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Much thanks to [personal profile] lferion for the photo of our lantern hanger and the sunsets we kept experiencing.

The war was good. The lead up sucked (as usual) and I did not finish all of my projects.  I managed to get one piece of clothing for each of us done and my good apprentice [livejournal.com profile] swordmage finished another tunic for Mel that I just ran out of time and energy for. I had come down with the cold/crud before we left and it was hard to get motivated to do anything.  Mel had to work an almost 12 hour day the day we packed up and all of my things I wanted to get done that day just sucked but we were packed and loaded into the trailer and van by 10pm. Not too bad...not great but not too bad either.

I took Ben to [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari for his school for the next few days while we were at the war.  We got on the road about 830 or so and to site by 1030.  We had the trailer and van pretty heavy loaded due to cooler and extra stuff from Ari/Sam. (The kiddos were staying in Sam's tent).  We got to site just after the kitchen tent was up (and a few other tents had been set up monday by folks in our house working the war).  The tent was set and I made do with getting one of the other ladies (this isn't sexist, it was who was meandering around without a task) to get the kitchen set up. My issue was the last time it was setup by [livejournal.com profile] swordmage and Sigrid since I didn't show up until 2 nights later....so I was trying to parse what we needed to do and it was confusing. But we got things set and I got lunches out and then we systematically went through the entire camp settting up all of the tents. We got everything up that we had canvas for by 4pm.  We even got flair up by 5pm. So awesome.

The rest of the war was busy and the evenings were cold. I had managed to only pack 1 pair of wool socks (head desk) and only 1 wool dress (head desk) and yeah. I spent a lot of times just adding layers.  But it was good. I bought more books (sighs) and got some viking bling from Feed the Ravens. We hosted the Laurel's and Apprentices Soiree which was nice. I taught a class which was well attended and I fought on Friday while Linnet watched Ben.  Friday night around the fire we heard Ben call out and then we had a sick little boy. He kept throwing up and spent a good chunk of Saturday curled up with me by the firepit and then very slowly playing throughout the day.  We hit youth corner for a bit, we looked through the artisan's showcase and I read through the documentation for the A&S entries.  Which was good. Since I didn't take the field I had a bit of time to do that.

Got back to camp and then started getting into armor since Mel had promised me he'd be back in time for me to get to the women's tournament. It was close but I made it just in time.  Mistress Elspeth was running the Oleander tourney though she had no idea it used to be called Iron Rose. We haven't had it at the war in quite some time (probably 5 years?)  Anyhoo. There were 7 of us from all over the known world (including Drachenwald) and it was a best 2/3 round robin, so I got lots of fighting in. It was hot in the sun and they did not have the hockey water bottles so I had a hard time getting water with my helm on. But it was okay.  I guess you were supposed to bring a Knight, Laurel or Lady of the Rose to sponsor you...Rudiger argued with the list mistress that I could sponsor myself but she was clueless....lol but it was all good. I came in second and it was by a close margin.  First prize went to the Outlands Queen's Champion (THL Adrien). I was actually okay with this since 1st prize was a gift cert to Ice Falcon armory (which I didn't need) and I got to choose a very pretty bag with a raven and Rus embroidery on it.  Yay!  The other nice thing Sir Mavi from the Outlands and I had a really good convo about fighting etc. He was very impressed with my precision since the last time he saw me fight.  I confessed it had been 3 years since I'd fought last...which shocked him.  So good for me.  Rudiger watched and was very happy with how clean I fought.  So good. 

Got back to camp and got to exclaim to the boys they missed me winning (almost) a tourney.  Then there was a scramble of shower, food and then court.  Court, like always, was hard to hear but there was beer and good times and the peerage we expected to happen then got moved to the before the West party....it worked but it was odd.

Stayed up way late chatting with folks around our fire and then it was morning.  Our camp got moving and we were completely loaded and ready by noon on the dot.  Got home at 230 or so and then unloaded.  Ben was tired and had sat in the van most of the AM. He still was not feeling well.  Thought he was better but he puked in his sleep on monday am.  So he stayed home with me and we snuggled, ate toast and watched voltron.

So my Monday wasn't how I wanted it but it was okay. I relaxed, got dishes and some laundry done. Mel has come down with another cold and is pretty miserable.  I've been taking it easy. I'm tired and work is swamped right now so I'm attempting to not get sick.  My asthma was not happy with my lack of taking my meds while camping. Sighs.  So I should be good by the weekend.  Though I'm going to be working it....at least some of it.

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Last week was rough and joyful in weird and meaningful ways.

In my effort to better myself I did get in my gym time and ate pretty good. I'm building muscle mass so the scale tells me lies about how I'm actually doing. But the gym time etc made me tired. Dealing with poor Obsidian who was getting weaker just made me sad. What was good was we hit a major deadline at work and got a free lunch out of it. Then I had to leave work and say good bye to Obsidian. Everyone at the Vet was super awesome but man it was heartbreaking. The morning was the worst and Ben's face when he said good bye is precious and so sad. It was a rough day. We snuggled with her and the drugs the give beforehand made her really loopy but she was sweet and purring till the end.


MAry and Andrew were awesome and picked up Ben from school so we could go with Obsidian. We tried to pick him up but they were still out and so I dropped off stuff at home and then I hit knit night where it was nice to have my friends and projects.

Thursday was a weird day at work. We had just finished this huge push to get things done and are now staring at the large mountain of things to do and many of us are not in the right headspace for that. Plus it was teaching folks about goals and in general team building. I toughed it out until about 1 hour before I usually leave and said screw it and went to the gym. I lifted, I ran 2.25 miles and felt better when I picked up Benton from martial arts. Had a nice evening with him and then in to projects. (socks).

Friday was get up, get boy to school, have a massage, get a pedicure, get a haircut and color and then hit the gem show with [personal profile] swordmage after a tasty lunch of lots of eel. I ended up getting lots of beads and we figured out our fave show is no longer the way it was and was disappointing. So we headed to a different show and while not quite what we wanted was still good. I did pick up this pretty:


Got home and then had dinner and got things settled for Saturday. I had my list, I had pulled a bunch of clothes to see what I wanted to wear and I was pretty set for crown. Luckily it was a 45 min drive from the house. This was doubly lucky since I slept very poorly and woke up at 330 with a screaming headache. I took meds and had a huge drink but still woke up with the same intensity of a headache. Yeesh. So the morning was slow but we got to site, got setup, got the flair out and were set for crown.

