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In the midst of lots of calligraphy, gym time and OT I finally finished my Birthday socks. They even have the kitten paw of approval.

Kitten approved #operationsockdrawer #ravelry

My Birthday socks are done! Before my birthday. DH bought the yarn for me for my last bday. Serenity Glitter sock in San Diego colorway #socks #operationsockdrawer #ravelry

I started these back in august but well....things got slowed down by life. Next up is my rainbow socks where I'm on the second sock foot...maybe I can finish them by my birthday too. They are self striping yarn and have an afterthought heel so we shall see.
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Friday was a weird day. My headache was pretty much gone but I was still feeling the affects of it. I was tired and rested when I got home on Friday. Mel hit the antiques store and the asian market. I rested and knitted which was good. The gaming group came over and we had a nice evening of violence...though we kinda thwarted an attack versus getting into one which is pretty good actually.

Saturday dawned okay. I was tired and laid in bed finishing #14 for the year Nightlife by Rob Thurman. At first I was rather annoyed at the abrupt change in style of writing midway through the book..thinking back on it...wow, the author had to make some serious changes in his style to get it to work well and it did. It was very into the characters head and sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. This time it did. After I had a shower I headed of to WWKIP day. The Tucson knitting groups were meeting at Beyond Bread and we had a nice time. I got to meet folks from ravelery and knit and it was good.

Got home and mel and I then headed to Tom's for pre-luau party time with the household. I got in my swimsuit and enjoyed the pool and the sun and some good drinks before the kids arrived and took over the pool. Mel enjoyed rough housing with the kids and throwing them around. I hung out and chatted and then knit up in the house chatting with folks until it was time to go. Mel was pretty tispsy when we got home and he went straight to bed. I started in on Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris. I'm a book behind in the series but this one was interesting. I think it was better written than the last one and the story was entertaining...brutal but entertaining. I got to sleep about 1am or so though my breathing was off. I almost got my inhaler but didn't probably should have.

Sunday was groggy getting up but I managed. I was glad I had had a shower before bed since I felt clean but stuff up and my throat was all craggy sounding. Had a good breakfast with the family at Joe's, teased Joe's youngest a lot about being spoiled and then it was home to work on things. I was tired and didn't feel great. I managed to get the studio to almost working condition. I chatted with my mom. My step-sis gretchen had to have an emergency surgery so I was getting an update. She is doing really well and that is a good thing. Mel played with lego's and played video games all day. Which for him is the perfect way to spend your b-day. I ended up crawling back into bed and slept and read all afternoon to early evening. I finished #14 Dead and Gone and then read Undone by Rachel Caine as number 15. Hoping I can get more books in this year but we shall see. This AM the allergies are not as bad. My throat is still a bit craggy but I'm trying to drink coffee and keep my water fluid up too.

Need to get the house picked up for scribble and for my peace of mind. When the house gets cluttered I can't work on projects well. I need to get it decluttered and picked up and cleaned to get things working well in that arena. Deadlines are approaching on the horizon and I need to have that all working well. Tonight I will sketch out the A&S scroll and then I will work on calligraphy. Lots to do. I hope to be cutting out fabric tomorrow so I can be sewing thursday and friday. All good and doable if I can keep on task and get the house in order.
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Well, the weekend was spent in geek heaven. Saturday we got up early and met Ed and Candace at Joe's for breakfast and then we headed up in the fit to the Phoenix Comic Con. It was lots of people, lots of fun, awesome artists and a good time. My goals for the event were to meet Randy Mulholland ) of S*P. Randy is awesome.
He is really sweet and funny and a very luvable guy. Not the asshole you think he could be from reading his comic and that is good. Mel and I got some fan art and got to chat with Spike of Templar, AZ. It was Spike's first trip to the AZ and that was cool. Her comic is odd and I'm still trying to figure it out but the art is fun and the sepia tones are really neato. We also got to show off the cool works of Travis Hanson of Bean Leaf Press, his sketches are amazing, fun world and just a great guy. He was teamed up with another artist on some art work which we bought and a kids book. It was nice.

