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Well, I have to say. This weekend was not how I envisioned it but it was really good. Seriously good in some respects. I managed to fit in lots of projects, got to spend some good quality time with family and friends and got to hit people with sticks. Not too shabby.

Today we were not rained out but Mel was feeling less than stellar. [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan, Benton and I went to Joe's for breakfast and had a really nice time. We relaxed, had nummy food and then got home to pack up for various and asundry. Mel stayed home and Benton and I went to War Practice. I had arranged child care and it was a good time. Ben had an awesome time with Aelina and Asteria and I had a really good time fighting. I stopped before the last scenario when Magdalen had to ask me a land question and I realized the world was kinda spinny and that I was DONE. So I did the land thing and then got changed out of armour, got soup from the soup kitchen and then got everything packed up and loaded before picking up Benton at the playground. Some notable things: Caolin, Aelina's Sister got her AOA, Anya was offered her Laurel and little Duncan who I've known for years from gaming conventions got offered his knighthood. He will be the shortest knight in the kingdom and that is awesome in so many ways. He's such a sweet guy and an amazing spearman. He is pretty fearless too. Anya, well, seriously, if you haven't been paying attention to the awesome, well, sorry...start now! So happy for my deputy...wait, I'm her deputy now! LOL!

Got home and [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp was painting away on my banner. Its spectacular! While she was finishing up I got the Laurel banner traced out and got [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan's sketched out too. We managed to get her's all base painted and ready for detail work before we called it a night.
Banner Pictures )

Mel was very glad he stayed home but he's feeling somewhat better. He's already in bed..course I'm going to be heading that way shortly. I'm tired, sore and I took a knee shot that I had ice on for quite a while that is just starting to ache. The buy apologized but still it hurts. Really happy with the weekend. I know things SCA-wise in Atenveldt are still a bit squiffy due to the BOD but there wasn't much any of us can do about the situation but wait, be patient (I know, its hard) and keep on keeping on until the March 6th date.

Also on Friday night I finished up "Blameless" #5 of the year and started #6 "Heartless" in the Parasol Protectorate. So much steampunk fun!

In the words of my SIL, [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek Go make stuff.
It seriously helps with your mood.
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When last I blogged I was getting my gears rolling on the Crown/Estrella preparations. I've been working on new banners since I messed up the linen technique when I made Mel's banner since some nuances weren't clear in Ari's instructions. Not a big deal. She's going to get an awesome new handout out of this and we are heading in to teaching many more folks through the barony.

This picture shows you the vibrancy of the banners and I'm not done with the detail painting but the base colors are spectacular!

This is 3 separate pennants. Its part of the bling for the Franchise Bomb for the Hrafnheim. There are more of these pennants coming and of course my personal banner as well. I do think that after Estrella I will be redoing mel's banner since its pink versus Hrafn red that you see on the pelican section.

I start work on mine today after I pick up a frame from Ari and Benton and I have some errands run. I'm excited to see mine ready. Yay!

Over the weekend was the Heroes of the Silent Angels Tourney and B of A war practice. I was very happy with my tourney performance. My first round was against Lady Rosalind. It was a basic step in block and wrap to the head. My next round was against Lord Balldrich, the current Queen's Champion, and I made him work for it. He got me with an off body but I think I did well. He did not treat me lightly and that also made me happy. My last round was against Lord Nader, Division 1 Commander, and I was getting tired and he got past me when I dropped my sheild a fraction of an inch. All in all good.

I'm really, really thankful for the ladies of Del A Roc. Lady Eilina and Mistress Tigra were awesome on Saturday and watched Benton and then on Sunday Eilina and her sister watched him. He had such a good time and even without a nap he was doing so well. He ran around and played and chased a balloon with much abandon. I got some nice items at the auction and the laurel's circle was very nice too. Had fun tossing the ball for Sir Elias's dogs and knitting next to Ari for the duration.

We really enjoyed staying with Mughi. He was so good with Benton and we just relaxed and had a good time. Benton was thoroughly enthralled with Skylanders and Uncle Mughi gave him a VooDood figurine. I guess we will have to pick up the game. Which is pretty cute. We also got to have dinner with Tony and Sarah. It was a nice dinner, even with the brand new server at Mimi's Cafe. Benton was starting to melt down though at teh end but he was out like a light when we got in the car. All in all it was a good weekend. I'm tired and sore and have those little bruises you get from combat that you have no idea where they came from but you have them. I did okay with war practice. I didn't have the best day but I'm a bit rusty. I'll get more practice coming up though next weekend.

In other news I finished Pulchritude. My comments are this: If you are going to put your Nanowrimo novel out for print. Have an editor read it. Have it actually flow and make sense and then also don't have another 75 pages added that are you "research" to the novel, the character sketches etc. It was just very flat and left me feeling bleah. Plus the timeline of the entire book was 2 weeks which made it seem even more rushed.

Oh, well, I'm now half way through Blameless and I returned from the household meeting last weekend and from Mughi's this weekend with lots of books to read as well. I will be finishing the parasol protectorate and then a few more in the stack before getting to the borrowed books.
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We came, we saw, we kicked some ASS. Well, or had our asses kicked. I'm never sure how that goes. LOL.

Friday was crazy. Mel woke up at 4am with his back tweaked. We had benton at home with us due to him having goopy pink eye eyes. He didn't have viral/bacterial pink eye, just the allergy kind but we have to keep him out of daycare. I had sewing to finish and packing and we managed to get it all done and hit the chiro for both of us since I had a chair explode underneath me at home on wednesday that threw me to the floor violently. I'm not kidding...it effing exploded. So as a whole, we as a family weren't doing so hot physically by friday. Mel drove us to phx while I finished stitching up the present for [livejournal.com profile] mariamist. Who happened to have her little girl that DAY! Woot! We had dinner with most of the college crewe at Santan Brewery. The little boy decided he liked lemons and he ate really, really well. We were surprised and knew we were finally turning a corner on him being sick since his appetite was back to ravishing.

