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Managed to do some relaxing, some antiquing, some adulting, some parenting, some knitting, some spinning and heading out to the fair. Not too shabby.

I got a new to me spinning chair:
My new spinning chair. British made. It was bought in 1962. We are pretty sure it was made well before then. #spinning #fiberart #woodworking

Mel and I hit a newer antique mall and had a good time. Got Benton from school and had a nice Friday night. I may have had too many margaritas.

Saturday I relaxed while the boys went to the dojo and then we headed to the Pima County Fair again to do rides and carnival stuff as well as the exhibitors hall. I bought shoes...at the fair but how could I not?
I liked them so much I ordered another pair in blues. #shoes I also ordered them in blue....

We got home and had a nice evening in. Sunday dawned at 345 in the morning with Benton falling head first off of his bunk into his trash can. I stayed up with him until he could sleep which was about 5am. He's okay, a bit bruised and reminded of why you need to put your head at the head of your bed. He had flipped around and slid down the opening at the ladder. Sighs. At 6am the cat broke int the bedroom, at 630 mel got up for Black belt testing for the dojo and mercifully I and teh boy slept in until about 830am. I was still zonked though and I managed clean up my library corner of books, patterns, yarn etc. I tidyied everything and now its useable as space. I also got out things for projects since Saturday night I finished my Darth Rainbow socks.

Finished! #operationsockdrawer #smoothoperator #knittersofinstagram

Mel got home at 345. Icka was over chatting since I found her something cool while shopping friday. I ran errands and then was home to cook dinner and then to work for a while before setting my spinning wheel back up to spin some fiber while we watched a movie.

All in all an okay weekend....wish I had more done but it was nice none the less.
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Thursday was crazy busy with work but I went out to dinner with Will/Dom and Benton. Serial Grillers is a fave spot for the growing boy and they had beer and I had adult company which I needed....and beer.

Friday was my day "off" where I finished up some OT in the AM, got an awesome massage, had brunch with Mel and Willa, got my hair done and then Willa and I headed to Straight to the Point to get my right ear more pierced. I've wanted to complete the spiral up my ear since I was young so I got 3 more piercings between my two bottom holes and my top cartilage piercing. The shop is amazing and Lisa Marie who did it was really nice.

Three new shinies #piercings

After that I headed home and relaxed. I've been finishing up the Cryptid novels by Seanan Macguire and got through the second to last published book.

Saturday we got up early and headed to phx for Middle East Feast since I needed to be signet and get them scrolls. Mel was special and not feeling well and Ben was un-medicated and it was an adventure to get there. We got there just in time for signing and court. Oof. Then Mel had knight's circle and I got myself setup in the shade. During court I had managed to start spinning on my new to me spindle that I bought at Estrella from Scott and Maggi. It' set to be bottom whorl and that takes me some effort to do but it worked out. I was spinning some fiber I got from my Spinzilla team.

Spinning with my new spindle. #fasterbytheday #spinning #fiberart

The afternoon was pleasant where I spoke with people and spun and then knit 2 inches on my sock during the laurel's circle where I brought up some very good and pointed points (tee hee). After that I chatted with TRH on how scrolls work in Atenveldt (they've reigned 5x in another kingdom and are learning the ropes) and then we talked clothing for their stepping down since I (and willa and Amanda) will be making it with probably some trim from Ivan. It was nice but I was so tired and the wind made things just icky for my now very sore ear. We headed home and had sonic since dinner time in phx it is impossible to get a sit down dinner without and hour wait.

Sunday I woke up and got going with running errands and then when I returned home I had a really really hard time motivating. Sighs. I got some of my studio put back to rights but other things still need to be put away or vacuum bagged and put away. I did do laundry and get most of it but t-shirts put away but again...I wasted time just sitting. I was tired and my head hurt from allergies and more holes in it. Having to force myself to sleep on my left side or my back is hard but I've been managing. So things were slow but I needed to do that since the week was crazy and busy and exhausting.

Other than that....I'm still fighting to get Ben's med's refilled and even the doc is perplexed. More phone calls forthcoming.
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Work has gotten a bit busy again, which is good and bad. My brain has not been up to the task of organizing this much data but I've had to put on my big girl panties and just do it. But its leaving me exhausted. I'm still a bit beat up from the previous weekend and I hit the gym hard on Wednesday and Friday. I did not woos out on my running on Friday and hit almost 2.25 miles in 35 mins. Not too shabby. Have a coworker who asked me if I wanted to do a 1/4 marathon at the end of March and well, I'm tempted. I'll be slow but it would be good I think. It will be the longest I've ever run but if I get my distances up for the next while I think 6 weeks is a good time to try it...before the dreaded milestone birthday coming up.

Anyhoo...got home, got cleaned up and changed and Mel, Benton and I met Will and Ari for dinner at the Welcome Diner (formerly ChafFins Family Restaurant). Its hipster but the food was tasty and teh drinks were good. Benton at his entire bowl of mac/cheese with bacon and I had a sample and it was good. I had shrimp and bluecorn grits. Got home and got Ben to bed and then Mel and I were both tired. We went to bed early and I slept pretty good. Ben got up early but I made sure to get him breakfast and made pancakes for the family before he and I trundled off on errands.

First we got him a hair cut which he did well with. Then I returned things to BB&B, hit Target for essentials and then picked up Obsidian's ashes. The staff had done a pawprint for us on an ornament and Ben and I were pretty sad after that. I got him ice cream (his first Blizzard) which he ate just a bit of before it went into the freezer. Icka was over for a visit when we got home and after some chit chat I managed oh so slowly to cut out 2 tunics and facings for benton, 2 tunics and facings for Mel and a dress for myself with facings. Seriously, it took hours. I know in that I was helping Benton learn to use his icord maker, I did some laundry, I checked some patterns and did a bit of ironing but still...I finished up jsut a bit after dinner and then by that point mel was going to bed. He'd been sick all week and was just done. I was not in the mood to cut anything else out or sew things like facings so I snuggled up on the couch with a beer and my knitting and watched Sherlock : The Abominable Bride. I never got to watch it. But was glad I did. Cumberbatch did a great job of being Jeremy Brett, my first love, to a tee. I loved all of it and the trippy nature of when things actually took place. So fun. It was good and I hit the hay about 1030 and snuggled in to sleep.

Sunday dawned and I again got up with Ben, got him breakfast, made coffee and tried not to be a lump. I had sewing to do and so I got myself fed, dressed and slowly sewed all 5 facings/necklines before I lost steam and headed out to do errands. I got new knee pads and things at Dick's Sporting goods. I really don't like there store and their selection is meh. They had no elbow pads or any high impact sports bras that didn't include a wire closure or underwires....seriously. sighs. Got home and Ai'sha and Lucian were over working on their bed. I started on sleeves for Benton's tunics and then it was dinner time. Mel was as tired as I was but I managed to get some laundry put away and put away everything related to sewing from the front room so we could have scribble tonight. I did manage to get the sleeves on his tunics and then sewed the pad of my thumb with the machine cause I'm an idiot. It hurts but I'm not injured.

