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Busy week.

When I last wrote I was working on being better to myself and taking care of myself. I've cut back on the booze to only a few in the week, tracking what I'm eating again and hitting the gym. I did good!  2 weekends ago was the Kingdom A&S Collegium.  We attended Saturday and Sunday and I spent the time painting and taking a class or 2.  Had a lovely dinner out with Hrafn folks and Master Gyllym.

Finished this and this:

The friday was 5 hours of clinics. Now, I had signed up to go and with my TKD blackbelt and my yellow belt in kung fu I have a lot of experience....it just hasn't been used in about 5 years or so.  So, I was a bit worried I would suck and make Boxer's Rebellion look bad since we are already the red headed step child of the org since we aren't karate, judo or juijitsu specific but we are kung fu and Kajukenbo.  Well, our school rocked it and it showed in all of us.  I did really well on Friday and took 4 of the 5 hours of clinics. I was tired and a bit exhausted. I'm out of shape but my instincts are there and luckily I have quick handspeed still.  I was very happy with what we did.  The group of us headed to Sentinel Peak for dinner and sat outside in the warmth and had a good meal and discussion. 

Saturday we got up and headed to clinics and I got hurt. Sighs.  It was the first class which was a really cool Judo class on different ways to "fix" some reactions to grabs and throws as dictated by the form.  It was cool.  I went in for a low sweep (sweeps have never been a strong point for me) and my left knee (the problem one) popped so loud they heard it 2 mats over and I collapsed into a little ball.  It was not as bad as the time I screwed it up at Ed's fight night and I iced it and took it a bit "easier" the rest of the day.  My bad plan was taking a kicking clinic towards the end of the day on basics.  It was all about good form and I kicked a lot.  The instructor was a 71 year old bad ass and I was really glad to listen to him ramble and teach but that basically blew my wad on learning. I took one more class on karate forms and that was good but by the end I was brain dead and limping pretty good.  Benton was also tuckered out and we changed clothes and sat out the last classes of the day.  He had fun and we headed out to dinner at Bj's and then back for the kids party and the dessert banquet and talent show. I finished my hat that I had been working on and Ben had a nice time but by the end I was toast.  My leg hurt and the cold shower did not help.

Sunday was the banquet and that went good. Good food and good convos and then home for me.  Since this was weeks ago now I'm not sure what else we did but here is pictures of the hat. (ignore the double chin..yeesh).

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All week I've been thinking that the last work day of the week was Today. Yeah, not so much. Sighs. I was kinda crushed by this realization and further hammering at me about stop think just do kinda put me over the edge of things I could handle. After a very long hot shower I was slightly better...but still a bit strung out on it all. I'm past 40 hours at 11am and will be on carryover. I've got meetings all afternoon and then stuff tomorrow. We'll see. Maybe just in for a few hours tomorrow. All depends on what I can get done today...I really want tomorrow off.

Anyhoo, I learned to cast on using the knitted cast on and I learned to do the knit stitch. I figure I'm going to do that for a while, learn to purl and then play with patterns to make a scarf. I really want to do a checkerboard style one...cause I'm in love with that pattern in tablet weaving...knit should be no different.

Got to bed very late. Mel needed a shoulder massage and I did too. My body is protesting and I'm not really listening. But a good massage made me sleepy and I slept well and didn't want to get up even with heat seeking cats homing in on me. I could have slept in quite a while today. But enough of that..its time to dig back into the data and get stuff done.
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This sinus thing is for the birds...ugh. I had to keep up on ibuprofen throughout the day and before I headed to grandmas I had another sudafed to help with the stuffiness. Well, it was okay but when I started our class things got kinda medicine head..cause I was draining somewhat so it made parts of class hard for me but I managed. I did not have the energy I did last class and that was annoying. Not sure if its sinuses or what but eh.

Got home and I was kinda miserable. My head was pounding again and my sinuses were expanding. I snuggled up on the couch and worked on the baby afghan. Seriously, crack smoking monkeys wrote the edging instructions..OMG. Seriously, do you need 5 lines of instructions to say to single crochet into the the edging or 4 lines to say double crochet around until the corners where its 2 dc in one sc and then 5 dc in the next sc and then its 2dc in the next sc, then dc till the next corner? Sheesh. I made it to the first corner and went to bed.