Mel and I were exhausted and I got sent to bed shortly after we arrived back at Kevin's. I was tipsy and that was good but Benton was restless and I was up off and on most of the night and finally had to dose Benton with some pain reliever for his poor teeth. I finally fell dead asleep somewhere around 530-6am. We got up at 8ish since Benton was up and wanting milk. We got dressed and headed to breakfast at CupznCrepes. Food was good and Benton stuffed himself on a ham and cheese crepe.

The Franchise Bomb (tm) was thrown and Hrafnheim looked HOT! I'm not sure if pictures got posted or video was done but us walking in en masse was awesome. I spent most of last week working on making sashes for our initiate members and the kids and I'm really, really happy that I did. I even made Benton a cute little tabard with Hrafn Raven on it. Mel received the Commander of the Pilgrim of the Desert (Grant level authenticity) woot!

Mr. Benton would not take a nap on Saturday. Asa was awesome and finally got him settled down and sleeping after we all walked Thomas into court. Thomas and Ilora looked resplendent in their Byzantine clothing. Please see my album Coronation of a Hrafn King.

After that we had exactly 1 hour to have the kingdom calendar meeting. It went okay but things didn't quite get all of the way worked out. If we had had 30 more minutes I'm sure we would have done well. I was given a lift to where most of the house was having dinner (Santan Brewery again). I was exhausted, headachey, thirsty and starving. Our waiter was the best I have had in recent memory with a large rotating group. He kept me in water, was awesome with all of the kids, kept checks straight, got food quickly and was smiling about it all. He also didn't slap on the Party of 8 standard gratuity and he I'm sure made out like a bandit.

We got home a bit later and got to bed pretty late after chatting with Kevin. We got up in good measure and had a better nights sleep but mel woke up with a cold. Benton was hungry and we had a nice breakfast at an irish pub in Chandler. Benton gorged himself on fruit including the rinds (I guess he ate and entire lime with rind the night before...lol). I had a good breakfast and we got going late but we had just enough time get dressed, finish getting set up and into court thanks to our awesome household.

I fought in queen's champion. I had a good time doing that. I'm still getting used to the new shield and my left leg paid for it. oof. The shot that almost took me out of the tourney early onwas one on my shoulder. I ended up winning the bout off hand single sword. I'm pretty happy about that since that was my only win the tourney but I was happy none the less. But by the end of an hour bear pit (with a 20mins break between the halves to run the sword and shield side of king's champion). I was toast when we were done and then I chased Benton around for a while while he policed the field of every bit of debris and blade of grass he could find. He would pick it up and hand it to me and most on to the next thing...very cute. He again would not take a nap but when we got him into the car he was out after court.

BTY did awesome and we won everything! King's Champion is Sir Justin, Queen's Champion and Bard of the Sun is Lord Odde, HE [livejournal.com profile] msgolda won as Populace Choice at the Artisan Display, Lady Clarice won the Laurel's Choice and Lady Anya won the Queen's Choice! YAY!!!!

We headed back to kevin's and changed clothes and then hit Sonic and drove home. We got home just a bit before 9pm. The cats had gotten into the trash and made a mess but there was no other bad behavior evident and they were getting along. We made the decision to let butterfly out and it seems to have worked. They are on good terms and back to the cats we remember pre-November. We shall see if it lasts but wow it was nice to not come home to pissy and spitting hissy cats. Butterfly was a snuggle bug again and that was awesome.

So, its monday in all of its glory. Paperwork is crazy and it seems never ending.
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Sunday brought us this years GAWD AWFUL GRAIL.
[livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue and [livejournal.com profile] icka_imp had been hard at work on the GAWD AWFUL SCROLL and there was fun with the Scribal Choir. It was fun.

I ended up fighting which was okay. I managed to do 3 rounds which is becoming pretty standard for me. The last bought was greatsword and since I have only fought it one other time. We had gone over this style of weapons at dojo night on Thursday and that was good. I held my own for a good while before being taken down.

I didn't feel too bad about my fights...still getting used to the new shield and I definitely need to take my body harness in. Its time.

Other than that we spent the evening chatting with Kissa and Branden till late and that was a very, very good thing. Luv those two.
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Last night I headed up with HRH Thomas, Sayyida Mariyah, Lady Aeryn and m'lord Reinhardt to meet with m'lady Ariana (Kissa), m'lord Herger (Lee) and Lord Storvarr to have a Hrafnheim prescence at the BofA Novice tourney. Aeryn, Rienhardt and Herger fought the novice side while Mariyah and I fought the non-novice tourney.

The novice side ran round robin and the non-novice side ran double elim. My first fight was good. I managed to kill m'lord Kale from Inverted with a slot. My next fight was from Micheal Kilkenny (who won the tourney) and he punked me in the face with his inverted great sword. I so missed that...gah. So dumb. My next fight was with Mariyah (had to fight her since the list was adjusted) and that was okay. I need to have some patience but eh I ended up loosing. After that I headed over and did some pickups with Baylor and had a good time with that. I'm leaving me sword arm out..something Ed noted at practice but I'm not sure why....gotta look at that. I was so worried about using the new shield I think I kept it way out there. I do like the new shield. It was nice to use, not too heavy and the handle was really comfy. Just need to work on the sword work.