So a few pics and a video:
Ben'd cute Tunics:

Mel's Wheel All done:

Me spinning on the wheel:
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Up until about 2pm on Sunday I was feeling like a total failure. It took Ari hitting me upside the head to tell me that just cause I wasn't working on my cosplay stuff completely 24/7, didn't mean I suck. I was making stuff and doing good and I need to shut up and color.

So, lets rewind a bit....I had things to do this weekend which involved finishing up the lolita....I only managed to shop for it...I got some trims and another yard of fabric to make more trim...but I've been thinking about it.

Thursday I went to karaoke after spinning while Ben was in the shower. I got my first bobbin of 2 ply done on the red/denim yarn.
Stage 18: first bobbin plied

Had nice time singing and having a drink before getting home about 11pm. Mel was out and had to go to work in the AM. I set my alarm and crashed. He left around 515am and when I got up at 10 to 7 there was coffee. Yay! Got Ben to school and then came home to spin. I got the second bobbin done of the plying and then started in on errands (see above purchases) before I headed to my massage and a bit of other shopping. I didn't get my toes done...they were too busy but I picked up the boy who had had an awesome day and we got muchkins and coffee at Dunkin before heading home. I sat and finished up the pieces of the cat I was working on for a baby gift and the boys played legos. I got that done and we showered and then headed out for [livejournal.com profile] swordmage's bday at Ermanos. Ben did really well though he was tuckered. Good beer, food and conversations. Got home and I was tuckered myself. I didn't have the energy to do more than stare at fabrics but I managed to pull things out of stash for more purse/project bags for D*C.

Went to bed and slept pretty horribly....not sure what is up. We got up late to head to the event but it was all okay. Things were seriously running on SCA time. We should have carpooled with Dom...lol. Ben did okay. He was tired but he ran around with the kiddos there while we judged and taught folks what a median standard means and how not to be a jackass when judging. I saw lightbulbs going off above peoples heads which was good. We finished judging and then had almost 3 hours until court....seriously. 3 hours. Sighs. This meant we had to eat in SV and then drive home to make sure Ben didn't melt down. But he did good, we had Culvers and it was tasty. I did manage to get pictures of me spinning during court and also to chat and kibitz with Caolfinn. Which was awesome.


Got home and I started in on plying the rambouillet. It is so pretty.

Sunday I woke up poorly. Like the bed was on the wrong floor kind of waking up. Boy oh boy was I in a bad mood. I was a grump which was not helped by the fact that I had nothing but coffee until lunch. I had lunch and a beer and was much better. I got dinner on to cook and made spanish rice for the house hold meeting/pool party. But during the finale of this years Tour de France:
I finished my plying and then spooled everything off and organized it into this picture just as Froome crossed the line with team Sky in a can-can line.


Left: Silk/Merino singles 22-24 wpi and 233 yards all drop spindle.
Top: 2 ply rambouillet of 160 and 236 yards in skeins, Full singles to ply during tour
Middle (little): left overs from red and another project. 17.5 yards 3ply, plied during tour
Middle: red and denim merino, 69 yards and 131 yards 2 ply, 1 oz of red spun during tour all else plied.
Bottom: Easter yarn 148 and 174 yards plied only.

Total yardage spun and plied: 1633.5 yards
Total yarn to use: 1168.5 yards

We left for the household meeting a bit late because I couldnt' find my swim suit....it was in the laundry still from the retreat...really???? Sighs.

I relaxed a lot when I chatted with Ari who hit me on the head and chatted with A'isha on hair styles for the loli. We got home and dinner was not going to be done..I should have set the cooker to high while we were gone...oops. Ben ate his lunch which he hadn't earlier in the day and I think I drank a beer for dinner while mel had chips. I wasn't hungry. Hrafnheim can cook and if you go hungry its your own damn fault. Ben had a ice cream drumstick...thus he ate dinner.

I was feeling restless and just started cleaning up my messes. I had spinning stuff everywhere in the family room and I organized it and put things away. I cleaned up the studio for use, organized the stuff I had bought, put more things away, finished the cat for Julia/Eric, cleaned off the table for cutting later in the week, pulled fabric for crown clothes and just tidied things up. It felt really good. I then sat down about 9pm, pulled up Pinterest for how to make hair bows and made 3 as test pieces for our Hydra Cheer Squad.

The Cat:

The Bows:
Option 1
Options 2 and 3

And then I decided to finish a long lingering knitting project that just needed a hook and eye put on it.


So, I guess I was all about finishing things that have been on my plate and are stealing my muses to work on things I need to. All good, just didn't feel up to it...Now I do.
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Well, the morning was stress balls. Got the diagnosis summary for Ben and that was truthful but still damaging in my head. Yes, he presents as ADHD and by itself the summary hurts but with the plan etc its part of the same package and taking it out of context is a bad plan. Got that settled and we have a meeting with the school August 1st to go through the plan for the year with his K teacher etc. So, we are in, we just need to make sure to follow everything so we can stay there. oof. I'm less stress and more stressed due to now the worry that we have the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads since we aren't out of the woods yet. But its forward progress.

Got done with the day and headed to knitting. I got myself noms at Beyond Bread including their green chille corn chowder. OMG was that good. I also got myself their raspberry torte cup since its tasty and I've been craving sweet things. I weigh in tomorrow to see how much this past week of stress and back pain has nerfed my weight loss. My pants are falling off my butt so I don't think its been too bad and I've only went over my calories 1-2 days and not by a lot either. So all good.

I finished one back foot on the cat and almost finished the second one before it was time to leave. The girls also helped me decide that I want to barbepole the singles I had for the red and blue.

16 WPI on Denim Merino from GDW Retreat 2016

20 WPI on Red Merino from Stage 2.

Headed to Lowes where again, no receipt and this time my lowes member number wasn't linked to my purchase which sucked but I have store credit to get things now. Course I think I realized what is up..I probably have 2 mylowes accounts. Need to fix that.

Anyhoo...got home and took care of things and then sat down to work on spinning and really got into a groove until my back wasn't happy with me. It was spasming and I'm sure spinning didn't help it. So I sat on the floor with the tennis ball for pressure points before I headed to bed on time etc. I read for a bit and then was zonked.

Stage 17: 4th bobbin almost done. Rambouillet

Today is lots of things to do...and mandatory training we have to do. My goals are to pick Ben up, have dinner, get him cleaned up, read a book and then finish the 4th bobbin of rambouillet which will leave me to plying for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the TourdeFleece.

As well as working on the Loli (I hope to finish it this weekend) and working other costumes/pieces for D*C. I also need to go through my fabric and pull out things for crown. I need a new under and another overdress. Plus we are going to Mons for their A&S and have a household gathering/pool party.
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So a weird day at work. I'm going to be working another new program about 1/4 time starting soon. Which is just plain weird if you ask me but due to highering freezes over the last 25 years etc there is a large gap between where I sit and the folks below and above me in experience. I have a lot of it, in good stead and I'm wanted so I'm happy about that and its a great opportunity but I'm feeling a bit weird about it none the less.

