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Work has been work.  We have impossible deadlines and I'm wrangling cats and keeping plates spinning and by the end of the day I'm exhausted.  And I've been letting the stress get to me and coping by having a drink and sitting on my ass watching tv.  I realized the issues my brain is having is that I'm not letting the creative parts of me balance the analytical side and that is hard when in a day I don't accomplish anything tangible but moving electrons on a spreadsheet its hard.  So I've been trying to make instant gratification things.  I'm finishing a hat for a present. I've done a crap ton of calligraphy but that is again a job thing (SCA job versus engineering).  So I have been trying to pick things to finish and I painted 2 scrolls and started a 3rd so I can make something and finish something.

Its enlightening.  My craft/head space is cluttered and I just need to finish things.  I have 2 tunics for the boys to finish from Estrella still. Oops.  Then I can get the fabrics out for my clothes and theirs for crown and upgrades.  I'm testing a new neckline pattern on myself before I use it on TRM clothes. So its all practice to make perfect.

So July will be sewing.  Which is good. I'm taking the 2 days in the middle of the 4th of July week off since those were our only 2 work days due to the holiday days and our 9/80. This is good.  Looking forward to it.

Also part of the stress is getting my tubby butt back to the gym.  I've let that slide completely and yeah, need to fix that.  So back at the grind stone.
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Well, I did some pantry kung fu yesterday when I realized that I had bought grits versus cornmeal for mel's baking and I made shrimp and grits for the first time.  It took a bit of time on the grits but everything else was uber easy.  I used Flay's Shrimp and Grits as a base to start but I sauted mushrooms and green peppers in with the bacon.  It was tasty and the boys loved it. I'm glad I branched out on the food spectrum as well.

I got some laundry done last night but still need to pack for KWHSS which I leave for tomorrow. Eep.

I think the cats puked in the cable box again cause it refuses to record and makes a rather horrible noise.  Sighs.

Other than that things are okay. I finally started taking my sinus spray again to deal with the head stuff and been taking the inhaler pretty regular and wow, I feel a ton better.  Better living through chemistry.  Benny is not so lucky to have nasal spray but I may ask the doc. His cough keeps getting worse as the day goes on.
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Its been a week since we were at the Con and I still wish we were there. Seriously, I had so much fun. What I did not have fun with was that my legs /.feet swelled really bad after 4 days of pounding the pavement/con floor in heels, boots and more heels. I have varicose veins and they were screaming at me. I figure I probably walked 40 miles. I did not do what I should have done which was wear my compression socks on Monday (or at the con cause that would have been smart) and I regretted that. I only did my calves and really, the whole leg needed it. I managed to wear them for Tuesday and Wednesday and that did the trick so I could run Wednesday at the gym. I will be making an appointment though with a vascular specialist cause I’m too young to have my legs hurt and look this bad due to the veins.

Anyhoo, so Monday I just came home and then went to scribble where I callig’d a scroll and contemplated drawing something. We were all tired. Seriously tired. But it was a good night.

At work I’m covering for 2 people and had some emergency paperwork that I had to process by this AM. Some people were dumb and it took too long but we got it done. Now I’m trying to catch back up to all of the things I was supposed to be working on versus the emergency/other people’s stuff. Sighs.

The family + Ari and Sioux are heading to the collegium tomorrow. Leaving early but it should be fun day. I think I may pack my spinning wheel for in between classes. I started spinning a merino/yak/silk blend last night that is pretty nice looking. We shall see. I may just bring the knitting since I have lots of things that need to get done so I can start all of the shawls and cowls I want to make.

The food tracking is going well. I’ve lost maybe 7 pounds but about 6-8% body fat if my scale is at all accurate on percentage change. I doubt the number is correct but the percentage change may be. Anyhoo, I’m noticing the difference and my arms have no underarm jiggle at all anymore. My calves, even though they ache and cramp all the time, have really good definition. My waist/hips are less lumpy and are slimming down. I guess I look way thinner which is good even though the scale mocks me. Muscle ways way more than fat and I’m muscling up. That is important.

Benton had a really good time at the con, had done really well at school the two days prior and has had an AWESOME week at school. Seriously, we have the perfect kiddo right now. Who, I’m damn sure, is an inch taller than the last time I checked. Seriously, he does not look little boy anymore but a nice young man. Sighs, wow. It’s a big change since two weeks ago. I honestly think he was way too hungry all of the time considering how much food I kept feeding him and he wasn’t grumpy or acting dumb. Hangry is a Kemp thing obviously. His dad has it, he has it. Boy are the teen years going to be fun.

