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Work was dull. The drawing reviews I'm doing are tedious but necessary. I found the most ubiquitous note ever that had us laughing "Soldering shall be in accordance with applicable specification." So if the Barnam and Bailey Circus has a solder spec we could use that. Seriously. LOL. But by the time quitting time came I was toasty and my brain was soup.

Fought traffic to the knit shop, we had weather moving in again and while we were there the first pass blew through which took out power poles etc around town. Didn't loose power there or at home but things flickered. I got to show off my TDFleece spinning and the cat. I worked on the Chevron scarf that I blogged about Rule Number 3 breaking and its still effed up. But I'm making do. The comments from people on Ravelry also show that its effed up and the pattern writer is still being rude. I have about 2/3 of a second ball left and then will be done with it. I'm all about finishing old UFO's (unfinished objects).

Got done there and headed home. Mel was watching Minecraft stuff on youtube. I headed back to the studio and managed in 2 hours to get the second sleeve on the jacket, the armscye hem turned, the neckline tack stitched and all of the last of the fabric for the skirt ruffles cut out. I have no idea why I was so scared to cut into the sheer fabric. It was easy, just goes to show I don't trust my own abilities with things at times to the point of nerfing myself. Put everything away and stacked the fabric up for sewing tonight.

The trim is just laid around the neckline...not sure I will use that or something else yet.

Pile of fabrics for the ruffle booty!!!!

Weather was also nuts last night. I guess there were 61 mph winds at the base (1/2 mile from my house. crazy.

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This will be separated out by costume/ensemble:

Hyrda Cheerleader:
1) Make Hair Bows
2) Attach alligator Clips to bows (need to buy larger ones)
3) Fluff pom poms
4) Attach letters to shirt
5) Buy sneakers

1) Make or buy top hat
2) Make bolero
3) Make Choli
4) decide on trim attachments to sari
5) Drape and pin sari for wear
6) Make wand
7) Validate skirt fits

Star Wars Lolita
1) cut out last of ruffles
2) Cut out fabric for trims
3) decide on trim shapes
4) fix peplam error cut
5) sew sleeves
6) trim sleeves
7) trim bodice
8) Make skirt
9) order socks
10) break in shoes
11) make chun-li buns/covers
12) Test hair style
13) make cyber dread clips
14) Sew bodice to peplam
15) trim coat
16) make chemise/collar

1) re-pattern under dress for shaping
2) cut out under dress
3) decide on trim color for under dress
4) decide on pattern for over dress (split side versus normal)
5) Cut out over dress and trims
6) sew under dress
7) sew over dress
8) trim under dress
9) Trim over dress

D*Con Other items
1) Make bags 5x (give to willa for help?)
2) Sew halloween skirt
3) Sew comic skirt
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I got only a little bit done. Tonight will be a big slog.  Oh. well. I forgot about the shoes until bedtime when I saw them on teh floor.  Well, I will attempt to fixt them tonight and we shall see.  The polishing is mostly a necklace and my coronet so that will be small change in the long run of things.

My friend Jimmy (http://www.dreamincoloryarn.com/2015/08/21/designing-with-detail/) from knit night designed a couple of cool pieces.  They are running a special on the cashmere yarn and you get the pattern with it.  I indulged on the "Hello Dolly" colorway for the hat/cowl and got a TARDIS blue to do the 198 Yards of Heaven Shawlette (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/198-yds-of-heaven).

I worked on picking up the last gusset stitches on my sock and then on my shawl.  I chatted a lot too and got to reconnect with Cynthia who has been gone quite some time.  She's back and doing a lot better and that makes me happy.

