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The week before last the entire group of us scribes needed a break, so we took it event though we have commissions on the horizon. We are now in the crunch time and its unfortunately in the really ugly teenage stage of frustration. Its that stage of a project that just doesn't seem to end and that you can't see what you need to do next. Its maddening. But we shall perservere even if that means we are painting all day Friday and Saturday.

The weekend was crazy tiring but A&S happened. Benton was good and was uber cute. We are exhausted and dinner with Storvarr & [livejournal.com profile] lferion on Saturday night was awesome even if Mimi's was out of whiskey sauce.

Sunday was working in the shop with Thyra on a metalwork project and then painting with Icka for 6 hours almost straight. oof.

I've been good and have hit the gyme 3 days last week and 1 day so far this week. Got me.
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Work was busy...again, the end of the year is looming and lots to do. The hardware that I travelled so much for in the last year is finally being received and I get to go out to our final assembly area and check it out. YAY!

Got home with the boy who fought getting solids yesterday and fed him full of pears and mixed veggies. Who knows. Might be his teeth...might be he doesn't like the high chair...not sure. He does good for us. Handled some baronial business and then got the boy a bath and into bed. I then kinda just sat watching tv. I finally got up and washed and filled bottles and then sat working on [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek's xmas present. Well, at some point I fell asleep. Mel got home about 1015 and woke me up. He said it was cute cause I was mid-stitch and had cats snuggled with me. LOL.

Took a bit to extricate myself cause my feet had fallen asleep but I quickly got to shower and bed. I was asleep and snoring pretty quickly I guess. I slept good and got up on time which means that I got to work really early and that is good. The sun had just crested the mountains as I was walking into the building...yay!

Tonight is knit night. I have not been there in quite a while and it will be good to see everyone. I have projects in my bag and I need help on my plan for the nephew...not quite getting the directions on the short rows. Its gonna be cute though.

Well, paperwork is looming.
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The fact that I'm reusing a title is just crappy...but it fits. I'm tired and all of my body aches in places...the hand...its special. I haven't done anything but type or write since Saturday and I'm still not sure the inflammation is getting any better. To make things even more fun Benton has been odd as well. He had a rough night on monday night with getting up at 5 but he was back down for a bit but woke up crying and didn't stop until he got to eat. It was tears and all. He then proceeded to have a strange day at daycare which involved not eating and not napping. He refused his oatmeal and a bottle until after lunch time and only took a 45min nap. He was asleep when mel got home with him and then was out for almost 2 hours but woke up pretty happy and almost normal.

When he's really tired he's not as coordinated and they have to watch him cause he falls over and bonks his head. He did really good with us yesterday night and only had 2 times of pitching over. Only complained about it once though. He ate well and then went to bed about an hour late but we had a house full of people so I'm not surprised. Then at 3am he was awake and I got up and put the blanket over him and reorientated him in the crib. He had twisted him self into the corner and I knew that wasn't comfy. He cried for a bit more after that but finally settled down but I was awake for a while listening.

Then just as I was getting him he was full on crying in his crib. I found him sitting up clutching his blankie. I gave him a binky and he settled back down and when I went by 10 mins later he was out but I heard him crying when mel got him up. I'm pretty sure all of the not sleeping well and tossing around in his sleep is making him more tired.

Now I'm worrying about him which is making me more tired and yeah....
Seriously thinking of taking monday off for mental health.
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Well, monday morning I fed the boy and handed him over the Mel and then flew to alabama. We hit a lot of rain after we landed but it was good flights and I managed to finish mel's mitts by the time I went to bed last night. We ate at an Oyster house and it was tasty. Getting up this morning for working out was hard. It was 530 am local time...oof. But I went and did some calisthenics, some body weight exercises, some weighted exercises with the little 15#s that they had and then ran intervals for 15 mins. It was good for me and I'm going to do it again in the morning. The work was good and I had other stuff going while we went through all of the paperwork. I've got drawing changes to do and one of them was unexpected but I guess I'm not surprised. I just don't have a solution yet and I'm tired enough that I'm going to work on it tomorrow.