I felt good about the day, Mel felt good about the day and he fought the best he has in years. He lost to Ailgheanan and to Brian Winterborn who were in the finals so not really too shabby. I was proud of him and you could see his smile through his helmet and change in his movements as he was comfortable. This led to lots of fighting convos on the way home. Which was good since I woke up on Sunday and decided I was going to fight warlord. I'm trying to remember the last time I fought in that tourney....probably a long time ago. Its not usually my jam but the format was getting changed up a bit and I really wanted to go hit things after the weird ass week we'd had. My goal was to keep in the bear pit for 45 mins (so half of the time) and do okay. Well, I made it through the whole 1.5 hours. I even held the field on a few cases including a spectacular eye slot stab on the soon to be Sir John. I could hear Casca and Morgan (HRM) both cheering loudly and John and I were laughing. Mel was very proud of me. Now the bruises I have are kinda crazy. My left butt cheek has two crossing stripes (one from John). Now when I stated the format changed it did. Prince Ailgheanan woke up on the sinister side of the bed that AM and said he would take the top 4 as the champions of the tourney who would then pick teams to go to a unlimited resurrection grand melee. The way to win was to have your champion kill all the other champions (that was the only permanent death). You could also permanently die if a Champion killed you. The finalists were Sir Kaz, Sir Marek, Master Dietrich and Lord Demetrius. I figured no one would pick me since I'm not that caliber but Master Dietrich came up to ask and I said yes and then Sir Marek and Demetrius came up and I had to tell them no. LOL.

I just have to say I was so tired but so happy to fight. Got home and changed clothes and curled up to read for a bit.

So it was a crazy week but all in all good. Obsidian is in a better place, work has been done, I'm inspired on the SCA front and I got my butt back on a tourney field. This week thus far has been okay. Benton is having issues again and a growth spurt is messing with the meds. Not sure yet what we need to do. Mel is coming down with a cold which isn't great but hopefully he will be better before he goes on business next week. I have a list of things to for Estrella that includes cleaning carpets, cooking and sewing. Lots of sewing. The Boys and I all need tunics. I also need another pair of pants but we shall see how I get things done.

Mel also got back to his restoration project and here are the before and after pictures.




My Weekend

Jan. 23rd, 2017 12:25 pm
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Friday was errands, pampering and hanging out with my apprentice for boozy brunch before working from home for a while. This was most of my weekend...do things and then work for a while.

I finished my kitten hat for the march on Friday night and got my phone finally upgraded to the new OS! Yay!

I slept fitfully since I was worried that things would not go nice and the worst case scenarios where in full force in my dreams but that was no issue.

The march was inspiring and cold and hot and inspiring and I was tuckered when I got home but I worked....Benton was beside himself that I could not be his world but he settled down once I finished and he got to watch some tv with me. (grin)

After he was in bed I pulled out my armor bag and checked through and found all of my stuff and got things packed up for the next day. We even taped up a new sword which was awesome. I was nervous when I went to bed but was so tired from the night befores poor sleep that I crashed hard.

We got Ben off to Mary and Andrew's for the day and got to site to find the event already in full swing. They had moved the event start time up but had only posted it to FB. Never cross posted it to anywhere. le sigh. I talked with the social media office and stated that was unacceptable. We didn't miss anything other than a drive by court barony but still. If I'd known things were going earlier I would have gotten us up there on time. le Sigh especially since I had the scrolls for the event.

But I got myself settled with scrolls and got my fighting card situation settled (I could not find mine) and then got armored up. To say I was nervous was an understatement but I got in and got myself insinuated into the line and things just fell right into place. Seriously, fell right back and I had no issues where I felt tired until much later in the day. Yay for working lungs! Got some nice compliments, helped teach some new fighters how to take and receive charges and just had fun. Seriously, it was so good to get back into things. Got lots of compliments from folks who were really glad to see me back and some from folks who didn't know I fought heavy. But that is to be expected that there is a short generation of fighters who have never seen me take the field. Sad but true. 3 years is a long time away. But I did it, I did it well and I'm still grinning even though I'm beat to hell.


We finished up with final court, loaded things up (I got shiny new scrolls for the case!) and then before we got to the interstate Mel noticed a 5 guys and we decided to stop there for dinner. This was the best plan. I did not realize how hungry I was and I was on fumes. Our plan to wait till Culvers in Casa Grande would have been a very bad idea.

Got to pick up Ben just before 7pm and then home to unload, get the boy bathed and then get settled in for the night. I'm not ashamed to admit I was in bed by 930pm.

Click on the picture to be take to my album on Flickr
Women's March Tucson 1/21/17
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Thursday was crazy working and then leaving early to get Ben for his group therapy appointment. We were 30mins early so that meant we headed to Fabrics that Go around the corner. I got a pretty veil for me and a gift one for Baroness Brighed for her stepping down on Saturday. I got some neat sun batik for Benton and a really nice red black and white plaid. Got done and headed back to his appointment. Ben did fall in absolute love with a soft leopard print that if it hadn't been $30+ per yard I would have gotten him some.


So Thursday is group therapy day and she has 2 sessions, younger boys and older boys. The older boys start coming in while the little guys are in session. I need to bring headphones and to sit against the wall cause boy are they loud and disruptive while I was working on drawings. We headed to Beyond Bread for dinner where Benton ate his fill. And then home for bed by 8pm. Mel's flight had been delayed and delayed and finally touched down about 1030pm and he was home by 11pm. He was tired but he got me presents of a double decker bus coffee cup and the brit version of The Cursed Child. Ben got a Brit Lion, a GB Olympics Team t-shirt and a Gruffolo book.

While I was waiting for Mel to get home I finished the cyber dread falls for the convention. Though I won't be wearing the one set with the Lolita...[livejournal.com profile] danabren is right...it looks like a jelly fish.

I also worked on Socks this weekend. I was inspired by finishing the Slytherin socks and pulled out Mel's Caution Socks and put a cable down the center which I'm liking.

And I cast on 2 pairs for myself since my second set of Signature sock needles arrived. I am making a rainbow/black striped ones and a pretty sparkly set.


Friday was busy with errands, the van driverside window mechanism breaking (thank you Jack Furriers for fixing it fast!) and my hair cut/color and errands before we picked Ben up for his followup appointment about his lungs. He got put on Singluar to help with the asthma and allergies. Additionally, we made the followup appointment to get him eval'd for ADHD meds. This is a preemptive strike since the school already hit him with a referral, he gets 3 before he is suspended. Sighs. Ben did not have a good day, he hadn't the day before so when we got home and I made dinner of lamb chops, mel took all of his toys out of his room. He was not happy about that but tough cookies. He went to bed whiny but well fed. He really, really likes lamb chops. I worked on the socks friday night. I was just not into starting anything else. Though I did get to sewing the crown under dress seams so I could have hand work the next day.

Saturday we got going for Mon's Investiture. Mel was very out of it. The jet lag was catching up fiercely but he was maintaining being awake etc. Ben did good during the day playing with Mason and keeping out of trouble. I sat at the back corner of the event and let it pass by while I sewed and chatted with Ari, Jules and various other folks. I got half way through the dress during the event before I called a time to go home cause I was toast. That site makes my allergies really bad. Got home, had leftovers and a whiny kiddo. Mel didn't even get through dinner before he passed out. Ben went to bed and then had screaming terror fears from stuff he over heard on the playground. It was lots of cuddling, snuggles and signing "My Favorite Things" to get his mind off of the scary things. Sighs.

