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So, Thursday I was done with everything except to finish a few tweaks on my documentation, print it and pack things up. Friday night I was tired. I took a very long shower and then snuggled up into bed with an actual book, not fanfic. I was asleep before 10pm. Mel was up playing video games. I had downloaded Tekkend Tournament 2 for FREE with my gold membership and XCOM so he was a happy camper. Got up about 7am or so on Saturday and had just a nice coffee and reading and then getting into clothes, jewelry and packing things for the event. The last 15 mins of packing was weird but we got everyones stuff ready to go. Ben was whiney that he wasn't going. I explained again that the even would be boring for him and that he'd have more fun with Maddie.

Got to the event and got things settled. The unfortunate thing is that since the format had radically changed a lot of people just assumed I know WTF was going on. I had to keep saying to have folks go see Viscountess Victoria since I was also part of this grand experiment in A&S competitions.

So, unlike previous years where you are judged by 3 judges whose scores are tabulated and the winner of the category is settled by who got the highest score; this year, everyone picked their favorite pieces in each category/sub category both for novice and non-novice. The laurels then also picked their favorite novice item and favorite non-novice item.

The expectation was that folks would go around, read the documentation, talk with the artisan and look at the objects. I think it was a good experiment but with more than the 28 entrants we had it will get to be a cumbersome logistics issue. I did like that you can sit and chat with folks about their things and there was a comment book for you to fill out for each artisan. So, in all I think it was a positive experience for all. Plus I noticed that even though the requirement was "minimum documentation" the quality of the items entered was way better than I've seen on things with really swell documentation.

No, my household peeps did well on their docs. We did end up winning by default the household championship but we made a very good show, we did not do it by just the 10 entries we needed...we had 10 folks enter items so that was 20 entries. I think. I'm very proud of the heraldic display entry Sigrid did.


Its the Hrafnheim Hedge. All done Roll of Arms and shows the date of the laureling. Its really cool and we didn't get to see any of it until it was done and in the competition. So neat.

We headed out just before closing court to get changed and ready for Brew at the Zoo. Willa picked us up with Erika and off we went all schnazzyed up. Now it may have not been a dressy affair but we looked awesome and had a really good time...omg was that a lot of beer. They give you 20 drink tickets which if it was 1 oz samples that is great....it was 3-4 oz samples and ooh boy. We got home pretty knockered but it was a good time. Got bridget and the kiddos packed up and headed to showers and bed shortly there after.

I woke up at 430am and was dry...hungover and headachey....so I had ice water, drugs and more water. Mel did not and woke up pretty fuzzy. We were enjoying our coffee at 830 and Ben was just getting up. Got things settled around the house, got dressed and headed to BJ's for Father's Day Brunch/lunch. Ben was not he usual awesome self at the restaurant. He was tired and squirely and just not beuno. Mel and I were also tired so home we went to nap. I read but laid down and mel slept. Ben read in his room and was happy to stay put. Mel went antiquing and then Ben decided to be bothersome when all I wanted to do was rest.

I'm sure it wasn't so bad but he wasn't listening and later when we went to the store to pick out his dad's bday cake he really wasn't listening. What I do not appreciate is workers in the store trying to placate him with cookies and stickers for his BAD BEHAVIOUR? Seriously? He was not listening and when we got home, he got sent to his room to pick it up.

I sat and had a beer and relaxed. Mel handled him for a while, we had a nummy dinner of smoked salmon, macaroni salad and carrots. Did I mention Sunday was 115F and so hot we were almost able to cook an egg on the sidewalk? Seriously, we did science....it almost worked. I think we were all tired and crabby about things and just needed to all nap. I'd been slightly queasy all day and that didn't help either.

I read in the evening, mel played games and I went to bed on time. Mel did not but all okay.

All in all a good weekend. I now have baby gifts to make, the retreat to pack for and D*C to start working on. The BFF and I are going to mind meld over 4th of july weekend and make things cool in my head. Lots of things to get handled on that front but hopefully trim options work tonight for my sari.

So, lots to make , lots to do and the clock is ticking.
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When last we left our intrepid band of adventurers i.e. me, I was very ready for a 3 day weekend of crafting and documentation writing. What I got was partially that and a humdinger of a sickness. I had been very tired by the time Thursday had rolled around and that was just the harbinger of more to come.

I spent Thursday night in the company of [livejournal.com profile] swordmage and we chatted while she worked on her documentation and I worked on my hat. I think I went to bed pretty early. Friday dawned and I got up at some point and we got Ben to school. I got us burritos from Paco and Mom's and then I headed out after some dinking around the house to get my hair done. After that I ran some errands at the mall like getting resized for bras (seriously, that is a new size, le sigh) and then the booze store for beer. Got done with that, headed home to do drop off and made it to my massage appointment just on time.

