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Lots have been going on...lots of work, lots of travel (fiber and dye retreat).  We've just been so crazy busy and then last week I got into a car accident.  So its just been a weird June/ July. I've been sketching and plotting but not really making anything.  Did tour de fleece and I'll get albums out soonish...just too busy to write.

So, alive and mostly well.
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We've lost a lot of awesome people this year from Rickman and Bowie, to Shanding and Nat Cole.  We lost Prince yesterday.  I think Purple Rain or another album were the first bootlegs I ever got.  My elementary school BFF Kathy Arnold had the tapes and her brother copied things to memorex for me.  I remember buying Diamonds and Pearls for myself and finally got rid of my tapes when I moved to AZ and no longer had a tape deck.  I have memories of belly dancing to Theives in the Temple in Illinois and just in general thinking him awesome for music and expression.  My cubemate has been trying to get tickets to see him for quite some time and when I texted her she was devasted.

So, yeah, listening to Purple Rain now....will probably hit iTunes and buy some more to replace things I haven't heard in a long time.

In house news the new roof is almost done.  @lferion is supervising things while they install the new skylights (the other ones were about shot) and in general being the bestest person ever.

Mel's mom sent him his handwoven, by her, leg wraps. They are a modified goose eye pattern.

The house stuff can be found here:
House Improvements Outside 2016

REalized last night that I want the porch inside ceilings finished before we paint them.  So I suggested to mel that we get bead board and put that up. I think it will look nice.

Things are settling enough on the house that I was able to put some things away in the studio.  This is good. Which means maybe when I get back from KWHSS I'll be having some mojo back.

I desperately need it.
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Well, the insomnia etc has built up to a point that I'm like the walking dead.  Add to that a kiddo who is sleeping so hard that he's not waking up for the potty earlier this week its been rough to get good sleep.  My allergies are crazy and the tar from teh roof is not helping.  Cause tar is high in sulfur and other fun things.  Sighs.

I had a lot of people ask me if I was okay yesterday since I guess my bags under my eyes are epic.  oops.

Got to knit night for Jimmie's last night with us. He's taken a good job in Denver.  I will miss him and his expertise and just him in general. Such a fun guy.


So, fic rec of awesome...especially if you are pissed at this election season.  I know who I would vote for:

Leader Of The Free World (3663 words) by copperbadge
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark if you squint - Relationship
Characters: Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Maria Hill
Additional Tags: Political Campaigns, Comedy, Crack, shadow government

Clint Barton's presidential campaign started as a joke. It didn't end that way, except for Steve.

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So in the last week I've moved desks at work. It had been 4 years since my last move and now I have my own large cubicle, new fancy desk phone and a lot more space for me and my stuff. I have a lot of desk toys and stuffies that travel with me including an iguana that hangs out on my cube wall since I was an intern at Lucas.  I'm working with a guy I worked with about 8 years ago and he was surprised I still had the iguana.  I'm still figuring out where to park since I've moved across the building and up the stairs.  Realizing that my work building used to be one of the largest buildings in the northern hemisphere when it was built its taking me a bit to figure out the best places.

Additionally, I have stairs to do every day for simple things like going to the bathroom and other meetings. Which is great for me physically but not great for me since my ankle that I twisted after Ari's bday dinner is still tweaking.  But my steps are way up per day so that is good.

Had a great bday weekend with some sleeping in, a faboo happy hour (try 6 hours) with the coworkers for my send off, board game night, a rock concert, antiquing, breakfast in bed and a household meeting.  Good times with the BFF and it was the weekend I needed in many ways. The house being under construction has completely zapped my will to work on anything, including house related things like laundry and dealing with the mess my studio is.  I hope after this week/weekend. It will be done and I can clean and get things settled cause I'm about to the end of my rope on being a lazy ass but man its hard to look at the mess and see where to start. Plus just been feeling icky with allergies and the ankle that the gym has been put off.

We shall see how things go.  I just need to get my butt in gear before KWHSS which is the last weekend of this month.

KFMADay 2016

Happy Hour For Lori And I
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So, at the end of the day [livejournal.com profile] lferion commented that Benton stole all of the awesome.  And I agree. He had a perfect day at school and I, Mel and Ari all suffered.