I sat and finished the dress and knit on socks until late. My left tear duct in my eye was very swollen so I took some benadryl and hot compressed it. Which means I woke up horribly drugged out. Sighs. I got coffee and breakfast before I started to feel better and then I avoided paid work to clean up my studio from the crazy cosplay frenzy for the crazy crown frenzy, cleaned up the front room from the detritus of the previous days event and got my test fabrics out for Choli sunday building with Ari.

I managed to get the neckline cut/ pinned and machine sewn with the bound edge machine sewn ready for the hand stitching on the turn as well as the racing stripes on the sleeves before I headed for errands then to Ari's. I did not find what I wanted at Kohl's but I did hit a jewelry sale (SHINY!). Then we sat and got things worked out for my choli/vest/bolero patterning. Yay! I now have a plan. My goals are Tuesday, finish the under dress for crown, Wednesday Finish the over dress for Crown, Thursday night cut out the choli/Vest/bolero and maybe sew but I'm not guaranteeing it. I may drag the sewing machine with to sew on Friday/Saturday nights but not sure. I hope to get the choli done at least before we leave. But we shall see. I may just stay up way late the next few nights and get things done. We shall see.

To Do List )
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Up until about 2pm on Sunday I was feeling like a total failure. It took Ari hitting me upside the head to tell me that just cause I wasn't working on my cosplay stuff completely 24/7, didn't mean I suck. I was making stuff and doing good and I need to shut up and color.

So, lets rewind a bit....I had things to do this weekend which involved finishing up the lolita....I only managed to shop for it...I got some trims and another yard of fabric to make more trim...but I've been thinking about it.

Thursday I went to karaoke after spinning while Ben was in the shower. I got my first bobbin of 2 ply done on the red/denim yarn.
Stage 18: first bobbin plied

Had nice time singing and having a drink before getting home about 11pm. Mel was out and had to go to work in the AM. I set my alarm and crashed. He left around 515am and when I got up at 10 to 7 there was coffee. Yay! Got Ben to school and then came home to spin. I got the second bobbin done of the plying and then started in on errands (see above purchases) before I headed to my massage and a bit of other shopping. I didn't get my toes done...they were too busy but I picked up the boy who had had an awesome day and we got muchkins and coffee at Dunkin before heading home. I sat and finished up the pieces of the cat I was working on for a baby gift and the boys played legos. I got that done and we showered and then headed out for [livejournal.com profile] swordmage's bday at Ermanos. Ben did really well though he was tuckered. Good beer, food and conversations. Got home and I was tuckered myself. I didn't have the energy to do more than stare at fabrics but I managed to pull things out of stash for more purse/project bags for D*C.

Went to bed and slept pretty horribly....not sure what is up. We got up late to head to the event but it was all okay. Things were seriously running on SCA time. We should have carpooled with Dom...lol. Ben did okay. He was tired but he ran around with the kiddos there while we judged and taught folks what a median standard means and how not to be a jackass when judging. I saw lightbulbs going off above peoples heads which was good. We finished judging and then had almost 3 hours until court....seriously. 3 hours. Sighs. This meant we had to eat in SV and then drive home to make sure Ben didn't melt down. But he did good, we had Culvers and it was tasty. I did manage to get pictures of me spinning during court and also to chat and kibitz with Caolfinn. Which was awesome.


Got home and I started in on plying the rambouillet. It is so pretty.

Sunday I woke up poorly. Like the bed was on the wrong floor kind of waking up. Boy oh boy was I in a bad mood. I was a grump which was not helped by the fact that I had nothing but coffee until lunch. I had lunch and a beer and was much better. I got dinner on to cook and made spanish rice for the house hold meeting/pool party. But during the finale of this years Tour de France:
I finished my plying and then spooled everything off and organized it into this picture just as Froome crossed the line with team Sky in a can-can line.


Left: Silk/Merino singles 22-24 wpi and 233 yards all drop spindle.
Top: 2 ply rambouillet of 160 and 236 yards in skeins, Full singles to ply during tour
Middle (little): left overs from red and another project. 17.5 yards 3ply, plied during tour
Middle: red and denim merino, 69 yards and 131 yards 2 ply, 1 oz of red spun during tour all else plied.
Bottom: Easter yarn 148 and 174 yards plied only.

Total yardage spun and plied: 1633.5 yards
Total yarn to use: 1168.5 yards

We left for the household meeting a bit late because I couldnt' find my swim suit....it was in the laundry still from the retreat...really???? Sighs.

I relaxed a lot when I chatted with Ari who hit me on the head and chatted with A'isha on hair styles for the loli. We got home and dinner was not going to be done..I should have set the cooker to high while we were gone...oops. Ben ate his lunch which he hadn't earlier in the day and I think I drank a beer for dinner while mel had chips. I wasn't hungry. Hrafnheim can cook and if you go hungry its your own damn fault. Ben had a ice cream drumstick...thus he ate dinner.

I was feeling restless and just started cleaning up my messes. I had spinning stuff everywhere in the family room and I organized it and put things away. I cleaned up the studio for use, organized the stuff I had bought, put more things away, finished the cat for Julia/Eric, cleaned off the table for cutting later in the week, pulled fabric for crown clothes and just tidied things up. It felt really good. I then sat down about 9pm, pulled up Pinterest for how to make hair bows and made 3 as test pieces for our Hydra Cheer Squad.

The Cat:

The Bows:
Option 1
Options 2 and 3

And then I decided to finish a long lingering knitting project that just needed a hook and eye put on it.


So, I guess I was all about finishing things that have been on my plate and are stealing my muses to work on things I need to. All good, just didn't feel up to it...Now I do.
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Last week was sucky. Too much crappiness going on. Work was weird...I may be moving to another new program...I may not. Its all up in the air right now. But I was determined to have a nice weekend. So, Got things done friday after work though I must say that I need to not break my rule of getting a vehicle worked on the day before an event, even if its local. Got home and relaxed into the evening where I made a list for packing and I think I got to bed a reasonable time.

Got up on Saturday and had the mad dash of packing getting things sorted etc. The folks all carpooling were all ontime and we headed out about 815 to go up the mountain. I drove it easy since we had 2 people who get car sick in the van. But it was nice drive. Lots of bikes out. Got to site, got unloaded and then began the "how do we set this us" shuffle for the setup of our area of Boast and Toast. Hrafnheim had a lot of stuff to put out and figure out and we all teamed up and got it done with nice signs for what foods we had etc. The beers were on tap, ginger ale on tap, smoked salmon, potato soup, tarts, spinach puffs, cheese, pies, breadpudding, beets, sausage, steak, breads, butters, jams, pickles, mustard etc. Basically, we provided the hospitality our household is known for and had a good time. I grilled up sprouts chicken sausages and Dickman's ugly steaks. Tim was awesome and sliced those up thin for serving. It was exhausting and fun and I forgot to bring my charcoal chimney so that meant Mel had to muck with the chunk charcoal I brought to get me fire to cook on but it cooked perfectly.