Well, that is about it.
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I am weary from the weekend still….I guess I’m getting too old to be going back and forth with a 6 hour round trip on things. Oof. It was also cold and windy and that I’m sure didn’t help. We got going with Count Thomas about 645am which was later than we planned. I had not had the heart to finish packing and was just too damn worn out from the week. I had triumphantly finished the scroll on Thursday night with Bridget. Friday I got to sleep in and then head out to drop Ben off and get a massage with a heated rub/biofreeze chaser; breakfast, pedicures and shopping with Erika and then just as I was going to go to the knit shop to hang out the school called.

Well, he got to have the mother he did not want to pick him up. We got home and he got to pack all of his books up and then cry for a few hours in his room. I was a mess and tired and just uncaring about things. My day had been going well and yeah, had to be the monster parent. He refused to do as his teachers said and was a punk. Actions have consequences, child. Just frustrating. So, Saturday he had to sit with me almost all day as punishment and listen well. He did okay…course he also asked for food every 45 mins. Seriously, he ate more Saturday than we all did. The tourney was fun. Laurel circle was okay. I knit and was cold. Got done and headed to Lonesome Valley Brewing Co for a tasty burger and a porter I can’t stop drinking…Seriously, Brian has my number on that one.

So, the scroll, start to finish: Arsenda’s Laurel Scroll.

Sunday we were just all crabby and tired. All of us. Ben was a brat and refused to even be calm and quiet in his room. There were tears and spankings and a bin of toys was taken away. Sighs.
Monday was okay. He had a pretty good day at school and got his toys back. Tuesday was not as good and Wednesday he was so bad Mel had to pick him up about 1pm. Sighs.

My Monday involved lots and lots of meetings, arguing over a hyphen in a part mark and hitting the gym for arm/shoulders and some running. Oof. I pushed hard and ran more and increased my time on the treadmill two minutes more. Gonna keep trying to push time up to a full 30 mins. I got home and had a wonderful chicken stew mel had made and then was unmotivated to do much else. Ari was not there due to kiddo karate testing and I was running stuff which was ‘work on what you have’ and getting Sam working on learning calligraphy. I attempted to draw and was just not into it. I looked through some books and chatted with Bridget and I’m not sure what all else. Sat down to read while mel was in the shower and fell asleep with the cats snuggled on top of me.

Tuesday was just weird and Wednesday was work related frustartions (see Monday) and just a general lack of empathy and care about things going on. I was headachey and tired when I went to the gym but that perked me up quite well when I was done. I pushed up my squats to 75 lbs 3x8 and the calf raises to 348lbs 4x12s. I also did 4x20 on snowmen and added 2x12x2 on the ballet leg circles. Oof. Left there refreshed and then grabbed lunch from Rubios where I ran into Hastini which was odd but I guess serendipitous to the fact that I was running to teach at Arts Night. The new location is at Don’s business and it was an okay space. Its gonna be small though for big classes…not sure. I only had one student but that was okay. I went, I taught and I got to read her documentation that she had started for a projects. I got home and mel was snuggled up in his pj’s watching movie trailers on youtube. It was nice to see some upcoming movies. We got showers pretty late since I didn’t get home until 930. I really didn’t have any time to decompress. I read for a bit after my shower and curled up after being a good girl and remembering to put on biofreeze on my calves. I guess I was tired because I woke up in the exact same position I went to bed in and my hands were asleep. Sighs.

Today has been frustrating on a number of levels. They did a change to ingress to my plantsite that left me on the road 1.5 miles away for 35 mins for stop and go traffic getting in. Sighs. It was poorly executed and just nuts. We are all frustrated and mad and they could have warned us that things were changing ahead of time versus being stuck in traffic missing meetings because we didn’t know. Then the argument of the hyphen, I’m just not going to win so I caved. So much money wasted for a non-technical issue. So frustrated.

I hope Ben had a good day at school. Right now I’ve gotten no phone call and I will be leaving in a hour to pick him up. I’m tired and just want to knit and watch a movie.

At least on the taking care of me I’ve lost almost 10 lbs. It doesn’t really feel like it but I can see it in my face and my pants are better fitting. I’ve also noted my calves are looking better and that is good. So, small steps.
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So, last night was the Knight Light tourney at the park. It always seems like something happens. The lights are goofy (like last night), it monsoons, things are late etc. Its fun though and I know the tourney format runs fast and that works well but things are always rushed and weird. Maybe its just that we only do this once per year and we don't have a flow...maybe its that the park setup is always jacked each year due to unforeseen stuff. Dunno...its just odd and fun at the same time.

