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Coronation finish (5/6):

So, when I last left off it was Saturday afternoon May 6th and I was still in shock from getting the "Glory of Atenveldt" and hungry, so court ended and we got lunch at the kiosk on the lawn. Got a lovely picture of me, Duchess Deborah and [personal profile] lferion which I need to get  copy.  Got fed and then things taken care of before we headed into court. Ari and I had been doing our standard "untangle yarn at coronation" schtick.  Her Ravenclaw socks were being persnickety.  We had lots of people just agog at our efforts to not cut the yarn.  We got about 85 % done by the time the second court finished.  Now back to my previous post...I knew things were happening...and it was a waiting game while our new to Atenveldt Majesties (they'd reigned many times in Meridies). They did a play which was funny and having Count Dennis of the Titan's being the "voice of tradition" for Atenveldt was a really nice way.   So the big finale of the coronation court was them calling up the pelicans and speaking about service etc, and keeping with the schtick from earlier HRM Amber (a member of the Laurelate) talked about art and how people can do both service and art and called up the Laurels.  I sallied up to the front of the area and purposely did not look to where I knew the candidate was...since I'd known this was coming.  They called up my wonderful apprentices husband Domnall (Domegnev) and the crowd went wild.  He was a bit thunderstruck. His knight, [livejournal.com profile] americanknight was ecstatic.    Yay!!!!!

So we know what the summer work will be since he will be answering the offer in Sept.  Research has shown that the last time a laurel/pel was given was to Aaron Swiftrunner (former Society Seneschal) whom I know quite well from my time as seneschal the first time during the embezzlement fiasco.  So that is cool.  He deserves it and the household is also just happy as clams.  There was some drama where they forgot to call out Asa as a Duchess of Atenveldt and they never thanked Ari for her service as Signet before I took over.  The Kingdom herald took to FB to "fix" that but seriously.  That was lame.

Sunday was another busy day where Sam and I got the signet case all reorganized and sorted withteh 40+ scrolls that got turned in by Twin Moons. I sat and chatted with people and watched teh tourneys and it was nice.  Mel and 7 other guys made it to the king's champion finals and they realized that they all were going to different events and they had the "hateful 8" for the champions. Morgan was the true victor but they all are going to be a rotating stock of Champions.  So Monday at scriptorium Poe designed a hyrda with the heads of each of the winners.  She got them laminated for badges for them to wear.  Its cool.

The weekend after coronation I was running Baronial A&S in BTY.  There were issues with the site that made a few things annoying but all in all it went well. We got things to look really nice and there was good art on display.  I put on like 13-14k steps that day and was dog tired when I was done.  Hrafnheim won the household championship again. Ivan won the Championship even though he didn't enter. They basically talked with everyone (but him, he was off site dropping boy off at a party) and missed them asking him.  Lol.  But its all good.  We had a nice turnout but not spectacular. The smoked chicken we did was a big hit with Ari's curry. 

Work has been nuts. Lots of OT and me not having the time to work the OT. Sighs.  The weekend after A&S Mel went to San Diego with Paul for a kung fu thing.  I coped wth being a single parent but did some work around the house etc.  The following weekend (memorial day) was PHXCC.

There is a lot to say about that con.  There was a lot of stupid, There was a lot of awesome but we did have fun.  Dick Van Dyke, The voices of Batman the Animated Series, Alan Tydk and John De Lancie were faboo.

The album of Con

Ari won the con with Jim Butcher freaking the heck out over her Mab.  I got stopped a lot in my Lolita which was great. And I painted on things at the SCA booth while stuff was going on for the demo portions.
Lolita: with a gal in the same fabric:


Winter-Spider Outfit:

Cool Pic of Ari and I in cute dresses:

This past weekend (Jun3/4) was the kingdom collegium and I took 2 classes and then sat around both days and painted scrolls.  TRM are big on giving things out and I'd done 4 pieces of calligraphy that week alone and I've been behind on on things and just wanted to finally finish something.  So the scroll I had low lighted at the con I managed to finish completely on Saturday and then started another one.

So, now I need to finish a knit hat and 2 tunics and then I can really start work on TRM clothing and Dom's scroll.

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Managed to do some relaxing, some antiquing, some adulting, some parenting, some knitting, some spinning and heading out to the fair. Not too shabby.

I got a new to me spinning chair:
My new spinning chair. British made. It was bought in 1962. We are pretty sure it was made well before then. #spinning #fiberart #woodworking

Mel and I hit a newer antique mall and had a good time. Got Benton from school and had a nice Friday night. I may have had too many margaritas.

Saturday I relaxed while the boys went to the dojo and then we headed to the Pima County Fair again to do rides and carnival stuff as well as the exhibitors hall. I bought shoes...at the fair but how could I not?
I liked them so much I ordered another pair in blues. #shoes I also ordered them in blue....

We got home and had a nice evening in. Sunday dawned at 345 in the morning with Benton falling head first off of his bunk into his trash can. I stayed up with him until he could sleep which was about 5am. He's okay, a bit bruised and reminded of why you need to put your head at the head of your bed. He had flipped around and slid down the opening at the ladder. Sighs. At 6am the cat broke int the bedroom, at 630 mel got up for Black belt testing for the dojo and mercifully I and teh boy slept in until about 830am. I was still zonked though and I managed clean up my library corner of books, patterns, yarn etc. I tidyied everything and now its useable as space. I also got out things for projects since Saturday night I finished my Darth Rainbow socks.

Finished! #operationsockdrawer #smoothoperator #knittersofinstagram

Mel got home at 345. Icka was over chatting since I found her something cool while shopping friday. I ran errands and then was home to cook dinner and then to work for a while before setting my spinning wheel back up to spin some fiber while we watched a movie.

All in all an okay weekend....wish I had more done but it was nice none the less.
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This weekend was exhausting and fun. Saturday was plenty of BFF time while we got my house errands done (groceries and costco) and then we had lunch at BisonWitches before we headed to get our tattoos at Istari Studios from Gail Reilly . We had picked her over a month ago but timing etc made us schedule for Saturday.

The shop is awesome and Gail was great. Her line work is why we went and we are both very happy. Mine is a line style raven with Poe's own handwriting for Nevermore. His "N" makes me so happy. Ari's is her calligraphy for her fave Terry Pratchett quote.
Getting ink. Knitting while our artist works. #bff #knittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer

My third tattoo. Done by @gail_tattoo   Words are taken from Poe's own handwriting. Raven adapted from another source. Very happy! #tattoo #tattoedwoman #knittersofinstagram


Sunday after Mel got the coolers going we headed out to the Pima County Fair for seeing the animals and exhibits...this coming Saturday we will do carnival stuff and rides. We had fun, ate fair food and got to see lots of sights. To our disappointment our favorite exhibit Power from the Past is being taken down due to it being a large footprint and non-moneymaker for the fair. Sighs. Steam powered ice cream makers are cool dammnit!