The toasts were great all around and I spent the afternoon doing some spinning and chatting. Got cleaned up and ready for court. Our household knows how to tear down and get things moving. Such a good house. They even made sure we had a household picture before the night was done. I think Berki or Magdalen took this.
Taken by Berki and Magdalen - Hrafnheim.

Ben had just snarfed a piece of bread pudding but didn't chew or swallow it so he's chipmunk in each picture that was taken. LOL.

I did some TdF spinning at the event and finally got a picture of me spinning at an event.

Stage 14: spindle

We ended up winning the competition which was awesome. We like to entertain and provide good food and drink. I'm especially happy with our plan to put up the cloaks as decorations worked great and the aprons we got to match looked nice too.

Got loaded up and headed home with a bit of rearrangement of passengers for motion sickness and then down we went. Got home exhausted but happy and got Ben into a much needed bath. He was so tired. We were tired and it was beer and ice cream for dinner. LOL.

Sunday Mel got up and road his bike. I slept in a bit but Benton was hungry and woke me up for breakfast. Got up and moving and we all got food and then started in on the cleaning of the kitchen and the front room. I successfully threw out 4 pairs of shoes. Go me. Still need to get the piano cleaned off a bit more but it looks better than it has. The living room needs a bit of a tidy before it scribble but not too bad.

I had lunch with Ari, Bill, Faydra and Sarah and it was good. After that I headed to shopping for things at Target and Sprouts before getting home and being DONE. I was hot, tired and not motivated. Ben was tired and we sat down to watch the second season of Shaun the Sheep. This is seriously the only thing I've seen him watch that gets Benton going on giggling. Its so cute to hear and I love the show. I made bratwurst and ahi tuna on the grill to go with mac and cheese for dinner and relaxed on the couch before I decided to sit and do more spinning while we watched American Pickers. I finished off the 6th oz of fiber and now have 2 oz left.
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So, Thursday I was done with everything except to finish a few tweaks on my documentation, print it and pack things up. Friday night I was tired. I took a very long shower and then snuggled up into bed with an actual book, not fanfic. I was asleep before 10pm. Mel was up playing video games. I had downloaded Tekkend Tournament 2 for FREE with my gold membership and XCOM so he was a happy camper. Got up about 7am or so on Saturday and had just a nice coffee and reading and then getting into clothes, jewelry and packing things for the event. The last 15 mins of packing was weird but we got everyones stuff ready to go. Ben was whiney that he wasn't going. I explained again that the even would be boring for him and that he'd have more fun with Maddie.

Got to the event and got things settled. The unfortunate thing is that since the format had radically changed a lot of people just assumed I know WTF was going on. I had to keep saying to have folks go see Viscountess Victoria since I was also part of this grand experiment in A&S competitions.

So, unlike previous years where you are judged by 3 judges whose scores are tabulated and the winner of the category is settled by who got the highest score; this year, everyone picked their favorite pieces in each category/sub category both for novice and non-novice. The laurels then also picked their favorite novice item and favorite non-novice item.

The expectation was that folks would go around, read the documentation, talk with the artisan and look at the objects. I think it was a good experiment but with more than the 28 entrants we had it will get to be a cumbersome logistics issue. I did like that you can sit and chat with folks about their things and there was a comment book for you to fill out for each artisan. So, in all I think it was a positive experience for all. Plus I noticed that even though the requirement was "minimum documentation" the quality of the items entered was way better than I've seen on things with really swell documentation.

No, my household peeps did well on their docs. We did end up winning by default the household championship but we made a very good show, we did not do it by just the 10 entries we needed...we had 10 folks enter items so that was 20 entries. I think. I'm very proud of the heraldic display entry Sigrid did.


Its the Hrafnheim Hedge. All done Roll of Arms and shows the date of the laureling. Its really cool and we didn't get to see any of it until it was done and in the competition. So neat.

We headed out just before closing court to get changed and ready for Brew at the Zoo. Willa picked us up with Erika and off we went all schnazzyed up. Now it may have not been a dressy affair but we looked awesome and had a really good time...omg was that a lot of beer. They give you 20 drink tickets which if it was 1 oz samples that is great....it was 3-4 oz samples and ooh boy. We got home pretty knockered but it was a good time. Got bridget and the kiddos packed up and headed to showers and bed shortly there after.

I woke up at 430am and was dry...hungover and headachey....so I had ice water, drugs and more water. Mel did not and woke up pretty fuzzy. We were enjoying our coffee at 830 and Ben was just getting up. Got things settled around the house, got dressed and headed to BJ's for Father's Day Brunch/lunch. Ben was not he usual awesome self at the restaurant. He was tired and squirely and just not beuno. Mel and I were also tired so home we went to nap. I read but laid down and mel slept. Ben read in his room and was happy to stay put. Mel went antiquing and then Ben decided to be bothersome when all I wanted to do was rest.

I'm sure it wasn't so bad but he wasn't listening and later when we went to the store to pick out his dad's bday cake he really wasn't listening. What I do not appreciate is workers in the store trying to placate him with cookies and stickers for his BAD BEHAVIOUR? Seriously? He was not listening and when we got home, he got sent to his room to pick it up.

I sat and had a beer and relaxed. Mel handled him for a while, we had a nummy dinner of smoked salmon, macaroni salad and carrots. Did I mention Sunday was 115F and so hot we were almost able to cook an egg on the sidewalk? Seriously, we did science....it almost worked. I think we were all tired and crabby about things and just needed to all nap. I'd been slightly queasy all day and that didn't help either.

I read in the evening, mel played games and I went to bed on time. Mel did not but all okay.

All in all a good weekend. I now have baby gifts to make, the retreat to pack for and D*C to start working on. The BFF and I are going to mind meld over 4th of july weekend and make things cool in my head. Lots of things to get handled on that front but hopefully trim options work tonight for my sari.

So, lots to make , lots to do and the clock is ticking.
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This last weekend we scurried and cleaned and made the house and porch party ready. The floors have needed a good scrubbing for quite some time and I really need to do it more than I do. Course that can be said for most of the house. Le sigh. But I've really been trying to make a conscious effort to help on things and its showing a bit.

Had a nice weekend and Jessie was visiting. He got diagnosed with colon cancer which was a surprise and they do surgery next week. It looks promising that its only the one tumor but his Wagner's disease makes it so he can't have contrast in scans so see if its spread further than the small tumor. We shall see. We spent most of Saturday chatting.

Sunday was the household meeting and we got up and cleaned a lot. I had planned on doing most of it on Friday (too many errands and hella tired) and Saturday was with Jess but we did okay.

We made pork ribs and a small rack of lamb for the not pork folks and the household brought the rest of the sides. We had fun tag teaming the smoked ribs on the grill between mel and I. He'd smoked 8 full racks of ribs and I was grilling them to temp and he was cutting and serving. The kids were having a fun time running around and it was awesome to see how big the porch was and how it fit people nicely.


And we took a pick later in the evening to show how the kitchen stuff was setup on the side and how roomy it all was.


Friday we also had Ben's hearing fully tested at the hospital. He's good but he's got my ear wax thing and allergy thing. Good to know that he has my small ear canals.