Kevin is awesome, my massage therapist, and did a lymphatic release on my legs. When I got done with everything 90 mins later my legs no longer ached and the swelling was down considerably. Wow. Even my rings weren't tight which they had been with the heat. I was drained though since he did such good work but I picked up Benton from school and we headed home to make dinner. Mel had spent the day in the workshop working on second DVD rack. I got dinner made which was a tasty pasta with vodka sauce and lots of mushrooms. Linnet, Mace and Ari came over for game night. We had a very good evening of playing "Terror in Meeple City" and after Benton went to bed we all rolled up characters for a kids D&D game. I have never rolled such a bad ass in my life. Seriously. I'm the cleric. This will be fun.

I tuckered out after a while and lay on the couch. The body work caught up with me and probably the 2 very strong G&Ts I had. Everyone left about 11pm and I headed straight to bed. Woke up on Saturday well after Mel since he headed to Ed's for megapatio work. Ben and I had a quiet morning of cartoons and reading. We got things picked up in time for Stacy and Gallant to come over the documentation help. I was tired but managed to get my docs in work...not as far as I would have liked but we worked for a few hours. Mel got home exhausted and we had a nice dinner. Ben had melted down in teh afternoon which I later realized I had never fed him lunch. He had had two breakfast, one of which was at 11am so I didn't think about it. le sigh. I was tired too. Started getting tightness in my chest and a bit of a cough as I went to bed which at the time I attributed to me brushing the cats earlier in the day. I seriously got another cat off of them in fur. But that was not the case.

Woke up on Sunday and I was not well. I managed to get grocery shopping done and then settled for a nap for a bit before heading out and getting Benton a new bike. This time with pedals since he had broke his balance bike and we hit Costco for a quick thing we needed and then home. Ben rode around the porch happy as a clam. Its got training wheels but those we will take off in a few weeks.


I settled in after dinner to relax but could not get my brain to function. I read and went to bed about 9pm. I was toast. I woke up coughing horribly and just stayed in bed. I finally got up and slightly mobile about 930am and I spent the rest of the day sleeping and reading. I didn't even really have a brain and that was how I lost 2 whole days of work etc. I finally had some function on Tuesday to get a shower and switch out linens on beds/bathrooms but that was the extent of my ability.

I went to work yesterday and that had been okay but I hit a down trend and only did 8 hours. Got home and napped for almost 2 hours before Ben and Mel were ready for dinner. Little boy was tuckered and went to bed early. I finished reading an epic fic called "Washed Ashore" and then settled in to finish up the string documentation. I hit the showers a bit after 10pm and was asleep before 11am. All of us were up and going this AM and that is good. My nose is not dripping as much and my cough has basically subsided. All good just still tired.

I have to finish the docs and finish the hat still and I hope to do the final edits tonight.
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I've been dragging the last day or so. Just worn out from the convention and then my edema has gone down but its still not perfect. I dressed cute and put on my compression socks this AM to see if that will help. Its only supposed to be 104°F today so I can probably handle it. If not I'll pull them off and put on my slip ons and be okay. The legs do feel better though and the swelling isn't so bad but yeah, compression socks or stockings on 100+ degree days are a thing I need to remember. Bleah.

Got home with Benton, made dinner for lunches and Mel and we had leftovers. Ben was so tired from his day at school. So tired he didn't want to do martial arts. Didn't have much of a whine about going to bed but he was so not with it and making me short that we didn't do a book. I need to remember that when he is tired his brain short circuits and he's uber clumsy. Not his fault but I need to not get annoyed by it when I'm tired.

I sat on the couch with my feet elevated and read and did some nålbinding. I have about an inch or so to go to stop the increases and just do straight rows before the hat is done but its looking nice and I'm getting into the rhythm. I may not have time to do one out of handspun but I will try.

Butterfly has been throwing up food, entire meals, for the last day or so so I made sure to lube her up with petromalt, feed her a little bit at a time and she's much better. She had some epic hair balls while we were gone.

Needless to say I was up late after getting Butterfly to finally eat pretty well and snuggle up on the victorian chair like a princess.

Not so smart on my part but meh.
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Over the convention I walked almost 40k steps in 4 days. Had work yesterday and walked about 5.4k steps but by the end of the day my edema in my legs was bad. Part of it was I was sitting a lot yesterday and when I was sitting I was tucking my feet into the rungs of chairs etc. I think it was just over work etc and my varicose veins are laughing at me. My feet were so swollen I thought the skin would burst when I went to bed. oof. I took some pain killers, some benedryl and biofreezed my feet and calves. I probably should have put on compression stockings today but its been 110°F. I'm not thinking that is my best bet. I may try to sleep in them tonight to help though.

Got home from work, where my brain had a really really hard time engaging while I was at work and at home it was the same. I changed out of my skirt and cute top into capris and a tshirt. Learned during the day that I need to make slips for when I wear my circle skirts without my crinoline. It kept sticking weird. All of the slips I've tried on are not flowy enough to be comfy with the skirts. Again, will probably by some fabric and patterns this weekend for underpinnings.