Left work and got home to get a return to zappos on some shoes. Clarks just don't fit me...I don't know why I keep trying to find ones that will. Then I had to return cat food to Petco which was a snafu...but it worked out. If I had searched the hatchback a bit more thoroughly the first time it would have been easy and I could have gotten my last errand to Lowes done. Oh, well.

Oh and the cooler is still not fixed. They said they fixed it and Mel felt like Han Solo and listened to it clunk clunk and not work. The fly wheel is off and not going back on. I called and hopefully I can get resolution today. Grumble.

Additionally, the Fit is now under recall on the airbag issue for the passenger side only. They suggest no one sits in the front passenger seat. Really? So I will call today and see when they will be getting to my car and when I can go pick up the rental.

So, by the time I got home from errands I was tired and a bit cranky. Sat down at home, called the cooler guy to complain leaving a message and sat. Mel had made steak quesadillas and that hit the spot for dinner. Ben loved them and snarfed it and an entire container of edamame down. I changed clothes and got the rest of the front room and the living room looking more serviceable for scribble. We had a small crewe (sigrid, Sioux, Ari and I + Wander). Ari and I were in mindmeld mode that made Sigrid twitch a bit.

I was bouncing between things. First we pulled scrolls for everything on the scroll lists that we know we need. Then I looked up lolita hair styles and mucked around with that for a bit.

Then I sat down and went through my case and found the 5 painted blanks that I needed to put calligraphy upon. I callig'd 2 of them.

Paint by Sigrid, Callig by me
AOA all by Me.

And then once everyone left I sat and did a bit of spinning and started on the last 2 oz of rambouillet on the 4th bobbin.
Stage 16: 4th bobbin of Rambouillet started

Got a shower and snuggled into bed after reading a bit. I was zonked though. I woke up and started in on things and realized that the internet blew up over lots of issues. Trump, racists on Twitter, people being evil to one another and just want to go home and knit. Sighs.

But gonna get things working today at work. Gonna pick up the boy, make a good dinner and then cut out more ruffles than I can think about with Ari for our Lolis. Goals, I have them.
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Last week was sucky. Too much crappiness going on. Work was weird...I may be moving to another new program...I may not. Its all up in the air right now. But I was determined to have a nice weekend. So, Got things done friday after work though I must say that I need to not break my rule of getting a vehicle worked on the day before an event, even if its local. Got home and relaxed into the evening where I made a list for packing and I think I got to bed a reasonable time.

Got up on Saturday and had the mad dash of packing getting things sorted etc. The folks all carpooling were all ontime and we headed out about 815 to go up the mountain. I drove it easy since we had 2 people who get car sick in the van. But it was nice drive. Lots of bikes out. Got to site, got unloaded and then began the "how do we set this us" shuffle for the setup of our area of Boast and Toast. Hrafnheim had a lot of stuff to put out and figure out and we all teamed up and got it done with nice signs for what foods we had etc. The beers were on tap, ginger ale on tap, smoked salmon, potato soup, tarts, spinach puffs, cheese, pies, breadpudding, beets, sausage, steak, breads, butters, jams, pickles, mustard etc. Basically, we provided the hospitality our household is known for and had a good time. I grilled up sprouts chicken sausages and Dickman's ugly steaks. Tim was awesome and sliced those up thin for serving. It was exhausting and fun and I forgot to bring my charcoal chimney so that meant Mel had to muck with the chunk charcoal I brought to get me fire to cook on but it cooked perfectly.

The toasts were great all around and I spent the afternoon doing some spinning and chatting. Got cleaned up and ready for court. Our household knows how to tear down and get things moving. Such a good house. They even made sure we had a household picture before the night was done. I think Berki or Magdalen took this.
Taken by Berki and Magdalen - Hrafnheim.

Ben had just snarfed a piece of bread pudding but didn't chew or swallow it so he's chipmunk in each picture that was taken. LOL.

I did some TdF spinning at the event and finally got a picture of me spinning at an event.

Stage 14: spindle

We ended up winning the competition which was awesome. We like to entertain and provide good food and drink. I'm especially happy with our plan to put up the cloaks as decorations worked great and the aprons we got to match looked nice too.

Got loaded up and headed home with a bit of rearrangement of passengers for motion sickness and then down we went. Got home exhausted but happy and got Ben into a much needed bath. He was so tired. We were tired and it was beer and ice cream for dinner. LOL.

Sunday Mel got up and road his bike. I slept in a bit but Benton was hungry and woke me up for breakfast. Got up and moving and we all got food and then started in on the cleaning of the kitchen and the front room. I successfully threw out 4 pairs of shoes. Go me. Still need to get the piano cleaned off a bit more but it looks better than it has. The living room needs a bit of a tidy before it scribble but not too bad.

I had lunch with Ari, Bill, Faydra and Sarah and it was good. After that I headed to shopping for things at Target and Sprouts before getting home and being DONE. I was hot, tired and not motivated. Ben was tired and we sat down to watch the second season of Shaun the Sheep. This is seriously the only thing I've seen him watch that gets Benton going on giggling. Its so cute to hear and I love the show. I made bratwurst and ahi tuna on the grill to go with mac and cheese for dinner and relaxed on the couch before I decided to sit and do more spinning while we watched American Pickers. I finished off the 6th oz of fiber and now have 2 oz left.
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Friday was spent relaxing and getting things organized for the next day crafting fest. I had a nice breakfast out with the hubby, spun, did some reading and then had a massage and pedicure before picking up Benton from school. We had a nice night. Saturday we got up and headed to the zoo with Ari and the kiddos.

Zoo Trip July

After that it was home to have lunch and rest. It was damn hot that morning. I headed over to Ari's with Ben for a play date and crafting time. What sucked was that my back threw out when I took stuff out of the car. Sighs. I put on a corset to try on for my costumes and just wore it while I cut out fabric for my Star Wars Lolita dress for D*C.

I'm using the riding jacket pattern that Ari had draped on me for the Victorian Baroness and it works great for the top of the Loli. I'm using the rest of the pattern for the peplum on the jacket and the skirt from Simplicity 1300.

The directions are awful. Sighs. I'm okay with following directions but man, when veteran sewers look at these directions and shake their head its annoying. I managed to get the jacket, peplum and sleeves all cut out before my back told me to fuck off. Got home and rested. Mel made a great dinner and I laid down with a tennis ball to pressure point my back. Sighs. I spun a little bit but the day really wiped me out and I was in bed after we watched some tv.

Sunday mel got up early and got on his bike and if my back wasn't a bitch I would have loved to have joined him. My last ride was Sept 13, 2014. Damn. huh. Anyway, he got back, got a quick shower and we headed to Joe's for breakfast. It was nice. Got home and I worked off and on on the studio clean up and the front room cleanup. We all went to costco in the afternoon and then back for dinner. I managed to cut out two skirts and sew the top of the loli. I figured out I am missing a piece and have to piece fabric to cut it out. Sighs. It was late when I realized this and well, I'll cope and fix it tonight and then cut out a tremendous amount of ruffles. A metric butt tonne of ruffles.

So plans are a foot. Need to order a few things and just make stuff. All good though. Minus my back.....

