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First Benton was home sick with Mel on Monday. That is okay...he's doing better but still an exhausted little boy who is not eating enough. Now his father is an exhausted boy who is not eating enough. Think they are related? Yeah. I did manage hit the gym monday and ran hard and then home for scribble where we were only missing one of our Laurels cause she's now out of state. [livejournal.com profile] marianavivia is back and that makes me happy. Especially when we got her back in the groove pretty quickly. We've gotten big again and will have to start putting out the card table for space. YAY!

Late Monday afternoon I found out I had jury duty on Tuesday. Blech. I don't mind doing my civic duty but the process is not very streamlined and full of dumb people. There are 90 jurors in our batch for one case and after sitting all day in a court room its down to 32 jurors and I still haven't been asked a question. I have to report back today. Luckily I have a good book but man I hate just sitting and waiting. Can't bring my crafts though one gal had snuck in crochet but I'm not willing to test that luck. I'm going to hit knit night tonight and get further on the blanket for the Pirogi #2 (my SIL, [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek's upcoming baby). I haven't spun for tour de fleece for a few days and last night since mel was feeling crappy I hit practice late and did some rapier.

Today we shall see what the jury duty things does to my schedule. But I will be hitting knit night and packing for the gym just in case.
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I really have been trying to write more but sheesh. It's been uber busy at home and at work. There are program reviews, people being dumb, parts not arriving on time and that involves a heck of a lot of brain power and paperwork on my part. I did get to be a bitch today. Had a supplier doing dumb things and when I told our program manager, well he agreed that it was time to not be nice. Insert evil baroness here and they got a talking to.

I've been doing really good on the gym front. I missed last week due to Mel's work trip but I've been seeing clothing fit improvements and the scale is very slowly starting to come down. That makes me happy.

Over the weekend was BTY's 40th Anniversary. We had a really good time even though it was a really long day. We gave out lots of awards and we offered two peerages: Golda a Pelican and Shoshana a Laurel. We got them good on their offers too. Master Thomas and baroness Isabel were in on it for Golda and she was up helping them bring up a present for us (a basket of moon pies) we got to hand them out and in the basket was a small bag with Golda's arms that contained a pelican medallion. Sioux's we had called up our Fluer's but due to the sound quality of the hall she didn't come up so I had to have the Laurels come forward while I went searching for her in the back of the hall. Both were glorious and it made us very happy. I also gave a queen's grace to Mistress Elaine. She's been the baronial list mistress since 1988 or so and is a faboo dance mistress too. She hasn't had a kingdom award since her pelican in 1998. She was very stunned to be part of my Grace.

We only have Thursday off this week for the 4th and it will be projecting on Pennsic stuff with the BFF. I got nummy steaks to do on the grill and I figure grilled taters and veggies will go good. It's supposed to be hot so inside it will be. We have a bike trailer to get put together anyway as well.

I've been spinning for Tour de Fleece and that is going well. My knitting and crocheting are at ugly stages. Eh such is life.

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We had a busy weekend with mel and I hitting the Pima County Fair to see Full Sail play. They are a band with folks I work with and it was a lot of fun. We had a nice lunch, tooled around the sheep exhibits and then hit up the exhibit halls. Mel got me my bday present of a pretty emerald necklace/earring set. We got to picking up Benton right on time and then had a quiet evening at home. Saturday we got up and headed to Barmaids with [livejournal.com profile] lferion. We had a fun day. Mel watched the boy while I fought in the rapier and then the hardsuit tourneys. I didn't come in last in the rapier and I guess I came in second in the hardsuit. Kane was an awesome bodyguard during the tourney and since it was really an multicombat situation that was helpful while I killed people he watched our back and we did well.

We were tanked by the time we got done with barmaids. I had dumb fighter brain and so when we got about 20mins outside of home I called in dinner to our local chinese place and we picked it up before going home. Benton went straight to bed without dinner he was so tuckered out. We all felt that way and after food and a summer shandy a piece it was nice to relax.

Sunday morning we got up and mel put on his biking gear and I put on my running gear and we met at Joes. I ran the 1.6 miles to joes (long way around from our house) with Benton in the stroller and made really good time. [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp met us for breakfast and we had a good time. Got home, changed clothes and then went out to the zoo. We took Benton's wagon out with us and had a good time. The peacocks were in great abundance and we had a really nice time. Benton went down for a nap (eventually) and I headed to Costco and then home. I was tired. I'd done a lot of physical stuff in two days and not a lot of sleep, I was weary but I did good and went to the gym on monday too.