Mel took Mariyah as a squire. I took video in the dark so we shall see how that turns out. I have to say, my hubby is so well spoken.

Benton got to wear his shoes that [livejournal.com profile] master_thomas made him. He liked them so much that he took one off to use as a teether. Its very cute. I have some pcitures of that but they are all with cell phones since I was lame and forgot my camera.

[livejournal.com profile] dvering was awesome and fixed my hand/wrist a bit. Looks like I sprained it...doing what, who knows, but he worked it out a bit and it still hurts but I have better motion. I've got it wrapped up today per instructions and its feeling okay. I have not had any of the shooting shifting pains of it all slamming out of place and having my thumb jiggle uncontrollably since last night. So I call that a win. I see glen on friday. I need to call to make that happen but I will see him.

I'm being smart today..I'm exhausted with two very late nights in a row. I'm gonna not hit the gym today. Between the hand and the tired things would be special I'm sure. I want to go to knit night and frog Benton's sweater without having any physical issues.

Well, on to the paperwork...there is always paperwork.
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I'm pretty sure that Mr. Benton just kinda sucks up all of my awesome...yanno that drive I had to stay up way late and work on things etc. OR maybe I'm getting old but uffdha! I'm tired. Little boy was very tired when we got home from the store last night but he played well until it was time for dinner. We had dinner (I cooked! (kinda)). I got taco fixings to go with the shredded chicken mel had made the night before. So, it was mostly chopping and things but it was ready when he got home 20 mins after I got home. Got Benton his bath and I'm really liking the California Baby Tea Tree and Lavender Baby wash I had picked up on the recommendation of the orthopedist. Benton's last bit of cradle cap is doing well and his birthmark seems less irritated. Plus it smells good as well and that is a plus.

Got the boy in bed just after 8pm. I'm sure I could have had him down and sleeping by 715 but bath and feeding were important. After he was asleep I got the kitchen somewhat picked up, washed and filled bottles (the chore that never ends) and found that the cats tried out steamed spinach that I had made for dinner. Spinach...really? Ugh.

Got my laundry going and was so tired but I had to stay up to get it in the dryer and out since I always (flylady style) put my clothes out for the next day. Mel got home and had a nice night at practice and I was bumbling around assembling my pump and getting ready for bed. I was grumpy..I think its the tired. Got to bed and slept well but man I could use some more.

This work project that I got saddled with last week I'm pretty sure is a test by my dept on how well I can handle things. I'm doing rather well at it so I'm happy about that, the testing is going well and the hardware is looking like its good. Which is the good thing.

So lots to do today and then knit night. I've been feeling so off that I'm hitting the gym next week and restarting stage 2 of my work outs. I've fallen off the wagon with it and not feeling confident in my consistency to go on to stage 3 yet. Plus, after realizing that the core workouts need to work me harder I need to figure out how to change things up. I need to do more reading and well, I'm weary.
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Well part of it was LJ was down and part of it was we've been busy.

I posted over on my Ianuk At Dreamwidth for a posting last week. I'm wanting a safer place to story this journal and the interfaces are almost exactly the same.

So, last week work was slowish. I'm coping. I head off on business travel on Monday till Thursday next week. This will be the first time I've spent that much time away from the Benton and Mel is going to have a fun time with that I think. He can do it but its a lot of work when we both switch on and off the responsibilities. Its gonna be a trick for me to pump while on travel but I think I can manage things well. Probably just gonna pump and dump since we have plenty in the freezer and I won't have to deal with the transporting it.

Other than that I finished reading Ghost Story on friday and Mr. Butcher did not disappoint at all. Wow, such a good series. If you haven't read it yet, go get Storm Front now.

So, friday I got up a bit later than normal and got the boy ready for daycare. I got him transpo'd and then headed to the gym. Now, it being an off friday hitting the gym means driving to work, working out and driving back home. Its a pain and traffic was the suck to and from due to the hours but I was able to make it home just in time to hit a very quick shower and then we headed off to see the early show of Captain America. It was fabulous! Such a good WWII epic and a rather sad story. You really see what a hero has to sacrifice to be a hero. Hugo Weaving was awesome as always and the rest of the casting was spot on.