Today is lots of meetings and getting my stuff ready for my trip. Woooo. Lots to do there. But I can manage. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...let me tell you. The if its not storming a good bike ride followed by a pedicure and some time at grandma's. Its sounding very nice. Wish it was friday already. Anyhoo..we shall see how the day goes but man I already need a nap.
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Well, yesterday was meetings for the morning and then research for the afternoon. I made it through and home in good time. Mel was very tired and would be skipping the evening classes but I got myself ready for class and headed to grandma's. The baby afghan is turning out nice. Its a really pretty pattern. Got to chat with the girls and hang out and that was good. There are so many pretty, pretty socks being worked on and wow!

Got to class and it was just me and Paul. Daunting but doable. Little mantis got some polish on it and that was good. Got home and mel was in the shower, poor guy, still tuckered out from practice and the heat. I got a shower when he was done and then worked on the afghan. Row 8 is giving me trouble and I might have an error on row 7 that is causing it so I will take a look when I'm awake this evening.

I want to send out a special shout out to [livejournal.com profile] ecogryff cause her thesis PASSED! Woot! Go girl! Now all she has left is her oral defense and she will be a DOCTOR!

Tonight will be a quick errand for veggies and fruit and then home to work on projects and the hall. Should be a nice night if we don't get rained out.

Other than that..hope everyone has a good day.
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Well, work was dull. Everyone I needed was either out or out. I researched some stuff a bit, bugged my drafters, bugged my structural analyst, teased the thermal analysts and worked on my special project. I'm really inkling to try to work on other projects but I have to stay monogamous until the embroidery is finished. Though I made really good progress after work. I got all of the white done on the lower half of the hammer which means I have the top to do and all of the black work but that is easy stuff to do once the tambour is finished. So, if all goes well i hope to be onto #5 on friday at happy hour. The girls at Grandma's were having fun. I took a picture and now can't seem to get it uploaded from the phone to any of my normal picture places on the web. Meg's what is the deal? Is there a way to do that yet?

Kung Fu was a bit frustrating but its in the nagging details I'm trying to get right in a form an when we change things in a form I've know for a while its annoying. I see why we are changing it cause it does flow better but grrr....Then I did weights after class which was good.

Stopped by Micheals on the way home and I think I found another colorway for the baby afghans for the "unknown" sexes. I'm probably gonna pick it up, we shall see. Its not like the other stuff I bought will go to waste but I need to check my patterns for yardage etc...I might not make gauge on it and that would kinda suck...anyhoo, I also bought some stitch markers (though I can make my own if I sit down to do it and also bought some more crochet hooks for various things.

Got home and sat down at the loom (okay, I'm not quite monogamous but if I don't sit down a little every day mel will have woven the whole thing. I think next time we need to put 2-3 threads in the first couple of threads to have a strong selvage. We're breaking the edge threads a lot but at least that is getting us good at piecing things in but its frustrating. I also need to look at getting us a bobbin winder or making one. I can do it on the sewing machine but I can't quite get them tight enough yet. We shall see. But I wove almost a complete section of the pattern last night, probably more tonight. Then I sat down and did more tambour.
Got a shower and then started reading Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. Sighs, I want to learn to knit but other projects come first so I figure lots of reading would help me out first. I'm going to read all of my knitting books to understand things and that should help me with my craving to start something new until the embroidery is done. Then it will be on to finish my afghan and start the baby afghans. All good. Just need to get done with the embroidery. My goal is to hand it to ari at scribble on monday. I think I can do it. Especially if we sit and watch a movie on friday night. I also have calligraphy to do but that will be on Saturday and Sunday.
Now to just get through today and life will be good. The pressure systems are giving me a headache but eh. I shall cope after coffee.
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My peer review was, I guess, okay. Lots of discussion, lots of information was shared that I wish I had known before walking into the project. Sighs. I'm trying to keep things simple in the design since that is not my favorite or even my best thing I'm good at and some of the stuff brought up was kinda "huh..." Anyhooo that was good. Got good feedback from some coirkers on some slides we have to have ready for today. Then it was time to go home, well past time and that was okay.

So, I got home, made myself a really big nummy salad and then camped out on the couch for a bit to relax. Then I changed into my black pj's and headed to kung fu via grandma's spinning wheel for open knit night (well all crafts really). Had a really nice time chatting and working on my afghan. Then it was time for class where the only place my knee really protested was during sweeps in 7 kicks and then at the end of class when I was chasing after [livejournal.com profile] meowandbark and it just kinda collapsed on me as I was moving forward..probably too quickly. It didn't hurt until mel started working in on the muscles...the lower leg is still tight and now the uppper was tight again. I get to do more ballet stretches...but even after taking care of ari's cats it wasn't too bad..not really hurting or sore until you touch it...though a bit weak when I tried to change levels from playing with the cats.

