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Mar. 7th, 2017 10:06 am
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So Thursday I was dead tired and left work, got groceries and a weird thing happened.  My legs kept cramping up...like enough for me to loose my balance.  Weird.  Get home, have food and then snuggle up on the couch with DH and the apprentice to watch John Wick which was way fun.  We headed to bed pretty early and my plan was to work a bunch of friday so I didn't have to work the weekend....yeah, that kinda happened.

Woke up Friday with a migraine and leg cramps and body aches and just stayed mostly in bed...got a really hot shower and more drugs and was somewhat functional but after a bit of work, vet appointment and little boy pick up I was toast.  Saturday (see toast) and worked some more and then retreated to my bed again.   Stomach cramps suck....a lot. Pain meds don't help worth a damn and my back still spasmsed. I managed to be upright a bit on Sunday but not much on Monday I got Ben to ari's and called the doc.

I have the stomach flu or a Noro variant. Its not quite like Ben had and my body has decided that I can eat just fine but my insides feel like I've been punched and keep cramping. Sighs.  So work today since I tried to work a bit from home and my passwords had gotten expired on Sunday (when I should have worked) and yeah.

I'm tired and crunched over but still doing status. Bleah.

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So Monday I woke up and my right shoulder was aching....Then Monday night I had wicked ass knots all through it and my back. It still continues...my next scheduled massage is the 8th. So I've been massaging it myself, having DH do it, biofreezing it and coping. yeah, not my fave. I'm sure it has something to do with driving, spinning, too much crochet in the last week or I pulled something sleeping goofy. I keep waking up and my right hand is behind my head, gripping the underside of the headboard....I haven't done that since I was nursing...

Additionally, my asthma has flared but I'm not sure if its due to the muscles being goofy or the weather change? We have gotten a crap ton of rain and are currently sitting on the last day of the month with the 2nds wettest June on record in Tucson with more storms going today. My head is fuzzy from everything and all of the pressure changes. Its only supposed to be 89F today which will be chilly and the office is COLD. So cold the guys are complaining. Luckily I have a shawl.

I'm sure that is not helping the lungs at all. So we shall see. I do need to get back to the doc though since my asthma has flared and I probably need to get a scrip for a new inhaler settled. Course I need to get Ben allergy tested since he's still coughing and I'm sure he has coughing asthma like his momma. Le sigh....I had hoped he'd not get that. Unfortunately, he coughs so hard he almost pukes or does puke which is not pleasant for anyone, poor kiddo.

So, tonight will be working on the final baby gift, washing the other baby gifts and relaxing....Friday we work..le suck but I shall cope.
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When last we left our intrepid band of adventurers i.e. me, I was very ready for a 3 day weekend of crafting and documentation writing. What I got was partially that and a humdinger of a sickness. I had been very tired by the time Thursday had rolled around and that was just the harbinger of more to come.

I spent Thursday night in the company of [livejournal.com profile] swordmage and we chatted while she worked on her documentation and I worked on my hat. I think I went to bed pretty early. Friday dawned and I got up at some point and we got Ben to school. I got us burritos from Paco and Mom's and then I headed out after some dinking around the house to get my hair done. After that I ran some errands at the mall like getting resized for bras (seriously, that is a new size, le sigh) and then the booze store for beer. Got done with that, headed home to do drop off and made it to my massage appointment just on time.

Kevin is awesome, my massage therapist, and did a lymphatic release on my legs. When I got done with everything 90 mins later my legs no longer ached and the swelling was down considerably. Wow. Even my rings weren't tight which they had been with the heat. I was drained though since he did such good work but I picked up Benton from school and we headed home to make dinner. Mel had spent the day in the workshop working on second DVD rack. I got dinner made which was a tasty pasta with vodka sauce and lots of mushrooms. Linnet, Mace and Ari came over for game night. We had a very good evening of playing "Terror in Meeple City" and after Benton went to bed we all rolled up characters for a kids D&D game. I have never rolled such a bad ass in my life. Seriously. I'm the cleric. This will be fun.

I tuckered out after a while and lay on the couch. The body work caught up with me and probably the 2 very strong G&Ts I had. Everyone left about 11pm and I headed straight to bed. Woke up on Saturday well after Mel since he headed to Ed's for megapatio work. Ben and I had a quiet morning of cartoons and reading. We got things picked up in time for Stacy and Gallant to come over the documentation help. I was tired but managed to get my docs in work...not as far as I would have liked but we worked for a few hours. Mel got home exhausted and we had a nice dinner. Ben had melted down in teh afternoon which I later realized I had never fed him lunch. He had had two breakfast, one of which was at 11am so I didn't think about it. le sigh. I was tired too. Started getting tightness in my chest and a bit of a cough as I went to bed which at the time I attributed to me brushing the cats earlier in the day. I seriously got another cat off of them in fur. But that was not the case.

