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Well, last week I spent most of my energy working the emergency issue with another program I got asked to work for my dept. Short story was that I got things done, tested, documented, reported to the dept and impounded into the database by COB on friday. It was tough work but I did good, IMHO, and I think the dept and the program is happy. We did a lot in a very short amount of time. So by Friday I was exhausted. All I wanted on friday night was a good night's sleep.

Thursday we had the news that Dorinda passed away. That pretty much dampened my enthusiasm for anything projecty which is exactly opposite on how I'm sure she would want things to be. She was a bright star in the sky for us. A smile that could light up a room and one of the best huggers ever. I'm sad for her, her family and sad with myself for not remembering when I saw her last. I just don't remember and that sucks.

So wearily we went to bed on friday night after I'm not sure what. Seriously I'm so brain fried I don't even know what we had for dinner. We slept in...well, Mel slept in till 8. I got up with Benton about 7 and that was good. He was hungry and we had to pack for MEF. We got on the road about 45 mins later than we planned but we made it in time to get checked in, change clothes and get to circle. Unfortunately, that didn't involve lunch so we starved through court and left after I made my announcement for the QPAS and then back to our room to eat the wonderful burritos that [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan had gotten us. Seriously, best burrito since the one I had right after Benton was born.

Got back down to the hall to find out that they were setting up for the feast. Oh, well, I was still kinda hungry. So, I got the QPAS running and then got plates out and had the feast. It was really well done by the hotel. The food was fresh, hot and savory. Plenty of it to go around and the fact that they got two sets of serving lines was fabulous. The meat balls were heaven. Things were weird with our timing all day. I had to leave to head back up and feed benton, the knights circle ran at a weird time and over long and I didn't get to dance until well after things were done.

Course when I was up with Benton getting dressed to go dance and mel was in Knight's circle. My son got adventurous. He decided to test gravity and fell off the bed. I was going back and forth between the room and the bathroom and I heard him playing with the bag of wipes and as I ran out I heard a very sickening thunk and he started wailing. I have to say I felt like the worst mom in the world. I picked him up from where he was all turtled up on the floor. He was screaming and I didn't see any blood but I grabbed the hotel key and ran downstairs with him to find Tym or Finneas. Found Finneas and after an examination deemed him shook up but just fine. I think I was more hurt and upset than the boy was. I got him snuggled up with [livejournal.com profile] dverning and got myself calmed down more and got my veils back on and back down to the hall. Man I felt awful and just waited until mel got out of circle to tell him. I'm pretty sure if there had been blood I would have barged in on the circle for Sir Alfred. But it was okay. I wasn't really okay for a while but I finally calmed down, got reassured by lots of people and finally got the boy back up to the room with daddy and fed for bed.

Thanks to Patrick the Butcher we had drummers come back out at 10pm and I danced hard for 45 mins before just sitting down. My body wasn't happy with me and I knew it and pushing through it was not in my best interest. I had a wonderful time chatting with visiting Calontiry who happen to be my niece's roommates. (its a very, very small world at times). I also owe a guy from Mons a special thank you for buying me a margarita...I needed it and didn't have any cash and the bar that would charge to the room was closed. I danced and I need to practice more. I was very inspired by one of the gals there and Ari and I's commentary about how awesome she was which involved the phrase "damn that is hot" made Bredan stop drumming since we distracted him. She was awesome with the best isolations I have seen in a very, very long time. Things to aspire to.

Ari and I headed back to my room and the hrafn boys plus the Bran boys were having a very lively discussion on many topics over mead and beer and fun. The Benton was passed out and sleeping very nicely and could care less about the room full of Vikings. All good though. We all stayed up way to late talking. I slept okay...I was worried that Benton was going to roll off the bed...but we had him blocked in on all sides. I just worried as I do. Benton let us sleep in until 8am and then it was packing and working out what we wanted to do. Mel was very worse for wear and needed food so all decisions were on hold until we got him caffeinated and fed. We headed out to Cupz and Crepes in Awahtukee and had a really nice breakfast there. Then it was decided that a quick trip to Sweden and then home. We had been invited to a few BBQ's but all of us were pretty tired. Got home and relaxed with naps. I got my bike running and went for a quick sprint to get things back into memory (like clipping in/out and shifting).

I stopped off at one of the BBQ's on the way home to just say hi and that was good. Got home before the wind really picked up. My legs felt okay and the bike was comfortable which was good since I had a ride scheduled with the Simpleview team the next AM. We all went to bed early and I got up at 5am to get ready for my pickup by Ed at 520.

I was nervous about riding with a group of much fitter people and well, I did not too bad. I sucked it on the climb to the monument but a lot of that was getting used to riding and the fact that my quads were very tight from dancing. But I managed and even though I was slow I did it without too much trouble...course I had a good coach in Ed behind me the whole time. We couldn't ride the monument due to a running race so we did a loop from escalante back to broadway/houghton. By the end I was feeling pretty good though my legs were tired and my sit bones were telling me they didn't like me. I was okay with the fact we didn't get to do the monument. Next time though will be good.

Got home and grabbed the boys and we met Ed, Candace and Holly for breakfast at Joes. Had a really nice time. Benton grabbed a glass and knocked it over. Lol. After breakfast we headed to Ace Hardware for me to pick up supplies for my regalia piece. Got home and had a grumpy boy would just wanted to be held. It wasn't very conducive to me getting things done but by the end of the day I managed to watch almost all of Torchwood: Miracle Day, work on practicing the regalia piece construction, washed some dishes, did some laundry, cleaned out the freezer of breast milk (wow, there was a lot in there..now have only a month supply), watched a movie we hadn't seen (Secretariat) and spent some time with the family. I still felt kinda useless and burned out. I think that was the lack of sleep talking. I did plenty I shouldn't complain but I wasn't up for people or anything else but bed by the time we got Benton in bed. Missed the girls at Scribble but just time to relax and hit the sack early was good.