There was a huge thunderstorm while we were at the supplier today and the power went out. ITs not that bad for temperature even with the humidity. I was thinking it was going to be worse. Pumping is going okay. Family bathrooms in airports and the really nice ladies bathroom at the supplier have made things easy. The boobs though aren't too happy. I think part of it is just I'm off in timing than normal and I think Ben pulls things differently than the pump does. My right side is a bit sore but I've been there before. I'm missing the boy and it sounds like he and Mel had a great time with [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa and [livejournal.com profile] american_knight's for dinner last night. I hope he is happy tonight and not too grumpy for mel. [livejournal.com profile] meowandbark sent me a picture today of him at daycare being all happy playing in an excersaucer. Its good to see and hard to see. All of the folks at the supplier, including the machinists were really happy to see the pictures of Benton. I've spent a lot of time here before and that was nice to see the caring nature of this supplier. Makes it not feel too bad about being gone.

Well, time to knit a bit and then head to dinner.
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Well, not sure what is up with me besides sleeping like crap on sunday night but I've been not feeling right. My head feels, for lack of a better term, woogy. Its not really congested but it hurts and my body just aches a bit. I came home from work yesterday without hitting the gym first and was very, very delighted that my wonderful husband had finished up the housework and had made dinner. I was so tired I sat like a lump on the couch sorting mail and finally finished cleaning off the table for scribble. Benton was a bit grumpy but he was hungry and then instead of being really sleepy he was very bouncy and active. He was hard to put to sleep last night but I finally figured out he wanted his blanket. 2 weeks ago if we had given him a blanket he would have thrown it over his head and cried...this week he wants it to snuggle with. Kids are constantly changing which is what I learned. I think part of my issue was I didn't feel good and I probably should have told everyone good night and gone to bed once the boy was out...but I have that stoopid northern girl protocol of I need to take care of my guests...not that I did much of that but I need to be present etc.

I went to bed and fell asleep really quickly and I'm pretty sure I didn't move until 5am when the cats got into the bed room. I rolled over and realized I never turned the receiver on the baby monitor on. Luckily if anything had happened on the alarm front we would have heard it but I felt bad. Which I'm sure is a result of being tired and feeling woogy. They all kinda interrelate. I did try to get in to see Glenn but it looks like due to dueling schedules I won't get in to see him until friday. sighs. I think a good adjustment will help me out and a good nights sleep. tonight the benton and I will be going to bed early. seriously early.
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Hi, all. Sorry for the radio silence but its been a crazy few days.

Benton Thomas Kemp was born on 3/21/11 at 356pm at Tucson Medical Center.
He weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and 19 inches long.

We had to go to the hospital after I pushed for 3 hours and he was stuck and was face up with his head turn toward my left thigh.
They gave me petocin to increase the strength of my contractions at the hospital and I was able to get him out with more pushing (and an episiotomy). We found out why he wouldn't turn properly because he had is right arm next to his head and had his cord around his neck twice (though it never cause him issues except for trying to turn, good heart beat throughout everything).

Needless to say I was exhausted after 13 hours of labor (4 hours of pushing) and I didn't have any pain meds which was my goal and I'm still recovering. And as you guys know me...its hard for me to rest when there are things to do and well, I need my rest. So, I'll leave you with a picture. If you are on my flickr feed you can see the albums but here is him in his coming home outfit.

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Thursday was trying at work and I was tired by the end. I was easily distracted so I only got a limited amount done. I need to kick some things in gear today though. But a funny thing I noticed was that I walked into a door jam. Pregnancy clumsy? I don't think so. I realized that maybe all of my klutziness this week is due to me getting new glasses with a significant change in my right eye. Depth perception is off...lol.

