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Well, this last weekend was the big shindig for our household with Dom getting his laurel and pelican.  Ivan and I hosted the party so its been weeks of cleaning and purging and by 6pm Friday everything was done including the scroll...which isnt really a scroll but you'll see that in the album below:

It was a lot of work and it took forever to get the concept that I was seeing in my head onto the object.

Text by Viscountess Wander Riordan, after the style of Norse alliterative verse.

Calligraphy by me.
Woodworking by Kniaz Ivan Petrovich


Gold Leaf by Hanim Ari Usni, Lady Ponar'ia Apoloseva and Kniagnia Ian’ka

Design and Painting by Kniagnia Ian’ka and Lady Lady Ponar'ia Apoloseva

I'm awaiting pictures of his face which was epic. 

Work we finished the big $40M project and now I'm struggling with ennui especially after certain feedback I got and I'm just ready to cry, scream and say fuck the world to being a female engineer.  I won't but its just ever frustrating that I'm termed difficult to work with due to being female and if a male counterpart did the same things no one would object.  *flounce*  Not sure what to do with that....just keep calm and carryon and realize that again perceptions are everything and it sucks but not much I can do.  I need to chat with a few of my mentors and see what I can do to not beat myself up on it over and over and over again.  Its just so damn frustrating.

My hands are effed from all of the cleaning and scrolling and stuff and then I sprained my left thumb while attempting to pull a box down.  yeah....its awesome. 

Next on the docket is clothes for TRM for their stepping down....this is another project that is having a hard time being tangible.  Well, this weekend I'm doing pattern mockups and will have things for them to try on when I see them the following Saturday.  Plus I need to plan out stuff for Ivan and I and start in on clothes as well. My plan is that we will have new wardrobes by Estrella....and then I hope to have clothes set for Marek and Golda for the royalty dinner at Estrella as well.

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The weekend can be summed up with the subject line.

Things of note for the weekend:

1) Not princess, mel went far but not far enough.
2) My new dress worked out but the sleeves didn't but that is an easy fix.
3) Myself, Wander and the Deletha all forgot clothes for the weekend. I luckily had a spare dress that I was mending to wear yesterday.
4) Benton chipped a tooth playing frisbee by getting run over and biffing it head first. We see the dentist tomorrow.
5) I'm inspired and frustrated by things.
6) Watching Mthurin wreck people during pickups and then having Wolfgrim set him up to fight the King of the Outlands was priceless and I have video.
7) My house is awesome and the crafting corner was cool on Sunday.
8) That may have been too many drivebys for my taste...court should always end when dusk hits...its a safety issue.
9) Hrafnheim family dinner with all of the kids asleep was awesome (Samantha, Andrew and Benton)
10) We have Tati back in kingdom!!!!
11) Yea, inspired and frustrated by things.
12) Someone was very inspired by my scribal challenge which makes me happy.
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Coronation finish (5/6):

So, when I last left off it was Saturday afternoon May 6th and I was still in shock from getting the "Glory of Atenveldt" and hungry, so court ended and we got lunch at the kiosk on the lawn. Got a lovely picture of me, Duchess Deborah and [personal profile] lferion which I need to get  copy.  Got fed and then things taken care of before we headed into court. Ari and I had been doing our standard "untangle yarn at coronation" schtick.  Her Ravenclaw socks were being persnickety.  We had lots of people just agog at our efforts to not cut the yarn.  We got about 85 % done by the time the second court finished.  Now back to my previous post...I knew things were happening...and it was a waiting game while our new to Atenveldt Majesties (they'd reigned many times in Meridies). They did a play which was funny and having Count Dennis of the Titan's being the "voice of tradition" for Atenveldt was a really nice way.   So the big finale of the coronation court was them calling up the pelicans and speaking about service etc, and keeping with the schtick from earlier HRM Amber (a member of the Laurelate) talked about art and how people can do both service and art and called up the Laurels.  I sallied up to the front of the area and purposely did not look to where I knew the candidate was...since I'd known this was coming.  They called up my wonderful apprentices husband Domnall (Domegnev) and the crowd went wild.  He was a bit thunderstruck. His knight, [livejournal.com profile] americanknight was ecstatic.    Yay!!!!!

So we know what the summer work will be since he will be answering the offer in Sept.  Research has shown that the last time a laurel/pel was given was to Aaron Swiftrunner (former Society Seneschal) whom I know quite well from my time as seneschal the first time during the embezzlement fiasco.  So that is cool.  He deserves it and the household is also just happy as clams.  There was some drama where they forgot to call out Asa as a Duchess of Atenveldt and they never thanked Ari for her service as Signet before I took over.  The Kingdom herald took to FB to "fix" that but seriously.  That was lame.

Sunday was another busy day where Sam and I got the signet case all reorganized and sorted withteh 40+ scrolls that got turned in by Twin Moons. I sat and chatted with people and watched teh tourneys and it was nice.  Mel and 7 other guys made it to the king's champion finals and they realized that they all were going to different events and they had the "hateful 8" for the champions. Morgan was the true victor but they all are going to be a rotating stock of Champions.  So Monday at scriptorium Poe designed a hyrda with the heads of each of the winners.  She got them laminated for badges for them to wear.  Its cool.

The weekend after coronation I was running Baronial A&S in BTY.  There were issues with the site that made a few things annoying but all in all it went well. We got things to look really nice and there was good art on display.  I put on like 13-14k steps that day and was dog tired when I was done.  Hrafnheim won the household championship again. Ivan won the Championship even though he didn't enter. They basically talked with everyone (but him, he was off site dropping boy off at a party) and missed them asking him.  Lol.  But its all good.  We had a nice turnout but not spectacular. The smoked chicken we did was a big hit with Ari's curry. 

