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Work was a lot of work all last week. I worked a lot and my next paycheck will show that. When you have a 330pm in the afternoon on a Friday change board you know things are serious. My entire team is a bit crispy but luckily the end is near for this set of packages and we can take a breather and work on the next hot list. To say I was tired at the end of Friday is mis-statement. Got done with our meetings, hit the gym and then had to reorganize our evening while on the treadmill.

Benton had had a bad week and we thought we had turned it around on Thursday. Nope, he had lied about his day so he could go to marital arts. Le Sigh. And he'd had a bad day on Friday. So he got to stay home with his dad (who was already peopled out) while Ari and I grabbed Erika for the hockey game. Note to self....go early for parking elsewhere in downtown cause you can get food and drinks earlier. We got there just in time to see Linnet and the TCDS school choir sing the national anthem and then we got food / beers and watched some fun hockey. Erika and I knit (ari forgot her knitting! Oh the horrors!) Then we headed to ice cream and the Screamery and then drinks at the Distillery. It was loud in there but they both loved the absinthe cocktails called Jezebel's Fire. This was the first time I'd been there when it was that busy but I had a G&T and had a good time. After that we headed home.

Got up on Saturday (even though it was cold and I was warm and snug in my bed thank you very much) to head to the SCA event. The College had its event and it was fun. Though I honestly hate very slow meetings...sighs. This is why I bring things to work on otherwise I get more than surly. I finished mel's orange socks:


Then I worked on my "Birthday Socks" which I call that since they are from some luscious yarn mel got me for my birthday last year. So nummy. I had about 2inches of leg done on them and by the time we left I was in the heel flap. Got home and we got unpacked and reorientated to the modern world before heading out to dinner with the college crewe. Jessie and Jen were in town to see lil' Cora and we had dinner and drinks at Serial Grillers and then J/J came back to our place to chat and we exchanged lots of youtube awesomeness back and forth and just caught back up. Mel and I chatted before bed and we think that Ben's chemistry had changed again and were going to try to up his meds the next day to see if it made things better. I did make it through the heel though on the sock while we chatted with J/J.


Sunday we slept in though I was awake early due to my brain being evil and it left me tired and exhausted all day. To add to that Obsidian is not doing well and this will be her last week with us. She's not eating and just snuggles with you and wants love. Sighs. I spent a chunk of the morning with her under an afghan in my lap while I read. I had lunch with Erika, Icka and Willa and then ice cream at Hub since we were downtown again. Got home and did some laundry, worked on socks while I watched Voltron with Benton. The upping the dosage seemed to work well. We are trying it again today. We had a nice dinner of turkey noodle soup and then mel and I finished up Young Justice.

Mel worked on his restoration project throughout the weekend:

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I've been dragging the last day or so. Just worn out from the convention and then my edema has gone down but its still not perfect. I dressed cute and put on my compression socks this AM to see if that will help. Its only supposed to be 104°F today so I can probably handle it. If not I'll pull them off and put on my slip ons and be okay. The legs do feel better though and the swelling isn't so bad but yeah, compression socks or stockings on 100+ degree days are a thing I need to remember. Bleah.

Got home with Benton, made dinner for lunches and Mel and we had leftovers. Ben was so tired from his day at school. So tired he didn't want to do martial arts. Didn't have much of a whine about going to bed but he was so not with it and making me short that we didn't do a book. I need to remember that when he is tired his brain short circuits and he's uber clumsy. Not his fault but I need to not get annoyed by it when I'm tired.

I sat on the couch with my feet elevated and read and did some nålbinding. I have about an inch or so to go to stop the increases and just do straight rows before the hat is done but its looking nice and I'm getting into the rhythm. I may not have time to do one out of handspun but I will try.

Butterfly has been throwing up food, entire meals, for the last day or so so I made sure to lube her up with petromalt, feed her a little bit at a time and she's much better. She had some epic hair balls while we were gone.

Needless to say I was up late after getting Butterfly to finally eat pretty well and snuggle up on the victorian chair like a princess.

