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Jan. 16th, 2017

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Well, in a convo with the apprentice I decided that I needed to finish things before I can start new things. This weekend I got my studio setup for sewing and the like and then pulled out items that were lingering....like mending. Seriously. I had PJ pants I started last January that just needed hems etc.

This weekend I:

1) Finished a baby hat for a shower, washed, blocked and delivered it Maleficent style.

2) Finished hems on two pairs of pj pants for mel.

3) repaired 1 pair of pj pants for mel

4) Darned my hand knit red cashmere socks

5) Darned and reinforced my hand knit wool/silk half gloves

6) Darned and reinforced two pairs of mel's hand knit socks.

What I still need finish:

1) Finish Mel's orange socks

2) Darn my favorite grey sweater

3) Repair two more pairs of Mel's pants

4) Fix hem on one leg a pair of dress slacks

5) Sew button on my black dress slacks

Things I want/need to do:

1) Cast on my pussy cat hat for the march on Saturday

2) Cut out and sew crown clothes

3) Fix my armor for this weekend

4) Recover my scutum shield for this weekend


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