Work has been nuts. Lots of OT and me not having the time to work the OT. Sighs.  The weekend after A&S Mel went to San Diego with Paul for a kung fu thing.  I coped wth being a single parent but did some work around the house etc.  The following weekend (memorial day) was PHXCC.

There is a lot to say about that con.  There was a lot of stupid, There was a lot of awesome but we did have fun.  Dick Van Dyke, The voices of Batman the Animated Series, Alan Tydk and John De Lancie were faboo.

The album of Con

Ari won the con with Jim Butcher freaking the heck out over her Mab.  I got stopped a lot in my Lolita which was great. And I painted on things at the SCA booth while stuff was going on for the demo portions.
Lolita: with a gal in the same fabric:


Winter-Spider Outfit:

Cool Pic of Ari and I in cute dresses:

This past weekend (Jun3/4) was the kingdom collegium and I took 2 classes and then sat around both days and painted scrolls.  TRM are big on giving things out and I'd done 4 pieces of calligraphy that week alone and I've been behind on on things and just wanted to finally finish something.  So the scroll I had low lighted at the con I managed to finish completely on Saturday and then started another one.

So, now I need to finish a knit hat and 2 tunics and then I can really start work on TRM clothing and Dom's scroll.

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Thursday was crazy busy with work but I went out to dinner with Will/Dom and Benton. Serial Grillers is a fave spot for the growing boy and they had beer and I had adult company which I needed....and beer.

Friday was my day "off" where I finished up some OT in the AM, got an awesome massage, had brunch with Mel and Willa, got my hair done and then Willa and I headed to Straight to the Point to get my right ear more pierced. I've wanted to complete the spiral up my ear since I was young so I got 3 more piercings between my two bottom holes and my top cartilage piercing. The shop is amazing and Lisa Marie who did it was really nice.

Three new shinies #piercings

After that I headed home and relaxed. I've been finishing up the Cryptid novels by Seanan Macguire and got through the second to last published book.

Saturday we got up early and headed to phx for Middle East Feast since I needed to be signet and get them scrolls. Mel was special and not feeling well and Ben was un-medicated and it was an adventure to get there. We got there just in time for signing and court. Oof. Then Mel had knight's circle and I got myself setup in the shade. During court I had managed to start spinning on my new to me spindle that I bought at Estrella from Scott and Maggi. It' set to be bottom whorl and that takes me some effort to do but it worked out. I was spinning some fiber I got from my Spinzilla team.

Spinning with my new spindle. #fasterbytheday #spinning #fiberart

The afternoon was pleasant where I spoke with people and spun and then knit 2 inches on my sock during the laurel's circle where I brought up some very good and pointed points (tee hee). After that I chatted with TRH on how scrolls work in Atenveldt (they've reigned 5x in another kingdom and are learning the ropes) and then we talked clothing for their stepping down since I (and willa and Amanda) will be making it with probably some trim from Ivan. It was nice but I was so tired and the wind made things just icky for my now very sore ear. We headed home and had sonic since dinner time in phx it is impossible to get a sit down dinner without and hour wait.

Sunday I woke up and got going with running errands and then when I returned home I had a really really hard time motivating. Sighs. I got some of my studio put back to rights but other things still need to be put away or vacuum bagged and put away. I did do laundry and get most of it but t-shirts put away but again...I wasted time just sitting. I was tired and my head hurt from allergies and more holes in it. Having to force myself to sleep on my left side or my back is hard but I've been managing. So things were slow but I needed to do that since the week was crazy and busy and exhausting.

Other than that....I'm still fighting to get Ben's med's refilled and even the doc is perplexed. More phone calls forthcoming.
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Much thanks to [personal profile] lferion for the photo of our lantern hanger and the sunsets we kept experiencing.

The war was good. The lead up sucked (as usual) and I did not finish all of my projects.  I managed to get one piece of clothing for each of us done and my good apprentice [livejournal.com profile] swordmage finished another tunic for Mel that I just ran out of time and energy for. I had come down with the cold/crud before we left and it was hard to get motivated to do anything.  Mel had to work an almost 12 hour day the day we packed up and all of my things I wanted to get done that day just sucked but we were packed and loaded into the trailer and van by 10pm. Not too bad...not great but not too bad either.

I took Ben to [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari for his school for the next few days while we were at the war.  We got on the road about 830 or so and to site by 1030.  We had the trailer and van pretty heavy loaded due to cooler and extra stuff from Ari/Sam. (The kiddos were staying in Sam's tent).  We got to site just after the kitchen tent was up (and a few other tents had been set up monday by folks in our house working the war).  The tent was set and I made do with getting one of the other ladies (this isn't sexist, it was who was meandering around without a task) to get the kitchen set up. My issue was the last time it was setup by [livejournal.com profile] swordmage and Sigrid since I didn't show up until 2 nights later....so I was trying to parse what we needed to do and it was confusing. But we got things set and I got lunches out and then we systematically went through the entire camp settting up all of the tents. We got everything up that we had canvas for by 4pm.  We even got flair up by 5pm. So awesome.

The rest of the war was busy and the evenings were cold. I had managed to only pack 1 pair of wool socks (head desk) and only 1 wool dress (head desk) and yeah. I spent a lot of times just adding layers.  But it was good. I bought more books (sighs) and got some viking bling from Feed the Ravens. We hosted the Laurel's and Apprentices Soiree which was nice. I taught a class which was well attended and I fought on Friday while Linnet watched Ben.  Friday night around the fire we heard Ben call out and then we had a sick little boy. He kept throwing up and spent a good chunk of Saturday curled up with me by the firepit and then very slowly playing throughout the day.  We hit youth corner for a bit, we looked through the artisan's showcase and I read through the documentation for the A&S entries.  Which was good. Since I didn't take the field I had a bit of time to do that.