Woke up on Sunday and I was not well. I managed to get grocery shopping done and then settled for a nap for a bit before heading out and getting Benton a new bike. This time with pedals since he had broke his balance bike and we hit Costco for a quick thing we needed and then home. Ben rode around the porch happy as a clam. Its got training wheels but those we will take off in a few weeks.


I settled in after dinner to relax but could not get my brain to function. I read and went to bed about 9pm. I was toast. I woke up coughing horribly and just stayed in bed. I finally got up and slightly mobile about 930am and I spent the rest of the day sleeping and reading. I didn't even really have a brain and that was how I lost 2 whole days of work etc. I finally had some function on Tuesday to get a shower and switch out linens on beds/bathrooms but that was the extent of my ability.

I went to work yesterday and that had been okay but I hit a down trend and only did 8 hours. Got home and napped for almost 2 hours before Ben and Mel were ready for dinner. Little boy was tuckered and went to bed early. I finished reading an epic fic called "Washed Ashore" and then settled in to finish up the string documentation. I hit the showers a bit after 10pm and was asleep before 11am. All of us were up and going this AM and that is good. My nose is not dripping as much and my cough has basically subsided. All good just still tired.

I have to finish the docs and finish the hat still and I hope to do the final edits tonight.
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For weeks I've been run down and just bleah...not quite a cold, not quite well just very drained by the end of the day. The whole family has the samething and yeah.  Crown happened and it was good. Ivan didn't win but he felt the best at fighting than he has in years.  Which is good. Our household hosted 6 fighters and all did really well.  Domnall got the Shield of Chivalry and Wolfgrimm was a close second for that accolade.  Wil/Haukr made the ladies swoon with his introduction for his consort and it was very well indeed.

Got a few pictures...not a lot. I was tired and just nervous as you are on the day you might become a princess.  We had a lot of people under our shade and I think for next crown we need to have a kids tent.  So many people that I had to turn friends of the household away for lack of space.  All good though.

Just a few pictures here:

Crown Spring 2016

Mel took an elbow shot that was hard and well, his elbow pad was dead and he burst his bursa.  Its gross and still leaking a bit.  Weird injury that we wouldn't have know had happened if he hadn't been knocked out of the tournament on that bout.  Took his armor off and was bleeding profusely.  Luckily he got taken care of by Mistress Rowan and we got supplies to take care of it at home.  It hurts but the tired/sick stuff has been affecting him more.

We got to have beer/food at Uncle Bears and food at Mellow Mushroom. Ben crashed on his dad's lap at Mushroom and we had to drag him out of the booth. The people behind us didn't know there was a kid with us and were surprised and the manhandling we did with a sleeping boy.  Ben did awesome the enitre weekend and we could not have asked for better behaviour.  He listened, played well and was good during court.  what more can you ask for?

Today I'm telecommutting and waiting for the door installers to get here for the new patio door and for the estimator for the coolers to get here.  yay!
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since the tummy sick of a few weeks ago I've still not felt well.  Things just aren't right and well at Southern I was off all event.

Southern was in general good. We had tons of folks on setup day and that was great.  The new site (I guess only for this year) was nice which was suprising. Though we need to have court way earlier if we do it there since its all outdoors and no light/sound.

I managed to burn the fuck out of my fingers on my left hand cooking dinner on Friday. I knew the knurl on the pot handle was hot but I grabbed it anyway. I managed to cook the rest of dinner with my left hand holding an icecube in a wash cloth.  It looks healed now but typing...ow. and i don't have really good feeling on the fingers either.  I had blisters that were large and in charge.

I did not fight cause I felt weird on Saturday and well, the hand wouldn't have been able to hold a sword.  Sunday I woke up and was awful. I'd spent every hour since 1 am up for abit and hitting the privy and I was tired, hurting and sick.  I managed to get the inside of teh tent packed and Benton helping with things and us loaded into the car while the rain was starting and the rest of CAMP was coming down.  Much thanks to my household for tearing things down well and quickly. We were all home by 3pm. I was home by 1230 or so.  Stopped and Benton got his very first Happy Meal cause I new I had no food at the house and it was right at the turn on to the interstate. He enjoyed it and snarfed all of it.  Got home and got him into a much needed bath and I took a shower while he was soaking. THen I bundled up on the couch and we watch Avengers Assemble Cartoon until Mel came home. I then slept in my bed for a few hours. Mel was awesome adn put things away (not everything but food etc).  I was happy to snuggle up and be warm.  I went to bed early and slept much better than I had but woke up with stomach cramping again. I stayed in bed until 7am and then got Ben up and ready for school. I got back and crawled under the blankets on the couch before getting back into bed a few hours later.

I read and slept my Monday away and here we are.  Not great, not special but I'm here.

