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Dec. 30th, 2009 10:42 pm
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Okay, I finished #31 Chill Factor and #32 Windfall. Wow. Rachel Caine knows how to keep you your fingers turning pages, throwing curves in plots and making things end but at a cliff hanger style that makes you need to pick up the next book. I guess I'll start #33 in bed tonight. Wow, course I think that is the last one I have in the series. LOL.
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Well, I'm sick. Been coughing a lot and well that isn't so good for my asthma. I'm wheezing a lot...but well, not much I can do about that but rest and get fluids and rest some more. Mel has been a busy bee with projects and getting more antiques. We've decided to put our wedding dishes in storage and bring out the antique dishes and he got me more for xmas.

I've been reading since I've been sick and watching tv and knitting a bit. I finished #30 of the the year which was Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine. Very interesting turn of events in that one and #31 is in progress which is the next in the series Chill Factor.

I had lots of energy last night with scribble where I worked on cards and this morning but by noon I was very tired. I slept on and off all afternoon and finally got back into reading again. I hope to get more knitting done too but its gonna be an easy night. I think some medicinal vodka will help the cough tonight too and I might go to the guest room to let mel sleep better. We shall see.

I do have some photos though from the last few days.
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Dec. 27th, 2009 01:29 pm
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Well, I got a few books for xmas. I got two by Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee aka The Yarn Harlot which were Knitting Rules and The Secret Life of a Knitter. The first is a knitting "how to" book, the second is on the psychology of a knitter and why we are an understood species. Both are good and insightful and I will definitely be using some of the techniques she describes for simple hats etc.

I've been reading since I got a bit sick. A bit of congestion and tireds. I slept a long time last night and have been reading all morning with afghans and a cat on me. Its been nice. I think a bit more rest to knit and then hopefully get my steamer braced to work on the big banners...so sara can have them tomorrow. All good though, just gonna take it easy.

So, that is books #28 and #29 for the year. I should be able to make it to at least 30..but not the goal of 50...not to shabby though.
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Got more data that helped with the anamolous data really having no signifigance and then had to pull out text books and the like to actually do some calculations that were done 19 years ago and never formally reported. Unfortunately, by the time I finished I had a number exactly twice what the number was originally. Curious that. So, this AM I will be redoing the calcs properly and getting a peer review on it to verify and then presenting it to my dept manager (who did it originally) to figure out what I might be missing. I was brain dead when I left work and was happy to come home and sit and crochet. Made mac and cheese for dinner. Yeah, not the best dinner but its cold, I was tired and comfort food sounded good. Then it was on to a court meeting and the finally bed.

I finished #27 for the year which is Another Scandal in Bohemia by Carol Nelson Douglas. I <3 this series. Lots of fun and really good interplay in the Sherlock Holmes cannon. I have lots more to read now but not sure if I'll make it to 50 by the end of the year. We shall see though. I just have been so tired that reading before sleeping just hasn't been happening. I need to change that.

Got up this morning a bit late...it was so comfy in bed. Mel and I have both been hit with "the lame" this week. We should be doing things but we are being lame and not. I'm not yet ready to decorate the house but man it would be nice to get the tree up so I can get presents wrapped and out of my studio. Hopefully some gumption hits me friday after work. We shall see.

On to analysis and part mongering.
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Well, Ivan and I rode a short ride yesterday of 10.5 miles at 15.7mph. I was not happy when we were done. Trust me when I say if a doc ever wants to do anything to you before you plan on racing, tell them "no" and do it after you've trained and raced. Being off of my bike for 2 weeks to let things heal and then have them still hurt is not cool IMHO. But I'm just gonna have to deal and bike as much as I can. Its not gonna be pleasant but I shall have to cope and cry when I get off the saddle.

Got done with my ride, changed and had a shake, updated my ride since my GPS went weird and then headed to music practice after I watched Mel break Richard's bed. The bed frame is fine but the brand new canvas cover tore. Needs better material and I think webbing to help with the strain on the fabric but it looked really cool though. Luckily we have an extra cot. All good.

