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So, Thursday I was done with everything except to finish a few tweaks on my documentation, print it and pack things up. Friday night I was tired. I took a very long shower and then snuggled up into bed with an actual book, not fanfic. I was asleep before 10pm. Mel was up playing video games. I had downloaded Tekkend Tournament 2 for FREE with my gold membership and XCOM so he was a happy camper. Got up about 7am or so on Saturday and had just a nice coffee and reading and then getting into clothes, jewelry and packing things for the event. The last 15 mins of packing was weird but we got everyones stuff ready to go. Ben was whiney that he wasn't going. I explained again that the even would be boring for him and that he'd have more fun with Maddie.

Got to the event and got things settled. The unfortunate thing is that since the format had radically changed a lot of people just assumed I know WTF was going on. I had to keep saying to have folks go see Viscountess Victoria since I was also part of this grand experiment in A&S competitions.

So, unlike previous years where you are judged by 3 judges whose scores are tabulated and the winner of the category is settled by who got the highest score; this year, everyone picked their favorite pieces in each category/sub category both for novice and non-novice. The laurels then also picked their favorite novice item and favorite non-novice item.

The expectation was that folks would go around, read the documentation, talk with the artisan and look at the objects. I think it was a good experiment but with more than the 28 entrants we had it will get to be a cumbersome logistics issue. I did like that you can sit and chat with folks about their things and there was a comment book for you to fill out for each artisan. So, in all I think it was a positive experience for all. Plus I noticed that even though the requirement was "minimum documentation" the quality of the items entered was way better than I've seen on things with really swell documentation.

No, my household peeps did well on their docs. We did end up winning by default the household championship but we made a very good show, we did not do it by just the 10 entries we needed...we had 10 folks enter items so that was 20 entries. I think. I'm very proud of the heraldic display entry Sigrid did.


Its the Hrafnheim Hedge. All done Roll of Arms and shows the date of the laureling. Its really cool and we didn't get to see any of it until it was done and in the competition. So neat.

We headed out just before closing court to get changed and ready for Brew at the Zoo. Willa picked us up with Erika and off we went all schnazzyed up. Now it may have not been a dressy affair but we looked awesome and had a really good time...omg was that a lot of beer. They give you 20 drink tickets which if it was 1 oz samples that is great....it was 3-4 oz samples and ooh boy. We got home pretty knockered but it was a good time. Got bridget and the kiddos packed up and headed to showers and bed shortly there after.

I woke up at 430am and was dry...hungover and headachey....so I had ice water, drugs and more water. Mel did not and woke up pretty fuzzy. We were enjoying our coffee at 830 and Ben was just getting up. Got things settled around the house, got dressed and headed to BJ's for Father's Day Brunch/lunch. Ben was not he usual awesome self at the restaurant. He was tired and squirely and just not beuno. Mel and I were also tired so home we went to nap. I read but laid down and mel slept. Ben read in his room and was happy to stay put. Mel went antiquing and then Ben decided to be bothersome when all I wanted to do was rest.

I'm sure it wasn't so bad but he wasn't listening and later when we went to the store to pick out his dad's bday cake he really wasn't listening. What I do not appreciate is workers in the store trying to placate him with cookies and stickers for his BAD BEHAVIOUR? Seriously? He was not listening and when we got home, he got sent to his room to pick it up.

I sat and had a beer and relaxed. Mel handled him for a while, we had a nummy dinner of smoked salmon, macaroni salad and carrots. Did I mention Sunday was 115F and so hot we were almost able to cook an egg on the sidewalk? Seriously, we did science....it almost worked. I think we were all tired and crabby about things and just needed to all nap. I'd been slightly queasy all day and that didn't help either.

I read in the evening, mel played games and I went to bed on time. Mel did not but all okay.

All in all a good weekend. I now have baby gifts to make, the retreat to pack for and D*C to start working on. The BFF and I are going to mind meld over 4th of july weekend and make things cool in my head. Lots of things to get handled on that front but hopefully trim options work tonight for my sari.

So, lots to make , lots to do and the clock is ticking.
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Work is still sucky but we are all in the midst of suck and working as a team to make it better. I figured some cool things out and I have a spreadsheet to save our little chunk of the world.  I know, lame, spreadsheet foo made me excited. I'm an engineer, deal!

Willa and I entered our failed viking glass furnace and it did very well. We won our category, though we were the only entry. We did receive a 55/60 for points so I think we would have won anyway even against other competitors so that was cool.  The organization this year was a bit weird and lists of winners had errors etc but in the end I think it was a successful competition. I judged the championship and that went well too.

In other crafty news, I finished the purple socks.

I have also been working on my "not bunnies" shawl and ran out of yarn.  Both Mel and I thought I had two balls but nope. So I pulled some left over cascade 220 out of my stash and its matching colors pretty good after a few rows.Untitled

Ben's been having better days.  We had him assessed by the school district and their only comments were he was high energy and bright.  But at least we know there is nothing wrong we hadn't already known.  Not that being high energy is wrong but we have to redirect it.

I started looking my planned to make for Xmas and seriously flipped out.  So, I guess I need to get myself organized and working on stuff. This weekend will be studio cleaning, sewing for Ben for Southern and winding yarn and planning projects. I also need to get rid of the two old carseats and get those sold as well as the stroller. Then that stuff is out of teh house.

I'm getting my fall enuii and depression.  I'm not sure what it is about this time of year but man I always feel like crap.  Add that to the I've been so tired, so sick or so busy to make it to the gym well, I'm sure that is not helping.  Next week is further screwed up since I'll have the boy at Theresa's due to school being out for Fall Break so well, we shall see.  Just frustrating cause I feel like this is all out of my control but then I realize it is in my control and its hard to take the reins to fix it.  Thus the depression lying.  Oh well. The show must go on.

My mantra will be to watch what I'm eating better. Limit the alcohol and make stuff.  I always feel better when I make things and if I can crank out some of these small projects I will feel accomplished and not so stuck in a ever ending loop of work.

