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Well, last week I pondered on the yellow haze in Tucson and well it took me down hard. I managed to make it through 1/2 a day at work on Thursday and was home the rest of the week working from home off and on as my brain was really not making good connections. I did go to the doctor but he stated that I was not infected just had an "impressive" case of allergic rhinitis. So, I've been really good friends with my netipot, benedryl, sudafed etc. It made for an interesting weekend for being outside at SCA events but after 1.5 days of good rest and lots of meds I did okay on Saturday and did really well on Sunday.

Saturday was the Boar-onial A&S competition. We gave out an AoA to Annika and 2 Golden Blades, one to William Lochridge and one in absentia to Baba. We had another planned but we will have to catch up with that person at 40 year.

My student, [livejournal.com profile] swordmage won with very, very good scores the Championship!!!! YAYA!!!!! Lady Arianna Hunter got best of Novice, Populace and Laurel's choice!!!!

Sunday we had breakfast with [livejournal.com profile] lferion and then headed out to Thunderbolt Tourney in Mons. We all had a great time. We got roses (made of duct tape) for the tourney prizes, got to watch the "wheel of misfortune" make the tourney fun, Benton got to get really, really dirty and snuggled up with Mel and I throughout the day because he was still tired from the day before where he didn't nap but had fun including a mud puddle. I also got a dozen tiger stripe which is so pretty from one of the families. We headed out after the auction and then home. Benton was asleep very quickly after getting in the car. We got back to the house and he got a bath when we got home and then we all headed out for family dinner at Chili's.

It was a great weekend and only towards the end of the day was I really starting to drag and everything felt puffy. The allergy meds are making me swell a bit but I'm coping. We headed to bed uber early.

Saturday night I managed to finally finish the vegetable book. It was not the historical book I needed for SCA research. It was put together in a very higgly-piggly fashion that I could not figure out. I'm just not happy with the book but I'll cope. It was #12. Now I'm in Magic at the Gates by Devon Monk which is back to supernatural schlock which is just fine by me in my allergy riddled state.

I'm doing okay this morning minus just wanting more sleep. I did not do my dose of benadryl last night but my ribs hurt...not sure what that means if I've got stuff out from wearing a crown for two days or if its my allergies. Hoping to hit the gym even with how I'm feeling to just get the blood moving and maybe get the swelling down on my limbs.
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Friday mel had the day off and we had had plans to spend it together going shopping etc for things but he had a lot of prep work to do for the household bench building day so those plans got scuttled. I managed to get out and hit the bank and then mail off packages to family. Mel and I did manage to get a nice little date night with dinner at Guadalajara Grill and then Bookmans. Dinner was really really good. They make your salsa at your table and its really, really good. I had a nummy margarita which really hit me hard...my alcohol tolerance is for crap now. The food was faboo and we enjoyed the time there. We were going to try to hit a movie at the cheap seats but dinner took a bit longer so we then went book shopping. We walked into Bookman's and ran into Artemis who was chasing down his son Cypher (sp?). Had a really nice time chatting with him and Andrea and seeing how big the boy was.

Mel and I got a lot of books, imagine that, and it was a nice time out together. We got back home and the boy was uber happy with [livejournal.com profile] snotblossom and Varr watching him. They left and then the screaming started. We figured out pretty quickly that he had a tummy trouble (gas) and a dosing of gripe water and he was all better. We all got to bed and then it was an early morning for us. I got the boy fed and then back to bed before folks started arriving for the bench building day.

We had 7 kids in the family room and 15 or so adults around the shop and the family room. Wow. I walked into the shop at one point and everyone was working away and folks weren't getting in each other's way. Mel's new shop is awesome. Tym was an awesome dude and has designated himself the household coffee bitch and made nummy coffee. Lunch was pretty good with Hinkle cod salad and other fixins. We had managed to get the kids to the park before lunch and that was good for running off energy. After lunch we watched some movies and it was a good project time for many of us. Benton was pretty hungry once he finally got up around 1030am. He's growing and its taking its toll.

Folks left except for Storvarr by 7pm. The house was quiet and that was so nice. Benton got a bit over stimulated and we let him relax and play and snuggle. We were all beat and after showers I think we all hit bed pretty early...though the boys might have been playing video games..I don't quite remember.

Sunday we got up lateish. But it was okay. The boys played video games and I worked on the shawl I started on Friday, its lace and pretty.

