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Last week was rough and joyful in weird and meaningful ways.

In my effort to better myself I did get in my gym time and ate pretty good. I'm building muscle mass so the scale tells me lies about how I'm actually doing. But the gym time etc made me tired. Dealing with poor Obsidian who was getting weaker just made me sad. What was good was we hit a major deadline at work and got a free lunch out of it. Then I had to leave work and say good bye to Obsidian. Everyone at the Vet was super awesome but man it was heartbreaking. The morning was the worst and Ben's face when he said good bye is precious and so sad. It was a rough day. We snuggled with her and the drugs the give beforehand made her really loopy but she was sweet and purring till the end.


MAry and Andrew were awesome and picked up Ben from school so we could go with Obsidian. We tried to pick him up but they were still out and so I dropped off stuff at home and then I hit knit night where it was nice to have my friends and projects.

Thursday was a weird day at work. We had just finished this huge push to get things done and are now staring at the large mountain of things to do and many of us are not in the right headspace for that. Plus it was teaching folks about goals and in general team building. I toughed it out until about 1 hour before I usually leave and said screw it and went to the gym. I lifted, I ran 2.25 miles and felt better when I picked up Benton from martial arts. Had a nice evening with him and then in to projects. (socks).

Friday was get up, get boy to school, have a massage, get a pedicure, get a haircut and color and then hit the gem show with [personal profile] swordmage after a tasty lunch of lots of eel. I ended up getting lots of beads and we figured out our fave show is no longer the way it was and was disappointing. So we headed to a different show and while not quite what we wanted was still good. I did pick up this pretty:


Got home and then had dinner and got things settled for Saturday. I had my list, I had pulled a bunch of clothes to see what I wanted to wear and I was pretty set for crown. Luckily it was a 45 min drive from the house. This was doubly lucky since I slept very poorly and woke up at 330 with a screaming headache. I took meds and had a huge drink but still woke up with the same intensity of a headache. Yeesh. So the morning was slow but we got to site, got setup, got the flair out and were set for crown.

I felt good about the day, Mel felt good about the day and he fought the best he has in years. He lost to Ailgheanan and to Brian Winterborn who were in the finals so not really too shabby. I was proud of him and you could see his smile through his helmet and change in his movements as he was comfortable. This led to lots of fighting convos on the way home. Which was good since I woke up on Sunday and decided I was going to fight warlord. I'm trying to remember the last time I fought in that tourney....probably a long time ago. Its not usually my jam but the format was getting changed up a bit and I really wanted to go hit things after the weird ass week we'd had. My goal was to keep in the bear pit for 45 mins (so half of the time) and do okay. Well, I made it through the whole 1.5 hours. I even held the field on a few cases including a spectacular eye slot stab on the soon to be Sir John. I could hear Casca and Morgan (HRM) both cheering loudly and John and I were laughing. Mel was very proud of me. Now the bruises I have are kinda crazy. My left butt cheek has two crossing stripes (one from John). Now when I stated the format changed it did. Prince Ailgheanan woke up on the sinister side of the bed that AM and said he would take the top 4 as the champions of the tourney who would then pick teams to go to a unlimited resurrection grand melee. The way to win was to have your champion kill all the other champions (that was the only permanent death). You could also permanently die if a Champion killed you. The finalists were Sir Kaz, Sir Marek, Master Dietrich and Lord Demetrius. I figured no one would pick me since I'm not that caliber but Master Dietrich came up to ask and I said yes and then Sir Marek and Demetrius came up and I had to tell them no. LOL.

I just have to say I was so tired but so happy to fight. Got home and changed clothes and curled up to read for a bit.

So it was a crazy week but all in all good. Obsidian is in a better place, work has been done, I'm inspired on the SCA front and I got my butt back on a tourney field. This week thus far has been okay. Benton is having issues again and a growth spurt is messing with the meds. Not sure yet what we need to do. Mel is coming down with a cold which isn't great but hopefully he will be better before he goes on business next week. I have a list of things to for Estrella that includes cleaning carpets, cooking and sewing. Lots of sewing. The Boys and I all need tunics. I also need another pair of pants but we shall see how I get things done.

Mel also got back to his restoration project and here are the before and after pictures.



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I had finished a Boar Counter-Ermine scroll but you won't be able to see that until its handed out.

I did finish painting a scroll that is going to be a Guardian of Atenveldt and I had finished another one two weeks ago that I haven't shown either that I think will also be a Guardian cause I like them.
Picts of Scrolls )

Other than that I managed to hit the gym, up my weight on squats and deadlifts and then ran for a half mile slow and then cranked out a good straight run mile in just over 13mins. So good. Very glad and I really think that has helped me work through the soreness of the weekend and my knee is aching. The cold weather is not helping my hands or my cut finger. I had cut it while replacing my wiper blades on Sunday and its a bit stiff and sore now too.
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I've been running around a lot this week it seems. On the fitness front I made it back to the gym after a 3 week absence. I'm happy about that but I'm not so happy with my fitness routine. I think I just need to make a plan, write things out and stick to it but as I was doing that on Wednesday, Bob The head of the gym asked me if I would take a Zumba class to show the guest instructor that we have people who want to take the class. I have never taken Zumba and had walked by the class on my way to the professional weight room. So I figured I was crunched for time so I would do it for 2/3 of the class and then head home.

Zumba to me felt like middle eastern dance class to Latino music with jazz hands. It was fun and it show that like always my arm work sucks and I really don't like dancing in tennis shoes. But it was fun...what was not fun was that it was back day not quad day on my body and doing Zumba after doing a heavy squat workout on Monday was hard but eh. Got home and dealt with things there.

Benton came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease which didn't really make him sick just irritable and overly dramatic. He's been having some tantrums when things don't go his way but many times its when he needs a nap so eh. The worst bumps he has are already going away in his mouth and that is good. Dr. Macmahon gave him a "yup, he's got it, not much you can do but keep him comfy" and sent him back to daycare. I had a nummy frittata that mel made for dinner with peppers, ham, mushrooms and feta cheese. So good.

I then made it to Baronial scribble and had a good time painting on a new scroll and helping folks out. It was nice to sit with new folks and scribe and my took kit came it uber handy with lots of things. Which reminds me that I have a stack of calligraphy that I need to do. I hope on Monday we can get some of that done.

Got home last night and [livejournal.com profile] zippydclown was over working on his new shoes which looked very shnazzy. Then it was bed time. Was very tired this AM and I'm glad mel made coffee. I have a huge peer review today for this massive change I have been working on and I hope it goes well and I hope people do their homework on the task.