To Do:

  1. Get things sent to dry cleaners (Wednesday)

  2. fix shoes

  3. polish jewelry

  4. fix festoons that are broke

  5. gather gifts for arsenda et al

  6. finalize attendance list and duties

  7. Get pavillion, benches, water cooler from Ed

  8. Pack Van

  9. Pack project bag for Ben with lots of fun things to do/make

  10. Get lunch stuff (2 chix, salad stuff etc)

  11. Pack feast gear/snacks

  12. Pack fighter snacks (protein/shaker)

  13. Pick up dry cleaning (Thursday)

  14. Laundry for work Monday

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I got to bed after midnight and the baroness is not done. Sighs. I still have the front buttons to go on and the sleeves and the sleeve lace and hooks and eyes on the blouse, hooks on the bustle and the rest of the list below. Hopefully will have pit crew this evening that can help with hot gluing things while i pack.

Got my eyebrows done at a place Erika recommended and it was good. I'm going to be sewing buttons while getting my toes done cause I need to and then the final target trip for the small crap and to get cash.

I have a packing list of doom and I should be good as long as I get some help tonight. If I don't well...hot glue gun is coming with I guess.

The coat thus far:


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Well, things are at CRUNCH time and with me feeling off and tired (but no more fever!) I went home from work a couple hours early and slept. I got a good hour nap in and got going on my laundry. The boys came home and I got to sewing on the lining down to the edge of the jacket. I realized 3/4 of the way around that if I'd been more careful you wouldn't be able to see the stitches but meh. I got my stuff together and headed to scribble and the rest of the "Cosplay Pit Crew". Got there and Ari and I got my wig settled. One of the reason I had such an issue with it to start with was I had pinned the darned wig to my foam head cock-eyed which led to me having lots of issues. The other is that wigs like the kind I bought are made to look flush from the top but if you do an "up do" its sparse and you see the structure of the netting underneath. Ari figured out how do it and I held the head and hair and stuff and we got it to a really pretty pseudo-Japanese style. It will look perfect with some flowers in places and stuff. We could have used one of these Wig Stands and I will definitely be picking one up.

Then [livejournal.com profile] lferion arrived with my crinoline and then she got me into my corset so we could finalize the collar and the back pleats on the jacket. Its gonna look sharp. I probably have about 3 hours left of sewing on the jacket with finishing the collar stitching, tacking the lapel and pleats, hooks and eyes and buttons. It doable tonight though I shall persevere. With help from the pit crew I think.

Today I will be making packing lists based on costumes and also start pulling things for usage. It should be doable. I also need to get my eyebrows waxed and my toes done. I hope to do that tomorrow as well as a quick target trip for last minute essentials.

Wig pics:




Just want to state again that none of this cosplay stuff would be possible without Willa, Bridget, Icka, Wander, Elinor, Sioux, Ari and Danabren. oof.

The To Do List:
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I was productive but not up to my usual standards. I was exhausted all weekend and Sunday we figured out why. I woke up achey, headachey and so tired I went back to bed and woke up shivering with a high fever. Yeah, fun times. I took drugs, drank fluids and took it pretty easy just sitting in pinning sewing stuff. Got the baroness jacket almost done minus sewing the bottom of the lining to the piped edge and putting on the collar tabs and the buttons/loops. Everything else well...not where it needs to be. Luckily Friday I had gotten the overskirt done completely and the underskirt done completely and Icka came over and finished the painting on the kimono. I made the blouse and unfortunately made the neckline too deep for a proper collar so I just edged it and it will have to work.

I still have the wig to style for Raven and finish the jacket and more makeup tests for Raven. So much to do and I still feel like crap. Grump. We shall see how work goes. I'm trying for a half day....

Blouse and jacket.

Makeup Test:

The To Do List:
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Let's just say that I and yesterday did not get along. Work and lots of other things just hit me up side of the head and drug me out in front of all of my fears and self loathing to speak truth. Bleah. Quiet time at home, Benton snuggles and beer for dinner made life better as well as working on my cobra gun made things bearable but it was very hard to get up this morning. Blame it on lack of sleep or the super moon or what have you but the day sucked and only modding something made it better.