After the tourney we headed to the Armadillo Grill and had some nummy food. I was starving. The conversation was good but it was midnight when we left. Tom was awesome and I was inside the house, hitting the shower at 2am. I was in bed by 215 or so and asleep very shortly after. I managed to sleep most of the way home from Chandler Blvd so I'm doing okay for now. We shall see when Benton and I need to hit Costco after work. We need diapers and some other stuff so we shall see.
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The trend continues for Mr. Benton being really, really tired when he gets home. He was so tired last night that I put him down for a nap without a peep. Then he didn't want to get up for dinner, ate dinner pretty well and Laura basically just put him back to bed while I got ready to go to dojo night.

Dojo night was good for me. I didn't have too many issues and I used Ed's shield which during the duo tempo drills felt way to heavy but during slow work it was just fine. I think during the duo tempo its just that I got tired from just holding it out there...moving it made things easier and the muscles were taking the weight better. Erikr and I had some good laughs over things and so did Volchek and I. It was a good night and I know what I need to work on next...My country line dancing. No joke. LOL!

Got home and Laura was happily doing homework and I got the cats calmed down and fed. Then I sat working on the embroidery and did not get as far as I wanted but my hands were tired. My thumb tendonitis is flaring again...its manageable but it starting to make my hand not work well. So heat therapy it is and frequent breaks.

This weekend is just a lot of embroidery. I hope to get all of my tax stuff together (I have an extension) and clean up the house a bit more. Its starting to gnaw at my brain that is a pit so its time to clean again to get the nagging feeling from affecting my crafting. Hope to get the front room and kitchen settled today and maybe vacuum before the little boy gets home and we head out to household stitch night. Then tomorrow we can work on laundry and me getting my studio cleaned up. Its still holding Estrella Detritus. I think an in general cleaning will make life just better.
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Well, work was kinda crazy and I've been working on reports. Exciting no?

Got home with the Benton and he was tried but did not want to nap. He played for a good while while I made corn bread and played angry birds. Mel was winding yarn and we were very domestic. Had dinner and then got all ready for FP.

Mel was teaching Viking Accessories and I was hoping to fight. Mel figured he could keep the boy occupied since the boy should be asleep. Well, the boy was asleep when we got there but woke up shortly after getting put in the stroller. Oh, well. He was a good boy though and stayed snuggled up watching people and listening to his daddy talk. Such a good kid.

I fought and had a pretty good time. My blocking wasn't great and I'm sporting some pretty bruises right now that do not hurt....which is probably not a good sign. Oh, well.

We got in the car at 930 and were on our way home. I was shutting down and tired. I could have just curled up in the truck asleep. Got in and got the cats fed and mel put the boy to bed who was so out he didn't even wake up for the diaper change. I got some protein and then a shower and then an ice pack. Read for a bit and then was out. Woke up this AM and felt pretty good minus tired. I'm really thinking its weird I'm not in pain from my leg. It looks AWFUL. Very weird.

I'm going to do a bit of core work and then run/walk for my workout tonight. Then get cleaned up and head to the officer's meeting. That should be good for my legs and make sure they don't stiffen too much.
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Friday was a very relaxed day at work. I got my time in and finished up some paperwork and then left for home. Mel had gotten home just before me and after a quick stop we headed out fro a date afternoon. We had gyros at the mall and then went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. The food was nummy and the movie was faboo. Really, really faboo. I think I almost like it more than the first one. There were only a few places where my suspension of disbelief couldn't be over come but other than that it was a really good romp.

We then got home and mel helped Malius in the shop with a project and I worked on Shanda's shawl. Mel got the boy from daycare and we had a nice evening at home with [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari. Watched movies and just had a good time. We were up way too late though...oh well.

Saturday we got up with the boy who was wide awake at 730...oof...that was early. But we managed to get things moving and he went down for a nap and I went out to run errands. Got a lot accomplished on errands and then got home and got the boy up from his nap and made muffins and sandwiches for the household for Sunday. We then all got cleaned up and ready for Kingdom 12th Night. I had made the decision earlier in the week to wear my Rus clothing...it had been since we stepped down I think since I wore it last and well it felt good to put everything on. Benton didn't mess with my jewelry too much which was good and he used my veil to play peek-a-boo. The odd thing was I forgot my bag when I went to get something before we left. Got to site to realize it...spoke to TE and it was a good thing. Cause if I had left when I wanted I would have been car #6 in an accident on the way home. Benton was asleep in the car so I took him with me and if I had gone with we'd have been very, very banged up. Gah. Was very glad when I got home and got my bag, picked up some much needed booze and arrived back at site just in time for court. Hrafnheim took up quite a few tables and we all looked awesome. Benton had a great time and really enjoyed the tasty german food and all of the seneschal business I needed to do went really, really well. We left just around 10pm and Benton was still awake but tired. He was playing a lot and was just uber cute. We got him home and changed into jammies and he was out. We were shortly in bed as well.

Sunday dawned early and we got ourselves ready. I was a bit discombublated and forgot a few things, like a coat for myself but luckily my fighting coat worked well for that. Lady Anya was awesome and watched the boy while we were fighting. More on that in another post.

Fighting was good. I was a bit worried about my lungs since I'd been coughing and sneezing and having sinus issues but it didn't really bother me much. I had issues with my contacts but that is nothing new...hopefully I'll have that better soon but I was able to wear them and see properly which means my eye pressure is getting better. I just need to work on wearing them more and get my eyes used to them again and I think we will be good.

My armour is back to being too big. So, the next item on the list is to rework my buckles/straps. Plus I need to re-canvas my shield and get my tourney shield working as well. Though there lots in the household that need to be working on armour in the next few weeks after armor failures this weekend.

On the fighting aspect I think I did well. I kept up and took some good charges and didn't do too bad. I killed people and had a good time. I only stopped in the middle of the last res battle because my shield arm was toast. I was tired and needing more food. So I got out of armor slowly and chatting with Sir Giles and Master Bran. Picked up Mr. Benton who immediately went down for a nap in the stroller. Then pretty quickly it was time for court and then time to pack up.