Oh, well, its Tuesday which is really Monday and Wednesday this week since we only have a 3 day work week. Time to push the paperwork.
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I'm pretty sure that Mr. Benton just kinda sucks up all of my awesome...yanno that drive I had to stay up way late and work on things etc. OR maybe I'm getting old but uffdha! I'm tired. Little boy was very tired when we got home from the store last night but he played well until it was time for dinner. We had dinner (I cooked! (kinda)). I got taco fixings to go with the shredded chicken mel had made the night before. So, it was mostly chopping and things but it was ready when he got home 20 mins after I got home. Got Benton his bath and I'm really liking the California Baby Tea Tree and Lavender Baby wash I had picked up on the recommendation of the orthopedist. Benton's last bit of cradle cap is doing well and his birthmark seems less irritated. Plus it smells good as well and that is a plus.

Got the boy in bed just after 8pm. I'm sure I could have had him down and sleeping by 715 but bath and feeding were important. After he was asleep I got the kitchen somewhat picked up, washed and filled bottles (the chore that never ends) and found that the cats tried out steamed spinach that I had made for dinner. Spinach...really? Ugh.

Got my laundry going and was so tired but I had to stay up to get it in the dryer and out since I always (flylady style) put my clothes out for the next day. Mel got home and had a nice night at practice and I was bumbling around assembling my pump and getting ready for bed. I was grumpy..I think its the tired. Got to bed and slept well but man I could use some more.

This work project that I got saddled with last week I'm pretty sure is a test by my dept on how well I can handle things. I'm doing rather well at it so I'm happy about that, the testing is going well and the hardware is looking like its good. Which is the good thing.

So lots to do today and then knit night. I've been feeling so off that I'm hitting the gym next week and restarting stage 2 of my work outs. I've fallen off the wagon with it and not feeling confident in my consistency to go on to stage 3 yet. Plus, after realizing that the core workouts need to work me harder I need to figure out how to change things up. I need to do more reading and well, I'm weary.
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Well part of it was LJ was down and part of it was we've been busy.

I posted over on my Ianuk At Dreamwidth for a posting last week. I'm wanting a safer place to story this journal and the interfaces are almost exactly the same.

So, last week work was slowish. I'm coping. I head off on business travel on Monday till Thursday next week. This will be the first time I've spent that much time away from the Benton and Mel is going to have a fun time with that I think. He can do it but its a lot of work when we both switch on and off the responsibilities. Its gonna be a trick for me to pump while on travel but I think I can manage things well. Probably just gonna pump and dump since we have plenty in the freezer and I won't have to deal with the transporting it.

Other than that I finished reading Ghost Story on friday and Mr. Butcher did not disappoint at all. Wow, such a good series. If you haven't read it yet, go get Storm Front now.

So, friday I got up a bit later than normal and got the boy ready for daycare. I got him transpo'd and then headed to the gym. Now, it being an off friday hitting the gym means driving to work, working out and driving back home. Its a pain and traffic was the suck to and from due to the hours but I was able to make it home just in time to hit a very quick shower and then we headed off to see the early show of Captain America. It was fabulous! Such a good WWII epic and a rather sad story. You really see what a hero has to sacrifice to be a hero. Hugo Weaving was awesome as always and the rest of the casting was spot on.

After that mel and I grabbed lunch from Chipotle Grill and then drove to pick up Benton for his 4 month Checkup. He did really good with the shots and stuff and he's in the 99th (27.5") percentile for length, 57th percentile for weight (16.1 #)and 30th percentile for head circ (13"). The one thing that Dr. Macmahon was concerned on was his head. We've noticed its been flat but he gets tons of tummy time but he sleeps for 11 hours at a crack and doesn't move. He only likes to turn his head one way and its causing it to be flat on the back and sloped on his forehead.
You can see it here a bit but its really hard to see the forehead thing in pictures. Read more... )

So, we got to an orthopedist in two weeks to see what they can do. If he gets a little helmet it will be a few months of wear but hopefully then it will be normal. We also got some vitamins to give him but reading the ingredient list I'm allergic to it. So I have to figure out how to administer it to him without coming in contact with it. I was supposed to give it to him and then feed him but having an allergic reaction on the boobs doesn't sound like the best plan. Any ideas?

Saturday we traveled to Mon's for their A&S. What they lack in quantity of entries they always have in quality. Some really nice pieces. I just wish the documentation could have been better on some things which would have made judging easier. I did judge music and that was fun with Magdalen and Victoria because we all have very different strengths in that category. It was hard though cause the entries were so different and it was hard in one case to give good commentary cause the documentation was poor. Benton did really well but he was tired and a bit cranky from his vaccinations. We gave him some tylenol and that made him feel way better. Course his fussy is not what people call fussy. He fed while I judged music, though i had to apologize for a loud eating baby and he played or slept in the judges room while mel and I were in there. Magdalen had rode with us and she is an awesome traveling companion. Got home and we cleaned up and then headed out to dinner with Tati and Mingo. Our party of 5 ended up growing to 9 when [livejournal.com profile] weaverdancer and [livejournal.com profile] dverning showed up for sushi. It was awesome family dinner and all of us had a good time.

I had used the The Nose Frida on Benton in the mornings since he had a snotty nose. He didn't like it any more than the aspirators but it sure works great. Crazy to be siphoning my kids head but it works really well.

Sunday I worked on the house and Benton was fussy. He was very hungry all day which I'm sure was in reaction to being so sleepy on Saturday and not eating well enough but I wasn't quite prepared for feeding every 2 hours again. But we managed. I went shopping for a bit before we headed to Matt and Jaylee's for Abigail's 2nd Bday. It was a very different party with almost all of us having kids under the age of 2. Oscar, Oliver, Benton, Holly and Abigail plus 2 other babies made it a very kid friendly event. Benton got his feet wet in the pool which he did not like so we just sat on the yard swing for most of the afternoon. It was cloudy and only in the 90s so it was pleasant. We left about 530 and Benton was uber happy to play when we got home. Fed him and then gave him a bath and put him down for bed and he was cranky. We let him cry for a while but I got him back up and he was hungry again. yeah, I should have figured it out but we had just fed him and a bath is 15 mins. crazy.