Should hear from the doc tomorrow on the eval at the school and plan forward for Ben. He was very happy that "Mommy's friend who he sees in her office was at school" LOL.
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Got a hold of the Doc for Ben and she is confused as we are on what the school is looking for. She is making the appointment for her being able to observe him and will help us through this. What I love about her is that she heard my brief on the concerns and then asked me how I was doing. I told her we were panicked which is true in many ways. I felt better and need to chat up her office today to see if she got a hold of the school for the meeting.

The day was long and I'm in between projects which doesn't help but I left about 5pm to head to meet Ari for sushi and knit night. When I arrived at Sakura I realized that Grandma's was closed due to them being out of town....so, just sushi for us. I got us a table in sniper position and got to watch the Tour de France. Our server was okay and our orders were slow but OMG the salmon melted in my mouth. We had a good time good food, drink and conversation. Then we headed to my house to work on things and watch the Tour wrap up. What a finish....first time in a long time the breakaway worked.

I spun the second ounce of the ramboulliet and then worked on the kitten for Julia's baby.

Day5: first bobbin of Rambouillet


Ari attempted to cast on a shawl....it went poorly but comically. Then she got us hooked on Post Modern Jukebox" and Mel and I were up very late watching and listening to them. HOLY COW....I also got a plunnie (plot bunny) for a fic which I hope to get sussed out today as well. Seriously inspired. Darn you ARI!!!! (grin)

So got to bed way late but felt good for once and not too panicked. All good.
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So the drama with the school continues. I faxed off (yes, fax since places don't have encryption on their email sighs) the info from the Doc to the school. Got a fax back (seriously! call that you are doing that cause my chief engineer found it hours after it was sent!) sighs that we are still not complying with their request. Sighs. And that was last yesterday. Mel had to work late due to a SNAFU with an international shipment and I ended up getting Benton picked up at almost 6pm due to traffic on I-10. Needless to say Mel and I were toast after the day and the stress and Ben got to watch some Tour de France while he ate dinner and then it was bedtime. He was zonked from the night before. I headed off to safeway to return the moldy pie (eww) and then came home to spin.

The rambouillet is spinning very well. I was so tired and got a 1oz spun out of the 2 oz I had planned. I then skeined up my plying from Day 1 of the tour and settled in for a shower and early-ish bedtime with DH snuggles. Much better end to a crappy day and I may have had beer for a dinner hors d'oeuvre but meh, still met my calorie count and I got lots of steps in.

Day 5: Rambouillet first oz

Day 5: Skein of 174 yards left/ 148 yards Right Easter Yarn

Today, I'm trying to stay positive but got to school to find a note (that was not there yesterday) that he had gotten sent to Miss Wanda's office for being not a good person in teh pool yesterday. Sighs. Breathing. I can do this but its gonna be rough. Also have a friend looking for alternate schools if we need to but TUSD starts a week before TCDS which could be really problematic. Sighs. FML.
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I had big awesome plans for the weekend. Make things, Tour de France, Tour de Fleece, make my house look less like a mess, relaxing, reading and sleeping. Work had been dragging all week due to it being cold as a morgue and quiet as one too. I was exhausted on Friday but managed to hit Micheals for a sale. We had pizza for dinner and just relaxed. I think I went to bed early...not sure.

Saturday morning was good, slept in, got things organized, spun some stuff for Tour de Fleece, cleaned the bathroom a bit. Mel, Ashley and Wander made ginger beer and peach ginger beer. Wander worked on some cross stitch and I worked on a kitten for Julia/Eric. Its turning out very cute...though I'm using up ends of yarn and it will be a very, very calico cat.

Things were great until I went and got the mail to find a letter from teh school which both mel and I took very hard. Others reading it did not take it to mean what mel and I thought but its again in flux for school for Benton. The thing is June flew by....we traveled a lot through it...were gone a lot and well here we are at July. School is about 4 weeks away. Yes, in AZ school starts in August. This means that all of the work for over the summer...is gone...we need paperwork and the like done now and well....excuses suck and I suck and that got my head screwed on my body completely sideways the rest of the weekend.

Saturday night we went to Perrin's going away party at Sentinel. That was nice to sit and talk with [livejournal.com profile] sathrn who we have not seen in FOREVER. Lots of old and new faces. Ben hung out with Faydra, and Babba's son. He at good the restaurant and ate well....he was needy all day and drove us nuts. We need to be more inclusive on big project weekends.

Mel was sick on Sunday, some time of tummy issue...not sure but he was tired/felt icky and didn't eat much. I was even good and cooked a nice dinner. Sat with Benton and gave him another spinning lesson. Which I think he just likes the spinning part. I may just give him yarn to spin and play with for a while.

Day 2: Spinning Lesson for Benton

Tour de Fleece:
I got things plied up from an old (2013...eep) project. I ended up finishing plying and then replying an older skein I had done on the spindle since it was way too loose. It looks nice now and I got to use my new yarn bowl which worked really, really well. I got through 4 oz of red that spun beautifully and now I'm wondering if I want to ply the red and the denim (from the retreat) together as a barber pole yarn. Not sure. After that I have 8 oz of white to get through and I may pull out more fiber that is colored to offset the white. I need to get the scale out and parse it out in 1oz parts. We shall see.

Monday I woke up badly. I had been up in the night and finally got back to sleep very late. I spun to settle myself and then got in on cleaning up the house. I washed floors, bathrooms and kitchen. Got laundry on for Ben and washed my wool chair covers. I was cruising fast to get things done and it seems if I had done a bit every day it wouldn't have been so long but oh well. A deadline is better than free form for me.

Ari and the kiddos arrived while I was in the shower. The boys played with the legos. Linnet played on her phone and we all chatted about Neko Atsume and lots of topics. I worked on the kitten, we just had a good time talking. Ashley arrived after Ari and I had hit the store for final essentials (cat litter cause I obviously bought some and left it at target, sighs; ice cream, yogurt and salad). I got food on the grill about 445 or so. I made grilled chicken which I had marinated in two batches...1 in Stubbs BBQ sauce and the other in wing sauce that Mel had picked up. Chicken always takes forever and since I was doing corn at the same time I had to keep opening the grill to move things and that made things cooler than I wanted...no worries. Got things together with the salads and the couscous I made and it was tasty.

The day before I had made cobbler with the spent fruit from the peach ginger ale experiments and we had that with tillamook ice cream. I had bought a pie from the store and it was moldy when I opened it. I will be taking that back to Safeway today. EWWW....

I was doing better by the time dinner was done and we were showing people how the Tour de France works, watched Big Trouble in Little China during dinner (yay!) and then did some D&D with the kids. We climbed up on the roof and watched the airbase fireworks. Some really pretty things this year. Folks went home after the kids almost got eaten by a gelatinous cube (no really!) and then it was bed time.

This morning I wrote letters, made phone calls and sent faxes for the school thing. I will call shortly to make sure it was picked up by who it should have been picked up. I had confirmation the fax went through from the machine side. So, better...tonight I need to work on stuff at the house...put laudry away and finish the declutter of my studio and put shit away.

