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The time after Estrella and now has been marred by sickness, over time and projects. Plus Ben's birthday and his spring break. I made some things....I've been working on my birthday socks and am almost to the toe decreases on the second sock. I made banners for TE Sym and Magdalen for stepping down as B&B. I've done a lot of calligraphy for SCA things. I applied to a program management training program and got accepted. I have pushed a mountain load of virtual paperwork and by June 15th I will be the lead on my program since my boss is retiring. Yeah, there is a lot there.

Pictures make things easier to understand.....

The Banners...
Sim And Magdalen's Banners

Ben's Bday...
Benton's 6th Birthday

I also bought myself a new thing for my bday...I'm going full hipster. I got a new turntable...I've been lacking one for almost 20 years. I'm getting a new tattoo and I'm getting more piercings....very hipster.

My early bday gift #selfcare #music #hipster

All of the projects and sickness means that my gym time has been utterly lacking but I made it back on Monday and I'm going today and dammit I'm being good on eating etc. The month of suck gave me 5 pounds back and I'm not happy about that. Time to get back to things...limit my beer, cause really that is my big weakness and I was over indulging....a lot.
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I posted to twitter about my busy day and most of it was work, housework, being mom, cooking and in general not trying to leave my house a disaster when I get home from work. I learned this when I was nursing that if I didn't start the bottle cleaning when I got home it was never done and I tried to do that last night by getting dishes started while I made dinner and helped Ben with homework, picked up my stuff from the front room (as I could), moved mel's stuff to his side of the bed and got laundry going as well as washing things I just made for the ladies born last month.

I then sat down and dinked around on my phone for probably 45mins versus knitting while watching tv and then finally did knit and watch the mid-season premier of AOS. Wow, that was a good episode. I really wish we could get Tony Stark to have a talk with Coulson on what sentience is and how you determine it even if it was created by a creepy as magical book. But enough of that...I'm just enjoying AOS and that is good.

So I adulted but I did get some knitting in. Hopefully I'll be motivated to finish the cleaning of the studio on Thursday so I can be sewing on the weekend or at least mending and then cutting out crown clothes.
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To say things have been busy is an understatement. Mel was in Korea for a week. Work has been demanding. I'm broaching into sewing things I've never done. I almost puked on a bike ride and other adventures. Benton has been doing okay. We are having ups and downs but I think things are better and he's all of a sudden outgrown his underwear and pjs and quickly growing out of all of his shirts. Sighs.

Saw a few movies with friends including Hercules and Guardians of the Galaxy. Both awesome and fun.

On the book front I've been reading a lot too.

#12 was Susan Cooper's Victory - very cool story.
#13 was Treachery in Death by JD Robb. I'm hitting the library with Benton so I'm getting some for me too.
#14 was New York to Dallas by JD Robb
#15 is going to be Celebrity in Death which I will start tonight.

On the fan fic realm.
The Guilded Age Which is steampunk avengers. Way fun. This is the first part of multiple planned but this work is finished.

Girl, Compromised is an origin of Black Widow that has been awesome. Seriously, awesome. Awaiting more.

Like a Cruel Mistress Woos which is a Steve coming to terms with himself and its rough, raw and just plain miserable but so well written I keep impatiently awaiting updates.

Another post will be all cosplay related.
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Well, the weekend was really fun. Benton got introduced to the rest of hrafnheim at our household meeting. It went really well and we got to help the Easter Laurel with her eggs. We discussed upcoming projects and the like and had a good time. Storvarr was down for the meeting and he and mel played borderlands before he headed back to Eds. Sunday was Gawd Awful Grail and we got there on time for court. Benton did pretty good all day but I think he had too much time out in the wind and was cranky by the time closing court happened. We headed home and storvarr joined us for dinner after we all got cleaned up. It was almost a month since we had been there last and the last one was after the baronial guard tourney and the night before Benton was born.