Gypsy doesn't like her pills and tries to bite me..so I'm having to crush it up and put it in her gooshy food which she takes her own sweet time eating. I think I'm spoiled with how fast my cats eat. Narhachi, the bird, and I have finally come to an understanding and she's not squawking and is happy to see me and munch on her food and shreddies. Balo thinks I'm weird and Aramis keeps trying to trip me on the stairs and rub on me constantly. Eh.

So, it took me a while to take care of them and then get to work...and I still need coffee and breakfast. I should have stopped at caffe nation but I was worried about being later than I was already. Eh. I'll just be happy to ge through all of the stuff today, including some training. I have crafty business afoot that keeps calling my name.
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Work was...I'm not even sure how to describe it. For once I'm not okay with the "we need evidence to prove this, give us the data"...very heretical thinking in my little box of a world but for once I'm not about digging in and proving something I already know is true...but others don't feel that way and I'm stuck in the quagmire of their organization of the data which is lacking in any finesse and common sense. Sighs. So, I did not get a lot done yesterday but belly button thinking and that put me in a weird state. And to add to that weird state we are still waiting to hear from one of our suppliers whose factory in PA had a large fire. They can't get in to see the damage yet and this could have major impact on us as a product line. Sighs...course we aren't the only people who use them either. Sighs.

After that I drove home reveling in Craftlit and the grey day the weather was turning. I got home and started more work on the afghan and my OCD was taking over. I almost didn't get dinner but I did, got my kung fu jammies on and then headed to class in the truck with all of the scribble stuff too. Class was going good until I was working through 7 kicks and I did a really nice and high jump crescent and came down on my left leg fine and then it jammed. I tried to maintain weight on it and crumpled to the floor as my calf cramped up something fierce. Mel came to the rescue and dug into the knots along the tendon on the side of my calf and knee. They were very, very angry. After a lot more massaging and stretching I rejoined class and worked through some drills. I had to keep sidling up to the wall to stretch my calf out.

Left class and headed to scribble and enjoyed the ice pack. I massaged on it more and chatted. [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari stated that my afghan was too tight on my starting chain, so I now have a little snugly neckerchief. I'll restart the afghan tonight with about 20-40 more stitches. Sighs but yanno...I'd only gotten 7 rows in and I've now figured out the pattern so eh. Its a learning process and I'm okay with that and I got to basically swatch out my color repeats and I'm really really liking the colors...greys and pinks make me happy. Had a good scribble and finished up a scroll that had been annoying me to no end. Not my best work but its done. That leaves 10 scrolls to callig (I need to work on that a bit this weekend) and then 2 other scrolls to paint. I really need to work on line work and white work...my proportions are off a lot of times and I don't know how to doodle very well. Cause really, white work is just doodling all over your painting...I iz not so good wif that. Got home and mel worked on my leg some more, I showered soaked and then lathered on the icy hot.

I slept well, I'm really enjoying WWZ and can't wait to read more this weekend. The leg was stiff but I've been stretching and rubbing it...and I put more icy hot on it this morning. I'm almost all caught up on listening for Craftlit and if anyone can tell me if the ipod touch should be showing me "skip" points and pictures on podcasts (if they are coded correctly) please comment. The podcaster would like to know and since I'm very, very new to podcasting as a listener I'm not sure if I have things turned on correctly or not.

Anyhoo...I have different motivation today versus yesterday. I just need to Get-R-Done on lots of avenues....and that will propel me through the day very well. After that it will be home, stretch out, work out and then hang until ari calls to go over cat care stuff. I'll be at practice next week...with a much better outlook and stretched out body.
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So, I left work yesterday early again (don't worry, I'll make it up next week, I promise) but it allowed me to 1) go to costco and 2) get a really good nap in and dinner. So, I call that a win. I also got my but to kung fu and that was good. I learned the first part of a new form...well actually I learned the beginning cause at some point I learned the middle during a drill but still, I learned it and then I worked on 1st form and little mantis. I'm not sure what I need to know for testing but I think its two new forms and the ones I already know..not sure. Can't find my book. Eh.