To start...Monday at work I had a feeling after looking at some data that a supplier was not doing what they were supposed to do.  Its not my hardware, i.e. I'm not responsible for it, but I do look over it a bit since it gets used in one of my assemblies. Things just looked odd and the more I dug into the data the more I was convinced I was right. I wrote up a summary, put people who actually know the hardware and the supplier on distro and waited while they walked through my thoughts.  Yesterday it came to a head and yes, I'm completely and utterly right. And its sucky. Like, can't ship hardware sucky. Now, its not like the stuff will break...what the supplier did was a better than for us but its not what they were contracted to do for us.  So now its a papertrail, paperwork nightmare and we have to figure it out with the supplier who has been silent to our questions.  Sigh.  Left work for the gym and wanted to knock things out and then hit food/knit night and then do some shopping.

The gym was okay but I had folks trying to flip sets with me on squats so they could use teh deadlift area and the pull up bar. They really could have waited. I do quick sets with about 30sec-60sec between and they slowed me down considerablly. It was kinda rude. I should have said no but oh, well.  Then my phone started blowing up with phone calls and its hard to answer your phone when its in an arm thingy for running.  I need to remember that I think I can talk through it and just use the headphones to hear the convo but I didn't think of that since I was in the middle of 350lb calf raises.  Sighs.  Mel needed to pick up the kiddos from school for Ari since her work went to hell and it was a bit of a cluster due to this and that and I need to just make sure they have each other's cell numbers so I'm not the messenger. Sighs.  Got back onto my work out and hit the deck for some core work.  I need to remind Bob the gym manager to pump up the fitness balls they are geting squishy.  I've started doing my planks using the Bosun and I think its much easier for me to do in some ways and way harder in others. Its just more comfy for my hands and they were bothering me after having to snatch/grab the bar with my squat weights over and over to switch the setup with that one guy.  Sheesh.  I ran/walked for 15 mins and then got changed for my awesome night out.

Yeah, not so much.  I took a different route and shouldn't have...too much traffic and stoopid people. Realize that the store I needed to hit closed at 8pm which means I needed to skip knit night. My coupons at the store after I FINALLY found something to buy were not as good as I had hoped. Sighs.  Then I picked up cat litter since Mel had said we were almost out.  Then I hit Chipotle and while standing in line Mel asked if I could pick up cat food.  Sighs.  I waited for a busy line and got my chicken bowl to find out that they were out of iced tea?  WTF?  I dont' drink soda and it was crowded and loud and I was just done so I asked for it to do. I guess my face was distraught enough I got my food for free. WTF?  Okay. I heade back to petco to get the cat food and then ate my dinner at Target, in the quiet of the starbucks area.  I got things for food stuffs and first aid supplies (mel had exhausted the guaze and tape due to his elbow) and I found a work out slip on coverup for when I get done with the gym and want to stay warm.  I got home from my errands at 909pm. Mel and Wander were busy prepping food for Estrella Tuesday Night dinner and I was exhausted and grumpy.

So, I check my calorie intake for the day and realized that I had ate clean and good and worked out and got 7k steps in that day so I had a beer and knit.  I needed it.  The cats were exstatic that I was sitting on the couch and all was well.

Today, hopefully not as crazy.  I've already hosted an impromptu international telecon and well, yeah. I have a report to slam out today and other tasks to clean up.  Hoping for good and not staying too late today.
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I've worked a lot, cooked a lot, knitted a lot and had lots of work and home stress.  I'm awaiting the end of the work day and I will be "done" with work for the year.  This is a misnomer as I have a work ethic and will be working on reports off and on.  I have to much to accomplish in January and it needs to be fully documented before the reviews start.  Sighs.

I also have to update my resume for a number of reasons. I put myself in for a technology cohort for futher career advancement and that is part of the processing of the application. The scary part is I can't find a resume that is newer than 2002. I'm sure I did one in 2006 or so but I can't find it.  Will have to see if the old computer still boots up it may be on there.  Sighs.

I have seem to have lost months of time for things this year.  I hope 2016 is better for us and projects etc.

I finished #13 book of the year which was Infinity Bell by Devon Monk.  Then I started Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which is fun and good.

My goals over the break are to finish reading a few things, spend time with the family. Finish a couple of fan fics and relax.
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I was ill the mon/wed of new years week. We had a quiet evening at home and got to watch it snow in Tucson.

Work has been nuts, crafting is progressing for Crown and Estrella and I came down with what I thought was a sinus infection that ended up being a migraine from hell. Now I get to track my headaches for the doc and see if we see a pattern. le sigh.

I did manage to read the first book of 2015 which was "Cat Bearing Gifts" by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. I had picked it up at the library and made the wrong decision to pick up a book in the middle of a series. It was okay. Interesting world but probably, even if I had strarted at the beginning not really a book series I want to continue.