Got back to camp and then started getting into armor since Mel had promised me he'd be back in time for me to get to the women's tournament. It was close but I made it just in time.  Mistress Elspeth was running the Oleander tourney though she had no idea it used to be called Iron Rose. We haven't had it at the war in quite some time (probably 5 years?)  Anyhoo. There were 7 of us from all over the known world (including Drachenwald) and it was a best 2/3 round robin, so I got lots of fighting in. It was hot in the sun and they did not have the hockey water bottles so I had a hard time getting water with my helm on. But it was okay.  I guess you were supposed to bring a Knight, Laurel or Lady of the Rose to sponsor you...Rudiger argued with the list mistress that I could sponsor myself but she was clueless....lol but it was all good. I came in second and it was by a close margin.  First prize went to the Outlands Queen's Champion (THL Adrien). I was actually okay with this since 1st prize was a gift cert to Ice Falcon armory (which I didn't need) and I got to choose a very pretty bag with a raven and Rus embroidery on it.  Yay!  The other nice thing Sir Mavi from the Outlands and I had a really good convo about fighting etc. He was very impressed with my precision since the last time he saw me fight.  I confessed it had been 3 years since I'd fought last...which shocked him.  So good for me.  Rudiger watched and was very happy with how clean I fought.  So good. 

Got back to camp and got to exclaim to the boys they missed me winning (almost) a tourney.  Then there was a scramble of shower, food and then court.  Court, like always, was hard to hear but there was beer and good times and the peerage we expected to happen then got moved to the before the West party....it worked but it was odd.

Stayed up way late chatting with folks around our fire and then it was morning.  Our camp got moving and we were completely loaded and ready by noon on the dot.  Got home at 230 or so and then unloaded.  Ben was tired and had sat in the van most of the AM. He still was not feeling well.  Thought he was better but he puked in his sleep on monday am.  So he stayed home with me and we snuggled, ate toast and watched voltron.

So my Monday wasn't how I wanted it but it was okay. I relaxed, got dishes and some laundry done. Mel has come down with another cold and is pretty miserable.  I've been taking it easy. I'm tired and work is swamped right now so I'm attempting to not get sick.  My asthma was not happy with my lack of taking my meds while camping. Sighs.  So I should be good by the weekend.  Though I'm going to be working it....at least some of it.

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Work has gotten a bit busy again, which is good and bad. My brain has not been up to the task of organizing this much data but I've had to put on my big girl panties and just do it. But its leaving me exhausted. I'm still a bit beat up from the previous weekend and I hit the gym hard on Wednesday and Friday. I did not woos out on my running on Friday and hit almost 2.25 miles in 35 mins. Not too shabby. Have a coworker who asked me if I wanted to do a 1/4 marathon at the end of March and well, I'm tempted. I'll be slow but it would be good I think. It will be the longest I've ever run but if I get my distances up for the next while I think 6 weeks is a good time to try it...before the dreaded milestone birthday coming up.

Anyhoo...got home, got cleaned up and changed and Mel, Benton and I met Will and Ari for dinner at the Welcome Diner (formerly ChafFins Family Restaurant). Its hipster but the food was tasty and teh drinks were good. Benton at his entire bowl of mac/cheese with bacon and I had a sample and it was good. I had shrimp and bluecorn grits. Got home and got Ben to bed and then Mel and I were both tired. We went to bed early and I slept pretty good. Ben got up early but I made sure to get him breakfast and made pancakes for the family before he and I trundled off on errands.

First we got him a hair cut which he did well with. Then I returned things to BB&B, hit Target for essentials and then picked up Obsidian's ashes. The staff had done a pawprint for us on an ornament and Ben and I were pretty sad after that. I got him ice cream (his first Blizzard) which he ate just a bit of before it went into the freezer. Icka was over for a visit when we got home and after some chit chat I managed oh so slowly to cut out 2 tunics and facings for benton, 2 tunics and facings for Mel and a dress for myself with facings. Seriously, it took hours. I know in that I was helping Benton learn to use his icord maker, I did some laundry, I checked some patterns and did a bit of ironing but still...I finished up jsut a bit after dinner and then by that point mel was going to bed. He'd been sick all week and was just done. I was not in the mood to cut anything else out or sew things like facings so I snuggled up on the couch with a beer and my knitting and watched Sherlock : The Abominable Bride. I never got to watch it. But was glad I did. Cumberbatch did a great job of being Jeremy Brett, my first love, to a tee. I loved all of it and the trippy nature of when things actually took place. So fun. It was good and I hit the hay about 1030 and snuggled in to sleep.

Sunday dawned and I again got up with Ben, got him breakfast, made coffee and tried not to be a lump. I had sewing to do and so I got myself fed, dressed and slowly sewed all 5 facings/necklines before I lost steam and headed out to do errands. I got new knee pads and things at Dick's Sporting goods. I really don't like there store and their selection is meh. They had no elbow pads or any high impact sports bras that didn't include a wire closure or underwires....seriously. sighs. Got home and Ai'sha and Lucian were over working on their bed. I started on sleeves for Benton's tunics and then it was dinner time. Mel was as tired as I was but I managed to get some laundry put away and put away everything related to sewing from the front room so we could have scribble tonight. I did manage to get the sleeves on his tunics and then sewed the pad of my thumb with the machine cause I'm an idiot. It hurts but I'm not injured.

So a few pics and a video:
Ben'd cute Tunics:

Mel's Wheel All done:

Me spinning on the wheel:
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Last week was rough and joyful in weird and meaningful ways.