Still trying to finish the treatise on Engineering in America and I started in an InCryptid novel by Seanan Macquire.  I got a load of books from Mughi last weekend to plow through.  Plus I'm also hit by a plunnie about grumpy cat, Bucky and Coulson.  Yeah.  crazy but it will get done in the wee hours this weekend I think. Its gonna be short and fluffy.  So crank it out and accomplish somethng to get it the eff out of my head.

It was inspired by this fic Wow, That's one Grumpy Cat... and the shirt I'm wearing today.  Silly but funny. I need that.
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I'm actually pretty sure that I'm now more tired after the weekend then I was going into the weekend. That is a very scary thought in my opinion. I hurt all over and my hand seems worse than it did earlier in the week. I spent yesterday hanging out with Benton and grocery shopping. Not very exciting but it was okay. Mel and Storvarr were busy being master and apprentice in the workshop. I hear that they cleaned up the shop since mel and I had made a mess of it over the last few weeks and they got stuff planed and cut for more benches (stools?).

I have to say I'm very happy that [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue is now the Kingdom Champion! The competition was fierce between the 3 folks who declared and it was a tough choice on their majesties minds to pick their next champion. Its nice that is also stayed in the Barony but we already know that BTY rocks!

So, what did I work on last week? Well since I stepped up at Kindgom Arts and Sciences Champion I knew that I wanted to make an early period piece of regalia to be worn by the champion since the currently collar of estate was huge, heavy and late period. So I did a bit of research and chose to do an axe pendant that would hang on a pennanulur brooch. Now at the beginning of this I figure I would cast it and then hammer out the brooch but since the furnace went down I had to come up with something else. I did a bunch of practice pieces and then ended up using stamps to create the design and I then stamped in ARTS CHAMPION in transliterated Elder Futhark. I'm very pleased with it. I learned lots of skills and got to do lots of hammering which wasn't good for me but oh, well. It turned out nice and I didn't use a single power tool. I used all handcrank stuff (drill press and grinder) which I thought was pretty neato. Mel helped me a bit with cutting all of the metal for me since I could not operate the hand snips and to do the final bend on the pennanular pin. My hands were just toast and I was very, very grateful.

pic behind cut )

In other odd news I ended up frogging Benton's sweater for the second time. I'm doing my decreases on the wrong side of the marker is what I think I'm doing. I need to go watch a video again cause I'm all mixed up on that. I didn't have the bandwidth to fix it yesterday but frogged it during laurel's circle. Oh, well...I shall learn. I guess all of my awesome was used up in metalwork and scroll work that people will see soon.

Again, I'm tired and we are back to all scribes on deck for the next commission. Lots of good there to happen...I hope my hand holds up.
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So, they've been posting pictures from the A&S's from the last 7 years. I looked at the stuff fromm 2003, that I won Baronial A&S with and I kind laugh. Wow.
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I've come a really, really long way. Wow.
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Well, we got on the road yesterday early and I was glad since Peoria, AZ is a bit of a hall. We made good time and got to site just on time. Though I had to pee and we had to make a run to the bathroom.

Got to the library and wonderful travel companion and sharer of my brain [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari helped me get things set up with just enough time to get dressed before court.

Here is a iphone pic of my display, I'll have better one's from my camera later but this is for a quick look.

The scroll is on the left, then the fabric I wove, the embroidery for HRM Gylian of Ansteorra, then is the temple rings and the clothes I made for TRM Tristan and Damiana. I was really proud of how everything was displayed and we used a few library books to boost the heights of things like the head the temple rings were displayed on and the fabric.

I had to wait until 130pm to give my presentation speech...so I spent time making my outline for what I was going to talk about. I thought I had 30 mins. Well, during the presentation I found out I had 15. Yikes. So, I think my presentation was funnier than I intended. I only got a few questions from the judges which was a bit unnerving, I expected more but I guess my docs were in order. Maestra Angela told me later (she was one of my judges) that she really enjoyed reading my docs. Then I had my interview with the Crown and TRH. I was a bit more at ease with that since I've known Phelan and Amriah for a while and gotten to know Tristan and Damiana this reign. I think I answered their questions well and I think I also gave good feed back to Raven since the face to face judging things still freaks me out but I can totally see how it can help folks who really don't write well, who have disabilities to really shine and show their knowledge and I suggested that it become and option for the competition.

After I was done I headed to the judges room to find out if they needed help with judging. And the answer was yes and I judged metalwork and leatherwork. I was done after that though my brain wasn't too sharp and I was tired. Got to talk with the hubby for a bit before court. He was having a really good time at the conference and was happy to hear things went okay. Then it was time for court and lots of good folks got recognized, [livejournal.com profile] marianavivia's ceremony was really really nice and the winners were announced. So happy for [livejournal.com profile] msamieesue cause Mistress Elspeth was quite taken with her mittens and she won the novice category for her entry. Then HRM Tristan got down to the competition winner announcement. I have to say I was nervous, I've been nervous all day and the day before and by that point my heart was racing. I thought my heartbeat was causing my tummy to jump around but Ari confirmed the baby was doing somersaults from all of my adrenaline. She and Storvarr got to feel the baby move and I have to say I was pretty close to tears. About then Tristan announced that I had won the championship and I was kinda in shock. I had no idea looking at the competition how things were looking. All of the entries were so different and having judged last year it was tough even with 2 entrants versus 4 this year.

Storvarr escorted me up to the stage and the baby was still twittering around in my womb. Wow. I sank down and Tristan spoke about how things were very close and how he loved my fabric etc. Amirah was beaming at me the whole time and I was trying not to be faint. I was shaking from too much excitement. I got the champions chain (which so doesn't go with Viking clothing) and got a very pretty music scroll done by HL Hrefna on real vellum. I'm going to have to learn the music on it. Court finished up and I got escorted back and I will admit that I tweeted the outcome and texted Mel and Ed.

Packing up I was exhausted, lots of congratulations all around. I got to meet a neat laurel from An Tir and got lots of hugs and luv which was very welcome I was so tired. The adrenaline was slow leaving. I was okay with that but got everything packed up, got changed into modern clothes. Jost was AWESOME and made sure that Ari, I and Storvarr were okay, packed and prepared for driving. We told him we were stopping for dinner on the way home and he was happy with that. Such a good knight that guy. I was glad he made sure we got off okay. We were some of the last to leave site.