Went to music practice and learned the next section. Its neato and much harder than the last section but i think at the end I finally got the melody and soon I will have the effing French pronunciation down as well. French is not my fav language. Though there are some on flist who are fluent who are probably laughing at me.

After practice I hit panda express on Harrison. Wow, not the best panda...very slow and with staff that speak accented English in very quiet tones...which isn't good for the girl who has been off her allergy meds for a few days and just got done singing. Got to Ari's and it was just her and Sioux. But we had a good time. The sekrit project for the Regatta is made of awesome and with commentary from [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and I its gonna be fun to stare at for long periods. I managed to not really accomplish anything. I got some lines on a scroll, then had a water incident and then got a lining sheet and lost my motivation. So I pulled out my knitting. Got home and the boys were killing zombies. I got my new podcasts loaded up and then hit the showers and bed. I was tuckered out and only read a small ways in my book.

I did manage to finish #26 of 50in2009 with The Devil's Right Hand by Lilith Saint Crow while on vacation. It was fun and interesting in the plot. It was not as angsty and whiny as the reviews on Amazon would lead you to believe. I just think its one of those transitional books that sets things up to come.
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Well, I worked hard yesterday at work and actually accomplished a few things. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to head to the doctor for my annual physical. Things went well there and I really like my new girl doc. She's matter of fact and got a great bed side manner. Got some questions answered and that was good and she got my refills in and some vitamins on scrip. After that I got home, had a protein shake and then went shopping. Got some good deals on meat at safeway and then headed home. Made a nice dinner of chicken and salad and then did some laundry, watched tv and worked on crochet. I got #2 prezzie done and started on #3. Though I will probably frog it. I'm not happy with how its turning out with the variegated color way I had. It would look better in the solid. So, we shall see tonight.

Then I stayed up watch Jeff Dunham (dot com!) and it was funny. He's got a new show on Comedy Central starting on the 22nd and it looks pretty funny. Then I hit the shower and crawled into bed. The girls did not come to bed until about 4am this morning. They were weirded out by mel not coming home. I think they got the idea when I fed them. Twitter told me they got to their campsite at 3am this morning. I'm sure the boys are tired. Poor them...but the drive to Cali does suck. Anyhoo...I got in early this morning which really isn't that early...back to my old time of 630 versus just about 7am. I have lots of data mining to do today and I'll need to get going on it. Just trying to figure out how to approach it.

Should be an okay day. I got plenty of tunes to listen to on CD and that will be good. Looking forward to my movie date tonight and then a relaxing weekend of projects, biking and cleaning. Though man it was chilly this morning. Brrr...51°F this am. brrr.

Oh and I just got invited out to see my friend mike's band at Skybox on Saturday night and it doesn't start until 9pm so I will probably go. I'll have had plenty of project time by then and have hit the craft fair too.

Oh, Books...I forgot.
Read the BFF's Untitled novel. Will review with her since you guys all can't go out and read it. Its #24 for the year. I then read Plum Luvin' By Janet Evanovich which was hella cute and funny and smarmy and just what I needed. So that is #25. So, half way to 50 in 2009...we'll see if I can make it.
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Its a good thing that I drink coffee tan...cause it doesn't stain the carpet when you spill it when you pick up your laptop off of the floor. It could have been worse...I could have spilled it on the laptop. Just a waste of good coffee and furthers my tired and hopeless feeling mood. Dunno what that is about but it just needs to stop.

Yesterday I awoke very poorly. Bad dreams peppered my sleep and waking up crying is never a good thing in my book. Its odd though, I've only had panic attacks in my sleep in the last 10 years or so...so I guess I'm getting better. Got up and moving and coffeed and I finally go up off of the couch to work on my new hangerock. I got the edging sewn on, ironed and pinned for hand sewing and I finished that. Then I realized that I really needed to hand finish all of the seams. I've been lacking in that on everything and its annoying to me. So I just did it. The boys went too shopping and more sawdust ended up in the house. We met Mingo and Tati for dinner and that was nice. Sorry to Thyra for not making the party but things for all of us were moving in the slow relaxing direction. Had a nice dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and then back to the house for zombie board games. I played the nurse and all I was good for was finding all of the townsfolks (per the scenario) and killing zombies with my bare hands. The humans won but it was close. Richard played some mean zombies.