In my effort to better myself I did get in my gym time and ate pretty good. I'm building muscle mass so the scale tells me lies about how I'm actually doing. But the gym time etc made me tired. Dealing with poor Obsidian who was getting weaker just made me sad. What was good was we hit a major deadline at work and got a free lunch out of it. Then I had to leave work and say good bye to Obsidian. Everyone at the Vet was super awesome but man it was heartbreaking. The morning was the worst and Ben's face when he said good bye is precious and so sad. It was a rough day. We snuggled with her and the drugs the give beforehand made her really loopy but she was sweet and purring till the end.


MAry and Andrew were awesome and picked up Ben from school so we could go with Obsidian. We tried to pick him up but they were still out and so I dropped off stuff at home and then I hit knit night where it was nice to have my friends and projects.

Thursday was a weird day at work. We had just finished this huge push to get things done and are now staring at the large mountain of things to do and many of us are not in the right headspace for that. Plus it was teaching folks about goals and in general team building. I toughed it out until about 1 hour before I usually leave and said screw it and went to the gym. I lifted, I ran 2.25 miles and felt better when I picked up Benton from martial arts. Had a nice evening with him and then in to projects. (socks).

Friday was get up, get boy to school, have a massage, get a pedicure, get a haircut and color and then hit the gem show with [personal profile] swordmage after a tasty lunch of lots of eel. I ended up getting lots of beads and we figured out our fave show is no longer the way it was and was disappointing. So we headed to a different show and while not quite what we wanted was still good. I did pick up this pretty:


Got home and then had dinner and got things settled for Saturday. I had my list, I had pulled a bunch of clothes to see what I wanted to wear and I was pretty set for crown. Luckily it was a 45 min drive from the house. This was doubly lucky since I slept very poorly and woke up at 330 with a screaming headache. I took meds and had a huge drink but still woke up with the same intensity of a headache. Yeesh. So the morning was slow but we got to site, got setup, got the flair out and were set for crown.

I felt good about the day, Mel felt good about the day and he fought the best he has in years. He lost to Ailgheanan and to Brian Winterborn who were in the finals so not really too shabby. I was proud of him and you could see his smile through his helmet and change in his movements as he was comfortable. This led to lots of fighting convos on the way home. Which was good since I woke up on Sunday and decided I was going to fight warlord. I'm trying to remember the last time I fought in that tourney....probably a long time ago. Its not usually my jam but the format was getting changed up a bit and I really wanted to go hit things after the weird ass week we'd had. My goal was to keep in the bear pit for 45 mins (so half of the time) and do okay. Well, I made it through the whole 1.5 hours. I even held the field on a few cases including a spectacular eye slot stab on the soon to be Sir John. I could hear Casca and Morgan (HRM) both cheering loudly and John and I were laughing. Mel was very proud of me. Now the bruises I have are kinda crazy. My left butt cheek has two crossing stripes (one from John). Now when I stated the format changed it did. Prince Ailgheanan woke up on the sinister side of the bed that AM and said he would take the top 4 as the champions of the tourney who would then pick teams to go to a unlimited resurrection grand melee. The way to win was to have your champion kill all the other champions (that was the only permanent death). You could also permanently die if a Champion killed you. The finalists were Sir Kaz, Sir Marek, Master Dietrich and Lord Demetrius. I figured no one would pick me since I'm not that caliber but Master Dietrich came up to ask and I said yes and then Sir Marek and Demetrius came up and I had to tell them no. LOL.

I just have to say I was so tired but so happy to fight. Got home and changed clothes and curled up to read for a bit.

So it was a crazy week but all in all good. Obsidian is in a better place, work has been done, I'm inspired on the SCA front and I got my butt back on a tourney field. This week thus far has been okay. Benton is having issues again and a growth spurt is messing with the meds. Not sure yet what we need to do. Mel is coming down with a cold which isn't great but hopefully he will be better before he goes on business next week. I have a list of things to for Estrella that includes cleaning carpets, cooking and sewing. Lots of sewing. The Boys and I all need tunics. I also need another pair of pants but we shall see how I get things done.

Mel also got back to his restoration project and here are the before and after pictures.



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Work was a lot of work all last week. I worked a lot and my next paycheck will show that. When you have a 330pm in the afternoon on a Friday change board you know things are serious. My entire team is a bit crispy but luckily the end is near for this set of packages and we can take a breather and work on the next hot list. To say I was tired at the end of Friday is mis-statement. Got done with our meetings, hit the gym and then had to reorganize our evening while on the treadmill.

Benton had had a bad week and we thought we had turned it around on Thursday. Nope, he had lied about his day so he could go to marital arts. Le Sigh. And he'd had a bad day on Friday. So he got to stay home with his dad (who was already peopled out) while Ari and I grabbed Erika for the hockey game. Note to self....go early for parking elsewhere in downtown cause you can get food and drinks earlier. We got there just in time to see Linnet and the TCDS school choir sing the national anthem and then we got food / beers and watched some fun hockey. Erika and I knit (ari forgot her knitting! Oh the horrors!) Then we headed to ice cream and the Screamery and then drinks at the Distillery. It was loud in there but they both loved the absinthe cocktails called Jezebel's Fire. This was the first time I'd been there when it was that busy but I had a G&T and had a good time. After that we headed home.

Got up on Saturday (even though it was cold and I was warm and snug in my bed thank you very much) to head to the SCA event. The College had its event and it was fun. Though I honestly hate very slow meetings...sighs. This is why I bring things to work on otherwise I get more than surly. I finished mel's orange socks:


Then I worked on my "Birthday Socks" which I call that since they are from some luscious yarn mel got me for my birthday last year. So nummy. I had about 2inches of leg done on them and by the time we left I was in the heel flap. Got home and we got unpacked and reorientated to the modern world before heading out to dinner with the college crewe. Jessie and Jen were in town to see lil' Cora and we had dinner and drinks at Serial Grillers and then J/J came back to our place to chat and we exchanged lots of youtube awesomeness back and forth and just caught back up. Mel and I chatted before bed and we think that Ben's chemistry had changed again and were going to try to up his meds the next day to see if it made things better. I did make it through the heel though on the sock while we chatted with J/J.