I need to stay busy to keep my internal monologue of suck at bay. Just need to get through things and get stuff working.
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Thursday AM we left for the Fiber Retreat with Ashley going for her first time. We realized about half way through the drive that mel forgot the wheel to his spinning wheel which is hilarious in so many ways. We made good time getting to the Lake Arrowhead Ranch. Arrived at 345pm and traipsed around in the cool (to us AZ folks) mountain air. I took pictures of the beautiful purple flowers near the fountain which had a neato bee hanging in it.

We helped get things setup and people moved in for merchants etc. Settled in for dinner where I poisoned myself on the salad mix (effing kale). This was the first time I'd had raw kale before and well, it makes my lips numb and my tongue and throat swell. Awesome. Sighs. I read the labels on everything else....oh well. Lesson Learned. Stayed up chatting with folks and making sure that [livejournal.com profile] cayswan got settled from her car adventure up the mountain. Got to bed and snuggled down.

We got up around 8am or so. Benton was so happy to be up and attem' with his camp buddies. Ugh. Mel and Ashley hung with the dye pots all day and I ended up sitting in on an inspiration class taught by Ester (https://www.etsy.com/shop/BelleEstoile) and it was neat. I learned to use a new app to look at colors on photographs that I find neat/inspiring and then we talked about how we would create that feeling in textiles. It was neat and not something I would have taken as a class but I was sitting in the part of the lodge where the class was working on the present for the soon to be here Baby Wortman. Its turning out uber cute!

Benton had been hanging with Meadbhb (a young Irish girl was nannying for the event) and the other kiddos. He got to go swimming, see horses, play in the dirt, play with pinecones, color etc. He had a really good time with his retreat buddies.

I spun some denim colored wool that I got from To-ply (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Toplyfiberarts) and that spun beautifully after I let it sit in timeout on Friday night. I realized that Thursday night I had plyed up some yarn and then never switched whorls. Oops. Fixed that and then it spun like a dream for 3 bobbins. I need to ply that now to make it really awesome. Got to spin 1 whole bobbin of a red as well. So pretty.

Saturday I worked on teh baby project, spun and hung out near the dye pots putting in yarn that mel won at the raffle. Yes, he won yarn since he couldn't spin any....lol. Had a great time with that. Saturday night we got an archeological talk from Barb and that was faboo.

Hit the hot tub with Mel and Ashley and we did a run down of the event. Learned a bit, enjoyed time with friends we only see once a year and were envious that Barb has our resources for documentation on a first name basis. sighs.

Sunday we got up and moving and packing things and people up. I had to help back peoples cars down the twisty drive and I hate toyotas. Seriously. Ugh. Told Lynette that next year we are just hauling her stuff down....yuck.

But we got on the road at 1030 or 1045am and were in Tucson by 630pm. Stopped at Billy and Ashley's for dinner (homemade by Billy pasties!) and watched a monsoon come in. Got home, got the boy showered and tucked into bed but he was too wound up to sleep right away. He had napped in the car which was good.

We settled into things and then headed to bed. Mel was out about 10 seconds after his light went off. He drove from Indio all the way to Tucson. I had done the Tucson to Chiracao Summit on the way out and yeah. Tiring.

Today has been okay at work except that I either left my engineer's ring off or I have lost it at work today. Not sure. Very weird.

Pictures of the weekend - Click on the pic to go to the album.
Fiber Retreat 2016
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Well, the holiday has come and gone and work has begun anew for the new year.

2015 was a struggle on many fronts. Many good things happened but I'm looking forward to the new year to get things resettled for myself. Take care of me and mine plus get back to happy and less stress. So in December I finished:

1)Knit Cowl for my mom

2) A Knit shawl for my MIL (her handspun and some alpaca/wool/silk)

3) Two crochet cowls (for [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan)

4) A Knitted/felted Hedgehog for [livejournal.com profile] lferion

5) Plied some TdF2015 yarn
305 Yards

6) Made pie, lots of meals for the holidays, lasagna, homemade cheese (won the taste competition) and more pots of coffee than I care to think about.

I also enjoyed time home with my family. I even enjoyed cleaning and starting the purge of stuff. My MIL went home with pants that don't fit me any longer and I'm not holding on to them until they do. My SCA stuff and stash will be next. Purge and organization of the house is our theme for the first part of 2016. We will be getting the roof re done, getting a wall and a new patio door and in general making our home more livable and comfortable.

I'm still working on Mel's xmas socks. I'm at the toe on one and hope to cast on the other one this weekend. I also cast on a shawl for myself that is stuck right now...I need to fix it and I have some spinning on the wheel too. I think evenings will be project orientated once again and weekends will be sewing. I need to update everything in my SCA wardrobe and Mel and Benton need more things as well. Time to look less scruffy.
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If you've ever worked anywhere in a manufacturing area you sometimes have things that are on a "critical chain/path" and well that is what I've been working for two weeks straight.  Yesterday, I pushed the button on more paperwork than most people get done in 2 months and am now waiting to see if my drafting checker has found any issues before it goes off for final review.  Its been crazy and that is only one of my 3 projects that are hotter than Hades.  So I'm coming home brain dead and exhausted this week.  Put that on top of not sleeping great and giving blood and I'm one tired cookie.

Have been spinning a bit and knitting a bit this week.
Shawl is progressing:

Spinning the New fiber (I'm Not Dead Colorway):

But other than that just hanging in there.

Tomorrow is Middle East Feast and we are hotelling it to get some pool time and relax.  Should be fun.  Also hoping to get to see the Minion movie with Ben (his first in the theater movie) on Sunday with the college crewe in Phx.

On the taking care of me front....I'm now down 10 lbs which is now pretty noticeable which is good.
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Weekend was nice a productive. The work week was kinda crazy and I was so looking forward to the end of the week. Benton did really good at Theresa’s and we had a nice evening at home on Thursday night. I did some knitting and contemplated my spinning. I really need to order more bobbins for my sidekick. Cause using another wheel to ply is annoying when I mess things up and ply something the wrong way which is what I did on Tuesday. Sighs.
Friday I got up early and got the tires changed on the Fit and then off to a massage. I got some organization stuff at Big Lots/Dollar Tree, including a new ottoman. Its bigger and faux leather and has a tray on the lid which will be nice. Got home and the boys were having fun with legos. Got laundry started, fed the kiddo and worked on getting my studio unearthed. It had become the dumping ground for, well, everything and I got it cleaned up and things put away and I could get to the fabric I wanted to use to make things. I found stuff I thought was lost, I put things away that have been out for over a year and well, just in general tidied. I still need to go through the closet and pull out the SCA clothing that no longer is my favorite or just in general doesn’t fit and get rid of it. I also need to find a way to store the Baroness that isn’t so bulky. No idea on how to do that. But I need closet space. Seriously. I can’t hang everything up in it so its hanging my studio taking up space. Grump.

Wander arrived in the later afternoon and we got the front room converted to a sewing studio complete with 2 sewing machines, 1 serger, cutting table and ironing board.

See the list of things I accomplished:

  • Patterned/Updated Benton Tunic Pattern

  • Patterned/Updated Benton Bag Trousers Pattern

  • Cut out 5 project bags

  • Sewed 2 project bags that have been cut since last year.

