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Well, successful week last week with putting in for a major item at work that will 1) be a good career move and 2) a big challenge for me. I also hit the gym 3 days and have been back on watching what I eat (i.e. tracking it).  Its hard to "cheat" when you log it.

Friday night was a bday party for Henry and that was nice but my back was killing from my workout and I was bone tired from everything during the week.  We got home and we went to bed pretty early after I managed to sit with the heated shiatsu massager.

Saturday we all slept in. It was glorius and I sat and red in bed for a while and drank hand delivered coffee.  Got up and made breakfast for myself, watched some Agents of SMASH with Benton and then I started in on the cleaning of the hutch, dishes, kitchen cleaning etc.  In the afternoon we started moving things into the hutch and wow.  We cleaned out a few cabinets of "precious but not used very often" items (ones that didn't get purged) and got it settled.  Its so nice.  Mel got the music cabinet reglued and we moved things around so the 16th century cabinet is next to the hutch and the feast gear basket stores underneath it.  We also got all of the DVDs deboxed and set up on the new rack mel made. It will have an upper section the same size so we can get rid of the crappy $20 pieces I bought long ago.  Then I had Ben put his skylanders in a larger basket that had a handle that folded down and got rid of a different basket to the goodwill pile.  Mel's and I's skylanders got a dvd box for storage and my infinity figures got the same treatment.  Its so nice to see all of the movies in one spot.  Very enlightening on what we do own and what we don't own.  Ben was a trooper and even though mom and dad were busy he was awesome and kept content all day.  We spoiled him after dinner with another epidsode of Johnny Quest.  I went grocery shopping late Saturday night to get lunch stuff for us.  After I got back I cleaned through all of my sewing stuff and threw out old things, put like things with like etc.  I also went through my yarn stash and I need to purge it but I reorganized it so I could see it.  I have enough sock yarn to make 40 pairs of distinct socks (eep).  Though I have some folks who need some stash so I will be giving things away.  YAY!

Sunday dawned early. The girls and I had a breakfast date at Prep and Pastry before drawing.  We met Willa there and had a grand time.  Mel went to war practice and the kiddos kept themselves occupied at our house.

My drawing is showing marked improvement.  I looked at my sketchbook from almost 1 year ago with the same model and its a vast difference.  Yay!!!!

Got home and picked up more stuff and took a lunch break after drawing and then I started in on the making the front room completed. I called for help to Wander since I needed picture hanging help (like, placement and please hand me that, while on the piano etc).  We moved almost all of the pictures in the family room and almost all in the front room. Rearranged things in the hallway and in general figured things out.  The antique singer does not want to be a dumping ground and put a nice lantern on it.  That just leaves me to find spaces somewhere for all of the pictures that didn't have frames we could hang.  I got ride of more frames but I made rework some to hang elsewhere.  The last bit I did was move the dining table 90°.  I didn't think there was space but there is and the bottle neck is bigger than near the piano. Plus, if we are diligent we can remove a leaf from teh table when not in big use and get more space.  It completely changes the room.  We are so adult and the green walls look more defined now which is neat.





Bridget and the kiddos came over to watch Ben for the holiday and I got a few errands ran before work. All nice and easy for being 1.25hours late to work. Part of the cleaning we deboxed my Funko POP! figures and I brought them to work. I can't take a picture but as I type the Coulson bobble head rattles...lol.  So cool.

On the docke this week is more gym time.  Finishing the studio so I can work on Crown clothes (and other misc sewing projects/repairs) and gaming on Friday. Plus we get the hitch on the van on Friday and the car goes in for maintenance on Saturday.  Busy week.
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Not sure why I haven't been posting anything other than fan fic....mostly because my day to day stuff is uber busy now and when I'm not in meetings I'm on telecons and when I'm not in telecons I'm working on reports etc...so not a lot of time to just read and write. I'm 500 articles behind on my reader and weeks behind in comic reading as well. Bleah.

So, since Halloween coronation and southern happened. Coronation was a bit different than usually done. It was in BTY and outside. I know that next time we do it it will be different but the weather was gorgeous. Benton was uber cute and did really well all day long but never took a nap. He did escort Mel and I down the aisle for our oaths or an order call, I'm not sure what but it got the "ahhhh" from the crowd when we went up. One big surprise was that I was awarded the Commander of the Pilgrim of the Desert. I'm the 9th recipient of the award and wow was I blown away at receiving it. Thomas was hella sneaky about giving it to me as well. He had called up the Commander's of the Fluer de Solei and they inducted Shoshana into it! YAY! and then he asked me to herald in the pilgrim's in my field voice which I did not realizing what was happening. I think I actually swore which had Thomas laughing. Ivan and I also got a queen's cypher/ King's Sigil...I'll have to go look to see who got what. Our chookies were tour shirts that [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari had done the design work on and that was pretty darn cool.

