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Coronation finish (5/6):

So, when I last left off it was Saturday afternoon May 6th and I was still in shock from getting the "Glory of Atenveldt" and hungry, so court ended and we got lunch at the kiosk on the lawn. Got a lovely picture of me, Duchess Deborah and [personal profile] lferion which I need to get  copy.  Got fed and then things taken care of before we headed into court. Ari and I had been doing our standard "untangle yarn at coronation" schtick.  Her Ravenclaw socks were being persnickety.  We had lots of people just agog at our efforts to not cut the yarn.  We got about 85 % done by the time the second court finished.  Now back to my previous post...I knew things were happening...and it was a waiting game while our new to Atenveldt Majesties (they'd reigned many times in Meridies). They did a play which was funny and having Count Dennis of the Titan's being the "voice of tradition" for Atenveldt was a really nice way.   So the big finale of the coronation court was them calling up the pelicans and speaking about service etc, and keeping with the schtick from earlier HRM Amber (a member of the Laurelate) talked about art and how people can do both service and art and called up the Laurels.  I sallied up to the front of the area and purposely did not look to where I knew the candidate was...since I'd known this was coming.  They called up my wonderful apprentices husband Domnall (Domegnev) and the crowd went wild.  He was a bit thunderstruck. His knight, [livejournal.com profile] americanknight was ecstatic.    Yay!!!!!

So we know what the summer work will be since he will be answering the offer in Sept.  Research has shown that the last time a laurel/pel was given was to Aaron Swiftrunner (former Society Seneschal) whom I know quite well from my time as seneschal the first time during the embezzlement fiasco.  So that is cool.  He deserves it and the household is also just happy as clams.  There was some drama where they forgot to call out Asa as a Duchess of Atenveldt and they never thanked Ari for her service as Signet before I took over.  The Kingdom herald took to FB to "fix" that but seriously.  That was lame.

Sunday was another busy day where Sam and I got the signet case all reorganized and sorted withteh 40+ scrolls that got turned in by Twin Moons. I sat and chatted with people and watched teh tourneys and it was nice.  Mel and 7 other guys made it to the king's champion finals and they realized that they all were going to different events and they had the "hateful 8" for the champions. Morgan was the true victor but they all are going to be a rotating stock of Champions.  So Monday at scriptorium Poe designed a hyrda with the heads of each of the winners.  She got them laminated for badges for them to wear.  Its cool.

The weekend after coronation I was running Baronial A&S in BTY.  There were issues with the site that made a few things annoying but all in all it went well. We got things to look really nice and there was good art on display.  I put on like 13-14k steps that day and was dog tired when I was done.  Hrafnheim won the household championship again. Ivan won the Championship even though he didn't enter. They basically talked with everyone (but him, he was off site dropping boy off at a party) and missed them asking him.  Lol.  But its all good.  We had a nice turnout but not spectacular. The smoked chicken we did was a big hit with Ari's curry. 

Work has been nuts. Lots of OT and me not having the time to work the OT. Sighs.  The weekend after A&S Mel went to San Diego with Paul for a kung fu thing.  I coped wth being a single parent but did some work around the house etc.  The following weekend (memorial day) was PHXCC.

There is a lot to say about that con.  There was a lot of stupid, There was a lot of awesome but we did have fun.  Dick Van Dyke, The voices of Batman the Animated Series, Alan Tydk and John De Lancie were faboo.

The album of Con

Ari won the con with Jim Butcher freaking the heck out over her Mab.  I got stopped a lot in my Lolita which was great. And I painted on things at the SCA booth while stuff was going on for the demo portions.
Lolita: with a gal in the same fabric:


Winter-Spider Outfit:

Cool Pic of Ari and I in cute dresses:

This past weekend (Jun3/4) was the kingdom collegium and I took 2 classes and then sat around both days and painted scrolls.  TRM are big on giving things out and I'd done 4 pieces of calligraphy that week alone and I've been behind on on things and just wanted to finally finish something.  So the scroll I had low lighted at the con I managed to finish completely on Saturday and then started another one.

So, now I need to finish a knit hat and 2 tunics and then I can really start work on TRM clothing and Dom's scroll.

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Over the convention I walked almost 40k steps in 4 days. Had work yesterday and walked about 5.4k steps but by the end of the day my edema in my legs was bad. Part of it was I was sitting a lot yesterday and when I was sitting I was tucking my feet into the rungs of chairs etc. I think it was just over work etc and my varicose veins are laughing at me. My feet were so swollen I thought the skin would burst when I went to bed. oof. I took some pain killers, some benedryl and biofreezed my feet and calves. I probably should have put on compression stockings today but its been 110°F. I'm not thinking that is my best bet. I may try to sleep in them tonight to help though.

Got home from work, where my brain had a really really hard time engaging while I was at work and at home it was the same. I changed out of my skirt and cute top into capris and a tshirt. Learned during the day that I need to make slips for when I wear my circle skirts without my crinoline. It kept sticking weird. All of the slips I've tried on are not flowy enough to be comfy with the skirts. Again, will probably by some fabric and patterns this weekend for underpinnings.