Well on to the other tasks that I need to get done before I transition to my new job. Sometime in mid-June I'll be the lead mechanical on another project that is transitioning from development to production. My job initially is to poke holes in the processes and get things fixed before things go to crap due to unknown issues. So, lots of responsibility and hopefully it will eventually come with more pay and prestige.

This week has been so busy I've had no time to pack for PHXCC which we leave for tomorrow. I hope to get laundry started before I leave for dojo night tonight and then get things started or at least pulled for packing.
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Well, over the last week the Southern Scriptorium has been rocking and rolling things on the scroll front. Last monday we had a scroll ready for paint and we've put all of the background paint, detail work etc done over the last week on the off hours and now have the miniatures ready for [livejournal.com profile] bewilde to finish things up. Its spiffy and we all stood back from it last night and went "WOW". When you can do that to folks working on it you know its AWESOME! Plus we've all learned things and that is really important.

Also over the last week I've gotten my butt back into the gym. That is important to me and I'm glad I've been going. My hand is still jacked up and today I'm wearing my comfort sleeve to try to keep it warm and put pressure on it. During my workouts getting through all of the sets is really being impacted by my being able to grip the dumbbells. I do think I probably need to get some gloves for lifting so I have a bit of help in that arena.

Mr. Benton had double dinners last night as well and I filled each bottle to 8 oz today. We shall see if that helps him out. Course this will be hard to determine tonight since we will be at the park. Unlike the demo, mel and I have pre-coordinated what we are doing for a game plan. If all goes well, I'll be off work and home and we will be at the park right at 6pm. I'm planning on sitting and knitting and having the Benton in his stroller to hang out and hopefully fall asleep. If not well, he can sleep a lot on wednesday.

Well, time to push the paperwork.


Sep. 16th, 2011 08:31 am
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Well, after the wackiness of yesterday things are pretty normal here. Its quiet but that is okay. I have tons to do. One thing I didn't write about yesterday was that I wednesday night I hit the gym. It was hard to motivate that way but I did it. I got there and looking at my work out sheets I was at the end of stage 2 when I took my too long of break. I was also feeling like things were quiet going right for me. I had a hard time increasing my loads on my lifting and feeling comfortable doing some of the exercises. My balance has been way wonky so doing one legged things felt weird. So I put on the weight for when I was half way through the stage and went from there. I did okay...not great on all of the sets and by the end I didn't finish all of my core work...but I was dragging and it was late and I made it to knit night at 715pm. I didn't stop for dinner or anything...that was how late I was.

Knit night was good. One of the gals had a sock she was knitting that was way too big and it got us (at least at our end of the table) into the gutter on commentary. It was awesome and just what I needed after a long tiring day. Got home and pumped and basically went to bed. Pretty lame but there you are.

Last night I got [livejournal.com profile] swordmage over to work on one of the commissions. We lucked out and had a Castle marathon on TNT and we scribed and chatted and watched tv. We made really good progress and that makes me uber happy. Even if [livejournal.com profile] bewilde is gonna kill us with fiddly bits of painting. (grin)

Mr. Benton was awesome last night and went to bed on time and had had a good day at daycare even though he was grumpy when I dropped him off. They went for a ride in a 6 seater stroller outside and he really liked it. We did have one awesome thing though. Since he is sitting up well (he still falls though not as much as a week ago) I had him in the bath and I didn't have to hold him up to get him washed...it was so nice.

He was much happier this morning and went right to playing with things when I dropped him off. Tonight will be more scribble fu on scrolls. My goal is to have all of the base painting completed and be taught more of the shading style with this one. Its very, very subtle and lots of ink work so we shall see.
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Well, last week I spent most of my energy working the emergency issue with another program I got asked to work for my dept. Short story was that I got things done, tested, documented, reported to the dept and impounded into the database by COB on friday. It was tough work but I did good, IMHO, and I think the dept and the program is happy. We did a lot in a very short amount of time. So by Friday I was exhausted. All I wanted on friday night was a good night's sleep.

Thursday we had the news that Dorinda passed away. That pretty much dampened my enthusiasm for anything projecty which is exactly opposite on how I'm sure she would want things to be. She was a bright star in the sky for us. A smile that could light up a room and one of the best huggers ever. I'm sad for her, her family and sad with myself for not remembering when I saw her last. I just don't remember and that sucks.

So wearily we went to bed on friday night after I'm not sure what. Seriously I'm so brain fried I don't even know what we had for dinner. We slept in...well, Mel slept in till 8. I got up with Benton about 7 and that was good. He was hungry and we had to pack for MEF. We got on the road about 45 mins later than we planned but we made it in time to get checked in, change clothes and get to circle. Unfortunately, that didn't involve lunch so we starved through court and left after I made my announcement for the QPAS and then back to our room to eat the wonderful burritos that [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan had gotten us. Seriously, best burrito since the one I had right after Benton was born.

Got back down to the hall to find out that they were setting up for the feast. Oh, well, I was still kinda hungry. So, I got the QPAS running and then got plates out and had the feast. It was really well done by the hotel. The food was fresh, hot and savory. Plenty of it to go around and the fact that they got two sets of serving lines was fabulous. The meat balls were heaven. Things were weird with our timing all day. I had to leave to head back up and feed benton, the knights circle ran at a weird time and over long and I didn't get to dance until well after things were done.

Course when I was up with Benton getting dressed to go dance and mel was in Knight's circle. My son got adventurous. He decided to test gravity and fell off the bed. I was going back and forth between the room and the bathroom and I heard him playing with the bag of wipes and as I ran out I heard a very sickening thunk and he started wailing. I have to say I felt like the worst mom in the world. I picked him up from where he was all turtled up on the floor. He was screaming and I didn't see any blood but I grabbed the hotel key and ran downstairs with him to find Tym or Finneas. Found Finneas and after an examination deemed him shook up but just fine. I think I was more hurt and upset than the boy was. I got him snuggled up with [livejournal.com profile] dverning and got myself calmed down more and got my veils back on and back down to the hall. Man I felt awful and just waited until mel got out of circle to tell him. I'm pretty sure if there had been blood I would have barged in on the circle for Sir Alfred. But it was okay. I wasn't really okay for a while but I finally calmed down, got reassured by lots of people and finally got the boy back up to the room with daddy and fed for bed.