After that mel and I grabbed lunch from Chipotle Grill and then drove to pick up Benton for his 4 month Checkup. He did really good with the shots and stuff and he's in the 99th (27.5") percentile for length, 57th percentile for weight (16.1 #)and 30th percentile for head circ (13"). The one thing that Dr. Macmahon was concerned on was his head. We've noticed its been flat but he gets tons of tummy time but he sleeps for 11 hours at a crack and doesn't move. He only likes to turn his head one way and its causing it to be flat on the back and sloped on his forehead.
You can see it here a bit but its really hard to see the forehead thing in pictures. Read more... )

So, we got to an orthopedist in two weeks to see what they can do. If he gets a little helmet it will be a few months of wear but hopefully then it will be normal. We also got some vitamins to give him but reading the ingredient list I'm allergic to it. So I have to figure out how to administer it to him without coming in contact with it. I was supposed to give it to him and then feed him but having an allergic reaction on the boobs doesn't sound like the best plan. Any ideas?

Saturday we traveled to Mon's for their A&S. What they lack in quantity of entries they always have in quality. Some really nice pieces. I just wish the documentation could have been better on some things which would have made judging easier. I did judge music and that was fun with Magdalen and Victoria because we all have very different strengths in that category. It was hard though cause the entries were so different and it was hard in one case to give good commentary cause the documentation was poor. Benton did really well but he was tired and a bit cranky from his vaccinations. We gave him some tylenol and that made him feel way better. Course his fussy is not what people call fussy. He fed while I judged music, though i had to apologize for a loud eating baby and he played or slept in the judges room while mel and I were in there. Magdalen had rode with us and she is an awesome traveling companion. Got home and we cleaned up and then headed out to dinner with Tati and Mingo. Our party of 5 ended up growing to 9 when [livejournal.com profile] weaverdancer and [livejournal.com profile] dverning showed up for sushi. It was awesome family dinner and all of us had a good time.

I had used the The Nose Frida on Benton in the mornings since he had a snotty nose. He didn't like it any more than the aspirators but it sure works great. Crazy to be siphoning my kids head but it works really well.

Sunday I worked on the house and Benton was fussy. He was very hungry all day which I'm sure was in reaction to being so sleepy on Saturday and not eating well enough but I wasn't quite prepared for feeding every 2 hours again. But we managed. I went shopping for a bit before we headed to Matt and Jaylee's for Abigail's 2nd Bday. It was a very different party with almost all of us having kids under the age of 2. Oscar, Oliver, Benton, Holly and Abigail plus 2 other babies made it a very kid friendly event. Benton got his feet wet in the pool which he did not like so we just sat on the yard swing for most of the afternoon. It was cloudy and only in the 90s so it was pleasant. We left about 530 and Benton was uber happy to play when we got home. Fed him and then gave him a bath and put him down for bed and he was cranky. We let him cry for a while but I got him back up and he was hungry again. yeah, I should have figured it out but we had just fed him and a bath is 15 mins. crazy.

Mel worked on getting all of the achievements for Plants vs. Zombies and I knit on his dad's cowl. We were indulging in some beer and I was a bit tipsy when I went to bed. I hadn't had a strong beer in quite a while and well, it was strong. I fell asleep immediately upon getting into bed and then was wide awake at 245. I got up and had water and some pain meds and then tossed and turned for a few hours before finally falling back asleep shortly before I needed to get up. Sighs.

So, its monday. Yup. If my head is still hurting I might not hit the gym we shall see.
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Well, work was okay yesterday and I managed to get lots done. Headed off to get the car worked on it needed an oil change and there was a recall on the for the headlight switch. I brought a book and knitting and listened to music and read. I just wasn't up for knitting. Podling had been weirdly active all day. As [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari commented to me on an IM, knowing that you have internal organs is one thing...know what those internal organs feels like is rather icky. So, I was pretty uncomfy all day and my tail bone keeps going on and off numb. I'll be chatting with the midwife about that today as well as our birth plan.

After the car got worked on I hit the grocery store for essentials and then was home. Mel had made steak and I was grateful. I snuggled up on the couch watching tv and laying down and it was very helpful to relieve some of my discomfort. I was pretty unmotivated but I managed to sort laundry and get a load done before mel got home. We read for a bit after showers and then it was sleepy time.

I have to admit, I have not felt this good in a long time. I've had full sleep for almost 5 days each night and I'm spunky. The guys at work noticed this morning. Its just so nice to be awake and aware. Lists are forming in my head again. I'm motivated now..though tired in the evenings so its hard to do stuff but still...I'm happy about this. I didn't realize how odd things had gotten on my sleep deprived state of the last month or so.