The it was time for bed, or so I thought. I tried to sleep and even after water, drugs and a massage I wasn't in the sleep state. It was well after 1am that I fell asleep. Weird dreams persisted. Not sure what all of this is about. Slept in a while and have been finishing up the hangerock and reading. I have the straps to put on and then the dress is done, not too bad. I finished At Knit's End: Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee which makes #23 for the year. I plan on trying to finish the BFF's novel today too. I'm feeling pretty lousy to do much else. I frogged my knitting on friday and started on a different present but I'm not sure I have the brain power for it or not. Mel is putting linseed oil on the bed and then I'm not sure what else he's got planned. We need to go shopping for various and asundry things. But the motivator is broken and we need to head to Mos Eisley to get it fixed
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Got home from work early since I was dead tired and the brain was just done. I napped for quite a while with obsidian curled up under the afghan with me. Mel got home and she crawled out to get luv and I slept more. Mel made dinner and it was just basically "man chow now with flavor" but it was good and hearty. Had company over and then got ready for kung fu. My hips were aching something fierce but the little voice in my head said get out and move and things will be better. Activity and stretching really helped and that was good. It was a light night in class. Paul was having a night and it was just mel and I. I did little mantis without any issues and then worked 1st form and stretched some more. It was good.

Got to scribble and worked on sketching out some blanks, finished the dress on a scroll and picked out stuff to callig for next week. Then I headed to get staples at the grocery store and home. Wood work was still happening when I got there. I got things put away and the chit chat got me through finishing Becca's xmas present #1 and I started in on #2. The discussions got me thinking and once those coalesce into a coherent thing, I might post about it. But I'm disappointed in the stupidity of things. Remember people, the greater good is the goal.

I finished Greywalker by Kat Richardson and it was neato. That is #22 down for 50 in 2009. I'm interested in seeing how the series progresses. I know have an untitled novel to read and critique and we shall see how quickly I can sit and read that. Today is lots of meetings and paperwork. I hope to prevail and get home on time for making steak and chili. I'm giving blood today and steak was on sale at the grocer. Nummy.

I also hope to figure out what I'm trimming the new hangerock with and get that cut and ready to sew. I might tweak one more of the sides after I did some more thinking. Course I think I just need to take a picture of my self in it so I can see what I'm trying to do.
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Well, saturday was busy with biking and shopping and hanging out. The boys killed zombies for 4-5 hours. I got holly a Chatter Phone. It was a fav toy in my house when I was little and I still think I have mine somewhere in the old toy box. But we figure, miss holly would luv it.

Remember those?

Had a nice time at the party. Lots of kids having a really good time. I finished mel's hat with some extra single crochet rows. I think any time I do ribbed edging in crochet I just need to start and end with a single crochet row...it looks so much better and fits better. I'm having similar issues with a hat I've started for Momma Kemp...all the hats I've been doing have been top down..this one is bottom up and I'm not a fan of front chain, back chain single crochet...I don't think it is giving me the ribbed look at all. Hmmmm...it also give instructions for a knitted brim and I might have to try that...but we shall see. I PM'd the designer on ravelry and we shall see.