Sunday we slept in though I was awake early due to my brain being evil and it left me tired and exhausted all day. To add to that Obsidian is not doing well and this will be her last week with us. She's not eating and just snuggles with you and wants love. Sighs. I spent a chunk of the morning with her under an afghan in my lap while I read. I had lunch with Erika, Icka and Willa and then ice cream at Hub since we were downtown again. Got home and did some laundry, worked on socks while I watched Voltron with Benton. The upping the dosage seemed to work well. We are trying it again today. We had a nice dinner of turkey noodle soup and then mel and I finished up Young Justice.

Mel worked on his restoration project throughout the weekend:


My Weekend

Jan. 23rd, 2017 12:25 pm
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Friday was errands, pampering and hanging out with my apprentice for boozy brunch before working from home for a while. This was most of my weekend...do things and then work for a while.

I finished my kitten hat for the march on Friday night and got my phone finally upgraded to the new OS! Yay!

I slept fitfully since I was worried that things would not go nice and the worst case scenarios where in full force in my dreams but that was no issue.

The march was inspiring and cold and hot and inspiring and I was tuckered when I got home but I worked....Benton was beside himself that I could not be his world but he settled down once I finished and he got to watch some tv with me. (grin)

After he was in bed I pulled out my armor bag and checked through and found all of my stuff and got things packed up for the next day. We even taped up a new sword which was awesome. I was nervous when I went to bed but was so tired from the night befores poor sleep that I crashed hard.

We got Ben off to Mary and Andrew's for the day and got to site to find the event already in full swing. They had moved the event start time up but had only posted it to FB. Never cross posted it to anywhere. le sigh. I talked with the social media office and stated that was unacceptable. We didn't miss anything other than a drive by court barony but still. If I'd known things were going earlier I would have gotten us up there on time. le Sigh especially since I had the scrolls for the event.

But I got myself settled with scrolls and got my fighting card situation settled (I could not find mine) and then got armored up. To say I was nervous was an understatement but I got in and got myself insinuated into the line and things just fell right into place. Seriously, fell right back and I had no issues where I felt tired until much later in the day. Yay for working lungs! Got some nice compliments, helped teach some new fighters how to take and receive charges and just had fun. Seriously, it was so good to get back into things. Got lots of compliments from folks who were really glad to see me back and some from folks who didn't know I fought heavy. But that is to be expected that there is a short generation of fighters who have never seen me take the field. Sad but true. 3 years is a long time away. But I did it, I did it well and I'm still grinning even though I'm beat to hell.


We finished up with final court, loaded things up (I got shiny new scrolls for the case!) and then before we got to the interstate Mel noticed a 5 guys and we decided to stop there for dinner. This was the best plan. I did not realize how hungry I was and I was on fumes. Our plan to wait till Culvers in Casa Grande would have been a very bad idea.

Got to pick up Ben just before 7pm and then home to unload, get the boy bathed and then get settled in for the night. I'm not ashamed to admit I was in bed by 930pm.

Click on the picture to be take to my album on Flickr
Women's March Tucson 1/21/17
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Friday was getting the old futon we cleaned out of the house to my coworker for his daughters sewing room. woot! We did a bit of shopping and then home to play with a new standing lamp. Which did not fit where we wanted but I move a few more of them around and it worked in another place.

Then I was busy around the house picking stuff up and putting things away etc and doing I'm not sure what. Honestly I can' t remember but I didn't sit down much and I was running around the house a lot and also working on a crochet project. Mel was busy in the shop but went to get Ben, I hit costco for things we needed for the weekend and then it was home for left overs for dinner. Ben had had a really good week and we watched some tv.

Mel and I sat up way too late watching Young Justice but that was okay. I got up at just before 6 and packed the car to head to 12th night, got Domnall and then headed to Ari's. We packed things in her car and were on the road to the event on the NW side of Phx. We arrived at 930am and kibitzed with people. It was cooler than I expected but snuggled up in my Hrafn cloak it was all good. Domnall got troll setup and Ari (dressed as the White Witch from Narnia) went to Laurel's circle. I worked on the crochet project and got to a point where I realized the stuffing was in another bag in the car so I pulled out a knitting project. The "men" were confused by me switching projects mid-circle. Sorry guys gotta keep my hands busy. But it was a good circle and there was laughter and mirth and some good discussions. Got done and then handled some good arts business with the Kingdom MOAS. She got the taste of stern but helpful peer. And got the Hrafnheim/BTY laurelate opinion on the competitions and what we need to do to fix them which is dust off and nuke from orbit and try again in a few years after we've gotten folks into making things and have a good time.

Got to sit court and eat a wonderful spread that Ari and I brought. Took care of Dom since he was stuck at Troll and chatted with [profile] public_shaylan and Bran. Good times. Throughout all of the afternoon I chatted with folks and worked on the crochet project which I finished. A cute bunny for Baby Cora Jade.


The pattern is fiddly but I like it. Then I worked on the baby hat which is the Moochi by Woolywormhead for another baby, Miss Virginia Anne. We left about the time they were going to start serving feast and headed to Uncle Bear's Brewery for booze and noms. So tasty.

We got home just about 10pm and I got home, unloaded, unloaded the cooler and then immediately took a shower and then parafin waxed my hands. Mel's been restoring his early 1800s Canadian Production Wheel and its a lot of hand scraping to get the old finishes off and well, I've been crocheting or knitting too much so yes, hands better. And then I collapsed into bed. Mel was amused but understood me being tired.