Had a nice dinner and then home to relax. We had managed to get Benton on a schedule for going to bed by 1030pm and it was working well until Monday night. Got up early on monday and got going to the fair grounds to pick up my entry and then it was home to feed the boy, get him a bath and pick up my mom from the airport. She had had a rough day. Sunday night they had called and her 750am flight was cancelled to DFW due to weather. So they put her on a 605am flight. She got to the airport and there was mechanical issues and got put on a different airline and a 750a flight to chicago. She got in about the same time as she would have before but it was a long day for her. We had lunch at mimi's and it was good minus the fact that the booth we were in was so narrow I couldn't get Benton to be comfy to feed cause of course when my food arrived he woke up and was hungry. Basically I had to have him under the table and crunch down to get him to feed. Not the best. Looks like tables from now on I think. Got home and got mom settled and the boy played for a while. Then we put him down for a nap and I think it was too long. Not sure but he was fussy and wide awake at 10pm. Thought I had him down at 11pm but nope..had to walk around with him and finally feed again to get him to snug down for the night. He woke me up at 530a and then was down again until about 845 but he wasn't hungry. We hung out and then finally got him fed and watched tv.

Since about noon my mom has been cleaning our bathroom. I feel bad but she wants to help out..it needs it and she's OCD about getting things spotless. Little boy was very awake throughout the early afternoon and he is finally down for his nap. Hoping we can get back on schedule tonight so I can get out and see some daycares. I hope to hit about 3 tomorrow if it works out. A few I called today didn't have openings or didn't take infants.

Mel is currently at the dentist. He broke a tooth (one that has been needing a crown to fix an old decaying filling) on Saturday. It didn't hurt so I'm betting he's going to need a root canal. I guess we will find out. I'm also betting he won't be heading to fight depending on what they do today. I was happy they got him in the day he called. We have an awesome dentist.

Called my kidney doc and have to get my labs done this week...including a 24 hour panel. Sighs. I hate those...a lot. Luckily this time I'm not pregnant so it shouldn't be as hard as it was last time. Course I hope it shows that Benton sucked out all of the extra calcium in my system so we are done with going to see a specialist but we shall see. Not that I've ever had any symptoms but never having kidney stones is a good plan.

Well, time to pull out the knitting since mom is still cleaning and boy is sleeping.
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Well, we thouroughly enjoyed the visit by my inlaws. Just wish they could have stayed a bit longer. Its been a rough couple of days since they left. Little boy has not been wanting to go to bed until after midnight and that is taking its toll on me.

We all headed to the fair on Saturday and that was awesome. Got to enjoy the exhibits, pet some cute bunnies, get free cormo roving and enjoy the day. Little boy got a bit warm but we did okay getting him cooled down. I really think they need to make car seats for AZ with specific airflow.

Benton's sweater and hat got a Blue Ribbon at the fair and that was awesome. Sunday we enjoyed heading out to joe's for breakfast and just hanging out for the day. Monday I didn't make it to scribble but hung with the in laws for their last night. They left the next morning and I attempted a few days of getting up when mel did and managed to do okay but the boy was okay with it but I think he slept too much and during the day. I'm going to attempt to keep him more awake today to see if we can get him to sleep more before midnight. I'm hopeful but we shall see last night was rough.

I need to do some laundry today to get ready for my mom being here on monday. I'm excited to have her here. Plus it will give me someone to watch Ben while I'm checking out day care centers. I've got a small list and hope to hit them all next week. I need to also make a couple of tunics for Benton between today and Sunday. Its gonna be cute.

Mel is off at Matt's working on his work shop. I hope he doesn't spend all day there but we shall see. We do need to go do some shopping. One thing I have been doing is getting caught back up on Dr. Who and Torchwood. I have made it through all of David Tennent and will catch up on Matt Smith once its updated for viewing. I'm half way through Season 2 of torchwood. That show is really depressing at times which I never noticed on the episodes I had caught. I think I must have only caught the funny ones before. I'm thinking that Eureka will be next on the list to watch through.

But first I need to snug with the Benton..he's not enjoying his tummy time...oh, so sad. I snug with him a bit and then put him back to tummy time. He doesn't like it but its good for him. Yesterday he fell asleep during it which I took as a good sign. Today we shall see.
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Well, last night was a bit rough. I kept waking up and realized I was hungry. I had a glass of OJ and a oatmeal bar and was able to then go back to sleep. I also got some tylenol...my pelvis is shifting and just uncomfortable. Might have to see glenn tomorrow or later today. We shall have to see. I've gotten all of the thank you notes ready and the ones that need to be mailed are in the mailbox. I have to finish ironing the fabric (only 8 more yards to go) and then start on the curtains. I'm feeling good today, not as tired as I expected but I'm going to just work things slowly and take breaks.