Not so smart on my part but meh.
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Well, my weekend was pretty busy. Friday was dealing with the cats and the vet. We've had to make some changes to the girl's litter box setups and I'm not convinced its working. Time will tell I guess. We were all very tired by Friday night. Little boy has been teething hard on his top front teeth and mel is still getting over his crud. Saturday morning mel got up and ready to head to Bumble Bee Ranch for MWW with the Knights of Hrafn and the his squire. Benton and I had a good day where we played I sewed off an on all day. After his nap we had a good time shopping and we picked up a new pair of shoes for him and a new outfit. I had pulled one off the rack and he looked at it and did his happy noise about it. Other outfits he didn't comment on so the one with little blue monster's going "ROAR" came home with us. (You can see a pic of the outfit here.

Mel got home a bit late and I had sat and worked on Tony's TARDIS mitts. I had ended up frogging them back to the start of the stitch pattern because I couldn't read my own pattern. Lame but true. I'm happy with them now and should be able to work on them pretty well. On Sunday I did a bit more sewing and knitting while mel was in the shop. Benton was a bit crabby by the end of the day and would not take a second nap though he needed it. By the end mel and I were pretty strung out and tired. But little boy has been sleeping good (though a bit of whimpering at night) so that is better than the previous weekend. His walking is much improved and he's been walking across the family room quite regularly. I think all of his effort to move while standing is wearing him out.

Over the weekend I finished #3 book of the year Steal the Dragon and moved on to reading #4 which is When Demon's Walk by Patricia Briggs. I relaly like that these stories are all independent but if you read them all you get a very large at least 40 year history of the area from very different points of view.

Monday dawned early and when I got to work I was working hard when my phone went off to tell me I had a blood donation scheduled. I did my first "double Red" donation. I have to say that is weird and I did not like tasting medical saline all day in my throat. I was really tired afterwards and throughout the whole day. That was normalish but I was wiped. Got home late after working late to make up the donation time and a wonderful lunch with the work husband Pete. Benton was a bit cranky when I got home but it was the "i'm tired" kind of cranky. He ate a good dinner and I guess was out shortly after his bottle. Mel had a nice evening home while I headed to scribble and almost finished a scroll. We all made good progress on things and got to chat with Gael on her new position. The Southern Scribble Hive Mind is weird for lots of people to conceptualize until they see us in action. We all work really good as a team and have a good time doing it. Plus we push ourselves which is also really good.

I got home and mel was getting ready for bed. I was a very good girl and put away my laundry that had been sitting in baskets for a week or so. I need to do laundry again so...maybe I'm not as good as I want to be.

Today is St. Valentine's Day and the Arizona Centennial. Last year at this time I posted this picture :

Of mel at Joe's before he headed off to Estrella. Wow, its been a crazy year since then.

Oh, well, time for some meetings.
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Well, work was uber, uber busy. I had more meetings yesterday than I usually have all week and that was okay. It keep me occupied and that was important. Left work feeling accomplished and then hit the gym. Took things slow and that was also okay and I did well on doing my reps and just having a good time while I was there. Left feeling refreshed and got home to a house that was smelling of good food. Mel had put a roast in the crock pot that was cooking. It wasn't going to be done for dinner but for wednesday and that was okay. I got an egg and toast dinner with mel's homemade blueberry lime jelly. OMG is it HEAVEN and then I sat down to watch a bit of tv and do some research.

I managed to also down load "Game On" by The Guild, the album "Odelay" by Beck and "Weezer" by Weezer. They had a $7.99/album sale on 90s music and that suited me just fine. Got a bunch of research done though it wasn't all fruitful for what I hoped. Russian sources are scarce on certain things and the translation I have isn't clear on fiber content. I made an assumption that I'm now going to have to write about and defend in my documentation. Its okay though, I think I can manage just fine. The reading was interesting and I learned a lot which was also good and surprised mel with it too. All good really.

Headed to bed and have really gotten sucked into the mystery of what is going on in my book. Its very interesting. Mel came home exhausted but grinning from practice and I think that is a good thing. I was asleep before he came to bed and I slept great until 4am. Got up to hit the bathroom and got back to bed and realized my left shoulder had sublocated and I couldn't get it back in. Mel was awesome and got the muscles to unknot and it finally slid into place. I fell fast asleep until just after 5am when we heard the most raucious noises in the hall and much stuff falling and crashing which was then followed by cats running scared under the bed. Mel investigated and he found that the cats had been attacked by the lunch bag monster, part deux. Sometime last year, butterfly had gotten on the table and was licking mel's tupperware in his lunch bag (plastic grocery bag) and had gotten stuck in the bag through the handle, freaked out, dragged bag off the table and it was banging around, broke a mug, tossed silverware about and tupperware everywhere until she got out of the bag. Same thing happened last night and ti got both cats freaked out and hiding under the bed. Mel picked up all of the dropped lunchware but couldn't find the bag. I'm betting its under the bed. The girls cowered under the bed and mel made noises at them in comfort but they stayed put until we got up 45mins later. This has made for a sleepy morning. But funny.