Southern Crusades happened right after Coronation...we had a really, really good time. I was able to take Thursday-Monday off and I managed to clean my house top to bottom before I left since mel had gone up for set up. It was so nice to do the cleaning and I put the comfy sheets on the bed (snuggly micro fleece flannel) and had a really nice drive to site. It was hot when I arrived and most of the region had a record high that day. The guys had most of the tents set up by the time I got there and I got our tent organized and ready and we all got dressed in medieval clothes in time for a really tasty spaghetti dinner. There was lots of mead and fighting all weekend. I did good minus the last part of the day on Saturday. I took two stout gut shots and that had me reeling. I was still thinking that I might have a hernia or two and I was very much feeling it on Saturday night. Sunday was pretty crazy and sore too. But it was a good weekend. Another surprise was that mel and I got inducted into the Order of the Sable Harps of Mons Tonitrus. It was a great honor and Baroness Juliana spoke of how we've traveled down to their A&S for 7-8 years to judge and have taught in the Barony etc. The funny part was Ivan was tearing down camp versus being at court. LOL!

We had a really nice time and Benton was very happy to be pickedup from Mary and Andrew's house when we got home. He had a really, really nice time and got to go to the zoo and out to breakfast etc. I was very, very happy that they were able to watch him and that gave mel and I a really nice weekend.

Other than that I've been reading a lot of Dresden Fanfic and not working on projects. Sighs. I'm annoyed with myself but honestly I've been a bit tired and on the edge of sick enough that I have not enough energy. Bleah. I have lots to do and no gumption. I did hit the doctor the Tuesday after southern and its not hernias...its probably really, really strained muscles. Additionally, I have a nodule of valley fever still left in my lungs from who knows when and everything else is okay. The muscles I will be going to PT to help with that and will hopefully get it scheduled for next week to start that.

Last friday mel and I dropped Ben off at daycare and then we saw Glenn and then went to see Skyfall (which was AWESOME) and had a nice lunch at the Polish Cottage before going antiquing and shopping. I picked up Vibram Fivefinger's shoes for running and general wear. I've been needing new running shoes and I've been thinking about these shoes for a while and finally just went and tried them on. They were on sale at Summit Hut and that was awesome. I really like them but have not had a chance to use them on the treadmill yet. Hopefully next week.

Benton has had some issues with biting again. It seems that things are only okay when he's binky'd which is not what we want. He's also been fighting something sniffly for a few weeks like me and he's cutting his incisors. One of the 4 has finally poked through but the others are still sub surface and he's in pain but not complaining just biting. Sighs. We are keeping him home for the Thanksgiving holiday. He's been uber snuggly and I know he needs more sleep but work has been crazy. So, the holiday will bring lots of sleep for all of us.

Other than that not much is going on. Life is not exciting which is okay. I'm not a fan of interesting times at all. But hopefully I can get well and back on track with things and start making things again. All good.
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Well, I got home from work and got the dough on for the breadmachine to make and then I cleaned up the kitchen and picked up around the house. I needed to pick up a few toppings so I headed to the store. Mel texted me while I was there that he landed and that was awesome.

Got home and go the dough out to rest and browned up hamburger for one of the pizza's and I chopped veggies for the rest. I made a hamburger and mushroom and a pepperoni and red pepper. Mel's only complaint was that they needed more salt but that was easy to fix. He got home while I was putting toppings on and he settled in after unpacking. The girls were so happy to have him home they both flopped on him and got snuggles. He also got to feel the podling fluttering around my tummy and that was cool. I was on my feet from when I got home from work until the pizzas were done and it felt so good to sit and eat dinner with him.

Scribble folks started showing up and we had a good size group. Folks got to see how easily the IKEA table converts to expand. I will have to move the table back to its normal position for game night but it was a bit nice and cozy for folks at scribble.

[livejournal.com profile] elinor_dear came with [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp and that was awesome. I was not in the artistic mood. I know awful isn't it? I'll be getting back to things tonight I swear and so I chatted with folks and then ended up playing zombie dice with Icka and Erika and later Ari. What a fun game. Seriously easy to teach and then you can chat and play really easily too. It will definitely be making it into the basket for events.

