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Busy week.

When I last wrote I was working on being better to myself and taking care of myself. I've cut back on the booze to only a few in the week, tracking what I'm eating again and hitting the gym. I did good!  2 weekends ago was the Kingdom A&S Collegium.  We attended Saturday and Sunday and I spent the time painting and taking a class or 2.  Had a lovely dinner out with Hrafn folks and Master Gyllym.

Finished this and this:

The friday was 5 hours of clinics. Now, I had signed up to go and with my TKD blackbelt and my yellow belt in kung fu I have a lot of experience....it just hasn't been used in about 5 years or so.  So, I was a bit worried I would suck and make Boxer's Rebellion look bad since we are already the red headed step child of the org since we aren't karate, judo or juijitsu specific but we are kung fu and Kajukenbo.  Well, our school rocked it and it showed in all of us.  I did really well on Friday and took 4 of the 5 hours of clinics. I was tired and a bit exhausted. I'm out of shape but my instincts are there and luckily I have quick handspeed still.  I was very happy with what we did.  The group of us headed to Sentinel Peak for dinner and sat outside in the warmth and had a good meal and discussion. 

Saturday we got up and headed to clinics and I got hurt. Sighs.  It was the first class which was a really cool Judo class on different ways to "fix" some reactions to grabs and throws as dictated by the form.  It was cool.  I went in for a low sweep (sweeps have never been a strong point for me) and my left knee (the problem one) popped so loud they heard it 2 mats over and I collapsed into a little ball.  It was not as bad as the time I screwed it up at Ed's fight night and I iced it and took it a bit "easier" the rest of the day.  My bad plan was taking a kicking clinic towards the end of the day on basics.  It was all about good form and I kicked a lot.  The instructor was a 71 year old bad ass and I was really glad to listen to him ramble and teach but that basically blew my wad on learning. I took one more class on karate forms and that was good but by the end I was brain dead and limping pretty good.  Benton was also tuckered out and we changed clothes and sat out the last classes of the day.  He had fun and we headed out to dinner at Bj's and then back for the kids party and the dessert banquet and talent show. I finished my hat that I had been working on and Ben had a nice time but by the end I was toast.  My leg hurt and the cold shower did not help.

Sunday was the banquet and that went good. Good food and good convos and then home for me.  Since this was weeks ago now I'm not sure what else we did but here is pictures of the hat. (ignore the double chin..yeesh).

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Coronation finish (5/6):

So, when I last left off it was Saturday afternoon May 6th and I was still in shock from getting the "Glory of Atenveldt" and hungry, so court ended and we got lunch at the kiosk on the lawn. Got a lovely picture of me, Duchess Deborah and [personal profile] lferion which I need to get  copy.  Got fed and then things taken care of before we headed into court. Ari and I had been doing our standard "untangle yarn at coronation" schtick.  Her Ravenclaw socks were being persnickety.  We had lots of people just agog at our efforts to not cut the yarn.  We got about 85 % done by the time the second court finished.  Now back to my previous post...I knew things were happening...and it was a waiting game while our new to Atenveldt Majesties (they'd reigned many times in Meridies). They did a play which was funny and having Count Dennis of the Titan's being the "voice of tradition" for Atenveldt was a really nice way.   So the big finale of the coronation court was them calling up the pelicans and speaking about service etc, and keeping with the schtick from earlier HRM Amber (a member of the Laurelate) talked about art and how people can do both service and art and called up the Laurels.  I sallied up to the front of the area and purposely did not look to where I knew the candidate was...since I'd known this was coming.  They called up my wonderful apprentices husband Domnall (Domegnev) and the crowd went wild.  He was a bit thunderstruck. His knight, [livejournal.com profile] americanknight was ecstatic.    Yay!!!!!

So we know what the summer work will be since he will be answering the offer in Sept.  Research has shown that the last time a laurel/pel was given was to Aaron Swiftrunner (former Society Seneschal) whom I know quite well from my time as seneschal the first time during the embezzlement fiasco.  So that is cool.  He deserves it and the household is also just happy as clams.  There was some drama where they forgot to call out Asa as a Duchess of Atenveldt and they never thanked Ari for her service as Signet before I took over.  The Kingdom herald took to FB to "fix" that but seriously.  That was lame.

Sunday was another busy day where Sam and I got the signet case all reorganized and sorted withteh 40+ scrolls that got turned in by Twin Moons. I sat and chatted with people and watched teh tourneys and it was nice.  Mel and 7 other guys made it to the king's champion finals and they realized that they all were going to different events and they had the "hateful 8" for the champions. Morgan was the true victor but they all are going to be a rotating stock of Champions.  So Monday at scriptorium Poe designed a hyrda with the heads of each of the winners.  She got them laminated for badges for them to wear.  Its cool.

The weekend after coronation I was running Baronial A&S in BTY.  There were issues with the site that made a few things annoying but all in all it went well. We got things to look really nice and there was good art on display.  I put on like 13-14k steps that day and was dog tired when I was done.  Hrafnheim won the household championship again. Ivan won the Championship even though he didn't enter. They basically talked with everyone (but him, he was off site dropping boy off at a party) and missed them asking him.  Lol.  But its all good.  We had a nice turnout but not spectacular. The smoked chicken we did was a big hit with Ari's curry. 

