and Ben’s still need a deep clean but its all good. Just as we finished dinner, Myra arrived to pick up the Xterra. I had already taken my last drive in her before signing over the title.

Last Drive in Persephone


I shall miss that truck. Wow…it’s the longest I’ve ever owned a vehicle and I have many, many good memories of that truck and lots of road trips. I’ve driven her through: AZ, CA, NM, CO, WY, SD, NE, NV in the last 14 years and 170820 miles. Sniff, sniff.

Cloak night was good. Dominique came down and we all watched Ghostbusters while Mel and his crewe worked on things in the front room (1 squire, 1 man-at-arms and 1 student + Will). Wander, Ari, Sam, Willl, Dominique and I just chatted away, watching the movie and stitching. I almost got the raven done but was too tired to rehoop to finish. I will endeavor to get that done in the next few weeks. I also have a scroll to work on which I did not work on at ALL during the weekend.

Saturday we had breakfast at Joes and then I did laundry/errands and got the car worked on. Friday night I really started to feel a headache coming on and Saturday was painful. We hit the antique mall on the way back from dropping off the car for service and picked up some nice things. The headache hit full swing once we got back from picking the car up and I was toast. I managed to lay down and take a break but I failed to get drugs (I thought I had…stupid head). After dinner I managed to finally take drugs and have a tasty beverage and things were better. Mel and I watched some Tabletop and I got him to watch some other fun on Youtube like The Rock lipSync battle and other fun things.

Sunday I slept in. I got up about 850am to coffee. Mel had been up for a while. We were sitting and chatting and Bridget showed up for drawing….I hadn’t gotten her text that we were doing that…we chatted, had coffee and declined to go. Which was good, I was still feeling fuzzy headed and I got the border done on the blanket and decided to just finish the applique and get it done! It turned out cute and you will see pictures later after its delivered. Needless to say I only managed to basically do the dishes, do some laundry and sit on the couch crocheting and sewing. I never got out of my pjs and I’m okay with that. I was toast. But that project is done and then I got going on the present for Dana’s son and got the one for Phil’s soon to be here baby set out and ready.
But sneek peak of the applique:

This week is a short week for me. I’m taking Thursday off and we have Friday off already so….it will be a good week. I just have to get a bunch of stuff done. All doable if I stay on task. I also need to get my ass to the gym. Last week I felt like crap and well, I let myself feel like crap if that makes sense. This week I’m not going to let that happen.
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Well, was good and got home with the Benton and had a nice dinner and snuggles. Then I made sure to get the dishwasher loaded and things settled before I hit the sewing. Benton was in bed when I got the sewing machine set up in the living room to watch Dirty Jobs and then he got up to go potty which ended up him using up about 1/4 roll of TP and stopping up the toilet. At least he pooped but I hate plunging toilets...ewww. Oh, well, got him back to bed and then on to ruched trim. I had serged the edges the previous night so I turned the edge to sew it down for pretty...(seriously, who is going to look at my trim and notice the serging but the laurel in me was screaming to not cut corners, so meh). If I had a rolled hem foot this would have been easier but I could just sit and let the machine pull in the fabric and held my hands just right to roll the edge over. The thing is the machine pedal started to overheat. So that was good for breaks. Then I had been talking with [livejournal.com profile] danabren and she gave me a huge tip for ruching that involved setting up the machine to baste and pins to hold onto the fabric to grab excess thread.
1) turn off your feed dogs
2) turn off the tension to the pressure foot
3) set stitches to the longest and then sew by pushing the fabric through by hand versus the machine doing it. Its free sewing like in quilting.
4) Every yard, place a pin and then pull some extra thread out to help later in the gathering
5) do this the whole length of trim
6), start gathering by pulling the bobbin thread and then wrap the excess as you go on the pins every yard.

So, here is the in progress and finished ruching.


So tonight when I get home I will be attaching ruffles to the underskirt and then the ruching to the overskirt which will then basically leave them with hooks and eyes to be done and the overskirt waistband. Friday will be working on the jacket completely.

My buttons came in and they are AWESOME!!!! OMG!!!!! SO SQUEEFUL!!!!!! And Epaul accidentally overcharged me so now I have $46 in credit with him. Woot!