Course I will admit I haven't gotten out of jammies yet...lol. I hope to do that after the ironing or so. We shall see. Poor little obsidian was crying outside our door for over an hour about 3am this morning and she's been uber cute all day.

The baby sweater I decided to block before I sewed it together. So that is also on the agenda. Its almost dry after I laid it in the sun. So, small tasks, then dinner with the hubby and knit night.
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Last night was weird. Lets leave it at that.

Hopefully when I get home today I can finish up a bit of cleaning, get the house in a state that makes me happier and then mel and I can spend some time out at Grandma's Spinning Wheel Hanging out with folks. I need to pick up a few supplies for the retreat (I have a list) and that will be nice. Then I think I'll make stroganoff, though we will need to head to the supermarket for a a few things but that is okay. It will be nice. Haven't seen the gaming group in a long time and it will be nice to sit and embroider and game.

Tomorrow will dawn early but it will be fun at the Bisbee Fiber Festival. Its all good. I need a relaxing, just kinda bumming weekend.
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Work was rewarding...I think James and I figured out what is up with our fixture...which is a good thing. Now to figure out how to fix it. Got home tired from the mental drain but I had some toast and sorted laundry and got all the clean clothes put away which is the trouble with the laundry hydra..you can kill it but you have to put the body away. So, got laundry going. Mingo was the awesome and got the side yard cleaned up and mel and he were filling neighborhood dumpsters with weeds. I got to loading the last of the software on my laptop which went really good minus getting the registration to take on the MS stuff. Opened up the new word and started getting some documentation onto virtual paper. By that time it was time for kung fu.

I hadn't been back since November. Paul was funny and said "Hi, my name is Paul, who are you?" when I came in. I worked with the white belts on first form which came back pretty well. We are also in the 3rd week of learning a form called 7 kicks. Its flashy but has lots of good basics intertwined so it will be a good class form. Got done and mel and I headed to petsmart to get cat litter and then home. I was tired by that point but I cleaned up the kitty pan, put clothes away, switched out laundry and then sat and got all of the pulled books loaded into the citation section of word. Not sure how it will pull my bibliography (I couldn't get that to work quite right yet) but I'm sure I'll get it soon. I like the changes they have made so far. Looks to be a much better program.

In other news, the flooding in ND reminds me of that spring of 1997. I was living in Jamestown (about 100 miles West of Fargo). The interstate about 40 miles east was flooded and I had to take a detour to get home to SD....the detour was flooding while I was on it. The folks that were on the opposite internship from us at NDSU had evacuated Fargo already and Jamestown was flooding in areas as well. Pretty scary. I was glad to get home to SD. Anyhoo..time to meet the PE's for breakfast and then to tackle the fixture issue full force.
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Well, work was dull...I'm working on my year end paperwork and well, its lots of typing and trying to remember what and when we finished things. Tedious. I interspersed it with trips to the factory but man it was a yawn fest. Got home and mel was making dinner. I unpacked boxes that had been shipped in. My mom sent us coins for xmas and it was a lot of them...wow. Then I got out my supplies to make things for [livejournal.com profile] syele's investiture. I almost got things set but not done by 630 and then it was time for practice. It was hard to motivate myself to go but I did..cause you go when you are tired and it will be fun and fine and all that.

I didn't do many singles but I save my energy for melee. I did okay...only got smacked too hard once and kept things in line. I did manage to stop Sean a few times and that was entertaining. Not a bad night and considering everyone on my side was in the "I'm effing tired but I'm at practice anyway" mode we gave it our all during each fight and then rested and then did it again. All good in that respect.

Got home, had cocoa...and shower and then sleep. I did start reading the first Dante Valentine Novel and the writing is a bit less defined as before and the set up now makes me wonder how we got to the second book which I've already read. Should be interesting.

So, I slept good and work has been busy. New processes get people irked and well, cope people, as Walt Disney said "Keep Moving Forward!"
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Such an odd day. Work was...unfulfilling and confusing. I'm not very up on one of our archaic systems and I truly believe that its spitting out garbage in a query that should be pretty straight forward. So, I have lots of questions to ask and I have a way to break the database to see if its pulling things correctly...but we shall see. I did manage to take care of some to do list items but I still need to work on the project list. I want to finish sewing for estrella by the end of winter break but I need to make sure that Mel has everything he needs while I work on commissions etc. I have lots to do and I still need to make a few things for xmas. Time is flying. I got home and was grumpy so I amused myself with playing bejeweled on the ipod and getting an order into fire mountain gems. All I can say is, damn is gold expensive. Then we trundled off to have sushi with a very large crew of folks. The sushi chef outdid himself and we ate very well, had really good conversations and just in general relaxed. Mel was very happy when we came home. I played around on the internet for a while and found that I need to take a picture of mel's carburetor linkage to see if we can find one. Then it was time for bed and sleeping.