The To Do List:
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Made a faboo carbonara-esqe dish with squash, peppers and bacon. My cheese sauce curdled but meh, it tasted good. I was able to get almost all of the dishes done before dinner and that made the evening good. I still took an hour to relax after Benton went to bed just to relax...I just had been going strong all day needed the recovery period. Got to cutting out the baroness lining and then went and pinned up every seam I was finishing on the yukata to sew those today. I'm not finishing every seam completely. Its an undergarment and its cotton and already serged I may put in some tack stitches to keep layers in place but meh, its not museum work, its a costume, my laurel tendancies can shove it. I finished up the hem pinning just as mel got home from Utah. He was tired and got a beer and we both dinked around on our phone while watching Dirty Jobs...gods I love that show..why did they stop making it?

Headed to shower and bed just after 1030 and then read for a bit.

If you want some hot pr0n reading in the Mystrade universe then go read Anthea's Assignments. Holy heck. (fans self)

The To Do List:
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I realized late that I don't need to wait until Benton has fallen asleep to get somethings done. I should have been cutting fabric out and working on jewelry but read for an hour and then finished the kimino sleeves and the finished up all of the jewelry for the Star Wars Dress and the Hawkeye Dress. Tonight I will be cutting fabric out and doing dishes while he is falling asleep. I have a plan for squash carbonara for dinner and if I can get off of work by 4pm I should be able to make it quickly and get the kitchen cleaned before we eat. Mel gets home from Utah late tonight so I want the kitchen to look nice and to have lunches packed for Thursday.

The Hawkeye Jewelry

Hawkeye Hair Thingy
Bought it at Joanns for $1.50 and added a sheild pin that I rub and buff'd to a brighter finish.

The Star Wars Jewelry

The To Do List:
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Last night Icka and I figured out the placement of the rest of the ravens on the kimono and Wander brought over the star wars dress so I could try it out. The necklace is the perfect lenght and the crinoline I made is not stiff enough for the skirt. Sighs. Well, I will hit goodwill or a the Gaslight costume shop to see if I can get a replacement.

Here is the kimono.

Here is the Star Wars Dress:


The To Do List:
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Busy and tiring week it has been. By Thursday at work at 1pm I was working pretty hard on brain drain extreme.  Got home with the boy a bit early and had mel home since he was busy working on his armor and taking it easy before dojo night which we were holding at St. Felix practice since they had just had their club fair. 

I did not want to go, I will admit but we had childcare and I needed to do something other than projects.  Now it so happened that what I expected to happen did.  I got onslaughted with questions etc from a myriad of folks and didn't get to warm up which was to my detriment.  I stiffened up really bad especially after the circuit training workout the day before. Oof. I couldn't even raise my shield above my shoulder about halfway through the night. Oh, well.  It was good though and my flap snap still sucks cookies.  Conversations with Mel the next morning helped a bit with that but my muscle memory is still the suck.

Friday we slept way in which meant Benton did not nap at daycare but we had a nice morning.  After I dropped him off I went to Joann's and scored bigtime with fabric and notions purchasing due to good use of coupons. I got more of the hrafn wool for cloaks and [livejournal.com profile] lferion got more last night so we now have enough for the next batch of cloaks inclusive.  YAY!

I then got us burritos at Filiabertos which has now become our fav burrito place versus Viva whose quality has gone way down .  Mel had gone to the wood store and got stuff for the new poles for the new sunshade and we go through more projects as the afternoon progressed. I cut out my dress and only had a foot left over and got a pedicure before picking benton up from daycare.  We had a nice evening in and I relaxed and worked on a blanket square I wanted to try.  It turned out awesome. It looks wonky in the picture cause it still needs to be blocked and was sitting on my lap a bit crooked.

Today will be sewing on my dress and hopefully getting everything to handwork.  The truck is in the shop getting a tune up and we picked up our new glasses too.  I'm uncertain if the boy will take a nap today or not. I hope he does but he's going to get some time in  the shop after lunch.