Thanks to Patrick the Butcher we had drummers come back out at 10pm and I danced hard for 45 mins before just sitting down. My body wasn't happy with me and I knew it and pushing through it was not in my best interest. I had a wonderful time chatting with visiting Calontiry who happen to be my niece's roommates. (its a very, very small world at times). I also owe a guy from Mons a special thank you for buying me a margarita...I needed it and didn't have any cash and the bar that would charge to the room was closed. I danced and I need to practice more. I was very inspired by one of the gals there and Ari and I's commentary about how awesome she was which involved the phrase "damn that is hot" made Bredan stop drumming since we distracted him. She was awesome with the best isolations I have seen in a very, very long time. Things to aspire to.

Ari and I headed back to my room and the hrafn boys plus the Bran boys were having a very lively discussion on many topics over mead and beer and fun. The Benton was passed out and sleeping very nicely and could care less about the room full of Vikings. All good though. We all stayed up way to late talking. I slept okay...I was worried that Benton was going to roll off the bed...but we had him blocked in on all sides. I just worried as I do. Benton let us sleep in until 8am and then it was packing and working out what we wanted to do. Mel was very worse for wear and needed food so all decisions were on hold until we got him caffeinated and fed. We headed out to Cupz and Crepes in Awahtukee and had a really nice breakfast there. Then it was decided that a quick trip to Sweden and then home. We had been invited to a few BBQ's but all of us were pretty tired. Got home and relaxed with naps. I got my bike running and went for a quick sprint to get things back into memory (like clipping in/out and shifting).

I stopped off at one of the BBQ's on the way home to just say hi and that was good. Got home before the wind really picked up. My legs felt okay and the bike was comfortable which was good since I had a ride scheduled with the Simpleview team the next AM. We all went to bed early and I got up at 5am to get ready for my pickup by Ed at 520.

I was nervous about riding with a group of much fitter people and well, I did not too bad. I sucked it on the climb to the monument but a lot of that was getting used to riding and the fact that my quads were very tight from dancing. But I managed and even though I was slow I did it without too much trouble...course I had a good coach in Ed behind me the whole time. We couldn't ride the monument due to a running race so we did a loop from escalante back to broadway/houghton. By the end I was feeling pretty good though my legs were tired and my sit bones were telling me they didn't like me. I was okay with the fact we didn't get to do the monument. Next time though will be good.

Got home and grabbed the boys and we met Ed, Candace and Holly for breakfast at Joes. Had a really nice time. Benton grabbed a glass and knocked it over. Lol. After breakfast we headed to Ace Hardware for me to pick up supplies for my regalia piece. Got home and had a grumpy boy would just wanted to be held. It wasn't very conducive to me getting things done but by the end of the day I managed to watch almost all of Torchwood: Miracle Day, work on practicing the regalia piece construction, washed some dishes, did some laundry, cleaned out the freezer of breast milk (wow, there was a lot in there..now have only a month supply), watched a movie we hadn't seen (Secretariat) and spent some time with the family. I still felt kinda useless and burned out. I think that was the lack of sleep talking. I did plenty I shouldn't complain but I wasn't up for people or anything else but bed by the time we got Benton in bed. Missed the girls at Scribble but just time to relax and hit the sack early was good.

Oh, well, its Tuesday which is really Monday and Wednesday this week since we only have a 3 day work week. Time to push the paperwork.
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Well, work wise things are a bit slow...well, I guess slow is relative. I was so busy and crazy with the stuff on the container that I think I have the normal workload and I'm feeling underused. I won't complain just yet. Got a few things that have been patiently waiting for me to have some time to work and I've been doing that. The frustrating thing is that I have to wait for folks to get back to me and I hate waiting.

Got done with work and hit the gym. I mixed up things from my sheets and didn't do my first excercise correctly. It was supposed to be a front squat push press and I did a deadlift to a push press. I realized it at the end when I'd already killed myself on the rest of the sets and maybe I should have gone back and redone them. Dunno.

Got in the car and realized that the back right tire was a bit low. Got home and after I fed Benton and put him to bed mel and I changed it out. Mel was awesome and had dinner ready for me when I got home. Ben was happy that I was home and was hungry and tired. He went to bed uber early at 720 but he was tuckered out.

Finally got on the road to scribble just before 8pm and had a good time painting with the gals. I finished a florentine scroll I've been working on for a while. Its very floral and not my usual style. I need to continue pushing myself to do things I'm uncomfortable with to improve. My painting skills have not had any leaps in level in quite a while and I need to work on my shading way more. Lots of folks in my scribble are way better at it than me and I need to step up my game to keep up.

The commission scrolls are still in the sketch stages and its going well on that point. I hope in another week we can be working on the painting of them. We also had a visit from [livejournal.com profile] msgolda about another small bit of commission work that sounds like a lot of fun. With getting there late and then all of us working really well we were there until just after 10. I got home and kissed mel good night and got bottles filled and & washed and then pumped milk. I got into bed after 11pm and then was reading on Ghost Story by Jim Butcher. It comes out today in stores...its awesome thus far and I was a good girl to not read later into the night.

Oh, on the book from I finished, finally, Taken by Kim Armstrong. Its part of an over arching series and well, I'm not a fan. Its an interesting world but the writing is very very clunky. So Book #12 was that and Book #13 is the 13th Dresden novel. Apropos no?

Well, time to hit the paperwork and make some medical bill phone calls. Things are still screwed up with the boy's hospital stuff and I keep getting bills for weird things that I think should have been on the hospital bill.
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I started my stage 2 workout and it involved doing crazy things like bulgarian split squats, deadlifts on boxes for further reach, back lunges off of boxes while reaching forward with weights, way more core exercises and these funny cuban style arm things that about killed me. The entire workout is way more intense that stage one and I felt like a side kick...not a bit of awesome. I think part of it was that it was all new and part of it was that some of these just work really strange muscle groups. I was shaking when I was done and had a hard time pushing in the clutch so I didn't slack...just got kicked around.

Got home and mel was dealing with a grumpy boy who had fallen asleep (finally)face down ass up cuddling a turtle. The new regs at daycare (from corporate) say they can't have mobiles in the cribs or blankies or toys...most of the kids need a bit of down time throughout the day that is just snuggled up and calming down. Constant play is tiring. The corp folks that were in yesterday walked into the infant room and everyone, including Benton who isn't a herd follower with crying, started to cry. The kids aren't happy with it either and if Benton continues to behave weirdly at home I'm writing a letter to corporate. I understand that they don't want the kids in the cribs all of the time and honestly they never are but there is a fine line between good constructive play and overstimulization and I think its crossing it.