Anyhoo, got dinner started (shrimp and grits) and Mel got home with the boy very late. He was very happy I was making dinner and I managed to get the front room cleaned up enough for scribble before everyone arrived. Course most of us were running late. We attempted to not vegetate in front of the tv. Got the scroll texts written up for the weekend. Looked at what we needed to do for the next month. Sam traced 4 scroll blanks and Sioux and I painted. I got most of two small scrolls done. Just need some detail work and some white work. I have now aobut 6 scrolls that need calligraphy in the case so I need to crank those out in the next few weeks.

I also was finally able to look at the docs in Hald to find the naalbinding resource I needed for my A&S project. I started a sample hat out of fisherman's wool and will get that done this weekend to get my pattern settled and then make one out of my handspun for the competition. Yay!

Pics from Con Photo Booth )
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Work last week had me exhausted. I worked lots of long hours and more this week. Friday I got home and got changed into comfy clothes and then started in on making dinner for game night. Things to remember, when making a lot of grits I need to use a very large pan and when we are done eating I need to pour it into a bread pan so its easy to slice for friend polenta the next AM.

The game was good. We got going with a modicum of distractions...it had been almost 6 months since we'd played. The newest thing we added were Mason and Linnet helping. Mason was rolling for the bad guys and Linnet was rolling for an NPC. They had fun, we all had fun. Ari and I almost died (check, I should have raged). I was so tired though but the end. I had been working on my shawl. I'm almost done with the stockinette section of this chart and its finally getting a rhythm to the knitting. Got to bed just about midnight and was out. I'm not sure what time mel and Ben got up but I was headachey and weary and finally rolled out of bed about 9 ish. Ben had been up late playing with Inara. Relaxed and had coffee.

Mel had a plan for the day and I vaguely got myself functional. He fixed the drawer in my end table in the family room which necessitated me cleaning it out. Found some old stuff there and a lot of junk and a crap ton of stitch markers. Got a shower and cleaned up with enough time to get Ben ready to go to Mason's Bday party. In the interim Ben managed to break his balance bike. It snapped the main bolt that holds on the front steering to the frame. I can't fix it since the metal sheared. looking at the cross section I can see that it was miss drilled/off center which caused more stress. Its sad but I'll put it in the trash and find him a new bike. Its about time he had a real one with pedals anyway.

We dropped Ben off at the party and then headed out on errands for the house. Mel and I wandered around Lowes looking at things for the house and porch. We got new cooler controller, new door knobs and locks for the front door, looked at screen door replacements, looked at stain for the porch, got paint samples for the porch and house and picked up a few odds and ends. All good though. Then we had lunch at Beyond Bread, dinked around Anabelle's Attic and then hit the game store for Adult gifts for Linnet and Mason. Benton was in charge of finding gifts for them but we got them each a pocket knife and their own set of dice. They were ecstatic. Which was awesome. Got Ben picked up and Maddie too since she was baby sitting for us. We got changed and we got to my friend Jen and Zac's party early. I guess I misread the invitation but we helped pick up, cleaned some stuff, got to chat with her chickens and see her garden.

Had a really nice time though I did run into people I'm not fans of. I think I did okay at being nice. We got home at about 1030 and Mel got Maddie home. We headed to bed about midnight and slept in nicely. Ben had another late night since he was playing skylanders with Maddie and got a bloody nose before we got home. All good though. I worked on a report review while sipping coffee on the porch and then got things going for running errands. I hit Goodwill, Joanns, HomeGoods, Petco, Ulta, BB&B, Ross and Safeway. I spent the bulk at Joanns going over patterns, fabrics etc for D*C.

I'm doing a Star Wars Lolita from the right pattern in Simplicity 1300. I have blue blueprint fabric for the "coat" and then then silver and blue for the underskirts. I will wear my black crinoline under it.


Then I found a blue fake suede for the Wonderwoman skirt and this awesome actual metal trim in a neat Greek pattern.

I also bought patterns for a skirt Basic Skirt Pattern - 1200. I've been needing to do more "modern" sewing and I really like this style of skirt. I wear a few like it for work and I'd love to have made some to fit me. Plus I can make them out of geek fabric for cons and weekends etc. I got some galaxy fabric to try it out before I cut one out in a "biff/pow/Bang!" purple fabric I have.

Additionally, I got Butterwick's Men's Historical 6340 which had the jodpurs I need for my combat Baroness (not this year but I want time to figure out the patterning for those pants and jackets. I bought two sizes since my butt in in the larger category while Mel's sizing is in the normal size (if I read it correctly, I may not have). All good though. It will be neat. My summer of sewing is getting things organized and then setting up evenings with Sam and Willa to work on kit and other things because the week before D*C is crown and I need a pretty new dress before then and I need to make Mel a new tunic I think. We shall see.

