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Busy week.

When I last wrote I was working on being better to myself and taking care of myself. I've cut back on the booze to only a few in the week, tracking what I'm eating again and hitting the gym. I did good!  2 weekends ago was the Kingdom A&S Collegium.  We attended Saturday and Sunday and I spent the time painting and taking a class or 2.  Had a lovely dinner out with Hrafn folks and Master Gyllym.

Finished this and this:

The friday was 5 hours of clinics. Now, I had signed up to go and with my TKD blackbelt and my yellow belt in kung fu I have a lot of experience....it just hasn't been used in about 5 years or so.  So, I was a bit worried I would suck and make Boxer's Rebellion look bad since we are already the red headed step child of the org since we aren't karate, judo or juijitsu specific but we are kung fu and Kajukenbo.  Well, our school rocked it and it showed in all of us.  I did really well on Friday and took 4 of the 5 hours of clinics. I was tired and a bit exhausted. I'm out of shape but my instincts are there and luckily I have quick handspeed still.  I was very happy with what we did.  The group of us headed to Sentinel Peak for dinner and sat outside in the warmth and had a good meal and discussion. 

Saturday we got up and headed to clinics and I got hurt. Sighs.  It was the first class which was a really cool Judo class on different ways to "fix" some reactions to grabs and throws as dictated by the form.  It was cool.  I went in for a low sweep (sweeps have never been a strong point for me) and my left knee (the problem one) popped so loud they heard it 2 mats over and I collapsed into a little ball.  It was not as bad as the time I screwed it up at Ed's fight night and I iced it and took it a bit "easier" the rest of the day.  My bad plan was taking a kicking clinic towards the end of the day on basics.  It was all about good form and I kicked a lot.  The instructor was a 71 year old bad ass and I was really glad to listen to him ramble and teach but that basically blew my wad on learning. I took one more class on karate forms and that was good but by the end I was brain dead and limping pretty good.  Benton was also tuckered out and we changed clothes and sat out the last classes of the day.  He had fun and we headed out to dinner at Bj's and then back for the kids party and the dessert banquet and talent show. I finished my hat that I had been working on and Ben had a nice time but by the end I was toast.  My leg hurt and the cold shower did not help.

Sunday was the banquet and that went good. Good food and good convos and then home for me.  Since this was weeks ago now I'm not sure what else we did but here is pictures of the hat. (ignore the double chin..yeesh).

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Well, Ivan and I rode a short ride yesterday of 10.5 miles at 15.7mph. I was not happy when we were done. Trust me when I say if a doc ever wants to do anything to you before you plan on racing, tell them "no" and do it after you've trained and raced. Being off of my bike for 2 weeks to let things heal and then have them still hurt is not cool IMHO. But I'm just gonna have to deal and bike as much as I can. Its not gonna be pleasant but I shall have to cope and cry when I get off the saddle.

Got done with my ride, changed and had a shake, updated my ride since my GPS went weird and then headed to music practice after I watched Mel break Richard's bed. The bed frame is fine but the brand new canvas cover tore. Needs better material and I think webbing to help with the strain on the fabric but it looked really cool though. Luckily we have an extra cot. All good.

Went to music practice and learned the next section. Its neato and much harder than the last section but i think at the end I finally got the melody and soon I will have the effing French pronunciation down as well. French is not my fav language. Though there are some on flist who are fluent who are probably laughing at me.

After practice I hit panda express on Harrison. Wow, not the best panda...very slow and with staff that speak accented English in very quiet tones...which isn't good for the girl who has been off her allergy meds for a few days and just got done singing. Got to Ari's and it was just her and Sioux. But we had a good time. The sekrit project for the Regatta is made of awesome and with commentary from [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and I its gonna be fun to stare at for long periods. I managed to not really accomplish anything. I got some lines on a scroll, then had a water incident and then got a lining sheet and lost my motivation. So I pulled out my knitting. Got home and the boys were killing zombies. I got my new podcasts loaded up and then hit the showers and bed. I was tuckered out and only read a small ways in my book.

I did manage to finish #26 of 50in2009 with The Devil's Right Hand by Lilith Saint Crow while on vacation. It was fun and interesting in the plot. It was not as angsty and whiny as the reviews on Amazon would lead you to believe. I just think its one of those transitional books that sets things up to come.
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I was in San Diego and now I am not.

The trip home was good, mel had fun driving us crazy fast and I crocheted on the baby blanket. We did manage to catch a glimpse of the Plank Road to Yuma on the dune on the way home. We got to see an exhibit on it at the San Diego Auto Museum. Yuma still is a time suck to find things like gas stations and food but we managed without a flat tire this time. Then it was on home with a brief stop in Gila Bend for tea and potties.

Got home and napped with the girls a bit. They were happy to have us home though still a but grump to one another. Had a nice evening at scribble and then home to sleep.

I had a doc appointment yesterday for a small procedure which was not fully told to me in depth. I wasn't happy about that, especially after the anesthetic was administered. Its done and we shall see what happens but I don't want to ever do that again. End of discussion.

I treated myself to mocha on the way into work and then worked till about 3pm. I did manage to score really nummy greek lunch for free and that made the day much better. I headed off for some errands and then to Nimbus to celebrate Richard's B-day. Family came back to our house after that and it was project time and chatting...all good. I'm on the second to last row of edging and I have one part that is...off. But I don't think people will notice. Its for a baby and they will like it.

Today is better and I'm not so sore but I'm still taking it easy. I got my normal flu shot yesterday and need to make some phone calls to see if I can get my H1N1 this week too. Looking forward to the weekend but we shall see if I can get through all of my work...lots to do. I might not be getting friday off we shall see.


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