Got home and mel was ensconced on the couch working on nalbinding samplers and looking tired. He was feeling better and my suggestion of pizza for dinner was well received. I picked it up while he was at kung fu and my choices of meat trio and pep/jalepeno were well received. Both of our cats luv pizza and I had a heck of a time keeping them off of the counter. Lol. We sat and snuggled up on the couch and watched two specials of Iron Chef (deep freeze and offal) and then it was time for bed. It was nice and comfy to sit and cuddle up plus mel was awesome and helped me get my toe nails trimmed up. Exciting I know but being preggers I can reach my toes but I can't stay that way for as long as it takes to get them all fixed up and one toe was not happy. I have a great hubby and my foot feel way better.

I slept really, really well and only woke up once to hit the bathroom. Though my deep sleep caused my right shoulder to stiffen up or slip partially out of socket so its all wonky today but I think i can get it to pop with some stretches. I still look really tired but I feel so much better. And if podling had hockey practice last night I never knew it. I think the casein shake before bed helped with that and me not waking up. Been getting some good pokes this AM but I think the extra protein this week has helped out with that.

Well off to work on the concluding paragraphs of multiple sections of my report of doom.
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Ooff...yeah, its 930 on friday night and I'll be heading to bed here shortly. I've already had my shower and its time for me to put my feet up for the night.

Alabama was productive but o' so tiring. Long travel days, followed by staying up reading the first night (Jim Butcher's Side Jobs which is #37 for the year. #36 was Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan and I finished that last week some time. It was intersting but a bit on the porn romance side in spots...not that I'm complaining but when the sex scenes last longer than the fight sequences well its a bit odd.) Side Jobs is the collection of all of the short stories so far in the Dresden Files. The last one takes place a few hours after the end of the last book. So for folks who have read that...it doesn't really answer anything but it give you a bit of calm and hope before we get Ghost Stories in April.

I spent most of Thursday on my feet on the factory floor with my hands dirty. The articles had issues and well, I had to use lots of brain, computer and cell phone power to get answers, solutions and actions. We didn't leave the factory until after 6pm. And were back there around 8am today to handle more stuff including a last minute forehead slap of an thing. Sighs. Hard work and I was so tired. Podling woke me up about 345am and I had a hard time getting back to sleep. I did manage to run a mile both days and today I did it even faster than normal. Of course that meant that after sitting in an airplane for a couple of hours my left knee swelled up a bit. Sighs. It was very sore by the time I got to my car and had to drive home clutch and all. Mel met me to pick up my luggage and I settled in to watch him finish the newest section of borderlands. We had dinner and then I was so weary I got a shower and here we are.

Monday I travel to California to got to a test of some hardware. It should be interesting but again a really grueling two days. Sighs. The following week I'll be in Cleveland for more of the stuff like I saw in Alabama but hopefully all of the lesson's learned from this week will make that much better. We shall see. Gonna be busy though. Sighs. All good to get these projects wrapped up by the end of the year or so. Time for bed.
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Well, work was quick. I was tired by the end though and dragged myself to the gym. The gym was oddly busy for a Tuesday afternoon. Even Bob, the gym manager, commented that it was odd. So, I didn't get into the weight room cause it was full so I hit the machines for a chest and shoulder workout. Had a good run of them, worked hard and pushed myself a bit with a few machines I don't normally use. Then I hopped into a now usable weight room and did 2 pullups with only 55 pounds of assist. Go me. Since I had a schedule for the evening I headed out after chatting with Bob a bit. I like that guy. He is the ultimate encouraging smile and makes you feel good about yourself and being at the gym, no matter the skill level.

Headed out and stopped at Ari's to pick up scrolls for Wander and then home. Mel was playing video games after just getting out the the hot shop for an hour. I changed into nicer clothes and managed to weave in all of the ends on the 3 scallops I had done before we had to leave for dinner. Met with a small family crew at Cafe Alisah's (Bosnian Cuisine) way up on the west side. Wow, good food. Mel took home left overs which tells you portion size...course he did eat almost all of his 15 sausage meal. My only issue was that there were 3 large groups and I basically was in the hum of the noise and couldn't really take part in the conversations. I had my knitting and that was okay but I was so tired by the time we left..such good food though we will be back. So tired in fact that I hit the showers upon getting home and then only read a bit before I was asleep and apparently snoring up a storm.