We got up early again the next day for war practice/polling. I woke up poorly but drugs and coffee helped that tremendously. Got to the event with more coffee and donuts for the household and then sat at court working on my knitting and then chatting with Mistress Cecilia in our tent for hours with other folks in the house. Benton was good and played around the tent or on the play ground with other kids. I finished the one hat and cast on another in the same pattern for another baby (as of yet unknown name/gender and still in uetero with their mama). But the first hat is cute and it needs a wash and block.

Moochi for Virginia

Polling was good and then it was the long slog for the knights circle to then have court. Sighs. The household packed everything up (we only had 2 men (a squire and a man at arms) and the ladies of the house did everything else. Sighs. But things were in the van minus the few benches we needed for evening court. Court ended a while later and Benton and I quickly jetted for home. I was done and tired and just wanted to not be outside. I was annoyed about a few things but oh well. Chatting with my apprentice made tings better.

Dinner was the most amazeballs pork ribs. That morning I had gotten the roaster out, poured in 2 bottles of Guinness and the then liberally applied Montreal Steak Seasoning and Garlic powder. I set the temperature to 275°F and we left for the day. I turned it off at 6pm. OMG! soo good. Mel had made some ramen the day before and we had a simple dinner of ramen and ribs. So good. Seriously. We are making that again.

Yesterday I finally made it back to the gym. I decided leg day was where the year needed to start and I did good. Didn't do squats since the room was full but I headed off to the leg press machines and switched off with another guy. Ran into some of my young engineers (we will all be at the gym at the same time Wednesday it looks like) but all good. I hit the treadmill and while I didn't over push I was amazed at how having working lungs helps with running. Seriously, my legs were pulling not my chest and that felt wonderful. Yay for a controller medicine.

I got home and Ben ahd his first Red day in a very long time. I think he was over tired from the weekend but we shall see. I had a quick bite to eat before heading to scribble where I got all of the names and did one full text for the awards for Sunday. Then I effed one up cause I tried to erase and it wasn't dry (headdesk). Then I headed (at 10pm) to Target for essentials like eggs and papertowels. le sigh but I got home and into the shower by 1045 so I call that good.

Today I'm feeling less sore than I expected but I'm sure tomorrow that will be different.

But all in all a good weekend though not doing anything I wanted to be doing like sleeping in and just hanging on the couch....oh well. I have to adult.
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Work is still progressing...lots of paperwork and keeping hundreds of things straight and organized. I like that work but its exhausting.

Got done with work, headed to Costco and Petsmart for things we needed like cat litter and milk. Got home just at 7pm. Mel had made beef curry and that just hit the spot with me. Benton had a green day at school and I read him a cute story before bed. Then I settled in to work on the crown over dress. I put brocade/fabric trim on the bottoms of each panel and the top of just the front panel and then put in strips of tablet weaving. I made the straps but have to still attach them. Volchek and Lucian were over to work on stuff for crown and it was good to sit and listen to music while I hand sewed and then all worked on armor and regalia polishing (Mel). I got into bed about 1140 and crashed. I could have stayed up and completely finished it but I have to pull one of my other dresses to get the strap lengths correct and that was too much effort that late at night. So, here is the package all put together sans straps. And yes, my top trim is a bit tilted and I didn't notice it until it was all done and had more trim put on but with my jewelry etc I don't think anyone but me will notice. If they do I will punch them. (grin)

Crown Ensemble!

close up

Tonight after I get home with Benton from his appointment I will breakout fabric and cut out the choli and vest for Zatanna. I know I need to line the vest a bit since the fabric is stretchy but haven't quite parsed what that fabric will be. I may just have to use some ducky-bunny fabric but we shall see.
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Underdress for crown is finished! I did machine do the hem...soemthing I haven't done things that weren't fighting clothes in I don't know how long. Sighs. but I wanted to be in bed before midnight. I will probably pick it out and do it by hand when I have time cause I failed at stitching in the ditch of the bias tape...sighs. But its done.

Tonight will be skipping knit night and working on the dress after a stop at Costco/grocery/petco.


The cat had to help when I laid it out for the hem....
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and all through the kingdom many hands are making light of much work.

The Counties that [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari is working on are faboo and I'm handling all of the organization minutiae to get things ready for both sets of crowns.  All about being the deputy signet.  Woot.  It also looks like we have "time off" for things being due for a few weeks which means the scriptorium can work work work on filling up the case again. Yay!

I also managed to get the shawl I've been working on back on track with encouragement from my friends at knit night.  I even stayed up a bit late to work to the next pattern repeat (and color change) so I'm sent into the lace pattern now.  Its looking really nice and I hope to get through at least this lace repeat in the next week or so and then maybe see big progress on it.

Work is progressing and I've been handing things off with, "here are my suggestions on how to proceed, if you have questions, call, if not good luck" for the old job and I'm in heavy drawing reviews in the new job.

Tonight I get to see Captain America: Civil War and I'm excited.  I have no idea if my Stucky feels will be met but its gotten really good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes etc.

So excited.

Next week will be getting stuff figured out for cosplay for D*C and then starting sketches.

My mojo and want to work on things is progessing which is really good.
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This happened:

Just born

And this is him today enjoying his birthday pancakes at Joes.


It was deja vu with Great Helm this past weekend though we are all a bit older and things are very different in many ways. Mel finaled against Sean.

I scribed and knit and chatted with people.  Had a very strange interaction on something that needed to be taken care of that I'm still shaking my head over.  I guess common courtesy is not common.

But I'm happy for my boy being a little man now.  He's so big and tall and just a pleasure to hug and get kisses from.  We will be having a skating party on Saturday and I made key lime cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for his class today.