Mel worked on getting all of the achievements for Plants vs. Zombies and I knit on his dad's cowl. We were indulging in some beer and I was a bit tipsy when I went to bed. I hadn't had a strong beer in quite a while and well, it was strong. I fell asleep immediately upon getting into bed and then was wide awake at 245. I got up and had water and some pain meds and then tossed and turned for a few hours before finally falling back asleep shortly before I needed to get up. Sighs.

So, its monday. Yup. If my head is still hurting I might not hit the gym we shall see.
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So, its friday! YAY!!!!!

Seriously this week has been weird. I don't know if its the weather or what but I've been tired and out of sorts and horribly forgetful. I forgot two big things last night and only got one of them remedied which is lame. Need to find time to do the other between the gym and heading out to dinner tonight.

I didn't do any crafting last night but I'm really not sure what I did but make myself dinner...so weird. Had [livejournal.com profile] meowandbark over briefly to drop off a Bumbo for the Benton to use. I'm sure he's gonna love it cause he likes to sit up now but can't quite manage to balance yet. Heck, he's only 4 months old (as of yesterday).

Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] richardsebrewer commented that he looked bigger and longer than sunday and Miss Lisa at daycare commented he looked bigger than yesterday. Yeah, he did to me as well. We shall see where he sits for stats a week from today at his doc appointment. The only thing that is a bit weird is he still has a huge flat spot on the back of his head. That isn't cause we lay him down all of the time...he will just roll over but when he sleeps he's on his back for 9 hours. I'm hoping once he gets more comfortable with rolling over and/or gets used to rolling back over from front to back he'll side sleep which should help the head a bit.

So, its good that is it friday. I'll hit the gym after work and then head home to the boys. This weekend I hope to finally get the studio set to sewing and start working on some clothing for myself for SCA stuff. I really need to start cutting things out and getting it done. Tour de Fleece ends Sunday so I also need to finish spinning stuff...got lots more of the corriedale to do and well, not a lot of time. I really want to finish my goal for TdF but I'm not sure I will get it all plied. We shall see. Well, off to do the electronic paperwork.
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Well, the laundry hydra has still a few heads that need to be buried but the house is looking better. I got the boys laundry folded and put away and that just leaves the towels etc in my studio and my clothes to put away. I'm so happy that I know have more pants to wear that I can put off doing laundry that I think I almost might be able to keep up with it. Yeah, right. Got home with Benton after we went grocery shopping. We needed a few things like yogurt and apples. I was explaining things to him as I picked things up and put them in the cart and for the first time it really looked like he was seeing it. He fell asleep on the way home and I let him snooze while I cleaned baby bottles and got my dinner started. I made a mushroom/spinach/feta omelet and had rye toast with it. Mel got home about the time I finished up cooking and he played with Benton while I made him dinner. Ben was cute and was crawling around but was getting a bit frustrated with crawling. Not sure why, he was doing great but I think he'd just had enough. We got him set in his chair for a bit and at 730 I got him in his jammies and he was in bed early after a really good feeding.

I should have doing some crafty stuff but I was tired. Mel was in bed asleep by 930 and I turned my reading light out at 10pm. Obsidian has been bugging mel at night which explains some of his tireds in the morning. I'm thinking it will be a cat free night tonight.

Just after Benton went to bed it started raining. Wow, what a great storm. It was nice to go to bed with it raining.

Well, tonight is me hitting the gym then heading to knit night. I will probably call ahead for dinner from Beyond Bread so its ready when I get there since the places I like to eat around plantsite are closed after I get out of the gym. Which is rather annoying. I'm also toying with the idea that maybe I should have my 8 hour day be wednesday so I get more knitting time with the girls and still get a good workout and not feel so rushed. We shall see.
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Well, after the icky work week I requested that mel take me out to sushi when I got home from the gym. I didn't make it out of work until 4pm...my afternoon of knitting fun was dumped upon by paperwork that was still not complete by 4pm. Though not without me trying my damndest. I was tired and still kinda grumpy when I got home but a shower, smiles from the Benton and a good protein rich dinner made up for it.

Got home and got the boy ready for bed and Mingo and Tati stopped by. It was really, really good to see them and we talked house plans and chit chat. Benton was in bed pretty quickly and then we all gabbed for a few hours. I knit on my second felt bag and then it was time for bed.

Benton was up early on Saturday for food and then we all went back to sleep. I got up and worked on the felt bag and finished it up and got it felting. The one thing I learned was that single spun yarn shrinks way more than plied yarn and I'm really glad I made this bag bigger since it felted down to smaller than the previous bag. I then did some more reading and realized that I needed to over night soak my yarn. Oops oh well. So, I made plans to do that sunday. I spun up the pewter colored silk merino and then spun up the alpaca. Alpaca is so soft and it spun nicely. I had a lot less thick and thin on it. We realized that we probably need at least on more niddy-noddy since we filled them up and mel used his warping board to put the icelandic (or was it gotlandic) on since he had plied up the entire thing. Its funny though I guess we do need a few more fiber tools. I will probably pick up the larger kromski niddy-noddy for myself since I'll be doing larger quantities now and need the space.

Mel also spent part of saturday working on the main cooler. It really needed new pads. He got that taken care of and we now need to figure out where to put a water reclamation downspout so we can dump the cooler every 8 hours to prevent buildup. It was a nice day of spinning though. SyFy was playing the Indiana Jones movies and we watched most of them.

While mel and I were playing with fiber Benton was figuring out how to turn over and army crawl. He'd been almost doing it last week but he kept getting his arm stuck under him so he would roll back the way he came. Now he's figured out how to roll over, untuck his arm and then move in an army crawl across the floor. He had lots of fun crawling around and chewing on things. He nommed on my little cthulu and the puppy blankie toy that [livejournal.com profile] spartanmom got him. He also managed to not freak out when the puppy was over his head and he couldn't get it off. We had some issues with that on friday and he got scared that it was covering his face. He had to be rescued from the attack puppy and comforted but he wasn't scared too long and recovered really well to go back to playing with the puppy.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast with [livejournal.com profile] american_knight and the HD at Joe's. Had a really nice family breakfast and that was good. After that we headed home and I headed to Target to get essentials for the week. Managed that errand in an hour and then was home to work on dyeing things.