Mel and Mingo took a look at the dishwasher and we also, like [livejournal.com profile] robo_markov we have plastic stuck in the machine. Though for us its in the bottom drain filter. Weird. I'm wondering it if pieces of the packs of detergent that are supposed to dissolve and didn't. I'll have to look at the pieces and see but that is my current theory. Mel said he'd tinker with it this week but its gonna be hand wash for a few days. I'm okay with that. The new sink and faucet make doing dishes really nice.

It was a good evening. Everyone had a good time, the pizza was a hit and I got to have mel home. The girls even snuggled with us which was also good. Though I think its finally getting cool enough for them to want to snuggle. It was 66 when I headed to work and I think a bit cooler at work. I had to grab my shawl I left in the car on Saturday for the walk into work.

I finally got the go ahead to our medical group here at work for me to get my flu shot. Though i had to go to medical versus the shot clinic in our cafeteria. Eh, It was a wonderful morning for a walk. Though I was held hostage for longer than normal due to being pregnant. Eh. All good and now vaccinated. My arm hurts though which is annoying. I tried not to tense up. Oh, well, I guess I'm more delicate. Lol.

So, good day. Depending on the weather I'll head out to practice this evening with mel. I hope to hang out and chat with folks. I will also be heading to LA fitness to check it out after work and see if I like the facility.
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Well, I had a three day weekend. I spent1.25 days scrambling to get TRM clothes done and delivered and then it was fun time after that. Friday was lots of sewing and attaching of trim. I was stuck on how to put trim on her hangerrock but with a bit of help from Ari and Mel we came up with a good plan. I needed opinions and it worked out well. Game night was good. Mel didnt' kill us yet and we finished up a bit early which was okay since I still had more trim to put on the clothes. I went to bed about 1230 but was up again about 630 cause I couldn't sleep. I was in project mode and wanted to get things done and I wasn't feeling too hot either and that didn't help. If you doctor every wants to do a 24 kidney function test...say no. They are a pain to do. Bleah. Also, remember that only the main fed ex office can ship biological stuff. Just saying. I finished the clothes, had a shipping debacle (see previous sentence) and then we headed out to phx. We got to T&D's about 130pm and it was awesome to see that the clothes fit and they were happy. That was a relief. I think part of me not feeling good was the stress of them possibly not liking the clothes and they didn't fit. Well, they loved them, they looked great and they looked comfortable which is actually important I think in clothing. You want it to fit and be comfortable...if you aren't comfortable its hard to look your best. So, behind the cut are the pictures from mel's camera and one from my phone in progress. I haven't uploaded the one's from mine yet since I was lame.

TRM Clothes )

After the delivery we headed off to Tempe Yarn and Fiber and the Fiber Factory. Had a nice time working on projects at both places. I got a lot further along on my cuff of my RH mitt and mel got further on my mittens. We then bummed over to Chandler Fashion mall for a very late lunch at BJ's Brewery and then shopping at Atomic Comics and the Lego store. Lego has these new games out and we got Wild Wool Its so cute. We then bummed around in Barnes and Noble and got a few books and then I was beat. Mel drove us home without incident and we snuggled up on the couch to watch one of our fav movies (Practical Magic) and then I went to bed at 10pm. I was so tired. Mel stayed up reading his new Honor Harrington novel. On Sunday I was feeling a bit better. We had a quiet breakfast at joe's and then it was home to lounge. Mel played borderlands and I read.

I finished #18 Cod: A Biography of a Fish that Changed the World, which I highly recommend and then I read 19, 20, 21 and started #22. I read The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings, Book of the Dead and Book of Monsters and then I started The King's Bishop by Candace Robb. In the middle of the day we headed to Matt and Jaylee's for Abigail's 1st b-day. We had a really nice time. I got to hold the birthday girl fro a while and tour her around her own party, then she got in the pool with her dad and friends. Jaylee made an awesome b-day cake and I relaxed and KIP'd while chatting with folks. Got home and continued on my reading binge and mel worked with Maryiah on her shoes and shield. I also tamed, killed and buried my laundry hydra and then it was time for bed. Nice relaxing no pressure day. I liked that.

I managed to sleep the entire night through and that was amazing. I slept so good. Though it was tough to get motivated to get to work this AM. I was only a little late. I hope I sleep as well tonight. I need that.