Click the pic below to go to the album from the fair.
Pima County Fair 2017
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Well, the trip we thought was cancelled for Mel is back on and he will have 48 hours home before he goes overseas again. We hope they can just leave him in Europe for those days but we shall see. What that means for me is that I'm basically single momming it from Saturday night through Thursday and then the following Sunday through next Thursday. Sighs. Benton starts school next week so we will have to do the meet and greet plus the first day of school stuff and figure out after school care. I think I'm going to have to have him at school until we get mel home and then get it worked out. Not ideal but we shall see. Just not what I had intended.

All things will work out it just makes me aggravated.

So, got done with work and then headed to sushi with Ari where we got a few surprises. 1) they didn't have sake cups (WTF? a RAMEKEN?) and 2) they served the hot tea in a glass irish coffee cup.???? Since when?? The food was good and if you ever order the spicy avocado roll it is GINORMOUS and should be an appetizer not a roll and very tasty. I was stuffed when we went to knit night and I managed to make a good dent on the annoying scarf of annoying. I'm going to finish that thing and get it out of my house. Once I finish the yarn ball its done and crochet eats yarn so maybe another 6 inches to go which is about 10 rows.

Got home and attempted to craft. I was tired and making mistakes but managed to serge the edges of the blue sleeve flounces and when I went to pin the white lace to the bottom I was all thumbs. I had almost snipped the purlice of my hand with my snips trimming threads. So I was good and got a beer and sat down back to the crochet until bedtime. I think that was smart.

Tonight I will get things done. There had been an offer of movies but Benton needs time with family before his daddy is gone. And it will be nice. I think will be drag things into the family room and pin and then hop back to sew etc so mel and I can watch something at home.

The only thing I have done on the to do list is start wearing my new contacts and who knew I really need to start packing my reading glasses. Sighs. Oh, and I've misplaced my sari skirt and my cheerleading skirts. They are together but where...I don't know. Sighs.
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For weeks I've been run down and just bleah...not quite a cold, not quite well just very drained by the end of the day. The whole family has the samething and yeah.  Crown happened and it was good. Ivan didn't win but he felt the best at fighting than he has in years.  Which is good. Our household hosted 6 fighters and all did really well.  Domnall got the Shield of Chivalry and Wolfgrimm was a close second for that accolade.  Wil/Haukr made the ladies swoon with his introduction for his consort and it was very well indeed.

Got a few pictures...not a lot. I was tired and just nervous as you are on the day you might become a princess.  We had a lot of people under our shade and I think for next crown we need to have a kids tent.  So many people that I had to turn friends of the household away for lack of space.  All good though.

Just a few pictures here:

Crown Spring 2016

Mel took an elbow shot that was hard and well, his elbow pad was dead and he burst his bursa.  Its gross and still leaking a bit.  Weird injury that we wouldn't have know had happened if he hadn't been knocked out of the tournament on that bout.  Took his armor off and was bleeding profusely.  Luckily he got taken care of by Mistress Rowan and we got supplies to take care of it at home.  It hurts but the tired/sick stuff has been affecting him more.

We got to have beer/food at Uncle Bears and food at Mellow Mushroom. Ben crashed on his dad's lap at Mushroom and we had to drag him out of the booth. The people behind us didn't know there was a kid with us and were surprised and the manhandling we did with a sleeping boy.  Ben did awesome the enitre weekend and we could not have asked for better behaviour.  He listened, played well and was good during court.  what more can you ask for?

Today I'm telecommutting and waiting for the door installers to get here for the new patio door and for the estimator for the coolers to get here.  yay!
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a bit distracted the last little bit. I think I'm attempting to get a cold.  BLEAH.

Made a piggy for bab Abrue who will be born on the 23rd of February.

Finished one of mel's xmas socks and I tossed it about and the fiber crewe said "Ivan is a free elf!"
I still hate the color and plan on finishing them so I can work on something I like better like the bright orange I got him. I told him they would be for Valentines Day since we will go see Deadpool.


Got a text message a bit ago from my mom.
She totaled her truck by getting rear ended on the interstate by a semi.  She was at the ER awaiting xrays when she texted me.  I immediately called and chatted with her BFF.  WIll know more soon.  She was coherent and sore. Probably whiplash and bruising.  The airbags didn't go off and the truck didn't flip (thank the gods).  If she had been in the Rav4 she'd have flipped.  So will no more soon just weird.  The semi was going 75, she was going 50 due to the conditions (black ice) and I guess didn't see her in the big navy blue chevy silverado???

UPDATE: She's fine, nothing broken just sore and probably whiplash.

Just weird week thus far...
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The impetus for purging continues, especially after Michigan and now with us having to replace the dishwasher.  That was a cluster on Friday AM.  The fix that 6 or so years ago on the cabinets that [livejournal.com profile] richarddbrewer did was pushing on the counter top due to a brace.  So, I had to unloade the entire glass cabinet, helf the installers get the countertop lifted up off of the old crappy dishwasher and then they could see if it would fit.  it didn't since the counter top had sagged over 12 years and they left and mel came home to fix it. He ended up driving a wedge up and got the countertop to be level and set and then the guys came back to install it.  Its shiny, pretty and so quiet it has a red light to tell you its on!


But this meant that the contents of the glass cabinet needed to be gone through and the cabinet fixed but that was for later.  I got to work and worked my butt off on paperwork.  Got home late and mel and I did a marathon of house cleaning.  Benton got sent to his room cause his daily report wasn't good and we had to set up a meeting his teacher and the director.  He screamed for a bit but did okay after that.  We got the house settled and I even got the front carpet cleaned really well before folks arrived. I made hamburgers and hotdogs since it was so hot.  Had a nice time playing Shadow over Camelot> and enjoyed some G&T's.  We failed the game but it was good.  We had a brief visit by [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan and Richard and that was nice.

Saturday we got up early pulled weeds and got the kitchen cleaned up, sorted glassware into donate and keep.  We got rid of enough that our travel coffee cups/shaker cups all have cabinet space.  We also got rid of kidware cause Ben is now old enough to use all of the adult stuff.  The new dishwasher is awesome and it cleans uber well.  Just still working out how to load it. Its very different.  Mel fixed the two cabinets in situ since they just needed bracer blocks put in and screwed back into the wall. He put clamps in to hold things while things dried and I was able to reset everthing in the cabinets.  Got that done, worked on a few other things and then Ari arrived with the kiddos to work on clothes.  She needed help getting a viking hangerock patterned up and we got that patterned settled, fed everyone and then got into sewing.  I finished the two project bags I still had lingering and then started in on the little boy clothes.  Back a month or so ago, Wander and I had cut out a lot of clothing for me to make and then I didn't do anything with it. So I know that Ben wanted a new outfit(s) for crown so I got to work on that.  I made him a red Tunic with dinosaur trim, dinosaur bag trousers and a starwars tunic.  With that I also made a new neckline pattern for him and figured out how to put together the pattern for his tunic that Eithni and others had made him but I'd never actually sewed one together.  Weird I know.  But this happens when you get a bunch of awesome kiddo handmedowns and reign as K&Q...so, now that he's getting bigger we need more clothes and I'm going against my Commander of the Pilgrim to make him happy and have fun prints etc.  Cause every lil' Viking boy needs dinosaurs, star wars, jake and bugs.  More cute clothes in a few weeks.  By the end of Saturday I got the red tunic done minus the trim attachment and the star wars tunic put partially together. I was smart enough to not cut the neckline until the next morning. (good thing I did, my pattern was too small.)  Shanda and Richard stopped by for a good talk and we watched Rocky Mountain Vets which is a pretty cool show.  Got to also hear about the winery tours they had done all over Southern AZ.