My biggest thing I wanted to do was to get to meet Wil Wheaton and to see Levar Burton and Jonothan Frakes of ST:TNG. Well, we went to The Guild Panel with Wil and Felicia Day. Mel and all of us were cracking up with the commentary from both of Wil and Felicia. I had never seen the Guild and they made us want to. Such fun. I got in line to see Wil after the panel. I stood outside and knit. )
Mel and the gang had went to get us lunch and I waited in line. Got to meet Wil and I think I wasn't too fangirl. Had a really good chat with him, told him that he was totally awesome and got me into MST3K and other things and that his blog was lots of fun. Then I explained that he should ready Yarn Harlot and he said he'd look her up. Then we got a picture taken together and Adam Douglas of BSG took the picture. Now unlike everyone else at the con, Wil was not charging for autographs and that is cool. So, here we are.

Phx Comic Con 2010 - Wil and Me!

Then it was off for lunch and meeting lots more other people including Ms. Alina Pete ) of Weregeek. So cute and so awesome. By about 4pm we were all tuckered out. There were lots of people and lots of sites including a really cool Voltron. We got home and had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Right before dinner we hit gamestop and Picked up Borderlands and Red Dead Redemption. Mel played to former at mughi's and luved it. I wanted RDR since I started seeing commercials for it. Mel played Borderlands till latish after dinner and I read comics.

Sunday was video and video game day. I played RDR and learned that I need more practice at shooting games. I'm not sure the the pan and scan camera thingy and well, I need work on that. Though my horse skills are improving. Then in the afternoon we got the netflix working on the xbox and watched all of The Guild and then Dr. Horrible. So good. Mel hadn't seen DR. H. and well, he needed to. I went to bed earlyish I guess and read for a while.

I have finished The Nun's Tale by Candace Robb, book 11 of the year. Though do I get to count trade paperbacks of comics? Templar, AZ Book 1 and 2 so book 12 of the year. I then started Gale Force by Rachel Caine. All good. Mel stayed up way late playing borderlands.

I slept way too much and was kinda grumpy but eh. I played more RDR and then showered and started work on my A&S project for baronial. I got the first miniature sketched today. I'm hoping to be painting on it by kingdom A&S collegium. Maria and David were over working on armor and other stuff. Mel made meat in the smoker and I did root veggies on the grill and blueberry crumble. Richard brought STRAWBERRY!!! ice cream (the emphasis is real, it is that STRAWBERRY!!!). Good night and then I headed to scribble to ink my stuff I sketched all afternoon.

Now its getting a bit late and I need to go to bed. Gonna hopefully be an okay week. We shall see.
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Wednesday was busy pushing electronic paperwork. It was good though. I got through our process for CCB on an emergency and it went well. My CN passed and people are happy and that is good. I finished out the day working on the a report due at the end of my project that is due in June. Its a bit tedious but music helps.

Left work and then headed to knit night. Stopped off at Taco Bell for dinner (fresca stuff is nummy) on the way. Had a nice night at knitting. I worked on the blanket and my socks. Due to some luck and me going through the ball of yarn I will have almost identical socks. That is neat.

I slept good and that was also a bonus. Though I really wanted more sleep. I'm almost done with the history book I'm reading and I got given the pass around copy of Friday Night Knit Club at knit night. So, I hope to start that for weekend reading. We shall see though.

My side was really bothering me last night. Bleah. I hate pulled muscles, they suck. I think I'm doing great and then it tweeks. bleah.

Oh, well, at least its thursday.
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Well, I'm at work and I hurt. Its better but moving around a lot (like the walk to my desk) kinda wore me out. Doug, my boss, commented I'm walking like I'm not 100% and that is definitely true. I'm about 60% and I have stuff to keep occupied so I'm good. Sitting and not going anywhere. My morning meetings have been canceled and that means staying put as well. I am better but yeah, things still hurt, though the nausea is gone so that is a plus.

I worked more on my sock last night and then started in on Gretchen's Baby's afghan. Its gonna take a while since its about 150 stitches across and lots of dtr (double trebles) which you really can't do too quickly due to the amount of loops but its got a great texture and babies love texture. I probably didn't buy too much yarn for this project...though I might switch the border color to red versus the purple I picked out...I like the purple but the red I think has more contrast and is more masculine. We shall see. I have about 30" more to go before I have to make that decision.

I slept okay but I think the pain stuff only lasts about 5 hours. I awoke about 4am aching and obsidian was being whiny. I should have gotten up to take more meds but I hit the bathroom and crawled back in bed. So, getting better but tomorrow will not be the fun day I had planned for my b-day. I'm gonna have to work a full day to not take too much vacation for being sick. I was hoping to take the afternoon off and get a pedi and then head out to do some fun stuff. Looks like dinner out (if my tummy can handle it) and maybe a movie. We shall see. I think today will wear me out.