Got home and the boys played COD Zombies and I worked on my plarn bag and worked on getting pictures of my projects up on Ravelry and here. I also organized my "queue" and realized that I have a small crocheted bag to do before I start an afghan (working from small project to big). But I will go out and buy my yarn tonight for the afghan...its too kewl not to.

We got to bed on time and I read some more in WWZ. Its neato. i slept really well to but butterfly decided that she would talk to us through all of the alarms...not sure what was up with that but man was she loud this morning.

Work is going pretty good so far...I have lots to work on since my "chief engineer" project got a fire under it and they want it at boil not simmer. I'm okay with that...I just need to schedule some reviews and get a design hammered out.

So, things are moving. I hope to get yarn and pick up my sewing machines from Kathy's and be home for a quick dinner and then VH. Should be a good training night.

I think I've also made the decision to not go to highlands. I've been traveling an awful lot and if I wasn't teaching this weekend I'd probably still go. But I'm pretty indifferent about the whole event and planning for camping never leaves me relaxed, just stressed out. So I think I will be home, probably craving sushi and company for projects.
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Work was rewarding...I think James and I figured out what is up with our fixture...which is a good thing. Now to figure out how to fix it. Got home tired from the mental drain but I had some toast and sorted laundry and got all the clean clothes put away which is the trouble with the laundry hydra..you can kill it but you have to put the body away. So, got laundry going. Mingo was the awesome and got the side yard cleaned up and mel and he were filling neighborhood dumpsters with weeds. I got to loading the last of the software on my laptop which went really good minus getting the registration to take on the MS stuff. Opened up the new word and started getting some documentation onto virtual paper. By that time it was time for kung fu.

I hadn't been back since November. Paul was funny and said "Hi, my name is Paul, who are you?" when I came in. I worked with the white belts on first form which came back pretty well. We are also in the 3rd week of learning a form called 7 kicks. Its flashy but has lots of good basics intertwined so it will be a good class form. Got done and mel and I headed to petsmart to get cat litter and then home. I was tired by that point but I cleaned up the kitty pan, put clothes away, switched out laundry and then sat and got all of the pulled books loaded into the citation section of word. Not sure how it will pull my bibliography (I couldn't get that to work quite right yet) but I'm sure I'll get it soon. I like the changes they have made so far. Looks to be a much better program.

In other news, the flooding in ND reminds me of that spring of 1997. I was living in Jamestown (about 100 miles West of Fargo). The interstate about 40 miles east was flooded and I had to take a detour to get home to SD....the detour was flooding while I was on it. The folks that were on the opposite internship from us at NDSU had evacuated Fargo already and Jamestown was flooding in areas as well. Pretty scary. I was glad to get home to SD. Anyhoo..time to meet the PE's for breakfast and then to tackle the fixture issue full force.
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Work was sucktastic with server issues...then it got better cause I kinda got things done. I got home about an hour later due to work, getting a scrip and then getting my eyebrows done (note to self...stop waiting 3 mos..it won't hurt as much). Then it was home to make banana bread, work on A&S stuff and relax. Well, while I was making banana bread, got a plea for egg salad, when I commented we didn't have any eggs mel was placated and then I realized I needed eggs for the bread. Sighs. Luckily, [livejournal.com profile] richarddbrewer came to the rescue. I finished making the read, made egg salad and barely got anywhere on my a&S stuff. But we trundled off to kung fu. It was a good class but I think I pushed too hard. I got a stitch in my side during the kicking drills. So, I stretched out for a while, drank some water and got back into class during the self defense drills. I was better for a while then when I was working on staff form I got dizzy. So, I stopped for a bit. Class got let out and we moved over to the other room so the kajukenbo class could use the main room and I got assaulted with a big hug and kiss by a guy. It turned out to be Roland's brother...but it was funny cause while I was in class I was watching him change in the hallway, jake saw my expression and I mentioned I was watching the floor show (grin!) Funny guy.

Went through one of my other forms and then I was done. Got home and read some more research and kept wondering why oh why can't everyone talk in the same language about the same subject? Sighs. But I was able to get most of one documentation done until I put in some figures and write up the section about the end. Its all good. Went to bed later than planned but that was okay.