Tuesday mel left for New Jersey for business. I was up with him a little after 5am. We had an okay night on Tuesday. I got more work done on the court book and then Wednesday the weird started. I had replaced the batteries in my alarm clock and I set it wrong. I got up later than I wanted since its just me at home and I have lots to do in the AM to get me and Benton ready. Got in to get Benton and he had wet the bed. Everything was soaked....he had gotten out of his diaper a bit and it caused the leak. Boys will play with themselves when ever they want...sighs. Got things torn apart and got him dried off and dressed. It was a battle to get him in clothes because he did not want to be up. Got him to daycare and had a rough day at work. I was soo tired. But I hit the gym and did 3 full circuits of the quick workout room and I increased the weights a notch on each time through. I was soaked and tired and ready to be heading home. I went to pick up Benton and he had had a day. He bit someone on the playground, was a brat and then decided during afternoon snack to dump all of his milk on his clothes. We got home okay and then when unloading the truck Benton decided to grab the tailpipe. Sighs. This led to about an hour of screaming and crying and obstinate behavior while I treated the burns and got dinner on the table and got him to finally eat it. He was finally in bed about 730-745pm but he was out. I dinked around before sitting back down to work on the court book for an hour and then I did the trash/cat box work and went to bed. At 1230-1am I woke up to Benton crying. We got up and got icewater, a new icepack for his hand and another dose of Advil. He was out pretty quickly after that and I went back to bed too.

Today was okay. He didn't want to eat breakfast right away but was happy to see the garbage truck etc. Normal Thursday routine without his dad though. Dropped off at daycare and they will be keeping his hand looked at and we should be okay. Everyone hopes he has a better day today.

I've got so much to do before we leave before dawn on Saturday that I'm thinking of skipping Dojo night. I need to get the key to someone to lock up. But we shall see....
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Getting back into the gym, even with a pulled hamstring, has made me feel better and has made my productivity go way up. Course the looming deadlines of Pennsic haven't hurt.

Over the weekend I worked on projects, armor, knitting and the like. I watched lots of movies. I got on an Avengers kick after reading some fan fic recommended by [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp. Its slash fic so if that is not your thing...don't click. In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury). Along those lines I watched Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Thor. We also watched Iron Sky which is way way more fun than it should be.

I got my armor all relaced and smaller for my much smaller frame. I sewed two new fighting tunics and in general just relaxed and watched tv during projects. Benton has a slight cold/teething snot plague. He's been not sleeping well and we finally gave him some tylenol to prevent a bad night's sleep. He's almost outgrown his barely two month or so old shoes....wow. We had a nice time at Abigail's 3rd B-day party and I finally got to see Elizabeth Grace and give her her blankey. Perfect match and fit for the girl.

Scribble was small last night and we watched the olympics while mel and I packed our armour etc for the trailer for pennsic. All in all a good couple of days with not a lot of sleep but still good.
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So to give you some idea about how bad mel has been feeling he took himself to the doctor. Not kidding about that. He has/had an pretty severe ear infection and maybe strep...but the antibiotics would kick both in the but (seriously high dosages, whoa!) Already this AM he was looking better. I'm still kinda functing at about 70 % but I seem to be able to kick things quicker or just deal not sure but its an interesting mechanism to have.

Anyhoo things this week.

Benton turned 15mos old yesterday. Wow. He's making connections to things and following directions like "Benton please come here" or "Please bring me Mr. Elephant" and the like. He's trying to talk and making progress on understanding phrasing when you speak to him. He's parroting a bit but doesn't usually repeat things more than once...I'm sure that will change. He's getting so big now..just wow. He's already in 2T for shirts and I hope the 18mos shorts last through the summer. We are moving to size 5 diapers tonight and it just amazing the dexterity he has. Course he's only dexterous when he's awake and he managed to fall to the floor yesterday just after getting up from his nap and get a bloody nose. So our kid...seriously.

On the crafty front I've done a bit of knitting on my Castiel hat and saved it from me ripping it back to the lace part. There are 100 stitches on the needles and that is too many for my 4 dpns...I really should have went to 5dpns but I decided to switch to circular needles instead. It all works out the same thought. I hope to finish the hat over the weekend. We shall see.

Got a somewhat busy weekend planned with game night tonight and then an event Saturday and a house meeting sunday. Not sure if I'm up for an event on Saturday. Its been a rough week.