The rest of the day was kinda blah. I was working on crochet and got a bit...dunno, odd. The pressure was getting weird and my allergies went berserk. I was all lurgyish and yucky. I got a shower early and snuggled in to bed to read. I wasn't going to read long but the book got really good. I had finished Assassination Vacation (#21 for the year) on Saturday and it was great...makes me realize that after the civil war I don't know much about american history. Gonna pick up her other books cause she is a faboo writer who makes really neat connections that none of your history books ever talked about in school. I started reading Greywalker by Kat Richardson and its really interesting. The premise is cool, the characters are all interesting and the action doesn't stop. I was going to just read until mel came to bed but he got distracted by dinos on tv and was up late. I got up when I realized it was after 11pm and he hadn't come to bed. My body was hurting from my ride the day before and a sinus headache was starting. I took some ibuprofen and headed back to bed. Got snuggled which was good but I still had a very hard time falling asleep. I wasn't comfy for quite a while. The girls kept sleeping on my sore spots. I had odd dreams and took me a while to come out of dreamscape this morning.

Definitely taking the allergy meds this AM. Plus I need to make sure to stretch out good today...things are sore and they shouldn't be. I need to bike more and that is about all I can say on that. I'll get the bike back tommorrow, get a bit more fit on my current seat and probably go out for a long ride to try things out again. Need to start pushing mileage and hills now to prepare for the ride in November. I also need to get my registration in as well.

So, things are shaping into monday and now its time to really get things banged out on the engineering front.
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So, I was still feeling pretty icky yesterday. My brain wasn't firing on even half of the cyclinders and it was hard part of the day. I managed to do a few things around the house after breakfast and a costco trip for the stuff for Knight Light. Then I got over to ari's with my box o' fabric and I got a mintan, an entari and a caftan cut out from my new measurements. It was hard for me to think that way for a while but I got it done...and I only cut one thing out weird. Got home and the boys were having fun in the shop.
I took a break from sewing stuff and worked on my laptop for a while and then got the studio converted from glass to sewing. I was uber happy to take my baby lock out. Its been years since I've been able to use that machine and it just hums away! I got the mintan mostly put together...I'm lining it and that always takes me a bit. I'm leaving it as a shell right new before ari and I do a form fit. But I was happy with the progress and if I work hard I should be able to get everything to finish work by Wednesday. I hope.

Things are shaping up to be odd again at work....or maybe that is still odd. Not sure.

Oh, in other news. Dear Taco Bell, if you really think the Volcano stuff is hot...seriously, that could go up a few notches. Now admittedly...maybe my sinus issues are to blame but I wanted something to clear my sinuses out and it just made it a bit loose. Try again TB!

So by the time I went to bed last night I was feeling pretty good...way better than I had been all week. I stayed up a bit to finish reading #20 - The Ghost and Mrs. McClure which has a Sam Spade style gumshoe who haunts a bookstore. Pretty fun, kinda neat premise and I luv all of the 40's talk.

So, time to get working on the DATA of DOOM!
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I guess most of us have coping mechanisms....mine is seclusion and reading.

I got #18 and #19 out of the way on the reading lists.

#18 - Salvation in Death by JD Robb. Fantastically creepy mystery when looking at the human condition with respect to death, salvation and the catholic church. The correlation to sins and salvation were heavy but it made you think. I have no idea how miss roberts does this (this is the 28th book in the series) but man, the world, the characters and the mysteries never get old.

#19 - Needled to Death by Maggie Sefton. This is the second in this series and they are campy, a bit predictable but they come with free knitting patterns and baking recipes. Plus, for someone who appreciates and is fascinated by the fiber arts...its a fun read. And this one had alpacas. Woot!

Not sure what will be next in the reading. I have a stack and I got Susan Vowell's Assassination Vacation in the mail the other day. I think I will be reading in Fl this week as well as making some hats. Not sure though, I have documentation to be writing as well. But we shall see.

I've got laundry going and a movie offer to go see this afternoon. Mel and the boys are working at mingos. Had a nice time last night at the house warming and got to chat more with Ed and Anne at breakfast today. Also got to hang with Don which is always a pleasure. Joes was nummy as always too. But enough of that...time to get more laundry going and work on my afghan some more and get organized on the A&S front.
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Wow, looks like lots of people had a bad night last night. I was up until 330am and it wasn't cause my brain was on...I just wasn't tired...until I drugged myself out with good old benedryl. Mel got up at 8am and brought me coffee and then took coffee away so I could sleep. I slept until 10am. Not how I planned to start my day, I can tell you that. Luckily Chill was playing Millenium and Poltergiest: The Legacy so I was entertained.