Got to sit and chat a bit with Audrey (greta) and Baby Balin...omg...he is the spitting image of his daddy. I was not smart enough to ask if they needed anything but I will hopefully get on email and remember.

We got all loaded up and Benton was cranky. I knew he was hungry but figured we'd get him a bottle when we got home...he was alseep though so we just put him and down and got him back up in about an hour. I have to say I haven't been that sore or tired since benton was born. That proved I'd worked hard but I was pretty beat up too. Not in a bad way just a few shots in places but I kept moving and picked up the house while mel got benton dinner. He loves the pot roast that mel made and then he was quickly in bed after a bath and bottle. I will admit we both got into bed before 9pm. I read for a while but I slept pretty poorly. I was sore and my sinuses started getting me again. I was awake every few hours. Guh. Made for a rough night.

All in all it was a good weekend. I now have some motivation to get some SCA projects completed and to get more fighting in...got get back in form.
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Work was pretty productive. I'm almost caught up on my big project. We have to do statuses every 2 weeks and each status ans X amount of tasks that need to complete...last status I was uber behind, this status, almost caught up. Should finish one of the big tasks today and then its sit around and wait for suppliers. I'm okay with that.

I wore my cute heel's yesterday and that was a mistake. They aren't quite broke in and neither are my feet for wearing them and I walked all over plant site. I didn't get any blisters but it was close. I got to watch a demo of a cool laser cleaning system and that was cool...how it was implemented is still up for debate on usefulness, it looks great on paper thus the debate.

Got home about 340 and was just gonna take a small nap...yeah, I got cat attacked and slept for over an hour I think. I got dinner worked on the new crochet project where I had to frog back two rows and do the stitch properly. I got it working and replaced the two rows I frogged and got another one on before it was time head to practice.

I had to dig all of my fighting stuff out of my armor bag where it has been since crown. I had planned on fighting warlord and it was all packed for camping. So, it took me a bit to go out and grab things, get dress and out the door. Only did pickups with Justin. Melees were fun as were the drills. Got to fight with lots of different groups. Was pretty tired and armored down before things finished up but I was okay with that. Any further and I wouldn't have been able to sleep...which is important. I need me some sleep. Obviously considering my nap with the kittens.

Course we got home pretty late from practice, mel needed me to put his shoulders, collar bones and hips back in and by the time I got a shower and was reading to turn the brain off it was pretty darn late. I slept good though with only once up to hit the potty but I fell right back asleep. Butterfly is liking the cooler night time temps and has been curled up on my side during naps and night sleeping. I woke up with her snuggled in this morning and it was really hard not to stay in bed. But here we are.
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So, after the longest work week in four days it was a blessing to ride this morning...but first a recap. I've been pushing hard the last few weeks to get my ass off of the couch and out and about again. The sick and the travel couldn't be excuses for me not continuing on my goal for getting back to high school weight by our wedding anniversary. And I fought when I was sick and tired, I fought some more while sick and tired. I didn't drink when I wanted to and I've been pushing to get back onto the bike. Fighting has been going good. I'm pleased with both performances at the tourneys this week and training has been sticking. I'm not stubborn, I'm just dense and once things get past the fortification layer...things start clicking. (the fortification layer is a radome joke btw which is all work related SNAFU as well). anyhoo, last night after a tiring practice where I fixed a few more things and worked on flow mel and I decided we would bike today.

Of course that was before mel found wool moths in the bedroom...now its a great moth hunt and washing and moth balls and cedar will be purchased anew today...again. Nothing of mine was touched but mel's stuff took some eatings..including a pair of SCA pants and his favorite scarf. Guess I'll have to make him a new scarf...darn.

Anyhoo...he was up late working on moth hunting and his sheild. I worked a bit on my undershirt for saturday and then I was in bed asleep. Got up this morning and mel had a head ache. After some coffee and pain killers we got going for a ride. Mel had a flat to fix so I worked some more on the undershirt and then we headed out on a short 7 mile ride. It was nice...legs and lungs protested a bit for me. My left knee has been popping oddly and painfully but its not been debilitating like it had before. It pops, I stretched and then its just sore....so its healing. I'm sure if I'd been biking the last month it wouldn't be giving me any issues but eh...sometimes life happens. We had a good ride, good pace until the ride back through the wind. It was a bit brutal so we worked on our staggered riding. Good breakfast at Joe's. Oh, and I wore my Team Fatty jersey. Its finally not so hot in the mornings and we were early enough I didn't need to worry about sun burning myself. Its a good fit and very comfy though the girls at joe's told me Team Fatty isn't a good name for me. Eh, I explained and they thought it was then cool.

So, I just need to get a hold of someone who might have Delphina's address...cause I lost it again. Which is odd...I know I put it in mobile me...and now its not there.

Well, time for sewing etc and a good day.
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Well, yesterday was exciting. I think I found a correlation in our data behind our failures. We shall see how that pans out but it might be one of those statistics where don't buy a car built on Monday or Friday type of things. Not sure. Got home a bit late than the regular time. But mel was in a tail spin and had to replace the cooler pump again. Not a happy guy. I finished cleaning the grill and got dressed before he got home. We got things loaded up in both vehicles and mel pulled out while I waited for richard to come and pick up the grill. Got to the park things were setting up and everything fell into place. It was a muggy night, no wind to speak of and quite warm. Lots of fighters on on three erics were auctioned off.