I awoke okay but still very tired. My lungs and my throat have been very scratchy and sore from allergies and draining. There is a fertilizer fire near our plant and the air isn't too great coming into work. Bleah. I am not heading to the gym today. I've already hit the inhaler once and I think I will be again...plus they are painting in the building so the asthmatic is screwed. I need to work hard on the blanket tonight so I can get going on the commission work. Mel and I had to decide on trim colors and then get things going on the trim. I hope to get all of the under clothes cut out this weekend so I can sew things for first fittings at Dante's Inferno. But to do all of that I need to clean up my studio. Thursday night will be busy with that and getting things set out.

Oh, to Tucson Knitters, the WWKIP* day is Saturday. Come and KIP^ with us at Beyond Bread information here.

*WWKIP - World Wide Knit in Public Day
^KIP - Knit in Public
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There is this problem when you don't think things through. I didn't do this design I'm testing but I would have caught this before hand...not at the prototype level. The holes are too small for a full wire wrap.. Ooops. Well, at least we caught it at prototype. Gonna have to make a change though.

Work was quick but a lot to do and I accomplished some stuff. I was very happy to leave and head out to errands but by the time I fought traffic to get home I was exhausted from Target/costco/goodwill. Sighs. I did manage to make a nummy dinner, with leftovers and lunches for us and dude, I'm never buying non-Japanese sweet potatoes ever again. So nummy. 17th street Market for the win! By the time I got the last of the lunch stuff off the grill I was beat. I did not want to put away more fabric and stuff so I just snuggled up on the couch and worked on the afghan. Mel and I hit the showers at 9pm and I think I was asleep about 930pm. Slept rather well I think but I'm still tired. The allergies are getting me a bit. I also think that me taking a night off was good. I don't want to get over tired. Plus I'm sure the muscle sore isn't helping. I had pushed rather hard on Monday at the gym since I had basically 2 weeks off and I needed to feel the burn. I'll do the same thing tonight and then hit knit night. I mismeasured the afghan and I actually have another foot to go to finish the body. Well, that is okay. I like the mindlessness right now.

I've got a ton of meetings today so hopefully things work well and go quickly. Its all about the same part so its gonna be overkill but it will be good to close those actions out. Though did find out that my travel for next week is probably getting postponed which I think is good. I've been doing a bit too much of that. So, here is to a day that is quick and easy.
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Well, weekend was had. Crown was fun but stressful. Mel had some headspace issues and that is just something we shall have to work on...or well, I guess he will have to work on. I'm just hero support. I am very pleased with the tourney though. I'm very happy for Tristan and Damiana, finaly they get to be crown! It will be good for the Moonies to have a local crown. Its gonna be a fun time though. I can already tell. Was up early and up late too many nights this week and the stress of the weekend and me traveling this week is making me very tired.

I was very happy to be able to have dinner with [livejournal.com profile] bertana, [livejournal.com profile] corynne_macleod and Paul and Godfrey and [livejournal.com profile] jeru cause that was a good time. Though I think Paul and I scared people which was kinda funny. He's cool. Plus got some more maggie time today too even with the rain.

I'm really happy with my words to blossom...I've never spoken for someone as a peer and that was cool...it was especially cool since Ivan got to speak and I think he got us all teary.

I'm packed and ready to head to VA in the morning. I've got enough yarn for 3 projects and my sock to finish...is that too much? Dunno but I figure I can do some quick things if I get sick of knitting so its gonna be fun. I do plan on yarn shopping on Tuesday or Wednesday and we shall see what I bring home but I had to pack stuff, its long flights to the East Coast.

We had some awesome help yesterday and today with the setup. Wow, seriously...people busted ass. So very pleased with that. Thank you. Thank you and Thank you.

Got home and we unpacked and had lunch. I tried to take a nap but was very unsuccessful. Got packed and now am getting the phone sync'd up and ready for the trip. I've got some great podcasts to listen to so I knit and listen while I fly.