Anyhoo, got dinner started (shrimp and grits) and Mel got home with the boy very late. He was very happy I was making dinner and I managed to get the front room cleaned up enough for scribble before everyone arrived. Course most of us were running late. We attempted to not vegetate in front of the tv. Got the scroll texts written up for the weekend. Looked at what we needed to do for the next month. Sam traced 4 scroll blanks and Sioux and I painted. I got most of two small scrolls done. Just need some detail work and some white work. I have now aobut 6 scrolls that need calligraphy in the case so I need to crank those out in the next few weeks.

I also was finally able to look at the docs in Hald to find the naalbinding resource I needed for my A&S project. I started a sample hat out of fisherman's wool and will get that done this weekend to get my pattern settled and then make one out of my handspun for the competition. Yay!

Pics from Con Photo Booth )


May. 3rd, 2016 11:31 am
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Click the picture to go to the album.

Ian'ka and Cecil's Trip to KWHSS2016


Good coffee shops and good beer finds all over SLC.

Good yarn shops.

I've become that person who knows a lot of people in the SCA.

I got picked up and swung around by the King of a kingdom I've never visited.  It helps we've known each other since we were m'lord and m'lady and the fact he taught Ivan the off body so long ago.

Lots of good beer!

Heralds are a strange bunch.

Scribes are a strange bunch.

Met up in person with [livejournal.com profile] aliskye which was awesome!

Good food!

Amazing yarn store, Blazing Needles visit.

Got to see cool manuscript facsimiles.

Learned more about drawing acanthus and doing Fleuronnee Penwork

Got told i looked like I stepped out of a saga! SQUEE!!!

I think I got some of my mojo back for making SCA art.


Tweaked my back thursday bending an inch to get my pjs out of my suitcase and am still paying for it.

Lots of good beer! Which I felt was my need to finish before I left. I hate hangovers. But had a faboo convo with the apprentice.

Came home to a very sick hubby and a somewhat sick kiddo and stayed home yesterday to take care of them.

Scrolls for Coronation are done minus typing up the words for the heralds.
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Busy week at work last week meant a lot of things just did not get done around the house. I worked late on Friday and was absolutely beat when I got home.  Mel was the same and Benton was bouncing around cause he was tired too. Yes, I know that sounds not correct but when he's tired he will run around to keep himself awake.  We had plans to meet a chunck of the SCA household at http://www.serialgrillersaz.com/ just opened Taproom for pizza/sammiches and beer since Sierra Nevada was doing a tap takeover.  It was really busy and loud but we had a grand time.



As you can see Ben was tired and about 8pm he asked if we were going home. I was DDing and was happy to oblidge once his daddy finished his beer.  The food was great, we got to introduce folks to the place since many of the house had never been and we ran into Artimise which was hilarious.  I saw him and walked up behind him, grabbed his ass and then snuggled his belly.  He was caught off guard for a second and then turned around to see who it was and I got a big bear hug.  He came over to meet everyone and then left with his takeout.  I then snuggled up next to Wolfgrim and we got into a convo about how in the SCA we put up with a level of sexual harrasement with people we know versus normal societal norms.  Which is true in many ways but in our group of friends we do respect the boundaries etc.  It was just a very interesting observation.

Got home and we realized that our beer fridge was empty. oops.  Had gin and homemade mint lime soda. Very tasty and we had a bit of an early night for how tired we were.

Saturday dawned and I will say it felt like I had gargled with hedgehogs. My soft palette and my throat were so raw from pollen etc. Bleah.  Both mel and I were feeling bad and Ben was too. He's been coughing at night and not sleeping enough plus growing. He was so tired he fell asleep in the car on teh way to Barmaids. We left the car in the shade with the hatch open and the windows open for air/breeze I think he slept for a total of an hour while I handled scrolls and Mel got our stuff setup.  So cute.


He woke up and was groggy but good and then his nose exploded into an epic nose bleed.  Definitely growing cause I did the same thing at his age. We finally got it under control about half way through court.

The day was nice except for the wind. I was pretty miserable and my voice was not great for talking. I did a bit and chatted with Madalena and couple other folks but in general I drank water, kept track of Benton, made lunches and knit on my sock.  I'm not past the rip cord on the second Slytherin sock.  Knowing the court list it was good to see all of the good works and the fabooness of the recipients getting their awards. Mel drove us home about 4pm.  I was beat and took a laydown after I made tuna salad to have for dinner.  We were all hot and tired and a nice cool sammich for dinner sounded lovely.

Ben and Mel hung out on the porch while I dozed in the bedroom.  Again Ben was being spastic since he was so tired but it was a nice night.  We had dinner and then got the boy to bed.

I worked on my fic I'm trying to finish....[livejournal.com profile] ickaimp had given me some comments that I was trying to work through and  had to rewrite a section, which is okay but it means even though I made progress I'm still stuck on how it finishes again.  Oh, well. Hopefully it will be done this week so I can work on my other ones as well.

I read a bit after working on the fic and we turned in at not too bad of time. We got awoken at 1am with Ben falling out of bed again. Sighs.  Not sure how to stop that from happening and then at 4 am with a nightmare.  Oof.  So Sunday we spent on the porch. I enjoyed my coffee and read while sitting on the adirondak chairs and Ben was happy to hang out and play in the family room. Mel got his shop cleaned up and then hung the light strings I had bought for the porch.  We realized that we would need one more set to put a double string through the whole porch.