The nice thing is I'm inspired to make things again which is good and the motivation to teach others is good incentive.

I also managed to get the studio more sorted out and things someone more put away. I really, really just need to donate a bunch of sheets and towels to places because I have too many and not enough storage. I also need to get the winter sheets shrunk down and that will help too but my linen closet it a disaster.
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Work is still sucky but we are all in the midst of suck and working as a team to make it better. I figured some cool things out and I have a spreadsheet to save our little chunk of the world.  I know, lame, spreadsheet foo made me excited. I'm an engineer, deal!

Willa and I entered our failed viking glass furnace and it did very well. We won our category, though we were the only entry. We did receive a 55/60 for points so I think we would have won anyway even against other competitors so that was cool.  The organization this year was a bit weird and lists of winners had errors etc but in the end I think it was a successful competition. I judged the championship and that went well too.

In other crafty news, I finished the purple socks.

I have also been working on my "not bunnies" shawl and ran out of yarn.  Both Mel and I thought I had two balls but nope. So I pulled some left over cascade 220 out of my stash and its matching colors pretty good after a few rows.Untitled

Ben's been having better days.  We had him assessed by the school district and their only comments were he was high energy and bright.  But at least we know there is nothing wrong we hadn't already known.  Not that being high energy is wrong but we have to redirect it.

I started looking my planned to make for Xmas and seriously flipped out.  So, I guess I need to get myself organized and working on stuff. This weekend will be studio cleaning, sewing for Ben for Southern and winding yarn and planning projects. I also need to get rid of the two old carseats and get those sold as well as the stroller. Then that stuff is out of teh house.

I'm getting my fall enuii and depression.  I'm not sure what it is about this time of year but man I always feel like crap.  Add that to the I've been so tired, so sick or so busy to make it to the gym well, I'm sure that is not helping.  Next week is further screwed up since I'll have the boy at Theresa's due to school being out for Fall Break so well, we shall see.  Just frustrating cause I feel like this is all out of my control but then I realize it is in my control and its hard to take the reins to fix it.  Thus the depression lying.  Oh well. The show must go on.

My mantra will be to watch what I'm eating better. Limit the alcohol and make stuff.  I always feel better when I make things and if I can crank out some of these small projects I will feel accomplished and not so stuck in a ever ending loop of work.

Still trying to finish the treatise on Engineering in America and I started in an InCryptid novel by Seanan Macquire.  I got a load of books from Mughi last weekend to plow through.  Plus I'm also hit by a plunnie about grumpy cat, Bucky and Coulson.  Yeah.  crazy but it will get done in the wee hours this weekend I think. Its gonna be short and fluffy.  So crank it out and accomplish somethng to get it the eff out of my head.

It was inspired by this fic Wow, That's one Grumpy Cat... and the shirt I'm wearing today.  Silly but funny. I need that.
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 Discussions at work state that this week has been full of mondays since Monday didn't happen due to the holiday. I completely agree.  I have hardware that isn't right, big huge review in GE next week that I keep having to update management on issues, issues with hardware in GE trying to parse out over the technical language barrier and I'm tired to boot.


Over the weekend I finished The Glass Magician which was nice and quaint. I really do like the magic of this world.  The last book is not at the PCL so I will have to wait.  Lent to books to Linnet.  I'm back again reading the History of Engineering in America book. I just finished a treatise on the Army Corps of Engineers and yeah, they've been effed since the beginning.  Seriously.  I'm now onto the history of Georgia Tech which has been interesting.  This book is dense and some pages have more footnotes than text but its been a good thing for my history bug.

I sat down at knit night yesterday and got working on finishing the hat for Benny I started in July.  Sighs.  Yeah.  I only had to make bunny ears but since it was differnt yarn and bigger size for him etc I had to make a few trials  plus he want multi colored ears so I basically made 4 years and sewed them together etc.


Its uber cute and I'm happy with the way the ears stand up.  I didn't have to put anything in them to do that it was just how it was sewn.

Tonight will be cleaning house and figuring out tools for mucking with the glass furnace tomorrow.  Basically if we can't get it to melt glass this weekend we are not making the A&S deadline.  Talking with [livejournal.com profile] loosecanon our use of firebrick and the placement of the bellows are not helping.  le sigh.  So drilling more holes in adobe it is and filling it with sand to make a better heat non-diffusing surface.  Things you learn. Just wish I had learned this months ago. Oh well.
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Well, the last few weeks have been weird. Mel's been off and on ill. I've had my first (probably second) non-optical migraine and well, we are dealing with things. The A&S project for Estrella is moving forward, though not on schedule yet. Lots to do in the next month. Items for crown should have been finished this weekend and I felt the need to just sit and read which is bad because that is all I ever feel like doing of late. Speaking of which I finish #2 for the year which was "Festive in Death" by JD Robb. It was fun and schmoopy and just what I needed. I really do read to be entertained, I like happy endings even if the main story has some angst.