We headed to rock bottom in Chandler and the dust storm was pretty icky. Luckily it all blew over while at dinner. Had good food, Storvarr and Ari got good beer and we headed on the way about 9pm. Got home and I was sore and tired. Ari helped me get unloaded and then she headed home. She was awesome to drive us home. Then I showered and crawled into bed so tired I didn't even read. I slept well and the girls let me sleep in till almost 8am. I got up and was very sore. After reading [livejournal.com profile] bertana's tweet about running 9miles before breakfast I knew that a good fast walk would do me good. I chatted with mom and then headed out to Joe's. I had a nice breakfast and then walked home the long way. I think I did almost 1.5 miles. That was good. Mel called me on my way home and we chatted about his trip to a Shaker Village today. He was heading to get lunch and then to find antique and knitting stores before he heads home tomorrow afternoon. I miss him. I wish he could have been there for stuff yesterday but he was having a really good time and learning lots.

Well, I'm gonna take it easy today, get the house cleaned up and ready for scribble and the like. Its been a bit of a mess since I started in the A&S rush, the family room is covered in stacks of books and they all need to get put away and the dishes need to get done.

Have a good day folks.
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Its the end of the week. A&S is tomorrow and if I could have a big ol' beer I would. So, I shall settle for the icon. LOL.

Well, I'm all packed except for my clothes and I should be tired and I'm not. I think a cup of cocoa will help with that. The girls have been pretty good and I gave them some tuna juice which they loved. Mel has been enjoying the conference and called to update me. He was heading out to the Pub Crawl last time I heard from him. Well, at least someone in the family is drinking.

Hoping tomorrow I'm less nervous but I've been through this before just not in this format. Well at least not on this side of the table. Just need to take things slow, keep my blood sugar up and keep up with my fluids. Things have been weird with my fluids at times I feel that I'm well hydrated and then later not so well. Very odd.

Oh, in the last few days I've finished some books.
I finished #33 which was Drop Dead Stitch which was fun and I like that the mysteries aren't like every month...its been 9 or so months since the last time. and that is pretty neat.

I read #34 which The house where nobody lived by Brad Strickland. He's the guy who finished off and has been writing more stories for John Bellairs. I'm rather pleased with the results.

Now I'm reading #35 Murder on a Monday which is completely british and fun so far.

So good night and hopefully I'll see folks tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone entering.
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Well, T-minus 2 days till A&S. My docs are printed and everything is done except final polish on the temple pendants. Wow. I worked till I was too tired last night but things were accomplished and I felt good about that. Mel was all packed and ready for his trip. I slept oddly. I wanted to make sure he got up on time and he did. I had to make sure he realized that he needed to get up when the alarm went off though. He left a bit after 4am.

So, in a few I find out what days next week I'm traveling. Looks like next week for a few days,and then the following week and two weeks after that..probably also right before southern as well. We shall see.

But I'm looking for a good weekend. A bit nervous about things but I just need to deal. I'm tired but I'm sure that is just stress and yanno being preggers.

So, here is to a good weekend.
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Well, work was uber busy and I barely had time to breath. I'm okay with the busy though, its good. I was just tired and anxious to get home and work on things. Got home and mel had put a marinaded roast in the crock pot when he got home. It wasn't gonna be done in time for us to have dinner before practice so I made us grilled cheese on the griddler. So nice I gotta say and switching the plates out was uber easy. I sat watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves on BBCAmerica and filing the temple rings. Headed out to the shop for a bit and used the sander to get the backs better but knew they needed more work.

Mel and I hit practice and I got to chat with lots of folks...got to see Marty and Eric who I haven't seen in a coons age. Also got talked to about teaching calligraphy for the college kids and I hope to do that soon. Though I'm reminded that I need to get my classes to [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r for Southern. I have a new and cheaper idea for teaching it by using carpenter's pencils sharpened to the correct angle. That way we don't have to worry about me buying markers and I think it will also prevent some of us from doing the grip of death. Will need to practice on cutting the angle but I'm pretty happy with the idea.

I also got to meet Alis and that was also cool. I only stayed an hour but got lots done and chatted with bunches of folks. Headed back and got back into the shop. I got the backs completely smooth and then I used the drill press to cut in the filigree holes before head back into the house to file the blades of the pendants for better surfaces. I will hit things up on the Foredom tonight and then head over to Altenburg hopefully tomorrow to polish things since our buffing wheel is put away and I'm really not sure on how to use it for jewelry. Helmets yes, jewelry not so much. I just want them to shine.

Got a hold of Gael and she's loaning me the scroll. Yay! The documentation for everything is almost all of the way through the final stages and I should be able to print tomorrow. I need to check to see how many copies I need to make. I'm wondering if I should just get everything bound as one thing. Not sure. I need to contact Raven. I haven't gotten anything about what time I need to be there and where etc. So, now I'm getting nervous. I like a plan but I understand that we're still breaking in the new process and now we have twice the entrants for champion and a gangbuster amount of items for the main competition.

Good evening. I slept well though I had an ouchy tummy muscle...probably baby induced. This morning. I need to take a bit more care flopping around in my sleep from side to side I guess. LOL. Well, back into the paperwork fray.
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Well, work was a lot of work. I got things going though and now I'm waiting on other people. Which I'm actually okay with for once. Got some paperwork handled and more hardware into the test lab and the test monkeys were happy to have some more work so I should have my full report from them on Friday. Which is good. Looks like if everything goes as I think it will I'll be heading to CA for the main testing after A&S. I already told them I am NOT traveling the week of A&S. I need to be home to finish stuff and well, see the hubby too before he head to the woodworking conference.