  • Added Button to hand me down tunic for Ben that now fits.

  • Took in two Benton tunics that were made for him during the reign and I gave bad numbers.

  • Sewed 3 of the 5 bags cut out.

  • Learned new way to do the bags to not have to PIN EVERYTHING!

  • Cut out red linen tunic for Benton

  • Cut out Star Wars Tunic for Benton

  • Cut out Dinosaur Bag Trousers for Benton

  • Cut out Shark Bag Trousers for Benton

  • Cut out 2 flannel PJ pants for Mel

  • Washed so much laundry I’m appalled.

  • Bought and washed 5 sets of fabric for Mel’s Modern shirts that Wander will make.

  • Helped Benton putaway all of his books and toys& laundry /reorg his room.

  • Got apprentice to help with ironing and other things. YAY!

  • Made grilled peaches (nom, nom, nom)

  • Plied up the blue merino for Tour de Fleece

  • Plied up the Everybody’s Weird Colorway for Tour de Fleece

  • Knitted on my new shawl

  • Knitted on Benton’s hat.

  • Shipped off Bunny/Hat to Dana

  • Shipped off Sox to MIL

  • Shipped off Books to Nikolai.

  • Shipped off Presents to Viktor.

  • Hand delivered Bunny to Mary at Joe’s Pancake House

  • Figured out my path forward on my crown hangerrock with Wander

So pics of the awesome stuff:

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Weekend of sorts…..
Thursday marked Ben’s last day at pre-school. It was a bit emotional for me because I felt it was so false. No one but the director and his teacher knew. And the bright and happy kids at the BBQ picnic for the holiday just seemed very Stepford Wives. Mel is right….things are weird and you don’t see a lot of the faces you used to. But its also our fault too. We haven’t taught him well how to deal with things when they aren’t going how he wants and we aren’t dealing with how to get him to calm down from tantrums well other than “go to your room to blow off the steam” which while good for us is not good for school. That makes things hard but we will manage. Thanks to my good knitter friends Ben will be spending time with both Mary and Theresa’s for the next few weeks. Playing with their kiddos and having some down time before school starts in August.

Here is his last day: Last Day

Got home with him after a trip to the grocery store. I made the awesome choice to wear heels Thursday for work and looked damn cute but after dealing with the playground woodchips/hill and then around the store/parking lot my feet were toast. We got him into a bath and to bed just as Mel was coming home. I sat and knit and mel spun while we watched Tabletop, I think….too much weekend for me to remember I guess.

Friday we slept in a bit, well, mel and I did. Benton was up way, way early. Mel’s plans for the day were for him to fix the one kitchen cabinet with Gallant and brew some beer. I left for a massage and pedicure and started rec’ing really disturbing photos of kitchen destruction. I left for home and Stacy (Gallant’s wife) was watching Ben while the boys went and got propane for the beer. The entire upper side of the kitchen was taken down and all over the living room. The cabinets were not in great shape and after some dithering they put up the 3 they could salvage and then shelving for the cabinet that we couldn’t save. It took the boys almost all day but it looks good and well, lessons learned. We had done this same thing to the cabinets on the other side some long ago with Mingo. I guess we should have done the same thing then.
You can see the adventure here: Cabinets
Needless to say this rescheduled the playdate with Inara and Theresa’s kiddos and we ended up getting quick supplies and yarn for a project while the boys worked. It worked out okay. I made grilled chicken and kabobs of squash, mushrooms and green pepper for dinner and that was a hit. Again, not sure what we did in the evening….we were tired.

Saturday was the 4th and the planned BBQ for the household was off due to illness so we hung out in PJs until we met up with folks at the opening of the 1912 Brewing Company with Erika, Dom, Willa and Ari. The food trucks were tasty, the brewery’s AC wasn’t keeping up and the beer was good even though it wasn’t home grown (they had a carbonation issue). We left there and headed to Dragoon which was quiet and cool. After that we headed to Total Wine to stock up. Let me say that a tipsy Ivan and Ari shopping for booze is hilarious. We got home and I made nummy ugly steaks and kabobs. We watched Sky High and crafted and all was good. I finished the bunny for Mary at Joe’s Pancake House as well.
We watched the D-M Fireworks from the roof and that was a great show. It also drove home we really need to replace the roof and coolers. Our neighbors will soon not be our neighbors but I need to get a quote done from their roofing company. They also have a wall guy to recommend as well so yes! Just need to get the permits done.

Sunday was pretty lazy in the AM. I had rinsed out all of the tie-dye/ice dying stuff the previous day and Ben immediately picked his new shirt out. Which looks really cool. We had a nice play date with Theresa and her kiddos with Inara and Mary. Ben will be there on Thursday thi s week. I was happy to see he melded into the pack of kids just fine.

Got home and made brats/squash on the grill. I also quartered some nectarines and cooked them up in foil packets with cinnamon, brownsugar and butter. We served it over crushed up ginger snaps and it wa a tasty dessert. Then while Ben was in the bathtub I got my spinning set up for Tour de Fleece 2015. I’m hoping to spin and ply 3 separate and fun fibers. The first one is turning out really neato.
See my album: Tour de Fleece 2015
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Topsy Turvy Few Weeks
Last week was a bit nutz at work. We have a huge program review in a foreign country coming up, lots of people going on PTO and lots of things just coming to ahead all at once. Its long days and not a lot of progress. I have say, we are still discussing a part mark. The waste of time that has been has made my head ache. Oh, well, I now have a much better understanding of reading a specification than I did beforehand.

Ben was okay at school…not his best week but by far not his worst. We left Thursday AM to head to the retreat Griffin Dyeworks Fiber and Dye Retreat by way of phx to pick up [livejournal.com profile] corinnemacleod. The trip was good. We stopped off in Blythe at the Courtesy Café which is unchanged since it was built in 1964. Tasty, quick food and off we went. Benton did not nap but colored almost the whole way out on a dry erase board on a lap desk. Best purchases for us, definitely. I had bought Crayola wash out dry erase markers and he cleaned up with a baby wipe easily.

We made it into Cali and then up the mountain to Lake Arrowhead Ranch. Mel was driving and took the mountain curves very fast. We did not let him drive us down the mountain. I didn’t want to get almost car sick again and neither did Corynne. We only got mildly lost due to a change in the roads compared to the maps but all good. Got to site about 345pm, checked in, unloaded and helped set things up. The next while was spent getting to know new people, meeting folks we’ve known for years, having dinner and then putting the boyo to bed before sitting down at spinning circle. Unlike previous years, the spinning circles were indoors and that was nice. Plenty of light, no bugs and just happy. I ended up finishing off my yak/merino/silk and then setting everything else up for plying on Friday night. Which I did.

Intensive pictures behind here )
You can see more photos of the whole trip: The Kemp Family Trip to GDWR2015.

Mel played with the dye pots and Ben was out and about with the kids or hanging out with us. He was so tired he put himself to a nap for most of the afternoon and went swimming with his dad later. We had dinner and put him to bed and went back for spinning circle where I plyed up all of the yarn.
A three yarns I plyed.