Today shall be much paperwork and digging into some of the manufacturing db for research on the failure....it was our little gyro...sighs. Then it will be a bike ride when I get home from work and then A&S projects until I go to bed. Oh, and I'll make dinner somewhere in there and we'll finish packing the trailer too. Plus today is Virtual Friday...which makes things all good anyway.
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Well, when I got home yesterday I was le tired but had lots to do so I kissed the hubby and got on with my list of things to do. I packed up the meals and the pie and headed over to Victory Hall. [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa is looking good and much better rested, miss holly was as cute as evah, vorja was all about getting love and thorfinn was about barking at me and being scared. Food was well received and we got to awe over the baby girl. [livejournal.com profile] american_knight got home just before I left and he had a good day at work and was happy to see the pie. So, I get home avoiding a huge accident scene and get working on scrollage. I got that done and had some yogurt and bananas for dinner since I was at an appreciation lunch with lots of chuy's chix and stuff. Then I packed up all of the scribal stuff and we headed to kung fu. I had a really good class, especially since its been a few weeks since I'd been in due to sickness and travel. My kicks were rocking and its amazing how loosing 20 pounds makes me much more accurate. Yay!

Got done at class and then jetted over to scribble. Folks I needed to see where not there...sighs. But I got handed some sygils and cyphers and were in a good painting groove. Hope's little guy Archer was a riot and OMG is he cute when he gets tired/cranky. Big crocodile tears and everything. Got home just about 10pm and I fed the cats and mel got home from walrick's. Mel and I chatted for a bit and then it was bed time. The girls were being really good and it was nice to snuggle down and sleep. I was exhausted.

Today should also be good...not so many meetings (I had 7 in 9 hours yesterday). I have a bit of analysis to do for my meetings on wednesday, I have to annotate another analysis and re-write one after some new information. After work, I'll jet home, drop off a scrip at Walgreens and then get some work in on my A&S projects. I'm not fighting tonight (though I really want to) due to the wedding on Saturday. My right arm is already bruised and I don't want any more in the pictures. Though with some bruise balm I got at the fiber retreat its quickly disappearing. I'll be at FP working on my documentation so I'll be out though. All good. Well, time to drink more water (giving blood at 9am) and get going on the analyses.
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Well, work was very productive yesterday...not too many dumb meetings. Today though...yeah, full of them. But I got home and worked on the cream tunic for ivan (edging in red). We got a phone call after dinner that said class was cancelled (kung fu drama) and we were to meet Paul for discussion near the dojo. We went, kibitzed and then headed off for coffee to discuss the new space, classes and times. Monday we start at the new location so I will be late for scribble when we don't host by about an hour. But it does mean that I can make FP every Tuesday and mayhaps Thursday fighting school after I get in better shape and the new armour is done. So, change of schedule and it looks like double work outs on Monday/wed with biking and class...I'm okay with that. I can do it..its just gonna be hard...but life ain't a cakewalk anyhow.

So, got home from the kung fu meeting at about 930pm and I stayed up till just after 10pm finishing everything on the cream tunic but the front and back split trim. That shouldn't take me too long tonight at the game. I'm thinking mexican build your own burro's tonight for game night (I'll mix the meat with veggies and salad). I'll need to go shopping. Course if this rain business keeps up...I can't bike..I really hate rain and biking and stoopid drivers so I think Mary and I will get pedicures. I need so girly time with a good friend and we probably both need the stress relief. Course that means I really need to be biking tomorrow and sunday since no class thursday and probably no biking today. Sighs. Gonna be hard with the schedule but I can manage.

If I see you this weekend awesome...if I don't sorry maybe next weekend...Hopefully I can get all of the sewing (minus eyelets) done this weekend and be ready to start armour...its gonna take time though. Well, here's to a productive day.

Oh, random bits: 1)we had a random box of armour appear on our porch this AM. With a nice note is a russian accent. (seriously) 2)We had rogue chihuahua's in the cul-de-sac running around after the rain.