I made the cupcakes from this recipe: Key Lime Bundt Cake.  The frosting was standard cream cheese frosting with 8oz of cream cheese mixed with milk, vanilla and powdered sugar.
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Crazy weird week.

My interview for the fellowship thing at work was Monday and was very short (15 mins).  It was odd. but I guess I had made it that far. They had 200 applicants that they down selected to interview 45-50 and now downselect to the 15 for the program. HR was there which was again odd but this is for career growth so its not surprising but it was?  The questions were pretty basic I think. Talk about something technical that you did, what you hope to get out of the program etc.  It was just short....I kinda expected more.  But its done and now I wait to see if I made it.  If I didn't well at least I know I put an effort in and did it versus letting the opportunity pass me by.

I've hit the gym once this week...monday I figured I wouldn't have time but I was tired too. I was up way too late on Sunday night and mel has a bit of a cold so he's snoring and won't stop and then Ben woke up screaming about a bloody nose at 4 am. I think I got 3.5 hours of sleep. But at least I looked good and professional. Been trying to step the clothing game up. With the weather in the high 80s to 90s it was cute skirts and clothes and I need to get more summer weight style shirts and light weight sweathers/shrugs.

The department is having a heck of a time replacing me and need me to fully write out all of the stuff I do.  The first few applicants were not ideal.  Well, that is good, I'm hard to replace. :)

No word quite yet on my transition but they need a warm body before I can move. Plus I have one large task to finish.

Other than that...I'm ready to be done with work and getting ready over the weekend and monday for estrella. I took both the monday before and the monday after it off for my sanity.  Its so nice.  Got a lot to do but I have time to take my time, think things through and make sure I have everything for the 45 people we are feeding/housing. Eep!

We have the work for the new porches starting when we get back from Estrella. We need to clean the porches off and chuck everything old in the yard.  So I know we will be busy when we get back.

I'm also waiting for the final quote on the cooler replacement from the 3rd company.  Soon we will have awesomeness at the house.  We got the new patio door last week and its so nice.
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For weeks I've been run down and just bleah...not quite a cold, not quite well just very drained by the end of the day. The whole family has the samething and yeah.  Crown happened and it was good. Ivan didn't win but he felt the best at fighting than he has in years.  Which is good. Our household hosted 6 fighters and all did really well.  Domnall got the Shield of Chivalry and Wolfgrimm was a close second for that accolade.  Wil/Haukr made the ladies swoon with his introduction for his consort and it was very well indeed.

Got a few pictures...not a lot. I was tired and just nervous as you are on the day you might become a princess.  We had a lot of people under our shade and I think for next crown we need to have a kids tent.  So many people that I had to turn friends of the household away for lack of space.  All good though.

Just a few pictures here:

Crown Spring 2016

Mel took an elbow shot that was hard and well, his elbow pad was dead and he burst his bursa.  Its gross and still leaking a bit.  Weird injury that we wouldn't have know had happened if he hadn't been knocked out of the tournament on that bout.  Took his armor off and was bleeding profusely.  Luckily he got taken care of by Mistress Rowan and we got supplies to take care of it at home.  It hurts but the tired/sick stuff has been affecting him more.

We got to have beer/food at Uncle Bears and food at Mellow Mushroom. Ben crashed on his dad's lap at Mushroom and we had to drag him out of the booth. The people behind us didn't know there was a kid with us and were surprised and the manhandling we did with a sleeping boy.  Ben did awesome the enitre weekend and we could not have asked for better behaviour.  He listened, played well and was good during court.  what more can you ask for?

Today I'm telecommutting and waiting for the door installers to get here for the new patio door and for the estimator for the coolers to get here.  yay!
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All of last week I've had a linger...not sure...cold, not really just tired and had a bit of a sore throat off and on and some snuffles.  I had hoped to kick it this weekend....and that doesn't seem to work I guess. I'm to the point were I'm going to stop taking it "easy" and just hit the gym etc.

Friday night we were all tired.  I hit bed at 930 and slept really well. I was still pretty groggy when I awoke on Saturday and slowly got ready for the tournament. Once drugs and coffee kicked in I did okay. Benton was awesome at the event and listened well and we hit the library to get some books and just in general had a good time.  Ivan was Sir Sable and everyone was suprised he could be an asshole.  Honestly, people don't liv with him. He's a jerk a lot of the time. He's just sublte about it.  Will was the rapier sable and Ceyln was the youth sable so we changed the household name to Rottenheim cause yes, we were rotten. LOL.    Got home after hitting up Frost for gelato and relaxed into the evening.  I made lamb chops, edamame and couscous with a really nice dill yogurt sauce.  I've never cooked lamb but I hit it with a bit of garlic and cooked it to medium rare.  So tasty.  Benton loved it. Mel was exstatic about it and just purred with happiness about it. I'll have to make it that way again.  We are saving the bones to make stock but are currently stuck on what you use lamb stock for....ideas?

My goals for the weekend were to get laundry done, work on my projects and try to get better.  I did pretty good with that though I didn't get my studio any better but I put more stuff away and figured out how to get Ben to clean his room with a timing game and the Visual Timer.  He now understands that in small increments (10 mins each) we set up to do tasks in the 10 min section. It worked really well and we even got his laundry put away nicely.

My goals this week are to do a bunch of calligraphy and finish mel's sock. I got through the heel and gusset yesterday and now am in the foot.  I also spent too much time play Free Flow but I'm in the way higher levels having fun.  We also finished up watchign Jonny Quest Season 1 (1964) and still love it.  We also found that Kim Possible is on youtube boot legged but I did order the Season 1 and 2.  We will now be going through the Batman Animated Series with Ben.  Then maybe on to Justice League and Teen Titans.

Mel did get the bottle openers out to people and we got text messages of people hanging them up and putting them right to use.  Its awesome. Plus that is projects out of his shop.  He made Ben's bed this past weekend for camping and he needs to finish it this week.