I didn't do too bad on the list at least in my opinion. I legged quite a few, killed two and paid attention to all of the good things we've been working on. Morgan and I got to talk after our fights and I was much improved from my zombie performance last week. About half way through the night my eyes started bothering me from the sweat and then they got all allergy icky from me rubbing them. I stopped after taking a stout arm shot, being given my arm back and then getting hit there again and across the shoulder by Sir Gavin. My eyes were done and after trying to cool them down, drops etc they were not happy. If it was normal FP night I'd have just packed up and gone home but the tourney still had about 20mins and then there was court. I got my stuff packed up and chatting with folks and was miserable.

I left very shortly after court ended. I drove home one eyed and blurry, got home, took the contacts out and things were kinda better. Got the girls fed, got a protein shake and then got a very nice shower. Got out of the shower and marveled at the glory my arm/shoulder is gonna be and then crawled into bed. Mel got home while I was trying to read...btw, Assassination Vacation is marvelous. I went straight to sleep when he climbed in the shower. My eye pack wasn't working very well.

This morning things were still blurry and its hard to focus using both of my eyes. I'd have stayed home but I have charts to make for tomorrow's meetings. It will probably be an early day though...I'm not sure how much I've got in me when I'm not seeing clearly...and another few hours of sleep would have been much more curative I think. We shall see.
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Well, I'm still tired but I've been having some fun. Got home from work, had lunch picked up the house a bit and then fell into an exhausted drooling coma on the couch. I woke up when mel was home and the storm started to hit. We managed to get out and get shopping done. With me on travel so much of late the cupboards were making the battle of pantry kung fu harder to win so we got staples and the like. Once home, mel finished cleaning up the kitchen and I got dinner going.

Now, I luv Patak's spice marinades and blends. I'd bought some tandoori rub/mariande and wanted to do a nice indian dish. Got to cooking and once the spices hit the veggies the meal turned...well, fuchsia. Yes, dinner was bright fuchsia pink. But it was tasty. Game night went well, though we got off kilter quite a bit. We had fun and that was the main thing. Got to bed after making a potluck item for the luncheon (cous cous salad again). Awoke at 230 to hear the pounding rain and that got both of us out of bed to hit the bathroom. I slept well but I was still pretty stuffed up when we got up for reals at 730. Got a shower and felt better but I was still tired. I think this is gonna take a while to shake.

The drive to mons was nice, the mountains look very lush with the rains and my iphone was melancholy. Got to site with plenty of time and hung out for a bit. The tourney had 16 fighters and I made it 2 rounds. First round was to Sir Justin with Great Sword. Not my best weapon and I was hesitant...which in this style of tourney, well, any tourney isn't the best. Next round was single mace which I seem to be much more comfortable with than even my sword and shield. It was against mathew de lacy and I didn't do badly. I thought one of the shots skipped and got off of my helm and they called me victor, got off of the field and went back on when ivan said it had landed squarely on my head. Mace's hit weird and Matt wasn't sure either so we refought, this time with matt getting me but I took his right leg out from under him very well...I'm sure there will be a bruise. I was out and stayed in armor for a while to await pickups...but as the tourney went on I got home tired and just weary. So, I got out of gear and cooled down and attempted to stay awake. I did get some knitting done and that made me happy. I also got to use my own gauntlets which I ahd spent most of game night and part of the drive stitching in gloves. They are comfy.

Got home after a while and I took a good nap. Mel worked on shoes and I've since just been watching tv...nothing else. No knitting even...just watching tv. I think it will be an early night. I'm still very tired. Will post pictures tomorrow from the tourney.
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The last 2 days have been mondays at work and so many things are going wrong that I really want to throw up my hands and scream "MULLIGAN" at the top of my lungs but I know it won't help. I'm just going to nod and accept the fact that things are odd right now and I need to take it in stride and just work hard and not stress about it.

Got home yesterday after 11 hours. I ate dinner and relaxed in front of the telly watching Warehouse 13 quite pleasant that one...neato stuff. Then it was time to get dressed for fighting and I managed in not to long of time. Got to the park and started getting into gear. I was slow at that but got help from Ruteger on punching more holes in my straps so the body harness fit much better...but I have no more room for taking it in without moving the straps. Sighs...loosing size is nice but maintaining armor and SCA clothes is getting to be a hassle. Its almost to the point where I need to make all new stuff for this current size and take it in from there. Sighs. I know I'm complaining but man, its annoying.

I fought Ruteger, Justin and Baron Sir Morgan. Ruteger and I tangled pretty well, I killed him from his knees pretty easily. I was happy about that. Had some stoopid moments with Justin..I'm still not happy in my own skin so I'm stiff...course that could be more of not picking up a stick in the last month. Sighs again. Fought morgan and was getting frustrated about my inability to get into my A and B range with him...he's wiley and my timing was way off. Things to work on. course, everyone always tells me I'm thinking too much, how the heck do you stop that? I still haven't figured that out. The only thing right now I can turn my brain off for is crochet or painting or calligraphy...fighting just isn't there yet. I guess more practice will make things fluid as anything else. I gassed out and was dizzy by the time I was done with morgan. My nasal passages have been irritated and my lungs weren't happy either (lack of exercise is making the asthma come back). So, I got out of armor and talked with a few people. Met up with Argyle to get potter transferred from his house to our car. April has a faboo workshop. I've got to take pictures for her on the pieces and get them delivered to Mons on Saturday. I also need to put gloves in my gauntlets so I can fight at the tourney. I'm actually kinda excited since I've never fought in this one due lack of gauntlets.

We got home latish and I was sore and tired. Got a shower and I read for a while. I thought I was going to have trouble sleeping but I didn't. So, I'm hoping today is not so long and I get to head to knit night and then to kung fu. I think I'll grab my knitting needles, my book and a ball of yarn and have a good time...if I make it.
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Well, work was okay. I got out of the engineering review tomorrow cause my project is on time and under budget so I can just work on the project versus working on slides to talk about said project. I scheduled a business trip to Virginia (blacksburg area) for the 20-22. Found out that mel will be at some base somewhere from 22-24...which is the sad. I hope our hotel has a work out room. Anyhoo.