So we let the boy sleep. I got home so late that mel had dinner and [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue sat with us since it was scribble time. Mel made grilled sausages and this nummy cilantro lime rice. Everyone else descended for scribble and I was again reminded of what an awesome group we are, how supportive we are and what a welcoming house we have that people can just be themselves and relax. Tom's scroll got worked on, other plots came about and we all had a good time. I didn't scribe but I sat at the table and did some spinning. I managed to spin a lot surprisingly which was good since I hadn't really spun much for TdF at all this week.

I had to wake Benton up for jammies and dinner and then he was back to sleep again. He slept really good until this morning though so hopefully this will pass. We shall see though.
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When last I posted it was friday. Wow, what an annoying day...but there was some good. I had a meeting that they didn't pay us for so I had to make up time which sucked but when I got to the gym things were very cleared out and I started with my new workout regime and did the first workout. I killed it and it killed me..I was so tired when I got home it was hard to function but I managed. Mel had made stroganoff(sort of)and that was tasty. I'm trying to remember what all else we did but I was tired and I think we headed to be early. Benton was happy and bouncing and that was good too.

Saturday Benton let us sleep in. He awoke crying at 6am and mel changed his diaper and hit the bathroom really quick before bringing him to me and he was fast asleep again. We all went back to sleep until about 8 which was nice. Got up and fed everyone and then Benton and I headed to the Wilmot library for WWKIP (World Wide Knit in Public) day. I got to hang with some new folks I hadn't met and I got hang out with folks I do know but hadn't seen in a while. I did get to meet [livejournal.com profile] coffeeem aka Emma Bull. I didn't know she was a famous author until after she left but she was way cool and I hope to see her again at other knitting functions. Benton was cute as ever and wore his "Future Stitcher/Plays with Sticks and String" onesie. We headed to lunch at a Pho place across the parking lot. It was good but I can't eat the pho much because of the cabbage and broccoli. I picked it out and had broth and noodles and meat but I'll not keep that place on my list.

After that Benton and I headed to Grandma's and hung out for quite a while. I got some crochet done and Becky got Benton time. Then it was time to go home just before the shop closed. I hadn't intended on staying out that late but it was nice. Mel had spent the day working on the coolers and then in the shop before his elbow gave out. He's got tennis elbow on his right side now and its bothering him something fierce. He's letting it rest but its frustrating him which I understand...especially since he has a spinning wheel to finish refinishing before the retreat next week.

So saturday was good and crafty. Sunday we slept in again for quite a while and then were up. Mel was in the shop when Ed texted about breakfast and we headed out to Joe's. It was nice to sit and chat with just Ed and Candace and it was a good morning for it. Got home and mel and I worked on the house the rest of the day. It had gotten to the "clutter taking over" stage which does take quite a bit to get the piles of crap taken care of including putting away all of the laundry. Benton was happy to play on his play mats and we kept hopping by for snuggles and tickles. We cleaned off bookshelves and had a huge pile of books that Bookman's only took a few. I think I will drop some off at the book bin on Harrison and Golflinks and try booksman's one more time. We got $46 in credit but I'm sure they will take more soon.
I got everything done but working on my studio and finishing cleaning the piano so not too bad. The house looks much better and that makes me feel better.

I did realize that I had doubled my workout by misreading my workout sheet. So yes the workout killed me cause I did double what I was supposed to...oops. So I made sure to take that into account and increased the weights for lower numbers of sets for monday.

Yesterday it was go go go all day. I was a bit late getting to work and things were just jumping until after 4pm. Ooofdha. Hit the gym and I need to work on my squat form. I'm good with dumbbells but with the bar I need to work on it. But I did good and I ran most of my time on the treadmill.

Got home and mel was heating up beef and barley for dinner. That was awesome and nummy. Folks started arriving for dyeing, scribble and sewing help and it was a nice evening of good chatting and projects. Tonight I will run to target after I pick up Benton to get another bookcase. We need a tall one to make things easier to organize and we really do need it. I hope to have that put together by the end of the week so we can reorg bookcases on Friday. I also home to get some banana bread made tonight too but we shall see.

So far today is much better than yesterday and I got to day care just as they opened and I've been rocking the paperwork here at work since I arrived. All good.
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This week has flown. Wow. I haven't gotten a lot done either and that is kinda boo. But Mel and I have plans to work on the house a bit this weekend so its cleaned up. Cause its not really where I want it.

Benton has been doing good though he keeps getting up before my alarm. Not sure what do do with that but cope. This morning was quite annoying since he woke up hungry and then didn't really eat much and fell asleep and was still pretty asleep when we got to daycare. Oh, well.

I'm heading to the gym after work to start my work outs. I'm pretty sore from wednesday and this will be a trial but I will go and do it. Bob and I will chat and I'll see where I need to go. Its really making me happy to get back in the gym..I've missed it. I'll get to do deadlifts today which I've never done so we shall see how that goes (LOL).

Tomorrow I'll be heading to the Wilmot library for the WWKIP day. I'll stay a few hours with the boy and then head to grandma's for a bit which should work out well. Mel can dink in the shop and then hope to work on the house. I hope to get things done on Friday/sat so that Sunday I can can finish that darn shawl!

So a To Do List:
Read more... )
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Work was pretty busy. Lots to do by the time the fiber retreat gets here but its manageable. I'm fitting back in with the team and I can tell I've been missed. Been dealing with "special" issues with the folks in NM and its been "fun." I tell everyone keep a really good logbook...it covers your ass later.

Got done with work and then headed over to the gym. The guy who I had been working with, Bob, has been interested in the SCA so we talked a bit about that. I had forgotten my book for him to look at but I did a mod of one of my old workouts and then did some walk/run on the treadmill. I was shaking by the time I was done so I know I did good.

Got out and then headed to knit night and had a nice time there. I got there late so I sat off to the side which was nice and I got to chat crochet with some of our newer folks. I managed to screw the shawl up again that I was working on but I only had to frog out two rows versus 50+. I really believe in the rule of Don't Stop Mid-row on anything. You always screw up if you do.

Got home and mel had cooked up chicken breasts in tomatoes and beans and herbs and it was awesome. Had dinner and then it was time to get the boy to bed after his night time feeding. He was happy and cute and snuggly. Got him to bed and got the bottles washed up and the sterilizer going and then after packing my lunch I hit the showers and bed. I read for a bit.