I have to say the weather last night was crazy.  The airport had 47 mph winds. Oof.  The rain was a lot though the gauges only stated 1/3 of an inch. Weird. it sounded like a lot more.

Work this week is about finishing things up and kicking ass at the gym.
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since the tummy sick of a few weeks ago I've still not felt well.  Things just aren't right and well at Southern I was off all event.

Southern was in general good. We had tons of folks on setup day and that was great.  The new site (I guess only for this year) was nice which was suprising. Though we need to have court way earlier if we do it there since its all outdoors and no light/sound.

I managed to burn the fuck out of my fingers on my left hand cooking dinner on Friday. I knew the knurl on the pot handle was hot but I grabbed it anyway. I managed to cook the rest of dinner with my left hand holding an icecube in a wash cloth.  It looks healed now but typing...ow. and i don't have really good feeling on the fingers either.  I had blisters that were large and in charge.

I did not fight cause I felt weird on Saturday and well, the hand wouldn't have been able to hold a sword.  Sunday I woke up and was awful. I'd spent every hour since 1 am up for abit and hitting the privy and I was tired, hurting and sick.  I managed to get the inside of teh tent packed and Benton helping with things and us loaded into the car while the rain was starting and the rest of CAMP was coming down.  Much thanks to my household for tearing things down well and quickly. We were all home by 3pm. I was home by 1230 or so.  Stopped and Benton got his very first Happy Meal cause I new I had no food at the house and it was right at the turn on to the interstate. He enjoyed it and snarfed all of it.  Got home and got him into a much needed bath and I took a shower while he was soaking. THen I bundled up on the couch and we watch Avengers Assemble Cartoon until Mel came home. I then slept in my bed for a few hours. Mel was awesome adn put things away (not everything but food etc).  I was happy to snuggle up and be warm.  I went to bed early and slept much better than I had but woke up with stomach cramping again. I stayed in bed until 7am and then got Ben up and ready for school. I got back and crawled under the blankets on the couch before getting back into bed a few hours later.

I read and slept my Monday away and here we are.  Not great, not special but I'm here.

Work front, I had a mini interview for a new job.  So we shall see where that goes.  My plan is to have things settled by the time Estrella rolls around.
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Work is still sucky but we are all in the midst of suck and working as a team to make it better. I figured some cool things out and I have a spreadsheet to save our little chunk of the world.  I know, lame, spreadsheet foo made me excited. I'm an engineer, deal!

Willa and I entered our failed viking glass furnace and it did very well. We won our category, though we were the only entry. We did receive a 55/60 for points so I think we would have won anyway even against other competitors so that was cool.  The organization this year was a bit weird and lists of winners had errors etc but in the end I think it was a successful competition. I judged the championship and that went well too.

In other crafty news, I finished the purple socks.

I have also been working on my "not bunnies" shawl and ran out of yarn.  Both Mel and I thought I had two balls but nope. So I pulled some left over cascade 220 out of my stash and its matching colors pretty good after a few rows.Untitled

Ben's been having better days.  We had him assessed by the school district and their only comments were he was high energy and bright.  But at least we know there is nothing wrong we hadn't already known.  Not that being high energy is wrong but we have to redirect it.

I started looking my planned to make for Xmas and seriously flipped out.  So, I guess I need to get myself organized and working on stuff. This weekend will be studio cleaning, sewing for Ben for Southern and winding yarn and planning projects. I also need to get rid of the two old carseats and get those sold as well as the stroller. Then that stuff is out of teh house.

I'm getting my fall enuii and depression.  I'm not sure what it is about this time of year but man I always feel like crap.  Add that to the I've been so tired, so sick or so busy to make it to the gym well, I'm sure that is not helping.  Next week is further screwed up since I'll have the boy at Theresa's due to school being out for Fall Break so well, we shall see.  Just frustrating cause I feel like this is all out of my control but then I realize it is in my control and its hard to take the reins to fix it.  Thus the depression lying.  Oh well. The show must go on.

My mantra will be to watch what I'm eating better. Limit the alcohol and make stuff.  I always feel better when I make things and if I can crank out some of these small projects I will feel accomplished and not so stuck in a ever ending loop of work.

Still trying to finish the treatise on Engineering in America and I started in an InCryptid novel by Seanan Macquire.  I got a load of books from Mughi last weekend to plow through.  Plus I'm also hit by a plunnie about grumpy cat, Bucky and Coulson.  Yeah.  crazy but it will get done in the wee hours this weekend I think. Its gonna be short and fluffy.  So crank it out and accomplish somethng to get it the eff out of my head.

It was inspired by this fic Wow, That's one Grumpy Cat... and the shirt I'm wearing today.  Silly but funny. I need that.
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The crown dressed got finished at Scribble last night after I chatted with the rest of the Hrafnheim Hedgefund on help.  Figured out I had enough trim to go all of the way around except for the back panel, so it looks intentional versus "oops, no more trim".  Got it attached after I put names on scrolls for the weekend and then headed home early.  The squire and student were there also working on crown prep but all armor is repaired, all swords are made and we are all looking pretty good.

Tonight I will pull out jewelry and polish and get things packed up and ready to go.

To Do:

  1. Get things sent to dry cleaners (Wednesday)

  2. fix shoes

  3. polish jewelry

  4. fix festoons that are broke

  5. gather gifts for arsenda et al

  6. finalize attendance list and duties

  7. Get pavillion, benches, water cooler from Ed

  8. Pack Van

  9. Pack project bag for Ben with lots of fun things to do/make

  10. Get lunch stuff (2 chix, salad stuff etc)

  11. Pack feast gear/snacks

  12. Pack fighter snacks (protein/shaker)


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