Well, time to hit more data about the head and shoulders and make it submit to my will. Lol.
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Work was work. I have lots of paperwork to finish before I start my transition to my new job on monday. Uffdah. Mel was awesome and took his girl to the vet. She was a bit dehydrated so we get and IV for her for a few days to keep her fluids up. She got blood work so we hopefully will know what is up soon. She's eating but only if we give her small amounts over a time does she keep it down. She also coughed up some hair after getting back from the vet but I'm sure that is from her full body bath she gave herself when she got back. We'll continue to monitor and see how things go. Butterfly is now in a hissy mood and has been a pain in the ass. Obsidian did smell pretty medicinal when she came home and butterfly isn't happy about that. She was so grumpy she didn't get dinner and she only got breakfast after mel took obsidian away so she could eat in peace. Sighs.

So we had an evening at home. Mel and [livejournal.com profile] zippydclown worked on things for estrella. I got to cut stencils for them and they turned out really nice. Zip did a faboo job on sewing before hand so the guys stencilled and drank beer while I pulled armor apart. I have to resew the buckles back on this afternoon but it should be good. I also got my hat closer to done and I have 9 rows left to knit. They are decrease rows so each row goes more quickly as less stitches are present. I'm rather enjoying the lace parts...I might have to cast on for that lace cowl soon. Knitting is slow but its enjoyable..especially when the patterns change every few rows.

Got to be mostly on time and finished book #3 of this year which was Diane Duane's Book of Night with Moon. Very fascinating twist on the So you want to be a wizard universe. There is a 2nd book in the series and I'll have to see if bookman's has it. I really enjoyed this one. Not as fluffy as the last books I've been reading have been. Duane rights things in a dense format. Though I think I'll be reading some spinning books in the next bit though along with some fluff.

Well, time to grind on some more work. Haven't heard a rain plan for tomorrow yet...but I think wool will be the order for the day...along with a hot lunch. I need to get some chili into thermoses for tomorrow...that and hot coffee will be most awesome I think. Looking forward to the gym this afternoon to do legs and biceps. All good.
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Worked hard all day and made it to the gym without Chuck, but i did run into him on the way out of my building to the gym so that worked out for quite instructions. I had looked up excercises on Shapefit to give me some basics and that was good. I did Shoulders and a bit of back. I (attempted) some pullups, did single arm dumbell rows, two arm dumbell raises, front and side deltoid raises and bent over rear deltoid raises. Then I hit a slightly better stair climber for a 12min cardio burn. Its hard when I don't have music so I need to find my biking ear buds and get a arm carrier for my phone. That way I can tune out on how hard I'm working and listen to the music and just work.

After that I grabbed some healthy wok panda express and headed to knit night. Had a very good time there and got even further on the hat. The end of the lace repeats was in site and when I got home I finished the third lace repeat and started in on the last two rows before the decreases to close the hat. I'm very happy with it so far and can't wait to get it done. I do need to swatch for socks this weekend to get my gauge for the ravelympics and I hope to cast on for another hat for me before the war. Sewing will be worked on next week...cause I have plans.

Stayed up way to late chatting with the richard...but it was good discussions.

Miss Obsidian is still horking stuff up. Sunday she horked up her breakfast and then had hairball like motions of only bile, monday she ate her food but was still horking a bit and did it on my new slippers (fortunately the bottom of them). So, on Tuesday night I put a bit of olive oil on her crunchies to help lubricate what ever it is trying to get out. Last night she horked her dinner and this morning she did the same thing about 5mins after she was fed. Mel cleaned it up, gave her more food and than she ate that and drank some water. I called the vet and we have an appointment at 3pm. Mel and I are just figuring out who is taking her in. My days have been random...so we shall see. Worried about our little fuzz ball. The odd thing is she's acting normal. Same purry lovey self and her coat is gorgeous right now too...very soft and glossy..not a sick kitty acting at all. Dunno.
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Last night I got home a bit after 6pm at work. Lots of stuff had to happen for today at work for those going in. Hopefully the results from that will be okay but we shall see. I made myself some dinner (tunasalad) and crocheted a bit. I was still not on par for VH but I should be ready by next week. I hope all of the walking tomorrow will get things rolling for me and that will be good.