Work front, I had a mini interview for a new job.  So we shall see where that goes.  My plan is to have things settled by the time Estrella rolls around.
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A stomach flu of very nastyness hit the Kemp household with Benton first puking on my shoes on Tuesday.  Mel got hit with it on Friday and I came down with it this past monday. I'm finally back at work and only runnign on about 75% so yeah.  it was the worst I'd been sick in quiet some time

Dragon's Horde was, okay.  Ben had a great time but there really was not enough activities to need the two days and I was so exhausted and mel was still sick that our anniversary was a bit lackluster but we still went out to dinner at Bj's for a good time.

I've been knitting and mostly reading once I got sick.

I've started and finished 3 books.  Half off Ragnorok and Pocket Apocolypse by Seanan Macguire. Very campy and fun novels that make you question who the monsters really are.  Next was Night Broken by Patricia Briggs.  Seriously, that women rights things I can't put down. Sighs.  Love the world as always. So I think that was books 7,8 and 9 for the year.  Sighs. So sad.  Course I could add up my fanfic reading total and probably easily hit 50 books. Oh, well.

I now have started Hell Bent by Devon Monk (#10 for the year) which is in the same place as teh Allie Beckstrom novels and stare Shame Flinn and Terric Collins of those novels.  Shame is a darker, snarkier Spike and Terric...not sure about him yet.  Again, Devon has such an interesting world setup that I can't help but keep reading.

Other than that...yeah.  I'm just trying to stay afloat.
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Lot has happened since the week before last before last. Well, the biggest thing was I thought I was having allergy attacks, which I was, but it moved to a nice chest cold/sinus infection thing that I’m still fighting…its hard to breath and the asthma is really flared and my voice comes and goes which is just lovely for international telecons and speaking for someone at their Laurelling. I spent about two weeks being sick and bleah. Vicks vapor rub has been awesome.
We headed to Barmaids very late, so late that I got a phone call on the way to validate we were coming cause Richyrd was freaking out his Royal Peer would not be there to speak for him. It was all good. Got to site and it was uber windy and annoying. Glad I brought my cloak cause standing under the shade was cold. Ben played all over and had a good time with Grainne’s daughter and I sat out of the wind in the impromptu fiber circle knitting. Court was very, very long and when I got up to speak I made sure to use the commander voice to be heard and made Richyrd and the crown cry. The story I told that as a royal peer you do things for the greater good. My example was asking Richyrd, who had just callig’d every scroll on site for the B&B to do “just one more” since we as crown needed to give a dying man his one and only award. That was Lord Cyrus of Granite Mountain’s Light of Atenveldt which conferred his AOA as well. It was an unplanned award, the only Light medallion we had was mine which was given to me by Alex the Scribe and was one of the original hand carved medallions on Olympic ribbons. I knew I would be getting the award back because he did not have long left with the world but it was hard. Richyrd just smiled and knew the good we would be doing by giving the award and callig’d another scroll. He cried, I cried….yeah.

Got home late and the plan was to change clothes and meet Ari (who had traveled with us to Barmaids and back in the van) but Ben was toast and would not wake back up. I got changed and met Ari for dinner at Outback and we got sat at Table 42, Ari showed up wearing her new 42 tshirt and Rachel was our waitress which just added to the fact that we needed BFF dinner out and we had a nice time. Sunday I woke up feeling way better and that was good. Made it through a week of work and craziness and Benton being bad at school that led to us on Friday having a parent teacher/director conference.

We slept in and then hit the conference with the school. Basically, Benton does not want to nap, but regulations state he needs to lay down for 30minutes minimum. We’ve tried all sorts of rewards/punishments etc for getting him to do that and nothing is really working. He’s also throwing things without realizing he’s doing it and we came up with some strategies to work that and redirect it. It was a good meeting. There was no discussion about kicking him out of school. Which was nice. This week has not really shown much improvement and we basically said that “no reading of books until this behavior improves.” I think that will be even more poignant when we return library books and then don’t get more. We shall see. I know he doesn’t want to nap but if he lays down his body does and he has to keep it moving to not sleep and that causes issues. Seriously, if he napped life would be so much better on so many levels with him. But yeah.

I felt really good after the conference and mel did too. We then headed to Grandma’s to pick up my spinning wheel which had come in weeks early. Got it picked up and then we headed to Bumsted’s to have lunch with Mel’s co worker and his girlfriend. It was a good lunch and then we headed to Tap and Bottle where I finished the first sock for my MIL. Untitled

Got home from that and I set the wheel up and did some spinning before picking Ben up from school. Saturday we got up and went to Coronation which was enjoyable. The kiddo area was setup at the back of court and we kept a good eye on Ben while he played with Mason, Andrew and the other kiddos. Everyone but Ed in the Hrafn row had hand work and we enjoyed court tremendously, though it was long. Got home and had a good time with Will, Volchek and Ashley (we had all car pooled in the Red Hrafn van) and had dinner with them and drinks while we discussed a variety of topics SCA and non.