We got back to the cabin and Benton was whimpering in his sleep. He woke up with a huge Charlie horse in his left leg quad and we finally had to get him a ¼ of a ibuprofen tablet since it would not relax. He ended up chewing the pill which was nasty and gross but it hit his system quick for him to snuggle down to sleep.

Saturday was another busy day of classes. I learned to make a rope bowl, Taught crochet , took a painting class and a shibori class. Mel was awesome and took care of dyeing my shibori stuff and they turned out great. Saturday night we had dinner, got Ben to bed (he was tired) and then sat and listened to a presentation on Viking stuff and spinning stuff. We went back to spinning circle and I got things packed up. I was tired and had finished off a few projects (bunny for [livejournal.com profile] eilina and MIL socks (except for Kitchner)) and just wound off some handspinning onto bobbins for plying on the wheel when we got home. We headed to bed not too late after packing things up. We all were tired when we woke up but got things going quickly to pack up and be ready to leave by 11am. We left about 1030 after lots of hugs and pictures and more hugs from our fiber Friends. Oh, one thing at the raffle, mel won a 36” loom. Sighs. Luckily it packs in pieces.
The trip home was long and we were a bit cranky when we stopped for food in Indio. We were much happier after that. Made it to phx and dropped corynne off without much issue and then home by 730pm. It was a longer trip back since lunch took quite a bit longer but it was good.

The week on work was crazy, see the first item. I had to pick Ben up from school early on Monday and on Tuesday evening I was told that we would not be welcomed back on Monday. Basically, unenrolled. Sighs. I’m better now but I can tell you I was angry and frustrated and sad. After chatting with Mary and Theresa at knit night we have a plan for kiddo care. Just need to work out the schedule for July. After chatting with the ingress teacher, who had no idea Benton had been kicked out, she stated she was leaving for a new job and hadn’t told them yet. So, again, weirdness at the school insn’t helping. They’ve had a large turnover in staff, a change in management and the class sizes are way large compared to what we had started with 18 months ago. Miss Judy said she thought Ben would do good in a much smaller class setting which is what we will see at TCDS. We did get accepted into the Pre-K program and we start August 6. This makes me happy and I think a few weeks with close friends and not school environments will help get him back on track for proper behavior.

FOs )

Everything will go out in the mail Monday since things need to be washed up. I cast on for THE LAST baby gift of the summer which is another little bunnie blanket for Mary (of Joe’s Pancake House)’s little girl. AND THEN IT WILL SHAWLS, SHAWLS AND MORE SHAWLS!!!!!

I have the following items picked out to make:
La La’s Simple Shawl
Easy Peazy Shawlette
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Its been a week since we were at the Con and I still wish we were there. Seriously, I had so much fun. What I did not have fun with was that my legs /.feet swelled really bad after 4 days of pounding the pavement/con floor in heels, boots and more heels. I have varicose veins and they were screaming at me. I figure I probably walked 40 miles. I did not do what I should have done which was wear my compression socks on Monday (or at the con cause that would have been smart) and I regretted that. I only did my calves and really, the whole leg needed it. I managed to wear them for Tuesday and Wednesday and that did the trick so I could run Wednesday at the gym. I will be making an appointment though with a vascular specialist cause I’m too young to have my legs hurt and look this bad due to the veins.

Anyhoo, so Monday I just came home and then went to scribble where I callig’d a scroll and contemplated drawing something. We were all tired. Seriously tired. But it was a good night.

At work I’m covering for 2 people and had some emergency paperwork that I had to process by this AM. Some people were dumb and it took too long but we got it done. Now I’m trying to catch back up to all of the things I was supposed to be working on versus the emergency/other people’s stuff. Sighs.

The family + Ari and Sioux are heading to the collegium tomorrow. Leaving early but it should be fun day. I think I may pack my spinning wheel for in between classes. I started spinning a merino/yak/silk blend last night that is pretty nice looking. We shall see. I may just bring the knitting since I have lots of things that need to get done so I can start all of the shawls and cowls I want to make.

The food tracking is going well. I’ve lost maybe 7 pounds but about 6-8% body fat if my scale is at all accurate on percentage change. I doubt the number is correct but the percentage change may be. Anyhoo, I’m noticing the difference and my arms have no underarm jiggle at all anymore. My calves, even though they ache and cramp all the time, have really good definition. My waist/hips are less lumpy and are slimming down. I guess I look way thinner which is good even though the scale mocks me. Muscle ways way more than fat and I’m muscling up. That is important.

Benton had a really good time at the con, had done really well at school the two days prior and has had an AWESOME week at school. Seriously, we have the perfect kiddo right now. Who, I’m damn sure, is an inch taller than the last time I checked. Seriously, he does not look little boy anymore but a nice young man. Sighs, wow. It’s a big change since two weeks ago. I honestly think he was way too hungry all of the time considering how much food I kept feeding him and he wasn’t grumpy or acting dumb. Hangry is a Kemp thing obviously. His dad has it, he has it. Boy are the teen years going to be fun.

Well, that is about it.
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Lot has happened since the week before last before last. Well, the biggest thing was I thought I was having allergy attacks, which I was, but it moved to a nice chest cold/sinus infection thing that I’m still fighting…its hard to breath and the asthma is really flared and my voice comes and goes which is just lovely for international telecons and speaking for someone at their Laurelling. I spent about two weeks being sick and bleah. Vicks vapor rub has been awesome.
We headed to Barmaids very late, so late that I got a phone call on the way to validate we were coming cause Richyrd was freaking out his Royal Peer would not be there to speak for him. It was all good. Got to site and it was uber windy and annoying. Glad I brought my cloak cause standing under the shade was cold. Ben played all over and had a good time with Grainne’s daughter and I sat out of the wind in the impromptu fiber circle knitting. Court was very, very long and when I got up to speak I made sure to use the commander voice to be heard and made Richyrd and the crown cry. The story I told that as a royal peer you do things for the greater good. My example was asking Richyrd, who had just callig’d every scroll on site for the B&B to do “just one more” since we as crown needed to give a dying man his one and only award. That was Lord Cyrus of Granite Mountain’s Light of Atenveldt which conferred his AOA as well. It was an unplanned award, the only Light medallion we had was mine which was given to me by Alex the Scribe and was one of the original hand carved medallions on Olympic ribbons. I knew I would be getting the award back because he did not have long left with the world but it was hard. Richyrd just smiled and knew the good we would be doing by giving the award and callig’d another scroll. He cried, I cried….yeah.

Got home late and the plan was to change clothes and meet Ari (who had traveled with us to Barmaids and back in the van) but Ben was toast and would not wake back up. I got changed and met Ari for dinner at Outback and we got sat at Table 42, Ari showed up wearing her new 42 tshirt and Rachel was our waitress which just added to the fact that we needed BFF dinner out and we had a nice time. Sunday I woke up feeling way better and that was good. Made it through a week of work and craziness and Benton being bad at school that led to us on Friday having a parent teacher/director conference.