My work move happens next thursday. My work computer backup only lasts 2 days and my new work computer gets installed on 5/11. Do we see a problem with that? yeah. That doesn't work. Hopefully I can get that resolved today cause that is the suck.

So we shall see how the day goes. I'm hoping good.
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Well, monday I woke up with lots of pain in my abdomen and back and I thought it was gas, so I was gonna head into work a bit late. Well, it didn't go away and subsequent attempts to get up didn't go well. So, I stayed in bed and finally moved to the couch about 10 am. I slept most of the day. The pain never got more than a dull icky ache. I tried to throw up and failed to see if that would help the tummy and nope. Got up at 530pm to shower and eat something. Felt okay but not great for a few hours. The pain was getting worse the more I was sitting up and I was running a mild temp. Got up on Tuesday with the samething. I forced myself to drive to work and pick up the work laptop. Got home, called the doc and after chatting back and forth with the nurse they sent me to the ER.

I've never been to the ER for me, or to a hospital for me for that matter. So, I had my knitting and went. I called [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r when they decided it wasn't infection and were going to do a CT scan to see if I had kidney stones or something else. He was awesome and came and sat with me through the test and then while we waited for results. I slept for a while which was good. They gave me stuff for the nausea and for the pain so I was a a bit more comfortable. I found out that I can knit with a hand IV and that is good for future issues I guess. [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r was awesome. He's really good with the hospital thing and made me feel much better by having someone there with me.
The final result was that I probably have a stomach virus in conjunction with a pulled muscle. Odd but I guess that works. The ER doc had a great bedside manner and he was very cool. They have a few more tests they were culturing to see if I had an infection all of teh other tests didn't pick up but I was sent home to rest, drink lots of fluids and take care of the muscles with pain meds. The anti nausea stuff was good. I think that was the biggest thing that was bothering me besides the pain. I got more nauseous as the evening went on and I went to bed early. I slept good but I should have taken more pain meds so I woke up very sore.

I've been logged into the work net since about 730 and have been working on plenty of paperwork...though one our systems seems to have shut down so I can't do some of the stuff I need to. Hopefully it will be up soon. Checking with coirkers to see if its just the overnet connection or the system. Looks like it was a temporary outage.

I'm gonna take the drugs and see how things go today. I'm not as tired today so I know that is a good sign. And coffee is tasting really good though eating is meh. I had a good lunch yesterday and then not anything else but a piece of toast. Same this AM. bleah. Glad I went and got the work laptop though I'd have gone in and been miserable and I'm much more comfy here. Plus I think I'm going to be getting the heating pad to snuggle up with. That sounds good. Well, that is the update for the last few days. I'm about 2 inches from my heel flap on the first sock of my second pair of socks. All good.
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Wow, this week is flying by..though I don't get tomorrow off like mel or my co-irkers unless I want to take more vacation. Meh...I need to pack my desk and take some training which is better when there isn't lots of folks around for nice and quiet. Got home about 430pm and mel was busy working in the shop. He's been working on more stools and he was working on mine which is awesome. I made a quick dinner by repurposing leftovers and we had a nice dinner together before I headed to knit night. I was the first person to knit night and that was weird but it worked out. I relaxed into working on the second booty and enjoying folks's company. Ari arrived and moved the last of my stuff from Gulf into the car. Then I got to help her work on her heel turn of her socks. They are turning out really neato. Two at once has a lot of appeal. I'm thinking maybe a few pairs of socks down before I try that. Though if I do more booties I can practice with doing them that way. Tee hee.

Got home and mel was weaving and was a very tired and sore boy. Not sure what is up with that but we both need more sleep it seems. He went to bed early and I watched some excellent episodes of Robot Chicken. If you can spoof Ranma, the Tick, Star Trek TNG and others in the same episode...omg...it was good. I headed to bed and finished my latest reading.

Books 6 is On Her Majesties Wizardly Service by Diane Duane. Wow, what a good book. I so luv her writing and the world for this is so nice. Cats and Wizards and fun. Plus good steampunk stuff. I highly recommend this series (though these books are a shoot off of the same world). They are good reading and lots of fun. I'm gonna start either The Graveyard Book or a book on history that is never taught. We shall see. I'm way behind on the reading for 50 in 2010. I'm not sure if I will ever reach that amount but we shall see. I'm kinda on a history kick I think so that will probably be the next book. I also bought more books at war and need to finish scanning things. Some time in April we will start the bookshelf purge, clean and organize. We've decided on Library of Congress catalouging and just need to get things worked into that. Its gonna be a large task but it should be eased along by library thing, I hope. All good though.