So, all in all, a good weekend and a good project done. Now time to work on Kingdom A&S stuff. Tonight will be experimentation with painting ATC's and relaxing with the girls. Tomorrow will hopefully start another weaving project.
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Well, Sunday was a good day. It was relaxing and I got done what I wanted which was good. I sat watching more indiana jones. Did you know that your xbox keeps track of your DVD's and puts the dVD back where you were even after an eject? How crazy is that? I did have to run errands after breakfast and I picked up the 4th IJ movie and the latest HP movie since we didn't own them. I haven't seen the new HP. It should be good, we shall see.

Towards the afternoon Bill, Perin & Faye came over to hang out. Faye played, the boys played video games while Perin and I sewed while watching the boys die over and over in Borderlands. Richard was in and out of the shop so we were all having a productive afternoon. I made dinner of grilled sausages, mac& cheese and grilled sweet corn. Perin provided steamed chard and we had a nice dinner at the table and everything. Folks left about 9pm and I finished the hem on Damiana's dress at 930pm. YAY!!!

I will probably be staying home this evening from scribble to hopefully get the embroidery done on Tristan's Tunic and work on trim. I'm hopeful that I can get that done. I have to work late and the house needs a bit of a pickup and I need to do laundry but I think I can do those things in the breaks in between stitches. Actually, I'll probably be a home body most of this week to get everything done by the deadline. All good I guess but I'm gonna be scarce.

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Last night I got home a bit after 6pm at work. Lots of stuff had to happen for today at work for those going in. Hopefully the results from that will be okay but we shall see. I made myself some dinner (tunasalad) and crocheted a bit. I was still not on par for VH but I should be ready by next week. I hope all of the walking tomorrow will get things rolling for me and that will be good.

I went to bed about 945pm. I was tired and I slept wonderfully. Mel came home late and I was well asleep. Got up this morning and the girls have been cracking us up. This morning's sunrise earth on HD theater was Stonehenge and there were little black birds all over it. Both obsidian and butterfly tried to get them by bounding up to the tv and trying to paw at them. We got them down before the scratched the screen but I'm sure I'll be cleaning nose prints off of it later. That seams to be the only program they ever take interest in. Course, when they did a close up of one of the birds and butterfly was on the tv stand the bird was bigger than her and she got a bit confused. It was funny. Obsidian is still watching tv waiting for birds. LOL.

Plans for today, some grocery shoppping, some sewing, some knitting and gaming. The house isn't too bad, we need to do dishes and pick up. Hope to make it to grandma's for the happy hour. Gonna have more coffee and toast and get on with the day. All good.
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Almost home from Coronation. What a weekend of fun and court. Raylee and Will stepped down from their summer of luv to an oleo of 60s music tunes filked by Master Sim, Mistress Magdalen and I believe [livejournal.com profile] spunkybluegirl. It was fun.

I went into the day not quite sure what my place in things was since this is the first time I've ever beebchamberlain. But I've had chamberlains so I kinda know what us needed. All went well though. Especially the one and only award for[livejournal.com profile] american_knight and [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa's first court. They gave [livejournal.com profile] msgolda a court barony and her scroll was my sekrit squirrel project. I'll paste photos soon cause they are on he camera not the phone which only has in progress stuff.

It was awesome to be up there to watch all of that transpire. So awesome to see one of my heroes get 1)something from my own hand and 2)get something so well deserved.

The court us running smoothly. Sancha , Sean and I are a really really good team. Thanks to all for their help.

I'm relaxed and that makes me happy. Even with all of he hard work ahead we've got a great team to make it happen which is most excellent.

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Work on monday was a lot of hand holding and paperwork generating but I got things done. And that was a good thing. I have deadlines while we are gone on vacation and I need to get things off my desk today and tomorrow to make sure my statusing of my project improves. Got home and was tired and found mel passed out in the dead ivan pose. He was snoring I figured he'd wake up if I sat on the couch a bit...yeah, not so much. So I worked on the afghan and about an hour later he woke up. Poor guy was tuckered. He heated up the soup from friday night and we had a nice dinner. Butterfly was all about the snuggles and kept switching whose lap she curled up on. Obsidian was happy to snuggle up to mel's head by laying on the top of the couch. She was even really happy to clean the top of his head for a bit. It was cute.

The scribes started arriving at 7pm with [livejournal.com profile] bewilde and kids in tow. The kids had a grand time and even grander time when Faydra and [livejournal.com profile] dverning and [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer arrived. I need to remember to have milk on hand for the kids, like I remember to keep half and half for the adults. The boys had fun with video games while the art was happening and I even got a zombie picture by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp

Lots of good scribal discussions on styles of calligraphy and how each person who does even one hand has a different take on the script than another person doing the same thing. Lots of good art going on and watching Tati and [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer fight for the fastest painter in the kingdom was hilarious. I think Tati won with the two scrolls at once thing. I got calligraphy on one scroll and got the text set and penciled in on a second scroll. I had awards I didn't have text for and had to make some stuff up which I'm okay with. I do think we need to combine all of the text menus from the various kingdoms and our own fashionable phrases to be one big list but looking through all of the books is fun as well. It was good and then we kicked folks out just after 10pm. I got the place locked down and lights off and then headed for shower and bed. I read for a while and then slept pretty well.