I think I ate too much at dinner, we went to famous sam's for burgers and an impromptu date night. Then it was too bookmans to get books. I luv the fact that we got 9 books for 25 bucks. I finished reading Strangers in Death and I do luv the back reference to classic Hitchcock. All good. So that would be #17 of the year.

Maybe I should have started reading something else..don't know but I was tired and just couldn't sleep cause it felt like it was noon. Course its almost noon and I think its about 9. I made us a nice brunch of bacon, eggs and cinnamon crescents. Coffee is being consumed and soon a shower will take place and then I will go shopping and come back to bake and relax for the day. I'll probably nap to get back on schedule. Tonights game is gonna be big.

I'm about half way done with blanket #3. My goal is to finish it today. I should be able to manage since I'm relaxing and not pushing too hard. Obviously my body is rebelling.
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Well, I think I will be working a bit extra this week...lots to do and not a lot of time and when your dept manager asks you questions you jump...course that means other tasks are slipping which isn't helpful but I'm managing at least. I think I need to pull in a meeting between all of the meetings to get a task done that I'm not understanding the scope on we shall see if that works.

Anyhoo...yesterday was pretty brain drain. It was way to hot and muggy to do anything last night though I did run errands, make dinner and scribe. I should have done my tape at least and I suck. I think I will work on that tonight along with melee night. All good.

Scribal was fun. I only got one scroll done in the time I usually do two but eh. I'm making progress and I've composed the other texts for the next few scrolls so that is good as well. I might try to line things out this week on everything and then just start cranking out over the weekend. We shall see. The self imposed exile from painting until all of the calligraphy is done is working well for me. I'm even going to callig the two blanks in my case so I can just paint and be done (they are simple designs). Tati has been cranking small happy scrolls out like a champ. I need to learn to callig a bit smaller it looks like and I'm okay with that. She got two drawn and painted last night that were awesome in an early spanish style.

Bill was awesome and worked on my knee and my tailbone. yeah, fun crazy muscles and out of weird bones but I feel much better and I slept really well which was a plus.

I did finish Pride and Prejudice and Zombies the other night to make it #16 of the year's reading. Currently on the docket are Strangers in Death, Promises in Death both by JD Robb, Needled to Death by Maggie Sefton, Plum Luvin by Janet Evanovich and Grey Walker by Kat Richardson.
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After going home early, napping, getting woke up by a concerned hubby which then made it so I couldn't go back to sleep, you'd think I would have gone to bed early. Nope, I'm again DUM!

I'm pretty sure its all my allergies and I took half of my meds this morning. I need to not be taking the other stuff...getting some edema again which means time to stop taking it for a while. I'm better this morning after meds but still really tired, though my brain is on so at least that is one thing above yesterday.

I stayed up late cause I watched Wall*E even though I set the DVR to record it. Sighs. It was too cute not to watch all of the way through. I need to own it...its way too cool. Mel was home early from practice due to getting hit by timoura in the arm. He iced things down a lot and then we both stayed up even later reading. yes, we are both DUM. I did finish my srubbie last night and that was cool...next will be to finish my plarn bag...but that has a lot left on it to go. Probably be the friday project at Grandma's.

But staying up late did help me finish book.
#15 - Lean Mean Thirteen - Good read, lots of "intrigue" and Ranger/Morelli play. I also like that you get to see what a dumbass Stephanie's ex husband is. Wow. I'd have killed him years ago.

So, today will be a few meetings and lots of paperwork. I have a presentation today and I need to get the qual report out for review (with DOM) and then work on stuff for our group project on friday early AM. This week can go by quicker, thank you...I want the weekend...course that is going to be more travel which is the suck but eh. I shall cope.
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bleah. Tired and achey and allergy icky.

But on the bright side, I got new music last night on the Ipod (INXS, Jane Child*, TMBG) and another episode of Stitchit! Course, that is in the car...I'm in work and can't listen to goodness, sighs.