The books at the end of 2014, I finished Frost Burned which made 25 books for the year and I'm sure at least 10-15 books worth of fan fiction. My average story I'm reading now easily tops 100k words.

I've yet to make it to the gym (see migraine) but I'm sure that things will be weirdo for a bit but loosing some weight will probably help with the head situation.

But I'm alive and feeling better today than I have in a bit.
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Well, work has been lots of long hours and working weekends. We have a new B&B. Benton turned 3. Billy and Ashley got married. Ronin and Alison got married. Mel and I were sick. Yeah....been crazy.

The good.
Benton's new school has helped our mental state of affairs tremendously. Wow. Benton comes home from school exhausted from a good day, not a trying/frustrated day. He's doing well and learning things and that is really important. Even when we have a rough morning the staff is awesome and smiling and just relaxed about things. It makes me smile. They even got Benton a B-day present! Seriously, they've known him for 2 weeks and got him something perfect! We had a nice night of dinner, cake and presents with a small group of friends of Benton's choosing on his natal day. I think next year though I'm going to go for a nice Sunday afternoon thing cause Friday nights are fraught with challenges. (More in the bad)

Weddings were had. Lots of fun and getting gussied up as my husband's date is good. I did have to go shopping for a spring outdoor daytime affair but dress barn was awesome and my shoes look like they are from the 5th Element. Good food, good times but long days with each wedding.

Benton's bday was good with Pirate Themed cake (black icing fTW!) and good friends. They spoiled him rotten. Pictures of the day are here:
Benton's 3rd Birthday.

The bad...
Timing has just been bad all around with work, SCA and other social engagements. We haven't had a chance to breath. What did not help was my expectations for SCA events and people. I expect certain things and what I should have realized that my expectations are not reality. I missed most of the things I wanted to see at the event due to Benton not dealing well with the long day and me being primary boy care all day. The feast being between courts was odd and my suggestion for next time is to not do that again. It gave a very wrong flow to the event and made things not as celebretory. Hostage dinner theater was not what I signed up for, though unlike a good church where they pipe in the sound in the lobby, I got to see nothing. Sighs. I need to find a modern day baby sitter for long events like that. I should have known better and didn't. My own fault. Though, if you are investing a new B&B there should be standardized items for it and the reading of past reigns would be appropriate in the least. That I think had me irked the most after missing the knighting and only barely getting to see [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari get made premier of the golden quill.

Then Sunday Benton was uber sick and Monday Mel got it and I succumbed to it on Thursday night. I'd hoped to avoid it since my GI track seems to always be way more resilient than the boys but uffdah, not so much this time. So Friday was a mess of us not feeling good. Lots of running to get things for Friday and Saturday and bleah. I didn't get a shower but my house was cleaner, dinner was done, cake was made and frosted and I had some help with clean up but too much stress for a simple dinner. Seriously.

In other stuff...

My foot is finally healed enough to start back at the gym. I'm hitting it Wednesday. The time off has not been good for me or my self esteem. Time to buckle down and get back to being healthy and realistic in my food choices versus what my body can handle. I know what I need to do, I just need to do it and not suck.
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Well, last week brought lots of change to our house. The family made the executive decision to go see Grampa Kemp in April so we will all be travelling together as a unit. The Grandsons will get to be together for the first time and I'm sure that will be EPIC. Sad that we are doing it that way but still its needed. Also on the family decision front we finally said Adios! to Childtime. The straw that broke the camels back was that they wanted Benton evaluated for autism/other disorders since he was such a disruption to their facility. Yah, no. My kid is intelligent but not too bright some days and does not like to be crowded etc. I made some phone calls and took a tour of Old Spanish Trail Preschool who I had previous not gone to since they didn't have openings when Benton was a baby. They are AWESOME. Holy cow. The absolute change in the kid allowed behaviour, the rules, the staff...its really night and day. We enrolled Benton on Friday and got him out of childtime (to their complete shock) and let him see his new school and he was ecstatic.

Over the weekend we worked hard on the potty training and he wore (in his words) big boy panties and only had a few accidents. The incentive at the new school is to have the kids potty trained so they can use the "big kid" playground which is literally 3 times the size of my house lot.

His first day was good and we got great reports back and we are so happy.

I also managed to smack the crap out of my foot again on the bathroom stool so I'm again hobbling. Sighs.