Sunday AM we all got up early and mel worked in the shop. I got going on sewing and realized my issue with the neckline pattern, got it fixed, updated and started sewing it before we headed to joe's breakfast with Shanda/Richard.  Had a great time there and then back to the house for sewing. Ben got outside time before it got heinously hot.  Saturday broke the record at 110°F and it got to 106°F Sunday.  I got work done in the kitchen on putting dinner in the crock pot, cleaned the stove/counters, made radish quick pickles and handwashed the silverware.

Stacy/Brian stopped by to get more photos of the backyard for the wall/roof plans.  All good. Stacy and I chatted while I sewed.  Unlike the dino tunic, I worked the entire neckline etc flat. I fidgeted with the binding but it looks really cool with the black.  I used some bias tape tricks from Pinterest for the corners and how to start and stop the trim which worked really really well.  I got everthing finished on both tunics just before dinner.  By this point Ben was "done" for the day. He'd had some tv but was tired and cranky and hot.  Poor kiddo. I got dinner finished with grilled curry squash and we delighted we had Wander over for it. The pulled pork turned out great.

Crockpot Awesome Pulled Pork
1 red onion chopped
1 large pork loin
1 can of beer (I used fat tire)
1 can of green enchilada sauce
Ground pepper
Garlic powder
Ground Cinnamon

Place onion in bottom of crockpot, arrange porkloin in crop pot (I cut mine into 4 chunks), sprinkle liberally with spices, pour liquid over, put on lid and cook on low for 8-9 hours.  Shred pork with forks. Serve over buns.

After dinner and getting Ben to bed I got the kitchen cleaned up and started work on my crown dress. I have the trim all pinned on it and now its hand sewing.  I sat for a while and then got really, really dizzy and hot. Mel was watching Mindcraft videos and they were making me sea sick. I went to bed a bit early and finished reading the Improbable Sherlock Holmes Anthology.  I swear I've read more than two books but its really only been that. so I guess that is the second or third book for the year.

Lots of progress and not in a lot of ways.  I guess, a lot for the house and the kiddo but not for me. I hope to get my dress finalized this week so I can work on getting the fancy trim on and figureing out what I'm wearing with it.

So, all of the projects finished laid out.

Ben in his pants (beware the cute!) Contrasting buttflap, cuffs.

The dress in progress:

Benton's progress at school after a week, writing his name without prompting.

We had a meeting this AM with his teacher and it went really well. He does great by himself but working in groups is completely new/odd to him. So we need to work on family projects at home more.  Plus work on expressing ourselves verbally. We will be getting a report home everyday as we transition but all in all it was a really good talk.  We are doing the right things and we know what we as a family need to work on.
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Well, work has been work.  I've told both my department and my program boss that I would like a new job.

I don't deal with stupid well and well, things are stupid.

The week we spent in Michigan was both horrific and pleasant.  I got lots of good family time with the KEMP/HUCK side of the family and I got to meet more of the Kemps but the days were filled with gross work and a lot of crazy.  Mel's gma was a hoarder. It wasn't gross in the way you think, not icky filth but just stuff. Stoopid stuff in some case. Scary stuff in others (creepy moldy dolls).  Lots of dolls and clown stuff.  I made a comment to the goodwill folks during one drop off of "we did not bring you the creepy dolls" which the nice young girl just thanked us profusely for.  We emptied a 1200 squarefoot house in 6 days using 5 adults into 2, 40 foot long dumpsters, 5 truck loads to good will, 2 van loads to good will and we shipped home 11 boxes and other stuff went in a trailer to SC with the in laws.  I came back exhausted and with a new appreciation for purging all of the things.

Pics of the trip are on my flickr if you are my friend....its family so its locked down.

UPS did a hum dinger on the one and only thing I really really wanted from teh house. THough their may be other treasures we haven't found yet (like another singer featherlight like Becca got).  I got a 1950 in bentwood case Singer 99-13 British Made sewing machine.  Its had a bit of work done over the years with a new motor and light but she looks in working condition even after they packed it wrong and munched it.  The machine is okay. The case...well, its gonna take some doing to fix.  Luckily I insured it...a bit over insured but still.

Pics of the damage and the pretty machine are here:
Sewing Machine Damage

I also got my new ink this week. Which is healing nicely and is now annoying and itchy.  Done by Sanctity Tattoo here in Tucson by Tracy.  He did a great job. I'm so pleased.
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Topsy Turvy Few Weeks
Last week was a bit nutz at work. We have a huge program review in a foreign country coming up, lots of people going on PTO and lots of things just coming to ahead all at once. Its long days and not a lot of progress. I have say, we are still discussing a part mark. The waste of time that has been has made my head ache. Oh, well, I now have a much better understanding of reading a specification than I did beforehand.

Ben was okay at school…not his best week but by far not his worst. We left Thursday AM to head to the retreat Griffin Dyeworks Fiber and Dye Retreat by way of phx to pick up [livejournal.com profile] corinnemacleod. The trip was good. We stopped off in Blythe at the Courtesy Café which is unchanged since it was built in 1964. Tasty, quick food and off we went. Benton did not nap but colored almost the whole way out on a dry erase board on a lap desk. Best purchases for us, definitely. I had bought Crayola wash out dry erase markers and he cleaned up with a baby wipe easily.

We made it into Cali and then up the mountain to Lake Arrowhead Ranch. Mel was driving and took the mountain curves very fast. We did not let him drive us down the mountain. I didn’t want to get almost car sick again and neither did Corynne. We only got mildly lost due to a change in the roads compared to the maps but all good. Got to site about 345pm, checked in, unloaded and helped set things up. The next while was spent getting to know new people, meeting folks we’ve known for years, having dinner and then putting the boyo to bed before sitting down at spinning circle. Unlike previous years, the spinning circles were indoors and that was nice. Plenty of light, no bugs and just happy. I ended up finishing off my yak/merino/silk and then setting everything else up for plying on Friday night. Which I did.

Intensive pictures behind here )
You can see more photos of the whole trip: The Kemp Family Trip to GDWR2015.

Mel played with the dye pots and Ben was out and about with the kids or hanging out with us. He was so tired he put himself to a nap for most of the afternoon and went swimming with his dad later. We had dinner and put him to bed and went back for spinning circle where I plyed up all of the yarn.
A three yarns I plyed.

We got back to the cabin and Benton was whimpering in his sleep. He woke up with a huge Charlie horse in his left leg quad and we finally had to get him a ¼ of a ibuprofen tablet since it would not relax. He ended up chewing the pill which was nasty and gross but it hit his system quick for him to snuggle down to sleep.

