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The weekend that was awesome.

So I took of the 16th from work since it was my birthday and we already had the 17th off for our standard off Friday. The day before at work was crazy but I got a lot accomplished. I managed to edit a 47 page report and review 4 more reports for the customer/my suppliers. Then I left a bit early to get my taxes picked up. Yeah, I know, it was tax day. Got home to have mel sign them and write the check to the state. And there I screwed up and didn’t put the check in the envelope and it was sealed tight. I didn’t have business envelopes and that caused me to stress as I hit the post office which was closed (at 5pm) and was only taking mail until 530pm and their kiosk didn’t do envelopes. Sighs. I put the federal in the box, picked up envelopes at CVS and then went to knit night to relax before the Baronial Calendar meeting. I got to show off Lois’s Blanket to everyone before I delivered it and I got to sit and chat which was also nice.

The calendar meeting was good. I knit on Baby Malcolm’s prezzie #1 and chatted with people. Hrafnheim will be hosting an EPIC tournament in December of 2016. Right now the acronym is open to interpretation. I’m sure Icka and Elinor have plans. LOL. Got to give out the blankie to Lois! As you can see here….she loves it!

She especially the amigarumi sun that I attached:

Got done with the calendar meeting and then headed to the Cherrybell post office since it was open for post until midnight and then came home. Taxes managed! Got home and relaxed before falling into bed exhausted. It had been a long day/week.

I had hoped that Mel would take Ben to school but he didn’t so I got woke up at 630am by Ben asking for breakfast. Got him up and dressed and fed and to school by 730am. Then I sat and had coffee, trifle and some Dr. Who. Got dressed up for errands (skirt and cute top), scheduled my massage and got Elinor in on scheduling a pedicure for the afternoon. I headed to look at shoes at DSW which I have a love hate relationship with….that day it was both since everything I tried on fit…I may have bought 4 pairs of shoes. Then I headed to the mall and got bras and some nightgowns before heading to lunch with the girls at Takamatsu. Tasty sushi and a Tokyo Mule later I was on my way to a 1.5 hour hot stone massage and a pedicure. Soo good both of them. Got cute toes with Elinor who was also recovering from a massage. I’m so going back. Picked up Benton and relaxed with him for a bit before bedtime where he made me birthday cards and then read after he went to bed before mel came home from St., Felix practice pretty late.

Friday we slept in a bit, I got coffee in bed where I sat and enjoyed it and read while Mel and Ben played legos. Got up and we got everyone dressed. Dropped Ben off at school and then headed out to look at plants and bum around. We hit Mesquite Valley Growers and Lowes and I loved the bougainvillea. I’ve always wanted one and we figured out what we wanted to shop the next day. We also looked at a lot of appliances to see what is available. The dishwasher really needs to be replaced and the washer and dryer are getting older. So it was good to look at see what we liked. Then we went to Grandma’s Spinning Wheel where Mel finally got to meet Jimmy from knit night. Those two are peas in a pod with spinning. Seriously. He got spin on the wheel I’ve been looking at and he liked it well enough and agreed that if I wanted it I should order it….so I did. I will soon be the owner of a Schacht Sidekick which is a folding travel wheel. I had just gotten a bonus from work for my good deeds and I spent it on the wheel and its case. I’m pretty stoked. And it should be here in time for the fiber retreat….oh, it you want to go… Griffin Dyeworks Fiber and Dye Retreat its in late June. Lots of fun!

We had lunch at Yardhouse and then tooled around the mall a bit to walk off the beer we drank. Looked at more appliances at Sears and then we headed home to take a nap, cause we could. The nap was glorious but mel was woogy from it. I went and got the boy picked up and then got booking to get cleaned up and gussied up for Demtrius and Danny’s wedding. We looked good and didn’t realize that we had matched the theme. I 1940’s my hair and Ben all paperboy out, Mel wore one of his new shirts with a set of my grand dad’s cufflinks. It was fun and pretty in the little park downtown. We got home and were beat. Benton spent the evening either busting moves on the dance floor or running around the gazebo with the other kids.

Saturday we all slept in and had a nice morning. Got headed out to go shopping for plants and We got a fuchsia bougainvillea, some Arabian jasmine and some succulents as well as trellises for letting the jasmine and the bougainvillea climb. We got home and potted things up and mel started on on the hacking away on the rosemary. The bougainvillea looks awesome! Mel got eyelets put into the brickwork to wire the trellises to the house for safety.


Mel was still working on the yard stuff when I left for my hair appointment. I had a plan and it came out perfectly. I haven’t had true bangs in about 25-30 years. And then I had no idea how to deal with them. Well, I’m better with irons now and I’m able to keep them looking nice so I got Betty Paige bangs! Tee hee!