Work has been nuts. Lots of OT and me not having the time to work the OT. Sighs.  The weekend after A&S Mel went to San Diego with Paul for a kung fu thing.  I coped wth being a single parent but did some work around the house etc.  The following weekend (memorial day) was PHXCC.

There is a lot to say about that con.  There was a lot of stupid, There was a lot of awesome but we did have fun.  Dick Van Dyke, The voices of Batman the Animated Series, Alan Tydk and John De Lancie were faboo.

The album of Con

Ari won the con with Jim Butcher freaking the heck out over her Mab.  I got stopped a lot in my Lolita which was great. And I painted on things at the SCA booth while stuff was going on for the demo portions.
Lolita: with a gal in the same fabric:


Winter-Spider Outfit:

Cool Pic of Ari and I in cute dresses:

This past weekend (Jun3/4) was the kingdom collegium and I took 2 classes and then sat around both days and painted scrolls.  TRM are big on giving things out and I'd done 4 pieces of calligraphy that week alone and I've been behind on on things and just wanted to finally finish something.  So the scroll I had low lighted at the con I managed to finish completely on Saturday and then started another one.

So, now I need to finish a knit hat and 2 tunics and then I can really start work on TRM clothing and Dom's scroll.

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Work was okay. Got news that Janelle was in labor and later that day Miss Theadora made her debut. Yay. Busy working my newest projects at work and the eye strain is a bit much from staring at drawings for 7 hours out of yesterday. Ooof but that is my life. Soon will be the changing said drawings for 7-8 hours per day. Woot.

Got done with work, stopped off at the credit union to pay on the roof pledge loan. Need to be hitting that harder if we want it off the books by years end. Admittedly, we have 5 years to pay it off but we don't like to be in any sort of debt. Got home to an empty house. Well, I wanted to work on projects right away but as we've been telling Benton, do the things you don't like first so they are done so you can do the things you do like. So, I did dishes. Was just starting in on the sink after putting all of the clean ones away and getting the dishwasher going when Mel and Ben came home. He took over the dishes since it was silverware and a couple of glasses and feast gear that was left. I put on a load of shirts and then hopped into the studio to work on the lolita.

I got the peplum cutting mistake fixed and once its ruffled no one will be able to tell. Then I got the sleeve pieces out and started to piece the first sleeve. Got the top sleeve gathered to the bottom and then sewed up the inside seam to find out my She-Hulk Bicep/forearm combo does not meet a Size 22 dress size. I need about another inch. Oof. I made a sandwich for dinner and then Wander was by for movie night so I got her take and my assessment was good to add a bit to the sleeve pieces and then resew that seam. Its on the inside of the arm and its covered by another flounce (which I still need to cut out and will now lengthen for curvature of my forearm. Good to know. I need to mark the pattern pieces because I really to like the sleeve pattern and it will be nice for later projects too. I also got her take on my plan to cut the gauzy fabric and my plan is good and I may be able to just tear the fabric. I will have to see if I can get my serger to serge those edges.

I got my stuff and headed to scribble where it was names on scrolls for a few events and then I callig'd 2 scrolls for one of those events. Next week we have more full texts to do and hopefully will have the last august event on the books. I know the closer we get to Dragon*Con the less we want to work on scrolls and Ari as Gwyllym's MOD to do as well. Luckily that is straight calligraphy for her but still time.

Got home and cut the pieces for the sleeves and then drank some water, showered, read for a bit and went to bed.

The weirdest thing about yesterday is that my mouth feels like I flossed too much and my left side feels like my wisdom teeth are coming in. I had those yanked 15 years ago. Not sure if its sinus stuff or worse but we shall see. Its just not making things pleasant.

So for tonight I will get the sleeves finished and cut out the froofy fabric and the strips for silver trim. All good.

To Do List )
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So a weird day at work. I'm going to be working another new program about 1/4 time starting soon. Which is just plain weird if you ask me but due to highering freezes over the last 25 years etc there is a large gap between where I sit and the folks below and above me in experience. I have a lot of it, in good stead and I'm wanted so I'm happy about that and its a great opportunity but I'm feeling a bit weird about it none the less.

Left work and got home to get a return to zappos on some shoes. Clarks just don't fit me...I don't know why I keep trying to find ones that will. Then I had to return cat food to Petco which was a snafu...but it worked out. If I had searched the hatchback a bit more thoroughly the first time it would have been easy and I could have gotten my last errand to Lowes done. Oh, well.

Oh and the cooler is still not fixed. They said they fixed it and Mel felt like Han Solo and listened to it clunk clunk and not work. The fly wheel is off and not going back on. I called and hopefully I can get resolution today. Grumble.

Additionally, the Fit is now under recall on the airbag issue for the passenger side only. They suggest no one sits in the front passenger seat. Really? So I will call today and see when they will be getting to my car and when I can go pick up the rental.