I did the dyeing in two different ways. One piece of roving and 2 yarn skeins were jar dyed and 4 other rovings were crock dyed. Jar dyeing just entails stuffing stuff in jars and letting it sit. The crock dyeing involved pouring the color over the yarn and letting it cook. Both had advantages and disadvantages. The issue with crock dyeing is that if you mix colors incorrectly you get muddy colors and I had that happen on one roving but all in all it was fun. I managed to dye stuff, work on laundry, fold boy clothes, pick up the kitchen and work on another alien throughout the day before setting down to spin. I plied up all of the yarn I had spun on Saturday and then started spinning on a batt I had gotten from Blue Mountain Handcrafts. Its a wonderful corriedale in a pretty colorway of autumn colors. Mel's comment when I was spinning it was that it looked like I finally know what I'm doing. YAY! It seriously wanted to spin itself and if it hadn't been benton's bed time I so would have spun until my bed time. Its lucious and I have a total of 8 ounces to spin. Not sure what I'm gonna make but its gonna be fun.

So, I had a really nice weekend and got things preset for myself so I didn't feel rushed before bedtime or in the morning. Unfortunately, I didn't remember that I give blood today so no gym time for me but that will be good for me to maybe get some bike maintenance going or at least drop it off for maintenance.

So, the pictures of the weekend projects:fiberygoodness! )
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Monday was a busy day of work, working out and then dashing home to help mel finish cleaning house and having scribble. We didn't do much scribing, lots of fiber prep and spinning wheel discussions but plans are afoot for our commissions. I managed to work on my knitting and the boyo went to bed nicely.

Tuesday was another crazy busy day at work and then I picked up a very happy boy and we went grocery shopping. He immediately fell asleep and was very tired when we got home. I managed to get dinner on before mel came home and we had loverly porkchops, salad and vegetable loaded couscous. Very tasty.

In between getting dishes and laundry on I played with Ben and when he went to bed I worked on mel's cowl. I managed to get it done and cast off but it was very late and I still had to shower and pump milk. My bad but I have an FO and mel is very happy with it.

Melvin E's Cowl

So now I need to figure out what will be the next thing on the needles. Hmmm....I keep thinking socks for mel take II and some hand warmers for him. I have a scarf and a shawl on the needles but I need easy stuff to work on as well. We shall see.
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Well, he is now officially three months old! Wow. Seriously..how can he be that old now? The last week or so have been good. He's gotten bedtime and awake time down pat. Monday though he wasn't feeding as well and was uber sleepy. If that pattern continues I'll call the doctor, it could just be a growth spurt.

I know I haven't felt very good myself (GI issues) so maybe he has a bit of something..not sure. He awoke crying at 430am and needed a diaper change. I fed him then since he was hungry. He fed his normal morning amount and was out like a light. Mel had to wake him up to get him changed for daycare etc and he was asleep when I dropped him off. We shall see. I worry about him not feeling good when we are heading the california on Thursday.

Need to hit target for things we might need like baby benadryl, benadryl cream for bug bites and anything else I can think of for his comfort. We aren't quit camping but its cabin camping. Any mom's out there got suggestions of things we will definitely need?

Well, we shall see how he is this afternoon.
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This week has flown. Wow. I haven't gotten a lot done either and that is kinda boo. But Mel and I have plans to work on the house a bit this weekend so its cleaned up. Cause its not really where I want it.

Benton has been doing good though he keeps getting up before my alarm. Not sure what do do with that but cope. This morning was quite annoying since he woke up hungry and then didn't really eat much and fell asleep and was still pretty asleep when we got to daycare. Oh, well.

I'm heading to the gym after work to start my work outs. I'm pretty sore from wednesday and this will be a trial but I will go and do it. Bob and I will chat and I'll see where I need to go. Its really making me happy to get back in the gym..I've missed it. I'll get to do deadlifts today which I've never done so we shall see how that goes (LOL).

Tomorrow I'll be heading to the Wilmot library for the WWKIP day. I'll stay a few hours with the boy and then head to grandma's for a bit which should work out well. Mel can dink in the shop and then hope to work on the house. I hope to get things done on Friday/sat so that Sunday I can can finish that darn shawl!

So a To Do List:
Read more... )
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I think I know why people say that life goes by faster once you have kids...you have so much more stuff to do that your time is fleeting. I swear it was just Sunday...anyhoo...I should chat about the weekend.

Friday was our day off and we slept in a bit and then dropped Benton off at daycare so we could have a nice shopping day to ourselves. We hit joes for breakfast and then off to jewelry shop and antique a bit. Mel was on the look out for my birthing gift/birthday gift and he got me a lovely pair of diamond and ruby earrings. I am again reminded of how much I like maguire's jewelry up on Wetmore and they again hit it out of the park. Here is a picture of them: Earrings.

We also hit up the Three Sisters Estate sale shop which is fabulous. I got nordicware mini-bundt pans for 6 bucks a piece. All in all it was a good day and we had a nice lunch before we headed home so I could pump milk and then we relaxed before picking up the boy. He had had a really nice day at daycare and was all happy.

During the evening we got a phone call from Storvarr. He was going to head our direction to then catch a ride with us to collegium and then work on the house benches the next day. It worked wonderfully since he was able to check on Benton for us and it made the trip up a delight.

All day long I had other people carrying the boy around. It seemed like every time I looked up someone else had him. LOL. He did really good at the event and played a lot with Mel and folks.

I taught 5 Steps to make Stuff ala Tarrach. It went really well. My hem class I only had 2 students but that was okay. I know have kits for teaching it on the fly which is also good. We headed out of Wickenburg by way of Dunkin Donuts for coffee/crack. Headed down the road to home. The ride back was long and we were all a bit tired and cranky. Ben was not feeding well and I really wished I had packed my pump along. Figured out later that I had a blocked milk duct and had to take care of that when we got home but I was exhausted by the time I got that worked out and then was AWAKE which didn't help. I was just worn out and mentally drained as well. Mel was awesome and let me sleep in after Benton had his morning feed and then didn't wake me up until he really needed to be fed. That was awesome.