I slept pretty good minus the fact that the girls are taking up the bed again. They think its cold...course I think its cold right now and need coffee. Now have coffee and ignored the nummy cruller donuts that are in the next aisle....go me. I have a list of things to accomplish today and only a few meetings. I will work on picking up the house some more when I get home and have things ready for fridays game.


Sep. 30th, 2008 12:24 pm
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Please check your email...thank you!
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The work day was a hassle but I managed to get most of everything done that I needed minus the task I have left for Science Experiment Boi (SEB). Course Phil and I had many good discussions about our frustrations with SEB and that made me feel loads better especially after I had to lay down the law of what was happening with his precious design. I need a girly cobra t-shirt to wear cause the Baroness is coming out to play. Anyhoo...left a bit after 4pm and got home and chatted with the hubby for a while. Ate the free salad I got from work (jason's deli chx caesar) and then I fell into sleep with the couch and the cats. I'm not sure how long I slept but mel woke me up about 620 when The Basketman called to chat about my custom order. Its being mailed out today and he was uber happy with the design changes I made and if it holds up etc he'll actually be putting it in his inventory as a normal basket. Squee! I should have it for A&S. Then I had to make the decision to puss out of kung fu for the night or go. I pussed out. I was tired, my leg was achey and I really needed some me time. Seriously. Recentering is a good thing.

So, I sat watching tv and weaving until mel came home about 9pm. I did manage to catch the first episode of Knight Rider and even though its uber cheezy it might have potential as long as they don't reuse a lot of the CGI footage of KITT transforming back and forth. Yes, he can be the normal mustang cobra (yes, not a TransAM), A beefy sleek mustang and a ford truck. Oh, and just forget the science part of your brain and enjoy the camp.

I went to bed but a bug bite made me itchy and I didn't sleep very well. I probably should have taken a benedryl but eh, I can cope. Today we take the kitties to the vet. Which is always entertaining. Course if mel isn't home in time to help me get the girls in their crates it will be interesting. After that I need to run a few errands and then mel and I are going out to dinner.

EDIT - [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari for the WIN...it even has baroness on the sleeve!!!

EDIT #2 - Glenn is out of town and my foot and leg hurt...and are spasming...sighs.
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She was knee deep in engineering muck, ancient design history and corporate crappola. But I think the quagmire is a bit behind us. i hope. My icon is a hopeful plea to be able to put my ass on my bike tonight...before I go to kung fu. I've missed to many days due to work and my blood donation and just a set of lazy. The stress from work is making me lethargic and scattered....I need to bike to get some rhythm back. Sighs. Anyhoo...here is to hoping. Mel has even volunteered to go to the officer's meeting so I can go to kung fu. Which is awesome.

I got home from work about 6pm. Yesm 6pm. I managed to get the mail and then collapse on the couch feeling nauseous. I think the full tilt day was not good on top of the donation. Sighs. Anyhoo...I got motivated in a fog but started working on my new armor...didn't get very far due to technical difficulties with the lacing (read lace to big for the holes) but mel had a solution when he came home and I should be able to get pretty far in the next few days. Since I fluctuate ribcage size a lot I'm making the lamilar with a full back, open sides with buckles and then an open front so I can adjust as needed. Plus this would lead to quicker lacing overall and I think a more comfy fit. If not...its not hard to lace the sides together. We'll see if it works out as I envision but it seems reasonable.

So, I hope today I can get home at normal time, get a short ride in and then work on armor and go to kung fu, pick up some groceries and then be home for more armor. Here is to hoping.

btw, [livejournal.com profile] lferion, the fabric is in.
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Well, work was very productive yesterday...not too many dumb meetings. Today though...yeah, full of them. But I got home and worked on the cream tunic for ivan (edging in red). We got a phone call after dinner that said class was cancelled (kung fu drama) and we were to meet Paul for discussion near the dojo. We went, kibitzed and then headed off for coffee to discuss the new space, classes and times. Monday we start at the new location so I will be late for scribble when we don't host by about an hour. But it does mean that I can make FP every Tuesday and mayhaps Thursday fighting school after I get in better shape and the new armour is done. So, change of schedule and it looks like double work outs on Monday/wed with biking and class...I'm okay with that. I can do it..its just gonna be hard...but life ain't a cakewalk anyhow.