Well, time to get off of this really dull telecon and go to work on other paperwork.
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I can haz my own socks!!!

Read more... )

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Taught some coirkers the joys of "special snowflakes" and we realized today that Toni doesn't have just one "special snowflakes" she has a "special snowdrift". SNERK.

Work was battling. I spent most of the afternoon doing pre-work for my trip next week. It was drawing reviews and listing questions I need answered. It was dull but needed. Then it was a telecon about said trip and well, yeah, special snowflakes. It will be cool though..since I've never been.

Still waiting on my other vendors to respond to us. Its a big deal and I hate waiting. Left work and hit the gym. Did the third workout in the circuit set. Oof. Wow. Hurting during that but I did a small bit of cardio afterwards to work things loose. I felt good though and that was a good thing. Left and drove to knit night and it was lots of fun. The sock was well received and I helped out the other work Toni to figure out what she was messing up on her new project. She was forgetting to bring her yarn forward to purl and it was causing a yarnover. Pretty easy to fix and she got it and off she went. Was glad I encouraged her to come so we could figure it out.

Also, ITS A SMALL WORLD....so we got to meet [livejournal.com profile] spunkybluegirl's BFF Jennifer who works as an archivist at the same place as [livejournal.com profile] swordmage and a lot of the ladies at knit night also work there. How crazy is that? Though Jennifer and [livejournal.com profile] swordmage don't know each other but they all have people in common. Weird.

Got home pretty exhausted. Wow, the work outs are tuckering me out. Its a good thing though. I sat down and watched tv with mel and I got the top of my trim done and then my brain shut off. It was time for bed. Read a bit more and then was asleep until the alarm went off.

Busy day of meetings today and then home to finish up stuff for crown. I'm gonna get my dresses done and hopefully get another cap cut out. All good and then early to bed.
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Its midweek which means that I'd rather be home working on things than work cause it would be more fun. But its gym day and knit night so I shouldn't complain too much. I think most of it has to do with the exhaustion and headache from yesterday that pretty much clouded everything. I made it through work but I was so tired from the effort. Rested a bit when I got home...slogged through some sock knitting and finally at 8pm I took some Pepper Spray and that started clearing my sinuses and got some of the haze to clear enough for me to clean up the studio, set up a sewing machine and then get the trim sewn on to hand tack on my new dress for sunday. I still have to finish the hem for saturday but I need to do a fit check to see if my dress is too short. I think it might be....I cut the hem weird and dunno..we shall see. Got to bed shortly after mel came home and the gourd episode of Dirty Jobs. That was some hilarity. Wow. I read some more and then slept very, very soundly. I only remember waking up once to adjust covers.

The girls have now taken to taking our hats and dragging them around the house. My grey knit hat was on the bed yesterday, taken from the hand wash pile in the guest room; my blue divine hat was on the floor, stolen from the coat pocket and mel's driving cap was in front of the tv taken from the top of the dresser. Lol. Can't imagine the pile we will see from saturday and sunday.

Tonight after knit night I'm gonna hopefully finish one of the dresses and then just have my underdress and head gear to finish on thursday night. I have a hair appt on friday late afternoon and I just want to relax and get my stuff packed for the early morning drive on Saturday.
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Woot, finished it a day early which means I get to work on sewing projects tomorrow and cast on for its mate tomorrow too. Woot.

Hopefully I can sleep tonight cause last night wasn't too great.
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Work was uber busy yesterday and when you have to send a text page to update the factory head that no, he was wrong in a meeting, its kinda odd. Worked more new program stuff and then hit the gym. The vibe in the gym was kinda scattered...thus I was scattered. I did the next new circuit and I don't think it pushes me as hard..course I can't do all of the pushups yet. So maybe soon it will be..I think I had too much time in between stuff since I had to wait for machines but eh..it was good and I got out with plenty of time at knit night.