Did errands after work which were to involve Kiwi Knit Shop and GNC. But the actually involved driving to Kiwi and noting that they were closed until the 11th. Sighs. Then I drove to the mall and while chatting with Ari on the phone I ran into icka. Which was cool. She found some neato stuff at Cato for her work outfit and we parted ways at GNC. I headed there to get a small container of protein powder since I've figured out what I like and got a shaker cup with one of the wire balls for mixing. I liked shanda's. Then on a whim I had a 10 Minute massage from the Chi Masters (chinese massage guys) and man did that feel good. I will probably go back to them when I have time for a full 30 min. It was so nice and it relaxed my shoulders which I knew were tight. Biking and pushups just do that too me.

Then I headed to eddie bauer to check out their sale and I found I fit into a size smaller than I expected shorts and bought them and got a new water bottle for cheap. After that I headed to ELYS. And was pleasantly surprised...the cranky gal didn't seem to be helping customers and the gal that helped me understood my needs and showed me the parts of the store for what I needed. Now, its funny. They have crochet classes and it says "crochet friendly" on the door but yanno...doesn't that mean you should be selling crochet hooks? WTF? But it was a good experience there for once but the did not have any of the sock yarns I've been hearing about on Knitmore Girls so I will hope that Kiwi has them. I might have to make a trip out next tuesday to see them.

Got home and changed to do some weight training and did that and ab stuff for 30mins. Had dinner and then it was time to get ready for practice. It was hella humid...but I took breaks to get air and water and cool my head off. I was sweating but it wasn't getting through all of my layers, like my kerchief I wear over my hair. So I kept soaking it. I fought 5 folks about 5-6 passes each throughout the night. Not bad. After a few times on my knees I needed to not do that any more...plus Oslaf hit me in my right knee (its pretty blue right now on the side) and zippy hit my in the left on the side but its okay. I'm sore in the arms and legs from the last few work outs but its the good, I used those muscles sore. I got a little nauseous towards the end...not sure if it was too much water or what but I pushed through. Poor mel wasn't so lucky.

He got too tired and just worn out about 30 mins before me. He was cooling down and talking with the possible man-at-arms about armor etc but he was DONE. I got off the field cooled down, chatted with HE [livejournal.com profile] atensibilla and [livejournal.com profile] thyririgain and then I dragged his butt home. He was pretty unable to talk when we drove home and he got his armor stored and cats fed and curled up on the floor in the family room. I do mean curled up, like fetal position. So, being the good wife, I figured he'd overheated. So I got an ice pack out and put it on his neck and that started to bring him around. We sat for quite a while while he moved the ice about his head and was very happy to see him hit the "I can communicate" stage. He got a quick, cool shower and I think he was asleep before I started reading.

I slept well but I was sore so I tossed a bit. I really, really didn't want to get out of bed this morning...neither did the girls, they were pretty snuggly. But here we are at work. I forgot to refil my Kashi container for work so no crunchies in my yogurt. Sighs. Oh, well. I have lots of meetings today so that should make the day quick. I hope to get get home, do my work out tape, eat dinner and head to grandma's until kung fu. It will be good. After kung fu I think it will be early bedtime and maybe a bit of laundry. The fighting clothes are already in the washer, I just need to turn it on.
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Thursday was pretty good. I got home after a kinda frustrating too many meetings, my main productivity program being down and having to deal with security paperwork gah kinda day. So I relaxed while listening to pod casts, made my call to Dropio for Stitchit! Soar Knowledge and then worked on embroidery while watching NCIS and Burn Notice. Got dressed for Victory Hall and we headed out. I forgot the bug spray and I luckily had a thermal shirt in the armor bag and wore that. Even in the heat it was comfortable and I only got one bug attempt to get me on my neck...though I did find one later in my cleavage when I went to take a shower. Tee hee.

The night was nice. I figured out how mel does his fake to off body but I can't figure out how he doesn't get slammed in the head all of the time. He doesn't either so I'm going to have to watch him and see. We talked a lot of philosophy and for once I was up for it. That was good. I'm remembering very well the placement of my foot during an off body and that it very good. I had to knee trouble at all all evening. Though I really need to build a new sword in the next few weeks. The handle on my current one is annoying thin and my hand gets very sore from holding it. I have a sword blank I bought at Southern that I really just need to get out and work with. Hoping next friday that will work.

Got home from the Hall and sat down to work on more embroidery. Once I switched over to the red I didn't have the dexterity to use the needle. My hands were too tired. So, I got the afghan out and did two or three rows and then called it a night. Mel was up late finishing up the warping board. Its really nice. Slept way in this am and now slurping on good Tir Ysgithr Coffee and getting set to work on more embroidery while mel find yarn for warping up the big loom. Should be a nice day. Gonna hit ups to send off quite a few packages and also hit grandma's for the afternoon happy hour. Then mel has a horseman thingy and I'm going to catch my friend mike's band at Nimubs...all good. I'm about working on projects this weekend and hitting the bike saturday and sunday mornings. All good. We both were a bit sore this morning to bike but tomorrow is a new day. A day of rest after 5 days of work outs is also a good thing.

So must drink coffee...get food and embroider.
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Work was rather long but I managed to not think myself in circles too much. I'm trying to be uber careful on this design and I'm covering all of the bases but things keep looking tricksy and aren't. Sighs. Got home and I veg'd for a while listening to knit more girls. Then I cleaned up the kitchen, had a small melt down while cleaning the studio and then got myself ready to head out to fight.