Mel wasn’t too sure when I got home about the new haircut but everyone else loves it. Benton thinks “its very pretty, momma!” Its rather freeing in a way and I think I look a bit younger than my 38 years which is a good thing. Got everyone ready for wrestling and when I came back out in a tight shirt, capris and heels Mel was liking the hair cut even more. Yay! Wrestling was fun and we had a great time. I had been invited out to go dancing afterwards and got changed into some cute Goth gear to go out. I stayed dancing till almost 1am and it was glorious and fun and the DJ’s from Revival were fabulous.

Sunday was nice and Benny and I ran errands for more pots for plants, groceries, new shoes and some grill stuff. I made Dickman’s 50/50 burgers on the grill and used a new grill pan to make grilled squash. So tasty. After Ben went to bed Mel and I tackled cleaning up the bedroom which had become the dumping ground for lots of things including cosplay stuff, various laundry bits and junk. We put away all of the wool stuff, reorganized my hats, shawls etc and lilac mothballed the containers to keep the damnable wool moths away. It looks really nice though I still have to tackle my highboy dresser and get my jewelry organized and put away.
So, all in all it was a busy 4 days and it was lovely. I spent some good quality time with the family and took some care for myself and had a great birthday.
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I'm still reeling that he's 4. Seriously. He used to be a little thing and now he's 40lbs and 40+ inches tall and 4!

So, pictures of him on Saturday through various presents and cake.

Benton's 4th Bday.

Last night was good. I got some work done on the blanket of doom and relaxed. I did not go to bed on time but I slept okay. Really should have been smarter at that...oh, well.
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Well, war happened. It was a whirlwind of cold nights and warm days and more activities than I have ever fit into an Estrella. I shot archery, I threw knives and axes, I taught classes, I attended courts, I fought hardsuit and rapier, I danced, I gave out largess, I spoke with artisans, I hob-knobbed with royals, I drank beer and mead, I got a tummy bug, I didn't get sunburnt, I shopped, I had some stardust moments, I had some bad moments, I have the cutest little boy, I watched tournaments, my student won her A&S category and I didn't finish last in the ladies' rapier tourney!

Lots of pictures are coming through now with I know many, many more to come.

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Well, last week was crazy with a work issue that consumed my time and then finally on Thursday night I was sick and I'm still sick. I finally caught the "crud" that has been going around. I came home early from work on Friday and then my pager kept going off. Not very restful. Oh, well. Got to see the eye doctor to pick up my contacts and I'm now back into the no-glasses peeps. My previous set of contacts had warped. Seriously. Which was what was causing all of my issues. I'm so happy to have eyeballs that work right! YAY!!!

I went to bed early on Friday night cause I knew that I was going to use up a bunch of energy Saturday. We got up and going and were on site about 10mins after we had planned which wasn't too bad considering I wasn't functioning very well. Mr. Benton was a champ. He had a lot of fun and found that the 5# sledge was his toy. He couldn't pick it up but he almost did. He had fun dragging it around. By the time the event was done I was done. I had persevered but my hopes that a nap would get me better didn't work. Mel basically told me to keep laying on the couch and I made phone calls to say we weren't going.

I went to bed even earlier and I was pretty rough when I woke up on Sunday. It was evident I was not going out. I had hopes that mel would leave with the boy but he was glad he didn't take him since the day turned out rather chilly and Mel forgot to pack his wool tunic and spent the day really chilled. I chased the boy a lot of the day and then wished that he took 3 hour naps versus 2 so I could have rested more. He's a good kid but by the end of the day I was really tired of redirecting his energy.

That was my weekend. I didn't even do any crafting...that should tell you how sick I am that I didn't even think to pick up my knitting. I'm 8 rows on the thumb of the 1st TARDIS mitt. Hopefully will finish that up soon.

Will be posting more stuff here on crown to do and Estrella to do...that is a largish list. I need to get done. My crown dress is lagging and I need to make Benton more pants. Poor kid only has one SCA pair and he is so cute in them! Pumpkin butt for the win!

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So, here is the Camp from Southern

Here is my favorite shots in the last bit:

Ivan and Benton snuggled up:
Mel and Benton Snuggled up at Southern

Benton Crashed out at Coronation:
Benton Crashed out at Nov 2011 Coronation
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Friday the time just seemed to slip by me. I had big plans to get more done but I did mange to get the car detailed and the tires rotated in anticipation of the CA trip. We got to the demo on time and got things setup. It was hot and windy that day. We were pretty zapped after a few hours of chatting with kids. Got home, showered and chatted with Tati and the trickling in gaming crew. We had planned to start late and have folks bring their dinners. It worked out and we had a good game. Though I was beat by the time we finished. I stayed up reading Friday Night Knitting Club which is book 9 for the year. It was good though I don't like how some authors throw you ill managed plot devices at the end of a book. Kinda makes things a bit too real. I slept a bit fitfully and was awakened by coffee in bed. It was nice.