The 4 of us headed to joes where you can see the uber happy boy here:
Breakfast At Joes After that Benton was a bit fussy and would not nap. Finally at 3pm he fell asleep on me and I snuggled with him for over and hour before I set him down. After that he was as right as rain. I thinking he got held a lot on Saturday and wanted more of that.

Monday through today has been work and getting into a groove with a schedule. I've been getting up earlier so I can get breakfast and pump before the boy gets up and I think that works great. I can get everything packed and ready to go and then its feeding him and into the car. So, its been a good couple of days but its been tiring. Mel hasn't felt great since Monday. Not sure what is up there but he's very tired now but at least he's eating which he hadn't been on monday. He hit up kung fu but skipped fighter practice. We shall see what he does on Thursday.

Today I'm going to hit the gym for the first time at the new gym for work. Its a really nice setup and I'm going to enjoy working out there. Bob and I are going to do the measurements and assessment before I start so I have a baseline and then I'll be off to work out. I hope to get in some weights and cardio (taking it easy to start) and then start really getting into the groove in the next few weeks. I have a plan (which I of course left at home) from The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I really liked the set up with it and all of it is free weights so I can do some of it at home on the weekends. So we shall see how I do.
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I realized this AM that I did not talk about the Phoenix Comicon. This was our 4th time attending I think...maybe only 3 but this was the best organized I've seen it. They moved to the north part of the phoenix convention center and that was a good move. It made for lots of great space, nice placement of refreshments and some good quiet spaces to nurse benton in. Though at the beginning it took us about an hour to get our badges and we were pre-reg'd. They just needed more folks set up for that but it was still nice. Benton was a champ and hung out in his sling all day. Mel and I switched off carrying him and when mel was carrying him most folks didn't notice he had the boy cause he's much taller than me.

We went to the Eureka panel and that was fun to hear the director and Wil Wheaton chat. I was able to get Wil, Sandeep and Jeff from the Guild sign Ben's onsie and that was awesome. Also got more prints from Marc de Santos which are awesome and we finally got to meet Stan Sakai of Usagi Yojimbo fame. I know that is one comic we will be reading to Benton.

[livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and [livejournal.com profile] american_knight were in costume and I got a few photos. Joaney is in those too. Next year we will be 1)staying in phx, 2) in costume, 3)bringing a real camera and 4) having a sitter at home for Ben cause I really want to have the night life fun.

So if you want to see my pictures PHXCC 2011.

So work has been good. I'm getting the swing of pumping milk and getting stuff organized. I get to be a mentor to our intern and that is kinda cool. I got to knit night last night and was exhausted but I managed to figure out what the heck I had done on my crochet shawl that made me frog it back from row 60 to row 14 (2 balls of yarn in those rows btw). I'll be making a detailed entry in my ravelry project page cause man that was confusing and annoying. But the shawl will be cool. Hoping to finish it up this weekend since we have a drive to do for A&S collegium.

It now looks like I will be teaching at A&S since they now have an opening for a teacher since someone canceled. Yay!
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Well, yesterday was my first day back and it was pretty easy. I'm okay with that...easy is good. Now I need to get a doctor's note for not working the full week...I'll have to remember to not come back on a holiday week...I don't get the holiday since I didn't work the previous pay period and I have to work my full hours...so, doctors note or taking PTO. Yeah, doctors' note is the plan, just need to call them today.

We are still working out what to do for getting ready in the AM. Getting up earlier is a good plan and it worked out okay this morning but I'm still off on timing. Ben wasn't really hungry this morning though I knew he was if that makes sense.

His first full day of day care was good for him and when I got home late he was already fed but fussing. I picked him up and he immediately grabbed in to me, had a big sigh and went right to sleep. I sat with him and butterfly for an hour while mel was at kung fu but the little boy was still kinda cranky. Fed him and he was much happier to have me than the bottles I think and then we headed out to practice so I could pick up my pampered chef order and socialize a bit.

He got a bit overstimmed while we were there so home we went. I tried to give him the left over bottle in the fridge but he wasn't having any of it. I'm much better I guess. Which is okay. Got him in bed by a bit after 10pm and then it was getting things packed and ready to go for the morning. I got into bed at about 11pm and was asleep about 15mins later or so. I got up at 3am and pumped and again had a hard time falling asleep. Very odd that...dunnon why. Then it was time to get up at 530am.

Tomorrow should go a bit better since I wont have paperwork to fill out and a check to write at daycare. So, that will help. I think if I get up ten minutes earlier I can get fed before the boy is up and going and that will also help with things. My goal is to make it into work by 730am. Given that I need to take 30mins out of the day to pump that puts my day ending every day at 5pm...which of course doesn't really work on Tuesdays and Thursdays due to mel needing to go to kung fu..so I will have to pick him up on those days versus mel. So, things to work out.
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Friday mel had the day off and we had had plans to spend it together going shopping etc for things but he had a lot of prep work to do for the household bench building day so those plans got scuttled. I managed to get out and hit the bank and then mail off packages to family. Mel and I did manage to get a nice little date night with dinner at Guadalajara Grill and then Bookmans. Dinner was really really good. They make your salsa at your table and its really, really good. I had a nummy margarita which really hit me hard...my alcohol tolerance is for crap now. The food was faboo and we enjoyed the time there. We were going to try to hit a movie at the cheap seats but dinner took a bit longer so we then went book shopping. We walked into Bookman's and ran into Artemis who was chasing down his son Cypher (sp?). Had a really nice time chatting with him and Andrea and seeing how big the boy was.

Mel and I got a lot of books, imagine that, and it was a nice time out together. We got back home and the boy was uber happy with [livejournal.com profile] snotblossom and Varr watching him. They left and then the screaming started. We figured out pretty quickly that he had a tummy trouble (gas) and a dosing of gripe water and he was all better. We all got to bed and then it was an early morning for us. I got the boy fed and then back to bed before folks started arriving for the bench building day.