So, got done with work and it was pouring. I was in sandals but I did have my umbrella. Got to the car only partially soaked and headed to the gym. Had a good workout and got some new tips from Chuck on things I can do that aren't squats. Plus a few more hamstring stretches to do. I really liked doing the farmer walk though I felt like I was in an episode of Monty Python. Eh. All good. Then I ran/walked my mile which I did in 15:14. Which was good. I fast walked most of the way cause running was just too much work. Felt really good though when I was done, stretched some more and then headed home. Mel was cooking a big pot of chicken soup on the stove from the chickens we had at crown. Nummy but it wasn't going to be done until after I was at Altenberg. So, I had a sandwich and then crashed out for about 30mins. Got up and headed to the shop and Stefan and I were finally, after I poured the first one too slowly, successful in casting one of my projects. We are going to clean up that piece and then use that as the master for the two pieces I need for A&S. I'll have a bit of clean up but I'm not adverse to using some powertools on that. I have a foredom and I will use it, along with the grinder. Its just better for somethings. Also think I might have stefan show me how to use their buffer so I can get my coronet spiffy again. So, YAY progress. We're gonna get together Saturday morning and finish up the casting and when I get back from williamsburg I'll start on the cleanup.

So, got home about 930 and I was pooped. So tired. Immediately got in the shower and then snuggled into bed with mel. Obsidian was being a pretty princess and snuggling with mel while I was in the shower and she was very miffed when I kicked her out of her spot. Eh. So, I snuggled up for a while and then read for a bit. I was a bit wound up though I was exhausted so it took me a bit to fall asleep. But I slept good, just could have used another hour. Looks like I can't sleep in tomorrow either since my flight is at 8am. But I get first class (on a fluke) and that is sweet. Though most of my trip will be work and documentation. I'm bringing a book and knitting as standbys but the documentation must rule. Also gonna ditch the work laptop bag. I figure its gonna be easier for me to travel with my backpack and more comfy for me to carry. Just need to make sure I can fit everything in it. Which shouldn't be too much of an issue. Just need to hit a copy center tonight to get some copies of stuff I haven't had a chance to read yet for the docs.

The work gym is closing for renovations friday so when we get back from VA I'll have to find a new gym for the next 6 mos. Gonna check LA Fitness and Snapfitness since they have the best locations from the house. I really like having the gym on plantsite though. Cause I don't have to drive to it. But I'm happy we get discounts and We'll see what I can keep up doing as my the baby gets bigger.

I told folks at work today since I'm pretty sure I'll be showing a bit by the time I get back from travel and I didn't want to freak people out. Gonna hit Target to pick up a few essentials of clothing for the trips tonight just in case the stuff I had planned to wear doesn't fit the day I want to wear it. Pants are still okay so far but better safe than sorry. Plus I want to get snacks for the next 10 days too. All in all good though.

So, that is all the news that is fit to print.
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Well, work was quick on friday and I hit the gym. Got a good work out and then I hit the treadmill and ran/walked my best mile to date at just over 15 mins. Not sure what my goals will be with the running, ie how fast, but I'd love to see things down to a 10min mile. Not sure if I'll ever get back to my personal best of a 8:20 mile but we shall see. Time and training will tell. Got done with the gym and then headed to the grocery store. I got us nummies for dinner and the weekend and when I arrived home Storvarr was unloading his car. Which was great since I had a car full of stuff. That was nice. Got some lunch and relaxed. Mel got home and we all just chatted for a while and listened to it rain. Then Storvarr and I headed to kinko's and costco for the final stuff we needed for crown. Got home and I made dinner for ribeye and sweet potatoes. Had a nice evening and got things ready for crown and I headed to bed early. Mel and Storvarr played games until later.

Saturday was crown. It was a really nice site, though I had an issue with the grass...I was sneezy girl central. Mel fought well and though it wasn't his best showing he did good. The rest of the BTY folks had a tough list too so it seems to have just been that type of crown. Squire Thomas did really well and that was also good. I spent the rest of the tourney working on my A&S embroidery and chatting with the Hrafn girls and the auxiliaries. I put up a good sideboard and we all noshed well during the day. I'm happy about that too since there was something for everyone. Plus Asa made Cookies!!! I'm also very glad that Tym was able to get me a claritin which helped a bit with my allergies. By the time it was time for court we were all packed up and I went to court and then got pictures of Roland and Mina and Oliver for them. They looked good. I was so stuffed up I sounded pretty dumb. Mel and Storvarr were awesome and helped get people packed up. Headed home and was glad to get into AC in the car. The air filter worked great and I was much better by the time we got home. I showered immediately when we got home since pollen on my skin and hair would not be good for me and then we had sandwiches for dinner. We were in bed pretty early. I watched mel got from spunky to exhausted in about a 10 min period. The day had taken its toll on us and we were out before 10pm.

I didn't sleep good once 2am hit. Couldn't stay comfy and I slept pretty fitfully until about 730 or so. I got up started making phone calls. We told some folks at crown but the family hadn't been told yet. Mel and I will be expecting a baby in late march 2010. We've been waiting to see if I was going to be alright and if things were gonna stick. But I made it through the first trimester with a minimum of issues. Though my change in appetite and not wanting coffee for a month made things a bit strange. We are excited and as of yet haven't decided if we are going to find out what the baby will be. We just want healthy, 2 eyes, a nose, 10 fingers and toes kinda people. The parentals are thrilled. I caught my mom a breakfast with her friend Sue and my step sister gretchen. Mel's parents are uber excited as well. Mel's dad couldn't stop laughing he was so happy. I guess my mom lost complete track of what she and sue were hitting the stores for and they had a hard time staying on track. [livejournal.com profile] argent_lupin's comment was "No Shit!" and then to our nephew "you're gonna have a cousin!" Needless to say the families are happy. I still need to get a hold of my dad which is always an effort. After all of the family calls we headed to Ed and Candace's for breakfast. Had a really nice time and chatted and watched holly play. Got home and I worked on research. I was still pretty wiped from Saturday and my head was still a bit stuffy and achey from my allergies. I took a nap in bed to help with the headache and that did some good. Mel's mom called and chatted with me for about 2 hours and I ended the evening trying to finish the weaving but I stopped about midnight. Not quite done.