So, by the time I got home from errands I was tired and a bit cranky. Sat down at home, called the cooler guy to complain leaving a message and sat. Mel had made steak quesadillas and that hit the spot for dinner. Ben loved them and snarfed it and an entire container of edamame down. I changed clothes and got the rest of the front room and the living room looking more serviceable for scribble. We had a small crewe (sigrid, Sioux, Ari and I + Wander). Ari and I were in mindmeld mode that made Sigrid twitch a bit.

I was bouncing between things. First we pulled scrolls for everything on the scroll lists that we know we need. Then I looked up lolita hair styles and mucked around with that for a bit.

Then I sat down and went through my case and found the 5 painted blanks that I needed to put calligraphy upon. I callig'd 2 of them.

Paint by Sigrid, Callig by me
AOA all by Me.

And then once everyone left I sat and did a bit of spinning and started on the last 2 oz of rambouillet on the 4th bobbin.
Stage 16: 4th bobbin of Rambouillet started

Got a shower and snuggled into bed after reading a bit. I was zonked though. I woke up and started in on things and realized that the internet blew up over lots of issues. Trump, racists on Twitter, people being evil to one another and just want to go home and knit. Sighs.

But gonna get things working today at work. Gonna pick up the boy, make a good dinner and then cut out more ruffles than I can think about with Ari for our Lolis. Goals, I have them.
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I am weary from the weekend still….I guess I’m getting too old to be going back and forth with a 6 hour round trip on things. Oof. It was also cold and windy and that I’m sure didn’t help. We got going with Count Thomas about 645am which was later than we planned. I had not had the heart to finish packing and was just too damn worn out from the week. I had triumphantly finished the scroll on Thursday night with Bridget. Friday I got to sleep in and then head out to drop Ben off and get a massage with a heated rub/biofreeze chaser; breakfast, pedicures and shopping with Erika and then just as I was going to go to the knit shop to hang out the school called.

Well, he got to have the mother he did not want to pick him up. We got home and he got to pack all of his books up and then cry for a few hours in his room. I was a mess and tired and just uncaring about things. My day had been going well and yeah, had to be the monster parent. He refused to do as his teachers said and was a punk. Actions have consequences, child. Just frustrating. So, Saturday he had to sit with me almost all day as punishment and listen well. He did okay…course he also asked for food every 45 mins. Seriously, he ate more Saturday than we all did. The tourney was fun. Laurel circle was okay. I knit and was cold. Got done and headed to Lonesome Valley Brewing Co for a tasty burger and a porter I can’t stop drinking…Seriously, Brian has my number on that one.

So, the scroll, start to finish: Arsenda’s Laurel Scroll.

Sunday we were just all crabby and tired. All of us. Ben was a brat and refused to even be calm and quiet in his room. There were tears and spankings and a bin of toys was taken away. Sighs.
Monday was okay. He had a pretty good day at school and got his toys back. Tuesday was not as good and Wednesday he was so bad Mel had to pick him up about 1pm. Sighs.

My Monday involved lots and lots of meetings, arguing over a hyphen in a part mark and hitting the gym for arm/shoulders and some running. Oof. I pushed hard and ran more and increased my time on the treadmill two minutes more. Gonna keep trying to push time up to a full 30 mins. I got home and had a wonderful chicken stew mel had made and then was unmotivated to do much else. Ari was not there due to kiddo karate testing and I was running stuff which was ‘work on what you have’ and getting Sam working on learning calligraphy. I attempted to draw and was just not into it. I looked through some books and chatted with Bridget and I’m not sure what all else. Sat down to read while mel was in the shower and fell asleep with the cats snuggled on top of me.

Tuesday was just weird and Wednesday was work related frustartions (see Monday) and just a general lack of empathy and care about things going on. I was headachey and tired when I went to the gym but that perked me up quite well when I was done. I pushed up my squats to 75 lbs 3x8 and the calf raises to 348lbs 4x12s. I also did 4x20 on snowmen and added 2x12x2 on the ballet leg circles. Oof. Left there refreshed and then grabbed lunch from Rubios where I ran into Hastini which was odd but I guess serendipitous to the fact that I was running to teach at Arts Night. The new location is at Don’s business and it was an okay space. Its gonna be small though for big classes…not sure. I only had one student but that was okay. I went, I taught and I got to read her documentation that she had started for a projects. I got home and mel was snuggled up in his pj’s watching movie trailers on youtube. It was nice to see some upcoming movies. We got showers pretty late since I didn’t get home until 930. I really didn’t have any time to decompress. I read for a bit after my shower and curled up after being a good girl and remembering to put on biofreeze on my calves. I guess I was tired because I woke up in the exact same position I went to bed in and my hands were asleep. Sighs.

Today has been frustrating on a number of levels. They did a change to ingress to my plantsite that left me on the road 1.5 miles away for 35 mins for stop and go traffic getting in. Sighs. It was poorly executed and just nuts. We are all frustrated and mad and they could have warned us that things were changing ahead of time versus being stuck in traffic missing meetings because we didn’t know. Then the argument of the hyphen, I’m just not going to win so I caved. So much money wasted for a non-technical issue. So frustrated.

