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Jan. 11th, 2017

ianuk: (butterfly)
I posted to twitter about my busy day and most of it was work, housework, being mom, cooking and in general not trying to leave my house a disaster when I get home from work. I learned this when I was nursing that if I didn't start the bottle cleaning when I got home it was never done and I tried to do that last night by getting dishes started while I made dinner and helped Ben with homework, picked up my stuff from the front room (as I could), moved mel's stuff to his side of the bed and got laundry going as well as washing things I just made for the ladies born last month.

I then sat down and dinked around on my phone for probably 45mins versus knitting while watching tv and then finally did knit and watch the mid-season premier of AOS. Wow, that was a good episode. I really wish we could get Tony Stark to have a talk with Coulson on what sentience is and how you determine it even if it was created by a creepy as magical book. But enough of that...I'm just enjoying AOS and that is good.

So I adulted but I did get some knitting in. Hopefully I'll be motivated to finish the cleaning of the studio on Thursday so I can be sewing on the weekend or at least mending and then cutting out crown clothes.


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