Saturday was another busy day of classes. I learned to make a rope bowl, Taught crochet , took a painting class and a shibori class. Mel was awesome and took care of dyeing my shibori stuff and they turned out great. Saturday night we had dinner, got Ben to bed (he was tired) and then sat and listened to a presentation on Viking stuff and spinning stuff. We went back to spinning circle and I got things packed up. I was tired and had finished off a few projects (bunny for [livejournal.com profile] eilina and MIL socks (except for Kitchner)) and just wound off some handspinning onto bobbins for plying on the wheel when we got home. We headed to bed not too late after packing things up. We all were tired when we woke up but got things going quickly to pack up and be ready to leave by 11am. We left about 1030 after lots of hugs and pictures and more hugs from our fiber Friends. Oh, one thing at the raffle, mel won a 36” loom. Sighs. Luckily it packs in pieces.
The trip home was long and we were a bit cranky when we stopped for food in Indio. We were much happier after that. Made it to phx and dropped corynne off without much issue and then home by 730pm. It was a longer trip back since lunch took quite a bit longer but it was good.

The week on work was crazy, see the first item. I had to pick Ben up from school early on Monday and on Tuesday evening I was told that we would not be welcomed back on Monday. Basically, unenrolled. Sighs. I’m better now but I can tell you I was angry and frustrated and sad. After chatting with Mary and Theresa at knit night we have a plan for kiddo care. Just need to work out the schedule for July. After chatting with the ingress teacher, who had no idea Benton had been kicked out, she stated she was leaving for a new job and hadn’t told them yet. So, again, weirdness at the school insn’t helping. They’ve had a large turnover in staff, a change in management and the class sizes are way large compared to what we had started with 18 months ago. Miss Judy said she thought Ben would do good in a much smaller class setting which is what we will see at TCDS. We did get accepted into the Pre-K program and we start August 6. This makes me happy and I think a few weeks with close friends and not school environments will help get him back on track for proper behavior.

FOs )

Everything will go out in the mail Monday since things need to be washed up. I cast on for THE LAST baby gift of the summer which is another little bunnie blanket for Mary (of Joe’s Pancake House)’s little girl. AND THEN IT WILL SHAWLS, SHAWLS AND MORE SHAWLS!!!!!

I have the following items picked out to make:
La La’s Simple Shawl
Easy Peazy Shawlette
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The weekend that was awesome.

So I took of the 16th from work since it was my birthday and we already had the 17th off for our standard off Friday. The day before at work was crazy but I got a lot accomplished. I managed to edit a 47 page report and review 4 more reports for the customer/my suppliers. Then I left a bit early to get my taxes picked up. Yeah, I know, it was tax day. Got home to have mel sign them and write the check to the state. And there I screwed up and didn’t put the check in the envelope and it was sealed tight. I didn’t have business envelopes and that caused me to stress as I hit the post office which was closed (at 5pm) and was only taking mail until 530pm and their kiosk didn’t do envelopes. Sighs. I put the federal in the box, picked up envelopes at CVS and then went to knit night to relax before the Baronial Calendar meeting. I got to show off Lois’s Blanket to everyone before I delivered it and I got to sit and chat which was also nice.

The calendar meeting was good. I knit on Baby Malcolm’s prezzie #1 and chatted with people. Hrafnheim will be hosting an EPIC tournament in December of 2016. Right now the acronym is open to interpretation. I’m sure Icka and Elinor have plans. LOL. Got to give out the blankie to Lois! As you can see here….she loves it!

She especially the amigarumi sun that I attached:

Got done with the calendar meeting and then headed to the Cherrybell post office since it was open for post until midnight and then came home. Taxes managed! Got home and relaxed before falling into bed exhausted. It had been a long day/week.

I had hoped that Mel would take Ben to school but he didn’t so I got woke up at 630am by Ben asking for breakfast. Got him up and dressed and fed and to school by 730am. Then I sat and had coffee, trifle and some Dr. Who. Got dressed up for errands (skirt and cute top), scheduled my massage and got Elinor in on scheduling a pedicure for the afternoon. I headed to look at shoes at DSW which I have a love hate relationship with….that day it was both since everything I tried on fit…I may have bought 4 pairs of shoes. Then I headed to the mall and got bras and some nightgowns before heading to lunch with the girls at Takamatsu. Tasty sushi and a Tokyo Mule later I was on my way to a 1.5 hour hot stone massage and a pedicure. Soo good both of them. Got cute toes with Elinor who was also recovering from a massage. I’m so going back. Picked up Benton and relaxed with him for a bit before bedtime where he made me birthday cards and then read after he went to bed before mel came home from St., Felix practice pretty late.

Friday we slept in a bit, I got coffee in bed where I sat and enjoyed it and read while Mel and Ben played legos. Got up and we got everyone dressed. Dropped Ben off at school and then headed out to look at plants and bum around. We hit Mesquite Valley Growers and Lowes and I loved the bougainvillea. I’ve always wanted one and we figured out what we wanted to shop the next day. We also looked at a lot of appliances to see what is available. The dishwasher really needs to be replaced and the washer and dryer are getting older. So it was good to look at see what we liked. Then we went to Grandma’s Spinning Wheel where Mel finally got to meet Jimmy from knit night. Those two are peas in a pod with spinning. Seriously. He got spin on the wheel I’ve been looking at and he liked it well enough and agreed that if I wanted it I should order it….so I did. I will soon be the owner of a Schacht Sidekick which is a folding travel wheel. I had just gotten a bonus from work for my good deeds and I spent it on the wheel and its case. I’m pretty stoked. And it should be here in time for the fiber retreat….oh, it you want to go… Griffin Dyeworks Fiber and Dye Retreat its in late June. Lots of fun!

We had lunch at Yardhouse and then tooled around the mall a bit to walk off the beer we drank. Looked at more appliances at Sears and then we headed home to take a nap, cause we could. The nap was glorious but mel was woogy from it. I went and got the boy picked up and then got booking to get cleaned up and gussied up for Demtrius and Danny’s wedding. We looked good and didn’t realize that we had matched the theme. I 1940’s my hair and Ben all paperboy out, Mel wore one of his new shirts with a set of my grand dad’s cufflinks. It was fun and pretty in the little park downtown. We got home and were beat. Benton spent the evening either busting moves on the dance floor or running around the gazebo with the other kids.

Saturday we all slept in and had a nice morning. Got headed out to go shopping for plants and We got a fuchsia bougainvillea, some Arabian jasmine and some succulents as well as trellises for letting the jasmine and the bougainvillea climb. We got home and potted things up and mel started on on the hacking away on the rosemary. The bougainvillea looks awesome! Mel got eyelets put into the brickwork to wire the trellises to the house for safety.


Mel was still working on the yard stuff when I left for my hair appointment. I had a plan and it came out perfectly. I haven’t had true bangs in about 25-30 years. And then I had no idea how to deal with them. Well, I’m better with irons now and I’m able to keep them looking nice so I got Betty Paige bangs! Tee hee!