I went to bed about 945pm. I was tired and I slept wonderfully. Mel came home late and I was well asleep. Got up this morning and the girls have been cracking us up. This morning's sunrise earth on HD theater was Stonehenge and there were little black birds all over it. Both obsidian and butterfly tried to get them by bounding up to the tv and trying to paw at them. We got them down before the scratched the screen but I'm sure I'll be cleaning nose prints off of it later. That seams to be the only program they ever take interest in. Course, when they did a close up of one of the birds and butterfly was on the tv stand the bird was bigger than her and she got a bit confused. It was funny. Obsidian is still watching tv waiting for birds. LOL.

Plans for today, some grocery shoppping, some sewing, some knitting and gaming. The house isn't too bad, we need to do dishes and pick up. Hope to make it to grandma's for the happy hour. Gonna have more coffee and toast and get on with the day. All good.
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Yesterday they snuggled most of the afternoon together on the new afghan on the couch. Aren't they cute???

And earlier in the week...Obsidian got cold

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Well, my plans for last night were offed by cats. See, sometimes the girls have it in for ivan and I. He was making nummy pressure cooker chili...not my chili but still very good and we are going to can some of it! and then he got tired and laid down for a quick nap. I was also tired and though...ya, 20mins and then get changed, head to knit night and kung fu. Well, I laid down and the cats descended upon me with great vengeance and snuggles. Both of them were curled up with me, purring and I was out from a double soul suck. Its really hard to stay awake with 2 10 lb sleep bombs upon you and even harder to get back up.

I slept for over an hour I think...and then I was starving and ate dinner too fast. Chili good but my tummy wasn't happy with it. I think beans too many times in a row this week aren't making it happy. So by this time its just after 6pm...so I made the decision to just grab my knitting and go to Grandma's. It was light night of folks but Valerie helped me out with casting on my Noro Silk Scarf. I got it cast on and did the first row...realized that I had two mess ups, learned to unknit and unpurl and fix things and then got back on track to finish 3 rows total...I think. I'll look at it tonight and see. The Noro is odd to work with and I'm knitting a smaller gauge than the last practice I did but I think it will be nice and I can see what I'm doing when I screw up so I think that is okay.

After that I headed to micheals and joanns to find things they don't carry. Sighs. But online looking is showing me options and that is okay.

So, got lots to do today at work and had a really good meeting to get folks aligned on a project. Now off to send off the notes and get more stuff done.
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Well the game on friday was cancelled so I worked on Momma Ellen's xmas gift and made sure mel went to be at a reasonable time since he was still not feeling good. I slept okay and get up at 630ish to get ready for a ride with Malius and Ed. We did a 31 mile ride around pistol hill/vail area. I've never been out that way and it was nice and we took quick breaks around rincon valley market and the walgreens in vail. The walgreens trip was good since I'd depleted my pack and a gatorade got me the rest of the way to eds. I felt good even with having to walk up one hill. I did much better on gearing and cadence and though I didn't go as fast with as the guys...they waited for me on two of the hills it was a good training ride and I can go 30 miles and not be too dead.

Got home, hit the showers and packed the car to head up to chocolate revel for Grainne's vigil. Managed to get there with time to change before court. I was tired...mel was still feeling not so hot but we ate lunch, chatted with folks, went to the vigil and I started on [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek's xmas present. Its gonna be neato. We had a nice time, low key and Baron Christopher did an awesome filk for the bardic. We left with waffle in tow and got home about 9pm. Things weren't quite done at the event but we were. At home I made high protein dinner and then it was time for bed. I was toast.

Got up this morning and felt not too bad. I had some coffee and then got on my bike for the 10 mile circuit. Yes my legs were tired, yes I was saddle sore but getting out felt great and I worked well on my cadence again and made the route in 16mph Not too shabby. Had breakfast with mel, ed, candace and holly at Joe's and then biked home without keys..oops. Had to wait for mel. Now I've had a shower and will be soon working on my studio and the kitchen...both need to be cleaned up and be useful.

Though I think a nap might also happen, I have a very, very snuggly punkin on my lap right now who is exuding nap love at me. We shall see who wins.
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I don't really care what anyone says...I'm not going to be here tomorrow. The fires that are burning can do so over the weekend...I'm just sick and tired of all of my hard work being for naught or for me to work so hard and to fail because others aren't keeping up with the tasks at hand.