Monday I hit the gym for the first time in a very long time. My allergies have been crazy and I've sulphured myself twice but I managed. Sore today but will head back. I've also been really buckling down on what I eat and trying very hard to not have a beer or pig out on sweets.

Work is going okay. I got into the Emotional Intelligence class I've been wanting to take for years. The first class wasn't too tramatic but the self assessment was not so much enlightening but shows I really need this class. I hope the next few sessions really teach me things on how to cope.
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Work has been busy and I've been trying to go through drawings at a good clip but its draining on the brain.  Got home on Friday absolutely exhausted and the boys weren't home.  It was weird.  I guess Mel picked up stuff at Ed's before they got home and then they were off again for dojo stuff. I was left tired and sleepy and curled up reading after mucking up my knitting once again.

They got home and were hungry and I wasn't. I was feeling very off.  I'm not sure if I'm allergy icky or what but yeah.  I had beer for dinner cause I'm an adult and went to bed happy but exhausted.

Saturday we got up a bit slow but were still to site on time for coronation.  Andrew was there and Benton and he played all day.  [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and I did our coronation ritual of untangling yarn which was part of my shawl issue.  It took us the entire first court to get the cake of yarn into a ball and untangled.  It was epic.  Wolfgrim and Petrek were faboo company and we had a very lively corner of crafts and snark. The snark was mostly at us.  I got called into court and was given membership into Order of the Golden Quill for my work in Scribal stuff.  Casca and Melissa almost made me cry. I'm the sixth recipient of the award and that is pretty cool. I also have another grant of arms which brings me to 3....between me and Mel was have 6 so I guess we have an armada?

The courts were fun and the pounce of peer for Gunnar was great for his Pelican. He'd been standing dead center at the back of court and was golf clapping enthusiastically about everything. It was cool.  His Chapeau had an awesome feather hanging off the high tip of it. (ala gnome hat).

The transitional courts were great and we got told very seriously to have lunch.

During Lunch we got hamburgers and brats from the concessions outside at the resort. Mistress Gepa came up to us with a piece of unfinished business. We had made her a Pelican during our reign and she had a thank you note for us. It was so sweet.  Love that lady a lot.

Got back into court and the counties were the last of the business.  I stood with the ladies of the Rose until Ari realized I needed to carry Melissa's county. So I marched up with her entourage.  I held Casca's hand and rubbed on his back while he kneeled during the Rose talks. I have so much love for that man, I just want to snuggle him in a blanket. Seriuosly.  Melissa again made us cry and my gift to her was a hankerchief so she could always know her sisters had time for her when she needed.

Got done with court and headed out to do some cleanup of the boys stuff and chat with [livejournal.com profile] corynnemacleod one last time.  Sniff Sniff. Never did get to give Gwennie a hug.  Outside we made sure to get scroll to Brian and Lia from their reign (17 Guardians of Atenveldt on the field at Estrella, eep).  Got to enjoy a beer with Arsenda and then got to talk one of my favorite ladies off a cliff becuase a peer said something and that crushed them into a ball.  Sighs. This peer has a history of saying the wrong thing and I was a good Peer and friend and got them back on track.  Said lady's hubby thanked me for it the next day.

We got home at a reasonable time and then headed out to get dinner at Sentinel Peak with Gallant and Stacey.  Food was okay, I think they switched chef's again but the beer and company was good. Ben was squirrely but he was way over tired and way over stimmed.  He fell asleep in the car and had to get woken up.  I think I made it to 830pm and then went to bed. I was toast. It had been a long day and I was done. So tired.

Woke up Sunday way too early and then fell back asleep once everyone else was up which then further made me feel awful. I was not functioning at all well. I did manage to not forget anything, including the scroll case and my earrings and off we went.  Got to site and Ivan and could not communicate tent setup. In the end it worked out but what is funny is my approximation of where I thought the eric would be was spot on.  Lol.  Got settled, talked another person off a personal cliff. And then set about trying to have a nicer day. I was grumpy, tired and a bit more snippy with Ben than I needed to be. My patience was thin and I'm pretty sure they are going to find something with Ben's hearing on Friday. He's not catching what we are saying a lot of times.  But yeah. Not my best but I tried to stick to the tent and work on projects. I sketched out the layout for Jorge's Knighting scroll, sketched out my breast plate design for Wonder Woman and knit on my Slytherin Socks.  I got a daisy from Mistress Sabilla, a Paper Rose from Baroness Magdalen, Daisy's from Benton and a pair of earrings from HRM Elzbieta for Mother's day.

I worked as signet deputy and got names on scrolls and chatted with a few more folks including THL Jacquiline who is taking over as A&S minister.  So pleased for her and it will give her some visibility in the arts. Many people have nommed upon her food but may not know her face.

We headed back after the tourneys and it was nice to get home to dinner done. Ben fell completely exhausted asleep in the car and mel poured in onto the couch to relax and watch some Batman:TAS.  I got up to get a beer since we had brought home two filled growlers the night before.  I pulled out the Mexican Amber, filled my glass and then went to grab lime juice and the growler of IPA fell out of the fridge. I couldn't catch it and jumped back but it smashed to the floor and I cut my big toe on glass. It was a mess. I'm bleeding profusely and all I can think is "great, the ER on mother's day, my favorite" but luckily the cut just bled a lot but wasn't too deep.  After that I flounced on the couch and then went to bed early after a good dinner from the crockpot. Sighs.

So, I guess in overview the weekend was good. Sunday was just weird but I was a good peer and a lot and helped out a lot of awesome people and I guess inspired others.  So that is a win?

So, I've determined that Monday: I own you and I'm hitting things out of the park on getting updates and slogging through weird tasks.  Going to leave on time from work and the family is going to clean house. My areas will be the front room and the bathrooms and the boys will get the kitchen, the family room and bedrooms.

Just need to work as a family and get it done.


May. 3rd, 2016 11:31 am
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Click the picture to go to the album.

Ian'ka and Cecil's Trip to KWHSS2016


Good coffee shops and good beer finds all over SLC.

Good yarn shops.

I've become that person who knows a lot of people in the SCA.

I got picked up and swung around by the King of a kingdom I've never visited.  It helps we've known each other since we were m'lord and m'lady and the fact he taught Ivan the off body so long ago.

Lots of good beer!

Heralds are a strange bunch.

Scribes are a strange bunch.

Met up in person with [livejournal.com profile] aliskye which was awesome!

Good food!

Amazing yarn store, Blazing Needles visit.

Got to see cool manuscript facsimiles.

Learned more about drawing acanthus and doing Fleuronnee Penwork

Got told i looked like I stepped out of a saga! SQUEE!!!

I think I got some of my mojo back for making SCA art.


Tweaked my back thursday bending an inch to get my pjs out of my suitcase and am still paying for it.

Lots of good beer! Which I felt was my need to finish before I left. I hate hangovers. But had a faboo convo with the apprentice.

Came home to a very sick hubby and a somewhat sick kiddo and stayed home yesterday to take care of them.

