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This post is brought to you by booze, texting while knitting and other fun things.....

Yesterday I had asked [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari if she was going to knit night since it had been weeks since we had been.  She had responded that no, she had to work on things for Gulf Wars. We just got back from Estrella, had scribble, where it was talk on things and recount the war. All good and needed.  Tuesday was her working on fabric and sewing planning and cleaning up spaces (its needed, clean work spaces make for more throughput) but we had not had BFF time etc....so I pouted.  I get a text on my way into work about needle sizes for socks...lol. I got a text later about little fishes for dinner and that made me pack my shit up and head out the door.  :)

We had good discussions and food during dinner and then on to knit night where we had some lively discussions. Including me getting a text stream from my apprentice and walking her away from an possible disaster of a project.  Now, some background.  Ari and I have pulled off some truly crazy things over the years (her more than me) but a lot of that comes from having a very wide range of skillsets to apply to a wide range of activities.  We can make leaps in logic/craft since we have a large base of skills to pull upon.  Folks who are not at our level (I'm not being snide here, but we do have epic level stats for some things (again, ari more than me)) do not have that range of skills so biting off a large project in a new area needs to be taken lightly.  Its good to push yourself farther than you've been before with something but maybe raise it 1 level not 4 levels in complexity. It 1) saves your sanity and 2) is more likely you will finish the project.

So, after the apprentice and i have this discussion I also tell her to "stop doing things in a vacuum" meaning its good to have craft time but honestly having a sounding board for the start of the project or during it is good.  Humans are not meant to be solitary creatures, neither are artists...talking while creating or at least having people there can be very useful for the creative process.  I know I have troubles when its just me...I'd rather read than work on something without people to chat with etc. So I need to get back to our Thursday night craft/movie night.  It will be good for her and I to do things.

So, remember if your are frustrated or have enuii on a project talk with someone....it helps.


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