Did I mention I'm tired...yeah. Definitely gonna be an early night...cause tomorrow is gonna be early.
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Its a good thing that I drink coffee tan...cause it doesn't stain the carpet when you spill it when you pick up your laptop off of the floor. It could have been worse...I could have spilled it on the laptop. Just a waste of good coffee and furthers my tired and hopeless feeling mood. Dunno what that is about but it just needs to stop.

Yesterday I awoke very poorly. Bad dreams peppered my sleep and waking up crying is never a good thing in my book. Its odd though, I've only had panic attacks in my sleep in the last 10 years or so...so I guess I'm getting better. Got up and moving and coffeed and I finally go up off of the couch to work on my new hangerock. I got the edging sewn on, ironed and pinned for hand sewing and I finished that. Then I realized that I really needed to hand finish all of the seams. I've been lacking in that on everything and its annoying to me. So I just did it. The boys went too shopping and more sawdust ended up in the house. We met Mingo and Tati for dinner and that was nice. Sorry to Thyra for not making the party but things for all of us were moving in the slow relaxing direction. Had a nice dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and then back to the house for zombie board games. I played the nurse and all I was good for was finding all of the townsfolks (per the scenario) and killing zombies with my bare hands. The humans won but it was close. Richard played some mean zombies.

The it was time for bed, or so I thought. I tried to sleep and even after water, drugs and a massage I wasn't in the sleep state. It was well after 1am that I fell asleep. Weird dreams persisted. Not sure what all of this is about. Slept in a while and have been finishing up the hangerock and reading. I have the straps to put on and then the dress is done, not too bad. I finished At Knit's End: Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee which makes #23 for the year. I plan on trying to finish the BFF's novel today too. I'm feeling pretty lousy to do much else. I frogged my knitting on friday and started on a different present but I'm not sure I have the brain power for it or not. Mel is putting linseed oil on the bed and then I'm not sure what else he's got planned. We need to go shopping for various and asundry things. But the motivator is broken and we need to head to Mos Eisley to get it fixed
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Not sure what to say about the weekend. I did a lot of work when I was not feeling good that really didn't get me anywhere. If it had not rained then I think things would have been very different...maybe I would have felt better...uncertain.

Mel did really well in crown and I'm very proud of him. I was a good consort and did things right and looked good for him and my tippet as a favor worked wonderfully. The only unfortunate thing, and par for things of late, is I got no actual full length pictures of me in my reworked cote. Oh, well. Maybe someone got one and I haven't seen the pictures yet.

While I had fun on parts of the weekend, my body is still protesting just being functioning and upright which I don't understand. I'm wearing and exhausted and unmotivated...it basically shadowed me all weekend and made me make decisions in a selfish manner. Sorry about that.

I was hoping to fight on Sunday but my back was in protest as rebar had replaced my muscles. The hat i had been working on for mel is now too big and I think I will be frogging it back completely. Sighs. Basically, 2 steps forward and 3 steps back all weekend was par for the course.

Yesterday I sat and watched TV all day and slept on and off. The girls were snuggly and that was nice. Just wish I had one more day off to get out of this malaise. But I'm not sure a single day would help. I've got projects mounting and I need to spend some time on them...hopefully I can leave work after 8 hours all of this week and get some much needed work done on that. Uncertain though and I guess that will just be the phrase.
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I don't really care what anyone says...I'm not going to be here tomorrow. The fires that are burning can do so over the weekend...I'm just sick and tired of all of my hard work being for naught or for me to work so hard and to fail because others aren't keeping up with the tasks at hand.

The moon is waxing which is not when this type of stuff occurs...something else is going on to make the universe hate us all so much right now.

I needed last night, it was good. I'm going to need more of the same tonight and tomorrow, to myself to just organize, pack and clean will be good.

My dress is almost done. I just have to do eyelets and finish the newly cut sleeves and my tippets. The eyelets will be tonight, tippets will be tomorrow and that will just have to do. I need to pre-make dinner for saturday night and get that vacuum packed. Pasta is easy that way.

Obsidian was a pill last night, course she urped up all of her food after she ate it so I'm sure it was her being hungry. But man that cat can be a pain in the middle of the night.