I realize that I've missed a few books since Benton was born.
I read Kelly Armstrong's Dime Store Magic as #9 of the year and #10 was The New RUles of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler. I know I read another book before I started #12 which is Taken also by Armstrong. It was something quick and fluffy and I'm not sure...I'll have to look at home. I have the rest of Patricia Brigg's other novel series and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series to read. So lots to read..I just need to get back into the swing of it. My brain is getting used again so I need that down time before bed.

Last night was weird. I got up at 4am since the back light kept going off and I saw a new cat hanging out in the yard. I then had to hit the bathroom and get a drink and mel was also restless. The girls were obnoxious thinking we were getting up and then the boy was making noises like he might get up...needless to say it was not a lot of sleep last night.

Got to work and the system I need has been off and on down all morning which makes this rather unproductive. Oh, well.
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I think I know why people say that life goes by faster once you have kids...you have so much more stuff to do that your time is fleeting. I swear it was just Sunday...anyhoo...I should chat about the weekend.

Friday was our day off and we slept in a bit and then dropped Benton off at daycare so we could have a nice shopping day to ourselves. We hit joes for breakfast and then off to jewelry shop and antique a bit. Mel was on the look out for my birthing gift/birthday gift and he got me a lovely pair of diamond and ruby earrings. I am again reminded of how much I like maguire's jewelry up on Wetmore and they again hit it out of the park. Here is a picture of them: Earrings.

We also hit up the Three Sisters Estate sale shop which is fabulous. I got nordicware mini-bundt pans for 6 bucks a piece. All in all it was a good day and we had a nice lunch before we headed home so I could pump milk and then we relaxed before picking up the boy. He had had a really nice day at daycare and was all happy.

During the evening we got a phone call from Storvarr. He was going to head our direction to then catch a ride with us to collegium and then work on the house benches the next day. It worked wonderfully since he was able to check on Benton for us and it made the trip up a delight.

All day long I had other people carrying the boy around. It seemed like every time I looked up someone else had him. LOL. He did really good at the event and played a lot with Mel and folks.

I taught 5 Steps to make Stuff ala Tarrach. It went really well. My hem class I only had 2 students but that was okay. I know have kits for teaching it on the fly which is also good. We headed out of Wickenburg by way of Dunkin Donuts for coffee/crack. Headed down the road to home. The ride back was long and we were all a bit tired and cranky. Ben was not feeding well and I really wished I had packed my pump along. Figured out later that I had a blocked milk duct and had to take care of that when we got home but I was exhausted by the time I got that worked out and then was AWAKE which didn't help. I was just worn out and mentally drained as well. Mel was awesome and let me sleep in after Benton had his morning feed and then didn't wake me up until he really needed to be fed. That was awesome.

The 4 of us headed to joes where you can see the uber happy boy here:
Breakfast At Joes After that Benton was a bit fussy and would not nap. Finally at 3pm he fell asleep on me and I snuggled with him for over and hour before I set him down. After that he was as right as rain. I thinking he got held a lot on Saturday and wanted more of that.

Monday through today has been work and getting into a groove with a schedule. I've been getting up earlier so I can get breakfast and pump before the boy gets up and I think that works great. I can get everything packed and ready to go and then its feeding him and into the car. So, its been a good couple of days but its been tiring. Mel hasn't felt great since Monday. Not sure what is up there but he's very tired now but at least he's eating which he hadn't been on monday. He hit up kung fu but skipped fighter practice. We shall see what he does on Thursday.

Today I'm going to hit the gym for the first time at the new gym for work. Its a really nice setup and I'm going to enjoy working out there. Bob and I are going to do the measurements and assessment before I start so I have a baseline and then I'll be off to work out. I hope to get in some weights and cardio (taking it easy to start) and then start really getting into the groove in the next few weeks. I have a plan (which I of course left at home) from The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I really liked the set up with it and all of it is free weights so I can do some of it at home on the weekends. So we shall see how I do.
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Wednesday work was busy. I got to a lot of little tasks that I've been trying to get to and just couldn't make the time and then I had a two hour telecon of dullness. I participated but a lot of it was rather dull and the podling was making know its displeasure with me sitting for so long and kept moving about the womb too and fro rather painfully. Course that seems to be par for the course cause I had the same things happen last night at bed time and during my thursday am telecon today.

Anyhoo. I was a good girl and packed my gym bag and headed to the gym straight from work. Now with the new light at the access road from the plant is really easy to exit that way. Woot! We've needed a light there since I started there.

Oh, speaking of I missed a few anniversaries this month. On the 8th was my 10th year service date with the company and on the 15th was mel and I's 15 years together. Yeah, 15 years. Crazy huh? People wonder why we act like an old married couple sometimes...well, its cause we kinda are...though married for only 7 years. Lol.

So, back on topic, my workout. Some how my workout book and my headphones were not in my gym bag. I think they are in my weight bag but eh. It made me concentrate on things so I guess that was okay. I did dumbbell squats with very short rests and then on to planks and alternating pointers. I was shaking by the end of that. I know I've weakened from being sick but the extra weight on me etc is now making things difficult. I walked the treadmill at about 3.1 mph but kept getting that stitch in my lower right abdomen. I don't like that it annoys me but I did a mile and quit. I hope to get further, maybe slower on friday afternoon.

Managed to get a quick greek dinner from the place in the mall and head to knit night. We were in good form that night and I managed to pick up my stitches on my heel. I can tell though that the day made me tired. I was having problems concentrating but I knew I was weary. Got home and mel was brewing beer and playing plants versus zombies. Rob got him hooked on it and he went and bought the whole game. I did tell him that bedtime should be observed. He did okay of coming to bed on time. I read for a while and then when I rolled over either my body or podling protested. I'm pretty sure it was a bit of both. Ow. Lots of pressure on my side from the weight of the baby but after relaxing and some tummy rubs everyone was happy.

I'm also really happy to have been sleeping normally. I feel so much better.