I finally got a shower and felt better but my lungs were still over tight.  I ended up hitting my inhaler and then heading on errands.  Since I don't take my inhaler often I was jittery when I got back from Ace Hardware/Costco and Sunflower. All okay though. Got settled and then Ben asked for his tricycle to be changed into a balance bike and I went looking for the axles for it.  I had the tools but the axels had been moved to mel's shop for some reason but we got it worked out and the seat adjusted.

We had dinner, got Ben washed up and then Mel and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the evening.
Porch at Night )

It was a nice night and I got laundry done and we both made the time to put our laundry away. My studio had gotten cleaned up late on Thursday night so it was easy to put things away.  It was stuffy in the bedroom so I got the fan out again.  I tried to sleep well but my coughing kept me up a bit and my voice today is faboo.  Oh, well. I hope I'm better by Thursday when I fly to KWHSS.

But in all the weekend was relaxing and the house is happy. Having the wind chimes back up made the house very happy. Mel and I discussed what we will be doing with the backyard and the wall and its still going to be a lot of work but it will be nice.
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This happened:

Just born

And this is him today enjoying his birthday pancakes at Joes.


It was deja vu with Great Helm this past weekend though we are all a bit older and things are very different in many ways. Mel finaled against Sean.

I scribed and knit and chatted with people.  Had a very strange interaction on something that needed to be taken care of that I'm still shaking my head over.  I guess common courtesy is not common.

But I'm happy for my boy being a little man now.  He's so big and tall and just a pleasure to hug and get kisses from.  We will be having a skating party on Saturday and I made key lime cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for his class today.

I made the cupcakes from this recipe: Key Lime Bundt Cake.  The frosting was standard cream cheese frosting with 8oz of cream cheese mixed with milk, vanilla and powdered sugar.
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I managed to finish book #10 (Hell Bent) and #11 (Stone Cold) by Devon Monk and started #12 which is House Immortal also by Devon Monk.  Its an alternate world or post apocolyptic (maybe?) USA.  Still trying to figure it out.  Its interesting though....

I finished my "No Bunnies" Shawl and blocked it last night.  Yay!

Cats like shawls.
Before blocking with foot meaure:

After(in progess) with yard measure:

Halloween was tiring but fun.  Ben and I carved a pumpkin, he is not a fan of the guts and we headed out with Ed/Candace (Holly & Henry), Mary/Andrew (Inara) and had a good ol' time going around Civano.  We had no trick or treaters at the house.  But a good time was had by all.


Sunday Ben was grumpy and tired and we all were.  I spent way too much time shopping but oh well.

Monday I worked and then gave a STEM talk about Mechanical Engineering to a group of Middle School Girls.  I was a bit nervous about doing it but it went really well when I could tie in showing them hardware that linked into the rockets they've been working with and have some hands on show n tell with hardware I had with me.  Plus some youtube of my products doing their thing.  It was good.  One of the neat questions I got was "How many tests I failed".  I was only an average student.  I failed a few courses and "D" for done on a few but I'm still a good engineer. I had a social life in school and am really well rounded. I stress the technical/social communication/presentation skills over the math and science becuase when you work in business you need to be able to talk to a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

Monday Night was lots of calligraphy to get ready for Coronation.  Me being off a week didn't help.  My business trip for next week was cancelled though so that makes Southern a bit better to handle. I still have lots to do.

I attended the YWCA Women's Conference yesterday.  I got to hear Dr. Nancy Bray, Head of the Kennedy Spaceport for NASA speak and attended 3 workshops and a luncheon where we got to hear from the 2015 Changemaker of the year Dr. Laura Banks-Reed and Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron.  Pics of my work ladies are here:

2015 YWCA Women's Conference Tucson

What the conference taught me was I'm pretty much slacking on my career.  Which I've been feeling.  There are many folks my age who are much, much further along and I'm frustrated enough with things I'm almost thinking drastic action of switching departments or leaving the company.  I hit basically tenure in January and no longer acrue any further PTO per year etc.  That would be a lot to let go of and I get a pension so, yeah. Don't want to loose that but it tempting.  So, changing things a bit now and going to work for 2016 to be a transformative year for me.  I need to follow Rule #1 at work and my goal is to dress nicer and look nicer in general.
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Weekend of sorts…..
Thursday marked Ben’s last day at pre-school. It was a bit emotional for me because I felt it was so false. No one but the director and his teacher knew. And the bright and happy kids at the BBQ picnic for the holiday just seemed very Stepford Wives. Mel is right….things are weird and you don’t see a lot of the faces you used to. But its also our fault too. We haven’t taught him well how to deal with things when they aren’t going how he wants and we aren’t dealing with how to get him to calm down from tantrums well other than “go to your room to blow off the steam” which while good for us is not good for school. That makes things hard but we will manage. Thanks to my good knitter friends Ben will be spending time with both Mary and Theresa’s for the next few weeks. Playing with their kiddos and having some down time before school starts in August.

Here is his last day: Last Day

Got home with him after a trip to the grocery store. I made the awesome choice to wear heels Thursday for work and looked damn cute but after dealing with the playground woodchips/hill and then around the store/parking lot my feet were toast. We got him into a bath and to bed just as Mel was coming home. I sat and knit and mel spun while we watched Tabletop, I think….too much weekend for me to remember I guess.