To Do List:
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Feb. 2nd, 2013 09:09 pm
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Got lots done with lots of help from [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp and [livejournal.com profile] swordmage. Thank you ladies.

Also had a funny nap time. Benton got naked and then peed all over his bedding. Funny for all of us and the commentary was priceless.

Also got some good family news and that also made the day for lots of us.

Now time to knit and go to bed.

The To Do List:

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To Do List

Jan. 30th, 2013 11:43 am
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I have been productive so I needed to look this back up. It makes me realize I have lots to do in the next two weeks. Oof.

The To Do List:
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Last week I got a cold. I was able to mostly kick it with a bit of rest, liberal use of my neti-pot and just kinda resting. I stayed home from dojo night and just sat on the couch reading. Speaking of reading I finished Book 2 & 3 of the new year. Carriger's Parasol Protectorate first two Souless and Changless. I started in on #4 Pulchritude by Ana Mardol. Its a feminist retelling of the Beauty and the Beast mythos. So far so good.

On the projects side I have been trying to get a crochet scarf started and the pattern has a few large errors that I've been trying to manhandle into a pattern. Bleah. I've gotten to the heel flap on my sock and I worked on household banners this weekend with the linen technique. I will hopefully have everything to the full paint step by Thursday night so I can get my banner started and get Sym/Magdalen going on theirs.

The list for Crown/Estrella is getting large. The household needs more flair, our fighters need some bling and I have also need some bling and flair for crown. I think that was what kept me awake at 1am when I woke up with a start and finally had to get up and look at a calendar to stop having a panic attack about timing. I'm better and I have a household to help and I just need to use my resources. I think part of the panic is that CROWN is before Estrella again and that is annoying. I miss the old schedule. But a deadline is better than anything...I just need to buckle down.

The To Do List:
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So, other than that we've been good. Mel got over the flu, Benton got over his cold but has been not wanting to nap. HE has taken to wearing a crochet hat that I had made a while ago now that it is cold. Cause DAMN its been cold in the old Pueblo! But he is so cute...just remember that pancakes are RAWR!!!
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Work has been so busy its hard to update things but I just wanna say first...Happy 1st Birthday Benton!!!! Wow. This time last year we were on our way to the birth center. Imagine. It doesn't seem that long ago and then it does seem a while ago all at the same time. So surreal. We headed to daycare today and I let him loose in the foyer and he walked himself straight to the Toddler 1 room and went in and sat down on their little red couch. So funny. He knew where he wants to go. He'll be fully switching over to Todd1 on April 2nd (monday after Estrella) so he can adjust well. He'll be spending some hours there for the next few days but we have to get him fully on milk before he goes. He's doing okay now and will even drink his milk/formula mix out of a sippy cup with out an issue so over the weekend I hope to get him completely on milk so its easy for Estrella.

So proud of him. It was picture day at daycare yesterday and he looked so grown up in his stripey polo shirt (Atenveldt colors btw). Can't wait to see the pictures. The last set turned out just awesome. I'm going to have to update the "benton" picture on my lj...he's so little in that one.

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I had a three day weekend...where did it go? Some awesome that mel and I managed to see John Carter on its first showing on Friday and it was AWESOME!!!! Seriously, go see it and love it! I also managed to clean up my studio so its useable and clean and almost everything is where it is supposed to be. Woot! I also managed to draw the image of the shield of chivalry on Mariyah's center boss shield and I don't think its too bad for a girl who has trouble drawing.

I got a lot of sewing done but not enough, yet. I'm still a bit behind and we are 2 weeks away from Estrella. I'm starting to panic. Which is why I would love to have a day to myself today to just work on things, get the house in order and sleep. I just could not get enough sleep this weekend and Mr. Benton was a clingy, clingy guy all weekend. Seriously, large amounts of separation anxiety (even when I would just leave the room). I think part of it is he's not feeling well. He's had a cough and some snot and was just not his normal self. He was content to snuggle for a bit with me but then would want down and then just cling to my leg. Frustrating and not really productive to get things done. We did okay but it was trying.