Was a bit nervous about fighting. The last time I was in full armor was March 27th when I popped my knee. Almost 3 months. Well, the armor didn't fit right, ie too loose again, which I guess is rather good but it illustrates that I really need to spend some time working on my armor in the long list of things I need to do versus what I want to do. Sighs but there you have it.

I only fought 3 people, but the field was pretty stocked with high caliber folks...not what I needed for practice first time out in a while. I fought medrik and on the first pass my knee popped but it didn't hurt, just popped and surprised me. I learned that if I went to fast it got weird so I was a bit more sedentary than our foot work really wants but I was okay. Managed to use some techniques we've been working on at the hall when fighting someone on their knees to good avail and that made me feel pretty good. Got off the field for water and walking and then back on to fight cole. That fight was not so good, at least in my brain. I was thinking too much again but my body was fighting me a bit. I'm back to not being comfortable in my skin again and that just needs to be overcome.
Got off the field for more water cause gosh, it was 101 when we left the house...still warm but not to bad in the wool though. Dan and I did some passes and we figured out during the last few what I've been doing to nerf myself on my flat snap...too much hip, not enough trunk. DUH!...it seems so obvious now but I'm okay with that...things clicked and things got better and now I know what I was doing wrong and I can fix it. Which was good.

Got off the field completely and armor down and chatted with people, I was pooped and needed to keep moving the legs. They were sore from yesterday and fighting was making it worse but its a good sore, I used the legs sore, not I'm injured sore so that is also good. Got to chat with people I haven't seen in quite a while and had a nice time at that. Mel was working with the two guys who want to be man-at-arms and that was good to see. We got home at 1015 and I immediately stripped down for a hot and soothing shower and curled into bed. I'm almost done with WWZ. I slept really well, though I had to keep shifting do to my legs aching but all in all a good night.

Tonight will be dinner, knit night and kung fu followed by working on the embroidery. I need to rock out on that for a while and the afghan will be hung up on the studio door for a while until that is done. Just need to work on it and "GETRDONE!" Looks like the plans for the weekend are shaping up which will include more craft time, warping the big loom with the hubby, a bbq, me being able to see Big Blue at Nimbus on Friday and some tabletweaving time with [livejournal.com profile] sathrn on Sunday. Nice and crafty...all good.


Jun. 5th, 2009 08:51 am
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So, yesterday's comic I posted couldn't be more apropos, more on that later. Got off of work yesterday after a crisis was kind of averted. I managed to get the hardware to work but it will require my ladies to re-tap all of the hole in a connector since our vendor seems to either have 1)a worn tap or 2)tapped it from the wrong side making our screws bind up. I'll call them today and discuss with them. But there is a work around, though not to pretty.

I headed out and got my sewing machines picked up at Cathy's and then I headed off to bookmans and picked up Plum Lucky, and 2 JD Robb books I hadn't yet read (the 2 before the book I bought at costco yesterday) and then I trundled off to Joann's to pick out the yarn I needed for my first afghan. Now, you'd think this would be easy...yeah, not so much. I wanted something that represented me and since I'm making it for me I wanted something pretty, and cozy and comfy and snuggly. [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and I discussed wooleze and that is what I went with but the color choices were hard.
I finally got the following: yarn pictures )

Its gonna be pretty...not what mel was thinking for colors I would pick but honestly...the color selection wasn't as broad as I wanted but I'm coping. Its gonna be nice. Though I'm gonna do a little bag first since that will be more transportable but still good and a bit easier but eh. Got home and mel was awesome and had dinner ready. I ate and then worked on my plarn bag. I'm a bit confused about when I need to start decreasing the stitches to start making the bag go "up"...anybody who does circular crochet please read here )

Got ready for the hall and had an interesting time dealing with bugs and thinking to much. Not sure how I stop that...its always been my problem and I never know what to do when someone tells me that. My hands and knee and back were all screaming at me which was not helping. My muscle memory doesn't seem to work like everyone else and none of the movements are linked to what they should be...and I don't remember the nomenclature and I get lost pretty easily. I need more drills and outside practice to get through this but I'm very slow at learning. I think the allergy head is not helping. Ended the night with my contact being slidey around my eyeball and then by the time we got home both of my eyes were starting to swell shut. I took some benedryl and put cold packs on my eyes and I think I fell asleep that way cause mel woke me up to tell me to go to sleep. So I rolled over, took the packs off of my eyes and was out some more.

Pretty bleary-eyed this morning. Things are just not happy in the eyeballs...but the swelling is down, especially after I got the gunk out of them. Which I had an ice pack now though. My morning meetings keep expanding and that is annoying...and I have a meeting this afternoon, after I leave that I have to stay for. Sighs. I'll be getting to grandma's late but I will also be asking the above crochet question there too.

I teach tomorrow and will need to get things packed up before I go to bed tonight. Course checking the schedule..I teach both classes tomorrow..oops..rats, will need to pack everything. Course if I'm feeling like I am now, I'm not going to drive by myself up on sunday...course looking at the class list...I think I will stay home. There is nothing that I want to take that I can't ask some one for their handout later..which will be nice. I want a sunday at home with my hubby. Course that means my basket o' doom will be very heavy tomorrow eh. Got a lot to remember too. Course since I don't teach until 11am it might be nice to get there latish. We shall see.

So, time to stop babbling and get on with the engineering. Bleah. I think everyone I'm trying to get a hold of is gone. That sucks.
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Work was busily dull...lots of stuff going on, lots that I did and the only thing that made the day better was lunch out at Quizno's with the work husband. I had a torpedo and it was good. Tee hee. After work I got home, changed and headed up to Miles Ahead bike shop. [livejournal.com profile] american_knight and [livejournal.com profile] reynier recommended them and wow. I was impressed. I was unloading things out of the fit and this guy on his phone in the next car, gets out and asks if he can help get my bike up to the shop (there are stairs). I said, "sure". Trick is, the guy didn't work there, he was a customer. From what I gathered while I waited for Jeff, he's a hot racer. Jeff was very cool. He explained what he was looking for on the fit, adjusted my cleats to give me more power (I was doing all of my climbing with my calves, which is exactly how its been feeling). Then he adjusted the seat and things were a lot more comfy. I'm gonna try the adjustments out for a while and see how it does and if its still not working I'll change saddles but when I got home I decided that I may as well try it out.