Sunday Mel, Volchek and Domnall took the van to the tourneys while I watched Inara and Benton. We went to the zoo and then home for me to paint with the girls and the kiddos to play their hearts out. Maddie was nice enough to sit out on the porch so they could play outside somewhat supervised. Got some good work done on Arsenda’s scroll which I’m quite proud of. I would paint for 45 mins and then spin for 45 mins. I finished up the “zombie” colorway I had started on Mel’s Country Craftsman way back in the early fall or maybe for Tour de Fleece 2014…not sure. Regardless, I finished it and also finished the red merino that I had been testing spinning wheels with and I think they both turned out very nicely.

Finally started to feel good and got back to the gym this week. I took it slow and easy on Monday. Yesterday I pushed hard and actually ran on the “hard” sections of the intervals on the treadmill. I’ve also started using macro calculations for food and am tracking things on “My Fitness Pal”. I hope this works well for me and I just need to 1) stop having booze whenever I want it and 2) keep up the physical activitiy. From the scale, I basically have 35-40 pounds to loose to get back to where I want to be and where I was before Ben was born. Yeah, I’ve let myself go. Going back to my previous weight/food tracker I’ve not weighed where I am now ever that I can find. I’m heavier than just before Ben was born. I want to be where I was before Ben. I had worked hard and I know what I have to do and now I just need to adjust with how my body has changed since pregnancy. I’m older, things have changed and yeah. Just have to keep active, eat right and stop with the booze. Sounds easy but my will power and stress levels don’t make this easy. Mel has been really good about thinking about how to cook dinners that have separate carbs from protein and I’ve taken to using spinach versus the carb for meals but the new eating plans may help me regulate it better. We shall see. All little steps towards self-care this year. I really am working hard on that goal and my mental wellbeing has really improved so I know part of it is working and I just need to work the physical things and get active.

Last night I finished the bunny for a coworker’s almost here baby. I still owe [livejournal.com profile] eilina her baby present for Malcolm. I’m about 40% done on that one and it’s a way more involved pattern and I still have a hat to make too. But again, all good and fun small projects are making me happy.
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I was productive but not up to my usual standards. I was exhausted all weekend and Sunday we figured out why. I woke up achey, headachey and so tired I went back to bed and woke up shivering with a high fever. Yeah, fun times. I took drugs, drank fluids and took it pretty easy just sitting in pinning sewing stuff. Got the baroness jacket almost done minus sewing the bottom of the lining to the piped edge and putting on the collar tabs and the buttons/loops. Everything else well...not where it needs to be. Luckily Friday I had gotten the overskirt done completely and the underskirt done completely and Icka came over and finished the painting on the kimono. I made the blouse and unfortunately made the neckline too deep for a proper collar so I just edged it and it will have to work.

I still have the wig to style for Raven and finish the jacket and more makeup tests for Raven. So much to do and I still feel like crap. Grump. We shall see how work goes. I'm trying for a half day....

Blouse and jacket.

Makeup Test:

The To Do List:
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What ever has had me in the grips of pain, uncomfortableness and fatigue. I have some ideas but TMI would probably be the case here. I'm on the mend which is good but will follow up with my primary care when I see her in a few weeks.

My reading is going well and I'm thoroughly sucked into the awesome of the fairytale anthology My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me where I just got to the story that is about the title...a German one called The Juniper Tree. Its very cool and creepy stuff and one of them as Audobon as the bad guy versus Baba Yaga.

Benton is not feeling tip top and is tired and awoke this morning with a spectacular dried up bloody nose. I had to change sheets and pillow cases due to the mess and mel got to hold him down and clean it out and saline it. Poor kiddo.

Other than that...I have knitting projects lined up for me to have socks on the needles at all times for me and mel and a new pair of gauntlets for me. Goal is to use of sock yarn stash this year.
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The weekend was fine. I had fun, worked on projects, enjoyed time with [livejournal.com profile] lferion and [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp and it was good. Mel had a great time at Potrero and Benton was pretty awesome the whole weekend.

Couple of funny things with him though. He's gotten scared with a couple of things that were surprising. The first was we were watching the Slime Eel Episode of the Octonauts and he freaked out about the slime eels. Then later that day we were watching Iron Man and he freaked out when Tony was testing the hand repulsor for the first time. Freaked out so bad he ran into my lap and wouldn't lift his head. I immediately turned it off and gave him a cuddle but that was kind of odd.

Other than that a good weekend. Mel got home about 2am on Monday morning and we had a nice leisurely day. I did some shopping and that was about it. We hosted scribble and we got lots of work done there for upcoming events. I headed to bed a bit late but all good and woke up sometime in the night puking my guts out. Ooof.