Oh, and I'm way behind on books!:
#13 - 11 on Top Working for Rangeman...lots of fun hijinks and I don't think Stephanie blew up a car.

#14 - 12 Sharp Some discontinuity from the last book, she's not working for Ranger but gets involved in the rescue of Ranger's daughter from the bad guys. Neato.

*Yes, Jane Child...it was the first tape I ever bought and I've missed it. Lots of funky in there...course the next things on the buy list include: The Kingston Trio, The Travelling Wilburies and Prince. I'm eclectic.
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So, in my last post I talked about StitchIt! Podcast. I'm still very amused after 3 casts and when she used the gaming term "whiff" with respect to knitting i.e. "I whiffed this sock" I got the giggles...until I came to realize with mel looking at my mold that I whiffed my mold. The last 4 days of carving are a loss and I scraped them all off and now its a much simpler mold but its maddening that I was making this too hard...but eh. I shall survive. I'm going to finish it tonight and then cast the masters tomorrow and then the finals tomorrow maybe (depends on how well mel is or if I can get Stefan to help me). If not it will be friday which still means that I have clean up to do. I see the heavy use of the foredom in my future, much to my annoyance.

In other news, I finished my #12 book of the year 10 Big Ones...very different for the norm for the books, I'm now on 11 On Top, after that will be World War Z...and then I'll finish a few more plum novels...and then I think I will get myself through some philosophy.

So, lets hope there is no more "whiffing of A&S projects" this week. I'd be very happy with that.
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Well, I'm up, rested, fed and caffeinated. Time to start the day. The girls were very happy to have me home for snugly sleep. I was glad to be in my own bed but it was nice to have a balcony with a nice view and the nice cool weather in Portland. Was happy to come home to richard being there...it was nice to show off the purchases for the trip, share cookies and chat. Mel bough an xboc 360 while I was gone...not happy about that but its his cash...he'll just have to make sure he's not playing it all of the time.

I slept well and only read about the first chapter or so in the next Stephanie Plum novel. I finished An Ice Cold Grave on the plane ride to tucson and that was very good, though a bit predictable. That would make #11 on the book list. The girls were happy I got up and got them fed and then it was time to find breakfast. Coffee was first though as always. I had an omelet.

Mel also didn't leave me any bread and it seems that most of our good bread books are loaned out. So, I managed to put on an egg loaf since it seems that someone (probably mingo) filled my fridge with things I don't normally buy...like milk. The bread is going well and I can't wait to try it with lunch.

So I figure I'll recap the purchases of the books and things.
2 Books on Shaker Furniture
2 books on archeology of brewing stuff
1 book on building bookcases
3 books on medieval illumination
Bob's Red Mill Baking Book (OMG AWESOME!!!)
3 Books on Spinning, Spinning Wheels/Dyeing
1 Free Deschutes Keychain
2 Deschutes Biking Jerseys
2 Bridgeport Shirts
1 Bobs Red Mill Coffee Mug
5+lbs of Dark Rye Flour
1+ lbs of Dark Rye Pumpernickel Meal
1+ lbs of Mighty Tasty Hot Ceral
1 Jar of Marionberry Jam
1 Powell's Books book bag
1 "Reading is Sexy" bumper sticker
1 Mt. Hood Post Card
3 coasters from Bridgeport

Did you know that Bridgebport is called bridgeport due to portland having so many bridges and its a port? I know that sounds like a "duh, Ianuk" but I hadn't actually thought about it and the shirt I got myself shows all of the bridges on the back.

I do have to say though that on mel's next business trip he better be buy stuff for me and my hobbies...cause man, I look back and very few things for just me and my passions. But eh, its all about us I think. The flour will be good for bread and the other stuff is good for the library and for our shaker furniture fetish. So, time to put on shoes and see if I can find the stone I need to cut so I can carve my mold...then get the house picked up a bit and work on documentation. I was very glad I brought my laptop since I did get a very good run on writing...much further than I had been the previous week.