Dame Fiona passed away yesterday morning and I'm sad. She was such an awesome crazy lady. Fabulous spirit and artisan. She will be very much missed.
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Well, today is the 11th of December...I had a huge meeting this AM that I had to field phone calls all through from daycare. But let me back up. For weeks I've been working this huge, huge issue at work that we had to basically fix a harness, update multiple configurations and get people on two continents to agree on something. Today was the big presentation and international telecon and it was intense. Along with that I've been helping my program with planning a big shindig for today to have a big meal and an end of year slide show. So, daycare called. Benton was leaking gooey stuff out of his eyes and he needed to be picked up and taken care of by us and/or the doctor. So in between things I made phone calls but my portion of things took 1.5 hours on teh phone. Mel ended up over text picking the boy up and I was able to finally leave and relieve him to go back to work. So we had lunch, his eyes were kinda goopy but I gave him allergy stuff and hot compresses and we shall see what is up when he gets up from a nap. If he's still icky I'll put the antibiotic drops in but we shall see. He's been down for almost 3 hours...so he's tired but I think we all are.

Last weekend was pretty fun. Mel and I had been getting the house setup for us to have the Hrafnheim Yule. I was basically on my feet for two days straight cleaning and polishing and cleaning. I did manage to go to the street fair and do some awesome xmas shopping and introduce Asteria to the street fair. But our house is now most awesomely clean. The yule was awesome. Well attended and good food and drink. We welcomed Aeryn as a new memeber and did our challenges for the year. I have to finish up things from last year but my main goal is my new outfit for Crown. There was good times and the clean up was very minimal since our peeps rock. [livejournal.com profile] lferion stayed till way later chatting and plotting with us. It was so nice to just sit and not work on projects.

Monday was crazy getting ready for today and I hit the gym. I've been really good and going 3 times per week for a bit now. I've been working on running in my new shoes and I want to get better at the rock climbing wall. I'm going to try to get up to 5 mins on it. Other than that my projects have been working on the blanket for Ed and Candace and working on a raven for a hrafn cloak. I have to finish those up this weekend but other than that its all good. I am looking forward to getting my studio cleaned and back to making stuff. And to clean my studio I need to have a marathon of gift wrapping to get a box sent out to family. Crazy but true. Going to work on that tonight. I'm very glad to be getting off of work soon...I want time to work on my stuff...and enjoy the holidays.

So speaking of holidays...the tree has turned out really well and Benton is in love with it. Every time he comes into the family room and the tree isn't on he asks to get it turned on. He's also been really good with it and only just touched the ornaments. We shall see how he does with presents. But that it tomorrow. Today I leave you with Benton and the Tree:

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Sorry things have been kinda of radio silence but I've been uber busy at work and at home.

I have been back a the gym this week and feel good about that!

Been reading and stitching and crocheting and cleaning my house getting ready for our household Yule this weekend.

All in all good but busy and I wish I had more time for projects. Next week will probably be my last week of work for the year with me calling in for a meeting the following week but other than that all good.
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Not sure why I haven't been posting anything other than fan fic....mostly because my day to day stuff is uber busy now and when I'm not in meetings I'm on telecons and when I'm not in telecons I'm working on reports etc...so not a lot of time to just read and write. I'm 500 articles behind on my reader and weeks behind in comic reading as well. Bleah.

So, since Halloween coronation and southern happened. Coronation was a bit different than usually done. It was in BTY and outside. I know that next time we do it it will be different but the weather was gorgeous. Benton was uber cute and did really well all day long but never took a nap. He did escort Mel and I down the aisle for our oaths or an order call, I'm not sure what but it got the "ahhhh" from the crowd when we went up. One big surprise was that I was awarded the Commander of the Pilgrim of the Desert. I'm the 9th recipient of the award and wow was I blown away at receiving it. Thomas was hella sneaky about giving it to me as well. He had called up the Commander's of the Fluer de Solei and they inducted Shoshana into it! YAY! and then he asked me to herald in the pilgrim's in my field voice which I did not realizing what was happening. I think I actually swore which had Thomas laughing. Ivan and I also got a queen's cypher/ King's Sigil...I'll have to go look to see who got what. Our chookies were tour shirts that [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari had done the design work on and that was pretty darn cool.