I hope Ben had a good day at school. Right now I’ve gotten no phone call and I will be leaving in a hour to pick him up. I’m tired and just want to knit and watch a movie.

At least on the taking care of me I’ve lost almost 10 lbs. It doesn’t really feel like it but I can see it in my face and my pants are better fitting. I’ve also noted my calves are looking better and that is good. So, small steps.
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So, yesterday was a trial, had to bring Ben home from school for basically being a punk. He had been throwing stuff all morning and then decieded it was a good idea to drop a wood menu sign from the play kitchen on one of his friends at nap time. *headdesk* I picked him up and talked with his teacher took him home and put him in a timeout after a spanking. A few hours later we are talking and I figure out they had given him a cereal bar which he can’t have due to the high concentrations of sugar in the dried fruit. Sighs. I know it doesn’t explain everything but being hyped up further than normal doesn’t help the situation. He was abhorrent after I got him a snack without sugar cause he wanted more an hour later and it was a hour or so till dinner and he got sent to his room again. Mel got home, had further discussions and all of the Legos got packed up until behavior improves. Next will be all of his books and then all of the stuffies. Seriously, kiddo. I know you hate nap time but do as you are told for once. I understand you don’t want to nap (though your body wants you to) and you are acting out so you don’t fall asleep…its not cool.
I was toast after all of that and working on work stuff. I managed to get a few old things off of my plate on some papers I had written but needed final edits and uploads into the system for archiving. I had dinner and read for a bit. Mel was awesome and got Benton ready for bath and bed after dinner and I relaxed a bit Mel left for practice and then I got the front table set up and ready to go. The house was too quiet and I was a bit melancholy so I texted Ari to see if she wanted to keep me company and she headed over. While I was waiting for her to arrive I put in the boxes for the big initials and noticed my print out had extra text. Texts to the apprentice got that taken care of and she arrived shortly after Ari with updated prints.
The text had to be written very small and to help myself Willa found me a font that was basically the same as the hand I needed to use and we (really she) futzed with it to make the spacing work between the split pages of text. I was basically using that as my spacing guide and since it is a hand I do, just smaller, I wasn’t tracing it too much just making sure I was lined up.

Ari helped me get things lined up cause when you do text that is on two different pages of a folio you want them lined up horizontally otherwise those of us with higher spatial recognition go into fits that it looks “wrong”. What threw me was that the borders were 1/16” different in height but we adjusted and I started callig’ing while Ari and Willa talked about various things. It was nice to have company and kitbitzing and I was very very glad I had borrowed Sam’s light box which I think is this one Artograph Light Pad Light Box and then I used Michael Stoke’s Bare Strength to keep the large scroll balanced at the same level. It was good to do since I had a flat surface and the scroll was completely supported the entire time.

Got done in about an hour and then sketched in the fancy initials and tonight I will paint those and get the historated initials completed or at least sketched and back painted. Almost done. I figure between Bridget and I we have about 4 hours or so of work to complete with finishing up the shell gold accents and me doing some final background blending on one border and the initials. Ari commented that its some of my best calligraphy to date and that made me very happy. Looking at it this morning I’m still pleased. It looks so good.

Hitting the gym tonight and then knit night before heading home to paint the final bits. I’ve been keeping up on the eating well and that is good. We decided this morning that we are daytripping the event. It will be a long day but that means we are home Friday and I can do some self care like a massage and pedicure. And some spinning at Grandmas I think.

I did manage to finish the (ack!) 3rd book of the year (eep) Foxglove Summer. Its the latest in the Rivers of London series and while fun, the ending was very rushed and weird. I don't think anything was resolved at all, just weird. Lots of info for historical purposes in the world but not sure it helps yet. Not the strongest of the books at all, course that could be because Peter Grant (the protagonist) is going through stuff in the books and isn't the most reliable narrator to give us the big picture. He rarely sees the big picture until its almost or is too late and unlike Harry Dresden, he doesn't play the long game with things quite yet.
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Survived last week, my last post talked about how I’m amazed at times that I’m a scribe. If we were talking like a D&D character I think I leveled up in my Scribe class and I took extra skill points in drawing, painting and calligraphy. For me it has been a very slow progression, sometimes plateau with scribal arts. I got into in in January of 2001 with the first meeting of the Atenveldt Southern Scriptorium at Megan’s house. Normal participants at that time were Megan, Raylee, myself, Mouse, Bridget and visits from Alex the Scribe. It morphed throughout the years into what we are now which is 9 strong awesome women of various skills who push each other to get out of our comfort zones with arts and just do awesome things. We now have a hedge of laurels normally in attendance which seems to push us to try crazier things. From being at other scriptoriums we’ve found that our way of doing business which is open and honesty critique is not the norm. We expect a critical eye and being told what a scroll is lacking before its ready for presentation. We don’t get annoyed by it but stymied by the words and if we can’t figure out how to do something we learn it from one of ourselves. Our group is also good for pointing out you are painting or shading yourself in circles…I’ve very guilty of that. Anyhoo, I’m reminiscing since [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp was figuring out how longs she’s been painting and her journey has been short compared to mine with respect to getting to doing a peerage scroll from start to finish by yourself or in her case the art was mostly by herself with calligraphy and chemistry help by others. It’s a journey for all of us.