In the early afternoon My Aunt Jackie and Uncle John arrived for a visit. They are from Michigan and were in Scottsdale for a graduation. We had a good visit and it was nice to see them. Ben was really good with Jackie and John and the boys had a good time chatting.

Later, I managed to pull out some yarn and make a cowl that I've had in my queue since 2009 when Thyra got me the yarn. I also used the crochet hook set she got me since I couldn't find the size I needed in my stuff. Win! Its a neat pattern and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Full view of red cowl

It will be great for work and the winters here or anywhere really. I finished up the crochet late on Sunday night but couldn't find the button until Monday AM. I had gotten up when mel left for work yesterday and started working on a new shawl that I've also had in my queue. I've put mel's socks in hibernation since the second sock is too tight for him. Sighs. My gauge changed between the socks or I mis-counted or whatever...but they are in time out for now. Mel is okay with me putting them away for a time. I think they will end up being socks for [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari so they won't go to waste or get completely frogged. I will go through the sock yarn and find much bigger yarn for his next pair of socks and I will do it on larger needles. I'm happy though that I've gotten things made for myself. Its been nice.

Yesterday was Benton's 2 month checkup. He did really good and is at 13 lbs 1 oz, 24.5" long. He frowned at Doc McMahon which was funny but he was smiley with everyone else. He only fussed for about 30 seconds after his shots while we were at the office. He slept all of the way home and even when I took him out of the carseat. When he finally woke up he was very cranky so after a bit to eat I put him back in his little rocking chair and got him soothed and sleeping again. Mel came home and he then got really cranky. His temp was up and he was not happy. He got a dose of infant tylenol and some nursing and then as out again. But you could tell he felt better while sleeping. He napped until about 830 and we had a really good feeding and then he got to interact with folks at scribble before I put him to bed for the night. We were all asleep by about 1045pm. That is good for us.

I had to get up and pump at 415am. He was up at 6am and we had a good breakfast and he's still snoozing.

A week from today will be his first full day at daycare and my first day back to work. Its going to be nice to get some adult interaction and not be the mommy milking machine but I will be missing interacting with the boy. He's made so many advances in the last few weeks: smiling when we smile at him, getting his hand into his mouth himself, rubbing his eyes when he's tired and lots of vocalization. He's also been trying to roll which is also fun to watch. He managed to inchworm about a foot or so during tummy time on Sunday as well. He's getting so big! But it will be good for him to interact with other folks, play with other kids and get socialized. It will be a rough week next week but I think it will be okay.

I'm making sure to get up when mel does this week to get in gear for when we will be getting up for work with the boy. I think it will be good..but I'm going to be tired. Plus my allergies are going full force and I'm still debating the use of drugs. I took claritin on Sunday and my blood pressure tanked most of the day. But with my nose being swelled and my sinuses being all puffy it might be worth a bit of dizziness.

So, its Tuesday and still early and in the words of [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek "have fun, make stuff".
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Friday was a weird day. My headache was pretty much gone but I was still feeling the affects of it. I was tired and rested when I got home on Friday. Mel hit the antiques store and the asian market. I rested and knitted which was good. The gaming group came over and we had a nice evening of violence...though we kinda thwarted an attack versus getting into one which is pretty good actually.

Saturday dawned okay. I was tired and laid in bed finishing #14 for the year Nightlife by Rob Thurman. At first I was rather annoyed at the abrupt change in style of writing midway through the book..thinking back on it...wow, the author had to make some serious changes in his style to get it to work well and it did. It was very into the characters head and sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. This time it did. After I had a shower I headed of to WWKIP day. The Tucson knitting groups were meeting at Beyond Bread and we had a nice time. I got to meet folks from ravelery and knit and it was good.

Got home and mel and I then headed to Tom's for pre-luau party time with the household. I got in my swimsuit and enjoyed the pool and the sun and some good drinks before the kids arrived and took over the pool. Mel enjoyed rough housing with the kids and throwing them around. I hung out and chatted and then knit up in the house chatting with folks until it was time to go. Mel was pretty tispsy when we got home and he went straight to bed. I started in on Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris. I'm a book behind in the series but this one was interesting. I think it was better written than the last one and the story was entertaining...brutal but entertaining. I got to sleep about 1am or so though my breathing was off. I almost got my inhaler but didn't probably should have.