Scrolls for Coronation are done minus typing up the words for the heralds.
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Busy week at work last week meant a lot of things just did not get done around the house. I worked late on Friday and was absolutely beat when I got home.  Mel was the same and Benton was bouncing around cause he was tired too. Yes, I know that sounds not correct but when he's tired he will run around to keep himself awake.  We had plans to meet a chunck of the SCA household at http://www.serialgrillersaz.com/ just opened Taproom for pizza/sammiches and beer since Sierra Nevada was doing a tap takeover.  It was really busy and loud but we had a grand time.



As you can see Ben was tired and about 8pm he asked if we were going home. I was DDing and was happy to oblidge once his daddy finished his beer.  The food was great, we got to introduce folks to the place since many of the house had never been and we ran into Artimise which was hilarious.  I saw him and walked up behind him, grabbed his ass and then snuggled his belly.  He was caught off guard for a second and then turned around to see who it was and I got a big bear hug.  He came over to meet everyone and then left with his takeout.  I then snuggled up next to Wolfgrim and we got into a convo about how in the SCA we put up with a level of sexual harrasement with people we know versus normal societal norms.  Which is true in many ways but in our group of friends we do respect the boundaries etc.  It was just a very interesting observation.

Got home and we realized that our beer fridge was empty. oops.  Had gin and homemade mint lime soda. Very tasty and we had a bit of an early night for how tired we were.

Saturday dawned and I will say it felt like I had gargled with hedgehogs. My soft palette and my throat were so raw from pollen etc. Bleah.  Both mel and I were feeling bad and Ben was too. He's been coughing at night and not sleeping enough plus growing. He was so tired he fell asleep in the car on teh way to Barmaids. We left the car in the shade with the hatch open and the windows open for air/breeze I think he slept for a total of an hour while I handled scrolls and Mel got our stuff setup.  So cute.


He woke up and was groggy but good and then his nose exploded into an epic nose bleed.  Definitely growing cause I did the same thing at his age. We finally got it under control about half way through court.

The day was nice except for the wind. I was pretty miserable and my voice was not great for talking. I did a bit and chatted with Madalena and couple other folks but in general I drank water, kept track of Benton, made lunches and knit on my sock.  I'm not past the rip cord on the second Slytherin sock.  Knowing the court list it was good to see all of the good works and the fabooness of the recipients getting their awards. Mel drove us home about 4pm.  I was beat and took a laydown after I made tuna salad to have for dinner.  We were all hot and tired and a nice cool sammich for dinner sounded lovely.

Ben and Mel hung out on the porch while I dozed in the bedroom.  Again Ben was being spastic since he was so tired but it was a nice night.  We had dinner and then got the boy to bed.

I worked on my fic I'm trying to finish....[livejournal.com profile] ickaimp had given me some comments that I was trying to work through and  had to rewrite a section, which is okay but it means even though I made progress I'm still stuck on how it finishes again.  Oh, well. Hopefully it will be done this week so I can work on my other ones as well.

I read a bit after working on the fic and we turned in at not too bad of time. We got awoken at 1am with Ben falling out of bed again. Sighs.  Not sure how to stop that from happening and then at 4 am with a nightmare.  Oof.  So Sunday we spent on the porch. I enjoyed my coffee and read while sitting on the adirondak chairs and Ben was happy to hang out and play in the family room. Mel got his shop cleaned up and then hung the light strings I had bought for the porch.  We realized that we would need one more set to put a double string through the whole porch.

I finally got a shower and felt better but my lungs were still over tight.  I ended up hitting my inhaler and then heading on errands.  Since I don't take my inhaler often I was jittery when I got back from Ace Hardware/Costco and Sunflower. All okay though. Got settled and then Ben asked for his tricycle to be changed into a balance bike and I went looking for the axles for it.  I had the tools but the axels had been moved to mel's shop for some reason but we got it worked out and the seat adjusted.

We had dinner, got Ben washed up and then Mel and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the evening.
Porch at Night )

It was a nice night and I got laundry done and we both made the time to put our laundry away. My studio had gotten cleaned up late on Thursday night so it was easy to put things away.  It was stuffy in the bedroom so I got the fan out again.  I tried to sleep well but my coughing kept me up a bit and my voice today is faboo.  Oh, well. I hope I'm better by Thursday when I fly to KWHSS.

But in all the weekend was relaxing and the house is happy. Having the wind chimes back up made the house very happy. Mel and I discussed what we will be doing with the backyard and the wall and its still going to be a lot of work but it will be nice.


Mar. 1st, 2016 12:32 pm
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War was weird.....

The YAYS!:

1) [livejournal.com profile] bertana surprised us with a visit
2) My class went well and our demo was well attended.
3) I was a good deputy signet
4) Benton got to shoot real archery
5) awesome awards were given
6) Good times around the fire
7) Viking Games for the WIN!
8) Got to hang with [livejournal.com profile] ya_inga and Mistress Mai, so awesome.

The WTF???
1) squire broke his arm in the first battle friday and kept fighting (it didn't hurt until it stopped working right)
2) Weddings should never happen at war and that affected our camp in dumb and crappy ways.
3) Squire's wife was not there to help with kitchen things and be my backup brain.
4) It was way too hot....grumble
5) things just felt rushed and odd.
6) I did not come back as inspired as I usually do but well stardust doesn't have to always happen.
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Lot has happened since the week before last before last. Well, the biggest thing was I thought I was having allergy attacks, which I was, but it moved to a nice chest cold/sinus infection thing that I’m still fighting…its hard to breath and the asthma is really flared and my voice comes and goes which is just lovely for international telecons and speaking for someone at their Laurelling. I spent about two weeks being sick and bleah. Vicks vapor rub has been awesome.
We headed to Barmaids very late, so late that I got a phone call on the way to validate we were coming cause Richyrd was freaking out his Royal Peer would not be there to speak for him. It was all good. Got to site and it was uber windy and annoying. Glad I brought my cloak cause standing under the shade was cold. Ben played all over and had a good time with Grainne’s daughter and I sat out of the wind in the impromptu fiber circle knitting. Court was very, very long and when I got up to speak I made sure to use the commander voice to be heard and made Richyrd and the crown cry. The story I told that as a royal peer you do things for the greater good. My example was asking Richyrd, who had just callig’d every scroll on site for the B&B to do “just one more” since we as crown needed to give a dying man his one and only award. That was Lord Cyrus of Granite Mountain’s Light of Atenveldt which conferred his AOA as well. It was an unplanned award, the only Light medallion we had was mine which was given to me by Alex the Scribe and was one of the original hand carved medallions on Olympic ribbons. I knew I would be getting the award back because he did not have long left with the world but it was hard. Richyrd just smiled and knew the good we would be doing by giving the award and callig’d another scroll. He cried, I cried….yeah.