Some things I've been reading have finished up. I'll put them in a separate post since some of them are bit...odd...I ready pretty much anything so yeah.

Hit the last sunday open drawing at the downtown tucson drawing studio before they move to where Ted's Country store used to be. It was good and I've almost filled up an entire sketch book. I need to get more pencils and another one very soon. Though it looks like I won't be back until the 15th or so since no sketch this coming weekend, Crown after that....

Had a great time on Saturday night at [livejournal.com profile] american_knight's wrestling thing. What a good time. Watching new fans see the spectacle was faboo. You can tell some kids were born in Texas!

Its just me and Ben this week till Wednesday as Mel goes to Utah for a work thing. I have plans to hole up in the studio and finish stuff and that will be good for timelines. If I can get all of the crown stuff finished by Friday I will be good to go to basically loose myself in Estrella A&S stuff without too much worry. Lots to do but I'm sure me and [livejournal.com profile] swordmage can handle it.

I also have a plan to get back to my fic I was writing. [livejournal.com profile] bewilde and I have been discussing what I was doing and I need to scale back things a bit and pace things better. Everything I wrote is fine I just need to move it around a bit. I also have an idea for a second part to A Proper Drink which is more Thor or really, him acting like Ivan did with mead that one time at Southern or Estrella with me. It will make sense later, I assure you.

So, 2015 is supposed to be about self care for me and thus far I'm failing at that. I'm taking care of family stuff, handling some adult things we've needed to do (insurance etc) but not taking the time to do things for myself. So, I hope next week to get back to the gym, get my eating back into good control and just take better care of myself.
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Yes, I'm late on things but honestly, some things didn't get decided until Christmas Day. So, for my MIL (I'll ship it Friday) I made a wonderful shawl in the same pattern I did for myself and for [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek.

I also hooked on for one for [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan

So, here are the pictures: Read more... )

I've got the yarn pulled and I need another set of needles for a hat for Bryan. Its gonna be cool and then I need to finish Storvar's TARDIS mitts but those are for Estrella. So, not a lot on the needles but enough. And I get to buy more Chaigoo needles which I'm liking way more than my Addi Turbos.

We are still getting things in order at work but its going well, I'm handling things okay and the morning schedule for Benton is working out so far.

I just need to make sure my butt gets itself to bed on time or early tonight. I've been up too late doing things but my computer hard drive got cleaned up and my phone is now running iOS 5. I'm digging some of the new features.

I've also put in to teach at Estrella. I'm teaching my Beads of the North class, my leather dyeing class and I'm bringing my Rus clothing class out of hibernation. Gotta re-write that handout though...its very dated (I'm lady ianuk on everything!). So, thats what is going on.
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I'm actually pretty sure that I'm now more tired after the weekend then I was going into the weekend. That is a very scary thought in my opinion. I hurt all over and my hand seems worse than it did earlier in the week. I spent yesterday hanging out with Benton and grocery shopping. Not very exciting but it was okay. Mel and Storvarr were busy being master and apprentice in the workshop. I hear that they cleaned up the shop since mel and I had made a mess of it over the last few weeks and they got stuff planed and cut for more benches (stools?).

I have to say I'm very happy that [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue is now the Kingdom Champion! The competition was fierce between the 3 folks who declared and it was a tough choice on their majesties minds to pick their next champion. Its nice that is also stayed in the Barony but we already know that BTY rocks!

So, what did I work on last week? Well since I stepped up at Kindgom Arts and Sciences Champion I knew that I wanted to make an early period piece of regalia to be worn by the champion since the currently collar of estate was huge, heavy and late period. So I did a bit of research and chose to do an axe pendant that would hang on a pennanulur brooch. Now at the beginning of this I figure I would cast it and then hammer out the brooch but since the furnace went down I had to come up with something else. I did a bunch of practice pieces and then ended up using stamps to create the design and I then stamped in ARTS CHAMPION in transliterated Elder Futhark. I'm very pleased with it. I learned lots of skills and got to do lots of hammering which wasn't good for me but oh, well. It turned out nice and I didn't use a single power tool. I used all handcrank stuff (drill press and grinder) which I thought was pretty neato. Mel helped me a bit with cutting all of the metal for me since I could not operate the hand snips and to do the final bend on the pennanular pin. My hands were just toast and I was very, very grateful.

pic behind cut )

In other odd news I ended up frogging Benton's sweater for the second time. I'm doing my decreases on the wrong side of the marker is what I think I'm doing. I need to go watch a video again cause I'm all mixed up on that. I didn't have the bandwidth to fix it yesterday but frogged it during laurel's circle. Oh, well...I shall learn. I guess all of my awesome was used up in metalwork and scroll work that people will see soon.