So, tomorrow is Granite Mountain's formation of the newest barony. We have to leave the house at a time I don't even leave for work anymore. Ugh. But it will be fun. Just need to get everything ready and packed up tonight and have projects, snacks and directions ready to go. See everyone onsite!
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Thursday was trying at work and I was tired by the end. I was easily distracted so I only got a limited amount done. I need to kick some things in gear today though. But a funny thing I noticed was that I walked into a door jam. Pregnancy clumsy? I don't think so. I realized that maybe all of my klutziness this week is due to me getting new glasses with a significant change in my right eye. Depth perception is off...lol.

Got home and mel was ensconced on the couch working on nalbinding samplers and looking tired. He was feeling better and my suggestion of pizza for dinner was well received. I picked it up while he was at kung fu and my choices of meat trio and pep/jalepeno were well received. Both of our cats luv pizza and I had a heck of a time keeping them off of the counter. Lol. We sat and snuggled up on the couch and watched two specials of Iron Chef (deep freeze and offal) and then it was time for bed. It was nice and comfy to sit and cuddle up plus mel was awesome and helped me get my toe nails trimmed up. Exciting I know but being preggers I can reach my toes but I can't stay that way for as long as it takes to get them all fixed up and one toe was not happy. I have a great hubby and my foot feel way better.

I slept really, really well and only woke up once to hit the bathroom. Though my deep sleep caused my right shoulder to stiffen up or slip partially out of socket so its all wonky today but I think i can get it to pop with some stretches. I still look really tired but I feel so much better. And if podling had hockey practice last night I never knew it. I think the casein shake before bed helped with that and me not waking up. Been getting some good pokes this AM but I think the extra protein this week has helped out with that.

Well off to work on the concluding paragraphs of multiple sections of my report of doom.
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yesterday work was lots of frustration. checking me email this am I see more coming my way with regards to my travel this week. We have an issue and that means that things are not good. Hopefully it can be resolved before we get there but man this is gonna suck.

[livejournal.com profile] posadnik_ivan and I had a very nice quiet anniversary. Thank you all for your well wishes. We had sushi at Sakura which was nice but I do prefer Sushicho for ambiance and prices. And don't worry folks I ate all of the cooked stuff while mel nommed on the stuff I couldn't have. Then we headed to Frost for gelato and had a nice time chatting while sitting out of doors in the nice fall air. Got home and we settled in on projects (I know, kinda lame but very us). Mel was spinning the chochineal dyed wool that [livejournal.com profile] dverning and [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer brought over and I finished the 4th flower.

Now, my right hand had been doing pretty good yesterday and I wake of this morning and its a bit stiff and my left thumb is now hurting. sighs. Can't win this week. Gotta get a hot wax dip again. Need to look a few more places in town to see if they are ones we like. Ulta had a nice one on their website. I'm gonna need it with winter coming up and both mel and I having hand issues now.

Well, this week is gonna get hard. Oh, well. that is life.
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Well, honestly, its 2 days before my docs have to be finished for the championship...they can be drafts but I like good drafts...my in between drafts are...well, special and full of odd commentary to myself. So, been working very hard on that in the evenings. I did manage now to have almost completed the fabric documentation; note it wasn't even started yesterday afternoon. Go me. So, I'm feeling better about that.

Over the weekend will make the decision if I finish the scroll I'm working on or just ask Darine for the one I already did for BTY A&S. Its the same style and its completed. I might need that for stress relief. I made good progress on the embroidery last night and I'm now well versed in the Bayeux stitch thanks muchly to [livejournal.com profile] racaire's wonderful handout. I'm doing it for the leaves and it looks really sharp. [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari was well pleased with it. The knitting group gave me a big "CONGRATULATIONS" when I arrived last night and that was neato. I also got chided for waiting so long to tell people but they understood.

Getting a bit overwhelmed with all of the doctors appointments, friends moving away, A&S stuff, hubby not feeling well and over all OMG ITS FALL!!! stuff. So, just hanging in there.

Hoping that a productive evening tonight and a nice friday afternoon evening will make the weekend a bright spot. Here is to hoping. Just kinda need that.