So, got home from the kung fu meeting at about 930pm and I stayed up till just after 10pm finishing everything on the cream tunic but the front and back split trim. That shouldn't take me too long tonight at the game. I'm thinking mexican build your own burro's tonight for game night (I'll mix the meat with veggies and salad). I'll need to go shopping. Course if this rain business keeps up...I can't bike..I really hate rain and biking and stoopid drivers so I think Mary and I will get pedicures. I need so girly time with a good friend and we probably both need the stress relief. Course that means I really need to be biking tomorrow and sunday since no class thursday and probably no biking today. Sighs. Gonna be hard with the schedule but I can manage.

If I see you this weekend awesome...if I don't sorry maybe next weekend...Hopefully I can get all of the sewing (minus eyelets) done this weekend and be ready to start armour...its gonna take time though. Well, here's to a productive day.

Oh, random bits: 1)we had a random box of armour appear on our porch this AM. With a nice note is a russian accent. (seriously) 2)We had rogue chihuahua's in the cul-de-sac running around after the rain.

Pennsic To Do List )
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so, the mystery of the missing tent is probably solved. We think we gave the tent to bjorn to use. So, hopefully a phone call will solve that. Got going a bit slow this AM...very tired after going to bed so late (1130 oops). I've got coffee and my 830am got canceled so its not so bad. I can manage that and I think I'll head home early today and tomorrow to use up all of this extra time I've spent at work. Maybe I can get the sewing done by the end of the weekend (except maybe the eyelets). So, I think things are looking up. I feel good even though I'm tired and I'm pretty sure the weight I've lost has grown since last I was on the scale.
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Well, I didn't get anything done when I got home other than a cat nap (yup got soul sucked). I did make a batch of hard boiled eggs and a tuna salad and some laundry but I really should have been sewing...since well, pennsic is 1 month away. Kung fu was good. Lots of core building but my legs were so tired from biking it was kinda hard to maintain good stances at times. I worked with our newer class members on one of the forms which included teaching a standing jump crescent. Its the hardest thing we teach to our new folks. I worked on my form later and tweaked a few more things. I still need to work on fluidity and jumps...but what else is new. I headed to sunflower for fruits and salad dressing after class and then it was home to veg while watching tv for a bit. I got a shower and was reading when mel came home early (10pm).

I had wacky bobo(tm) dreams last night that had me wondering if I'd actually done what I dreamed. It was kinda frightening in that way. I had to sit and think for a while to realize it was a dream. Yuck. It wasn't creepy except for the people involved...just kinda shocking to me that I'd even dream that. ugh. Anyhoo...today is Wednesday. Its gonna be a good day to get things done and then I will go home and bike and then sew until bed time. We also need to figure out our weekend travel plans as well. Black belt ceremony on friday afternoon, party in phx on saturday and I need sewing and armour time. sighs...when did it get to be July already?? Seriously...what did I do with june?
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Seriously, this full moon madness and the season change are making way to many people stoopid. sighs. Dear stoopid people..quick making my husband grumpy...seriously. K-thx.

So, yesterday was super snowflake special. Nuff said. I got off of work and headed to Nissan to get the trucked its oil change. I sat and did embroidery and waited. Got home and mel was wondering if we were going to sweet tomatoes for dinner since we had coupons. coupons had to be dug out of the paper trash but we headed out and had an okay time. It was nice to sit just us at a table but the grumpy of the day was bothering mel a lot. Got home and quickly changed for kung fu and was only a few minutes late. Class was okay. I didn't get to stretch well due to being late and my kicks kinda sucked. Working on the finer (jumpy) points to little mantis but all good. Got my dress for drew and mary's wedding and then headed home. I relaxed with the tv, uploaded pictures and then did some tablet weaving while watching Mr and Mrs Smith. Mel got home a bit early and was still a bit grumpy. He stayed up later than I did and was making yarn balls out of the dyed stuff from the retreat. I hope today goes better for him.