Again, I'm tired and we are back to all scribes on deck for the next commission. Lots of good there to happen...I hope my hand holds up.
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Well, work was uber, uber busy. I had more meetings yesterday than I usually have all week and that was okay. It keep me occupied and that was important. Left work feeling accomplished and then hit the gym. Took things slow and that was also okay and I did well on doing my reps and just having a good time while I was there. Left feeling refreshed and got home to a house that was smelling of good food. Mel had put a roast in the crock pot that was cooking. It wasn't going to be done for dinner but for wednesday and that was okay. I got an egg and toast dinner with mel's homemade blueberry lime jelly. OMG is it HEAVEN and then I sat down to watch a bit of tv and do some research.

I managed to also down load "Game On" by The Guild, the album "Odelay" by Beck and "Weezer" by Weezer. They had a $7.99/album sale on 90s music and that suited me just fine. Got a bunch of research done though it wasn't all fruitful for what I hoped. Russian sources are scarce on certain things and the translation I have isn't clear on fiber content. I made an assumption that I'm now going to have to write about and defend in my documentation. Its okay though, I think I can manage just fine. The reading was interesting and I learned a lot which was also good and surprised mel with it too. All good really.

Headed to bed and have really gotten sucked into the mystery of what is going on in my book. Its very interesting. Mel came home exhausted but grinning from practice and I think that is a good thing. I was asleep before he came to bed and I slept great until 4am. Got up to hit the bathroom and got back to bed and realized my left shoulder had sublocated and I couldn't get it back in. Mel was awesome and got the muscles to unknot and it finally slid into place. I fell fast asleep until just after 5am when we heard the most raucious noises in the hall and much stuff falling and crashing which was then followed by cats running scared under the bed. Mel investigated and he found that the cats had been attacked by the lunch bag monster, part deux. Sometime last year, butterfly had gotten on the table and was licking mel's tupperware in his lunch bag (plastic grocery bag) and had gotten stuck in the bag through the handle, freaked out, dragged bag off the table and it was banging around, broke a mug, tossed silverware about and tupperware everywhere until she got out of the bag. Same thing happened last night and ti got both cats freaked out and hiding under the bed. Mel picked up all of the dropped lunchware but couldn't find the bag. I'm betting its under the bed. The girls cowered under the bed and mel made noises at them in comfort but they stayed put until we got up 45mins later. This has made for a sleepy morning. But funny.

Well, time to hit more data about the head and shoulders and make it submit to my will. Lol.
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Well, I managed to overcome a rather nasty sinus headache to go riding yesterday..the headache came back after I cooled down though...need drugs. But I got a ride in, go the coronation photos uploaded correctly* and then headed for ari's for kirtle adjustment and scribal.

Well, The kirtle adjustment requires me to redo half of the hand done eyelets...yup, I know what I'm working on tomorrow. The funky curve that we saw in my back pattern of my kirtle pattern from February has now now evened out to more of a straight line.
kirtle pattern from feb )

So, we took almost 4 inches out of the sides and 2 inches out from under my boobs. Yeah...go me...but having lots of work now to do...and Stefan got sent out to Yellowstone...so I get to work on a few things myself on monday. Probably cast the weekend after that I guess. Anyhoo...there was much amusement during the taking in of the pattern from Ari and I.

Scribal was fun and it was really good to see [livejournal.com profile] ceciliamowebray in attendance. We all had fun. I didn't finish the scroll I was working on...I was almost starting to shade in circles but I stopped and pulled out my A&S stuff and started sketching. I hope to have my sketches done over the weekend so I can start getting things going on that front as well. Lots to do though, lots to do...but at least I got the shapes going for what I wanted and that was important. I can now doodle to my hearts content on the patterns to get them just right.

I woke up at 3am this morning and laid away till about 4am when I decided that I needed more pain killers and a snack. I obviously didn't eat enough dinner yesterday and was starved. The girls were more than happy to follow me around and then when I crawled back into bed they smothered me with warmth and purrs and I fell fast asleep. Course, that made it so I really, really didn't want to get out of bed this morning and I'm still tired. Might see about a nap before the demo but it all depends on when I get out of here and if I can get another ride in. We shall see.

Well, time to get going on things...its gonna be a busy day.

*seriously, why would I have to put things in "manual" mode to make them sort by file name? seriously, someone punch a code monkey!
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I just submitted my Known World Handbook Article and my A&S registration. Woot!
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Well, it was a good weekend minus the tireds and the sore. Got moving on Sunday after coffee and felt better and got things stretched out after a shower to much goodness. Stefan came over and we worked casting stuff. I have a new soon to be shiny bronze master to get me casting en masse. We had a good time and I'm happy with the result. Now I just need shop time to clean up the master this week so I can cast on Monday to finish up my project. It will be good.

[livejournal.com profile] robomarkov was awesome and got video of us dancing at Middle East Feast. I realize that either I was tired and I couldn't bring my arms up or I just don't which needs to get fixed for dancing well. The clothes worked out great though I don't think I will make any more entari's with long sleeves. I don't like them and they are warm.