Needless to say I missed work on Tuesday. I got up about 830 but quickly was back in bed and I slept all day. Seriously, all day. Oof. That has not made this work week any better but well, its okay I guess. Things have been a bit slow until today and now I'm swamped again. Eh. Oh well.

On the crafting front the Pirogi#2 blankie is going well. Looks like I will do 3 full color repeats. On other things my crochet scarf is still scuttled. I have to make some notes and talk with the designer since even Becky at the yarn shop couldn't make hide nor hair of it. And then I went to cast on a hat for mel and didn't have the instructions for the cast on. Lame! So last night was kinda fail. Oh, well. Got home, made some measurements for Lia for our Highlands clothes and then cast on mel's hat.

Tonight will be working from home and relaxing into the weekend. I have more work to do tomorrow to make up time but it shouldn't be too bad.
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I had made a partial post using the lj app on my phone and well it got eaten by the phone. So, last weekend we went to Prescott for the Toreano de Belleza (Tourney of Beauty). Friday we got things packed up and picked up [livejournal.com profile] lferion on the way and made it to the Prescott area about 2pm or so. I had made the executive decision to have Ivan sleep in the back of the truck since he was still feeling pretty poorly.

He snuggled up and was out somewhere in Marana. It was really cute as you can see.

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We stopped off at a few antique places along the way into Prescott proper and bought a few things. I got some wonderful wool yarn and some napkins. Mel got another handcrank grinder. Wander got a senser/sprinkler thingy. Benton got to see lots of neato stuff. We got to A Good Yarn and had a nice time there. I bought yarn for two projects. One is for a cute cloche hat from the book mel got me for my birthday and the other was for the Stephen West Spectra Shawl. I've been wanting to make it but didn't quite have the yarn in my stash. I've been trying really, really hard to not buy yarn and have been doing pretty okay at it. We then trundled to Lady Eleanor Peregrine's house of Looms for our crash space. She seriously has looms everywhere. It was fiber geek heaven. We then headed back into Prescott to eat at the Prescott Brewing company. Good food and beer as always. We got some beer to go and then headed back to relax. Mel and Benton went straight to bed and Wander, Eleanor and I stayed up a bit chatting. I worked on my sock and it was nice. What was not nice was I could not sleep. Benton was crying a lot and complaining about the carpet for some weird reason which we figured out in the morning. Mel ended up snuggling up with him on the floor and I fell asleep about 330am. The next day dawned though and we had a nice leisurely breakfast cooked by HL Giles.

We got to site and mel was glad he had decided to not fight. The act of getting packed up and travelling the 10miles or so wore him out. We got settled into the event and had a nice time. We did not have good Brigade coverage and mel was very tired and sick so I watched Benton most of the day. That meant I missed out on the event pretty much except for the Knight's circle and court. Oh, well. Benton and I had a marvelous time playing on the playground and flying kites.
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The site was lush with grass and the weather was cool. We got back to Eleanor's and she made us Chicken paprikash from scratch and it was heaven! None of us were up too late that night and I slept way better. We had figured out that Benton had complained about the carpet because he kept rolling off his bed roll onto a plastic chair matt and it was cold and uncomfy. We got him settled better and when we went to bed we found this:
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His bed was by the closet....it was really cute. We all slept good though and that was a good thing. We dinked around and finally left Prescott about 11am. We got to Phx and headed to the Cornish Pasty Company for lunch and to hit Tempe Yarn and Fiber. Mel was feeling way better and drove and I was not feeling very good. I was very, very tired but I managed to finish my socks and cast on a hat for Sifu Paul.
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I've been okay the last few days. I've been keeping up on my drugs and attempting to get enough sleep but well, I fail on the sleep part. Mel had now gotten a cold/sinus ick and Benton has been more snotty nosed and is coughing now. We are a wonderful snotty family.

I've been steadily working on my second sock and I should be able to finish it this weekend since I have 2 inches to do before I start the toe decreases. YAY! I have a hat for Sifu Paul to start and then I need to get cracking on the blanket for Pirogi #2 for [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek but that is a large project and hard to transport for trips.

Its looking more likely that I will be staying home over memorial day. I don't have a good plan for Benton care and me working the SCA booth and seeing the convention. It might just be a good time to hit the zoo and the park, relax, watch movies etc. We shall see.

Other than that not much else. Looking forward to the event this weekend. I just hope we are all physically okay with the travel and aren't too crabby. I do mean all of us, not just Benton.
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Well, last week I pondered on the yellow haze in Tucson and well it took me down hard. I managed to make it through 1/2 a day at work on Thursday and was home the rest of the week working from home off and on as my brain was really not making good connections. I did go to the doctor but he stated that I was not infected just had an "impressive" case of allergic rhinitis. So, I've been really good friends with my netipot, benedryl, sudafed etc. It made for an interesting weekend for being outside at SCA events but after 1.5 days of good rest and lots of meds I did okay on Saturday and did really well on Sunday.