Podling is doing really well and on the charts for growth etc. I found out that my sealants in my teeth put in in high school are now finally failing. Usually they fail within 3-5 years after installation. The one that failed and I now have a small cavity was put in when I was 17. So, they have lasted a good long while. I shouldn't be annoyed that this is the 2nd cavity I've ever had. I had two enamel areas filled in high school that would have become cavities so really not a lot has been done. So, its scheduled for the week in October I'm really sure I'm not traveling. I'll probably not have them numb me up...we shall see what Lopeza says. The last one he filled didn't take either and he was quick. This one is small enough that I should be able to do it without it. We shall see. Stoopid drug allergies.

With all of the A&S craziness I have not had a chance to download pictures or even find a new gym. I hope to do that right after A&S.

Funny from last night. Mel was awesome and made dinner since I had to head to the tire place to have them put on the fixed tired and rotate and balance them. I suggested chillimac and realized that he and I's version of chillimac are different. I usually just cook up the hamburger with onions and garlic, put in some chili powder and then mix it together. He thought, make chili and put it on the mac and cheese. Well his worked out just fine. He had to go to the store cause the pantry didn't have everything and he bought some nummy t-bones that I'm gonna grill tonight. Grilling for me is quick and easy and gets us off the eating out kick we've been on the last week due to travel. I'm okay with that. Though I guess we had canned beef and barley monday..so I guess we've been off of it already. Eh, all good. Well back to paperwork...lots to do.
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Work was busy and I now have more work to do. Which is a bonus. Left after ERB to head to the kidney specialist. Basically I get more tests but she is pretty unconcerned. It was probably an anomaly but they will figure it out. She did instruct me to decrease my calcium supplement to 1 500mg per day. I'm okay with that though she said we will have to watch one of my indicators cause it can be affected by dark beers. Sighs. Well, I guess I can cope if I have to stop drinking but man that would suck.

Left there and came home really tired. My blood pressure was actually running really low while I was at the doctor. I'm gonna attribute that to the high carb lunch we had for a coirker's retirement. It was 102/60 and my pulse was slow as well. I took a nap when I got home and felt much better but I was out. Got up, had nummy dinner that mel made and then he retaught me how to do Egyptian diagonals. I then got going on that and when 7pm hit I put in the first disk from the first season of castle. OMG...so much fun! Though I really believe the JD Robb needs to get some royalties with Beckett's character cause if she's not a modern version of Eve Dallas, she really should be. Plus I think the books would be fun to read...guess they are coming out with the first Nikki Heat book this summer. LOL. I'll so pick it up. Anyhoo..I think I will be ordering the first and second seasons cause they are too much fun.

Things that don't make me happy are these allergy headaches. I got really used to not waking up with a headache...I guess I'm back to that and I really don't want to take anything. Sighs. Oh, well. Such is life.
Worked until 8 on the weaving and then I sat down and finished my cowl. I got it cast off and then took some photos, updated my ravelry page and then dug through my stash and figured out yarn for another scarf and then the mitts I want to make for work. I'm going to work on the mitts first since I think they will make great gifts. All good. Got done stash diving and then went back to weaving. So happy with it so far and this means I can get this off the loom this weekend and get the new bands up for working on in good time. Weekend is gonna be busy with projects and that makes me happy.

Well, paperwork is calling.
oh, pics of the cowl )
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Went and saw [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r at TMC room 537. Use the North East Entrance to get to his room easily.

He's doing well, not hooked up to any IV's and only on telemetry. His heart attack was really, really mild. He felt some pressure earlier on Saturday night and thought it was just food gas, then later he felt pain under his scapula. It was then that he decided to head to the hospital. Since it was after midnight and his aunt was out and his uncle was at a sleep study he drove himself to the ER. They triaged him immediately after he said "there is a possibility I'm having a heart attack." and they confirmed his suspicions. He has a very, very small blockage on one very small vein on his heart. So small that they almost didn't see it. Its too small for a stint. So, it was very, very mild but still serious.

The doctor came in while I was there and said they would be putting him on cholesterol meds and statins. Plus, they recommended exercise and loosing weight as well since he's too young for this. I finally got to meet the talented mister [livejournal.com profile] hamner and [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r's 2 uncles. They are fun. Reagan's sense of humor comes from his family. You can so tell...plus they read Glen Cook...so how bad can they be?

So, for those who want to visit, he's under observation for another 24 hours. Then he will be home.

I have to say, hospitals still creep me out. I'm not used to the "open" format the ones in Tucson have...you can't just walk in the one's in SD and find people. Very, very odd.
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I was in San Diego and now I am not.