My new clothes )

My photos are updated on my photo site (link on the left side bar of my lj). Though the new software for upload has them a bit out of order. I'll try to fix that soon. I was having issues getting coronation to load properly and I need to do it again...so hopefully up soon.

I also got tippets made yesterday and now I need to figure out what I'm going to put on them. I also need to take my kirtle in and make adjustments to things for Saturday. Plus figure out our food and camp plan. Mel almost has the bed done for use though we'll hopefully have it done and painted by Southern I think. Projects are moving forward and I just need to dig my heels into the other project for A&S. I suck, I know. But things have been more fun doing other stuff. I'll have more next year.

Had dinner at Bumstead's last night and mel had room for dessert. I had a couple of bites and the carrot cake was better than the stuff we had at our wedding. OMG Good! I ate a bit too much but I really didn't eat much all day. Will hopefully get a quick ride in this afternoon depending on when I get out of here. I'm hoping at least.
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Well, we had a really grand time yesterday. My new clothes rocked the house and I had a very good time dancing...though my left hip was pretty locked. By the time we got out of the car at 9pm, I was sore since the muscles had cooled down. We went to bed early and mel worked out some of the knots on my hip but waking up this morning I feel like I've been taking shield charges for days. yeah, didn't make it on the bike ride...we didn't even get out of bed until after 9am. We suck.

Coffee is good...toast is good...shower will be good soon. soon, shower will happen and I'll be very happy. Got lots of A&S stuff today for a game plan. I also need to get going on that stuff..get registered and also send in my Known World Handbook Article. So, I'm okay with that...not going for champion...just haven't had the time or drive...but things for estrella are shaping up.

So on for my day.
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So, I've been working late all week working on a report and its been hard to condense my 3 days of observations, thoughts and notes into a concise report...but I managed to get the first draft out before the 11am deadline and it was "walrussy" which is yay! I've got more meetings today but it looks like I might be able to jet after my presentation at 315pm...which would be nice. I have organization of projects on my brain and I need to the time to pull things out and start knocking things out and then will be more calligraphy and a quiet evening at home. I'm good with that.
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Okay, that was a really punny title. Sorry. There is even a worse one yet to come.

So, after the failure of friday night, I was resolved to do something a bit head of schedule. [livejournal.com profile] cayswann had suggested a bit ago that my Top Ten Books class would make a great Known Worlde Handbook article. So, I decided that I'd start on that for my second entry in A&S...basically breaking my lone rule about working on things the night before. I got a good outline from my class handout and started in on an introduction. Now, sleep dep and failure seemed to make me a bit poetic and it was going good. I then went to bed and couldn't really sleep well. Mel was still pretty sick and he was restless. I finally did sleep and then got up this AM and drove up to Phx with Thegn Steffan. He is a wonderful traveling companion and we had really good discussion to and from the event and he didn't laugh to hard at a few moments of my "dumbest girl evah" routine.

Had a really nice trip, ran into none of the stoopid traffic due to forewarning from the Shanda-lady and we had a good day. It was nice to sit and watch court, work on embroidery chat with people and then have a good lauerelly discussion on the arts with a few folks working on the FAQ for this years kingdom competition. Then it was more court, a nice peaceful drive home by way of florence. Got home, changed clothes and finished up the docs, futzed with jump drives, called Ari a number of times and got no answer and then finally hit kinkos for a spendy but nice print out of my docs. I'm even entering my failed casting project in the "unfinished" category. This should be fun.

So, during Twin Moon's court the call and response is "Hi!" and the audience says "Hi" and some yahoo's follow it by "-est"...which I then followed with "summus estus sunt". If you got that...you're over educated.

Was also very glad that Drake really liked his electronics kit we got him. That is too much fun.

So, here I am done and tired and ready for bed, though I'm a bit wired but I think once I hit the hay I'll be out. See lots of you tomorrow.
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Well, work was a whirlwind. I had a bit of a slow morning and chatted up the girls in the next row for a bit and then it was meetings and lots of electronic paperwork. From the post I made yesterday I had an interesting ergonomics class...my neck still kinda hurts, course that could have been scribble. Had a 2 hour meeting with the "super team" where I'm the only ME for a two team merge. It was kinda weird cause it was an eval on the manager for the team and well, it took way longer than they planned and we get to meet again soon. Did get to hear some interesting things from our factory head and that was refreshing. His highly techincal word is "shit". snerk.