So, photos to share:
Violante’s County Scroll
Southern Scriptorium’s Crazy May
The latter album is a WIP since I’m fighting with the Flickr App on my phone to upload things…grump. Other than that Benton and I survived the weekend.

Friday I picked Benton up and he was UBER excited because he’d had no accidents at school and that meant we could go out to dinner (Culver’s) and get ICE CREAM. I guess ice cream is a major motivator for him. We had a nice dinner and ice cream (frozen custard really) and he was soo happy to have done good.

Saturday morning I got up way too early compared to when I went to bed and got ready for Coronation. I got Benton up and he was confused by the fact that I was in “event clothes” and he wanted “event clothes.” Once I reminded him that he got to spend the day with Uncle Ed and get comic books and go to a party and not sit in boring old court all day he was okay. We got out the door and arrived at Ed’s just at 7am and then I headed to Ari’s. She was finishing up putting the pendant seal on Morgan’s Ducal. The kids weren’t ready and she wasn’t even dressed in event clothes yet. So, I got folks moving, Ari got dressed and we got on the road, with me driving Jensen, just before 8am. I had been a smart monkey and put coffee for us in the thermoses. Got to the event, found the ready room and got things settled with Morgan on the items we owed them for the day. Spoke with the incoming herald and then we got ourselves and kiddos situated in the lobby of the conference center and then just hung out all day. And by hang out I mean we sat at the back of court, me knitting and Ari and [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan drinking margaritas. What was nice was we could hear and see court and relax and enjoy our company, kibitz and untangle the largest yarn snarl I’ve ever had that was not created by cats. It took three of us to untangle the rest of the ball but I managed to finish mel’s heel flap on his sock and start my heel flap of my sock (red cashmere). By the end of the day we were all just tranq’d. I drove us home and Mason and Ari fell asleep in the car and Linnet quieted down after a while. Got them dropped off, picked up my car, grabbed an iced coffee and donuts at Dunkin and then picked up Benton.
Benton had had a great day! No accidents, fun at Home Depot making me a cute little flower pot, they hit Hayden’s 1st Bday party which involved some awesome red frosted cupcakes and then hit free comic book day at Fantasy Comics. He had a great day and unfortunately he was so tired and I was so tired that the evening didn’t go too well. He did not want to go to bed and I wanted only that to have time for me to relax. We fought a bit, I yelled and it was not the best of things. I did get to talk with Mel on facetime quite a bit and that was uber helpful for my sanity. But Benton is growing again (more evidence on that later in this post) and I’m sure that along with the stress of dad being gone things weren’t great on Sunday but we managed.

Sunday Benton woke me up with “Momma I pooped!” which means he woke up like that…poor kiddo…it was a big one too. Not surprised though. I changed him and then we both fell back asleep for a few hours which I needed. We got up and then headed to joe’s for breakfast. After Joe’s we hit Costco and then safeway. Benton was pretty good during these excursions and went to the potty at Joes and at Costco. He did run away from me at the entrance to Safeway when I went to get a cart. I yelled and he came back to say “but momma! I was looking at flowers for you!!” because he had run into the floral department. How do you argue with that? I told him that while it was a good thought, running away from Mommy is not a good thing. We did good, had some frozen yogurt and then hit home to watch Cars 2. Now what I missed though was that we didn’t have lunch. It’s okay for me to skip lunch (especially for all of the food /beer I’ve had over the last few weeks) but not for a boy who is in growth mode. So by the time Mel got home, Benton was crabby, very crabby. Dinner was too late and it didn’t work well. Oh, well. We got him to bed, I got to have my husband home and that was the important part.

Monday dawned and we were smart and had coffee ready and went about our day. Benton did not want to get up. I don’t blame him. I was so drained by all of the events of the last few weeks that I was brain dead most of the day. I took off a few hours early to finally take time for just me and got my toes done and then hit some errands. Got home and the house was quiet. Mel was cooking dinner and Benton was ASLEEP. WTF? He fell asleep on the way home and wouldn’t wake up except to say “I’m not tired” and fall back asleep. So we let him sleep. After we had dinner we managed to get him put into pj’s and back in bed. Poor kiddo. Monday was also Cinco de Mayo and I had emailed the scribble list to state “bring booze and munchies” to celebrate the holiday and our scroll slog of the last few weeks. All told we did 35+ scrolls for the weekend including 4 peerages (1 county, 2 ducals and 1 laurel) with only 8-9 of us. It was impressive. I brought booze and forgot ice and luckily Sioux arrived later with ice and limes and salt and cups for good margaritas. We enjoyed ourselves and watched Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.
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When you are a Kingdom Scriptorium, you get a lot of scrolls to make. There are only about 8-9 of us that are active with the Atenveldt Southern Scriptorium (no, we don't go by an acronym cause anyway you spin it is gauche.) With that we've produced over 35+ scrolls for this weekend and then worked on at least a half dozen others. Included in that are 4 peerage scrolls. [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari did two of the peerage scrolls by herself and I did one of them and the 4th was a combined effort by [livejournal.com profile] lferion, [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp and the chemical skills of [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer. In the last week I've finished a County, callig'd 9 scrolls and put names on 28 scrolls. oof. Coronation is this weekend in at least two kingdoms (where our scrolls are going...) and its hard when you have switch overs of power because it ends up with a lot of scrolls to do. The stepping down set wants a ton, the stepping up set has a ton, especially if they have done it before and they want to do things specifically.