So, today is errands after work and the really exciting laundry and attempting to find out what I can wear on Saturday. The highs will only be in the 50s in prescott and I need to make sure I stay warm and comfy. I know due to the podling we will be driving slower than we normally do since I have to stop for more potty breaks but I think we shall do good. Just need to figure out what time things start so we don't miss anything.
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Well, work was kind of busy...we had a morale lunch at the Star Pass Resort that was nice but that was 3 hours of my day I missed and when I got back it was very hard to get things working in my brain. I got a few things done but nary a word was written on my report, though the data did get organized. I did figure out which some chatter with [livejournal.com profile] metalsaurus that the reason this report is taking forever is that its not my data or my analysis. I'm just regurgitating information in an easy to read form and that is irksome to me. If it was my own stuff I'd easily be able to expound on it but with the 20 reports I'm compiling I have to keep asking questions back to the people who wrote them to get things worked out correctly and to make sure I can explain them in simple terms that our customer can understand and not misinterpret. That last part is the key. Oh, well. Today I have no meetings and my goal is to get the 2 sections I've been swirling over done so I can hit the last test next week when I get that outbrief report. So, that is my goal and dammit I'm gonna make it. Headphone have already been pulled from the desk.

Got home and quickly changed clothes for the gym. My time was tight but I managed to get all of my leg exercises done, got sets on pushups using the smith machine (which does not put strain on my tummy) and hit the treadmill for 20 mins. The podling was not letting me walk fast and I kept getting a side ached but I knew that if I didn't walk some after lifting that my body would hate me in the morning.

Got home and grabbed a quick dinner of protein and toast and then got gussied up to head to arts night for the B&B candidate Meet and Greet. I got to kiss mel just before I left since he had gotten home from kung fu and was heading to St. Felix Practice. The hall we ended up in due to the maintenance guy being gone was very nice. I had good chats with 2 out of the 3 candidates and will continue the other discourse with the 3rd set later next week or weekend. I'm not sure what I expected out of the meet and greet since the information of the format was sparse but I think it worked out well with the small crew of people that were there. The pelicans of course brought out snackies and I also got to teach Tully how to purl and Adalize how to use DPN's so some art did happen. Got home after chatting with the BFF and the cats were ecstatic that I was home and would feed them even though it was late. I got a shower and then the girls tried valiantly to convince me that they needed to be fed even though I had done that already. I enjoyed a cup of tea, some Johnny Quest and some knitting before I curled into bed kinda late. Mel got home as I was reading and he was quickly showered and we both curled up.

I was awoke by an odd noise just as I was falling asleep and I wasn't sure what it was. About 330 that same noise happened and woke both mel and I up. Not sure what it was at still. But it wasn't caused by the girls since they were curled up with me the second time. Then my legs started to bother me...which I'm now seeing as a sign of me working out, not of the pregnancy. This time it wasn't as bad but I tossed and turned a bit to stay comfy. Plus butterfly was laying on me and the belly partly and that was not comfortable and I had to keep pushing her off which then got her and her sister into a tussle. Mel had observed obsidian pushing the dominance button with butterfly before he left for practice and I guess this was a bit of spill over.

So, its friday. Things on the agenda include the street fair, working on the xmas ornament commission, Mons Yule and a household get together and getting the fruit cake stuff together. Busy but it should be fun and relaxing. I hope to walk a lot on Saturday to help with the me and the podling keeping ahead of all of the sweets we've had this week and I hope to get most of the commission done and get Becca's present finished. I need to put down mel's present and mom's until that is done otherwise I'm not gonna make any progress. Though this does mean that I need mel to move the bed out of my studio so I have floor space and access to my machines for other gifts that need to also get done. Its crunch time but I'm looking at things a bit brighter since I know I have the 17-22 off with no one visiting to get the house and the presents all in order. So, here is to accomplishing my goals for the weekend.
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Well, work has been...work. Do you ever have those days when the time flys and you look up and realize its 3 hours since the last time you looked up? Yeah, crazy busy. Wow. I got done yesterday and was done mentally. I had worked 3 hours straight on a report and was frazzled. Talked with the work hubby for a bit before I left for the day and that made things better. Got to the gym and it was busy. Now, if you know its busy, try to be courteous people. If you need to show your girl friend how to use free weights...go use the free weight benches...don't hog up the bench press benches with racks for those of us who need to use the equipment as intended.

I added alternating pointers back into my circuit and for once they actually felt like they were doing something. This was a suggestion to get back strength up for labor and I can see how this will help. Push-ups continue to become more difficult. They pull across the bump and I'm not sure if that is good or not. I might have to try to work on them at an elevated level versus flat to relieve some of the pressure. It doesn't hurt but its uncomfy. Got up to the treadmills and tried to run but the podling was pushing too much on my bladder so I fast walked my mile and headed to Old Navy. I hit the sales and after a quick call to my mom scored some good deals for the boys.

Got home and got to snug on the hubby before he headed to practice, I got dinner and followed him to the park. I had a nice time chatting with folks. Looks like Chani and Paul are expecting a little boy about 1 month after us. Babies are abounding lately it looks like.

Got home from the park and sat and worked on the prezzie for mom while I watched AMC which was playing back to back Scrooged. I luv that movie. I was a good girl and got into the shower on time and was ready for bed by the time mel got home from practice which was early (before 10pm). Its cold so cooling down is not so nice out of doors. I snuggled up in bed and got a nice back massage from mel before I slept. Butterfly was the grumpy kitty all night, not liking that we were moving around a lot. She finally got booted from the bed early this morning and wasn't happy about that either. Aww...poor, poor punkin. NOT!

So, today is bringing more brain drain and then it will be KNIT NIGHT! woot! I think I need to cast on for other projects tonight since mom's is gonna take me forever. I still need to start becca and rob's stuff and the other parents. We shall see. I will need to paw through the stash and pull up the patterns and get things ready. All good.

Oh, and I put the Sherlock icon up cause its fun..not for anything devious. LOL.
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I had made a comment at work that calling monday Virtual Wednesday would make it seem better. Unfortunately no one else got the memo. I'm dealing with very green, very unseeingly uncontainable people with very little sense in one of our out of state facilities. The person before this one was awesome and made my life easy, explained things thoroughly in good technical detail and worked things out on their own before asking for our help. The replacement has been special and after almost 6 mos of working with them I'm not seeing much improvement. Its frustrating especially when this person likes to call meetings with no actual topic or goals listed and for me they are all telecons so I have to guess or call and ask what its about. Finally I asked the guy, "do you ever wonder why I call you every time you send out a meeting notice to ask what its about?" and he commented that "yeah I thought that kinda odd" until I explained the courtesy of good communication with meetings across plantsites needs to have clear ideas, topics and goals for the meeting so folks know if they need to show up or not, or send a representative. He was like "oh!" but I didn't quite hear the light bulb turn on. Which is sad. Made for a very frustrating afternoon. I was further annoyed when I got back to my car to drive to the gym and realized that I left my gym shoes at home. I couldn't run in clogs. So, I headed home first which added 30 mins to my time line of the day.