My brain is really bleeding right now from the information I've been absorbing for my new job...oy. Seriously...oof and when people on the teams are giving you the look of "you are crazy to have this job" its a bit daunting. Oof.

Well, on to the weirdo paperwork.
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Wow, I honestly wish this was my off friday. The entire house of us would have just slept in...cats included.

Course that might have something to do with staying up till midnight but eh. Whatever. I'm an adult and I deal with it.

I did have a nice later evening chatting with mel and storvarr and that was nice.

Mr. Benton was all smiles and luv and cute when I picked him up from daycare...he's almost back to normal minus not eating quite as much as normal and sleeping long naps. I'm okay with that as long as he's smiling. Sullen boy is no fun. We did have to get him up late last night before we all went to bed cause when I checked on him I could smell the poopy diaper. We had to change him and his jammies. He barely woke up for that.

I had my sitter fall through at the last minute so I didn't make it to the dojo. If I'd had an hours notice I could have made other arrangements but getting the boy his "rest hour" from the helmet and getting him and the helmet squeaky clean is really, important to his skin health. And he didn't get his bath on Wednesday night due to being tired and feverish and he was "ripe".

Finally figured out the issue with some hardware and now the paperwork begins so I can have a good business trip next week.

I'm looking forward to the event tomorrow. Being a scribe in the know is nice but sometimes the excitement makes me wish court was now so I could watch the award recipients getting the shiny stuff we made for them.

What I'm not looking forward to is again getting up too early and staying up too late but again..I will cope and I hope to get to bed early tonight. Or at least I'm gonna try.
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Wow, I guess I haven't posted in a week but its been a busy week. When last we left this journal it was christmas eve. Read more... )
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Its the end of the week. A&S is tomorrow and if I could have a big ol' beer I would. So, I shall settle for the icon. LOL.

Well, I'm all packed except for my clothes and I should be tired and I'm not. I think a cup of cocoa will help with that. The girls have been pretty good and I gave them some tuna juice which they loved. Mel has been enjoying the conference and called to update me. He was heading out to the Pub Crawl last time I heard from him. Well, at least someone in the family is drinking.

Hoping tomorrow I'm less nervous but I've been through this before just not in this format. Well at least not on this side of the table. Just need to take things slow, keep my blood sugar up and keep up with my fluids. Things have been weird with my fluids at times I feel that I'm well hydrated and then later not so well. Very odd.

Oh, in the last few days I've finished some books.
I finished #33 which was Drop Dead Stitch which was fun and I like that the mysteries aren't like every month...its been 9 or so months since the last time. and that is pretty neat.

I read #34 which The house where nobody lived by Brad Strickland. He's the guy who finished off and has been writing more stories for John Bellairs. I'm rather pleased with the results.

Now I'm reading #35 Murder on a Monday which is completely british and fun so far.

So good night and hopefully I'll see folks tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone entering.
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Work was slow...wow, was it slow. Left and got home and got myself into my 14th Century and we headed to the demo at Santa Rita High School. Had a good time, painted more on the scroll and chatted with lots of parents and kids. ECS folks were there as were two of Illsa's boys. The 16 and 18 YO ones. They were fun and we had a good time. It was a medieval science fair kina. The kids did research projects on anything that interested them in the time period and then did displays with it. We saw trebuchets to clothing to the plague. Very neato.

Got home and fed Amber some dinner and watched the cats whine for food. After amber left I gave Obsidian some Petromalt to help with the hairballs. She thought is was the best thing evah. Then I had to do some laundry for this weekend. Sat down and watched some Ghost Rider..gods I luv that movie and waited for the laundry to finish then it was bedtime. I had no idea it was wakeup time I was so out. Perfect sleeping weather.

Gonna leave a bit early today to get packed up for coronation and get all of the awards ready, house picked up and car checked out. Hoping to miss rush hour in phx so here is to hoping. Not sure what our dinner plans are...will have to figure that out en route. All good though. All good. Now to just get through the work day.
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Work yesterday was crazy slow but it did have some upsides. I managed to get some test hardware figured out and got it assembled and now we just need to document and ship the stuff. All good there. But it was a slow day.

Got home and all I wanted to do was knit. So I did. Well and I worked on the last bits of laundry besides blankets. Got down to my laurel coat and another few pieces of wool to wash and that was good. Though I need to bleach and under dress again. I also finished Oliver's booties minus the drawstring and worked on Britton's blankie. All good.