The moon is waxing which is not when this type of stuff occurs...something else is going on to make the universe hate us all so much right now.

I needed last night, it was good. I'm going to need more of the same tonight and tomorrow, to myself to just organize, pack and clean will be good.

My dress is almost done. I just have to do eyelets and finish the newly cut sleeves and my tippets. The eyelets will be tonight, tippets will be tomorrow and that will just have to do. I need to pre-make dinner for saturday night and get that vacuum packed. Pasta is easy that way.

Obsidian was a pill last night, course she urped up all of her food after she ate it so I'm sure it was her being hungry. But man that cat can be a pain in the middle of the night.

Well, time to shove to.
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Well I didn't sleep too well. Obsidian felt the need to keep me awake but mewling over toes and trying to sleep on my head. I almost killed her. But mel and I both got up and got ready at 5 am.

So after that I'm here and it's all good.

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Work was rather productive until about 230 when the duldrums hit. I toughed it out until about 315pm and left. I got home, changed and did my Gillian Micheals tape and then changed into bike clothes and did 5 miles. Things to note...I need to do my workout tape in my bike shorts if I'm going biking afterwards...they are really hard to get on when sweaty. Sighs and LOL.

Got home, cooled down and then realized while eating snack that kung fu might not be in the cards. I was worn out. Got some dinner and made the decision to not go to kung fu so I'd have some ability to hold a pen. It worked an I was able to get 2 scrolls callig'd while we were there, organize all of the other scrolls in my case and work on more scroll texts. I've got a pile that need to be done and well, I have a start..just 10 more to go or so.

Scribble was lots of fun with a larger than normal group. Plus with the added bonus of The Abbreviated Shakespeare Company the night was light and really entertaining. Left and needed a few small things from the store about 10pm. Fry's on 22nd and Kolb shuts their checkouts down after 10pm and I had to wait for self check for about 10 mins. Got home and put things away and then headed for a shower. I wasn't tired and I was a bit too warm so I sat up reading and drinking water until I cooled down. Read for a bit more under the covers and then was out.

Obsidian has been lovingly bringing her rat to bed with us. I awoke at 3 to hit the bathroom and it was in bed, I tossed it out into the hall. When we got up at it was back in bed with us. So cute...though it needs a good washing...ewww.

Today is shaping up and I hope to run a few errands, do my work out tape and then hit practice. All good...though I have to go to the ELYS (Evil Local Yarn Store: Purls) to check their selection. They are evil because they are not nice and they look down their nose at you...especially if you are a crocheter (can we say Crochate?!, I think we can). But talking with the girls at Grandma's, they might have what I'm looking for for the other baby blankets. We shall see.

So, all in all a good day. Got a good work out and hope to today as well.
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Well, monday was actually really, really productive at work. I didn't get too distracted with other things and stayed on task. That was nice. Left work a bit late (but I got in way late so that was okay) and then headed to glenn's for an adjustment. Their baby, I think its andrew, is gonna be a line backer. He's a big boy and so cute! The adjustment was good and this was one of those times when I just wanted to sleep afterwards. I was very weary. Got home and mel and mingo were moving the trailer. Got the rest of mingo's stuff out of the sca closet..though there still the box of booze to return. Eh. I then laid down and was descended upon by the cats for snuggles, warmth on the places that were sore and a bit of a sleep. I got up about 30 mins later, made myself a really nummy salad and then I felt much better. I cleaned up the front room and then settled in to finish watching an episode of FK until folks arrived.

[livejournal.com profile] cecilia_mowebray was the only person for a long while which meant I got to chat with the BFF twice in on week! woot! We kibitzed on many things and I got to clean up my studio while we chatted which was nice. Then Sioux showed up and more chatting ensued. Mel was home by then and it was a good and enlightening evening. Folks left about 9 ish and then it was showers and bedtime.

I got a Jessicurls Hair Products sampler pack in the mail yesterday so I tried out the hair wash and the daily conditioner. All of the products are for folks with curly hair. Now mine isn't uber curly but it does need the extra moisture that other products have not been helping me with. I figured I'd try it and see. It was nice to use last night and today my ends are softer. I think I will do a deep condition later this week and see how that works. I'm all about getting my hair longer and healthier and this is all sulfate free stuff which is nice. I'll keep you posted.