Cause I got to chat with hubby, snuggle my cat who was wanting lots of attention and finally going to the gym. I almost said screw it but I went anyway. I'm annoyed that they still haven't really started on any of the structure for our new gym at work. I would think that with it to be done mid-march that they would have at least put up the frame work for the building but I guess not. I'm not hopeful it will be done in time for me to use it by the time I leave on maternity leave.

LA Fitness is okay but its layout makes getting in and out difficult. Plus I hit a really busy time of day yesterday and almost had to wait for a treadmill. I lucked out on machines in the weight area but man do people waste their time taking way, way too long between sets. I watched one guy sit at a machine while I did my sets on two machines and he didn't even use the machine. Weird. I pushed hard and intentionally and accidentally added extra weight to a few things. My leg press was 15 pounds more because I didn't notice that the extra weights had been added to the machine setting and my dumbbell squats I increased to by 20lbs just to see if I could since I'd been doing my farmer walks with that weight. I was tired and a bit sore when I was done with weights and headed up to run. I only managed to run for .5 miles total since podling was pushing oddly on me and turned diagonal. So I fast walked and then left dripping to the locker room. Podling started kicking/punching when I bent to get my key off of my shoe lace and I giggled. The lady changing across from me asked if I had a cramp and I said "no, someone is complaining, at least I didn't run the full mile" When I turned I guess she figured out I was pregnant cause I guess straight on its hard to tell. I then commented "its the only legal way to shake your baby". She didn't look amused by my comment. I thought it was funny. Eh, some people are too serious. I headed home and mel was still working on dinner so I grabbed a protein shake while I watched him cook and snuggled my cat.

The pasta dinner he made was nummy and full of veggies. We watched a bit of tv and I had made up my mind to stay home and called ari to tell her and found out that it was [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp's b-day pie night at scribble. So I headed over with my crochet and hung out for about an hour. We had [livejournal.com profile] elinor_dear there too and that was lovely. [livejournal.com profile] msshoshanna's new scroll is absolutely fabulous. Wow. Kicking my scribal butt. I need to step it up a bit I think. Left and basically got in the shower shortly after I got home. I took a hot shower compared to my normal and it felt good on the sore muscles and made podling pretty happy too. I'm happy that the movements are back up. I snuggled into bed reading while mel showered and I think I made it a chapter before I turned out my light. Mel stayed up reading after I was asleep. I spent a good part of the night moving cats. They had me penned in on either side of my knees and that was uncomfy.

This morning I was tired and more sore and the bed was warm and comfy but lots to do today at the cubicle. So, I got up and realized that yes, I do need to go shopping this weekend for sweaters or maybe a light coat. Its been colder and my one and only log sweater I'm about to not fit any more and I like ones that cover my butt and the bump. Not looking forward to shopping in the holiday mess but we shall see what I can find. I hate shopping, I really do. Maybe if I'm productive enough tonight I can shop tomorrow AM after hitting the gym and that might be better than the crowds later. Old Navy is showing some things that are promising on their website. So we shall see.

Anyhoo...since I wasn't really home last night pies and cleaning didn't happen. I'm home tonight so I hope to get both accomplished and get the two rooms ready for guests. Plus I hope to get about 2-3 pies done like the simple ones of pumpkin, mince and cherry. The advance ones will wait until tomorrow since I'm going to need to work out the 3 new recipes I'm trying and make my first true meringue.

Well, enough babble. Time to work on those pesky reports. Reading back in my journal...yeah end of the year equals reports. Bleah, just like school but luckily no tests or below zero temps.
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Well, work was a lot of work. I got things going though and now I'm waiting on other people. Which I'm actually okay with for once. Got some paperwork handled and more hardware into the test lab and the test monkeys were happy to have some more work so I should have my full report from them on Friday. Which is good. Looks like if everything goes as I think it will I'll be heading to CA for the main testing after A&S. I already told them I am NOT traveling the week of A&S. I need to be home to finish stuff and well, see the hubby too before he head to the woodworking conference.

So, got done with work and it was pouring. I was in sandals but I did have my umbrella. Got to the car only partially soaked and headed to the gym. Had a good workout and got some new tips from Chuck on things I can do that aren't squats. Plus a few more hamstring stretches to do. I really liked doing the farmer walk though I felt like I was in an episode of Monty Python. Eh. All good. Then I ran/walked my mile which I did in 15:14. Which was good. I fast walked most of the way cause running was just too much work. Felt really good though when I was done, stretched some more and then headed home. Mel was cooking a big pot of chicken soup on the stove from the chickens we had at crown. Nummy but it wasn't going to be done until after I was at Altenberg. So, I had a sandwich and then crashed out for about 30mins. Got up and headed to the shop and Stefan and I were finally, after I poured the first one too slowly, successful in casting one of my projects. We are going to clean up that piece and then use that as the master for the two pieces I need for A&S. I'll have a bit of clean up but I'm not adverse to using some powertools on that. I have a foredom and I will use it, along with the grinder. Its just better for somethings. Also think I might have stefan show me how to use their buffer so I can get my coronet spiffy again. So, YAY progress. We're gonna get together Saturday morning and finish up the casting and when I get back from williamsburg I'll start on the cleanup.

So, got home about 930 and I was pooped. So tired. Immediately got in the shower and then snuggled into bed with mel. Obsidian was being a pretty princess and snuggling with mel while I was in the shower and she was very miffed when I kicked her out of her spot. Eh. So, I snuggled up for a while and then read for a bit. I was a bit wound up though I was exhausted so it took me a bit to fall asleep. But I slept good, just could have used another hour. Looks like I can't sleep in tomorrow either since my flight is at 8am. But I get first class (on a fluke) and that is sweet. Though most of my trip will be work and documentation. I'm bringing a book and knitting as standbys but the documentation must rule. Also gonna ditch the work laptop bag. I figure its gonna be easier for me to travel with my backpack and more comfy for me to carry. Just need to make sure I can fit everything in it. Which shouldn't be too much of an issue. Just need to hit a copy center tonight to get some copies of stuff I haven't had a chance to read yet for the docs.

The work gym is closing for renovations friday so when we get back from VA I'll have to find a new gym for the next 6 mos. Gonna check LA Fitness and Snapfitness since they have the best locations from the house. I really like having the gym on plantsite though. Cause I don't have to drive to it. But I'm happy we get discounts and We'll see what I can keep up doing as my the baby gets bigger.