Southern Crusades happened right after Coronation...we had a really, really good time. I was able to take Thursday-Monday off and I managed to clean my house top to bottom before I left since mel had gone up for set up. It was so nice to do the cleaning and I put the comfy sheets on the bed (snuggly micro fleece flannel) and had a really nice drive to site. It was hot when I arrived and most of the region had a record high that day. The guys had most of the tents set up by the time I got there and I got our tent organized and ready and we all got dressed in medieval clothes in time for a really tasty spaghetti dinner. There was lots of mead and fighting all weekend. I did good minus the last part of the day on Saturday. I took two stout gut shots and that had me reeling. I was still thinking that I might have a hernia or two and I was very much feeling it on Saturday night. Sunday was pretty crazy and sore too. But it was a good weekend. Another surprise was that mel and I got inducted into the Order of the Sable Harps of Mons Tonitrus. It was a great honor and Baroness Juliana spoke of how we've traveled down to their A&S for 7-8 years to judge and have taught in the Barony etc. The funny part was Ivan was tearing down camp versus being at court. LOL!

We had a really nice time and Benton was very happy to be pickedup from Mary and Andrew's house when we got home. He had a really, really nice time and got to go to the zoo and out to breakfast etc. I was very, very happy that they were able to watch him and that gave mel and I a really nice weekend.

Other than that I've been reading a lot of Dresden Fanfic and not working on projects. Sighs. I'm annoyed with myself but honestly I've been a bit tired and on the edge of sick enough that I have not enough energy. Bleah. I have lots to do and no gumption. I did hit the doctor the Tuesday after southern and its not hernias...its probably really, really strained muscles. Additionally, I have a nodule of valley fever still left in my lungs from who knows when and everything else is okay. The muscles I will be going to PT to help with that and will hopefully get it scheduled for next week to start that.

Last friday mel and I dropped Ben off at daycare and then we saw Glenn and then went to see Skyfall (which was AWESOME) and had a nice lunch at the Polish Cottage before going antiquing and shopping. I picked up Vibram Fivefinger's shoes for running and general wear. I've been needing new running shoes and I've been thinking about these shoes for a while and finally just went and tried them on. They were on sale at Summit Hut and that was awesome. I really like them but have not had a chance to use them on the treadmill yet. Hopefully next week.

Benton has had some issues with biting again. It seems that things are only okay when he's binky'd which is not what we want. He's also been fighting something sniffly for a few weeks like me and he's cutting his incisors. One of the 4 has finally poked through but the others are still sub surface and he's in pain but not complaining just biting. Sighs. We are keeping him home for the Thanksgiving holiday. He's been uber snuggly and I know he needs more sleep but work has been crazy. So, the holiday will bring lots of sleep for all of us.

Other than that not much is going on. Life is not exciting which is okay. I'm not a fan of interesting times at all. But hopefully I can get well and back on track with things and start making things again. All good.
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If you've ever had a job where understanding people in foreign accents is difficult...you don't want my job. Even I'm having a hard time with it and I'm very aware that different parts of the same country sound very different. Oof. With one person I'm usually a sentence behind in understanding which is unfortunate for me. Sighs.

Work has been challenging but I'm okay I guess. Time will tell. Things are still in flux and I'm still trying to define what I'm supposed to be doing with this job which can be rewarding and frustrating when I think I'm not doing it right/wrong.

We had a good weekend. Benton got lots of play time with Inara and Holly. We got to swim in a pool again and this went really well compared to last time. Benton was cool with floating around the pool and splashing a bit and I think a few more times in the pool and we can get him to maybe doggie paddle. It was good for both of us to be in the pool.

I didn't get much crafting done. I worked on Mistress Tatiana's baby blanket some more and really just read a lot of fanfic...a crapload of fanfic. I'll be setting up a specific filter to that listing of what I've been reading. I do read a lot of slash so if you aren't into that, then don't ask to be on the filter.

Mel worked in the shop a lot of the 3 days and he got one entire throne completely carved. He started in on the second one and it was going really well. On monday night during scribble he tasked Ari and I to sketch out the baronial arms to have on the head piece of the chairs. I had time since Ari was sketching on another scroll. I traced one of my favorite boars (from my stuff for banners) for an outline and then put in more lines etc for carving. For the laurel wreath I sketched that out fully by hand. I had to increase the leaf size 3 times to make it look in proportion but I was very happy with how it turned out. Mel was quite pleased as well and that is a good thing. I think it will be neat to have had a part in the thrones since they will be on display for quite a while.