Mel wasn’t too sure when I got home about the new haircut but everyone else loves it. Benton thinks “its very pretty, momma!” Its rather freeing in a way and I think I look a bit younger than my 38 years which is a good thing. Got everyone ready for wrestling and when I came back out in a tight shirt, capris and heels Mel was liking the hair cut even more. Yay! Wrestling was fun and we had a great time. I had been invited out to go dancing afterwards and got changed into some cute Goth gear to go out. I stayed dancing till almost 1am and it was glorious and fun and the DJ’s from Revival were fabulous.

Sunday was nice and Benny and I ran errands for more pots for plants, groceries, new shoes and some grill stuff. I made Dickman’s 50/50 burgers on the grill and used a new grill pan to make grilled squash. So tasty. After Ben went to bed Mel and I tackled cleaning up the bedroom which had become the dumping ground for lots of things including cosplay stuff, various laundry bits and junk. We put away all of the wool stuff, reorganized my hats, shawls etc and lilac mothballed the containers to keep the damnable wool moths away. It looks really nice though I still have to tackle my highboy dresser and get my jewelry organized and put away.
So, all in all it was a busy 4 days and it was lovely. I spent some good quality time with the family and took some care for myself and had a great birthday.
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Everything is working out okay this week. Lots of work to do but its manageable right now. I was having a small panic about an issue last night and just told myself to chill the eff out and well that has seemed to work after I chatted with the boss today.

Ben was a handful last night. He was tired, cranky and not wanting to do what he needed to do (eat dinner, shower, brush teeth and bed) and it was difficult. I will say I yelled cause I was tired too. But when I give you a timer and updates you need to listen. I think this is growth spurt related...he's too skinny right now. Or its he's almost 4 and that is teenager territory of behaviour. Sighs.

I did manage to get caught up on SHEILD. WOW. What a great reveal of the Kree/Inhumans and people being psycho hose beasts. Seriously, wtf is up with team members being douchebags. Sighs.

I did the dishes, worked on some crochet and got to love on [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan when she stopped by.

Today is gym day and then knit night. Woot! I'm sore today but not too bad. I'm going to do the same routine tonight since I'm just getting back in the swing of things. Probably up the levels of weights and try to use the assisted pull up machine for lats and dips and next week start the pyramid for pushups, dips, pullups and frog jumps. I need to get Bob at the gym to print up that list again of the quantities. I remember it was a pullup, 3 pushups, 3 dips, 3 frog jumps, and then 3 pullups, 6 dips etc.

War etc.

Mar. 3rd, 2015 10:54 am
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Again, not dead but 2015 has been exciting.

Work has been a lot of work for both Mel and I. He traveled in January and I traveled in February. We’ve had program reviews with us both presenting, major issues with hardware etc. To add to that Mel got sick just before his program review, we thought he was okay but when he got back he went to the doc since the symptoms (tummy upset) didn’t go away. Our GP is really awesome, down to earth and has a great sense of humor (her hubby is an astronomer). She looked at him and did a few things and decided to get him a CT scan to check things out including but not limited to appendicitis. He went and drank some barium, had the scan and then things got exciting.

His appendix has burst probably 5-6 days beforehand and he’d been walking around with it burst. He was not in pain, didn’t really have anything other than an upset stomach/lower GI. Well, we quickly had him at the hospital and in surgery. His surgeon looked like Lucy Lui and was awesome. He was home for 2 weeks on disability and is now slowing getting better. During all of this I was running a sinus virus and feeling icky.

Benton managed during Mel’s recovery to smash his finger and needed antibiotics for the first time ever in his life. It was pretty gross and infected. He was a trooper though. I got better and Mel is slowly but surely getting better. It is slow and frustrating to him especially when we had to get ready for Estrella War. I ended up carrying and lifting and packing vehicles, setting up tents etc. He came in late after we had everything completed and that was good. He did walk too much one day at the war and was sore and surly. He got rides places even though it hurt his ego.

My war was good. Had lots to do running kitchen and a few hiccups there….I did not buy enough of a few things and then the bread all went bad…so it was exciting. I taught classes which were not very well attended. I think I will refrain from teaching on Wednesdays…there are just not enough people on site and just teach Thursday/Friday. Rapier fighting was a disappointment. I only got the one day to fight and well, the scenarios were lack luster and didn’t really have a lot of fighting. One of my biggest pet peeves is scenarios that take longer to explain than to do. If you can’t explain the objectives, setup and rules in 4 -5 sentences, its lame. Plus props and weird side quests are just fluff and really don’t have much room IMHO in a scenario especially when things are small and you have too much to do to win a scenario than fight. I left fighting and did pickups for a while with Ari, Don Simone (outlands) and Dona Brighed (An Tir). I did well and with my foot being out and had better footwork than usual. Guess I put too much weight on my forward foot.

Saturday we got fighters to the field and Willa and I judged the bead competition. Well, I judged and she shadowed to see how I do it and the thought processes. Captain Lann and Lady Aoife were the other judges and the first entry was a doozy. Unlike the Aethleamarc entry for the collars of estate who used my handout, the Outlands entry was missing lots of info. The entry was cool and we all struggled to give higher points but unless you tell your judges how you made something and with what you made it with and how that is compare and contrasted with period techniques you can’t get good scores. We barely made it to Cael’s knighting and then they did a surprise knighting after that. Benton was awesome and went to, in his words “evil preschool” (he meant medieval preschool) where I was teaching. He played and had tea with the queen and was just a good kiddo most of the war.

Saturday grand court I heralded TRM Titus and Anna Leigh of Aethelmaerc into court and then stood court for them. It was nice and informative and another few surprise awards (another knighting) and Nikki getting her Light of Atenveldt which was AWESOME! TRM Brian and Lia have announced their plans for the premiers of the OoD. Huh. I think the reactions speak volumes. Nuf said unless we are talking about the Ood which are very cool aliens.

Sunday was packing up and getting things off site. We did okay as a house but we need to make sure to stage things for the trailer pack a bit better to help. We got all torn down by 1230 or so and then the household went en masse to get ice cream. Got on the road at 150pm after some good byes and then home. Benny had fallen asleep in the car and mel just transferred him to his bed for a nap. (he shouldn’t have cause that was too much to lift but meh). WE got unloaded and mel into the shower while I went and picked up food from Brushfire BBQ. I got back and got a shower and Benny woke up for a bath. He splashed and played and then had dinner which he ate two adult size helpings before going to bed.

Work was interesting yesterday. Lots of weird happened before I left, which is still shaking itself out but I managed to get Employee of the Month for my product line and that was pretty cool. I get a dinner cert and an assigned parking space for the month. Scribble was hanging out and watching movie/kibitzing. Our younger members had never seen Big Trouble in Little China and we got to share.