I really should have gone to bed about 930 but the washer was still going. I did manage to start The Forgotten History of America which got mixed reviews on Amazon. Eh, history is biased folks its just the way it is. I'm okay with reading various viewpoints. Then it was nappy time. I was well asleep before Mel turned off his light I think.

I got up and am now at work in a really, really quite building. I'm writing up my tasks for my replacement and starting to purge and pack my cube. Not sure how long I can manage to stay here in the eerie quiet but we shall see. I packed my lunch so that is my goal. Then home to bury the laundry hydra and start picking up the house and decluttering. Oh, but a good part of today...I pre-ordered Changes by Jim Butcher. It comes out on the 6th...squee!!!!
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Work was a lot of work but I did a big meeting and had lots of high rollers in it happy with the progress, understanding the issue and even though things are still stopped, they understand our concern. All good in my case. Got things off to the buyer but he didn't see the email so kinda scrambling this AM with the alt buyer. Hopefully things work out.

Got home about 645pm and got to sit and knit while watching men's hockey Canada versus Switzerland. It was an awesome game. Tied 2-2 even through sudden death overtime and then to the shoot out. They all shot through 3 guys and finally Canada on their 4th shooter took it! It was a beautiful shot. Wow!

Then we watched the ladies halfpipe which was really go big or go home. Not very consistent though between runs and lots of disappointment but neat to see. Then it was on to men's figure skating which I was getting tired through. I headed to bed after the 16 year old korean kid. But I did manage to almost finish my cuff for my sock! Behold!

That makes me happy.

So, I'm hitting the gym today after work. I figure I'm rested enough from war now and i need an energizer before the weekend. This week has been hard and a good work out will make things all good. I have lots to do this weekend including another friday night gold leaf session with ari. Though the house needs to be picked up and Estrella needs to be put away from the front room. I can handle some of that when I get home, the rest will be this weekend.
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So, work was ..special. I do not like being told I need to bring my laptop on my VACATION. ASSHATS. Got home after being a ninja and then had music practice which for me went really really well. I guess that was all of the bandwidth I had...cause after that everything I touched turned to ass. I must remember...drinking is for arts other than scribal. Scribes are coffee powered. Grump. By 11pm I finally got some stuff that wasn't crap which was painting on some shields. The boys (mel, ed and bill) with that artistic drafting talents of Ari did really awesome painting. We have 1.5 shields to go and some inking.

I'm now questioning my judgment to restring my viola for next week. My girl tends to be a temperamental bitch after a restring and well, doing that and then subjecting her to the elements sounds like a very bad plan. I'll take my strings with me but I'll only do it if I break one. They still sound good but are very old. So, that is one thing off of my list.

I've gotten a bit accomplished this AM at work so I'm much better than I thought I was but still lots to do. I need to finish my fighting coat tonight and shield work so I can still so some more scroll work tomorrow for Ari. Saturday will mostly be pulling stuff to pack and getting the house in order. I also need to do laundry tonight to make things nice for coming home.

Oh, and part of yesterday was wrestling a box of my stuff to the car so I can decorate my new cube to prevent squatters. I had to kick a guy out of it yesterday...that was annoying.

Dunno...its been weird. bleah. Luckily I get to go to the gym later.
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Well in one week we will be setting up tents in Aten Royal. This has been such a strange lead up to war. Very different compared to years previous. I'm feeling the time crunch but I'm not too concerned. I have one thing that must be done. Everything else is good if it gets done.

I got my new fighting coat 75% done. Got a dress 90% and just had a good time at various non sca things with sca people. Mel got his 2nd degree black belt on Sunday and it was weird to be back at the old dojo. All good though.

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Well it's the final day of the year. I swear it was just march. Where did the year go? Well. I still have one goal left for the year which is to learn to make biscuits but I can put that on next year.

The year has been odd. Work has been more than hard. Crafts have been successful and some things have gotten done. The new year will bring my new job and hopefully good things. And I hope it brings good things for all of my friends as well. 2009 was too hard for many and that just needs to cease and desist.

Have a food time tonight all and be safe!

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Yes, its monday. Its been a week since I've been at work and only 46 emails left to answer. Oh, now 39 emails.

Lets see. We got the new windows installed. I've attempted to install curtains that [livejournal.com profile] posadnik_ivan likes and have failed twice. Would of thunk that valances could cause such strife. Try number 3 will occur this week if I get time. Had two t-day dinners (thursday and Saturday) which were fun.