Oh, so if you haven't figured it out...I'm not going to barmaids...some me time with my projects is sounding really good...I've been on the road/air too much of late.
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So, travel was really really good..on time flights etc. The work is also going really good and I can say with confidence what is wrong with the hardware. Which was one of the things that has been vexing us. We are all very tired on the work crew. Most of us got up at 3 am or so and we worked until a little after 5pm. So we are going to head out to the local mall and find food and relax tonight. I'm hoping to sit and work on documentation but that will have to be at the desk since there is no wifi just a cable. I'm okay with that.

I finished To the Nines which I think makes my 10th book of the year. I have Charlaine Harris's An Ice Cold Grave next.

Tired and that is about all I can say. The tattoo is healing up and I was able to wear my jeans today and undies which was a first since friday.

My room has a little veranda on it with chairs to sit on and its very green. I will take pictures of the cherry blossoms tomorrow. They are pretty.
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OMG...I'm skipping an event! That is weird and happy in the same thing. Mel is going to hang with the white belts but I'm going to work on embroidery and carving a mold. Tee hee.

The tat is doing okay but its sore and the tags on my pants keep driving me crazy let along underwear. I feel really weird about that. We'll see what we do tomorrow for work...I've got a few pair of pants that should be good. It felt pretty "scaly" to the touch but I don't see any scabs course its hard for me to see.

But its me and crafts and interesting tv today. Might starting watching a few episodes of tv shows..not certain.

Oh, does anyone know how to get a movie on itunes that you bought onto DVD? Can I even do that?

Oh, and I finished Brimstone Kiss yesterday, that would be #9.
I'm back on the janet evanovich now...
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First off, this AM I got to see [livejournal.com profile] msgolda on the road. That was cool. We work a couple miles apart but I never see her driving. I also got to wave to my neighbor when he passed me heading onto the access road...that was also neat.

Work was productive, putting on headphones and just diving into the qual report actually made things work. I'm happy about that. Got home and mel remembered the phone messages and I hauled the last 2 sewing machines off the shelf and headed to cathy's to pick up my other 2. They aren't sure it will be worth fixing the babylok but I'm getting an estimate. They have some really spiffy machines that could replace about 2 of mine and do leather..tempting...but I'm concerned about all of the electronics going haywire...I like the solidness of the machines I have. Course if the babylok is truly dead, I'll just leave it with them for parts or have them scrap it out...that will give me room to have all of the machines on the same shelf in the studio. I do plan on getting the machine that my neighbor gave me serviced and then putting it up at Dragon's Horde. So that will bring me down to 3 sewing machines and 2 sergers. Anyhoo..got home and was feeling shakey...the blood sugar took a drop so I made dinner of chops and corn. Very nummy...then mel and I both got the tireds...I fought it though and just relaxed.

When he left for practice I got the laundry hydra butchered into manageable chunks and started in on it. I also got more embroidery done and I managed to get an entire garbage bag of clothes ready for good will. I know I have more but I need mel's laundry put away so I can sort things better. Plus, actually going through the drawers and folding things would give me a better idea of what I can get rid of too. Spring cleaning has definitely hit turtle house brewery. I stayed up late finishing laundry. I made good progress on the 2nd rose (all petals outlines, leaves 2/3 done and the center is all filled in). Mel was sore from practice and stayed up reading with me. Brimstone Kiss is disjointed and not Carole Nelson Douglas's normal style...it more reminds me of her first book in that way. But I'm getting through it.

Oh, and if I failed to mention it, I finished Jim Butcher's Turn Coat last week. Not the usual Dreseden and the plots are getting thicker and muckier but there was some interesting resolution with one of the characters. So that would be #8 in my list.

Today I hope to get a pedicure after work and then get ready to teach class. My laundry is almost all put away and I just have sca laundry and sheets to do. The studio still needs a bit more picking up but things are looking good in there. Its almost a pity to start working on things since it so nice. But I'll get working on things soon.


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