All in all things are okay. We are all recovering, mel has a few more weeks before he can get back into martial arts etc but yeah, life goes on. I’ll get pictures posted soon.
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Well, the last few weeks have been weird. Mel's been off and on ill. I've had my first (probably second) non-optical migraine and well, we are dealing with things. The A&S project for Estrella is moving forward, though not on schedule yet. Lots to do in the next month. Items for crown should have been finished this weekend and I felt the need to just sit and read which is bad because that is all I ever feel like doing of late. Speaking of which I finish #2 for the year which was "Festive in Death" by JD Robb. It was fun and schmoopy and just what I needed. I really do read to be entertained, I like happy endings even if the main story has some angst.

Some things I've been reading have finished up. I'll put them in a separate post since some of them are bit...odd...I ready pretty much anything so yeah.

Hit the last sunday open drawing at the downtown tucson drawing studio before they move to where Ted's Country store used to be. It was good and I've almost filled up an entire sketch book. I need to get more pencils and another one very soon. Though it looks like I won't be back until the 15th or so since no sketch this coming weekend, Crown after that....

Had a great time on Saturday night at [livejournal.com profile] american_knight's wrestling thing. What a good time. Watching new fans see the spectacle was faboo. You can tell some kids were born in Texas!

Its just me and Ben this week till Wednesday as Mel goes to Utah for a work thing. I have plans to hole up in the studio and finish stuff and that will be good for timelines. If I can get all of the crown stuff finished by Friday I will be good to go to basically loose myself in Estrella A&S stuff without too much worry. Lots to do but I'm sure me and [livejournal.com profile] swordmage can handle it.

I also have a plan to get back to my fic I was writing. [livejournal.com profile] bewilde and I have been discussing what I was doing and I need to scale back things a bit and pace things better. Everything I wrote is fine I just need to move it around a bit. I also have an idea for a second part to A Proper Drink which is more Thor or really, him acting like Ivan did with mead that one time at Southern or Estrella with me. It will make sense later, I assure you.

So, 2015 is supposed to be about self care for me and thus far I'm failing at that. I'm taking care of family stuff, handling some adult things we've needed to do (insurance etc) but not taking the time to do things for myself. So, I hope next week to get back to the gym, get my eating back into good control and just take better care of myself.
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My Grandma Ruth had a phrase that I've taken to heart "Ye Gods and little fishes" which basically describes things for my work life right now. I have so many plates in the air its not even funny and working in the evenings after Ben has gone to bed seems to be the norm to get things done on time. Deadlines and need dates oh, my! But before the work we had a week long vacation in South Dakota.

We flew allegiant which is not at all my fav airline cause 1)they are in phx, 2) they nickel and dime you for every god damn thing 3)you pay for carryons see #2 and 4) a 40# bag limit. But it was way cheaper than normal flights but still a PITA. We stayed over at Kev's the saturday night before after attending Kane and Janelle's wedding.

Read more... )

The week was nice. We got snow, we got cold, we got mom's internet and ipad set up. We watched the Grumpy Cat Xmas movie that is cute and dumb and funny. I worked on the baby blanket for the newly born and minted Lois who was born the Wed before Thanksgiving. The blanket keeps vexing me but I think that is cuase I'm stealing all of my own awesome for work and my projects are flailing. le sigh.

So, yeah. There we are....I'll update books later..I did read while on vacation but need to figure out what book etc.
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Spent a long weekend at my MILs doing taping and mudding of drywall in one bedroom and one bathroom. Went to an SCA event as a family and she got to experience it as a participant for the first time and that was awesome. It was a very small event and we were the highest ranking people which was weird.

Had a nummy feast with the best ever pork roast I've EVER HAD!

So I'm a solo parent this week while Mel is at his mom's still. He's doing more drywall and flooring and as of this morning some emergency plumbing.

I've been lazy. I did go shopping with Benton yesterday to get food and I'm cooking the rest of the week for us. I got chicken tikka Masala that I did in the crockpot last night while we were sleeping and I'm going to make a large dent on the cleaning of the kitchen/front room/family room tonight. Seriously, its gotta be done. Will update with pictures etc soon.

Crazy week

Jun. 14th, 2014 11:16 pm
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Wow, I earned my salary this week...holy cow. I will admit that I'm detail orientated and I caught an error that was to our advantage from an analysis from 4 years ago. Its weird but I did it and got the analysis redone and we are good. Things were dire. oof.

Anyhoo...other things I've been doing is I finished 2 pairs of socks, 1 for me and 1 for mel. The socks for Mel used up all of the yarn but the last 6 inches and that was after Russian joining the starting yarn after I wove in the end and the end I cut off when I finished the first sock. Oof.

My socks are cashmere:

Mel's are standard Opal sock yarn:

I finished the book #10 for the year which was Rosemary and Rue by Seanan Macguire. Really neat faerie world and a good mystery. I will have to pick up the rest to read. I'm now reading a YA book by Susan Cooper called Green Boy. I've also been hitting some good Sherlock fanfic and still awaiting chapters on the other things Ive been reading.

So not too bad of a weekend thus far. Benton and I headed to Lowes for their kid's building program thing. He built Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon 2 which I got to see on Thursday with the scribal crewe. Faboo movie...not so good for young kiddos...lots of emotional roller coasters and bad things happen. Good writing and good animation. Anyhoo...we had a good time and will be signing up for the next ones they do.


Tomorrow I will be working on putting the hooks and eyes on my victorian chemise and bustle and putting more ruffles on a petticoat. I also need to iron fabric for next weekends sewing but a relaxing day would be good for all.
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The week leading up to the convention was crazy. Work was blowing up (not literally) with issues and I was batting a pretty good average on things but man, the paperwork has been killer to document everything and get hardware moving. And then we get home on Thursday to pack up the car and there is a gas leak somewhere either in our house or our neighbors so SWGas had turned it off. Luckily Elinor was awesome and stayed until it was resolved (not our issue, the neighbors) but that was some added stress to us getting to the convention in time to get our passes on Thursday night. We got to our hotel and ate dinner in their restaurant which was a bit drama filled with the hostess. The chef was faboo and got our order right (finally) and got us free dessert. We had an issue with Benton finally going to sleep…he was excited and just wouldn’t settle down until about 1030pm. And then he woke up with the Sun on Friday morning. Oof.

So Friday was early. None of us had enough sleep but we managed to get ourselves to the light rail station, get tickets and get to the convention to get our passes pretty quickly. Just as we were heading into the convention we ran into Mughi and friends. It was pretty awesome. We got the first picture of awesome cosplay by a guy who was doing Bruce Lee. Wow. We hit the exhibit floor for a while before standing in line for the Avengers Assemble Kids stuff.

Benton was uber excited to see these TMNT girls and had to show them his TMNT shirt, backpack, shorts, sunglasses and then told them he was wearing TMNT underwear (which was true...he insisted).
Benton and the Turtles

We ran into Magdalen, Don Brendan, Artemis and Wife and a few others at the Avengers thing. Benton had a great time with the activity and then we got together with the college crew for lunch at Hero Factory which is a great NY Deli with a sassy, open carry, gal. The clientele is a lot of PhxPD so cops are always welcome and since we were with 3 folks with badges and regulars it was good. At this point Benton had a meltdown. He was tired, cranky and didn’t want to eat his salami sandwich. Mel was a trooper and took him back to the hotel and I went to the exhibit hall to look around and then Ari and I had our picture with the dreamy and cuddly John Barrowman. In the mean time Benton was a crabby butt but he finally settled down just before I got there. I got changed and we had dinner from the hotel restaurant, got a bath and then I put him to bed with the lights off so he would settle down. I read on my phone and he settled down after 12 minutes. Mel went out to dinner and drinks with the college crew and I relaxed and read. Mel stayed up and finished Skin Game when he got in about 930pm. Yay!!!