We had 7 kids in the family room and 15 or so adults around the shop and the family room. Wow. I walked into the shop at one point and everyone was working away and folks weren't getting in each other's way. Mel's new shop is awesome. Tym was an awesome dude and has designated himself the household coffee bitch and made nummy coffee. Lunch was pretty good with Hinkle cod salad and other fixins. We had managed to get the kids to the park before lunch and that was good for running off energy. After lunch we watched some movies and it was a good project time for many of us. Benton was pretty hungry once he finally got up around 1030am. He's growing and its taking its toll.

Folks left except for Storvarr by 7pm. The house was quiet and that was so nice. Benton got a bit over stimulated and we let him relax and play and snuggle. We were all beat and after showers I think we all hit bed pretty early...though the boys might have been playing video games..I don't quite remember.

Sunday we got up lateish. But it was okay. The boys played video games and I worked on the shawl I started on Friday, its lace and pretty.

In the early afternoon My Aunt Jackie and Uncle John arrived for a visit. They are from Michigan and were in Scottsdale for a graduation. We had a good visit and it was nice to see them. Ben was really good with Jackie and John and the boys had a good time chatting.

Later, I managed to pull out some yarn and make a cowl that I've had in my queue since 2009 when Thyra got me the yarn. I also used the crochet hook set she got me since I couldn't find the size I needed in my stuff. Win! Its a neat pattern and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Full view of red cowl

It will be great for work and the winters here or anywhere really. I finished up the crochet late on Sunday night but couldn't find the button until Monday AM. I had gotten up when mel left for work yesterday and started working on a new shawl that I've also had in my queue. I've put mel's socks in hibernation since the second sock is too tight for him. Sighs. My gauge changed between the socks or I mis-counted or whatever...but they are in time out for now. Mel is okay with me putting them away for a time. I think they will end up being socks for [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari so they won't go to waste or get completely frogged. I will go through the sock yarn and find much bigger yarn for his next pair of socks and I will do it on larger needles. I'm happy though that I've gotten things made for myself. Its been nice.

Yesterday was Benton's 2 month checkup. He did really good and is at 13 lbs 1 oz, 24.5" long. He frowned at Doc McMahon which was funny but he was smiley with everyone else. He only fussed for about 30 seconds after his shots while we were at the office. He slept all of the way home and even when I took him out of the carseat. When he finally woke up he was very cranky so after a bit to eat I put him back in his little rocking chair and got him soothed and sleeping again. Mel came home and he then got really cranky. His temp was up and he was not happy. He got a dose of infant tylenol and some nursing and then as out again. But you could tell he felt better while sleeping. He napped until about 830 and we had a really good feeding and then he got to interact with folks at scribble before I put him to bed for the night. We were all asleep by about 1045pm. That is good for us.

I had to get up and pump at 415am. He was up at 6am and we had a good breakfast and he's still snoozing.

A week from today will be his first full day at daycare and my first day back to work. Its going to be nice to get some adult interaction and not be the mommy milking machine but I will be missing interacting with the boy. He's made so many advances in the last few weeks: smiling when we smile at him, getting his hand into his mouth himself, rubbing his eyes when he's tired and lots of vocalization. He's also been trying to roll which is also fun to watch. He managed to inchworm about a foot or so during tummy time on Sunday as well. He's getting so big! But it will be good for him to interact with other folks, play with other kids and get socialized. It will be a rough week next week but I think it will be okay.

I'm making sure to get up when mel does this week to get in gear for when we will be getting up for work with the boy. I think it will be good..but I'm going to be tired. Plus my allergies are going full force and I'm still debating the use of drugs. I took claritin on Sunday and my blood pressure tanked most of the day. But with my nose being swelled and my sinuses being all puffy it might be worth a bit of dizziness.

So, its Tuesday and still early and in the words of [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek "have fun, make stuff".
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Friday I got the urge to do some baking and I made cinnamon rolls for the first time and loaf of banana bread. The rolls were fun and the only thing I needed to change was putting more butter in the caramel sauce. It got rock hard versus staying gooey for the sticky portion of the rolls. With the low humidity it didn't work so well and became rock hard...but it was still tasty. Mel was ecstatic at the rolls.

The lack of humidity really does nice things for bananas though. I really let them get black and here they dessicate a bit getting really really sweet. Makes the bread amazing. I put dried cherries in this batch.

We had dinner with Hrafnheim for Kristen's graduation dinner. TRied to hit up Sushi Garden but we ended up at Sushi Cho since they had space for a large group. Good sushi. It was awesome to have sashimi again. Gods I had missed it.

Saturday was A&S and we managed to deal with Benton pretty good. He was uber hungry and pretty cranky during the day but he got a few cat naps and then mel brought him to me to get cooler. Little guy still needs help with that. Got home very late due to judging taking forever as it does. Though I do know for next year things will be differently organized.

The stuff I judged was a weird mix of skill levels and dealing with little boy made it take me forever to judge just 3 things. I know mel did more than that. Not sure how much more.

We got home and mel was awesome and got us burritos and we had an early night. Little boy slept pretty good and then we all slept in until 9am. Mel ended up working in the shop and then hitting up home depot for more wood for the household project day. I dealt with a very cranky boy. We ended up heading out shopping about 4pm and getting b-day presents for Viktor, Linnet and Mason. We still need to get Faydra's very belated gift but there is a plan for that.

Looks like friday we will head out and get my B-day and Birth gifts. Mel got me a wonderful WaringPro hand mixer for Mother's day. We needed one and when it starts up it sounds like a jet engine starting. Plus its got a digital display that tells us how long you've been running the blades. Very cool.

Hoping to get a date night in on Friday if we can get a sitter. I'm hoping for a movie and dinner we shall see what we get. [livejournal.com profile] snotblossom you up for coming over? We would love to have a night out.
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Well, I think we have finally settled into a routine of sorts with Benton. He's been getting to bedtime by 1030pm at the latest. Its taking different things depending on the night but he's been sleeping good and that is a good thing. 6 hours of sleep before I have to feed him and then another 3 hours before he's up again. That is good. I think I'll be able to handle the schedule when I go back to work and that is important. Plus mel said he'd be getting up with the boy to help me too so we are both equally sleep deprived. Lol.