I slept really well on Sunday night. I managed to get comfy. Even though I haven't popped out yet my normal sleeping with my one leg pulled up to my chest doesn't really work. It puts too much pressure on where the podling is and its not pleasant. So sleepy has been interesting but I think I have a game plan for the time being. Monday we got up and had breakfast at joes. They were jumping. Got back and I got the weaving finished and washed up. Mel's section of twill shrunk a lot and my plain weave fulled up just a bit. But the red did run a smidge and now the bright white is now kinda pinky/cream. Not too bad actually, it toned it down from BRIGHT to nice. I spent the afternoon working on embroidery and research and then in the evening on the scroll for scribble. The scroll is coming along, though the smaller scale is making it go quicker in some respects. I do think that the only ink style is not the best for this medium and I need to switch to all paints for anything else but it looks good so far. I just need to wear my cheaters to see it. The girls were pretty squirrley at scribble and the giggles were really funny. I ended up working on embroidery after the scroll got to a stage I couldn't quite handle. I was tired from working on things all day. Mel and I ended up hitting bed a bit later than we should but we both slept good. I woke up with a butterfly snuggled up on my side and mel had obsidian curled up with him. So nice.

Well, that is all the news that is set to print. I'll probably filter baby stuff to a list of people who care. Not sure what I'll be posting about but expect travel log stuff for the next 2 weeks do to my travel schedule. Don't worry the company knows and as I get later in my pregnancy and traveling I get first class on flights which is pretty cool.
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Well, not quite yet but a few hours I shall be off until Tuesday. We didn't get the friday off this year and I'm okay with that. I've had plenty of work to do. Work has been hard but at least I'm seeing the light on a few things. The one thing that is driving me crazy is people's handling of meetings. I'm a bit of a meeting nazi. I like agendas, I don't like side conversations and I like closure and actions handed out so we can get out of the meeting and head back to make those things happen. People seem to have no concept of this discipline and its rather annoying. I few side conversations is okay as long as folks stop when the meeting moderator calls attention. This is not the case. Sighs.

Wednesday I hit the gym. I did not do squats as Bob and I agreed upon. And I did okay. I even ran about 10mins of my 20 on the treadmill and that felt okay but by the end of knit night my tailbone was knotted and sore and making me miserable. Got home and mel and I had to get his flights etc handled for the Woodworking conference and get the stuff done for our Pampered Chef order. Of course, things weren't really working out on flights and me getting things but it all worked out. course I got a bit worked up and I was over over tired and that meant that I woke up at 2am in a panic about our williamsburg trip and things I hadn't done for it yet and for all of the work travel. Oh, speaking of that. From the 9-19th I'll be on travel. I'm only home the 11th and the later evening of the 14th. Luckily the last bit of travel is PTO and with the hubby. So it will be nice. But I slept crappily that night and it was a hard thursday. Got home and ended up napping a bit and then getting slowly ready to head to the shop (Altenberg Metalworks) to do some casting.

The evening was productive and we managed to now know exactly what we need to do. Its one minor tweek and that is okay. I'm happy with that an on Monday we will do it again. With progress and pieces completed. Though the cleanup will take some time. I'm okay with that. Its progress in the right direction. Got a bit bug bit at the shop since we were outside casting and I ended up taking some benadryl when I got home. It worked really well, almost too well and I had to get woken up when mel was leaving for work. I still managed to get here by 7am so that isn't too bad. Just a bit sleepy still. Got a game plan and that is good I have lots to accomplish by the time I leave at 1130. I'm gonna hit the gym, give glen a call for my appointment and then hit the grocer to get things for tommorrow's household snacks/lunch. Then home to pack stuff up and check to make sure we have things for tomorrow. Gonna be a nice relaxing evening and I hope that I can my weaving done. I only have a small bit to go and then that project is done (sans documentation). So busy. But looking forward to some cooler weather in Sierra Vista.
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Well, work was busy. I had so many meetings that I barely got to any of the paperwork. Today will be writing lots of change paper and getting ready for the meetings on Wednesday. Lots to do. Wow. I went from bored to OMG BUSY in about a 4 day period and things won't be letting up for a while. Not that I'm complaining. I just need to now get my priorities set and work the tasks as they are needed.

Left work and hit the gym. I took it a bit easy since it had been almost two weeks since I had hit the gym. I wasn't feeling at all good one week and last week was 12 hour days so I skipped. But I did dance my butt off on Saturday so I haven't been a slug. My ipod ran out of power as I got on the treadmill and that was hard. I got motion sick without the tunes but I watched Bones with subtitles on the screen by me. I did just about a mile before I was to tuckered to continue. Headed home and mel was just about ready to felt his latest pair of nalbound socks. I flounced on the couch for a bit. Got dinner, felt way better. I guess I was hungry. Was revitalized, picked up the house and got ready for scribble. It was just Ari and I. She worked on [livejournal.com profile] mariannavivia's laurel scroll (gold leaf) and I got my A&S scroll sketched out.

I'm doing the same style I did for Baronial A&S but its only 5x7 in size versus the way larger size. Its a challenge for me to do things that small and the stuff I learned from the last project are paying off. I've got things penciled in and will probably start painting on Monday. I've pinged [livejournal.com profile] callas_and_ivy to see what the kingdom needs for a little scroll. I'm happy with how it has turned out so far. And I'm looking forward to painting but after crown.

After I got things sketched I sat down and did more weaving. I think I have one more turn off of the back beam before all of the warp is forward. I started weaving after I moved the warp and got tired. So I worked on a hat for my mom while ari got the gold leaf partially laid, mel spun some BFL and we all watched River Monsters. Good crafty time all around.

Well, tonight is the demo. I think I will be having my spinning out and some scroll work I have a couple of scrolls that need some paint so I guess I can start another demo scroll. I need to remember to bring light for my table this year so I have light to work by. Not sure if we are having the tent out or not but light will be good. I also need to bring my cushion for my box since I'm going to sit on it. Tailbone is still not happy with me. Stoopid thing.

Oh I did finish off the cast off of the fuggly baby washcloth. Its almost guaranteed to not show stains.