I didn't tell mel I was headed for a ride cause I didn't want to get down the block, have the knee complain and just turn back and have him chuckle at me. So, I got on and didn't know how far I was gonna go but knew I was gonna go. I ended up doing 3.5 miles, avg about 14. I had to stop and fix my chain at an intersection cause I'd downshifted too many gears too fast and the chain slipped. I'll need to take it in for service anyway since its been sitting a bit. The knee felt great on the ride but when I got off it was swelling just a bit, so I iced it and snuggled up on the couch with dinner.

Oh, we all need to give Thyra hell...I caught her smoking yesterday from a cig she bummed from a coworker. Mingo called her a "coworker buttsucker" which is fitting. Give her some grief! (evil grin).

After dinner I had to change and get ready for Victory Hall. I wasn't sure how much I could do but I figured I'd give it my best shot. I did lots of slow work with Ragnar and that was good. I learned a few things and then I did a bit of pell work but the full speed was tweaking things. Ed and I adjusted my stance and I have to remember not to shift my chest forward for comfort...its robbing me of power...course I shift it naturally due to my boobs but I can see what its doing. I also need to get into a slightly different set of lifts for my upper muscles. Mel said he'd get things set up for me to do pull ups ( the bane of my high school gym class btw). Then my leg was tired and I sat on the side lines watching footwork. Learned a lot which was good...just need to apply it. Which for me is the hard part.

Got home and iced the knee a bit more and then I soaked in the shower for quite a while. I started reading Brimstone Kiss only to discover that its the second book in a series. But the intro gave a bunch of information so I'm gonna see how it goes. Then I was asleep well before mel came to bed.

Work today will be busy and then it will be home for grocery shopping and house cleaning. The family room needs to be picked up a lot and decluttered of mel's tools and the leather stash. Need a good place to put that soon. Maybe we can get the storage room redone soon and that will help with that. Spring cleaning is calling, we just need to find time as a couple to do it together.

I think it will be too windy to bike today...we're expecting 40 mph gusts today. So, maybe tomorrow morning I'll get up and go for one before the day gets going. We shall see. It felt really good to get back in the saddle.

To do This week )
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Well, work was a lot of work. A lot of brain drain and then I got home and worked on research until it was time to go to VH. I had a hard time getting things ready for the hall...couldn't find this, forgot where I put that but we made it on time and then I kept putting things on in the wrong order the normal bubbling me.

Drills were good and it emphaises to me that I need to get a new sword...I need to recut my handles...the current stick isn't great...I'm gripping too hard which causes things to be too tight in areas they shouldn't etc. So, gotta go through the rattan stash and make a new stick. The drills were good as well, I'm starting to get the muscle memory and getting to know when I'm doing things wrong and I know how to fix them.

The next set of drills was fun (well, it started out that way). It starts with a set 3 shot combo and progresses through the line to 4, 5 and then 6. I made it to 5. I had finally started to relax, was breathing good, trying to be fluid and I got to the 5th shot which was an off body. Alessandro and I had been working on my angles to throw that shot for the first time in slow work so I thought I knew what to do. And I did, with my body and my arms but I didn't set my feet correctly and when I went to throw the off body I felt my knee pop...well, actually I thought justin had hit me in the knee and I forgot to put my knees on and then I was on the ground not in a happy place. Got me settled off the sidelines after a bit and justin figuring out that things had just popped due to the angle and I was okay but I'd be sore. I'm thinking I was very tight in the legs from kung fu and then I had relaxed and just did something wrong and the body wasn't happy about that.

This has blown many of my plans for the weekend out...I was gonna ride the next 3 days and see a movie but I'm gonna do research and sleep I think. I'm able to walk but slowly and I can't put too much weight on it but I think that will get better as long I keep stretching it out today. I'm gonna call glenn and see what he says too so all should be good.

Well, I think a nap is in order. Very tired.

What sucked though is that things were clicking into place finally and then I go and hurt myself. Oh, well, I won't forget how to make it better.
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Work was odd. I'll leave it at that. We are having a meeting about the incidents yesterday and I'll guess I'll go.

Got home after work and all I wanted to do was curl up and nap but I got some toast and then got working on the buttonholes on mel's cote. [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r and [livejournal.com profile] sathrn came over to pick up things and to have [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r work on his helmet. We all chatted away and all had a good time making fun of Bobby Flay. Tee hee. Got dressed and out to practice. I was having elbow issues, as in issues remember to put things on. I forgot my elbow pad and had to take off the right elbow and put on the the pad and then the elbow again and then after a few fights I realized that I didn't have an elbow on the left side at all. Oops. Fought well I think. Taking too many leg shots but I need to be more non-linear in movements and that will help. Course on the to do list after we step down is armor stuff for me...and actually having legs would be good. Finished off the night training with Justin and had a good time with that. We got home a bit early, I read some in a book and had a Guinness and then it was bed time.

I finished Seven Up by Janet Evanovich the night before and after doing some reading in a martial book I started reading the next one. They are fluffy but they are funny. I'm highly amused by them and that is good.

I slept very well but could have used a lot more. I'm very tired and sore this morning. I've got a lot of small actions on my plate that will need to be dealt with today. But progress is happening on the home front and tonight is the last officer's meeting. I've only missed 2 in the last 7 years so it will be nice to have an evening open every month.

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