Other than that I'm getting back to the gym today and then heading on an errand and then knit night. I need to get my butt back in gear, literally, and there is not time like the present.
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Well, its the last day I'll be home as a mom with the boy on Maternity leave. Monday is the holiday and mel will be home. Tuesday I go back to work. I'm rather ready for it now. I've started to annotate my life for the boys benefit even if he's not in the room. Yeah, the crazy has started to set in. Its gonna be a rough few weeks as we get into a routine but I think we are ready for it. Well, I am...not sure if mel is but we shall adapt.

Figure I should get things done today and to do that the best way I know how is a To Do list...haven't had one of those in a while.

To Do... )

So, yup, got a list and I'm gonna work on getting it done.
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Friday I got the urge to do some baking and I made cinnamon rolls for the first time and loaf of banana bread. The rolls were fun and the only thing I needed to change was putting more butter in the caramel sauce. It got rock hard versus staying gooey for the sticky portion of the rolls. With the low humidity it didn't work so well and became rock hard...but it was still tasty. Mel was ecstatic at the rolls.

The lack of humidity really does nice things for bananas though. I really let them get black and here they dessicate a bit getting really really sweet. Makes the bread amazing. I put dried cherries in this batch.

We had dinner with Hrafnheim for Kristen's graduation dinner. TRied to hit up Sushi Garden but we ended up at Sushi Cho since they had space for a large group. Good sushi. It was awesome to have sashimi again. Gods I had missed it.

Saturday was A&S and we managed to deal with Benton pretty good. He was uber hungry and pretty cranky during the day but he got a few cat naps and then mel brought him to me to get cooler. Little guy still needs help with that. Got home very late due to judging taking forever as it does. Though I do know for next year things will be differently organized.

The stuff I judged was a weird mix of skill levels and dealing with little boy made it take me forever to judge just 3 things. I know mel did more than that. Not sure how much more.

We got home and mel was awesome and got us burritos and we had an early night. Little boy slept pretty good and then we all slept in until 9am. Mel ended up working in the shop and then hitting up home depot for more wood for the household project day. I dealt with a very cranky boy. We ended up heading out shopping about 4pm and getting b-day presents for Viktor, Linnet and Mason. We still need to get Faydra's very belated gift but there is a plan for that.

Looks like friday we will head out and get my B-day and Birth gifts. Mel got me a wonderful WaringPro hand mixer for Mother's day. We needed one and when it starts up it sounds like a jet engine starting. Plus its got a digital display that tells us how long you've been running the blades. Very cool.

Hoping to get a date night in on Friday if we can get a sitter. I'm hoping for a movie and dinner we shall see what we get. [livejournal.com profile] snotblossom you up for coming over? We would love to have a night out.
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Well, I think we have finally settled into a routine of sorts with Benton. He's been getting to bedtime by 1030pm at the latest. Its taking different things depending on the night but he's been sleeping good and that is a good thing. 6 hours of sleep before I have to feed him and then another 3 hours before he's up again. That is good. I think I'll be able to handle the schedule when I go back to work and that is important. Plus mel said he'd be getting up with the boy to help me too so we are both equally sleep deprived. Lol.

Yesterday I had big plans to run errands and those were pushed off due to the cable being crappy. We've had on and off tiling of the signal for a bit. But yesterday it made watching TV impossible. So I called it in. The tech was there in about 2 hours and after doing a very nice job troubleshooting he proved it was from the line to the pedestal out in the alley. They replaced our cable box though since it was aging and he said that the line techs would be out soon. The line tech arrived about 530pm and said they had found a break in the insulation to the line on the pole in the alley which they had been looking for for a while. It was under a sleeving that attaches it to the pole before it goes underground thus it was hidden. He "bandaided" it and the line folks would be out to replace the line in the next 48 hours during the night. The cable has been working great and the internet is also back to much better. I have to say, the customer service from COX has been excellent and its why I'm still their customer.

I made waffles for the first time last night with mel's professional waffle maker. I had some fail on the batter which was possibly caused by my inability to whip egg whites up to stiff peaks by hand. Our hand mixer died a long while ago and I didn't want to drag the kitchenaid out to do it and I probably should. I told mel to get me a hand mixer for Mother's Day and well, I found a nice one for really cheap on Amazon this morning and ordered it.

Once the boy wakes up I'll be getting us ready to head out to errands and then I'll get a work out in with a DVD. Had a good walk yesterday and did an ab work out and I can feel it today.

Looks like my first day back will be May 31st. Not sure if I will be working half days that week to get into the groove but I'm going to vet that with my boss to see if he's good with it. It might be half days with half at home too that week so Benton can slowly work on daycare. We shall see. Its getting close now.
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So, here we are at Tuesday, two weeks since my last post. I had not intended that..just was busy with my mom being here. I can say it was really, really nice having her here. She is such good support and so good with him. We did some shopping here and there but most of the time it was staying home and being with the boy and a few good walks.