The To Do List:
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We got rained out today so [livejournal.com profile] swordmage, her hubby and [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp came over and weave stuff. Icka finished the pennants I had started and got half the detail painting on my banner done. I got Mel's new tourney tunic cutout and fabric serged. I cut out a prototype for a new hangerrock to test dimensions for when I cut into my uber spendy handwoven fabric. We got another banner stretched and planned and Icka will be over tomorrow to help get that going.

Willa got lots if fabric ironed and cut out. Dom got a sword taped up and started lacing his new fighting kit.

Mel was feeling crappy and he slept most of the afternoon.

Benton played hard in his room and around the house.

It was a good day. We shall see what tomorrow brings. If we get cancelled I have sewing to do. If we don't I have fighting to do. Yay so a win no matter what really.

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The weekend was....okay I guess. Benton had come down with some sort of tummy bug on Wednesday so we had him home with us for the duration of the week and weekend. I don't think I changed that many diapers the first week we had him. Seriously. He was snuggly and cute though and only a bit cranky about not feeling good but he was getting up very early, probably from being hungry but not wanting to eat. He's almost better now but still a bit loose in the drawers so to speak.

I worked from home for as much as I could handle...thank you Cox for having Phineas and Ferb and Avengers On Demand. He sat quietly snacking and watching tv. I know...bad parenting by using the TV to soothe and babysit but I got work done and that was okay.

Mel has been very busy working on the baronial thrones. I managed to work on the first of 3 baby blankets some more and that was good. I read more fanfic (for those on that filter, I've done a data dump). I realized that I'd ready about 200k+ words in fan fic in the last few weeks. That is a lot of reading. Speaking of reading I had finished #16 a long while ago and then I read #17 The Secret History of Moscow which was quite entertaining...odd but entertaining. I'm now re-reading Changes by Jim Butcher so I can get caught back up on the universe before Cold Day when it arrives in October. So I will read though Changes and then re-read Ghost Story and be caught up. I need to pick up Iron Kissed to be able to keep reading in that series. I bought another copy of the book I already read...oops.

On Sunday we went to [livejournal.com profile] american_knight and [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa's for Holly's 4th bday party. It was a nice time and Benton had a good time playing in the yard. I was having allergy issues and what had started as just my nose moved to all over itchies, swollen fingers and feet and general anaphylactic swelling. We got home and put the boyo to bed and I crocheted and finally almost fell asleep on benedryl as Benton woke up from his nap. I groggily got him up and changed and I read him a lot of books.

I was finally just loosing it and called mel in to watch him. I was getting really ditzy. We had a nice dinner, mel gave him a bath and then it was bedtime for the Benton. I probably should have gone to bed but I sat reading on the couch while mel played Borderlands.

I have to say I'm way groggy today. Focus is shot but I'm coping. Been reading reports and taking notes. Gonna be good to myself tonight and get my toes done and some other pampering before heading home. Long week ahead.
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So, last night after Benton was in bed I raided my stash for my holiday knitting/crochet/crafting. What is scary is that I have a plan and I'm sure I have too much on that plate and will have to rethink my plans but all in all not too bad. I have not figured out a few things yet like my mom and mel's mom. But its all good. We shall have to see what I come up with. The nice thing is though that I pulled the yarn, the pattern and then put it in a bag with a label. All good and it was fun to dig in my stash. I really don't have as much as I thought but that is okay. I need to knit from it for a while until I pare things down...especially my sock yarn.
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So, I'm not reading as much as I used to but I am driving a heck of a lot so I listen to lots of podcasts including:

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Well, I've been tired all week..I really think it was the blood donation + nursing + milk production increase due to boy's growth spurt + working like a dog = tired, tired me. I was lame and didn't hit the gym but I was technically in a rest week for my workouts eh, I'm lame, I admit it but I'm not denying it either. I didn't want to get so over tired that I get sick cause I can't really afford to do that right now.

On the work front I proved that having a plan, sticking to the plan and being polite and accommodating will work miracles. On Tuesday afternoon our drawing package for the big project I was traveling for during my pregnancy was ready for final review and release. We hit the engineering review board with the last 7 drawings and 2 drafting changes and then proceeded to get all of the signatures from all of the disciplines in a very un-user-friendly computer system that likes to puke at the most inopportune times and into the final review board and then into another computer system that likes to puke for full release of every single drawing/model etc to feed the purchase order. It worked. In a 36 hour period we did it all. It wasn't easy but we did it. There will be lots of dinner certs and team achievement awards going out. It was amazing and exhausting.