Got home late and the plan was to change clothes and meet Ari (who had traveled with us to Barmaids and back in the van) but Ben was toast and would not wake back up. I got changed and met Ari for dinner at Outback and we got sat at Table 42, Ari showed up wearing her new 42 tshirt and Rachel was our waitress which just added to the fact that we needed BFF dinner out and we had a nice time. Sunday I woke up feeling way better and that was good. Made it through a week of work and craziness and Benton being bad at school that led to us on Friday having a parent teacher/director conference.

We slept in and then hit the conference with the school. Basically, Benton does not want to nap, but regulations state he needs to lay down for 30minutes minimum. We’ve tried all sorts of rewards/punishments etc for getting him to do that and nothing is really working. He’s also throwing things without realizing he’s doing it and we came up with some strategies to work that and redirect it. It was a good meeting. There was no discussion about kicking him out of school. Which was nice. This week has not really shown much improvement and we basically said that “no reading of books until this behavior improves.” I think that will be even more poignant when we return library books and then don’t get more. We shall see. I know he doesn’t want to nap but if he lays down his body does and he has to keep it moving to not sleep and that causes issues. Seriously, if he napped life would be so much better on so many levels with him. But yeah.

I felt really good after the conference and mel did too. We then headed to Grandma’s to pick up my spinning wheel which had come in weeks early. Got it picked up and then we headed to Bumsted’s to have lunch with Mel’s co worker and his girlfriend. It was a good lunch and then we headed to Tap and Bottle where I finished the first sock for my MIL. Untitled

Got home from that and I set the wheel up and did some spinning before picking Ben up from school. Saturday we got up and went to Coronation which was enjoyable. The kiddo area was setup at the back of court and we kept a good eye on Ben while he played with Mason, Andrew and the other kiddos. Everyone but Ed in the Hrafn row had hand work and we enjoyed court tremendously, though it was long. Got home and had a good time with Will, Volchek and Ashley (we had all car pooled in the Red Hrafn van) and had dinner with them and drinks while we discussed a variety of topics SCA and non.

Sunday Mel, Volchek and Domnall took the van to the tourneys while I watched Inara and Benton. We went to the zoo and then home for me to paint with the girls and the kiddos to play their hearts out. Maddie was nice enough to sit out on the porch so they could play outside somewhat supervised. Got some good work done on Arsenda’s scroll which I’m quite proud of. I would paint for 45 mins and then spin for 45 mins. I finished up the “zombie” colorway I had started on Mel’s Country Craftsman way back in the early fall or maybe for Tour de Fleece 2014…not sure. Regardless, I finished it and also finished the red merino that I had been testing spinning wheels with and I think they both turned out very nicely.

Finally started to feel good and got back to the gym this week. I took it slow and easy on Monday. Yesterday I pushed hard and actually ran on the “hard” sections of the intervals on the treadmill. I’ve also started using macro calculations for food and am tracking things on “My Fitness Pal”. I hope this works well for me and I just need to 1) stop having booze whenever I want it and 2) keep up the physical activitiy. From the scale, I basically have 35-40 pounds to loose to get back to where I want to be and where I was before Ben was born. Yeah, I’ve let myself go. Going back to my previous weight/food tracker I’ve not weighed where I am now ever that I can find. I’m heavier than just before Ben was born. I want to be where I was before Ben. I had worked hard and I know what I have to do and now I just need to adjust with how my body has changed since pregnancy. I’m older, things have changed and yeah. Just have to keep active, eat right and stop with the booze. Sounds easy but my will power and stress levels don’t make this easy. Mel has been really good about thinking about how to cook dinners that have separate carbs from protein and I’ve taken to using spinach versus the carb for meals but the new eating plans may help me regulate it better. We shall see. All little steps towards self-care this year. I really am working hard on that goal and my mental wellbeing has really improved so I know part of it is working and I just need to work the physical things and get active.

Last night I finished the bunny for a coworker’s almost here baby. I still owe [livejournal.com profile] eilina her baby present for Malcolm. I’m about 40% done on that one and it’s a way more involved pattern and I still have a hat to make too. But again, all good and fun small projects are making me happy.
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Spent a long weekend at my MILs doing taping and mudding of drywall in one bedroom and one bathroom. Went to an SCA event as a family and she got to experience it as a participant for the first time and that was awesome. It was a very small event and we were the highest ranking people which was weird.

Had a nummy feast with the best ever pork roast I've EVER HAD!

So I'm a solo parent this week while Mel is at his mom's still. He's doing more drywall and flooring and as of this morning some emergency plumbing.

I've been lazy. I did go shopping with Benton yesterday to get food and I'm cooking the rest of the week for us. I got chicken tikka Masala that I did in the crockpot last night while we were sleeping and I'm going to make a large dent on the cleaning of the kitchen/front room/family room tonight. Seriously, its gotta be done. Will update with pictures etc soon.
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Very odd week. I stayed up too late, painted too much and in general didn’t get a lot done except scroll work. The housework went by the wayside and things just tumbled down into blech. By Friday I was DONE. I picked up Benton and he had just pooped his pants. I decided that I would not get mad. He’s still figuring that out. The school folks helped get him cleaned up and we then went to get coffee and do target shopping. He was hungry and tired and we got new shoes, new clothes and some household essentials. Since we picked up his potty seat for the toilet he’s complained it wasn’t a Lightening McQueen one from Cars, he had picked out the Thomas the Train one…so I relented and got him the Cars one. I was desperate at this point. It was nice to go out to coffee with him and he looked quite debonair at Starbucks. Look at him holding his apple aloft!

We then headed from Target to pick up dinner at Brushfire BBQ where Benton made our order. He got to choose our meat choices and our veggies. We then went home to eat them. Mel was nice enough to clean the poopy pants for me and we had a really nice family dinner. Benton was beat by the time it was bedtime and that was good. Saturday morning he woke up early and got mel out of bed. Which was okay, since we needed to get up and get things going. Mel went to the apple store to pick up a new phone since his got peed on by Obsidian on Thursday night Friday morning. I had put it in a bag of rice to desiccate and it worked but it was already unreliable. We managed to get Mel booked on a flight to see his parents for Monday and he needed a phone. I got the house picked up a bit and then got ready for the girls to arrive for scribble stuff. Icka and Wander arrived and we all got down to business. I finished up the final white work and planned out my text spacing before they left.
The Highlight of the day was that I had been very forceful with Benton that he would not get pants until he pooped in the potty. My kid hates to be anywhere close to naked. He ran around in his Batman long sleeved shirt and underoos for most of the day until he gave Mel a bit of trouble and then he was naked from the waist down. But our persistence finally paid off and he ran to the potty and went! Seriously, that poop was massive! Benton was so excited to do it and have it go well and he got his rewards. Here he is all decked out in his TMNT undies, TMNT sunglasses and his new skylander!