Sunday was groggy getting up but I managed. I was glad I had had a shower before bed since I felt clean but stuff up and my throat was all craggy sounding. Had a good breakfast with the family at Joe's, teased Joe's youngest a lot about being spoiled and then it was home to work on things. I was tired and didn't feel great. I managed to get the studio to almost working condition. I chatted with my mom. My step-sis gretchen had to have an emergency surgery so I was getting an update. She is doing really well and that is a good thing. Mel played with lego's and played video games all day. Which for him is the perfect way to spend your b-day. I ended up crawling back into bed and slept and read all afternoon to early evening. I finished #14 Dead and Gone and then read Undone by Rachel Caine as number 15. Hoping I can get more books in this year but we shall see. This AM the allergies are not as bad. My throat is still a bit craggy but I'm trying to drink coffee and keep my water fluid up too.

Need to get the house picked up for scribble and for my peace of mind. When the house gets cluttered I can't work on projects well. I need to get it decluttered and picked up and cleaned to get things working well in that arena. Deadlines are approaching on the horizon and I need to have that all working well. Tonight I will sketch out the A&S scroll and then I will work on calligraphy. Lots to do. I hope to be cutting out fabric tomorrow so I can be sewing thursday and friday. All good and doable if I can keep on task and get the house in order.
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Yesterday was good. My allergies were not so bad. I hit the gym and did a max out on my bench press for one rep. We called it 98 lbs since I got the 95 lbs and almost got the 100lbs up. Something to work on. I worked legs and low back after that and then headed out to knit night.

The girls were having a good time when I arrived but I ignored the cake...it looked so good. Got my heel stitches all picked up before I had to leave and then headed to Takamatsu for Tati's b-day. Large group of us but it was nice to spend time chatting. Shared sushi with [livejournal.com profile] dverning and that was really nice. Mel stuffed himself into a stupor with kimchee'd pork. Got home, worked on item #3 of present #2 and was confused by the pattern. I think there was an extra line in the pattern and I need to check for errata. It just didn't make sense. Went to bed after reading more in Gale Force...about 50 pages ago I called out who the bad guy was and I was right. Go me.

Well, that was the highlight. Woke up this morning and the snuflupagus is back. Snarf. I'm snotty and that is no fun. Plus, breathing is becoming a chore...gonna have to refill my inhaler. Bleah. Still gonna hit the gym...Do some abs and arms and rock that out and then go home to whimper, sneeze and watch Burn Notice..oh, and craft.

Snarf. I'm whiny, sorry about that.
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Snuffly was an understatement. I used tissues at work when I was at my desk and I filled up half of my wastebin. Bleah. On the factory floor I was miserable and my little hanky got filled pretty quick. The assembler I was working with told me to go home since I looked so miserable. I felt miserable but my mind was working...I just sounded dumb. I decided that home to rest would be better than being a snotty nose at the gym. Got home, had to call the doc to return a call and then snuggled up with a book on the couch.

I slept about an hour. Tati came over and mel and I got dinner on for us. I did sweet corn on the grill for the first time. Its nummy but it takes some managing. I had to keep poking at it which is annoying. I'm not playing medieval playstation. But the hassle was worth it. Had a nice dinner and just relaxed watching tv with family. It had been a long time since we had dinner with Tati and just hung out. I managed to get part 3 of gift 2 almost done and should be able to finish that tonight which just leaves putting closures on all 3 before that project is done and I can start on the blankie. I also need to continue sketching on the scroll stuff and I think I'll be ready for more of that on thursday night. That will leave the weekend for blanket work and I'm good with that.

Went to bed on time and I slept okay. I'm still stuffy. But way better than yesterday. I hope to hit the gym tonight and just push out some reps and then head to knit night and then out to a dinner. Should be good. If I'm not too tired. We shall see.
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Well, last night during scribble my lungs started aching...not in a good way like when you've worked them hard and they are happy to not be working hard but in that fluid filling tightness. Bleah. Got stuffy and was pretty miserable when I got home. I had a shower and still was stuffy and after reading I slept okay. I woke up earlyish and had to blow my nose and I haven't stopped that. Bleah.