On the crafting front I've done a bit of spinning, I made another little alien and I cast on for some fingerless mitts for Mel to use in the shop when it gets cold. I figure I can get them done now and then he will have them. I think after that it will be socks for him. Unfortunately the lace shawl I'm making for myself is not social knitting and I've been tired enough at night that I don't want to pull it out and screw it up. I hope to make some progress on it soon to at least get to the "easy part" where its the same pattern repeat for a good length of the way.

Benton has been growing. He's been a bit of a crankypants in the evenings just wanting to be held a lot. He's also playing so much at daycare I think he likes the "downtime" of snuggling too. Yesterday I picked him up and he had slept through one of his normal feeding times so I fed him early when we got home and he fell deep asleep afterwards. I woke him up to get ready for bed time and he ate really good again and then was out. At 4am he was screaming awake with a soaked diaper and really wanting food. He fed well and then slept until just about 8am. He fed and has been playing and now we are seeing if he will go down for his nap. Its about the right time he usually takes one at day care. Schedules are good for kids.

I also managed to get out of work at 2pm yesterday and that allowed me to take the bike in for a tuneup. I pick it up this afternoon and maybe tomorrow AM I'll get a quick ride in to see how I'm doing physically.

Today will be house cleaning and moving books around. Mel put together a new bookcase for us in the front room and I need to move books. Tomorrow [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and I will be patterning me out for my new kirtle/mintan pattern. I need a new mintan for MEF and my current pattern is not set up for my body now...its close but not quite right. Plus I need to go through fabric and also cut out some fighting clothes. I hope to get things rolling on new clothes for me and the boy since coming up is lots of events and we need to not wear the same thing every weekend. Plus little rus pants are gonna be fun.

Sunday is the house meeting and I'm still debating what my goal for the year SCAwise is...I need new clothes, I need to get back into fighting. Plus I need to make a something for the kingdom as A&S champion and well, my first idea is now out due to the furnace being down. So I need to come up with a different plan or maybe the same plan but execute it differently. Anyhoo...lots to think about, lots to accomplish and I think most of it will be getting a list of what I want and then just going through it item by item.

Well, the boy is down for his nap and this house does not clean itself. Mel has started moving our magazine storage boxes to the new bookcase and I guess it will be magazine storage...oops. But now we can move things around to make it easier to find things I guess. Well, off to work on stuff so I can then go make stuff.
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With the trauma of last week I made the most of trying to be in a better place emotionally by following the [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek motto and "go forth and make stuff!"

Thursday night I snugged with the boy a lot and watched some tv. I think I crocheted but I snugged the boy a lot. Friday we all slept in a bit and then mel and I hit the farmer's market at Jesse Owen park and then hit costco. The farmer's market was nice but we aren't quite in the right season for veggies that I can eat. We did pick up non-sulfur coated dried fruit and some luscious tomatoes. I also tried the Planet of Crepes truck. Really good stuff there and not too bad prices. A bit more than Cupz n crepes in Auwatukee but bigger crepes.

Got home fed the boy and then I drove to work to workout. It was nice and there were like 5 people using the whole facility. The non gym bunny weight room was all for me and then I had a really nice run afterwards. Chatted up Bob about HIIT (High intensity Interval Training) and then came home. Mel and I cooked dinner together. He was my sous chef and we made a wonderful vegetable marinara that I then put shrimp into. So good. Mel also was awesome and processed all of the rhubarb I had gotten and I was able to make one pie, package up for two more pies and had a bit left over for something else. All good. The pie I made turned out okay...not my best but I think I rushed things a bit.

Saturday we got up and had a good morning. I managed to finish the cranky shawl and the pulled out the MIL scarf to take to the house meeting. The house meeting was good. [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa made an awesome taco bar and we all got to work on list tiles for the tourney boards. They turned out really nice and there are more in work than what I have pictured. These were just the ones that I had top coated.

List tiles

Benton did really good. Deb and Magdalen stole him for a while and he hung out outside while the kids splashed in the wading pool. He ate really good and then napped in his rocking chair as well. Such a good little guy.

Got home and it was almost the boys bedtime and that was also nice. Mel and I barely made it to 10pm we were so tired. I think part of mine was I wasn't feeling 100%...not sure what was up but I was feeling off all day. Probably hormone related I'm pretty sure.