I made 12 pies and including 2 failures on key lime pie that will be turned into icecream.

My allergies really made me not enjoy Thursday and Friday. I've lost a lot of my sense of taste and the stuff I can take is barely taking the edge off and I'm still not tasting things right.

We got caught in the sand storm on the way to phx on Saturday for the college crewe dinner and that was the suck. Good day there and good fun playing Apples to Apples.

Sunday was a bit of crazy. We bike the pistol hill loop in vail in the morning and up the hill just before pistol hill we had rain, hail and thunder/lightening. It was a wet, cold, miserable ride and then my derailer cable loosened up so I couldn't stay in gear. I'm taking the bike in to performance this week for another tuneup. Glad we did it though, I need to keep off the holiday pounds. Got back from the ride, showered and had lunch at joes. The appreciated the pie we dropped off on Thursday.

Then I spent the day working on Twila's projects and then not getting the house picked up. That will be this afternoon. I also need to finish laundry and get my studio up and going...its the last room to not get back in order after the windows.

The windows have made the house very comfy. Its about 10 degrees warmer than usual and its much quieter. I really like them and it was a really good investment. We are hoping to also select wall material so maybe this early spring we can get that taken care of and work that out to be done and we'll be almost up on all of the home improvement besides landscaping we wanted to do.

Anyhoo..that is the jumbled update.
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Well, its not really monday, its Tuesday but when you take monday off your timeline gets all messed up and and some point you have a causality error and things fall apart on into place. I think things are falling into place now.

Slept in and was cold most of the day yesterday. Our motivators were broken but I got blankets washed, house picked up and realized my knitting was still fubar'd. Ran and got groceries and mel made a nummy dinner that we had with Tati and Mingo. Good conversation and we tried a wine we had been given called Well Red which claims to be sulfite free. Meaning no added sulfites. Well, I had a glass and my hands didn't swell so that is good. This morning I had a bit of swelling but not too bad. Looks like I might be able to have this once in a while.

[livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari came and helped me save my knitting and taught me to pick up stitches on a second needle though I failed to pick up a few of the purls and it ended up confuzzling her for a bit. But We got that going, changed my yarn out and then I was knitting away after threading in the ends. I'm happy to report only a foot more to go on the scarf. Then it was time to do some scribal bookkeeping. I have 4 more scrolls to do text on and I can get back to painting. I did not feel like doing any of it and had coffee and knit a bit after the book keeping. All good though.

Then it was time for bed and a bit of reading. I'm really enjoying Another Scandal in Bohemia and that makes me happy.

Work has been brisk this morning. I'm still cold and have had my hat on all morning. My thermometer is saying its 65°F. Which shouldn't feel this cold but eh. It is. I've almost got all of my email read and responded to. I'm working on an analysis and then is telecon and meetings the rest of the day. We shall see how many of those I attend I want to get up on status of things and I'm behind.

So we shall see how the rest of the day goes.
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Well, its been a week. Yup.

I've worked hard at work and at practices. My body is weary and I'm stuffed up to boot which isn't helping things. I've got a few things to finish up on and then things can wait until next week. I've got data reduction that isn't making sense and I know a well rested me will be better than the currently over tired engineer. I need a clean look at the data and monday it can happen. All good.

Gonna get home, clean up the house get things ready for tomorrow. We need snacks and lunch and things...our scribal deadline got pushed a week which means I should be able to crank out one more scroll for the case. I also need to get working more on my A&S stuff and my clothes for the next 3 weeks of events.

So, hopefully, the floor work I have at 1030am will go quickly and life will be good and I can go home. Here's to hoping.
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Well, after warping things up last night it was time to hit the bed. Showers were had and I giggled my way through some more PP&Z. Then I tried to sleep...something I've ate over the last few days wasn't making my tummy happy. Not sure what or if it was just biking and lots of water but my tummy wasn't happy. Its okay this morning but man I could have slept longer..but who doesn't on a monday.

Just have a few chores to do when I get home to be ready for scribble. And we do need to go grocery shopping...and I need to do laundry but after that...weaving and embroidery until scribble.

Thinking Saturday would be a good day for a nice ride out to Saquaro National Monument...anyone interested who might be in town? I need to start doing longer rides and well, I think weekends would be good.