Saturday was the Boar-onial A&S competition. We gave out an AoA to Annika and 2 Golden Blades, one to William Lochridge and one in absentia to Baba. We had another planned but we will have to catch up with that person at 40 year.

My student, [livejournal.com profile] swordmage won with very, very good scores the Championship!!!! YAYA!!!!! Lady Arianna Hunter got best of Novice, Populace and Laurel's choice!!!!

Sunday we had breakfast with [livejournal.com profile] lferion and then headed out to Thunderbolt Tourney in Mons. We all had a great time. We got roses (made of duct tape) for the tourney prizes, got to watch the "wheel of misfortune" make the tourney fun, Benton got to get really, really dirty and snuggled up with Mel and I throughout the day because he was still tired from the day before where he didn't nap but had fun including a mud puddle. I also got a dozen tiger stripe which is so pretty from one of the families. We headed out after the auction and then home. Benton was asleep very quickly after getting in the car. We got back to the house and he got a bath when we got home and then we all headed out for family dinner at Chili's.

It was a great weekend and only towards the end of the day was I really starting to drag and everything felt puffy. The allergy meds are making me swell a bit but I'm coping. We headed to bed uber early.

Saturday night I managed to finally finish the vegetable book. It was not the historical book I needed for SCA research. It was put together in a very higgly-piggly fashion that I could not figure out. I'm just not happy with the book but I'll cope. It was #12. Now I'm in Magic at the Gates by Devon Monk which is back to supernatural schlock which is just fine by me in my allergy riddled state.

I'm doing okay this morning minus just wanting more sleep. I did not do my dose of benadryl last night but my ribs hurt...not sure what that means if I've got stuff out from wearing a crown for two days or if its my allergies. Hoping to hit the gym even with how I'm feeling to just get the blood moving and maybe get the swelling down on my limbs.
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Mel is in OK for business this week. We thought he might be going and monday they confirmed, booked and set him to go on Tuesday effing early AM.

Benton had a good day at daycare though he was a bit poopy...I had no issues with him and we hit target and then home for dinner, speakerphone conversation with Mel and then bath and bed. I did dishes and picked up the house some more. I cleaned a lot on Sunday and I wanted to make sure things stayed nice.

We got going okay today and I dropped Benton off and was warned that if he was poopy again he was coming home....yeah during my 730-930 AM telecon I got the call to pick him up. He was not feeling good and we snuggled up on the couch with bananas and water and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV while I worked for a while and then he went down for a nap. I expect him to sleep for quite a while. Course I'm really, really tired and I didn't stay up too late....but I'm still tired.

On the book front I finished #8 Magic in the Blood and then read #9 Magic in the Shadows and started #10 Magic on the Storm. The books are such an interesting take on magic that they are intriguing...they are kind of cracky too which is the kind of schlock I like to read before bed. I still need to pick up a Mercy Thompson book so I can get that series to completion as well.

Other than that...working from home is hard cause I'm tired.
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So, the verdict from the doc in the box yesterday was that I'm still coming down off of an upper respiratory infection which aggravated my asthma. So even though I felt I was getting better my mucous membranes and the bronchial branches are all inflamed which is not helping matters so thus I'm still coughing and out of breath. The good thing is I'm not out of O2 since my blood gas was at 98% but my blood pressure was very, very low. So, I got a script for an inhaler and some OTC stuff to take to help me out.

The inhaler made me feel really good and the nasal stuff is okay but I have a huge hangover style headache...not sure why. So, hopefully after a week or so of this treatment I will be well and can get back into the gym. I was doing so good. Oh, well.
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Benton has been sick for about two weeks. First we had the extra poopy boy from the 5th through till the 11th. Things got better for a day or so and then he spiked a fever on the 14th that we took a while to get under control until the evening of the 15th. I spent a good chunk of time just holding him snuggled up on my chest and reading a book in between doses of tylenol and getting him to drink. He was not wanting to eat much but finally was looking normalish on Sunday AM so he ate a huge breakfast and then had a good time running around with people at the house meeting. Monday he was good with some tireds and now we have a cough that is bringing up the crud. On Sunday I came down with the crud and then on monday night mel started to feel its effects. Sighs.

I would have stayed home from work on Monday but I had training I could not miss. Got home with a very tired and cranky boy last night and I made the executive decision for the family that the Kemp boys were staying home. Mel was carving on the thrones in the shop and was shaking slightly from the effort. Yeah, no good. I changed clothes to medieval and headed out to the park to take care of some business.

The park was in full set up mode when I got there and I handled all of my business pretty quickly which was good. I was beat and regretting not taking any more meds before I headed out. The only issue was the lights and that will be taken care of by me on Friday. They aren't working right and thank goodness the dog folks showed up to help out.