So, photos from the Retreat are here

I've had a headache since I got up...not sure what to make of that except maybe lack of sleep. Maybe stress...work is special as I said. I have to do a bit of shopping for food stuffs for friday and work on more tablet weaving before the officer's meeting. Should be okay and god dammit..I'm going to bed on time tonight. I think I might even let mel skip the meeting tonight..that might make him in a better mood.
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Work was work. I tracked down hardware and actually got a root cause for a failure on a harness. Go me! I got things organized for the rest of the week...got one mystery resolved and went home to pick up the amazon package for shipping. I got the wedding gift at Macy's, new fighting gloves at Ace Hardware, got raped $1 at a non UPS store to have them tape the effing box (postnet is the suck), hit the dollar store for wrapping paper and cards and then was home. Mel had dinner on the stove cooking away. I relaxed while it finished, ate dinner, got sucked into watching Anthony Bourdain but was able to break away and change into my black pj's for kung fu. Had a good class...but man, little mantis is hard on my already sore legs. I keep sub-locating my big toe on my left foot and it makes everything wonky. Got home cleaned the cat box, put away laundry, sorted dirty laundry, got a load going in the washer, wrapped the wedding gift, wrote mother's day cards and then mel was home. I didn't get to his coat but the house was driving me bats and it needs order before I can continue on projects. I have a bit more pick up todo this afternoon and then I can get the machines out and finish the darn thing in the next few days.

Tonight will be the last of the picking up, setting up the machines and then getting ready for the wedding of Liz and Evan. Already heard folks were at practice that were in town for the wedding. Will be good to see folks as well. So, without further ado.

To Do List by Saturday May 10th )
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Well, work was a bit slacking...I got lots done but all of it was such small things it felt like I wasn't working. Not that I'm complaining though...I like mondays like that. I got home and mel was busy cleaning up the house for scribble...and then I told him it was at ari's. Snerk. Well, at least we have a clean house. He got working on doing armor repairs since he'd need them for tonight. I went through the mail from the weekend and then went grocery shopping. I picked up lots of good things and then food savered the meat. I made us healthy chicken tacos with lots of tomato, cilantro and serrano peppers. Very good. Then I got myself set and went shopping at sports authority and petsmart. I need to keep reminding myself that I hate sports authority cause they never have what I want and I need to stop going there...seriously. Then I made it to ari's just on time for scribble. Fun night, new folks, lots of painting and committee commentary. The bushes got together and hashed a few things out which wasn't surprising. Got home very late after driveway chats with [livejournal.com profile] snotblossom and then fell into a warm bed with an overly snuggly kitty (obsidian). She was snuggled up next to me all night.

After work I need to run to the UPS store for an amazon return and then out to macy's to pick up a wedding gift. Yes, I'm one of those annoying people that gets you something similar to what is on your registry but might be better than what you picked out..it will all be fine. Then I will be going to kung fu and gosh darn it...starting the final bits of ivan's gambeson I've had in works for a year. Yup..a year! Can you believe it! But I need it done for next week's trip and I need to take in one of my coats for myself so eh. I just need to get it started and work on it and I will get it done and not be distracted by the TV. Yup.

Hmmmm...well, I haven't done of these in a while...I think I should now.
To Do List by Saturday May 10th )
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Work was actually functional and productive.  I knocked out some paperwork that had been looming over me.  I hope to finish it up today to send off to the vendor.  Score!  The reactions to my hair when from "whoa!", "nice", "so dark!", "Has you hair always been that long" to my fav "why do you look younger and more sultry?"  So funny.  Dave and I punched out some data on our Failure review and I finished the day tired but very well.  Got home and napped for about 45mins.  Obsidian did a very good job of sucking out my soul.  I had a nice dinner of toast with left over cinnamon butter.  Then I got the rest of the house picked up and more thank you cards written.  I think I've only got a few left to write.  I also managed to get the studio a bit closer to bead making.  I moved a few things around, cleaned off the kiln, so all I have to do is put in the exhaust fan, set up the torch and get things going.  Maybe tonight before kung fu.  Oh, that reminds me.  I'm gonna only be at fighter practice for melee nights...I need to concentrate on the kung fu for a while.

Scribble was good.  I got a ways on one scroll and started another when I realized that I was going to shade myself in circles....it was best to just let it be.  Work with Sioux on getting baronial assignments together and we figured a few things out on that front as well.  Which is a very good thing.  Well, time to pull the train out of the station its gonna be a big day.


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