Other than that...short days and short week due to the holiday...makes me happy.
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This week has been pretty good for me...not so for other people and I forgot to post about that. My PE Mike went in on monday after having "chest pains" which he thought was just indigestion and ended up having bypass surgery on Tuesday AM. He's doing good but he's gonna be out for a while to heal up. Keep him in your thoughts and honestly folks...go in if your heat burn hasn't cleared up in 8 hours after taking lots of antacid...seriously. Dumb boys..basically my other PE James had to tell him that he was going to call the ambulance if he didn't go in on Monday. Thank goodness he listened. Don't be DUMB!

Got home from a fruitful day at work and I got down to making myself a really nummy omelet. I think there will be more of that tonight. Then I got cracking on my studio and now have it set up for use. Admittedly, a bit more re-org would make it a bit more tidy but its usable and I set my calligraphy stuff up. I'm hoping to get a few scrolls done this week and really hit things hard next week to clean out my case. During the cleaning I did manage to get my new speakers to play my iphone but it doesn't charge it. I can just keep my ipod plugged in and use the aux in cable for the phone too..which is what I will probably do. They both have the same music, I just use the phone for pod casts right now. All good though.

After the studio blitz I changed clothes, grabbed my afghan and headed to grandma's for knit night. Had a really nice time and got to see folk's progress. One of the gals is knitting two socks at once on circular needles and its fascinating. Doing them both at once guarantees that you get equal stitches on each sock, thus matching socks in size, maybe not color repeats depending on your yarn but it also helps with the dreaded "second sock syndrome" which is a plague upon knitters as I understand. Basically, you are triumphant and have finished a sock and now you need to do the other one and its disheartening since you got to do it all over again to get the second one.

So,I had to leave to go to class but I had a good time, especially using the iPhone to get another song in our heads ,"Dead Man's Party, versus "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer" which was in our heads cause of Viki's granddaughter's little moose toy. Got to class and got going. Paul is obviously in the "lets kick our butts" mentality. Ugh, more legs this week joy! Then while the black sashes tested one of our white belts the rest of us went through the 4 lower forms ad nauseum. Course I don't mind it, I needed to review the lower forms anyway...we probably went through the set about 5 times, usually doing each form twice in each set. So, lots of forms. Then we finished the night off with the gauntlet and that was fun. I got yelled at to not stay so static...uhm, yeah I know..but leg was tired. I'll work on it.

Got home, cleaned up the cat box (I really, really hat clay litter) and then headed to the shower. Got cleaned up and then back to the family room to work on embroidery. I got almost the bottom half of the hammer white done. I think I'm getting faster but I don't know. Then I perused through some books and found some of the information I needed on one of my A&S projects. I need to sit down and start writing out the documentation. Course I also need to order a few more of the York Archeological books too. (okay, ordered books, never mind). Then it was time for bed.

I finished WWZ and was very happy with it...though places were sad etc it was a really good look at the human condition and our society as a whole. Eye opening really. I slept okay, kept waking up but I got up and moving this morning...legs aren't as sore, arms are especially after I slammed my right elbow into the corner of the dresser. Ow..parts of my hand are still tingly. Gah!

On the agenda today are making a call to Stitch It for a blog post, doing some embroidery and of course the hall. Hopefully I can keep up.
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Well, its a short week this week. We have Friday off which will be then followed by the Monday holiday and then I have to work 1/2 day Tuesday, travel through Wednesday in Chicago, work part of Thursday and then leave for the Fiber Retreat. Its hopefully gonna be a good two weeks.

After finishing the embroidery last night I sat down with a crochet hook and some yarn and started to teach myself some crochet. I think my hook is too big and my yarn is too small though cause when I brought the loop down to tighten I couldn't get my hook back in to try the "single crochet" Eh, I'll dig up some other hooks in my stash and try with a smaller hook.

Work today should be interesting. Lots of meetings and the shop and I are trying to perfect something and we shall see. Couldn't convince the chief on Friday about it but we shall see. After work I plan on getting home, cleaning up things a bit, scrounging stuff to make dinner and I'm gonna try my work out tape again. Its getting almost too warm to bike after work unless I want to suck it up. Not sure yet. Allergy ick is still happening and I forgot my purse which had my meds in it today. Sighs.

Scribble should be good. I have stuff to finish and text to come up with...I didn't do any calligraphy yesterday but well, I know what I need to work on at least. Well, time to ingest coffee and have a good layout for the presentation at 11.


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