Saturday was busy working on the blanket of doom and hitting the library demo. This demo was fun and I finished the demo scroll (only worked on it in the last 3 demos and its pretty neato) and I worked on the other scroll that I had started at scribble the previous week. I got it closer to done as well. Though, I now have lots of scrolls stacked up and I'm going to have to do a calligraphy blitz but that is okay. Got home and we were both really tired. Mel stayed home and I went to thyra's for Frodi's graduation shindig and craft night. I crafted and that was good. Got through to the border of the blanket before I got there and just cranked on it. Though my hands hurt. Had a good time though and then headed home. I was too cranked up to sleep so I read The Graveyard Book and watched anime. Finished it (book 10 of the year) about 130am and went to bed.

Woke up on Sunday and got moving. We had breakfast at Joe's and then I worked on the blanket and talked with my mom. I watched Dr. Who, though the DVR didn't get the last 5mins of the show. Anybody want to clue me in to the ending of Weeping Angels? I have it DVR'd correctly for next week while we are out but man I hate that. Talked with Mom twice throughout the day and found out that Gretchen was having contractions at breakfast. So, hopefully a new nephew this week. Ended up watching the rest of the Eureka marathon. Man do I luv that show. Fargo really is the dammit-doll for that show. But at least he's got a girlfriend now. I finished the blanket and sewed in the last end at 5pm and then headed to the store for food supplies.

I grilled up steak and sweet potatoes for dinner. Grilled sweets is the best thing EVAH. Never doing them any other way. Also got to try the grass fed beef from Thyra. I can tell its grass fed versus corn fed but it was tasty. Then I got a bee in my bonnet and made rhubarb crumble from scratch. It got the "Its terrible, I'll need to eat it all to save you from its awfulness" from my husband. So I guess it was good. I have enough to make more too though I think I'm also gonna try a fruit upside down cake thing this week too. The Amish/Mennonite cookbook is a good thing. Was wired again before bed. I started my own Cassia Scarf like I made for Ari and I hope to finish that before we leave on Thursday. Took benedryl to help with all of the puffy allergy stuff. My nose is still dripping most of the morning and later in the evening. Bleah. Started in on another Owen Archer mystery before I settled into a drug induced slumber. I slept really well though odd dreams. I did not want to get up this AM but the DH was awesome and had packed my lunch and made coffee. Good hubby.

I need to get a hold of glen today and go in. My ribs are jacked up and you can tell when I'm wearing my 14th C that things are off. Gonna hopefully get in after work and then head home to clean up the house (bathrooms and carpets) and get my class handouts worked up for teaching at the retreat. I also need to go buy supplies for my crochet class and that will be Tuesday after I hit the gym.

So pictures from blanket so folks can see it. It took 7.25 balls of yarn total. Its really neato and completely reversible.
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Well, I have lots to do today and I still want to get a ride in, hit knit night and make it to kung fu. We shall see how that goes.

Got back from my ride last night and had the goal to finish the brim on the hat. yeah, I figured out it was inside out which was why it looked weird. Got it turned around and started the main pattern of baubles and now things should progress. I'm not thinking I'm a fan of the soy wool yarn...its a bit splitty. But hey, I'm trying new stuff, the goodish thing is it really wants to stay together and the wool is very catchy so once the hat is together it will never come apart. I think we will have to worry about it felting a bit but we shall see. I still think I would not have done 9 rows of sc but done 4 rows of double front and back post to achieve the same effect but I'm not certain it would shrink down to what we need for the size of the brim. Maybe in the next hat.

Got that finished up by 10 when mel came home. I got a shower and and read for a while. Oh, I also managed to get some pictures up that were from the weekend. All taken with the phone so a bit grainy due to lighting in some cases.
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Got lots of paperwork today to get through and I hope I get it all done. Its gonna be busy but I can manage as long as everyone gets their stuff to me before our meeting tomorrow.
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This one is of me and Ercil, who was washing out my tie-dye shirt.
Taken by [livejournal.com profile] mothie

This one is from [livejournal.com profile] lissamc of my stuff I did:
Mine starts at the potholder and ends at the moradai.
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First the Embroidered Thor's Hammer:

Second, I made a potholder from Lion Brand Free Patterns (8" x 10")

Now off to go pack.
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Here are the pictures of Cora!


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