It was very hard to get out of bed this morning. The girls had been snuggling with me most of the night and I it was really nice and warm in bed. I so didn't want to get up. But here we are at work and things are moving along. We get free lunch today due to a dept all hands and that should be good. Hopefully its good food. My plan after work is to mail off packages that need to be mailed, do a small work out and then got to practice. Yup, I'm finally making it back out. I figure I'll work on some slow work and then do some pick ups and see how I do.
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My peer review was, I guess, okay. Lots of discussion, lots of information was shared that I wish I had known before walking into the project. Sighs. I'm trying to keep things simple in the design since that is not my favorite or even my best thing I'm good at and some of the stuff brought up was kinda "huh..." Anyhooo that was good. Got good feedback from some coirkers on some slides we have to have ready for today. Then it was time to go home, well past time and that was okay.

So, I got home, made myself a really big nummy salad and then camped out on the couch for a bit to relax. Then I changed into my black pj's and headed to kung fu via grandma's spinning wheel for open knit night (well all crafts really). Had a really nice time chatting and working on my afghan. Then it was time for class where the only place my knee really protested was during sweeps in 7 kicks and then at the end of class when I was chasing after [livejournal.com profile] meowandbark and it just kinda collapsed on me as I was moving forward..probably too quickly. It didn't hurt until mel started working in on the muscles...the lower leg is still tight and now the uppper was tight again. I get to do more ballet stretches...but even after taking care of ari's cats it wasn't too bad..not really hurting or sore until you touch it...though a bit weak when I tried to change levels from playing with the cats.

Gypsy doesn't like her pills and tries to bite me..so I'm having to crush it up and put it in her gooshy food which she takes her own sweet time eating. I think I'm spoiled with how fast my cats eat. Narhachi, the bird, and I have finally come to an understanding and she's not squawking and is happy to see me and munch on her food and shreddies. Balo thinks I'm weird and Aramis keeps trying to trip me on the stairs and rub on me constantly. Eh.

So, it took me a while to take care of them and then get to work...and I still need coffee and breakfast. I should have stopped at caffe nation but I was worried about being later than I was already. Eh. I'll just be happy to ge through all of the stuff today, including some training. I have crafty business afoot that keeps calling my name.
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Every night, I wait to hear Butterfly kill the first toy of the night and her meow will echo down the hall. If I'm lucky, she'll kill a sock or one of the normal stuffed toys while I'm reading..if I'm not lucky...its after I've been asleep for a while.
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Well, work was great until about 2pm...we have an issue on a floor with something we've never had an issue with and it sucks. I have to call vendors today to see what the heck is wrong. Sighs. If its not one thing its another. I quickly put things out of my mind and drove home early to pick up the girls for their vet appointment. Richard was over using the shop so I figured if I had trouble catching someone I would be okay. I opened up the carriers and then searched the house. I found obsidian all curled up sleeping and I gently scooped her up and placed her in the carrier. Then I went back towards the bed room and butterfly was walking down the hall all sleepy cause she just woke up. I scooped her up and got her in her carrier with no fuss. This has never happened!

So, I just loaded them both into the car and then the crying commenced. You'd think I was killing them. Such whiners. Got to the vet and got in a room right away. Butterfly walked around a lot and obsidian didn't want to come out of hiding. I just let the top of the carrier remain open and petted her while we waited. Then the vet tech came it to get readings and she was the first up. She started drooling all over due to her unhappiness. Poor kitty. Then it was butterfly's turn. Obsidian came in at 10.12 lbs and butterfly was 9.15 lbs and everything was good. The doc commented that they are healthy (though obsidian is a bit of a pudge) but they have good coats, good teeth and seem pretty well adjusted. She got to watch me handle some hissing and approved of both the "grumpy diet" and the use of a vinegar laced squirt bottle. So then it was home. They were very happy to get home but were too hissy to get treats. Course I think I'd be to hissy too after someone stuck something in my butt.