Well, time to shove to.
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Work progressed pretty well. The customer was happy with the due diligence I've been putting into the FRB. That was good. I biked and that was good. Got home and was exhausted...fell asleep, woke up and that is where things started sliding down hill. I was very disorientated waking up...not sure if I woke up straight out of REM sleep or what but I was not all there at all. Communication wasn't working and I hadn't read that the demo set up started at 530...oops. I thought things started at 7pm so my time table was all jacked up. I couldn't find half of the stuff I needed when I wanted it. Clothes were being weird...I really, really need to make new viking clothes or at least take everything in. My deodorant exploded when I tried to use it. It was just a comedy of errors and missteps. I got things together and did okay at the demo. I took some pictures which I'll post up later. I wish the heavy fighting was closer to the arts stuff but it wasn't. I walked around a bit. Had only one girl stop and look through the books but I think we have a calligrapher that will come back. All good, thank you mister drogin!*

Got to chat with Dame Fiona and Lady Lucia. Lucia's couch work is absolutely FREAKING amazing. WOW! Seriously, I bow at her feet! I also sat and spun some yarn for a while. I actually was doing pretty good for a while there. Then I got tired as it happens when I'm spinning. Then I realized I was just done and mel was still on the field and when I asked, he was still gonna be on the field. I dinked around a bit more and finally it was time to go. I had a freak out moment when loading the car and my Born shoes getting crushed between the seats. I yelled and it wasn't my finest moment...I was breaking rule #3 and being tired and stressed and hormonal are no reasons for acting that way in public. Sorry to all who witnessed that. It wasn't you, it was me...mea culpa.

Got home and had to stay up quite a while to sort things out...another not great sleeping night makes 3 in a row. I guess I'll sleep soon...probably friday night.

Work is going to be busy today with failure meetings and lots of paperwork I'm trying to push out of emergency status for tomorrow's review board. We shall see if I get it all done or not. I kinda need to. course all of this extra work is making taking friday off more manageable and I'm gonna need that to pack the car and do a bit of cooking.

*Marc Drogin's History of Calligraphy and its Technique part of the Top 10 books comes to the "wow, this is cool" realm once again.
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Well by 1115pm my clothes were done...I tried them on and its nice and swanky and boobalishous. I will make sure to get pictures while I'm dressing to see all of the layers and I'll make sure to get some when I'm dancing.

My husband was an asshole over soup of all things...and he can't figure out why I was upset.

We killed off the big bad guy...we drowned him...apropos really since his player character almost drowned early in our campaign. Very apropos.

I think I'm just a bit over tired and now I'm not tired. I hate that.
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Well, yesterday was a trial. The eye got better and worse throughout the day..I think it was strained a bit from all of the computer work. I got through my data reduction and got some slides together. Our basic thing...we can't really find a correlation but we could damage stuff so who knows. I think the science experiments will show what our real failure mechanism is ...at least we hope. I've got more work on that front, paper to finish writing...but things are progressing.

Got home about 3pm...yes, I got home early, it was nice and its been a really long time since I've had that. I napped...about 20 mins away to 20 mins asleep for a few hours. The eyes were much better with my laying down. Blood pressure related to the swelling?? who knows. I managed to finally get off of the couch and start to be productive about 6pm. I got out all of the stuff to start trimming the garments for Saturday. I managed to get all of the trim machine attached on the caftan and on the mintan and now I have to do all of the hand work. I have this aesthetic thing where I only machine do stuff you don't see...everything else is by hand. I also got all of my undershirt hems pinned and that still needs to be handsewn. But I felt pretty good about it. I should be able to get the entari trim machined on tonight and be to all handwork for tomorrow. Its lots of hand work but its doable...especially with game night and maybe a bit of help/company from Icka. We shall see.

I'm looking forward to a true "day off" tomorrow and sleeping in with bike ride when we wake up. Its been entirely too long since I've been on my bike. The arm/back shot isn't really hurting...just bruising up very nicely. People at work just stare at me when they notice it...cause you can tell I got hit by a 2" diameter stick. Pretty neato.