Little boy has been fighting bed time a lot. We have to make sure that he's been awake about 6 hours before bedtime otherwise he just wakes up. Mom and I finally had to resort to a binky since he kept wanting to nurse but not really eat. That is hard on your body, let me tell you. But the binky worked and he has been using it about half the time to be put to bed. It was not the action I wanted to do because I really hate pacifiers but if its only for bedtime I'm much better with it. I'm feeling less guilty about it now but it was tough the first night. Course now that we are getting more sleep I'm feeling even better about it.

Mom spent a lot of her time here cleaning our house. I wrote earlier how I felt bad about that but many am I'm appreciative of it. She did comment though that maybe mel and I should look into getting someone to come in every few weeks and honestly, its been on my mind a lot before benton was born and now, yeah, I'll definitely be looking into it. I now that mel and I will have to pick up before they come to clean but man, it will be so nice.

Mom went with us to Coronation and she really enjoyed the pageantry. Benton did really well with the courts and played on his blanket for a lot of the time. He got the hiccups during the pelican ceremonies and I hope it didn't distract too many people. I got a few pictures during the day but pretty much enjoyed the day and passing the boy around for folks to see and play with. We got home and all got cleaned up and then mel took us out for dinner for early mother's day. We had a very nice time at BJ's brewery...where AHA members now get a 10% discount. Then we hit up Frost for gelato. Mel got the habenero/chocolate with a side of coconut. This is very much like the old Poor Brother's habenaro chips we liked where they were so hot your couldn't stop eating them. I got an endorphin high from one taste. Mel only got through half of his cup but he really liked it. I think I got mom addicted to gelato...lol.

Sunday mom watched Benton so we could head up to the site for Queen's Champion. I had to run the artisan prize tourney and mel was fighting in King's. It was a warm day but it was breezy. The display was really, really well attended with 20 folks displaying. HRM had a tough choice but she managed to make a decision after all of the the really lovely stuff. There were lots of first time artisans and first time displayers. I had some lovely chats about knitting and spinning with folks and just enjoyed the day. Mel fought pretty well and we managed to get home at a good clip. The only hitch I had all day was to find a place to pump. The bathrooms didn't have plug ins and I had to finally have housekeeping open a room for me to use. It worked but I need to call limerick (my pump manufacturer) to get the car adapter. This is probably a good plan honestly. Or I need to look at the cup holder converters...either way, its a good plan.

Yesterday was tough with mom going home. We were both crying and then Benton spent the entire day being fussy and not wanting to nap. He was basically up for almost 12 hours with the largest nap being about 30 mins and that was really early on. Mel was awesome and kept checking on him while scriptorium was going but I finally swaddled him in a snuggleme wrap and got him calmed down enough to nurse for about 5 mins and then he was out. Not sure why he was up all day but he was. I think he missed grandma. He had her all day the day before and I think that was good for him but he kept expecting to see her yesterday. Not sure but its a theory...or it was the fact I was gone so long. Anyway, he slept from 1030am to 6am. He was so hungry he's back to napping after eating so well. We are going to go for a walk here in a bit and then I'll get him up for playing. We have some errands to run today as well so it should be a busy day but not too bad.

Yesterday mel and I visited the daycare that I chose for Benton to attend. Mel hadn't gotten to see it but we had a nice time chatting with Miss Lisa. Benton was hungry so I fed him and he didn't care when the other kids were crying. So that makes me glad. Mel liked the facility but just hates the fact that we have to do daycare. We will be heading back there a few more times to get him used to being there and with the folks who will be caring for him. Its all good though. I think he's really gonna like it there. Plus, [livejournal.com profile] meowandbark will be taking Inara there as well so Benton will have a playmate he kinda knows.
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Well, Its now thursday. Wow. Its just crazy how time is going by so quickly so much to do before I go back to work and so little time it seems. On Tuesday night mel's parents arrived. Its been awesome to have them. The first day I over did it a bit and by the time we got back from knit night I was actually hurting...but a beer and relaxing and I felt better. Though this day I ended up feeding Benton before lunch, putting him in grandma's care and taking a really long nap. He got his first bottle from grandma and did okay. He was kinda confused when the milk got a bit cooled off and then I had to supplement him for 5 mins but he did good and drank 6 ozs with out an issue.

