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Jan. 4th, 2017

ianuk: (lazycat)
Well the first work day back was tiring. I was out of sorts and just trying to remember where I was in things. I did not do my normal "make a list" for the year end so I was a bit of a lost puppy for most of the day.

Got things settled though and that was good. I was beat when I got home with Benton. Luckily Mel had made dinner before he went to the dojo with Ben so it was an easy night for that. Got Ben fed and showered and we started on a second chapter book (Magic Tree House #2) and then I sat like a lump on the couch. I was tired. Mel stayed home from practice and we finished watching the finale to Gravity Falls. Gods I love that show. We started in on Young Justice then. I'm sad they've changed voices for Batman and Superman. Kevin Conroy is Batman in my head when I hear him speak in comics.

Tonight I'll hit knit night and hopefully finish up on something whether its mel's sock gusset or mary's baby gift. I need to stop by joanns to buy more stuffing before I go though but my plan is not not work late and make it to knit night at a good time to sit and craft. Yay!


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