Still blowing my nose. Bleah. Not happy. Luckily work is pretty mild. Lots of people are out. Bleah. just want to go back to bed.
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Work was odd. I spent most of the day unpacking and re-orging my cube multiple times. I have about 4 cabinets of stuff I'm trying to fit into 2 and its not been fun. I think most of the desk toys will get tossed or brought home. Did manage to get another monitor which is nice but it took me a while to get the monitors set to what display I wanted. By the end of the day I was tired and my allergies were fighting through the claritin I took under duress that morning. I was miserable when I woke up and took one. All of the time at the park and lack of sleep wasn't good.

It got through most of the day okay though all of the dust kick up in my cube from me rearranging. I came home a bit early to defeat the laundry hydra and continue to clean up the house. I also ended up taking an hour nap and after I woke up the drugs really weren't working. Meh. Got the front room picked up and vacuumed it and the family room and I dusted the entertainment center. I got the bathroom half cleaned and then folks started arriving. Oh, well. I can do more tonight. I need to wash rugs and mops floors. I did get all of the laundry done and I got the text on the scroll I need to turn in for Saturday. It was hard though...my brain was done. Ari was having similar issues and we realized she hasn't knit anything in 2 days. Poor girl. But once I finished the scroll, her brain turned on and things were good. Had a really nice scribble, small but good. I got rid of half of my old garb stash to icka and Elsa. I think the rest will go to saint felix.

I was a good monkey, or maybe not, and took some benedryl to sleep and help with the allergies. I got to bed a bit late after shutting down the house but I slept well. The girls were snuggly. I did not want to get out of bed this AM. It was comfy and now I'm pretty much in the same place as yesterday AM. Yeah, miserable on the drugs or off. I have hopes of fighting at practice tonight but it will all depend on how I feel after the day, hopefully hitting the gym and then after.

So, hopefully today goes quickly. I have some phone calls and some hardware to inspect. The hardware will be later today. I have to sit in the lab and do that so that would be a good time.
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To say I'd rather be in bed sleeping and not at work would be an understatement. I don't feel good due to my allergies and other things and I'm fighting valiantly to not get sick. My sinus horns have turned into unibrow and my teeth are aching from the pressure. Le sigh. Plus, work is less than enthusing of late. Lots of uphill with no view of the top which is not a good way to work.

I'll survive...only 2 days left in this week. Friday will be sleep in, pampering and working on projects...and hopefully a very quiet weekend. I need some quiet and some sleep. Well, trudging into the endless paperwork.
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Well, its monday again and boy is it striking with a vengeance. I did not sleep well and I think part of that was soreness, part of it was my brain being on and part of it was just oddness in general. Course I also got some skeeter bites during the night that don't make me happy either...bleah, I hate skeeters.

The rest of the day sunday it was hard to motivate to work on things I needed to. I watched tv, relaxed, napped and worked on presents. I also managed to get my studio cleaned up, fabric pulled for a few outfits and got my new wrap around hangerrock pattern figured out. Its a nice rosey pink and I need to figure out what to trim it in. Hopefully I'll have that figured out today so I can work on the handwork and get it ready to wear for A&S. I also plan on getting other stuff cut out so I can have new stuff by the time the reign starts which will be nice.

My allergies aren't happy with me this morning. Guess I don't get to skip meds much anymore...sighs. I was hoping. Here's to hoping things kick in soon.

Today at work is going to be *fun*, since I have lots of paperwork to do. But I will prevail over the mountain of red tape and triumph in the face of change notices, variances and their ilk!
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Well it is now really Friday and I've had a ride (10.25 mi/15.0 mph) and made pancakes from scratch for breakfast. I used the Saco recipe on the buttermilk container but I changed a few things, added cinnamon and fresh grated nutmeg and wheat germ. They came out awesome.

Now it will be time to sort laundry and pick up the house. I'm going to keep things pretty relaxed and just be home. Tomorrow is a big training ride for el tour. I hope I can keep up with [livejournal.com profile] american_knight and Malaius, we shall see. My ride today was hard due to the wind and me needing to blow my nose. I've been trying to not take my meds for allergies and well I don't think get to do that yet. Oh and I'm a dumb engineer. I realized I was in my low gears not my high gears which explains why my chain was rubbing on my derailer cause it wasn't quite in the right position. Oops. I'm dumb. But I figured it out and that was good.

So on to work on stuff and relax.