Yesterday I had big plans to run errands and those were pushed off due to the cable being crappy. We've had on and off tiling of the signal for a bit. But yesterday it made watching TV impossible. So I called it in. The tech was there in about 2 hours and after doing a very nice job troubleshooting he proved it was from the line to the pedestal out in the alley. They replaced our cable box though since it was aging and he said that the line techs would be out soon. The line tech arrived about 530pm and said they had found a break in the insulation to the line on the pole in the alley which they had been looking for for a while. It was under a sleeving that attaches it to the pole before it goes underground thus it was hidden. He "bandaided" it and the line folks would be out to replace the line in the next 48 hours during the night. The cable has been working great and the internet is also back to much better. I have to say, the customer service from COX has been excellent and its why I'm still their customer.

I made waffles for the first time last night with mel's professional waffle maker. I had some fail on the batter which was possibly caused by my inability to whip egg whites up to stiff peaks by hand. Our hand mixer died a long while ago and I didn't want to drag the kitchenaid out to do it and I probably should. I told mel to get me a hand mixer for Mother's Day and well, I found a nice one for really cheap on Amazon this morning and ordered it.

Once the boy wakes up I'll be getting us ready to head out to errands and then I'll get a work out in with a DVD. Had a good walk yesterday and did an ab work out and I can feel it today.

Looks like my first day back will be May 31st. Not sure if I will be working half days that week to get into the groove but I'm going to vet that with my boss to see if he's good with it. It might be half days with half at home too that week so Benton can slowly work on daycare. We shall see. Its getting close now.
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So, here we are at Tuesday, two weeks since my last post. I had not intended that..just was busy with my mom being here. I can say it was really, really nice having her here. She is such good support and so good with him. We did some shopping here and there but most of the time it was staying home and being with the boy and a few good walks.

Little boy has been fighting bed time a lot. We have to make sure that he's been awake about 6 hours before bedtime otherwise he just wakes up. Mom and I finally had to resort to a binky since he kept wanting to nurse but not really eat. That is hard on your body, let me tell you. But the binky worked and he has been using it about half the time to be put to bed. It was not the action I wanted to do because I really hate pacifiers but if its only for bedtime I'm much better with it. I'm feeling less guilty about it now but it was tough the first night. Course now that we are getting more sleep I'm feeling even better about it.

Mom spent a lot of her time here cleaning our house. I wrote earlier how I felt bad about that but many am I'm appreciative of it. She did comment though that maybe mel and I should look into getting someone to come in every few weeks and honestly, its been on my mind a lot before benton was born and now, yeah, I'll definitely be looking into it. I now that mel and I will have to pick up before they come to clean but man, it will be so nice.

Mom went with us to Coronation and she really enjoyed the pageantry. Benton did really well with the courts and played on his blanket for a lot of the time. He got the hiccups during the pelican ceremonies and I hope it didn't distract too many people. I got a few pictures during the day but pretty much enjoyed the day and passing the boy around for folks to see and play with. We got home and all got cleaned up and then mel took us out for dinner for early mother's day. We had a very nice time at BJ's brewery...where AHA members now get a 10% discount. Then we hit up Frost for gelato. Mel got the habenero/chocolate with a side of coconut. This is very much like the old Poor Brother's habenaro chips we liked where they were so hot your couldn't stop eating them. I got an endorphin high from one taste. Mel only got through half of his cup but he really liked it. I think I got mom addicted to gelato...lol.

Sunday mom watched Benton so we could head up to the site for Queen's Champion. I had to run the artisan prize tourney and mel was fighting in King's. It was a warm day but it was breezy. The display was really, really well attended with 20 folks displaying. HRM had a tough choice but she managed to make a decision after all of the the really lovely stuff. There were lots of first time artisans and first time displayers. I had some lovely chats about knitting and spinning with folks and just enjoyed the day. Mel fought pretty well and we managed to get home at a good clip. The only hitch I had all day was to find a place to pump. The bathrooms didn't have plug ins and I had to finally have housekeeping open a room for me to use. It worked but I need to call limerick (my pump manufacturer) to get the car adapter. This is probably a good plan honestly. Or I need to look at the cup holder converters...either way, its a good plan.

Yesterday was tough with mom going home. We were both crying and then Benton spent the entire day being fussy and not wanting to nap. He was basically up for almost 12 hours with the largest nap being about 30 mins and that was really early on. Mel was awesome and kept checking on him while scriptorium was going but I finally swaddled him in a snuggleme wrap and got him calmed down enough to nurse for about 5 mins and then he was out. Not sure why he was up all day but he was. I think he missed grandma. He had her all day the day before and I think that was good for him but he kept expecting to see her yesterday. Not sure but its a theory...or it was the fact I was gone so long. Anyway, he slept from 1030am to 6am. He was so hungry he's back to napping after eating so well. We are going to go for a walk here in a bit and then I'll get him up for playing. We have some errands to run today as well so it should be a busy day but not too bad.

Yesterday mel and I visited the daycare that I chose for Benton to attend. Mel hadn't gotten to see it but we had a nice time chatting with Miss Lisa. Benton was hungry so I fed him and he didn't care when the other kids were crying. So that makes me glad. Mel liked the facility but just hates the fact that we have to do daycare. We will be heading back there a few more times to get him used to being there and with the folks who will be caring for him. Its all good though. I think he's really gonna like it there. Plus, [livejournal.com profile] meowandbark will be taking Inara there as well so Benton will have a playmate he kinda knows.
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Well, the weekend was really fun. Benton got introduced to the rest of hrafnheim at our household meeting. It went really well and we got to help the Easter Laurel with her eggs. We discussed upcoming projects and the like and had a good time. Storvarr was down for the meeting and he and mel played borderlands before he headed back to Eds. Sunday was Gawd Awful Grail and we got there on time for court. Benton did pretty good all day but I think he had too much time out in the wind and was cranky by the time closing court happened. We headed home and storvarr joined us for dinner after we all got cleaned up. It was almost a month since we had been there last and the last one was after the baronial guard tourney and the night before Benton was born.