Saturday Benton and all of us slept in a bit. We were trying to make it to the a photo op with Steve Amel but were running late so we headed directly to Jim Butcher’s Panel. It was packed but we ended up sitting with the college crewe and had a nice time. Jim is a big ol’ geek and it showed. It was very neat to hear about his writing process and how he got to where he is. About half way through the question session I got up to get in line. The girl in front of me was going to be the last question but Jim and the MC wanted my question because I was dressed as Molly Carpenter, as close to cannon as I could get her from Proven Guilty. It was my truly first time cosplaying and the fans loved it and later when I got to talk to Jim he did too. My question at the panel was "Are we ever going to find out who MacNally used to be?" Jim's response "Yes, but probably not until the last 3 books." Now, remember, The Dresden Files is a 20 book series with the last 3 being the final trilogy. After the panel, Benton and Mel headed off to do kids stuff and Ari and I headed to get Jim to sign books. This was a cluster if there ever was one. The signing line was already full. We were some of the first people to make it to the signing from the panel. It was just nuts.

Ari and I were persistent and hung around against orders from the staff to chat with people we knew and I got to meet cosplayers of Harry, Nicodemus and Rashid. It was cool. Plus we got to chat with lots of people and when they decided to add 12 more people we got picked out randomly from the crowd. Yay!!!! Cosplay for the win! Ari was awesome and got one guy's book to be signed for him. His movie made it to the short film portion of the con and he wanted to tell Jim he was the inspiration.

Dresden Files Cosplayers

After signing our books Ari and I trolled the floor for a while getting pictures and doing a bit of shopping. We hit up Steam Crow and I got an poster for work and a Raven "AUTHORITY" pin. Its cool. I also got Shield, Cobra and a Raven sticker for the cars as well as ordering my buttons from Epaul for my Baroness Cosplay. They are going to be epic. Expensive but epic. By this time we were hungry and we got food and then parted ways. I tried to get in touch with Mel to switch off Benton time but we finally got together about 4pm for a hand off. Benton had a good day and was tired but did awesome. We headed out cause I was done with being in costume. I promised Ben that we would go swimming for a bit and I had a shandy before we headed down. It was nice. Mel got back to the hotel in just in time to pick us up and head out to dinner. We went to Thai Basil and it was SO GOOD! We seriously need to figure out what a good Thai place is in Tucson cause man I love the food. Benton was bushed by the time we were done and I hopped the light rail with the boys for a bit before getting off and heading to the Sheraton to have drinks with Willa, Dom and Sioux. It was nice to sit and chat and see Charlaine Harris and Seanan Macguire hanging out with other lady writers. I got escorted back to the light rail stop and then home. I was tired and just read for a bit before falling into bed.

Sunday we got up about 730 and both got showers before Benton even stirred. It was so cute. He still was tired and he was tired most of the day but he did so good. We got packed up into the car and then took the train to the convention. We looked around the expo and Benton was enamored by the light sabers. He was awesome and cute in line for our picture with Nathan Fillion, but he was looking away on the picture...oh, well. I did some shopping while the boys looked at the Lego exhibit and I met back up with them. We tooled around just a bit more and then we headed out. We took the train back to the parking garage for our hotel and then off to Cornish Pasty Company for lunch. We were all foot sore and tired and the food was tasty. We spoiled Benton by getting him the PBJ and Banana pasty with ice cream. We were surprised that he didn't fall asleep on the way home and continued to spoil him rotten when we got home and let him watch TV. He was still talking about Star Wars so we put in the theatrical version into the Xbox for him to watch. We got to where Han shoots Greedo before getting him into a bath and bed. We were tuckered and got showers etc. We were smart and put on coffee for Monday morning. It was a good weekend.

My Personal Pictures of the con can be seen at: My Con Album

Cool Cosplay I saw at the con can be seen at: Cool Cosplay

All good.
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Survived last week, my last post talked about how I’m amazed at times that I’m a scribe. If we were talking like a D&D character I think I leveled up in my Scribe class and I took extra skill points in drawing, painting and calligraphy. For me it has been a very slow progression, sometimes plateau with scribal arts. I got into in in January of 2001 with the first meeting of the Atenveldt Southern Scriptorium at Megan’s house. Normal participants at that time were Megan, Raylee, myself, Mouse, Bridget and visits from Alex the Scribe. It morphed throughout the years into what we are now which is 9 strong awesome women of various skills who push each other to get out of our comfort zones with arts and just do awesome things. We now have a hedge of laurels normally in attendance which seems to push us to try crazier things. From being at other scriptoriums we’ve found that our way of doing business which is open and honesty critique is not the norm. We expect a critical eye and being told what a scroll is lacking before its ready for presentation. We don’t get annoyed by it but stymied by the words and if we can’t figure out how to do something we learn it from one of ourselves. Our group is also good for pointing out you are painting or shading yourself in circles…I’ve very guilty of that. Anyhoo, I’m reminiscing since [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp was figuring out how longs she’s been painting and her journey has been short compared to mine with respect to getting to doing a peerage scroll from start to finish by yourself or in her case the art was mostly by herself with calligraphy and chemistry help by others. It’s a journey for all of us.

So, photos to share:
Violante’s County Scroll
Southern Scriptorium’s Crazy May
The latter album is a WIP since I’m fighting with the Flickr App on my phone to upload things…grump. Other than that Benton and I survived the weekend.

Friday I picked Benton up and he was UBER excited because he’d had no accidents at school and that meant we could go out to dinner (Culver’s) and get ICE CREAM. I guess ice cream is a major motivator for him. We had a nice dinner and ice cream (frozen custard really) and he was soo happy to have done good.