I think the late nights chatting with the in laws and me probably doing too much is making me really tired. Benton is doing really good. We managed to hang out at Grandma's on tuesday and it was nice. Benton managed to fuss a bit and then fill 3 diapers in a row full of poop. We came home and napped. I need to keep up on the naps.

Its just nice to have someone here in case I just need to nap who can get the diapers changed and wake me up when he needs feeding. Though I have to say we are getting into a nighttime routine. With just a 330am feeding and then waking up at 730am or so. I'm happy with that though..it makes the nights better since I know when I'm going to be up.

This weekend will be hitting the Pima County Fair for my birthday. It just seems weird to be turning 34. But yanno..I got a cutie little boy as an early b-day present. So I don't want much since I got it already but hitting the fair and seeing if my entry ribboned or not will be awesome. Plus fair food and fuzzy animals will be good. Plus we are going as a family with the inlaws etc. Though we will need to figure out how to put the car seat in the middle seat in the car but that is okay. Lol.

Well, time to work on some knitting while we all watch Hot Fuzz and Mel is teaching his mom naalbinding.
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Well, Thursday day was hard. Wednesday night boy was up a lot. I think I've been eating too much dairy so I made sure not to have much on Thursday and the boy didn't have any issues on Thursday night. Mel was awesome and took care of things on thursday night Friday morning and I slept really well. Plus the boy fed well and that was good as well. So we've had a good day yesterday with a bit of fussiness. Tummy time is not a hit but its good for the boy. Mel snuggled with him to sleep a bit before the bedtime feeding and that worked well since we all managed to get a nap then too. Got to bed and we all slept good.

This morning since its so cool we put the boy in froggy jammies. Though he's almost too long for them. Mel made pesto sauces last night and then made omelets this morning for breakfast. I'm pretty convinced at this point that mel having a month off would have been good. Oh, well. I'm doing better since I've had more sleep and that is good. The world is the right color.

I did manage to get out of the house yesterday and drop off my entries to the Pima County Fair. They had things very, very organized. I got to pull right in to the hall where the entry drop off was. Entering got me a parking pass as an exhibitor and two all week long tickets. So we can go to the fair when ever we want. I'll be interested to see if I place at all in the entries. We shall see. I'm rather proud of the sweater and hat so we shall see.

Mel's just been awesome and we are slowly getting the house in shape for his parents arrival on Tues/Wed. I'd like to help more but tireds prevail. Heck I haven't even been reading much or knitting. Its just weird...but I know its normal. It just grates on my sensibilities. Luckily I have an awesome husband who is willing to do things he normally doesn't and is just great that way.

Well, time for a shower and a bit of pick up in the front room.
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This week we've kind of gotten into a routine...kinda.

Monday we headed back to the pediatrician to have Benton's circumcision done. I have to say, Dr. Couchman was super awesome explaining everything to us before hand...making sure we still wanted to do it and making us and Benton very comfortable. His nurse was super nice as well and was all about Benton's comfort. The procedure didn't take long and it was interesting to watch. There are speciatly tools involved which I'm not surprised about but it was neat to see. Benton didn't complain and only fussed that he was hungry when things were done. They had given him some sugar water while the procedure was being done and it kicked in his "I'm hungry" reflex. He fed every two hours for the rest of the night which didn't surprise me. He had also gained 5 ozs since friday. LOL.

Tuesday we had a nice day and I managed to have a good walk with him in the afternoon. We headed out to practice when mel got back from kung fu. I had made baked cod in mushrooms for dinner and it was good. We headed out and Benton got introduced to lots of folks. We stayed about an hour and then I was done. Got home and settled in for the night. Poor Benton though had an hour of poopy diapers before finally settling down at 1230am.

Wednesday we got up and headed out to the zoo with [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa and had a good time. We dropped off our taxes and then were home for another poopy diaper hour after lunch feeding. Mel got home and we were both napping. We had leftovers for dinner and then I headed to knit night. Benton was exciting and napped the whole time and managed to fill his diaper and leak on Becky. Oops. Got home and had a good feeding and then he was awake which was not a good sign.

He ended up cluster feeding from 11pm till 130am...I finally got him asleep at about 2am. We slept until just about 6 where he fed okay. His 9am feeding was kinda lame and he was sleepy. Course I was pretty full so it was hard for him to eat. I pumped almost 8 oz extra. Wow. Very sore now. But hopefully we are back to normal now. We shall see. His circ is healing really well though and I'm betting the extra feeding is helping heal it quickly.


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