Father's Day the boy was up early for a feed but was then back down for quite a long nap. Mel had pie for breakfast and was a happy camper working on a spinning wheel restoration for the fiber retreat. I headed out early to drop more books off at bookmans and managed to have them take a dozen more between two stores. Got home and worked on projects. I managed to get my shawl washed and blocked and have the MIL scraf knitting finished for the material I had. I've decided it will be a cowl instead since the yarn is now discontinued. So I will try to find some buttons to make a buttoned cowl. Mel is skeptical since its an odd colorway and pattern...he's not sure what he doesn't like about it. I think its neat and cast a scarf on for myself last night.

Here is the back of the shawl and then an front view picture...Read more... )

I also managed to frog mel's socks. It took me 5 mins with the ball winder to make them go away into nice pretty cakes of yarn. The are getting sent to Mistress Gwen at Tangible Daydreams to be made into socks using her WWI sock knitting machine. They will be sox...just not by my hands. LOL. Very cathartic.

So, crafty weekend has gotten me jazzed for this week's trip to the Fiber Retreat. I will be very happy to be on the road on Thursday. Packing with the Benton in mind is going to make things interesting but I have projects that will all fit into one bag, though I will probably find a few more to take. All good though.

Here is to making this week at work and home really good.
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So far this week I've made banana bread, a rhubarb pie and finished a shawl. The shawl has been in work for a while and should have been easy but I had to frog it back a number of times since I effed it up. I'm gonna blame the yarn...I bought A ball from Purls to make it through the shawl and I think their yarn is cranky. I finished it today and will wash and block it tomorrow. It turned out nice and it will be good to have at work.

Looking through my projects on the needles I have a lace shawl for myself and a scarf that I've been wrking on for my MIL. Unfortunately, the scarf is quickly running out of yarn and the yarn is no longer produced...so I've private messaged a few people on ravelry to see if they will sell me 4 balls so I can finish it. Annoying but we can see what we can do. I'm gonna frog mel's socks before the house meeting and it will be cathartic.

So, I will have to hunt through my patterns to see what is next once I get through the yarn I do have for the scarf. I have quite a few things queued up so we shall see. I might re-try socks for mel with a good swatch...we shall see.
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I had a bit of energy on Wednesday. I managed to get all of the fabric ironed, made a little blankie and got started on the curtains. Course I made a wrong cut and will need to piece things in today but eh, not too bad. Course to get all of that going I had to clean up the studio and that took some time but it is now usable.

When mel got home he got right in to working on the nursery shelves. I helped a little bit with watching the level etc. They look great and then I got the shelves loaded up with books and toys. Its really neat looking. The only thing he has left is to work on getting the baby monitor set up. I headed off to knit night and finished up the baby sweater. Its really cute.

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Got home and mel was very happy with the sweater and was playing more plants versus zombies. I seriously go to bed with that game's music in my head. I was supposed to get up early to watch the guys pour concrete but we got a call at 6am that we got rescheduled to friday morning at 730. I'm okay with that.

On the docket today is to work on cleaning up the bedroom, working on the curtains and working on mel's socks. I got the second one cast on at knit night. I also need to run a couple of errands for the nursery to get the curtain rods etc. So, nice day planned and not too stressful. But I will be getting naps today...my sleep has been light and Obsidian crying at the door is not helping.

So, have a good st. Pat's day! Have a pint for me!
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Saturday I just worked on things for the pirogi. On sunday, after errands and a casual breakfast with the family, I started in on cleaning. My jewelry supplies were still on the floor of the family room. I had hoped to maybe make something...not sure what but something. Yeah, I made lots.

I worked on making a necklace to match a focal bead I got from Kate Drew-Wilkinson in Bisbee. Its pretty and I got the earrings to match. So I set out making it go with Jet, violet glass beads I had done, rose quartz and silver findings.

At the gem show I bought a focal bead and some other beads in similar style from Jami Hamilton. I knew kinda what I wanted to do with them and well, I did it. Its set with some jasper from Dakota Stone and some shiny crystal stuff I got at micheals.

Back when we went to visit [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek we visited the Beaded Frog bead shop and I picked up these raven beads. I decided that I needed to make medieval necklaces for [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa and I. They are in our personal colors and they turned out really cool.

During my jewelery making Marina worked on her fighting tunic. Its a lesson in fabric choices and dealing with slippery fabric. She's learning and that is good. I wish I had had someone to walk me through the tough parts on sewing when I first started.

Mel got home from his weekend teaching exhausted but happy. His class went well and there were finished shoes by the end. All good. I also got to see the BFF yesterday and miss Cora was uber cute and plays her harmonica very well.