Ugliest Washcloth EVAH
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Well, the week was long in time and short on days and I was okay with that. I left work at 11am on Thursday morning and ran errands, had a nice lunch at Joe's and then home to clean. The house is now to my happy standards. I know its not gonna stay that way but I think I can try to make it stay that way a bit better. I'm also going to try to have the table rotated like its currently set to see if we like it. I still need to pick up our bedroom and my studio but things are nice.

The Pampered Chef party was really fun. Lots of good conversation and stuff. For those who were still putting in orders you have until COB (close of business) today. If that is not going to work, call Joy.

Friday was nice, we slept in a bit and then I got going on running some errands. The evening was spent working on the casting project and with 3 laurels working on a task we got a working master. It makes me so happy. Got home very happy with the progress and now we just have to wait until the rest of the sand comes in and life will be golden. Saturday we got up early and drove with Maria to Middle East Feast. Hrafnheim can cook. We had such a nummy spread. I danced until my left knee hurt. Which isn't surprising since my left foot has not be getting back into place very well. I'm gonna see glenn this week. Its getting annoying and my tail bone is now aching. Course that could be all of the dancing and then sitting on a hard floor or the hard weaving bench. I spent a good chunk of Sunday weaving. I have 2.5 feet to go until the warp is completely done. Its looking really good. Pinging the fiber retreat list to see what we need to do to wash the fabric now.

I also spent a goodly amount of time researching for my documentation and getting my entry form in for A&S. Gonna be tight on the time schedule for all of it. But I think its doable as long as I stay on task and don't get distracted by shiny things. Just over a month now to finish 2 more projects and write the documentation for 3. Sounds daunting and it is but yanno. I'm up for the challenge. I've got all of the research completed and just need to write up the docs. Now since I'm going for champion I'm trying to see how I want to write things up since I will be presenting on them. Dunno, I'll probably go for my normal style but scale it down a bit. Not certain though. Course I have to write my letter of intent for it. Got the form in, now to the fancy schamncy wording stuff.

Sunday afternoon we got a surprise visit from some of the college crew and we ended up chatting for a few hours and then heading to dinner. Lots of gamer geeking going on and that was nice. the new BJ's was really busy and the IPA was nummy. Very malty an the cascade hops were nice.

Anyhoo. Gonna be a busy September. I'm okay with that.
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Work dragged a bit. I hate waiting for peeps to get back to me but luckily my new buyer is on the ball. I did manage to knit during my skip level lunch and all I have left to finish on my mitt is to sew in one end and its done. Woot! Got done and headed to the gym where I rocked out a hard leg work out. I really wonder why I find leg extensions so hard. The really suck and I can't get a good rhythm going with the each set. Plus its almost 30lbs less than what I'm doing on leg curls and this has me confused. Are the quads that wimpy? I dunno, I hated biology so I never took it past 8th grade dissection. Anybody got an answer to that? Running was a chore since I had worked legs but I managed another mile or so in just over the day previous time. The Gym's AC in the machine room is still not up to par and I was hot. Got done and came home and got the chilled feeling from having your sweat cool too quickly. Bleah, I hate that. I changed clothes and curled up on the couch to work on Tristan's over tunic and butterfly was snuggly with me. It was cute and warm. Though I had to fight hard to not sleep a bit since she was so cozy. Damn cat stealing my soul. I watched Burn Notice and Royal Pains and then bones. I got almost the entire tunic finished I just have half of the hem left but I was too tired to stay up any later (past 1030pm) to finish. Mel got home really late from practice. He took his phone to keep track of time but failed to keep track of it well. I told him he needed to set an alarm and he agreed. I fell asleep shortly after that.

I woke up sore and tired this AM. Wow. Hopefully I can get some good sleep this weekend and get the commission further along. I have 6 days left and lots to do and then it will be the push to work on A&S competition stuff. Lots to do there as well. I'm changing my original plan cause of the time line. The commissions took 2 months of my time out and I hadn't factored that in. But its okay, though, I'll manage. Still have that goal to go for champion.

So, To Do List )
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Work was pretty good. I got to prove that I'm a good data miner and archeologist for information. Got a presentation ready to explain some questions and it was a good day. Got done and headed to the gym. I managed to hit a small stick in the rocks on the way into the gym with my foot and fun open my toe. I limped into the gym bleeding pretty well. Bob had bandaids so I went and cleaned it off to find that I'd pushed back the cuticle edge at the bottom of my nail which explains all of the blood. It was cut, just scraped pretty good and was still bleeding a bit. I put a nice bandaid on it and went to work out and tripped on one of the machines with the bandaged toe. Go me and my skillz! Got through a pretty intense leg work out, did my abs and decided that running on the toe wasn't a good plan.

Changed, left work and stopped by taco bell to pick up a fresco burro for dinner and then headed to knit night. I worked on my weaving but got really distracted so its not very good and then I worked on the cuff of my mitt. It was nice to hang out with the girls, though we were a really small group last night which was weird. I got about 5.5" inches done on the trim and that wasn't too bad. Got home and mel was chatting with richard. We watched Mythbusters and then it was time for bed.

I slept good but man did I not want to get up. We slept past the alarm a bit and I was very, very sleepy. Rummaged around the house for stuff and headed to work. Things are going okay here so far. I have to review a first article this morning and check in on things with my other projects so not too bad. I'm going to bike after work as long as the weather holds. This AM it was hot and kinda sticky compared to the cool it was yesterday on the way to work. In the afternoons you can see it raining in the mountains so hopefully soon we will get a monsoon.

Looks like I might be heading to Phx on Sunday to do the next fit check at the collegium. I think this will be a run in, fit check and run back out and drive home after maybe stopping for pasties or something. Its all the way in Glendale so we shall see how long the drive is. Its gonna be lots of miles on the car this weekend. Hopefully its fruitful.

Tonight after I get back from biking will be more scroll work. I hope to get the bottom miniature done and get a good ways on the top miniature before going to be ON TIME. Seriously. I need to get more sleep.
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Well, I was productive though I have to admit I could have gotten just a bit more done if I hadn't gotten sucked into playing Harry Potter Lego. LOL. It is lots of fun and its mindless except for a few parts. I realize that I never have been good at jumping in games and I have a heck of a time still. But I'm having fun.