Friday we slept in a bit, well, mel and I did. Benton was up way, way early. Mel’s plans for the day were for him to fix the one kitchen cabinet with Gallant and brew some beer. I left for a massage and pedicure and started rec’ing really disturbing photos of kitchen destruction. I left for home and Stacy (Gallant’s wife) was watching Ben while the boys went and got propane for the beer. The entire upper side of the kitchen was taken down and all over the living room. The cabinets were not in great shape and after some dithering they put up the 3 they could salvage and then shelving for the cabinet that we couldn’t save. It took the boys almost all day but it looks good and well, lessons learned. We had done this same thing to the cabinets on the other side some long ago with Mingo. I guess we should have done the same thing then.
You can see the adventure here: Cabinets
Needless to say this rescheduled the playdate with Inara and Theresa’s kiddos and we ended up getting quick supplies and yarn for a project while the boys worked. It worked out okay. I made grilled chicken and kabobs of squash, mushrooms and green pepper for dinner and that was a hit. Again, not sure what we did in the evening….we were tired.

Saturday was the 4th and the planned BBQ for the household was off due to illness so we hung out in PJs until we met up with folks at the opening of the 1912 Brewing Company with Erika, Dom, Willa and Ari. The food trucks were tasty, the brewery’s AC wasn’t keeping up and the beer was good even though it wasn’t home grown (they had a carbonation issue). We left there and headed to Dragoon which was quiet and cool. After that we headed to Total Wine to stock up. Let me say that a tipsy Ivan and Ari shopping for booze is hilarious. We got home and I made nummy ugly steaks and kabobs. We watched Sky High and crafted and all was good. I finished the bunny for Mary at Joe’s Pancake House as well.
We watched the D-M Fireworks from the roof and that was a great show. It also drove home we really need to replace the roof and coolers. Our neighbors will soon not be our neighbors but I need to get a quote done from their roofing company. They also have a wall guy to recommend as well so yes! Just need to get the permits done.

Sunday was pretty lazy in the AM. I had rinsed out all of the tie-dye/ice dying stuff the previous day and Ben immediately picked his new shirt out. Which looks really cool. We had a nice play date with Theresa and her kiddos with Inara and Mary. Ben will be there on Thursday thi s week. I was happy to see he melded into the pack of kids just fine.

Got home and made brats/squash on the grill. I also quartered some nectarines and cooked them up in foil packets with cinnamon, brownsugar and butter. We served it over crushed up ginger snaps and it wa a tasty dessert. Then while Ben was in the bathtub I got my spinning set up for Tour de Fleece 2015. I’m hoping to spin and ply 3 separate and fun fibers. The first one is turning out really neato.
See my album: Tour de Fleece 2015
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I am weary from the weekend still….I guess I’m getting too old to be going back and forth with a 6 hour round trip on things. Oof. It was also cold and windy and that I’m sure didn’t help. We got going with Count Thomas about 645am which was later than we planned. I had not had the heart to finish packing and was just too damn worn out from the week. I had triumphantly finished the scroll on Thursday night with Bridget. Friday I got to sleep in and then head out to drop Ben off and get a massage with a heated rub/biofreeze chaser; breakfast, pedicures and shopping with Erika and then just as I was going to go to the knit shop to hang out the school called.

Well, he got to have the mother he did not want to pick him up. We got home and he got to pack all of his books up and then cry for a few hours in his room. I was a mess and tired and just uncaring about things. My day had been going well and yeah, had to be the monster parent. He refused to do as his teachers said and was a punk. Actions have consequences, child. Just frustrating. So, Saturday he had to sit with me almost all day as punishment and listen well. He did okay…course he also asked for food every 45 mins. Seriously, he ate more Saturday than we all did. The tourney was fun. Laurel circle was okay. I knit and was cold. Got done and headed to Lonesome Valley Brewing Co for a tasty burger and a porter I can’t stop drinking…Seriously, Brian has my number on that one.

So, the scroll, start to finish: Arsenda’s Laurel Scroll.

Sunday we were just all crabby and tired. All of us. Ben was a brat and refused to even be calm and quiet in his room. There were tears and spankings and a bin of toys was taken away. Sighs.
Monday was okay. He had a pretty good day at school and got his toys back. Tuesday was not as good and Wednesday he was so bad Mel had to pick him up about 1pm. Sighs.

My Monday involved lots and lots of meetings, arguing over a hyphen in a part mark and hitting the gym for arm/shoulders and some running. Oof. I pushed hard and ran more and increased my time on the treadmill two minutes more. Gonna keep trying to push time up to a full 30 mins. I got home and had a wonderful chicken stew mel had made and then was unmotivated to do much else. Ari was not there due to kiddo karate testing and I was running stuff which was ‘work on what you have’ and getting Sam working on learning calligraphy. I attempted to draw and was just not into it. I looked through some books and chatted with Bridget and I’m not sure what all else. Sat down to read while mel was in the shower and fell asleep with the cats snuggled on top of me.

Tuesday was just weird and Wednesday was work related frustartions (see Monday) and just a general lack of empathy and care about things going on. I was headachey and tired when I went to the gym but that perked me up quite well when I was done. I pushed up my squats to 75 lbs 3x8 and the calf raises to 348lbs 4x12s. I also did 4x20 on snowmen and added 2x12x2 on the ballet leg circles. Oof. Left there refreshed and then grabbed lunch from Rubios where I ran into Hastini which was odd but I guess serendipitous to the fact that I was running to teach at Arts Night. The new location is at Don’s business and it was an okay space. Its gonna be small though for big classes…not sure. I only had one student but that was okay. I went, I taught and I got to read her documentation that she had started for a projects. I got home and mel was snuggled up in his pj’s watching movie trailers on youtube. It was nice to see some upcoming movies. We got showers pretty late since I didn’t get home until 930. I really didn’t have any time to decompress. I read for a bit after my shower and curled up after being a good girl and remembering to put on biofreeze on my calves. I guess I was tired because I woke up in the exact same position I went to bed in and my hands were asleep. Sighs.