Anyhoo..time to work on my report.
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Well, I'm still tired but I've been having some fun. Got home from work, had lunch picked up the house a bit and then fell into an exhausted drooling coma on the couch. I woke up when mel was home and the storm started to hit. We managed to get out and get shopping done. With me on travel so much of late the cupboards were making the battle of pantry kung fu harder to win so we got staples and the like. Once home, mel finished cleaning up the kitchen and I got dinner going.

Now, I luv Patak's spice marinades and blends. I'd bought some tandoori rub/mariande and wanted to do a nice indian dish. Got to cooking and once the spices hit the veggies the meal turned...well, fuchsia. Yes, dinner was bright fuchsia pink. But it was tasty. Game night went well, though we got off kilter quite a bit. We had fun and that was the main thing. Got to bed after making a potluck item for the luncheon (cous cous salad again). Awoke at 230 to hear the pounding rain and that got both of us out of bed to hit the bathroom. I slept well but I was still pretty stuffed up when we got up for reals at 730. Got a shower and felt better but I was still tired. I think this is gonna take a while to shake.

The drive to mons was nice, the mountains look very lush with the rains and my iphone was melancholy. Got to site with plenty of time and hung out for a bit. The tourney had 16 fighters and I made it 2 rounds. First round was to Sir Justin with Great Sword. Not my best weapon and I was hesitant...which in this style of tourney, well, any tourney isn't the best. Next round was single mace which I seem to be much more comfortable with than even my sword and shield. It was against mathew de lacy and I didn't do badly. I thought one of the shots skipped and got off of my helm and they called me victor, got off of the field and went back on when ivan said it had landed squarely on my head. Mace's hit weird and Matt wasn't sure either so we refought, this time with matt getting me but I took his right leg out from under him very well...I'm sure there will be a bruise. I was out and stayed in armor for a while to await pickups...but as the tourney went on I got home tired and just weary. So, I got out of gear and cooled down and attempted to stay awake. I did get some knitting done and that made me happy. I also got to use my own gauntlets which I ahd spent most of game night and part of the drive stitching in gloves. They are comfy.

Got home after a while and I took a good nap. Mel worked on shoes and I've since just been watching tv...nothing else. No knitting even...just watching tv. I think it will be an early night. I'm still very tired. Will post pictures tomorrow from the tourney.
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Well, its been a week. Yup.

I've worked hard at work and at practices. My body is weary and I'm stuffed up to boot which isn't helping things. I've got a few things to finish up on and then things can wait until next week. I've got data reduction that isn't making sense and I know a well rested me will be better than the currently over tired engineer. I need a clean look at the data and monday it can happen. All good.

Gonna get home, clean up the house get things ready for tomorrow. We need snacks and lunch and things...our scribal deadline got pushed a week which means I should be able to crank out one more scroll for the case. I also need to get working more on my A&S stuff and my clothes for the next 3 weeks of events.

So, hopefully, the floor work I have at 1030am will go quickly and life will be good and I can go home. Here's to hoping.
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All week I've been thinking that the last work day of the week was Today. Yeah, not so much. Sighs. I was kinda crushed by this realization and further hammering at me about stop think just do kinda put me over the edge of things I could handle. After a very long hot shower I was slightly better...but still a bit strung out on it all. I'm past 40 hours at 11am and will be on carryover. I've got meetings all afternoon and then stuff tomorrow. We'll see. Maybe just in for a few hours tomorrow. All depends on what I can get done today...I really want tomorrow off.

Anyhoo, I learned to cast on using the knitted cast on and I learned to do the knit stitch. I figure I'm going to do that for a while, learn to purl and then play with patterns to make a scarf. I really want to do a checkerboard style one...cause I'm in love with that pattern in tablet weaving...knit should be no different.

Got to bed very late. Mel needed a shoulder massage and I did too. My body is protesting and I'm not really listening. But a good massage made me sleepy and I slept well and didn't want to get up even with heat seeking cats homing in on me. I could have slept in quite a while today. But enough of that..its time to dig back into the data and get stuff done.


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