We slept in and then hit the conference with the school. Basically, Benton does not want to nap, but regulations state he needs to lay down for 30minutes minimum. We’ve tried all sorts of rewards/punishments etc for getting him to do that and nothing is really working. He’s also throwing things without realizing he’s doing it and we came up with some strategies to work that and redirect it. It was a good meeting. There was no discussion about kicking him out of school. Which was nice. This week has not really shown much improvement and we basically said that “no reading of books until this behavior improves.” I think that will be even more poignant when we return library books and then don’t get more. We shall see. I know he doesn’t want to nap but if he lays down his body does and he has to keep it moving to not sleep and that causes issues. Seriously, if he napped life would be so much better on so many levels with him. But yeah.

I felt really good after the conference and mel did too. We then headed to Grandma’s to pick up my spinning wheel which had come in weeks early. Got it picked up and then we headed to Bumsted’s to have lunch with Mel’s co worker and his girlfriend. It was a good lunch and then we headed to Tap and Bottle where I finished the first sock for my MIL. Untitled

Got home from that and I set the wheel up and did some spinning before picking Ben up from school. Saturday we got up and went to Coronation which was enjoyable. The kiddo area was setup at the back of court and we kept a good eye on Ben while he played with Mason, Andrew and the other kiddos. Everyone but Ed in the Hrafn row had hand work and we enjoyed court tremendously, though it was long. Got home and had a good time with Will, Volchek and Ashley (we had all car pooled in the Red Hrafn van) and had dinner with them and drinks while we discussed a variety of topics SCA and non.

Sunday Mel, Volchek and Domnall took the van to the tourneys while I watched Inara and Benton. We went to the zoo and then home for me to paint with the girls and the kiddos to play their hearts out. Maddie was nice enough to sit out on the porch so they could play outside somewhat supervised. Got some good work done on Arsenda’s scroll which I’m quite proud of. I would paint for 45 mins and then spin for 45 mins. I finished up the “zombie” colorway I had started on Mel’s Country Craftsman way back in the early fall or maybe for Tour de Fleece 2014…not sure. Regardless, I finished it and also finished the red merino that I had been testing spinning wheels with and I think they both turned out very nicely.

Finally started to feel good and got back to the gym this week. I took it slow and easy on Monday. Yesterday I pushed hard and actually ran on the “hard” sections of the intervals on the treadmill. I’ve also started using macro calculations for food and am tracking things on “My Fitness Pal”. I hope this works well for me and I just need to 1) stop having booze whenever I want it and 2) keep up the physical activitiy. From the scale, I basically have 35-40 pounds to loose to get back to where I want to be and where I was before Ben was born. Yeah, I’ve let myself go. Going back to my previous weight/food tracker I’ve not weighed where I am now ever that I can find. I’m heavier than just before Ben was born. I want to be where I was before Ben. I had worked hard and I know what I have to do and now I just need to adjust with how my body has changed since pregnancy. I’m older, things have changed and yeah. Just have to keep active, eat right and stop with the booze. Sounds easy but my will power and stress levels don’t make this easy. Mel has been really good about thinking about how to cook dinners that have separate carbs from protein and I’ve taken to using spinach versus the carb for meals but the new eating plans may help me regulate it better. We shall see. All little steps towards self-care this year. I really am working hard on that goal and my mental wellbeing has really improved so I know part of it is working and I just need to work the physical things and get active.

Last night I finished the bunny for a coworker’s almost here baby. I still owe [livejournal.com profile] eilina her baby present for Malcolm. I’m about 40% done on that one and it’s a way more involved pattern and I still have a hat to make too. But again, all good and fun small projects are making me happy.
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Work was exciting last week. But as a team my folks are in violent agreement on things that aren't going well. So that is a plus.

Thursday we celebrated Pi Day at work and I won a pie for participating in a pie eating contest. It was fun and the pie was good but pumpkin was not the pie to pick for eating. My friend Jen won a pie for a trivia contest and gave it to me so I brought home 2 pies (cherry and strawberry/rhubarb). The boys were very happy to have pie over the weekend. And we shared with [livejournal.com profile] elinor_dear and [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari.

Friday I did some work, took girls to the vet and went to see Glenn. He was not amused at how effed up my body was and didn't even bother to touch my arms since they were so inflamed from how effed up my neck and chest were he wanted everything to stabilize before he touched them. Course that explains my hands being effed up if all of the nerves were inflamed going to them.

Mel and I saw Kingsmen at a matinee and it was lots of fun. Not the movie I expected at all and the ending was a bit cheezy but all in all a fun romp. And there is a pug...nuff said.

Saturday the family and Elinor traveled up to Prescott Valley to go to Fiber Frivolity. We had lots of fun. Elinor cast on a new shawl with some mohair yarn which according to here is "like knitting a kitten, soft and snarly". I took a spinning wheel maintenance class and did some spindle spinning. I also started to teach Ben how to spin and he did really well I think. He got the hand of spinning and holding things. Next we will work on fiber. I think for his Bday we will take him to grandma's to pick out some fiber of his own.

I also finished a hat. I had made the Capucine hat while I was queen and it was a bit small and I gave it to Queen Cassandra of Caid and so I made another one and it was just right for me except that I had very little of the handspun yarn left for tassels. And honestly, the tassels make this hat. So I let it fester in my queen box and when I repacked it for Estrella as a project box I realized that I will just have to measure out and divide the remaining yarn to make tassels. And that is what I did. I got the tassels made with Elinor and Sekmet watching and it was good.

We had dinner at Lonesome Valley Brewing Co and watching Mel and Brian geek the heck out over beer was awesome. The food was tasty too. Benny was a tired monkey by this point and just plain work out and whiney. Course my growing boy is rail thin and not eating dinner cause he's tired. But soon I'm sure he will be back at mass quantities.

We got home about 10pm and then slept in till about 8am. I was headachey and allergy ridden but got up and going. Picked up Elinor for a trip to the Heirloom Farmer's market. We had a good time and i got eggplant, coffee, peirogies and roasted tomatillos. We stopped at Twisted Tandoor to get brunch and they were out of their famous beef/feta samosas. So I got the boys the vegetarian ones and me some tandoori chicken. I also chatted up the owner's daughter and got the skinny on the chutney of awesome and determined that I could easily make it myself.

Got home and mel and elinor chatted bread making after we all consumed the nummy Indian food. I then got her home and went grocery shopping. We were out of a lot of staples and I got the ingredients to make the chutney. Got home and Mel wanted quiet and had a talky, doesn't want a nap almost 4 year old. Then I spent over an hour trying to get Ben to put his clothes away....sighs. Then I went about dinner making. I made the non-spicy chutney which is just approximately: 1/2 bunch of cilantro, 1/5 cup of lime juice, 6 leaves of mint, 1.5 cups of greek yogurt. I added this all into the quisinart and blended until smooth. For spicy I added 3 Serrano chiles. I had put onions and red pepper into some olive oil to saute and then added the chicken thighs. I let them cook both sides for a bit before adding the non-spicy version to simmer for a while. I served it with Israeli couscous which I had spiced with dill. It was tasty as I served the spicy over the meal for Mel and I and we had a Ballast Point Indra Kunindra which is a India-style Export Stout of awesome.

Spent the evening doing laundry and playing Russian Revolver solitaire and we went to bed early for us.


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