Just a lot of work in general. What is cool to me is that my calligraphy and my painting skills levelled up in the last few weeks. I drew, painted and callig'd a peerage scroll all on my own, which was a first for me. I basically learned two new hands to do things this week. One is a pseudo Arabic script and a Secretary Batard. Maybe its grace under fire, timeline is needed that I wasn't nervous and just did stuff. I'll be posting pictures after the weekend to show off my work and that of the other folks. Lots of awesome there.
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I had finished a Boar Counter-Ermine scroll but you won't be able to see that until its handed out.

I did finish painting a scroll that is going to be a Guardian of Atenveldt and I had finished another one two weeks ago that I haven't shown either that I think will also be a Guardian cause I like them.
Picts of Scrolls )

Other than that I managed to hit the gym, up my weight on squats and deadlifts and then ran for a half mile slow and then cranked out a good straight run mile in just over 13mins. So good. Very glad and I really think that has helped me work through the soreness of the weekend and my knee is aching. The cold weather is not helping my hands or my cut finger. I had cut it while replacing my wiper blades on Sunday and its a bit stiff and sore now too.
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The week before last the entire group of us scribes needed a break, so we took it event though we have commissions on the horizon. We are now in the crunch time and its unfortunately in the really ugly teenage stage of frustration. Its that stage of a project that just doesn't seem to end and that you can't see what you need to do next. Its maddening. But we shall perservere even if that means we are painting all day Friday and Saturday.

The weekend was crazy tiring but A&S happened. Benton was good and was uber cute. We are exhausted and dinner with Storvarr & [livejournal.com profile] lferion on Saturday night was awesome even if Mimi's was out of whiskey sauce.

Sunday was working in the shop with Thyra on a metalwork project and then painting with Icka for 6 hours almost straight. oof.

I've been good and have hit the gyme 3 days last week and 1 day so far this week. Got me.
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So, in the midst of working on the latest batch of peerage scrolls I got to thinking...how many peerage scrolls has the Atenveldt Southern Scriptorium actually done. I knew it was quite a few in the last few years but what have we done since our inception in January 2001? So, we sat and listed them out on Monday night and here is what we came up with....

If anyone sees and error or an omission please tell me.

Peerage Scrolls by the Group )

Peerage Scrolls by individual members )

Cyphers and Sygils by Group or Individual )
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Here we are on a Saturday and I'm posting stuff. We had a really good couple of days. Benton slept 13 hours straight on Thursday night and that made him and us feel lots better. I've been scribing and reading. Thursday night the girls came over and we had a really good working time on Elsa's and Thyra's scrolls. We managed to figure out a new drink. Take a splash of glazed doughnut vodka, a splash of double chocolate vodka, coffee and cream and if you really want special add an extra large marshmallow. Its like a boston creme pie doughnut. Very good.

Friday we got Benton to daycare and I worked on cleaning the house after making a surprise doughnut drop off to Icka and Elinor. I knew they were having a stressful week at work and thought it might cheer them up. It sure did. I also ran a long needed SCA errand and then I cleaned. I got benton's room really well done and got the bathrooms tidied up. I still have more to do but well, its hard with the boy around. Friday night we hit Elsa's vigil. It was nice and we were in and out pretty quickly. Benton was up well past bed time and I scribed while mel played Borderlands with the college crewe.

Today I hung out with the boy until it was nap time and then I headed to the Apple store and got myself a new phone. Its sweet. I took photos during out trip to the Zoo this afternoon for my work department. We met my coirker Courtney at the gate and her friend Lauren who works at the zoo got us in to visit the new fenec fox that they are socializing for educational display. OMG, so cute. The video I took was awesome and we got a photo of us all together with the fox. So cute. Had a really nice time showing off the hubby and the Benton to the folks I've worked with over the last 12 years. Surprised a few who didn't know we had a kid and surprised a few to who hadn't seen me since "I was waddling around" pregnant.

Now we are home and my motivation to work on a scroll is kind of shot. I'm tired and still not 100% and I should work on it so I can hand stuff over to Ari. We shall see. Its been a good weekend though and I'm glad of that.

On the book front I finished #18 last week and started in on #19 Ghost Story. I should finish that up and be ready to immerse myself in the Patricia Briggs world again for good measure before the end of November when Cold Day comes out. All good.
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Well, Mr. B got his check up yesterday and he had a good time playing at the doctor's office and just being cute.