Saturday morning I got up way too early compared to when I went to bed and got ready for Coronation. I got Benton up and he was confused by the fact that I was in “event clothes” and he wanted “event clothes.” Once I reminded him that he got to spend the day with Uncle Ed and get comic books and go to a party and not sit in boring old court all day he was okay. We got out the door and arrived at Ed’s just at 7am and then I headed to Ari’s. She was finishing up putting the pendant seal on Morgan’s Ducal. The kids weren’t ready and she wasn’t even dressed in event clothes yet. So, I got folks moving, Ari got dressed and we got on the road, with me driving Jensen, just before 8am. I had been a smart monkey and put coffee for us in the thermoses. Got to the event, found the ready room and got things settled with Morgan on the items we owed them for the day. Spoke with the incoming herald and then we got ourselves and kiddos situated in the lobby of the conference center and then just hung out all day. And by hang out I mean we sat at the back of court, me knitting and Ari and [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan drinking margaritas. What was nice was we could hear and see court and relax and enjoy our company, kibitz and untangle the largest yarn snarl I’ve ever had that was not created by cats. It took three of us to untangle the rest of the ball but I managed to finish mel’s heel flap on his sock and start my heel flap of my sock (red cashmere). By the end of the day we were all just tranq’d. I drove us home and Mason and Ari fell asleep in the car and Linnet quieted down after a while. Got them dropped off, picked up my car, grabbed an iced coffee and donuts at Dunkin and then picked up Benton.
Benton had had a great day! No accidents, fun at Home Depot making me a cute little flower pot, they hit Hayden’s 1st Bday party which involved some awesome red frosted cupcakes and then hit free comic book day at Fantasy Comics. He had a great day and unfortunately he was so tired and I was so tired that the evening didn’t go too well. He did not want to go to bed and I wanted only that to have time for me to relax. We fought a bit, I yelled and it was not the best of things. I did get to talk with Mel on facetime quite a bit and that was uber helpful for my sanity. But Benton is growing again (more evidence on that later in this post) and I’m sure that along with the stress of dad being gone things weren’t great on Sunday but we managed.

Sunday Benton woke me up with “Momma I pooped!” which means he woke up like that…poor kiddo…it was a big one too. Not surprised though. I changed him and then we both fell back asleep for a few hours which I needed. We got up and then headed to joe’s for breakfast. After Joe’s we hit Costco and then safeway. Benton was pretty good during these excursions and went to the potty at Joes and at Costco. He did run away from me at the entrance to Safeway when I went to get a cart. I yelled and he came back to say “but momma! I was looking at flowers for you!!” because he had run into the floral department. How do you argue with that? I told him that while it was a good thought, running away from Mommy is not a good thing. We did good, had some frozen yogurt and then hit home to watch Cars 2. Now what I missed though was that we didn’t have lunch. It’s okay for me to skip lunch (especially for all of the food /beer I’ve had over the last few weeks) but not for a boy who is in growth mode. So by the time Mel got home, Benton was crabby, very crabby. Dinner was too late and it didn’t work well. Oh, well. We got him to bed, I got to have my husband home and that was the important part.

Monday dawned and we were smart and had coffee ready and went about our day. Benton did not want to get up. I don’t blame him. I was so drained by all of the events of the last few weeks that I was brain dead most of the day. I took off a few hours early to finally take time for just me and got my toes done and then hit some errands. Got home and the house was quiet. Mel was cooking dinner and Benton was ASLEEP. WTF? He fell asleep on the way home and wouldn’t wake up except to say “I’m not tired” and fall back asleep. So we let him sleep. After we had dinner we managed to get him put into pj’s and back in bed. Poor kiddo. Monday was also Cinco de Mayo and I had emailed the scribble list to state “bring booze and munchies” to celebrate the holiday and our scroll slog of the last few weeks. All told we did 35+ scrolls for the weekend including 4 peerages (1 county, 2 ducals and 1 laurel) with only 8-9 of us. It was impressive. I brought booze and forgot ice and luckily Sioux arrived later with ice and limes and salt and cups for good margaritas. We enjoyed ourselves and watched Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.
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Very odd week. I stayed up too late, painted too much and in general didn’t get a lot done except scroll work. The housework went by the wayside and things just tumbled down into blech. By Friday I was DONE. I picked up Benton and he had just pooped his pants. I decided that I would not get mad. He’s still figuring that out. The school folks helped get him cleaned up and we then went to get coffee and do target shopping. He was hungry and tired and we got new shoes, new clothes and some household essentials. Since we picked up his potty seat for the toilet he’s complained it wasn’t a Lightening McQueen one from Cars, he had picked out the Thomas the Train one…so I relented and got him the Cars one. I was desperate at this point. It was nice to go out to coffee with him and he looked quite debonair at Starbucks. Look at him holding his apple aloft!

We then headed from Target to pick up dinner at Brushfire BBQ where Benton made our order. He got to choose our meat choices and our veggies. We then went home to eat them. Mel was nice enough to clean the poopy pants for me and we had a really nice family dinner. Benton was beat by the time it was bedtime and that was good. Saturday morning he woke up early and got mel out of bed. Which was okay, since we needed to get up and get things going. Mel went to the apple store to pick up a new phone since his got peed on by Obsidian on Thursday night Friday morning. I had put it in a bag of rice to desiccate and it worked but it was already unreliable. We managed to get Mel booked on a flight to see his parents for Monday and he needed a phone. I got the house picked up a bit and then got ready for the girls to arrive for scribble stuff. Icka and Wander arrived and we all got down to business. I finished up the final white work and planned out my text spacing before they left.
The Highlight of the day was that I had been very forceful with Benton that he would not get pants until he pooped in the potty. My kid hates to be anywhere close to naked. He ran around in his Batman long sleeved shirt and underoos for most of the day until he gave Mel a bit of trouble and then he was naked from the waist down. But our persistence finally paid off and he ran to the potty and went! Seriously, that poop was massive! Benton was so excited to do it and have it go well and he got his rewards. Here he is all decked out in his TMNT undies, TMNT sunglasses and his new skylander!

We had Wander for dinner and then I put Demolition Man in the xbox and cranked out the calligraphy on the County. It turned out really nice. We stayed up watching some stuff on Youtube and then headed to bed.
Sunday was busy with housework and grocery shopping. Benton was quite the character all day. He did good with the potty but was really tired and just pushing all of the buttons which was driving us crazy. The girls were working on their scroll and I cut holes (slits) in mine for the future pendant seals. It was crazy to do that. Everyone left about dinner time and Benton finally went to bed exhausted. Just like us. I sat and knit while watching some episodes of Elementary that I’ve saved up on the DVR. Mel played with his new phone and then packed for his trip to WA. We got to bed a bit late but I got coffee on for the morning etc.
We got up on Monday and started getting ready for mel to leave and Mel’s mom called to say that his dad had passed. Needless to say this was not what we expected. It was bittersweet and probably better in the long run but it definitely put a damper on the day. I did things in a daze and managed to get off of work early and have a good chat with Benton about his grandpa. What was awesome was that he understood that Grandpa is gone and his memories are good of him and he talked non-stop about the grapes Grandpa Mel was giving him. We played a few word games on my iPad.
Then things got crazy. In a good way. Asteria was giving away her couch and I liked it and needed it moved. Thyra was awesome and got a crew of folks to move it and it arrived with some old and dear friends and we spent time cleaning it up and moving the old couch. Benton was all about showing off his 3-ness and was cute and annoying at the same time. Scribble folks were also arriving early and Icka was awesome with the cleaning up help and watching Benton a bit. Got the boy to bed, finally got my dinner (and fed Icka and Wander too!) Bridget arrived and I had been saving her the last piece of bread pudding for her trials of the last week and we all sat down to work. I got the pendant seal parchment set and then veg’d. I was so tired and almost fell asleep on the couch. It was nice though and having folks over and relaxing and working was great.


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