The trip home was good, mel had fun driving us crazy fast and I crocheted on the baby blanket. We did manage to catch a glimpse of the Plank Road to Yuma on the dune on the way home. We got to see an exhibit on it at the San Diego Auto Museum. Yuma still is a time suck to find things like gas stations and food but we managed without a flat tire this time. Then it was on home with a brief stop in Gila Bend for tea and potties.

Got home and napped with the girls a bit. They were happy to have us home though still a but grump to one another. Had a nice evening at scribble and then home to sleep.

I had a doc appointment yesterday for a small procedure which was not fully told to me in depth. I wasn't happy about that, especially after the anesthetic was administered. Its done and we shall see what happens but I don't want to ever do that again. End of discussion.

I treated myself to mocha on the way into work and then worked till about 3pm. I did manage to score really nummy greek lunch for free and that made the day much better. I headed off for some errands and then to Nimbus to celebrate Richard's B-day. Family came back to our house after that and it was project time and chatting...all good. I'm on the second to last row of edging and I have one part that is...off. But I don't think people will notice. Its for a baby and they will like it.

Today is better and I'm not so sore but I'm still taking it easy. I got my normal flu shot yesterday and need to make some phone calls to see if I can get my H1N1 this week too. Looking forward to the weekend but we shall see if I can get through all of my work...lots to do. I might not be getting friday off we shall see.
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Well, its been a trying week in the health department but I'm better, just tired. Got lots to do at work today but that is a good thing. I'm just gonna drink lots and lots of water and maybe some green tea too...gots me some dragonwell that needs to be made. After work I hope to head to grandma's for a little bit. I have my crochet with me (the girls at work wanted to see the progress) and then home to pick up the house a bit (cat box etc) and then have game night. Not sure how much I will be up for but I'm looking forward to cake for mel's b-day.

Tomorrow we have an appointment to go look and maybe buy our iphones and I hope we can get lunch at El Saage (joe's other resturant). After that I think a quiet afternoon at home working on projects would be good. I have research to do and commission work to finish and I think I will start on my documentation for a few of the pieces for october. Finally got my mind working on that stuff. All good.

I also need to go out and buy the yarn for the baby afghans I have in plans...but I need to do a bit of research to see who is having what...makes color choices better. But mel liked the patterns I picked out and that is a good thing.

Well here is to shoving off into a good day on mild seas.
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Well, the Boar Riders (well most of us) just completed our first Beer Run. Basically, our house to Barrio brewery and back. With beer (and possible food at the brewery).

I had a porter and was good with that. We left a bit late, got a bit lost on the way back, had to have some biking fu to get places but I made it...I didn't stop and when I got a stitch in my side I kept going. I was pushing hard so when trying to talk with Carl I couldn't quite manage it. But I did it.

On my bike computer it was 20.6 miles round trip for me and 13.9 mph. Carl and ed did 10 more miles and are faster. But I'm okay with that. I'm happy and mel was surprised at how much I did (he expected me to get a ride home from the brewery) and that I didn't lag too far.
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Well, I was sore by the end of last night...especially after I read for two hours curled up with an afghan on the couch after working on banners for a few hours. This morning, I was also sore but I got a english muffin and some water and then got on my bike and bike 8.25 miles at 13.9mph...I had hills and my legs were sore from the 30 day shred but I did it and I didn't stop and I think I saw ed but I'm not sure. Anyhoo...then I was more psycho and did the 30 day shred workout and now I'm shakey but really high on enorphins. All good. Time for coffee and cleaning up the front room from silk banner fu and getting things going on sewing.

Tomorrow is sounds like there will be a "beer ride" we'll see how I do. I haven't ridden that distance in a while. but the beer sounds good. I didn't have any yesterday..I had a piece of toast with my dinner salad. I figure it was a good trade.

My lungs are doing the asthma cough thing...but that will stop again in a week or so after they get used to the work outs. Can't wait. I'm liking the me time again.

Did get a late night call from Storvarr. I waw amused because mel, of course, was many hours late getting back from Mughi's...I wasn't at all surprised. Gave him mughi's number and I got a return call that "mel just left and did you know everyone knows me as 'the apprentice'?" Tee hee.

So, time to get some breakfast etc and get on to projects.

EDIT: right after I posted my mom called her one of her cats died. Sammy, who has been dealing with lots of medical issues (including a feeding tube) died early this morning. Mom was pretty broken up and it just made me hug my girls really tight. Mom's not taking it too well...she's a crazy cat lady...and I luv her and wish I could be there for her. Sighs.
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Well, with the headache that I woke up with I was not up for getting on my bike, so I put my 30 day shred dvd in and did the first session....very, very good workout...I'm liking it a lot. I can see how its gonna work for strength training and I need that in the upper body...though I need to get handweights that are 3 lbs versus the 1 lb I could find...I have no idea where all of our weights are at...very weird.