Chatted with mel and richard and then I headed to costco for fixins for things. Wasn't too happy with their meat prices but did score a deal on some ground pork. I also got some baking stuff and a few other odds and ends. Ran into [livejournal.com profile] american_knight and we made plans for the weekend. Then I ran into rois in line and then I was home. Mel was talking to storvarr so richard and I chatted. Then mel and I headed out to dinner. The plan was to go to intermezzo and then maybe 58° for dessert but intermezzo is no longer at the williams center. Not sure when that happened but its sad. So we just ate at 58°. I had the duck confit and mel had a wilcox pannini. The beer selection was awesome and I enjoyed a thunder canyon stout with dinner and a breckenridge vanilla porter with dessert. All good. It was very nice to go out and have a date without having to rush off to somewhere afterward. Was very tired and we got home, watched some DVR and worked on projects. Mel almost finished richards new hat and I got another foot of weaving accomplished. My goal is to finish my weaving tonight while gaming and then work documentation cleanup the rest of the weekend.

Today is the day for my CT scan so here is to hoping they figure out what is up with my sinuses. I meet with the ENT on wednesday next week to review the results etc. After the scan it will be home to cleanup and make dinner for the game. We're having taverns (sloppy joes) tonight but I'm gonna make them curry style...should be good. Got nice aunt hatties rolls to serve them on.
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Well, we had an okay afternoon of me reading and mel working in the shop. The joint compound was doing pretty good and we got showered and then headed off to [livejournal.com profile] desert_moloch's wedding. A nice place in the foothills, wonderful weather, short ceremony and good food and company. Nice evening. Got home with a back that was spasming...not sure from what. Probably all of the weird hand movements. Mel worked on my back and then laid on the heat pack. Slept good minus some wacky weird dreams of me giving tours in a brewery after not being at the brewery for years (this is a recurring brewery in my dreams...but not one I've ever visited) and then when trying to get to my airplane by way of a greyhound I got the worst service ever at a Taco Bell and was so frustrated by the whole dream that woke myself up. Yeah...too much spicy mexican followed by uber nummy, made by the bride, carrot cake with chocolate fondant. I fell back asleep after kicking butterfly off of me. I woke up to the girls snuggled up but then they woke up and realized that they were snuggling. It was funny. Got coffee and then I sanded the dry wall. Mel finished it up near the ceiling and then richard brought us breakfast burritos and all is good. I am waiting for the primer to dry and then I can get the paint done. I'm betting it will take 2 coats of the lime green. Should be good. I think we can get everything done today if I hustle on the painting. yup.
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Well, work was busy...not that I accomplished much but we had a crisis on the floor that had to be taken care of by a few of us and it was dicey. I was tired when I got home and turned the kiln on. I sat down with my book (small favors) and read until the kiln beeped. I made beads for about an hour and was more tired after that. I read some more and had dinner and just when I was gonna get up to go to scribble, the climax of the book started and I couldn't stop. This was a good thing cause 1) I got to finish dresden without mel grumping at me for reading too late, 2) I got to save our neighbors little black kittie from the outside world. See, I was reading and all of a sudden the girls were acting weird by the back door, pawing at it and the like. I go to investigate, see something, turn on the porch light and there is Kit Kat, the little black kitten. I open the door and grab her harness and snuggle her a bit. She's a bit scared. Then I realize that I have a foreign cat in the house and need some help. I walk out to the shop with kitten, the girls hissing at me. I ask mel to nicely get me a cat carrier and he looks at me quizzically. He thinks its obsidian in my arms until he notices the harness. We get kit kat snuggled into the carrier in the car port and then I start making phone calls to find his owners. Got a hold of steve at work and he called his mother in laws. Very shortly, their truck was in their driveway and deanna was over getting the kitten. Then I finally got back to finishing the last 10 pages of the book and finally to scribble.

Must say things about the book..no spoilers really. Wow, not the direction I figured things were going at all. Harry likes donuts more than my husband. Bob has seen Pirates of the Caribbean too many times.

Scribble was good. Had lots of fun shading myself into corners. Ten it was time to go home and sleep...course I was so tired that I had to read a bit and got sucked into Creation in Death by JD Robb. This one will be interesting..I can tell.

Today is gonna be lots of meetings. Ugh. Course I'm in that pattern right now...lots of research and planning and then the paperwork. Course if I could kick this headache I think I'd be better. Stoopid body.

On the string geek front. I want to plug RedFish Dye Works. They have the best color selection and prices on large amounts of silk yarn including weights for embroidery. Check them out.


Mar. 18th, 2008 10:20 am
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Dear Butterfly and Obsidian,

Yes, we know that it is cold and that you two are awesome snuggle bugs.  But when mom continuously pushes you off from sitting on her very sore hip, it would be good to move to the foot of the bed or off onto your dad.  I'm about to get violent with you two.

Your Mom.


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