This night the dreams involved living on the east coast, driving all over for Bertana and work, running into some of the old drama club from SDSM&T and then zombies started...though it wasn't normal zombies just some chick who thought she was a zombie but was all drugged out. Yeah, wacky bobo dreams r us this week. Well, time for a meeting.
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This was brought to my attention by the former zombie queen of An Tir...

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So, on a whim while getting stuff at GNC, I saw the [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp, got a 10 min Chi Massage and then found out I'm a size smaller in shorts than I thought I was at Eddie Bauer...yeah, two new pairs of shorts came home with me.

BTW, after reading [livejournal.com profile] reyneir lastest work post and watching richard play Viva Pinata...well, the snake dance is suggestive...isn't this supposed to be a kids game????

Tee hee

May. 23rd, 2009 09:26 am
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Hey, [livejournal.com profile] snotblossom!

I made something lumpy and mishapen!

You want it?

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For Thyra

Apr. 3rd, 2009 08:54 am
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So, I've been cooking and working on war stuff and I realized that I really need to write out the recipe a bit better...plus I have some tips and tricks that need to be listed that make things helpful.

Some history...I started making chili for one of our first wars in Atenveldt. I grew up with a very hearty northern style chili, no real chile flavor...just home cooked stew food. So I made some changes to how my mom made it when I was growing up and added some South Western flair.

Ianuk's Chili )
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Can I just say I have the best friends in the world? Yup. I had tons of help from [livejournal.com profile] dverning, [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer and [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari that I am where I planned to be for the weekend. 1 arm functioning almost 100%, 1 banner painted and dry awaiting steaming, 2 banners, strectched, sketched and glaired awaiting painting. Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] richarddbrewer for breakfast rolls, amusing times and pretzels.

Its been a good day. I'm tired now...very tired and I'm sure my arm will not be happy in the morning but it is working, I have fine motor control at distance and I can throw a flatsnap motion with my arm. Not sure if I can actually swing a stick and hit someone (or more specifically, take the impact from my hitting someone). Its been a good day.

btw, a perfect Pay It Forward story from my BFF Leslie in Seattle. Its the small and large things we do that influence people.

I guess its okay to be a key turner, I'm happy to be able to do that and be influential...thank you [livejournal.com profile] thyririgain for the fun phone call...it amused us.

Just a day of thanks all around I think...thanks.
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Work was annoying on a few levels but I managed to get a few things done including signing off on quite a few planning changes for my assembly engineer. I managed to get our database updated and am still stabbing at our documentation for the new process. But I did accomplish a few things and that was good. Got home and I was a whirling dervish of cleaning fu. I put lots of stuff away, cleaned out the pile of stuff under the piano, organized all of the shoes and put them away, got the guest room ready to have guests, got all of the blankets and towels from southern put away, cleaned up mel's mead stuff and vacuumed the family room and the front room, cleaned up the bathroom (still needs a deep clean before shanda lady arrives) and got my studio in more tip top shape. I was very accomplished when I left a little after 6pm to pick up eegees and 7up for our daiquiri night at scribble. We went through almost all of the eegees, had a faboo time watching Hot Fuzz and I think everyone was glad to have a forced relaxation time. A few of us had hand work (thea, [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and I but for the most part we sat, relaxed and laughed our asses off and enjoyed cookies provided by [livejournal.com profile] richarddbrewer and [livejournal.com profile] dqbunny. Mel got home from the horseman meeting just after the movie ended and we were watching a fight scene from The Transporter, we all got dosed with the term "slash goggles" and much hilarity ensued. It was a good night.

I think the house was very happy to get really cleaned up and have a nice group of happy people over. Mel still has to deal with all of his tools etc in the back of the family room. We want to start using the fireplace soon and that will need to be picked up very, very soon.

Special thanks goes to [livejournal.com profile] richarddbrewer for showing off his awesome plumbing skills...thank you!
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If you saw ME in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for? Answer me, then if you want, post to your own journal and see how many crimes you get accused of.
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So just downloaded a lj app for the pod. Very nice for posting.

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