I told folks at work today since I'm pretty sure I'll be showing a bit by the time I get back from travel and I didn't want to freak people out. Gonna hit Target to pick up a few essentials of clothing for the trips tonight just in case the stuff I had planned to wear doesn't fit the day I want to wear it. Pants are still okay so far but better safe than sorry. Plus I want to get snacks for the next 10 days too. All in all good though.

So, that is all the news that is fit to print.
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Well, work was very strange. I had a telecon where I go to use baking terms to explain how to build our piece of composite hardware. It worked and the non-tech guys on the call understood our issues and the composites folks who I talked with later realized that was a really good analogy and they will be using it later to explain things. So, I felt pretty good about that. after that I think I ground some gears trying to switch to a configuration change we've been working on. Part of the issue is we have a lot of configs at each indenture of assembly. Most of the configs have a specific purpose but since I'm new I don't know those nuances and it takes some digging but I think I finally had a handle on it to ask a specific question to the right people. woot. Course they are out until monday but I guess its better to know what the question is than not even have a clue.

After work I headed to the gym. I was tired and it was a leg day. I worked hard, kept good form and did well. I was still kind of annoyed at only squatting 50lbs. Told Bob, the gym director, and he laughed. I've been using a machine that you put weights on that has a tilted platform so you can do squats and hack squats. What I didn't know is that the carrier has some weight to it. It has about 60lbs of weight to it. So I've been doing 3 sets of 10 for squats and hack squats. LOL. I haven't been sucking. So know I'm pretty confident I can actually use the bar and do squats in the cage verus using the machine but the machine is much easier to set up. We shall see. I'll try it out on monday.

Got done with the gym, headed home, grabbed food for D&A, dropped it off and came home. Mel was working on his halstad weaving and I had dinner and started working on the crobot some more. I was tired. My legs were already sore and my head was starting to ache from the monsoon rolling in. I worked on the crobot but my brain wasn't on it, I was tired. I ended up hitting the shower about 845 and then was asleep just about 930 or so. I was tired. I woke up when mel got into bed but only when he turned his light off. I woke up thinking the power had gone off. I hit the bathroom and curled back into bed until the alarm. Snuggled up with hubby for a bit and that was nice, just wish today was the day off. Oh, well, next week.

Today, my legs are sore and my right knee is twingy. I had slipped in the shower the night before and its out and I usually can't get that one to reset. We'll see how I do, gonna do lots of walking today to keep things loose. Then after work I'm going to get my toes done and a bit of other pampering. Plus I want to make some banana pudding. It looked good in the paper and mel said his dad used to make it all the time. Sounds interesting and sounds very summery. I like pudding and bananas so its all good. Not sure what we will make for dinner but I'm sure we'll come up with something.
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Well, its been a mild weekend.

Yesterday mel and I got up and met Malius and we headed out for a ride. We went to the Rincon Valley Farmer's Market and back. About 17miles and I didn't do too bad. The boys complained more than I did and I maintained a good speed minus one up hill. It was warm and muggy and no cloud cover but the breeze was nice at times. Got back and had breakfast at Joe's and then it was home for projects. I decided that this weekend is the Indiana Jones marathon. So its working out well for watching it while sewing.

Had a fun time watching Trinity for the flan and speghetti(western) night at mingo's. Headed home early and got home in time to watch the season finale of Dr. Who. Slept okay, not great. Got up and was weaving to give my hands a rest. I'm very glad that Cavendish won the 20th Stage of the Tour and I really wish that Schleck could have pulled out the overall win. Oh, well. There is always next year. Had breakfast with Mingo and Tati, I ran some errands and now its been more project time. I'm really, really happy that I bought an xbox remote. It makes movie watching even easier.

So, for my personal tracking:
So, To Do List )
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Work was okay. I got lots done and ferretted out some issues. Need to talk with a supplier about their lack of following directions and things should go better. Got done and headed to the gym. I pushed hard on my arm work out and then headed to run. Bleah. The AC is out on that side of the gym and its hot...plus I got a treadmill I don't like as much as the others and it had more bounce to it. I managed to run a 15 min mile...my goal is to get it down to 10 mins or better. I've improved from 20 mins to not quite make a mile but it still slow. I shouldn't be surprised. The best mile I ever ran was in 8th grad and it was 8mins 40sec....I needed 7 mins 50secs to make the presidential fitness program and the running I never could do...so I never got the badge even though I had the record for sit and reach for a few years. But its a goal. My other goal has been to do a pull up without assist. I went to 25lbs of assist last night and couldn't quite make it up. With 55lbs of assist I can do it so I think to day we shall see what I can do since I don't work arms today.

Got done and it was raining. It felt good to walk a bit in the drizzle and then get in the car. I headed to grandma's and had mel pull up next to me at Kolb and Golflinks on his way to kung fu. We chatted while the light was red and then we off to our destinations. Got to knit night and I picked up my stitches on the thumb of my mitt and got a few rows in. I worked for about an hour on it...cause I had to go through the pick up a few times since doing it with needles on was not a good plan. I need to order some addi's in size 2's since they will be short for thumbs etc. Then I started in on weaving. Towards the end of the night I got a bit spacey on weaving so I wondered the store. I bought fiber. I got a really, really pretty purple/blue/fuscia blended merino and a really lovely cloud like batt of silk/merino/angelina* that Vicki had made. It was a bit spendy but hand blended fibers should be. I will have some spinning stuff to work on when I get done with the commission. I'm happy about that. I'm aching to spin but I have a lot of work to do.

Got home and wove for a while and then got into a discussion about aesthetic. We again realize I see things completely differently. I follow patterns in the opposite contrast than mel does and I need to work on making a clean transition between each "play" area of patterns I'm doing. My way of seeing things (and I do mean purely visually) is not what most people will find striking so I need to see it how people see it not how I see it. It was frustrating when it shouldn't have been but I was tired too so that probably added to the feeling. I got to bed on time and that was important. I do have to say that Kurlansky really has a wonderful writing style with the Cod book and the interludes between chapters are all recipes which I think is neat. I hope I can finish the book this weekend but we shall see how time permits.

Today is Thursday, my telecon for the morning was canceled so I have not much to go to today. Which means much writing on a report if I get the progress report from the geeks in the lab. I hope I get that today.

Oh, and for those of you in Tucson who can see the poll I posted yesterday, can you please respond?

*Angelina is a sparkly stuff they put in roving to make it sparkle. See here.


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