Today has been frustrating on a number of levels. They did a change to ingress to my plantsite that left me on the road 1.5 miles away for 35 mins for stop and go traffic getting in. Sighs. It was poorly executed and just nuts. We are all frustrated and mad and they could have warned us that things were changing ahead of time versus being stuck in traffic missing meetings because we didn’t know. Then the argument of the hyphen, I’m just not going to win so I caved. So much money wasted for a non-technical issue. So frustrated.

I hope Ben had a good day at school. Right now I’ve gotten no phone call and I will be leaving in a hour to pick him up. I’m tired and just want to knit and watch a movie.

At least on the taking care of me I’ve lost almost 10 lbs. It doesn’t really feel like it but I can see it in my face and my pants are better fitting. I’ve also noted my calves are looking better and that is good. So, small steps.
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Well, back from Southern and we had fun even without firepits. Mini-HrafnCon's for the win!

I didn't take many pictures at SC but here are them and more.

1) Southern Crusades

2) Prescott Trip

Brian and Stacy's Wedding

4) Halloween and Coronation

5) Fall in AZ
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Well, I'm still recovering..you know it was a good trip when you are still smiling about all of the fun you had. I took almost 800 photographs and am slowly editing and commenting them for the titles etc. I will have a bunch of albums on flickr but for now I'm releasing them public so keep up with Flickr.

My fav photo thus far of the con of me is:

My dress turned out perfect! So happy!

Also, Jim Butcher crashed out Dresden Files photoshoot and he remembered me from Phx Comic Con!

I'll do a longer post after I get things settled and after crown this weekend. We leave for Prescott Friday morning and its supposed to be wet. Glad I got wool. Just need to unpack and repack from trips tonight.

I'm very happy with all of my costumes. The Raven Kabuki turned out faboo especially with help on makeup tricks and obi tying by [livejournal.com profile] danabren.

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Survived last week, my last post talked about how I’m amazed at times that I’m a scribe. If we were talking like a D&D character I think I leveled up in my Scribe class and I took extra skill points in drawing, painting and calligraphy. For me it has been a very slow progression, sometimes plateau with scribal arts. I got into in in January of 2001 with the first meeting of the Atenveldt Southern Scriptorium at Megan’s house. Normal participants at that time were Megan, Raylee, myself, Mouse, Bridget and visits from Alex the Scribe. It morphed throughout the years into what we are now which is 9 strong awesome women of various skills who push each other to get out of our comfort zones with arts and just do awesome things. We now have a hedge of laurels normally in attendance which seems to push us to try crazier things. From being at other scriptoriums we’ve found that our way of doing business which is open and honesty critique is not the norm. We expect a critical eye and being told what a scroll is lacking before its ready for presentation. We don’t get annoyed by it but stymied by the words and if we can’t figure out how to do something we learn it from one of ourselves. Our group is also good for pointing out you are painting or shading yourself in circles…I’ve very guilty of that. Anyhoo, I’m reminiscing since [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp was figuring out how longs she’s been painting and her journey has been short compared to mine with respect to getting to doing a peerage scroll from start to finish by yourself or in her case the art was mostly by herself with calligraphy and chemistry help by others. It’s a journey for all of us.

So, photos to share:
Violante’s County Scroll
Southern Scriptorium’s Crazy May
The latter album is a WIP since I’m fighting with the Flickr App on my phone to upload things…grump. Other than that Benton and I survived the weekend.

Friday I picked Benton up and he was UBER excited because he’d had no accidents at school and that meant we could go out to dinner (Culver’s) and get ICE CREAM. I guess ice cream is a major motivator for him. We had a nice dinner and ice cream (frozen custard really) and he was soo happy to have done good.

Saturday morning I got up way too early compared to when I went to bed and got ready for Coronation. I got Benton up and he was confused by the fact that I was in “event clothes” and he wanted “event clothes.” Once I reminded him that he got to spend the day with Uncle Ed and get comic books and go to a party and not sit in boring old court all day he was okay. We got out the door and arrived at Ed’s just at 7am and then I headed to Ari’s. She was finishing up putting the pendant seal on Morgan’s Ducal. The kids weren’t ready and she wasn’t even dressed in event clothes yet. So, I got folks moving, Ari got dressed and we got on the road, with me driving Jensen, just before 8am. I had been a smart monkey and put coffee for us in the thermoses. Got to the event, found the ready room and got things settled with Morgan on the items we owed them for the day. Spoke with the incoming herald and then we got ourselves and kiddos situated in the lobby of the conference center and then just hung out all day. And by hang out I mean we sat at the back of court, me knitting and Ari and [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan drinking margaritas. What was nice was we could hear and see court and relax and enjoy our company, kibitz and untangle the largest yarn snarl I’ve ever had that was not created by cats. It took three of us to untangle the rest of the ball but I managed to finish mel’s heel flap on his sock and start my heel flap of my sock (red cashmere). By the end of the day we were all just tranq’d. I drove us home and Mason and Ari fell asleep in the car and Linnet quieted down after a while. Got them dropped off, picked up my car, grabbed an iced coffee and donuts at Dunkin and then picked up Benton.
Benton had had a great day! No accidents, fun at Home Depot making me a cute little flower pot, they hit Hayden’s 1st Bday party which involved some awesome red frosted cupcakes and then hit free comic book day at Fantasy Comics. He had a great day and unfortunately he was so tired and I was so tired that the evening didn’t go too well. He did not want to go to bed and I wanted only that to have time for me to relax. We fought a bit, I yelled and it was not the best of things. I did get to talk with Mel on facetime quite a bit and that was uber helpful for my sanity. But Benton is growing again (more evidence on that later in this post) and I’m sure that along with the stress of dad being gone things weren’t great on Sunday but we managed.