So, things I got done: 2 pairs of rus pants for myself, 1 pair each of fighting pants for mel and I, 2 new boy tunics for me, 1 pair each of pj pants for mel and I, 1 pair of rus pants for the Benton. Still to do..see below:

To Do )
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Yeah, I'm seriously off my rocker on this one.

To Do )
Crazy...seriously crazy.
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Well, it seems that I'm behind on sewing...my plan to be done with my dress by Thursday night is looking...optimistic. Now, if I had not gone to scribble on monday I might have gotten things further done but eh, we had stuff to work out to deliver to the crown for upcoming events (including a scroll I had that I finished that night) so I can't say I wasted time. But I have an engagement on Thursday night that I need to go to and well, I'm not sure how late I want to stay up. It will all depend on if we can get Benton down for the night and snug him in the car seat before we leave the house so he will sleep through our engagement and then come home and go to bed. So, I've decided that when the time gets crunched...the To Do list appears.

Our plan is to leave early Friday AM so we can tool around Prescott and hit up some antique stores and a yarn shop. I want it to be nice and stress free and if I finish sewing things on the way up there, so be it. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express (I get a good rate due to my Gold Status) so we know we will be comfortable and have breakfast there.

Just need to get things ready and hopefully tonight I can knock out the dress stuff better and feel okay about running errands with the boy when I pick him up thursday later afternoon before we head home for things course...Prescott has a costco....hmmmmm. That might work.

This morning Benton had very gummy eyes and a snotty nose. Both of which he didn't like me cleaning out but he was a much happier camper that he could breath/eat without a nose full. Not sure what that means but it could just be that he got the tail end of my cold or teething is making him snotty. Babies leak and there is nothing much you can do about it.

Oh, on the book front I read #14 Every Women's Guide to Cycling.... It was okay. I think it glossed over things that I really wanted to know about i.e. bike stuff and then it went overly much into training schedules which I was kinda meh on. But I guess I got what I paid for.

I'm now reading #15 for the year Raven's Strike by Patricia Briggs. Its sucking me in and a fun romp.

To Do for Crown... )
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This week has flown. Wow. I haven't gotten a lot done either and that is kinda boo. But Mel and I have plans to work on the house a bit this weekend so its cleaned up. Cause its not really where I want it.

Benton has been doing good though he keeps getting up before my alarm. Not sure what do do with that but cope. This morning was quite annoying since he woke up hungry and then didn't really eat much and fell asleep and was still pretty asleep when we got to daycare. Oh, well.

I'm heading to the gym after work to start my work outs. I'm pretty sore from wednesday and this will be a trial but I will go and do it. Bob and I will chat and I'll see where I need to go. Its really making me happy to get back in the gym..I've missed it. I'll get to do deadlifts today which I've never done so we shall see how that goes (LOL).

Tomorrow I'll be heading to the Wilmot library for the WWKIP day. I'll stay a few hours with the boy and then head to grandma's for a bit which should work out well. Mel can dink in the shop and then hope to work on the house. I hope to get things done on Friday/sat so that Sunday I can can finish that darn shawl!

So a To Do List:
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Well, its the last day I'll be home as a mom with the boy on Maternity leave. Monday is the holiday and mel will be home. Tuesday I go back to work. I'm rather ready for it now. I've started to annotate my life for the boys benefit even if he's not in the room. Yeah, the crazy has started to set in. Its gonna be a rough few weeks as we get into a routine but I think we are ready for it. Well, I am...not sure if mel is but we shall adapt.

Figure I should get things done today and to do that the best way I know how is a To Do list...haven't had one of those in a while.

To Do... )

So, yup, got a list and I'm gonna work on getting it done.


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