Friday night I wove and knit while we watched "The Hangover"...not at all a good movie. I'm not getting that time back but I did get to watch it with friends so that is something.

Saturday I worked on getting the trim on the tunic. Mel had folks over working on stuff in the shop. I made sure folks were getting enough water but I basically was either in the studio or in the family room sewing. I managed to get the trim on and then played video games and did some weaving. My weaving did not do as well..sighs.

Sunday I managed to finish all of Tristan's under tunic except for the facing edging, I want to fit check that before I finish it and the sleeve seam flat fells (also waiting for fit check). I sat and did that on all of the seams while watching the HP movies. After playing the game I really wanted to watch them start to finish. Course I still need to pick up the 6th movie and watch it. Missed it when it was in the theaters. That basically got me through all day Sunday. We stayed up a bit late after watching the fireworks from the rooftop. Had a really nice view of DM's and our across the wash neighbors were doing their own show. We waited up for Shanda and Bryan to get home after finishing up the DM show. We had dinner and pie ready for them. I made rhubarb pie and nectarine cobbler...yummy.
Stayed up late chatting and me playing HP. Got to bed and I think all of my sedentary activities of the day was not making my hips happy. I got up and got some drugs and was yelled at by the cats for not being in bed. I finally got to sleep sometime after 2am.

Monday we all got up and headed to joe's for breakfast. It was good. Then shanda and I ran and errand and then it was home for more projecty goodness. I got the over tunic cut out and serged and then I sat down to work on my calligraphy. I can do a pretty good batarde hand, a really nice early gothic but the squareness of gothic textura quadrata isn't my cup of tea. Luckily it wasn't the scribe's whose work I'm inspired by's either. Basically the hand is gothic textura but its much more rounded. Mel called it "cartoony" and he thought mine looked about the same so I guess after 3 scrolls I was happy with that so I inked my commission scroll. So by the end of the afternoon I had 4 scrolls callig'd. 3 went into the scriptorium case to be scanned when ari gets home and the other one was ready for painting. I relaxed a bit more, and managed to get sucked back into the game again. Sighs. Scribble started and I got some paint on the scroll. I hope to do a bit more tonight. Then I sat and chatted with mingo while I sewed the tunic together. I just need to attach the sleeves and do the neck line. I hope to finish that tonight so I can start turning seams...but the scroll needs to take some precedence tonight. I hope to get at least one of the drolleries done..maybe all of the small ones. We shall see though.

Work is pretty quiet today. I need to do laundry so no gym today but I will get a ride in tonight to kick off my Tour de France biking. I was up so late in the mornings it was too warm...and sleeping was so nice. But enough of the not doing what I'm supposed to do. Gonna get in my bike clothes and hit a short ride to get back in the saddle.
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Well, the weekend was busy. Friday was filled with doctor appointment stuff, yarn shopping and gaming. Ari and I hit Tucson Yarn company. It is a nice shop on the northwest side of town. It has a very nice selection of higher end yarns. Ari was all about laceweight happiness and I my yarn choices were brought to you by "EYE SEARING COLORS"...seriously. They are bright. We had lunch at BJ's and got to watch some footie and then it was home to craft and work on the house. Well, i managed to work on the blankie and be kinda tummy icky. Cream in soup is not good for me. Sighs. I got sucked into a marathon of say yes to the dress...yeah, I wasn't feeling good. Got up and went to the store for a few things we needed and then I got dinner going all on the grill. Grilled sweet potatoes, pork chops and chicken tenders. All good. We had a bit of chicken left over which I will have for dinner tonight. The game was good. We are much higher level than the last time we faces some of these types of baddies. It was good and we got to bed a bit later than I thought we would. But eh.

Got up for collegium and we had a full car pool with Ari and Ed. Had a faboo time. The new building on Cochise College's campus are very nice. I had a good compliment of folks for my book class and then only 4 people for documentation. Which was odd. But it was good, they got a lot more philosophy of documentation judges thinking versus entrants and it was very intimate in discussion...very good discussion too. It made me happy. I even got an email from one of the students who took both classes and wanted information on the books they already had. That was neato.

Got done teaching...a bit group of us went to Sonic for lunch. Seriously, that is the fastest I have ever gotten food at a fast food place. WOW. Good, hot and nummy. Headed back to site and then settled into seats near the cafe and worked on my socks. Though the buildings are nice..all of the chairs suck for me except for the couches. I have short legs and I couldn't touch the ground in most of them. Sighs. Enjoyed chatting with folks for the rest of the day and then left after court. We were very tuckered when we got home. Mel made us nummy fried cod dinner and then I headed to Dan and Amanda's to see the new house. It nice, watched bad tv and then came home.

I thought I slept good that night and I think I did. Got up on Sunday and sure could have used more. We only had Ari for the trip down and we made good time on the trip. The wind was not so bad but man were my allergies making me a bit stuffy. Ari and I got ensconsed in the scribal room and rocked out on some things. I worked on learning how to paint grisaille style with only ink and white paint. I thin I did well and I only painted on ATC's. I got 5 done and traded 2 but I did take pictures before I handed them off. I did start another one with blank ink but my ink doesn't dilute...I need to get my sumi or my ox gall ink out so I can layer it for depth. I'm really happy with the fact that I sketched them all myself an got the technique working as well. Had lovely discussions with people throughout the day and then in the afternoon we sat on the grass watching the fighters and I worked on the blankie.

ATC's )

Got home a bit after 5pm and richard, the wonderful most awesome guy, had cleaned our kitchen so he could make pasties. Mel and I had both forgotten that he was gonna do that and we left the kitchen a mess....oops. But its nice and clean now thanks to Richard and the pasties were nummy. Though he's still working on the crust..I do think its the perfect crust for doing pot pies though...it was flakey and crumbly and nummy. Mel played some video games while I worked on the blankie then we watched Superman Doomsday which was quite well done. It was a very compressed version of The Death of Superman comic but James Marsters doing the voice of Lex was AWESOME and creepy. The art style was odd...but the story was good. We finished watching and then it was time for bed. We got to bed on time and both mel and I got a very restless nights sleep. We slept through many alarms this AM without realizing it. Sighs. Mondays have struck. So far I managed to spill my drink on my keyboard, pour coffee in the work coffee machine without the coffee basket in the machine and many other small annoying things. Sighs. Plus I'm stuffed up and my face is puffy from the allergies and the lack of good sleep. Bleah.