Sunday Benton woke me up with “Momma I pooped!” which means he woke up like that…poor kiddo…it was a big one too. Not surprised though. I changed him and then we both fell back asleep for a few hours which I needed. We got up and then headed to joe’s for breakfast. After Joe’s we hit Costco and then safeway. Benton was pretty good during these excursions and went to the potty at Joes and at Costco. He did run away from me at the entrance to Safeway when I went to get a cart. I yelled and he came back to say “but momma! I was looking at flowers for you!!” because he had run into the floral department. How do you argue with that? I told him that while it was a good thought, running away from Mommy is not a good thing. We did good, had some frozen yogurt and then hit home to watch Cars 2. Now what I missed though was that we didn’t have lunch. It’s okay for me to skip lunch (especially for all of the food /beer I’ve had over the last few weeks) but not for a boy who is in growth mode. So by the time Mel got home, Benton was crabby, very crabby. Dinner was too late and it didn’t work well. Oh, well. We got him to bed, I got to have my husband home and that was the important part.

Monday dawned and we were smart and had coffee ready and went about our day. Benton did not want to get up. I don’t blame him. I was so drained by all of the events of the last few weeks that I was brain dead most of the day. I took off a few hours early to finally take time for just me and got my toes done and then hit some errands. Got home and the house was quiet. Mel was cooking dinner and Benton was ASLEEP. WTF? He fell asleep on the way home and wouldn’t wake up except to say “I’m not tired” and fall back asleep. So we let him sleep. After we had dinner we managed to get him put into pj’s and back in bed. Poor kiddo. Monday was also Cinco de Mayo and I had emailed the scribble list to state “bring booze and munchies” to celebrate the holiday and our scroll slog of the last few weeks. All told we did 35+ scrolls for the weekend including 4 peerages (1 county, 2 ducals and 1 laurel) with only 8-9 of us. It was impressive. I brought booze and forgot ice and luckily Sioux arrived later with ice and limes and salt and cups for good margaritas. We enjoyed ourselves and watched Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.
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Weekend was crazy busy with crafting. A big push was to get my pennsic clothes taken in and get trim put on them. I've actually, finally, been seeing a bodily improvement from my working out. My clothes are starting to fit way better and I've fit back into pants I haven't worn in quite a while. What that means for SCA clothes is that my stuff we've had made are way too big. I took 2 inches out of each side for my Pennsic clothes. I just had a fitting of my MEF clothes and those should be good.

I did quite a bit of spinning for Tour de Fleece.

Benton was sick all weekend poor kiddo. Not sure what with but he was running a pretty good fever all the time. He asked "snuggle me, momma" when I picked him up from daycare on Friday. He had just started to get hot. He's home today with Daddy and was sleepy but fever free and eating a bit which was good. We shall see how he is for tomorrow.

So here is the link dump to all of my photographs I've taken since October...I hadn't gotten things off of the camera at all which is my bad.

Mel's Promotion to 3rd Degree Black

Joanny and Brian's Wedding

Great Helm Court

Benton's Bday

Estrella War

Thyra's Pelicanning

Elsa's Laurelling

Tour De Fleece

I finished up finally after almost 6 years Flag in Exile as #19 for the year. I'm now in #20 which is Daughter of Smoke and Bone which is quite nicely written. The imagery is really nice. After finish it and its sequel I'll slog through Jonanthan Strange and Mr. Norell
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I had made a partial post using the lj app on my phone and well it got eaten by the phone. So, last weekend we went to Prescott for the Toreano de Belleza (Tourney of Beauty). Friday we got things packed up and picked up [livejournal.com profile] lferion on the way and made it to the Prescott area about 2pm or so. I had made the executive decision to have Ivan sleep in the back of the truck since he was still feeling pretty poorly.

He snuggled up and was out somewhere in Marana. It was really cute as you can see.

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We stopped off at a few antique places along the way into Prescott proper and bought a few things. I got some wonderful wool yarn and some napkins. Mel got another handcrank grinder. Wander got a senser/sprinkler thingy. Benton got to see lots of neato stuff. We got to A Good Yarn and had a nice time there. I bought yarn for two projects. One is for a cute cloche hat from the book mel got me for my birthday and the other was for the Stephen West Spectra Shawl. I've been wanting to make it but didn't quite have the yarn in my stash. I've been trying really, really hard to not buy yarn and have been doing pretty okay at it. We then trundled to Lady Eleanor Peregrine's house of Looms for our crash space. She seriously has looms everywhere. It was fiber geek heaven. We then headed back into Prescott to eat at the Prescott Brewing company. Good food and beer as always. We got some beer to go and then headed back to relax. Mel and Benton went straight to bed and Wander, Eleanor and I stayed up a bit chatting. I worked on my sock and it was nice. What was not nice was I could not sleep. Benton was crying a lot and complaining about the carpet for some weird reason which we figured out in the morning. Mel ended up snuggling up with him on the floor and I fell asleep about 330am. The next day dawned though and we had a nice leisurely breakfast cooked by HL Giles.

