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This weekend was exhausting and fun. Saturday was plenty of BFF time while we got my house errands done (groceries and costco) and then we had lunch at BisonWitches before we headed to get our tattoos at Istari Studios from Gail Reilly . We had picked her over a month ago but timing etc made us schedule for Saturday.

The shop is awesome and Gail was great. Her line work is why we went and we are both very happy. Mine is a line style raven with Poe's own handwriting for Nevermore. His "N" makes me so happy. Ari's is her calligraphy for her fave Terry Pratchett quote.
Getting ink. Knitting while our artist works. #bff #knittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer

My third tattoo. Done by @gail_tattoo   Words are taken from Poe's own handwriting. Raven adapted from another source. Very happy! #tattoo #tattoedwoman #knittersofinstagram


Sunday after Mel got the coolers going we headed out to the Pima County Fair for seeing the animals and exhibits...this coming Saturday we will do carnival stuff and rides. We had fun, ate fair food and got to see lots of sights. To our disappointment our favorite exhibit Power from the Past is being taken down due to it being a large footprint and non-moneymaker for the fair. Sighs. Steam powered ice cream makers are cool dammnit!

Click the pic below to go to the album from the fair.
Pima County Fair 2017
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Well, work has been work.  I've told both my department and my program boss that I would like a new job.

I don't deal with stupid well and well, things are stupid.

The week we spent in Michigan was both horrific and pleasant.  I got lots of good family time with the KEMP/HUCK side of the family and I got to meet more of the Kemps but the days were filled with gross work and a lot of crazy.  Mel's gma was a hoarder. It wasn't gross in the way you think, not icky filth but just stuff. Stoopid stuff in some case. Scary stuff in others (creepy moldy dolls).  Lots of dolls and clown stuff.  I made a comment to the goodwill folks during one drop off of "we did not bring you the creepy dolls" which the nice young girl just thanked us profusely for.  We emptied a 1200 squarefoot house in 6 days using 5 adults into 2, 40 foot long dumpsters, 5 truck loads to good will, 2 van loads to good will and we shipped home 11 boxes and other stuff went in a trailer to SC with the in laws.  I came back exhausted and with a new appreciation for purging all of the things.

Pics of the trip are on my flickr if you are my friend....its family so its locked down.

UPS did a hum dinger on the one and only thing I really really wanted from teh house. THough their may be other treasures we haven't found yet (like another singer featherlight like Becca got).  I got a 1950 in bentwood case Singer 99-13 British Made sewing machine.  Its had a bit of work done over the years with a new motor and light but she looks in working condition even after they packed it wrong and munched it.  The machine is okay. The case...well, its gonna take some doing to fix.  Luckily I insured it...a bit over insured but still.

Pics of the damage and the pretty machine are here:
Sewing Machine Damage

I also got my new ink this week. Which is healing nicely and is now annoying and itchy.  Done by Sanctity Tattoo here in Tucson by Tracy.  He did a great job. I'm so pleased.
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Geek Tattoos
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Is like getting really, really tiny fast ant bites...followed by some vibrartions that are weird. But I survived...thank you to [livejournal.com profile] snotblossom for being moral support, thanks to Simon for being awesome and thanks to his son, Paul, for being uber cute and being entertaining during it.

Now it feels like a rub burn and I get to wash the plasma off and put some stuff on it. All good. I'll post pictures after blossom sends them to me and I edit them (you don't want to see my bum crack do you?, ya didn't think so.)


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