So, here are the pictures of all of the faboo jewelry.
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Well, I'm at work and I hurt. Its better but moving around a lot (like the walk to my desk) kinda wore me out. Doug, my boss, commented I'm walking like I'm not 100% and that is definitely true. I'm about 60% and I have stuff to keep occupied so I'm good. Sitting and not going anywhere. My morning meetings have been canceled and that means staying put as well. I am better but yeah, things still hurt, though the nausea is gone so that is a plus.

I worked more on my sock last night and then started in on Gretchen's Baby's afghan. Its gonna take a while since its about 150 stitches across and lots of dtr (double trebles) which you really can't do too quickly due to the amount of loops but its got a great texture and babies love texture. I probably didn't buy too much yarn for this project...though I might switch the border color to red versus the purple I picked out...I like the purple but the red I think has more contrast and is more masculine. We shall see. I have about 30" more to go before I have to make that decision.

I slept okay but I think the pain stuff only lasts about 5 hours. I awoke about 4am aching and obsidian was being whiny. I should have gotten up to take more meds but I hit the bathroom and crawled back in bed. So, getting better but tomorrow will not be the fun day I had planned for my b-day. I'm gonna have to work a full day to not take too much vacation for being sick. I was hoping to take the afternoon off and get a pedi and then head out to do some fun stuff. Looks like dinner out (if my tummy can handle it) and maybe a movie. We shall see. I think today will wear me out.

My work move happens next thursday. My work computer backup only lasts 2 days and my new work computer gets installed on 5/11. Do we see a problem with that? yeah. That doesn't work. Hopefully I can get that resolved today cause that is the suck.

So we shall see how the day goes. I'm hoping good.
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Work has been progressing. Its a bit slow on the new job but things are making sense for me since I have time to get "up to speed" that is good. Left work on time and headed home with hopes to head to grandma's with the hubby. He had to work late so I went all by myself. I got the ball of yarn I needed for Britton's blankie, some more ella rae for booties for a seekrit laurel project and I also picked up addi-turbo's for my next few projects. I got the ones I need for my cowl and I got ones for a hat I'm going to make. Though I think socks and cowl will be next. I brought my next sock yarn to swatch tonight for knit night.

Got home and since mel was working late I was a good wife and got dinner cooking to be ready when he got home. I did some pantry kung fu and made a frittata. I'd never made one before but it turned out nummy with mushrooms, garlic, ham and tomatoes. I also fresh grated some Parmesan cheese for the top. Mel relaxed with his new legos and I brought him dinner and a beer.

I managed to finish (minus putting snaps on it) the bib for Mina and the blanket and do some laundry last night. So, here are some pictures.
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So, good progress. Tonight I will swatch for my next pair of socks. I've got new needles that I want to try out and see what the gauge will be for the next pair. I need to have a "me" project or two going while I work on all of the presents otherwise I'm gonna get burnt out a bit.

I got some b-day money and I'm figuring out how to spend it. I've been looking at the Tom Bihn sock bags and some other accessories. We shall have to see.

Craftlit has been doing Persausion by Austen. I didn't really like the writing in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (80% of the book was Austen) because it seemed pretentious. It was one of her first books and after hearing some of the history on it and how she was a "pulp fiction" writer of her day it makes things make a bit more sense. Having it spoken to me also helps. I'm finding the humor and the absurdity of the situations much more funny when spoken than when written. All good. I'm going to have to go back and listen to the first 20 episodes of Craftlit since they did P&P sans Zombies as the first book. All good though and I'm surprised I'm enjoying it.

Crafty Fun

Apr. 4th, 2010 02:45 pm
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Well, I almost finished the afghan today. I ran out of my border color yarn about two feet from the end and Grandma's is closed until Tuesday. Sigh. Eh, I needed more ella rae anyway and mel has to do a return too. So, for those who haven't gotten to see it here is ari in her scarf that I made.
Ari in her scarf

She really liked it. I'm gonna have to make myself one..it was really quick and easy but very fun. Blocking made it really airy. All good for the b-day girl.

Now on to the studio setup since I can't start another project until I finish the blanket and my scarf hat (which is also threatening to run out of yarn).
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I can haz my own socks!!!

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Woot, finished it a day early which means I get to work on sewing projects tomorrow and cast on for its mate tomorrow too. Woot.

Hopefully I can sleep tonight cause last night wasn't too great.


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