Got home and was tired but I manage to get things cleaned up, get mel's coat sewn (he requested cuffs), made dinner, cleaned up the cat box, wrapped b-day gifts for linnet and mason and had dinner at my table with my husband which was awfully nice. I got the cuffs finished just as people were arriving. We had a packed table of scribes and lots of giggles at dirty monks. I'm almost done with the acanthus leaf scroll I've been toiling on. Its looking nice. The comparison to it and my first scroll is very dramatic. So glad I keep that darn thing around..its horrible but it shows the progress you can make. Megs brought us nummy banana bread from beyond bread and the boys (Ed, Stefan and Ivan) were looking at art porn (musuem pictures) for most of the night. Had a couple more visitors with Candace and Gael and that made for a very full house with our two new folks hope and tosh. Much painting abounded and we have a few that will get calligraphy and be sent up to the crown. We all have a few few hanging in the cases to get done. Most folks left about 930 with a few stragglers a bit after 10pm. I got the kitchen completely cleaned up and my photos all downloaded from my camera (I hope tonight will be editing and uploading to kodak). Got a quick shower, turned on the dishwasher and curled up in bed with a book and a big mug of water. I'm giving blood today and need to make sure I'm hydrated.

So it was a good night. Mel got some guy time and got his new scales from stefan and porn time with the guys. Plus he cut out his new sheild and got a primer coat on it. Tonight before practice he hopes to get the center boss hole cut out and the edging holes drilled. I'm eyeing reedging my tourney shield but I'm not sure. Eh. I need to pack tonight for both trips cause I have to play laptop fu tomorrow (since I got my key fob for access). So we shall see. I hope to get everything laid out but I still think I need to get another suitcase or rolling duffle. Not sure. We shall see. Today is quite a few meetings and I have to print the TDP for the trip next week. On the computer files are fine but having stuff readily printed is also good. We shall see what all has been set up.

Wow, just checked my calendar and I guess I didn't need to bring lunch. Oops. Have a section meeting with food. I guess I'll have that tomorrow.
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Well, work was not fun. Stoopid holiday head is about all I can say. Ugh. Now I have a lot more work ahead of me. GRRRRR. Got home about 5pm...very tired and whiney. So I suggested we hit dinner out. We headed to Texas Roadhouse and had a nice cheap meal in under 1 hour and that allowed us to chat, work on a few sca things and then get home to pack up the car for arts night. I was a bit nervous about the class since I'd never taught it but I had about 10 people I think learned to do silk painting and we got the war pennants all painted which is great. Now I just need to find someone who will sit and put the edging on and serge them. Mel has offered to help and we have a serger. Anybody up for helping on Saturday?

Got home and we veg'd while watching good eats on the dvr. I need to change the settings to record all of the episodes not just the first runs and to add a few minutes on either side of the program. All good though. I slept okay minus dealing with cold cats who were trying to smother me all night. Ugh. And it was cold this AM and I would have rather stayed in bed.

But there are many things to do and only 8.5 hours left to do them and lots of meetings. Sigh. Oh, well.
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Well, as from my post 2 previous...Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind. Sunday after a pretty good nights sleep (I drank quite a bit and was very tired) I awoke with my brain turning on. Lazed in bed for a bit and got mel smiling with one of my ideas. Had a nice breakfast with Richard and then it was home to start picking up the house for working on things. Well, I got sidetracked by congratulatory emails and by the episode of Dr. Who where we get to see where Queen Victoria creates the Torchwood Institute. Very cool. I'm almost getting used to the new doctor...he's just a bit skinny for the size of his head...which I'm still trying to deal with. Anyhoo, Nathaniel (now Ragnarr the Lefthanded) came over and we patterned out his Viking tunic. He made a test one out of some of my utility fabric and that went pretty good. Need to make a few other adjustments but it should be good for his tunic and coat pattern once I work the set in sleeves. I've finally patterned someone large enough to require that piece of sewing to eliminate the pucker in the sleeve...though I could also solve part of it with the ME gusset sets too but I'm sticking to the viking influence for this to start.

So, since I'm still working on tuning up the new machines I didn't get any of my sewing done except that I finished the embroidery for my mom's gift and I'm able to start Becca and [livejournal.com profile] argent_lupin's housewarming gift. BTW, Rob, you're gonna be getting a package from us, a package from Bisbee, AZ and one other that will probably be an envelope. I hope to have your housewarming gift done by year's end. Just so you know. I worked a bit on some research for my idea of my masterwork..damn if that isn't a daunting task since I don't do one specific thing but I want to show my skills and learn a few things new plus I have this crazy idea that anything I make I'm gonna try to write a Complete Anachronist for...or at least get the start of a CA book. I've scaled down my scope for my masterwork due to time and my experience but I think I can work the rest of what is in my head for the CA. We shall see.

We had a nice dinner and watched the History channel and then after folks left mel and I got sucked into an episode of CSI and stayed up way too late. But it was really nice to sit on the couch and relax and snuggle with each other and the kitties. Obsidian spent a good chunk of yesterday snuggled into afghans (she does it herself)so if you come over to my house for the next few months..check the couch afghans for cats before you plopped down. I slept good and now I'm at my last day of work for the year and I have to get cracking on a few things.


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