Pennsic To Do List )
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Work was very, very busy. Lots of meetings, lots of brain draining analysis (which I will double check today). I did leave on time even though I had plenty to keep me busy. I wanted sewing time and I got it. I have straps left to put on my dress for saturday. Shouldn't be too bad. Didn't get the underdress sewn but I have a bit of time this afternoon in between cleaning up the house and packing for the event. [livejournal.com profile] lferion popped by to show off some research. Estrella will be sweet is all I can say. Then mel and I headed to class.
Paul has started us on conditioning training. Basically its a bunch of sequenced blocking drills with a partner that makes your body toughen up in places you will be blocking with. Fun, a bit complicated in a few spots but made things tiring so that is good. My left arm was sore to start with with all of the mandolin playing and then adding impacts to its sore muscles...ow. I remembered all of my form (sqee) and even got the spinning kick of doom worked on. Then mel and I went home and had a bit of weirdness with the girls. My back seats for the xterra (they were on the porch) got peed on by a neighbor cat and I'm pretty sure that is what set the girls off into howling madness. I put the seat in the laundry to soak (anybody got any other ideas?), febreezed the outdoor carpet and the girls didn't get fed. I didn't finish the dress but I coped. I was tired and after having to discipline the girls for a while I was truly exhausted.

Then mel and I spent the entire night waking up to hissing. And I was having stoopid post apocolyptic/dies the fire dreams and that wasn't helping (damn you Mel and Ed). I didn't sleep great but after being up and putting on some tiger balm on my sore left arm things are good. I'm gonna get some coffee and slay some change notice dragons and hopefully have a good day.
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Well, we've had a string of fun these last few days, NOT! Seriously, work has been trying and non-accomplishing. I had a set amount of things to get done this week and well, none of it is. Grrr..Well, I shall cope cause its friday. I'll get what I can done, make good notes and start anew on Monday. After work yesterday I got Cleo's oil changed for the second time. I love our car cause at 12k miles it was time for the second oil change. Plus on our way back from phx and this week's driving we got 37mpg. Not to shabby. I think the engine has finally broken in really well. Sat and embroidered and chatted with a nice woman at the dealership and then got gas on the way home. Mel was kind enough to make dinner and load the dishwasher. We had dinner, watched batman, took a hard 30 min nap and then we trundled to kung fu where it was staff night. Last week killed the legs, this week my arms are sore. Ugh...oh, well. Its all good. Got home and we did thursday night chores: trash and cat box. Then sat and watched good eats and then we went to bed on time for the first time in a coons age. I slept well and the girls were all snuggly minus a tiff about 3 this am. I got viva on the way into work and was a bit late but eh, its not like I have a set time. Then I managed to spill the salsa all over my hands, my desk and the burrito. Its okay, its friday.

So, I'm gonna take what comes and work on things and see where we get. I have a full plate for the weekend of projects, cleaning and the like. I need to get the xmas stuff down and I think that will be priority while I send mel off to get supplies like veggies and yogurt. We shall see.
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Work progressed rather well. I got most of my qual plan for a new design done. A markup of a drawing to drafting and various other incidental things completed. When I got home mel was dead to the world asleep. I really wanted to put in a movie and work on doing something like take down the tree or something but he was asleep. And I wasn't sure if he would wake up grumpified if I woke him too early so I just let him sleep, looked over the sale ads, planned dinner and then tried to take a nap myself. Butterfly was being an utter brat and kept sitting on obsidian and being a pest. Mel finally woke up but he was groggy and still sleepy. I started in on dinner and he unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. (Our resolution to each other was to keep the kitchen cleaner). Had dinner and then I sat and embroidered while we watched xmen and then an episode of firefly (all communications are still out at the house). We got ready for kung fu and had an awesome if rigorous class. Cody was running warmups and my knees are still hurting from the abuse but it was good. We all had fun. Then it was on to forms where of course I brain dumped a few transitions and got lost again. I got little mantis back in my head and now need to work on flow and on the 270 jump crescent kick.

Got home and richard was there working on the microwave shelf. Its seriously gonna look like it was made that way by the cabinet guys...its that nice. He had run the electrical for the microwave and it looks like we will be having a shelf sometime soon. We watched a bit more firefly while I embroidered and then it started raining. Nice gentle rain. I stumbled up to go to bed while richard was packing up tools. I took one of the hottest showers I have ever had since I had cooled down too much after class. I was chilled and was much better after I got under the covers and finish Lovecraft's "Under the Pyramids." Odd story and staring Harry Houdini which makes you think that maybe it might be true...not sure. I slept great minus getting pushed around by the cats on the bed. I still would like to be in bed cause I'm tired. Guess I should get going on the coffee and the work. Have a supplier issue that my SPE has blown completely out of proportion. The guy is an asshat and doesn't do anything right or on time. Makes my life a lot less easy. Anyhoo...off we go.

Lol fun

Jun. 27th, 2007 02:09 pm
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I had to make this...I think it needs to be a shirt for my Sifu.


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