I got burger dinner while court was going on and the awards made me very happy. Yay for Ute and Magnus getting the Cygils! Yay!!!! That story goes to show that first impressions and courtesy are always a good thing. Tom's handling of it was brilliant and made me very happy. As court went on I was feeling worse and worse so I made my good byes when it ended and then left. Got home and realized we still need to replace the front porch bulb and then noticed that the UPS truck had dropped off Borderlands 2 on our doorstep just after I left. Seriously, why did it take 12 hours since it got on the truck to get to our house? Never seen that from them. Weird. Anyhoo. Got in and mel was making tea and then we settled in to watch him play the game while I crocheted on a baby blanket.

It was a nice evening when I got home and could relax and not really concentrate. The game is faboo though I really like the music on the original game better. This one lacks some good bass beats and a catchy phrasing..its good but not like the first game. The bad guys are smarter and harder to kill but the game play is pretty. Plus the inside jokes are hilarious as always.

Today is Wednesday and I'll be heading to knit night to relax and spend time with folks. I will make sure to set space for BFF to sit. I need to sit and relax and finish the last of the pieces for this blanket so I can sew it all together.

In other work the Southern Scriptorium has been cranking away on [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue's laurel scroll...its turning out awesome. I'm serious...its really cool. The Thyra's is coming along well too just not to the painting stage. Its so different in style from Elsa's that I know much of us are going to be having to be careful of the style differences. I luv working with the girls...seriously makes me happy. I sat alone painting on Sunday and it was not the same at all. I had to have mel sit with me on Sunday night when I put a few hours in cause I needed the company. I may have to do the coffee table work in front of the tv for myself tomorrow and the weekend. We shall see.
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Things have been busy enough its hard to write consistently. Last week I thought we were in the clear for Benton being done being sick but Thursday afternoon he started to get some drippy diapers and I got called from work to pick him up on Friday AM. He had messed up his clothes a couple of times and was so tired that when I got home he slept for 4 hours. He didn't want to eat and I took him off dairy for a few days to help his tummy recover. This meant that Saturday I stayed home with him and took care of him and his icky diapers all day while mel was at the local A&S tourney. I'm very sad I missed that. There were two things that I wanted to see/do and well, I get to see it through a few photographs I've been sent. Oh, well.
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We came, we saw, we kicked some ASS. Well, or had our asses kicked. I'm never sure how that goes. LOL.

Friday was crazy. Mel woke up at 4am with his back tweaked. We had benton at home with us due to him having goopy pink eye eyes. He didn't have viral/bacterial pink eye, just the allergy kind but we have to keep him out of daycare. I had sewing to finish and packing and we managed to get it all done and hit the chiro for both of us since I had a chair explode underneath me at home on wednesday that threw me to the floor violently. I'm not kidding...it effing exploded. So as a whole, we as a family weren't doing so hot physically by friday. Mel drove us to phx while I finished stitching up the present for [livejournal.com profile] mariamist. Who happened to have her little girl that DAY! Woot! We had dinner with most of the college crewe at Santan Brewery. The little boy decided he liked lemons and he ate really, really well. We were surprised and knew we were finally turning a corner on him being sick since his appetite was back to ravishing.

Mel and I were exhausted and I got sent to bed shortly after we arrived back at Kevin's. I was tipsy and that was good but Benton was restless and I was up off and on most of the night and finally had to dose Benton with some pain reliever for his poor teeth. I finally fell dead asleep somewhere around 530-6am. We got up at 8ish since Benton was up and wanting milk. We got dressed and headed to breakfast at CupznCrepes. Food was good and Benton stuffed himself on a ham and cheese crepe.

The Franchise Bomb (tm) was thrown and Hrafnheim looked HOT! I'm not sure if pictures got posted or video was done but us walking in en masse was awesome. I spent most of last week working on making sashes for our initiate members and the kids and I'm really, really happy that I did. I even made Benton a cute little tabard with Hrafn Raven on it. Mel received the Commander of the Pilgrim of the Desert (Grant level authenticity) woot!

Mr. Benton would not take a nap on Saturday. Asa was awesome and finally got him settled down and sleeping after we all walked Thomas into court. Thomas and Ilora looked resplendent in their Byzantine clothing. Please see my album Coronation of a Hrafn King.

After that we had exactly 1 hour to have the kingdom calendar meeting. It went okay but things didn't quite get all of the way worked out. If we had had 30 more minutes I'm sure we would have done well. I was given a lift to where most of the house was having dinner (Santan Brewery again). I was exhausted, headachey, thirsty and starving. Our waiter was the best I have had in recent memory with a large rotating group. He kept me in water, was awesome with all of the kids, kept checks straight, got food quickly and was smiling about it all. He also didn't slap on the Party of 8 standard gratuity and he I'm sure made out like a bandit.