Knit night was good. We had a smaller group but we were fiesty. I managed to turn my heel though and pick up one side of my heel stitches before I had to go. Got home and I was able to get the other side picked up and then about 85% through my gussets. I think I have two repeats and I'll be back at straight stockinette. I'm very proud of myself for not having too much issue with this once I figured out the heel turn. Oh, btw, this is a faboo website for calcing the heels depending on your stitches. Its awesome!
pic behind cut )
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It rains and pours at work for issues usually, tuesday being no exception. Had another manufacturing line at a stop due to a issue. Got the issue figured out (the why) but not the how. Hmmm...gonna dig at people today about that and get us moving again. Luckily the new desk is right around the corner from the machining cell they are built at. All good. Gonna nip that in the bud this AM and then work on other things back at the old desk.

Got my heel flap done and then was utterly confused on the turning the heel of the sock directions. I understand what it is doing but I can't figure out what to do with the stitches I have. I have more than the pattern called for, cause I have a larger foot. Gonna hit the internet for hopefully some visuals since that is the part I'm confused on. Anybody got any good online help? If all else fails, I'll be at knit night late tonight and should be able to get help there.

EDIT: 730am - Looked on Knitting Help and now I get it what they mean by knitting or purling over the "gap" aha! Okay.

Then it was on to painting. These leaves will drive me bonkers but I finally got the hang of them, I think. Sioux has the scroll now and hopefully when I get it back on Thursday only a few more things will need to be done and I can get the inkwork done and then hand it over to Ari for finishing. I have lots of things to do this weekend and I my 3 days to do them. Looks like I might have a work trip on the 8th to VA but we shall see if that pans out. Gonna hopefully find out today or tomorrow.

Continued in High Whorling and its less preachy but she does have some odd opinions. In the fiber prep section and that has been helpful though which is good...though I wish the book was more on the techniques of top whorl versus general fiber texts. Probably finish the book by friday and start the next in the pile.
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After the stressful week it was very, very nice to spend the weekend at home. Accomplishments were high. Lots of good work was done and projects are slowly coming together.

Sock is about 40% complete and I got about 25% done with the heel flap which is cool. My hands are done though since I also did gold leaf and painted for quite a while today. Sancha, Ari and I rocked out on that today. Friday things got finished sketching so we are well on track.

All of my SCA laundry is done and all of the bedding is done as well.

I figured out the pattern to the little viking ladies cap.

I've been researching other head-wear and that has been fun too.

The olympics have been very, very fun. Curling has been awesome and the hockey has been specatacular. Watching the ski-cross and the biatholon were awesome today. Not so impressed with the ice dancing and we missed the USA/Canada game. Sighs.

It was a good day, a good weekend and I'm glad we started it with family breakfast.

Oh, and the sock.

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Work was a lot of work but I did a big meeting and had lots of high rollers in it happy with the progress, understanding the issue and even though things are still stopped, they understand our concern. All good in my case. Got things off to the buyer but he didn't see the email so kinda scrambling this AM with the alt buyer. Hopefully things work out.

Got home about 645pm and got to sit and knit while watching men's hockey Canada versus Switzerland. It was an awesome game. Tied 2-2 even through sudden death overtime and then to the shoot out. They all shot through 3 guys and finally Canada on their 4th shooter took it! It was a beautiful shot. Wow!

Then we watched the ladies halfpipe which was really go big or go home. Not very consistent though between runs and lots of disappointment but neat to see. Then it was on to men's figure skating which I was getting tired through. I headed to bed after the 16 year old korean kid. But I did manage to almost finish my cuff for my sock! Behold!

That makes me happy.

So, I'm hitting the gym today after work. I figure I'm rested enough from war now and i need an energizer before the weekend. This week has been hard and a good work out will make things all good. I have lots to do this weekend including another friday night gold leaf session with ari. Though the house needs to be picked up and Estrella needs to be put away from the front room. I can handle some of that when I get home, the rest will be this weekend.
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Work was wow...busy. Had an issue on the old program come up and got pulled back over. Wow, what a mess. Darn suppliers and us not realizing tooling gets effected by small changes. Its still in work but man its been a ride. Late nights the next few I'm sure. Got home, had a bit of dinner with the hubby and then headed to knit night a bit late. Packed house of knitters and crocheters and we had a good time. I got my socks cast on and then came home to knit while watching some olympic women's hockey. Then it was time for bed. Tired. Mel was also beat and was asleep before I even got out of the shower. The girls were big snuggle bugs last night and stole my covers...darn them.