We had Wander for dinner and then I put Demolition Man in the xbox and cranked out the calligraphy on the County. It turned out really nice. We stayed up watching some stuff on Youtube and then headed to bed.
Sunday was busy with housework and grocery shopping. Benton was quite the character all day. He did good with the potty but was really tired and just pushing all of the buttons which was driving us crazy. The girls were working on their scroll and I cut holes (slits) in mine for the future pendant seals. It was crazy to do that. Everyone left about dinner time and Benton finally went to bed exhausted. Just like us. I sat and knit while watching some episodes of Elementary that I’ve saved up on the DVR. Mel played with his new phone and then packed for his trip to WA. We got to bed a bit late but I got coffee on for the morning etc.
We got up on Monday and started getting ready for mel to leave and Mel’s mom called to say that his dad had passed. Needless to say this was not what we expected. It was bittersweet and probably better in the long run but it definitely put a damper on the day. I did things in a daze and managed to get off of work early and have a good chat with Benton about his grandpa. What was awesome was that he understood that Grandpa is gone and his memories are good of him and he talked non-stop about the grapes Grandpa Mel was giving him. We played a few word games on my iPad.
Then things got crazy. In a good way. Asteria was giving away her couch and I liked it and needed it moved. Thyra was awesome and got a crew of folks to move it and it arrived with some old and dear friends and we spent time cleaning it up and moving the old couch. Benton was all about showing off his 3-ness and was cute and annoying at the same time. Scribble folks were also arriving early and Icka was awesome with the cleaning up help and watching Benton a bit. Got the boy to bed, finally got my dinner (and fed Icka and Wander too!) Bridget arrived and I had been saving her the last piece of bread pudding for her trials of the last week and we all sat down to work. I got the pendant seal parchment set and then veg’d. I was so tired and almost fell asleep on the couch. It was nice though and having folks over and relaxing and working was great.
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Well, last week brought lots of change to our house. The family made the executive decision to go see Grampa Kemp in April so we will all be travelling together as a unit. The Grandsons will get to be together for the first time and I'm sure that will be EPIC. Sad that we are doing it that way but still its needed. Also on the family decision front we finally said Adios! to Childtime. The straw that broke the camels back was that they wanted Benton evaluated for autism/other disorders since he was such a disruption to their facility. Yah, no. My kid is intelligent but not too bright some days and does not like to be crowded etc. I made some phone calls and took a tour of Old Spanish Trail Preschool who I had previous not gone to since they didn't have openings when Benton was a baby. They are AWESOME. Holy cow. The absolute change in the kid allowed behaviour, the rules, the staff...its really night and day. We enrolled Benton on Friday and got him out of childtime (to their complete shock) and let him see his new school and he was ecstatic.

Over the weekend we worked hard on the potty training and he wore (in his words) big boy panties and only had a few accidents. The incentive at the new school is to have the kids potty trained so they can use the "big kid" playground which is literally 3 times the size of my house lot.

His first day was good and we got great reports back and we are so happy.

I also managed to smack the crap out of my foot again on the bathroom stool so I'm again hobbling. Sighs.

Dame Fiona passed away yesterday morning and I'm sad. She was such an awesome crazy lady. Fabulous spirit and artisan. She will be very much missed.
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I had made a partial post using the lj app on my phone and well it got eaten by the phone. So, last weekend we went to Prescott for the Toreano de Belleza (Tourney of Beauty). Friday we got things packed up and picked up [livejournal.com profile] lferion on the way and made it to the Prescott area about 2pm or so. I had made the executive decision to have Ivan sleep in the back of the truck since he was still feeling pretty poorly.

He snuggled up and was out somewhere in Marana. It was really cute as you can see.

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We stopped off at a few antique places along the way into Prescott proper and bought a few things. I got some wonderful wool yarn and some napkins. Mel got another handcrank grinder. Wander got a senser/sprinkler thingy. Benton got to see lots of neato stuff. We got to A Good Yarn and had a nice time there. I bought yarn for two projects. One is for a cute cloche hat from the book mel got me for my birthday and the other was for the Stephen West Spectra Shawl. I've been wanting to make it but didn't quite have the yarn in my stash. I've been trying really, really hard to not buy yarn and have been doing pretty okay at it. We then trundled to Lady Eleanor Peregrine's house of Looms for our crash space. She seriously has looms everywhere. It was fiber geek heaven. We then headed back into Prescott to eat at the Prescott Brewing company. Good food and beer as always. We got some beer to go and then headed back to relax. Mel and Benton went straight to bed and Wander, Eleanor and I stayed up a bit chatting. I worked on my sock and it was nice. What was not nice was I could not sleep. Benton was crying a lot and complaining about the carpet for some weird reason which we figured out in the morning. Mel ended up snuggling up with him on the floor and I fell asleep about 330am. The next day dawned though and we had a nice leisurely breakfast cooked by HL Giles.

We got to site and mel was glad he had decided to not fight. The act of getting packed up and travelling the 10miles or so wore him out. We got settled into the event and had a nice time. We did not have good Brigade coverage and mel was very tired and sick so I watched Benton most of the day. That meant I missed out on the event pretty much except for the Knight's circle and court. Oh, well. Benton and I had a marvelous time playing on the playground and flying kites.
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The site was lush with grass and the weather was cool. We got back to Eleanor's and she made us Chicken paprikash from scratch and it was heaven! None of us were up too late that night and I slept way better. We had figured out that Benton had complained about the carpet because he kept rolling off his bed roll onto a plastic chair matt and it was cold and uncomfy. We got him settled better and when we went to bed we found this:
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His bed was by the closet....it was really cute. We all slept good though and that was a good thing. We dinked around and finally left Prescott about 11am. We got to Phx and headed to the Cornish Pasty Company for lunch and to hit Tempe Yarn and Fiber. Mel was feeling way better and drove and I was not feeling very good. I was very, very tired but I managed to finish my socks and cast on a hat for Sifu Paul.
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I've been okay the last few days. I've been keeping up on my drugs and attempting to get enough sleep but well, I fail on the sleep part. Mel had now gotten a cold/sinus ick and Benton has been more snotty nosed and is coughing now. We are a wonderful snotty family.

I've been steadily working on my second sock and I should be able to finish it this weekend since I have 2 inches to do before I start the toe decreases. YAY! I have a hat for Sifu Paul to start and then I need to get cracking on the blanket for Pirogi #2 for [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek but that is a large project and hard to transport for trips.

Its looking more likely that I will be staying home over memorial day. I don't have a good plan for Benton care and me working the SCA booth and seeing the convention. It might just be a good time to hit the zoo and the park, relax, watch movies etc. We shall see.

Other than that not much else. Looking forward to the event this weekend. I just hope we are all physically okay with the travel and aren't too crabby. I do mean all of us, not just Benton.
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It was a wonderful weekend. Wow. I didn't sleep enough but everything else was great. Blood, sweat and happy tears made up the weekend and it went off without much of a hitch due to the generosity of our friends and family. Seriously, they rocked the house and our clean up crewe was fabulous packing for us.



There are more pictures but for now those will suffice.

Just trying to get into the swing of the reign but there was a lot of magic and stardust.
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So a little thing happened.


We will be the 87th Crown of Atenveldt and will be stepping up May 4th in Casa Grande, AZ at the Fransisco Grande Resort.

So happy and lots to do in the WEEK BEFORE ESTRELLA!!!!!!!  EEP!!!!


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