We got home a bit later and got to bed pretty late after chatting with Kevin. We got up in good measure and had a better nights sleep but mel woke up with a cold. Benton was hungry and we had a nice breakfast at an irish pub in Chandler. Benton gorged himself on fruit including the rinds (I guess he ate and entire lime with rind the night before...lol). I had a good breakfast and we got going late but we had just enough time get dressed, finish getting set up and into court thanks to our awesome household.

I fought in queen's champion. I had a good time doing that. I'm still getting used to the new shield and my left leg paid for it. oof. The shot that almost took me out of the tourney early onwas one on my shoulder. I ended up winning the bout off hand single sword. I'm pretty happy about that since that was my only win the tourney but I was happy none the less. But by the end of an hour bear pit (with a 20mins break between the halves to run the sword and shield side of king's champion). I was toast when we were done and then I chased Benton around for a while while he policed the field of every bit of debris and blade of grass he could find. He would pick it up and hand it to me and most on to the next thing...very cute. He again would not take a nap but when we got him into the car he was out after court.

BTY did awesome and we won everything! King's Champion is Sir Justin, Queen's Champion and Bard of the Sun is Lord Odde, HE [livejournal.com profile] msgolda won as Populace Choice at the Artisan Display, Lady Clarice won the Laurel's Choice and Lady Anya won the Queen's Choice! YAY!!!!

We headed back to kevin's and changed clothes and then hit Sonic and drove home. We got home just a bit before 9pm. The cats had gotten into the trash and made a mess but there was no other bad behavior evident and they were getting along. We made the decision to let butterfly out and it seems to have worked. They are on good terms and back to the cats we remember pre-November. We shall see if it lasts but wow it was nice to not come home to pissy and spitting hissy cats. Butterfly was a snuggle bug again and that was awesome.

So, its monday in all of its glory. Paperwork is crazy and it seems never ending.

weird week

May. 2nd, 2012 12:20 pm
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On monday [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek posted about the family being sick and I stated we are all good here...yeah, I shouldn't have said that. Mel had to rush Benton to the doctor on monday. He's got a virus that includes congestion, coughing and a fever. To add to the that he's cutting 3 teeth...so he's been pretty miserable. I stayed home yesterday and today and he's been good to allow me to work in about 45min to 1 hour bursts before he needs something or gets into something he shouldn't. Yesterday he dismantled mel's spinning wheel flyer. Today he's figured out how to climb onto the fireplace and he also figured out how to almost climb out of the containment area. So, he's feeling better but he's still way tired and coughing a lot.

In other news I've almost finished [livejournal.com profile] mariamist's baby gift #1 and I still have stuff for coronation. Gonna work that tonight so I can get things done. I was too tired last night after watching boy all day, working a full day, making dinner etc. It was crazy. Course I've been reading late into the night and my workout on monday kicked my ass completely. Oof. Wow. One of the treadmills dose a really nice interval program and I did 2 mins run, 1 min walk for 20 mins at a good clip.

I'll be missing the gym tonight due to taking the car in for the insurance estimate for the bumper repair. Friday I hope to drive in to workout in the morning. Hopefully that works. If it doesn't I'll hit stuff at home.

Well, back to the slog.
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Well, last week was crazy with a work issue that consumed my time and then finally on Thursday night I was sick and I'm still sick. I finally caught the "crud" that has been going around. I came home early from work on Friday and then my pager kept going off. Not very restful. Oh, well. Got to see the eye doctor to pick up my contacts and I'm now back into the no-glasses peeps. My previous set of contacts had warped. Seriously. Which was what was causing all of my issues. I'm so happy to have eyeballs that work right! YAY!!!

I went to bed early on Friday night cause I knew that I was going to use up a bunch of energy Saturday. We got up and going and were on site about 10mins after we had planned which wasn't too bad considering I wasn't functioning very well. Mr. Benton was a champ. He had a lot of fun and found that the 5# sledge was his toy. He couldn't pick it up but he almost did. He had fun dragging it around. By the time the event was done I was done. I had persevered but my hopes that a nap would get me better didn't work. Mel basically told me to keep laying on the couch and I made phone calls to say we weren't going.

I went to bed even earlier and I was pretty rough when I woke up on Sunday. It was evident I was not going out. I had hopes that mel would leave with the boy but he was glad he didn't take him since the day turned out rather chilly and Mel forgot to pack his wool tunic and spent the day really chilled. I chased the boy a lot of the day and then wished that he took 3 hour naps versus 2 so I could have rested more. He's a good kid but by the end of the day I was really tired of redirecting his energy.

That was my weekend. I didn't even do any crafting...that should tell you how sick I am that I didn't even think to pick up my knitting. I'm 8 rows on the thumb of the 1st TARDIS mitt. Hopefully will finish that up soon.

Will be posting more stuff here on crown to do and Estrella to do...that is a largish list. I need to get done. My crown dress is lagging and I need to make Benton more pants. Poor kid only has one SCA pair and he is so cute in them! Pumpkin butt for the win!

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