Today is gonna be busy. Got to work up a go to plan for the issue and work out some other details. Archeology is gonna play a key and so is picking peoples brains from stuff that was designed a decade ago. So, we have to figure out what to do and then get a slick solution. All good though.

I also managed to finish my new hat. I'll post pictures but here is my sock in progress
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Work was crazy. I was thrown under a train not a bus but I came out unscathed and its amusing. Andrew made us posters of demotivation that state We don't INNOVATE, We ITERATE!. yeah, so true. I was very happy to get things working by the end of the day and shoved off to the gym. I am happy to report that I actually have some definition in my shoulders/upper back and that pleases me. I got home and mel was feeling better and was being a rockstar cleaning the kitchen. I got the studio and the guest room ready and then it was off to yarn tasting. This is the first time its been done at grandmas and it was fun..but a bit frustrating to a newish knitter like me. Basically you get 10 samples of yarn and there is a game to go along with the yarns..basically its a repeating pattern where every 8th row you roll the dice and it tells you what you do on that row. Fun but a bit frustrating when you knit slow and when you are at times using stuff that is nosehair thin and you knit tight. It was good though and I think I found some of my next yarn purchases. Ella Rae may soon have my soul and my monies. Wow.

Got home tired and a bit frazzled but the house was full of family and the laughs didn't stop. Lessons were learned about adhesives and Canadian Goodies are always welcome. I've missed Kate and Mark...its so good to have them home for a bit.

Today has been good so far and I'm trudging through the slalom of stuff. Looking forward to lunch with my work hubby and getting on with the day. I hope to leave on time and hit the best bead show before going home to work on projects. We shall see if that works...if not tomorrow.
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In knitting, especially on The Knitmore Girls they talk about bandwidth. Meaning how complex of stuff can you handle at anyone time. Sometimes you are running a low pass filter (meaning only simple stuff works), other times you are running a high pass filter (only complex stuff works) and other times there is no filter. At the end of the day..especially Mondays of late my I'm past my bandwidth to handle too many different arts projects at once. I managed it through music practice but it was not my best. Sighs. More work for me. I exercised well though and that was good, got a healthy dinner which was also good and even managed to paint on [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan's scroll but by the end I could barely even talk. Words weren't working and I was too full of too much information to communicate well. Sighs. It happens...its just odd. I think that is why I've been ignoring my crochet projects to just do mindless, shut your mind off knitting. I have two projects that should get done either before war or at war.

Got home and realized that I was HUNGRY!!! which could explain the bandwidth problem. I had my shake and hit the showers and was happy to snuggle up in bed. OMG did I sleep good. Kitten snuggles all night and comfy pillows. Though getting up was slightly painful until mel reset my ankle...which explains why some of my workout yesterday hurt so much. Ankle was uber out which stressed my knee. Course I refueled really good after wards so maybe tomorrow things will be sore. Or I didn't push as hard yesterday as I thought. Hmmmm...dunno. I'll push hard tomorrow to make sure.

I got my approval for my laptop at work which means I can actually be working at my new job. That is good...though me being gone for a week is not so good for that at least. I'll have to try to get the thing setup today then. Which is okay. Well, off to push virtual paperwork.
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Work was pretty good but lots things to figure out. I think I will fit in well with the new program. I have lots of experience I didn't realize I had until I actually provided commentary doing two meetings that was insightful and helpful. Wow. Got to hang with my new boss and it makes me very happy. I had a really good time last time he was my manager and I don't think that will change. Other things out in the ether were swirling while this was happening which I didn't have any grasp of and I still don't. I'd had a headache all day and the uncertainty of all of the things just made it worse. Mel was in the same boat. It was a pretty strange evening. I made more hearts, taught myself the long tail cast on for knitting where I realized that the Teach Yourself Visually Knitting really needs some arrows to show how things are moving versus just a picture. But I got it in one try and that was odd. I then cast on to swatch socks and knit/purl'd a few rows on that. I then got things ready for today (workout and knit stuff) and I'll be swatching for a new hat in the YarnHarlot "NO PATTERN" hat method. I reblocked my meret on monday and its still not quite dry. Its better but I really should have done another stitch repeat of the lace pattern. Eh, I liked it enough I'll probably do it again out of a different yarn.

I hope the swirl stops and gets back into the right of things.
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Okay, I heard about this video on a podcast and OMG! No wonder Stephanie Pearl-Macphee aka Yarnharlot is awesome and a super fast knitter.

I so need to go see her on her next book tour.


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