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Well, yesterday was exciting. I think I found a correlation in our data behind our failures. We shall see how that pans out but it might be one of those statistics where don't buy a car built on Monday or Friday type of things. Not sure. Got home a bit late than the regular time. But mel was in a tail spin and had to replace the cooler pump again. Not a happy guy. I finished cleaning the grill and got dressed before he got home. We got things loaded up in both vehicles and mel pulled out while I waited for richard to come and pick up the grill. Got to the park things were setting up and everything fell into place. It was a muggy night, no wind to speak of and quite warm. Lots of fighters on on three erics were auctioned off.

I didn't do too bad on the list at least in my opinion. I legged quite a few, killed two and paid attention to all of the good things we've been working on. Morgan and I got to talk after our fights and I was much improved from my zombie performance last week. About half way through the night my eyes started bothering me from the sweat and then they got all allergy icky from me rubbing them. I stopped after taking a stout arm shot, being given my arm back and then getting hit there again and across the shoulder by Sir Gavin. My eyes were done and after trying to cool them down, drops etc they were not happy. If it was normal FP night I'd have just packed up and gone home but the tourney still had about 20mins and then there was court. I got my stuff packed up and chatting with folks and was miserable.

I left very shortly after court ended. I drove home one eyed and blurry, got home, took the contacts out and things were kinda better. Got the girls fed, got a protein shake and then got a very nice shower. Got out of the shower and marveled at the glory my arm/shoulder is gonna be and then crawled into bed. Mel got home while I was trying to read...btw, Assassination Vacation is marvelous. I went straight to sleep when he climbed in the shower. My eye pack wasn't working very well.

This morning things were still blurry and its hard to focus using both of my eyes. I'd have stayed home but I have charts to make for tomorrow's meetings. It will probably be an early day though...I'm not sure how much I've got in me when I'm not seeing clearly...and another few hours of sleep would have been much more curative I think. We shall see.
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Well, I slept well, even after only being up for 14 hours...though I think the benedryl had something to do with that. Found a spider bite though could explain the itchiness from the night before that got me out of bed in the first place....Having coffee and soon breakfast...hmmmm.

Its National Mead Day...so, drink or brew some today. Speaking of that...anybody on the f-list borrow our book entiled "The Meadmaker"? Cause its not on the shelf and its not in the checked out section...hmmm.

Anyhoo..breakfast calls.
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This sinus thing is for the birds...ugh. I had to keep up on ibuprofen throughout the day and before I headed to grandmas I had another sudafed to help with the stuffiness. Well, it was okay but when I started our class things got kinda medicine head..cause I was draining somewhat so it made parts of class hard for me but I managed. I did not have the energy I did last class and that was annoying. Not sure if its sinuses or what but eh.

Got home and I was kinda miserable. My head was pounding again and my sinuses were expanding. I snuggled up on the couch and worked on the baby afghan. Seriously, crack smoking monkeys wrote the edging instructions..OMG. Seriously, do you need 5 lines of instructions to say to single crochet into the the edging or 4 lines to say double crochet around until the corners where its 2 dc in one sc and then 5 dc in the next sc and then its 2dc in the next sc, then dc till the next corner? Sheesh. I made it to the first corner and went to bed.

Today is lots of meetings and getting my stuff ready for my trip. Woooo. Lots to do there. But I can manage. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...let me tell you. The if its not storming a good bike ride followed by a pedicure and some time at grandma's. Its sounding very nice. Wish it was friday already. Anyhoo..we shall see how the day goes but man I already need a nap.
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Yes, I did mean to use a fish versus excrement...so sue me.

Well, I accomplished quite a lot last night even though my sinuses are making my forehead look like I'm getting horns coming through. (Seriously, ask Mel, my front sinus swells and you can physically see it...its creepy). Anyhoo, I got all of the sekrit squirrel project done (picture on Monday, I promise) and then made myself a pretty cause I was inspired and such...heck, unlike me, I left all of the beading stuff out so I can play some more later...tee hee..we shall see what I come up with next. I'm excited....but also getting distracted which I shouldn't do. Sighs. I took a shower after my last post, took the benedryl and snuggled in with PP&Z and read until mel got home. He was all bouncing from the practice and his exuberance couldn't keep me awake for long. He was kind and brought me more pain meds and I was out. I woke up with the alarm this morning and fell kinda bright eyed and bushy tailed...course I got a full nights worth of sleep and I took almost a 2 hour nap yesterday...so not too bad.