Had a nice dinner and then home to relax. We had managed to get Benton on a schedule for going to bed by 1030pm and it was working well until Monday night. Got up early on monday and got going to the fair grounds to pick up my entry and then it was home to feed the boy, get him a bath and pick up my mom from the airport. She had had a rough day. Sunday night they had called and her 750am flight was cancelled to DFW due to weather. So they put her on a 605am flight. She got to the airport and there was mechanical issues and got put on a different airline and a 750a flight to chicago. She got in about the same time as she would have before but it was a long day for her. We had lunch at mimi's and it was good minus the fact that the booth we were in was so narrow I couldn't get Benton to be comfy to feed cause of course when my food arrived he woke up and was hungry. Basically I had to have him under the table and crunch down to get him to feed. Not the best. Looks like tables from now on I think. Got home and got mom settled and the boy played for a while. Then we put him down for a nap and I think it was too long. Not sure but he was fussy and wide awake at 10pm. Thought I had him down at 11pm but nope..had to walk around with him and finally feed again to get him to snug down for the night. He woke me up at 530a and then was down again until about 845 but he wasn't hungry. We hung out and then finally got him fed and watched tv.

Since about noon my mom has been cleaning our bathroom. I feel bad but she wants to help out..it needs it and she's OCD about getting things spotless. Little boy was very awake throughout the early afternoon and he is finally down for his nap. Hoping we can get back on schedule tonight so I can get out and see some daycares. I hope to hit about 3 tomorrow if it works out. A few I called today didn't have openings or didn't take infants.

Mel is currently at the dentist. He broke a tooth (one that has been needing a crown to fix an old decaying filling) on Saturday. It didn't hurt so I'm betting he's going to need a root canal. I guess we will find out. I'm also betting he won't be heading to fight depending on what they do today. I was happy they got him in the day he called. We have an awesome dentist.

Called my kidney doc and have to get my labs done this week...including a 24 hour panel. Sighs. I hate those...a lot. Luckily this time I'm not pregnant so it shouldn't be as hard as it was last time. Course I hope it shows that Benton sucked out all of the extra calcium in my system so we are done with going to see a specialist but we shall see. Not that I've ever had any symptoms but never having kidney stones is a good plan.

Well, time to pull out the knitting since mom is still cleaning and boy is sleeping.
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Well, we thouroughly enjoyed the visit by my inlaws. Just wish they could have stayed a bit longer. Its been a rough couple of days since they left. Little boy has not been wanting to go to bed until after midnight and that is taking its toll on me.

We all headed to the fair on Saturday and that was awesome. Got to enjoy the exhibits, pet some cute bunnies, get free cormo roving and enjoy the day. Little boy got a bit warm but we did okay getting him cooled down. I really think they need to make car seats for AZ with specific airflow.

Benton's sweater and hat got a Blue Ribbon at the fair and that was awesome. Sunday we enjoyed heading out to joe's for breakfast and just hanging out for the day. Monday I didn't make it to scribble but hung with the in laws for their last night. They left the next morning and I attempted a few days of getting up when mel did and managed to do okay but the boy was okay with it but I think he slept too much and during the day. I'm going to attempt to keep him more awake today to see if we can get him to sleep more before midnight. I'm hopeful but we shall see last night was rough.

I need to do some laundry today to get ready for my mom being here on monday. I'm excited to have her here. Plus it will give me someone to watch Ben while I'm checking out day care centers. I've got a small list and hope to hit them all next week. I need to also make a couple of tunics for Benton between today and Sunday. Its gonna be cute.

Mel is off at Matt's working on his work shop. I hope he doesn't spend all day there but we shall see. We do need to go do some shopping. One thing I have been doing is getting caught back up on Dr. Who and Torchwood. I have made it through all of David Tennent and will catch up on Matt Smith once its updated for viewing. I'm half way through Season 2 of torchwood. That show is really depressing at times which I never noticed on the episodes I had caught. I think I must have only caught the funny ones before. I'm thinking that Eureka will be next on the list to watch through.

But first I need to snug with the Benton..he's not enjoying his tummy time...oh, so sad. I snug with him a bit and then put him back to tummy time. He doesn't like it but its good for him. Yesterday he fell asleep during it which I took as a good sign. Today we shall see.
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This week we've kind of gotten into a routine...kinda.

Monday we headed back to the pediatrician to have Benton's circumcision done. I have to say, Dr. Couchman was super awesome explaining everything to us before hand...making sure we still wanted to do it and making us and Benton very comfortable. His nurse was super nice as well and was all about Benton's comfort. The procedure didn't take long and it was interesting to watch. There are speciatly tools involved which I'm not surprised about but it was neat to see. Benton didn't complain and only fussed that he was hungry when things were done. They had given him some sugar water while the procedure was being done and it kicked in his "I'm hungry" reflex. He fed every two hours for the rest of the night which didn't surprise me. He had also gained 5 ozs since friday. LOL.

Tuesday we had a nice day and I managed to have a good walk with him in the afternoon. We headed out to practice when mel got back from kung fu. I had made baked cod in mushrooms for dinner and it was good. We headed out and Benton got introduced to lots of folks. We stayed about an hour and then I was done. Got home and settled in for the night. Poor Benton though had an hour of poopy diapers before finally settling down at 1230am.

Wednesday we got up and headed out to the zoo with [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa and had a good time. We dropped off our taxes and then were home for another poopy diaper hour after lunch feeding. Mel got home and we were both napping. We had leftovers for dinner and then I headed to knit night. Benton was exciting and napped the whole time and managed to fill his diaper and leak on Becky. Oops. Got home and had a good feeding and then he was awake which was not a good sign.

He ended up cluster feeding from 11pm till 130am...I finally got him asleep at about 2am. We slept until just about 6 where he fed okay. His 9am feeding was kinda lame and he was sleepy. Course I was pretty full so it was hard for him to eat. I pumped almost 8 oz extra. Wow. Very sore now. But hopefully we are back to normal now. We shall see. His circ is healing really well though and I'm betting the extra feeding is helping heal it quickly.


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