We got to site and mel was glad he had decided to not fight. The act of getting packed up and travelling the 10miles or so wore him out. We got settled into the event and had a nice time. We did not have good Brigade coverage and mel was very tired and sick so I watched Benton most of the day. That meant I missed out on the event pretty much except for the Knight's circle and court. Oh, well. Benton and I had a marvelous time playing on the playground and flying kites.
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The site was lush with grass and the weather was cool. We got back to Eleanor's and she made us Chicken paprikash from scratch and it was heaven! None of us were up too late that night and I slept way better. We had figured out that Benton had complained about the carpet because he kept rolling off his bed roll onto a plastic chair matt and it was cold and uncomfy. We got him settled better and when we went to bed we found this:
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His bed was by the closet....it was really cute. We all slept good though and that was a good thing. We dinked around and finally left Prescott about 11am. We got to Phx and headed to the Cornish Pasty Company for lunch and to hit Tempe Yarn and Fiber. Mel was feeling way better and drove and I was not feeling very good. I was very, very tired but I managed to finish my socks and cast on a hat for Sifu Paul.
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I've been horribly tired and worn out since monday night. I've been trying to get enough sleep and even with 9 hours on the pillow it isn't helping. I'm stuffy, coughing and having asthma issues. Stoopid palo verdes. Bleah.

Tidbits of this week:
1) Benton is using the potty in the mornings at daycare. YAY!
2) Scrolls are in work for our reign!
3) Our intern at work left. Boo! We shall miss her. Such an awesome girl.
4) Mel's been finishing up our pell. Yay!
5) I made progress on my sock! Yay!

Other than that I'm too tired and snuffly to think much more. Work today shall be interesting I'm sure.

[livejournal.com profile] swordmage has a set of photos of Our Coronation
For the interkingdom anthropology the King crowns himself in Atenveldt and then crowns his queen after oaths.
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I will write more when I get time but we drove a lot, had good conversations, projects got worked on, we got to see far off groups and relax and we go to try on clothes for coronation. All good. Tiring but good.

Here is a picture from last weekend and this weekend of our family.


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[livejournal.com profile] ickaimp's Photos

My Pull from Magdalen's Photos are available on my shutterfly page:
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Last Sunday mel and I had a discussion that the house was driving us crazy. Too much stuff and too little of space. To that end we decided that Friday was going to be the day to re-do the storage/laundry room. We knew it was inefficient and could do it better plus the laundry shelf broke quite a while ago and it needed fixing. So we emptied it, mel built shelving for the laundry area, we sorted stuff, threw stuff out and then I built a shelving unit and mel installed it into the storage area and then hung hooks to hang stuff up. In between things we went through and reorganized the kitchen cabinets, I finished the curtains/closet curtain in the boys room, sorted little boy clothes into storage, cleaned up my studio and reorganized it and we felt pretty darn accomplished with ourselves in a very short order. Saturday I finished my raven on my cloak, Tony was down and finished his embroidery and I personalized my cloak and Asa's. Little boy was being a handful on Sunday and ended up not taking a nap and screaming for quite a while when we put him to bed. He was cranky, teething and hot so we got him down to a diaper, got him some tylenol and an ice cold bottle of milk and then he rested peacefully.

So, big weekend. Still have our room to declutter/clean and our bathrooms. And my studio shelves need a declutter but things are nicer than they have been in a while. Our next projects will be decluttering/cleaning bookshelves and then mounting the tv on the wall and getting a new entertainment/dvd storage console. Which we still need to figure out....but that is what a trip to IKEA will do for us.

Additionally, I was dumb and backed our Fit into [livejournal.com profile] lferion's Fit. Just a bit of damage to our brand new bumper and to her side. I was trying to back around Tony's car and forgot she was behind the Xterra. Sighs. Dumb.

Oh, well. That is life. The sweet and the sour.

So, the before and after pictures are available Here
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Well, we had a weekend that is for sure...not what I expected out of a weekend but well it was and that is okay.

My goals for the weekend were to pick up the house and work on projects and rest. I managed some of that. Friday I got up with Benton early and got him to daycare so he could go to his egg hunt before his 12month doc appointment. He had a good time at that and we picked him up to head to the doctor. He weighed in at 23 lbs on the nose and 30.75" long. Putting him in the 76% for his age. Not too shabby. He did okay during the shots and the toe stick for a Iron check (37% btw) and then it was off to drop him off at daycare....which I shouldn't have done. We got going on projects and I resting when they called that the car was done. I had dropped it off at the body shop to get the bumper/trunk replaced after the accident in March and they finished up which was good. The HHR was a PITA to drive cause I sit too tall to see out of it well. We headed off to get the cars switched when daycare called and Benton was crying and not doing well after his nap. Picked him up as quick as we could and he was in a lot of pain from the shots. Got him home and dosed with tylenol and we settled into an okay night. Saturday morning we went off to the local park to attend an egg hunt. The local baptist church led the festivities but it was fun and we got out to the park for a good walk. Benton managed to get two eggs and then was given a few more by one of the teenagers helping wrangle hunters. We got home and he had a good time just opening the eggs and playing with the plastic.