I preempted my headache with drugs this morning and I can tell the sinuses are unhappy but they are coping and I'm not searching my desk for an ice pick...oh, I'd be trepanning myself, not lobotomizing myself...I want the euphoric release of pressure, not the mind numbing dumbing of my psyche. (wow, that was poetic...hmm, more drugs might be good for me). Anyhoo..I'm feeling much better than yesterday and I've been hitting things with full force at work. I have lots to do and now two days to do it before I leave for travel. Wow, lots to do...so I best get cracking.

After work I do plan to fun home, dinner and then head to grandmas for some knit night. I guess a big group of folks is coming and that is good. I need to get to the edging on the baby blanket so I can get that done and start the other one before I leave so I have plane projects. All good.
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I need to remember to take my allergy meds before hall. Eyes ucky again. Bleah. Need to still work on endurance during drills. Arms just get to tired to quickly. Duo tempo drill made lots and lots of sense and again slow work not so much. I know it's good for me just still not getting it.

Got home and benedryled myself and worked on the hammers some more. Had to ice my eyes before bed and I slept well. Got up and the eyes were still icky. But I got freshly cleaned lenses into them and got into bike gear. We biked 7 miles with 16.2 mph avg. Got a nice cheap breakfast at Joes and then home. I just finished with the 4th hammer and am now beading the final one. Woot. Goal is to finish it as much today to allow me to get lots of other things done. We shall see

Time for some lunch grub and then a shower and grandmas. All good.

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Jun. 5th, 2009 08:51 am
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So, yesterday's comic I posted couldn't be more apropos, more on that later. Got off of work yesterday after a crisis was kind of averted. I managed to get the hardware to work but it will require my ladies to re-tap all of the hole in a connector since our vendor seems to either have 1)a worn tap or 2)tapped it from the wrong side making our screws bind up. I'll call them today and discuss with them. But there is a work around, though not to pretty.

I headed out and got my sewing machines picked up at Cathy's and then I headed off to bookmans and picked up Plum Lucky, and 2 JD Robb books I hadn't yet read (the 2 before the book I bought at costco yesterday) and then I trundled off to Joann's to pick out the yarn I needed for my first afghan. Now, you'd think this would be easy...yeah, not so much. I wanted something that represented me and since I'm making it for me I wanted something pretty, and cozy and comfy and snuggly. [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and I discussed wooleze and that is what I went with but the color choices were hard.
I finally got the following: yarn pictures )

Its gonna be pretty...not what mel was thinking for colors I would pick but honestly...the color selection wasn't as broad as I wanted but I'm coping. Its gonna be nice. Though I'm gonna do a little bag first since that will be more transportable but still good and a bit easier but eh. Got home and mel was awesome and had dinner ready. I ate and then worked on my plarn bag. I'm a bit confused about when I need to start decreasing the stitches to start making the bag go "up"...anybody who does circular crochet please read here )

Got ready for the hall and had an interesting time dealing with bugs and thinking to much. Not sure how I stop that...its always been my problem and I never know what to do when someone tells me that. My hands and knee and back were all screaming at me which was not helping. My muscle memory doesn't seem to work like everyone else and none of the movements are linked to what they should be...and I don't remember the nomenclature and I get lost pretty easily. I need more drills and outside practice to get through this but I'm very slow at learning. I think the allergy head is not helping. Ended the night with my contact being slidey around my eyeball and then by the time we got home both of my eyes were starting to swell shut. I took some benedryl and put cold packs on my eyes and I think I fell asleep that way cause mel woke me up to tell me to go to sleep. So I rolled over, took the packs off of my eyes and was out some more.

Pretty bleary-eyed this morning. Things are just not happy in the eyeballs...but the swelling is down, especially after I got the gunk out of them. Which I had an ice pack now though. My morning meetings keep expanding and that is annoying...and I have a meeting this afternoon, after I leave that I have to stay for. Sighs. I'll be getting to grandma's late but I will also be asking the above crochet question there too.

I teach tomorrow and will need to get things packed up before I go to bed tonight. Course checking the schedule..I teach both classes tomorrow..oops..rats, will need to pack everything. Course if I'm feeling like I am now, I'm not going to drive by myself up on sunday...course looking at the class list...I think I will stay home. There is nothing that I want to take that I can't ask some one for their handout later..which will be nice. I want a sunday at home with my hubby. Course that means my basket o' doom will be very heavy tomorrow eh. Got a lot to remember too. Course since I don't teach until 11am it might be nice to get there latish. We shall see.