Then I got a shower and now I'm gonna head out for errands and breakfast.

I think part of the insomnia was that I was hungry...but who knows...probably things just messed up with working too hard on projects (but with results) and today I'll be getting things out side of the house taken care of and then I'll get going on painting the last 2 banners and getting the russian stuff cut out. I should be able to get them cut out and maybe sewn tonight. We shall see.
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Yesterday was short and long at the same time. I only worked a half day, hit a going away lunch at the Silver Saddle (good food btw, but mesquite grill, not my fav) and then headed out for the second round of allergy testing. This time wasn't as itchy as last but the bed side manner of the nurse was less than can be desired. I've never bled from a subcue injection...I had 30 of them and each one bled...sighs. Looks like I'm still slightly allergic to cats, ragweed and dustmites and really allergic to mesquite. hmmm...I meet with the doc to go over options but I'm not going on more drugs or on shots. I did that for 3 years and I was miserable the whole time. I got done earlier than I thought but was still a bit woozy to be back at work trying to think.

I headed out to try to find jeans. Target stopped selling my favorite brand so I headed to the mall. Macy's was awesome and I had coupons and got two pairs of jeans in a size smaller than I had been...at Old Navy I got one pair for $6.88 (I just need to tack down pockets cause they stick out funny) and 2 other pairs in my normal size...the next size down buttoned but was too tight...so that is good. I was beat by the time I got home but was glad that I got out and walked around a lot. Got home and mel was helping Auddy and Alison with shoes. I played with the kids for a few hours and then I was even more beat.

With the house getting quiet and the tireds setting in I decided to call it an early, early night. I listened to my ipod and read and was asleep pretty early after a nice long shower. It was nice to zone out in the quiet, listen to my music (I'd Genius'd on Blackmore's Night's Ghost of a Rose) and read more in my book. I was asleep not long after mel got home. He locked the girls out most of the night and we both slept well I think.

Today is cold out but that was to be expected. I have lots of analysis to do on some drawings and that is gonna take some brain power. So, I better get cracking while I'm awake and still fresh. I hope to get more work done on the banner tonight..but we shall see. I have to run to UPS to ship off gifts and then get home after working a longer day (make up time from yesterday).
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So here we are at Sunday evening...yeah...we're already at sunday and I feel so tired that its almost like this wasn't the weekend. hmmmm...so to recap the weekend that was a week end but wasn't restful but it was fun so I should stop complaining...

The game on friday night was good, we managed to not get killed, find good stuff and have a somewhat plan of attack for "castle heterodyne" as we've been calling it. I got to bed at 1230 or so and I was fast, fast asleep. The alarm went off for me at 730am. I got up, got dressed and got things working for the event. [livejournal.com profile] thomasderevel arrived on time and after a quick pack of the car we were off to P^4. Good conversation on the way there, good conversation with folks at the event and the strange format tourney made me more sore but I'm okay with that. Got home and lumped about a bit, watched some tv and then got showered, watched almost all of a doctor who special and then we headed off to watch UFC at ed's.

The fighting was good, we got to see lots of matches and the crowd was awesome and I got to work on the xmas ornaments for Twila at work. All good. Got home about 11pm and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Honestly, so tired from the fighting etc.

Woke up this AM (boy this is a dull post, eh) and we headed out to have breakfast with the family. Had a nice time, got home and I was frantic about getting to the demo and we realized that me + sudafed+ too much coffee = manic mode. I realize it and I'm got relaxed and less stressed when I realized manic wasn't for any reason other than too much of 2 things. All okay. Got to the demo and I had a really nice time. The exhibit is AWESOME!!!! Go see it! I got to take pictures of it and the cool shoes and things and I got to paint and chat with people about illumination and calligraphy and Ivan was an uber happy boy with his spinning wheel and things.

Got home a bit later than we wanted but Stefan was running late too and it all worked out. Got him working on getting me pictures for our project and I have two phone calls to make for research tomorrow. All good. I finally got out o my 14th Century stuff and into jammies cause that seemed right. Mel's making dinner and I'm gonna sit and work on the ornaments. And then it will be bed time, which is weird...its really not been too relaxing but I guess it was a weekend.


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