He now weighs in at 25 lbs 10 ounces and 31.75" long. He also got shots which he did not like and then to make matters worse I accidentally smacked him in the face with the folder I was carrying his medical papers in...oof. Poor kiddo. Got him home and mel was awesome made dinner and we had a nice family dinner and then played in the living room until bed time. He was out after a bit of a scream though cause Mr. Elephant was in the wash. I checked in on him and he was passed out like he did when he was a baby all flopped back with his arms and legs akimbo. So cute. I tucked a very clean Mr. Elephant in with him and later when I checked on him before I headed to bed he was clutching him all cute.

Just amazed every day at what we have made.

Over the weekend we had a nice evening in with some folks and games for Mel's bday on Friday. It was a good time to chat and we played muchkinthulu. The kids had fun (Inara, Faydra and Benton) and the adults did too.

Saturday we headed up to Twin Moons to see the investiture of Bran and Deletha. I spent most of the event watching Benton with a few breaks. He walked up and down the stairs of the hotel over and over and around the lobby endlessly. We then headed to IKEA, had lunch, bought a few things and Mel crashed. He was feeling great (that was the drugs for his infection talking) and his body said "REST DAMN YOU!" so he slept almost the entire way home...course so did Benton cause he was pooped and needed a nap too.

Sunday we headed to Tom's for the household gathering and had a good time playing in the pool. Benton was not about just floating with us in the pool. I had to hold him and "superman" him around the pool. We splashed in the cave area and had a nice time and then he had had enough when the waterfall got turned on. He got very scared. I hung out with folks for quite a while and then it was time to go home. I was increasingly having a sore throat and then my voice was going. Mel and I were in bed pretty darn early.

Also on Sunday I manged to finish #12 for the year (Total Eclipse by Rachel Caine) and then I started #13 which is "Lost in a Good Book".

Monday brought work and scribble. I was really loosing my voice by the time the work day ended and we hit the doc appt for Ben. Got home and well, we had a nice evening with Scribble folks giving a very good send off to [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue for her trip to St. Louis. We shall miss her but being scribes we sent her off with a sugary/coffee rich evening of ATC's (artist trading cards and lots of sweets).

Here is the album for Elsa's ATC Album.

Additionally, I made these:
ATC's from 6/25 Scribble
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When last I wrote I was getting ready to head to Cali for the Griffin Dyeworks Fiber and Dye Retreat. cut for length and pictures )
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Things have been busy enough its hard to write consistently. Last week I thought we were in the clear for Benton being done being sick but Thursday afternoon he started to get some drippy diapers and I got called from work to pick him up on Friday AM. He had messed up his clothes a couple of times and was so tired that when I got home he slept for 4 hours. He didn't want to eat and I took him off dairy for a few days to help his tummy recover. This meant that Saturday I stayed home with him and took care of him and his icky diapers all day while mel was at the local A&S tourney. I'm very sad I missed that. There were two things that I wanted to see/do and well, I get to see it through a few photographs I've been sent. Oh, well.
Cut for length and pictures )
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I've been staying up way too late all week but its been worth it. I finished up a baronial commission last night for a scroll for this weekend. Its the first one in about 2 years that I have drawn myself from scratch (minus two design elements that we've used before). I painted it and now its ready for the BFF to callig. Its cool. If you want to see if..go to Boar-onial A&S.

But I feel accomplished and that is good. That makes 3 large projects finished in the last week and now I'm ready to finish up the last of one project for Saturday and cast on a few new knitting projects. One of which is due for PHXCC.

So, that is good.

Work has been...not slow but I'm waiting for other people to review my work and that is taking time I don't have. I need to review cause the paperwork tangle is massive but I'm not the priority for people so things get shuffled. Sighs.

Benton is doing good this week and is back to cleaning his plate and wanting seconds on things like before he was sick. Growth spurt is imminent. And to balance out that Mel is sick again. Sighs.
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Last night was a nice night at scribble. All of us had an agenda of what needed to get done and yanno what? We all did our stuff, chatted, had a good time and got good work done. Much laughter abounded last night and that makes me just happy.

What also makes me happy is that I finished drawing out a new design for a scroll commission for the barony. Its been about 2.5 years since I had drawn anything new myself. Its a neato design for a Boar Counter-Ermine. You'll get to see it at Boar-onial A&S. Now if I can just get the painting done in time...well, I hope to get it on the perg paper this week and start painting it next monday. All doable.

Just need to keep on trucking.
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Monday at work was lots of paperwork. Man do I hate writing performance summaries! I finally got the details hammered out for some issues we've been working and it looks like I might be in Boston at the first of the year. Which will be cool...its my first trip to Massachusetts.

Got done with work and drove home in a drizzle. Benton was really happy to see me but was a grump during dinner. We think he's growing cause he's hungry and tired at the same time. Awww. I headed out to scribble and had a nice time there being crafty with the BFF and then worked on a scroll I started sometime over the summer. The last time I had painted was on tom's scroll and I have been taking a break since due to the amount of painting I had done. Course I have no idea where my pain palettes ended up. Will have to find them but luckily Sioux let me borrow some paint. We had lots of baked goods and good company including [livejournal.com profile] zippydclown joining us for some scroll design.