So, time to stop babbling and get on with the engineering. Bleah. I think everyone I'm trying to get a hold of is gone. That sucks.
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bleah. Tired and achey and allergy icky.

But on the bright side, I got new music last night on the Ipod (INXS, Jane Child*, TMBG) and another episode of Stitchit! Course, that is in the car...I'm in work and can't listen to goodness, sighs.

Oh, and I'm way behind on books!:
#13 - 11 on Top Working for Rangeman...lots of fun hijinks and I don't think Stephanie blew up a car.

#14 - 12 Sharp Some discontinuity from the last book, she's not working for Ranger but gets involved in the rescue of Ranger's daughter from the bad guys. Neato.

*Yes, Jane Child...it was the first tape I ever bought and I've missed it. Lots of funky in there...course the next things on the buy list include: The Kingston Trio, The Travelling Wilburies and Prince. I'm eclectic.
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Okay,I think I really should be smarter and have gone to bed earlier but alas, I'm DUM. Eh. I think a great big huge nap will make me feel better...unfortunately, I'm at work. Sighs. I'm trying to get Cali out of my lungs and its resisting. Bleah. Allergies are the suck...I hates them and again, I'm DUM and forgot to take meds this morning. Eh, I'll drink lots of water instead...that might work. eh.

So, got home and cleaned up the house and worked on pictures. I do not have coronation done cause the hall was so annoyingly dark, I'll have to be working on the photos for a while but I did get Jost's Knighting, Jenny/James's Wedding, the Cornerstone Demo and Twin Moon's Investiture uploaded on my photosite (please see the side bar of my lj for the link).

I also posted my fiber retreat photos in the last post using google. That was kinda cool. I also worked on the hyperbolic crochet and it grows! I'm gonna finish this last row and be happy I think. Its pretty neato.

Other than that...another day at work. Yeah! I need to go get my factory shoes, cause again with the DUM and forgot to grab my closed toed shoes at home to head to another factory to look at a piece of hardware. Then its a meeting to go over a schedule of stuff I'm trying to do for a project. Sighs. We shall see how things go.
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I woke up this morning after have some wheezing issues later last night with my hands so swollen that I couldn't get my ring on. I haven't had that happen in a really, really long time. Lots of other swelling is telling me this is allergies and probably the doses of sulfur I was getting in the shop on friday and the casting pieces. Sighs. Plus I'm sure I sulphited myself on something food like this weekend. Sighs. I hope it clears up though but its making my joints hurt.

I went to bed late on Saturday night due to not being able to sleep until I had a packing list. Got up and mel was woozy but after showers he was up for breakfast at joe's which was nice. After breakfast, he realized how sick he still was and stayed home. I loaded up the fit and headed to site.

So, A&S was fun. Though I do need to remember to bring handwork...which I have plenty of right now. Got to sit with some of the hedgefund and had a good time. TE made it clear that we all need to pick on [livejournal.com profile] american_knight about his stellar pronunciation! After court we had a judges meeting and that was good. I judged: Clothing, manuscript arts and textile arts. All good entries, lots of good reading. Then I had time without handwork to kill and my drop spindle was in my embroidery bag but my fiber was in my basket. So I watched Misha's spinning demo which was a lot of fun. I learned a bit and I hope to get spinning at the retreat this year.

(ow, hit hurts to type, sighs).

In the end Richard took populace choice and won his categories. I one one of mine and thomas one one of his, wander won at least one of hers and we had a good showing for Hrafnheim....but Dragonwing took the household championship. I'm okay with that...we will have a better showing next year. Got home and was tired and hot and after some discussion richard, mel, and I headed to sweet tomatoes. Mel had slept a good chunk of the day and felt better but still looked awful but he was happy to get out of the house I think. Got home and I was having some good old asthma wheezing which I guess since I've been out of my nasal spray for the day isn't surprising but a bit unexpected. Got showers and was in bed pretty quickly. I slept good and woke up feeling really, really puffy and low and behold I am. I'll see how I get through today. I have a big meeting with the factory big wigs on rework and then other meetings. We shall see.


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