Oh, well, its monday and I shall suffer. I am excited to get going on the blankie edging tonight and then tomorrow sit down and work out the trim colors for TRM outfits and start the planning out of fabric use for the outfits. My goal is to have the main pieces cut out for trying on at Dante's Inferno in two weeks. Its doable but only after I get my studio cleaned up and ready to go. I plan on not working in the front room..I have a studio for a reason, I need to be using it as something other than storage. Yup. Well, here is to hoping that today will be better than its started...yup.
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Some Anecdotes:

Mistress Cecile once commented or taught a class or was part of a discussion on A&S classes about how titles and descriptions are important. If you want people to come to your class add the word "zombies" to it...everyone will come to a class about zombies or be curious of how zombies could relate to said class.

Dame Fiona once mused aloud at an A&S night "No one ever comes to my Stumpwork classes" and I replied "Fiona, what's stumpwork?" She looked aghast that I had no idea that stumpwork was a later period embroidery technique which she got her laurel for. I explained "I've seen your class listed, seen the description that the handout was $2 and that you would be teaching various techniques of stumpwork, but you never say what it is..." The very next collegium her class title stated: Beginning Stumpwork Embroidery and lo and behold she had a few students.

My first pennsic I took many, many classes. One was entitled "Beginning Supportive Spinning" with a class description that all materials would be provided, along with instruction on beginning supportive spinning. I show up to the class and take it and I had a lot of trouble with it since I didn't spin at all at the time (and I barely spin fiber now) and the teacher was agast that I would go to a class on spinning with out knowing how. I explained that "well, the title said beginning supportive spinning and I figured that was the place to start to learn to spin" She commented that she hadn't even thought about that and realized she needed to put the caveat that "spinning skills required" in the description.

So, why Ianuk are you talking about this?
Well, our most wonderful Dame Jennifer (drink!) aka [livejournal.com profile] callas_and_ivy has now for the second year organized all of the A&S classes for the war. She was persistent in bugging previous teachers, putting out the call for classes and instructors. When she sent out our schedule she noted that "class descriptions would not appear in the gatebook". She sent us a link of the schedule/descriptions as you can go to here and the same google doc is linked on the Estrella War Website as well.

So, you can sit and read at your leisure before the war and figure out what classes you want to take and make your schedule. There are plenty of classes to choose from and many look enticing. There are a few though that without reading the descriptions that people will be shaking there heads at. Such as "Hardanger 101", "Salwar", "Beginner Taiko", "Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble". I know what the first 3 are: A Norwegian Embroidery Technique, Middle Eastern Pants and Japanese Drums but the last one confused me until I read the description...its a kids class of mad science messy experiments, slime etc.

Now imagine, that you didn't have time before war to plan...you get to site in the dark, set up and in the dark, sleep a few hours and get up and you find after you get back from your morning troll duty over lunch that you can't quite figure out what to take since you're not sure what some of these classes are all about since only the schedule is printed in the gatebook.
Now, a very A&S minded person would probably head down to the A&S area and see what was up and see the print outs of the descriptions.
On the other hand a person who might be newer or might only now be getting into going to classes might be intimidated, uncertain of what to do and might just decided that since they couldn't figure it out they would just go watch the battles, go shopping or take a nap.

Well is that bad? In my example, the person had a late night anyway, a nap might be good but what does that mean to the person who is teaching the class? 1)They might not get the students they want i.e. people who want to learn what they are teaching; 2)They might not get any students at all and all of the effort they put into their handouts, time and travel to the event might be wasted, which could 3)spiral into that person never wanting to teach since no one came... That would be sad. For the students and for the teacher.

Now, we haven't been told why they aren't being printed in the gate book...I'm going to assume its a money thing. If it is a money thing, I'm sure we could have gotten people in the A&S community, a head of time, to print things out personally to bring to war to have at troll for folks to pick up. Other wars have a separate book just for classes. We haven't been told though why, so that is as far as I can conjecture and postulate.

So, I want to make sure everyone who reads this or forwards it sends as many people as possible to the link to the class lists and descriptions before war. And at war any who hear someone complain in their camp about not knowing what a class is about, hears murmurs in merchants to the same effect to send people to the A&S tents for information. I want people at my classes, Countess Cecilia wants people at her classes, Lord Richard wants people to attend his first class (A Sharp Tool is a Joy to Hold with ZOMBIES) and Dame Jennifer wants folks to come and enjoy the collegium.
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Yup, I just put in to teach documentation and 10 books at Gulf Wars...Wow!

I'm a bit freaked out.
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Well, the weekend was pretty quiet. I accomplished a few things. I got one of Wander's Gifties done and started the second. I finished my own afghan and it is snuggly and sized for me. Its almost as long as I am tall and very comfy. As you can tell from the photo, the girls like this afghan a lot.
cats on my stuff ) They snuggled on it together even though they have been grumpy at each other since friday. I'm sure when I get home today they will be snuggled up with it again.

I also watched tv and relaxed yesterday. Folks were busy in the shop and I was feeling odd. By the evening my sinuses were filling and my nose didn't want to stop running. This morning it feels like I need to rip my teeth out to relieve the pressure. This does not bode well. I'm gonna get going on some data mining and when I can't handle that anymore I'll probably go home.

Oh, I realized I didn't talk about A&S, I only tweeted about it. It was really, really well run this year. Things were organized, I got a packet with all of my judging sheets, instructions were clear. I got to judge part of the championship and that was interesting. I have thoughts on what I'd like to see improve but for the first time doing it in that format I think it was a great success and I can't wait to try it out next year as an entrant. Lord Leot will be a fine champion and I'm sure that it will help him grow immensely. I'm also pleased with all of the awards given out! Yay for Iosobail, [livejournal.com profile] corynne_macleod, [livejournal.com profile] zippydclown, Isemay, Alison, [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and many others.


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