Good night and then home to finish up things. Mel was awesome and washed bottles while I pumped milk and then it was time for bed. I managed to knit a bit on mel's xmas socks and then I crashed. We all slept good it seems though Benton really wanted to sleep more. I think the 6am wake up is not his favorite. Poor little guy. He was sleepy and snuggly but when we got to daycare he brightened up to see Inara and Kaitlyn. All good.

Tonight will be more crafting after the boy goes to bed and putting away laundry...exciting I know. Still freaking out that xmas is 13 days away. GAH!
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Well, lets see...the weekend was Dragon's Horde and the dragon made the weather HOT! Which made me a bit grumpy on Saturday...which made things weird. Mostly all my headspace..sorry if I worried folks but grumpy hot baby and grumpy hot me not so good combo. Also, why don't people ask permission to cut across tent spaces? Its annoying. Anyhoo...the day was hot and Mr. Benton got all heat rashy but he got to try applesauce for the first time and liked it and he liked frozen banana again too. Lots of good people got to have awards and one of the most special for us Southern Scriptorium Girls was the Pelican Scroll for Thegn Steffan. We'd been asked to do the commission a while back and we poured through books and kept coming back to one design that was perfect. The issue was it was beyond most of our skill levels and that is saying something. So we got to bring [livejournal.com profile] bewilde back into scribing by being the awesome drawer of "fiddly shit" for this Italianate scroll. It was a labor of love for most of us and we all learned a heck of a lot about things.

Drawing entirely by Bridget, Gold and Calligraphy by Ari, Background painting (blue) by Willa, Elsa, me. Border detail painting by Elsa, me and Ari. Miniatures by Bridget.

Here is the album, I still need to get all of the photographs/scans that [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari took during the process too.

We got home from the event and it was time to cool down and change for the vigil. Little boy was much better getting cooler and fed well and then was out for the count. We took him to the vigil asleep in his carseat and he stayed there until we left hours later. The vigil was nice. I sat and tuned up Yanaton's brother's mandolin and played and sang with Yanaton, Illora, Joanie and [livejournal.com profile] spunkybluegrl. Wow, that was lots of fun and we had some magic moments of pure musical bliss. I played so much that my thumb got a huge blister on it from not using a pick. Go me.

So, Sunday dawned and things were just better. It wasn't as hot, we had a breeze and folks were going to see the spectacle of a knighting. Again the girls and I in the scriptorium pushed our boundries. It turned out awesome. Again, more photos to come with the calligraphy done etc.
So, drawing by Ari and Bridget, Top Minature by [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue, Floral border painted by [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp,[livejournal.com profile] swordmage, Shoshana, Coats of arms painted by [livejournal.com profile] elinor_dear and Icka, Sky of main miniature by Shoshana, Landscapes by me with the dry river bed, rapids and shark by Bridget, trees/cactus by Shoshana, Monuments by Aysun and Elinor, City and Castle walls by me. Bridget did the tents and lots of folks worked on the horses and knights. Again I'll have more pictures of the finished object soon.

I hope to get photos of the weekend from my camera up this weekend. We shall see if i"m successful. After we left early so I could get ready for my trip the boys napped and I should have worked...it was tough going and I was up late trying to get everything done.

I left Monday morning after dropping the boy off at daycare to Alabama. The trip was sucky. The travel was okay but the business itself went sideways from the beginning. Things were ready, paperwork was missing, stuff was built wrong...you get the idea. This was really odd for this supplier and it was frustrating and I had to finish paperwork over a very slow cellular connection and it was special. I ended up working in the evening...not knitting happily while watching tv. I feel kind of guilty that things were poorly done but its not like we could have known that going in...its just frustrating. Things have now slowed from OMG GET IT DONE to sit around and wait so, well, I'm gonna leave when I get my 40 in at 230. All good.

But when I got home last night mel was happy to see me, I got good kisses at the door and the boy was uber cute. He saw me and started bouncing on his butt and put his arms up for me to pick him up. So cute. Read more... )
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Well, monday happened. yeah. I'm not sure what I did yesterday...lots of paperwork and reading but it was a weird day. I got home and Benton was cranky. Mel finally figured out that he just wanted some company on the floor. He was very happy and sleepy but it was too late to have a nap before bedtime so we coped. He was basically almost asleep when the scribes started arriving. No painting happened on the big scroll but the final sketching of the floral border was completed by Sioux and [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp. Its faboo. i sketched a few things that Ari later inked and it was a good night. All of us were crazy tired so folks left at 930pm. I got things settled in the house and was in bed by 1030pm.

Benton decided that 445am was wake up time. Mel was awesome and gave him his binky. He was still loud and cooing but he went to sleep just after I got up for the day. Crazy boy. Not sure what is up with that but I guess we just get to deal. Just crazy.

Also, my hand has been okay. Its now really sore on the back of the wrist and then I go an bang it on the door jam of my bathroom. I had gotten out of the shower and my foot was still wet and I slipped on the tile. Grump. Very sore and achey and I forgot my wrap to help support it.

Oh, well, stuff to do...


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