I rested the rest of the day while Benton took a 4 hour nap and then I headed to the Baronial Calendar Meeting. The attendance was ok but we got a lot of work done and have autocrats for all of our events coming up for the next year or so. Still have a lot flipping around until the Estrella dates are confirmed so we shall see what we get.

Saturday night mel and I stayed up late watching Cars which was nice. I worked on my crocheted shawl that I started at Estrella and it was nice. Sunday dawned early. Benton was up at 545am and I finally got him up at 630am. Gah. He had milk and we snuggled up on the couch watching tv for a bit. Mel got up and we had a nice breakfast and then got ready to go to the zoo.

The zoo was nice and Benton got to interact with the animals much more than last time. He saw the monkeys and was very intrigued. The new elephant exhibit is AWESOME! We now have a baby elephant!!!! Woot! We hit the grocery store before we hit home and had lunch. Mr. Benton did not want to go down for his nap and when he did sleep he woke up screaming. He was sore and cranky from the shots again and after some Ari luv, milk, snuggles and tylenol the world was much better. Ari was over to work on the household cloak project and I managed to get all of the new books catalouged and moved into the stacks and start another raven. Hopefully we can soon get everyone working on those and get that project nipped in the bud in the next few weeks. Lots too do.

Today has been slow but I'm okay with that got a lot to start working on with work. I've been temporarily assigned back to the old program to work for a few months to help them out. Luckily its not my old hardware but new stuff so it should be okay.

For Photos:

Estrella War

The following are friends and family locked:
Benton's B-day

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The Kemp Boys at Hero's of the Silent Angels:


Very small album of photos Silent Angels Photos
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Well, lets see...the weekend was Dragon's Horde and the dragon made the weather HOT! Which made me a bit grumpy on Saturday...which made things weird. Mostly all my headspace..sorry if I worried folks but grumpy hot baby and grumpy hot me not so good combo. Also, why don't people ask permission to cut across tent spaces? Its annoying. Anyhoo...the day was hot and Mr. Benton got all heat rashy but he got to try applesauce for the first time and liked it and he liked frozen banana again too. Lots of good people got to have awards and one of the most special for us Southern Scriptorium Girls was the Pelican Scroll for Thegn Steffan. We'd been asked to do the commission a while back and we poured through books and kept coming back to one design that was perfect. The issue was it was beyond most of our skill levels and that is saying something. So we got to bring [livejournal.com profile] bewilde back into scribing by being the awesome drawer of "fiddly shit" for this Italianate scroll. It was a labor of love for most of us and we all learned a heck of a lot about things.

Drawing entirely by Bridget, Gold and Calligraphy by Ari, Background painting (blue) by Willa, Elsa, me. Border detail painting by Elsa, me and Ari. Miniatures by Bridget.

Here is the album, I still need to get all of the photographs/scans that [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari took during the process too.

We got home from the event and it was time to cool down and change for the vigil. Little boy was much better getting cooler and fed well and then was out for the count. We took him to the vigil asleep in his carseat and he stayed there until we left hours later. The vigil was nice. I sat and tuned up Yanaton's brother's mandolin and played and sang with Yanaton, Illora, Joanie and [livejournal.com profile] spunkybluegrl. Wow, that was lots of fun and we had some magic moments of pure musical bliss. I played so much that my thumb got a huge blister on it from not using a pick. Go me.

So, Sunday dawned and things were just better. It wasn't as hot, we had a breeze and folks were going to see the spectacle of a knighting. Again the girls and I in the scriptorium pushed our boundries. It turned out awesome. Again, more photos to come with the calligraphy done etc.
So, drawing by Ari and Bridget, Top Minature by [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue, Floral border painted by [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp,[livejournal.com profile] swordmage, Shoshana, Coats of arms painted by [livejournal.com profile] elinor_dear and Icka, Sky of main miniature by Shoshana, Landscapes by me with the dry river bed, rapids and shark by Bridget, trees/cactus by Shoshana, Monuments by Aysun and Elinor, City and Castle walls by me. Bridget did the tents and lots of folks worked on the horses and knights. Again I'll have more pictures of the finished object soon.

I hope to get photos of the weekend from my camera up this weekend. We shall see if i"m successful. After we left early so I could get ready for my trip the boys napped and I should have worked...it was tough going and I was up late trying to get everything done.

I left Monday morning after dropping the boy off at daycare to Alabama. The trip was sucky. The travel was okay but the business itself went sideways from the beginning. Things were ready, paperwork was missing, stuff was built wrong...you get the idea. This was really odd for this supplier and it was frustrating and I had to finish paperwork over a very slow cellular connection and it was special. I ended up working in the evening...not knitting happily while watching tv. I feel kind of guilty that things were poorly done but its not like we could have known that going in...its just frustrating. Things have now slowed from OMG GET IT DONE to sit around and wait so, well, I'm gonna leave when I get my 40 in at 230. All good.

But when I got home last night mel was happy to see me, I got good kisses at the door and the boy was uber cute. He saw me and started bouncing on his butt and put his arms up for me to pick him up. So cute. Read more... )


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