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Aug. 2nd, 2016 10:50 am
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Work was work and I could only get a few things done in the 6 hours I was there. Got out on time to head to the school for the meeting. The meeting was good but not quite what we had hoped it would be but it was good. (more on a different post).

Got home and the kiddos were good and [livejournal.com profile] bewilde was watercolor painting. I got changed and then made dinner for all of us and then we cleaned house. Having kiddos help was good and we were ready for scribble. I have a few more calligs to get done in the next week for things and we are still waiting for some events to get filled out through the end of the reign but we are making sure that nothing is due for us before D*C that isn't done now. All good.

Got Poe hooked on Post Modern Jukebox and then it was bed. I was exhausted but felt good about the day.

This morning since I didn't need to bake anything, btw, the Alton Brown's Blueberry Buckle is faboo and you need to make some. Just sayin; I sat and drank my coffee and had breakfast (buckle) and started my day slow. I think tomorrow I will do a bit of spinning.

Anyhoo, the morning after that has been busy with work stuff, school faxes and issues on my old program I'm making commentary on.

Tonight will be working on the Lolita. I need to futz with the sleeves, add more flounces and cut and bind trims. Plus work out the under chemise. We shall see how productive I am. I'm tired but every little bit helps.
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Well, I did some pantry kung fu yesterday when I realized that I had bought grits versus cornmeal for mel's baking and I made shrimp and grits for the first time.  It took a bit of time on the grits but everything else was uber easy.  I used Flay's Shrimp and Grits as a base to start but I sauted mushrooms and green peppers in with the bacon.  It was tasty and the boys loved it. I'm glad I branched out on the food spectrum as well.

I got some laundry done last night but still need to pack for KWHSS which I leave for tomorrow. Eep.

I think the cats puked in the cable box again cause it refuses to record and makes a rather horrible noise.  Sighs.

Other than that things are okay. I finally started taking my sinus spray again to deal with the head stuff and been taking the inhaler pretty regular and wow, I feel a ton better.  Better living through chemistry.  Benny is not so lucky to have nasal spray but I may ask the doc. His cough keeps getting worse as the day goes on.
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Last night I picked the boy up and he was a cutie. He was yelling in the car on the way home though which is something new he picked up. Not sure what that is about but I think its just that he can now vocalize, know that he's vocalizing and I think he's trying to figure things out. He also does this cooing things when he's tired that cracks us up. Ed and Asa got to see it on Saturday night but the girls at the Fiber Retreat were LOLing for quite awhile with it too back when he first started it.

Well, he was tired. By the time we got halfway home he was out and when I took him out of the carseat he was still out. He snuggled in to me and so I conceded and sat on the couch with him and just loved on him. One thing I did notice is that he's smelling different to me. The change in diet changes the kiddo and its a bit sad but its okay. He's just getting bigger and no longer an infant...he's almost a toddler.

To reinforce that fact with me we sat on the floor while I had a very late dinner (thank you mel for making stew!) and Mr. Benton looked at me, looked at the bowl, looked at me again and then did this happy flail with his arms in the air and then on the ground. I took that as a sign that he wanted food too so I got him strapped into his high chair and fed him oat meal. He really, really likes it. Mel walked in just as we started and he had a big grin on his face.

So, it looks like he'll be getting food at night when we get dinner at the same time too. Which is good. Mel and I got into the very bad habit of eating in the living room and eating at the table will 1)be good for us as a family and 2) is really good for making us keep the table uncluttered.
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Friday was Benton's 2 week checkup. He had gained a pound since the day after he left the hospital. Now weighing in at 7# 14.5 oz. He was pretty grumpy about getting blood drawn for more genetic testing but settled down once he was in the car. We got home and after lunch and naps mel got to work on moving stuff into the new shop. They had finished the install on Thursday and for the city to do the final inspection mel has to dismantle the entire old shop and the roof of the shop that was there when we moved in. Sighs.

Saturday Mel, Richard and Malaius worked and got everything moved over and started the tear down. Mel is still trying to figure out how to get the roof section off without damaging things. Its annoying but as Richard said, mel never liked the roof and now we can just get the contractor for the carport addition to put up a new roof there and a new roof over the back door. So, not all bad just annoying right now.

Saturday afternoon the college crewe of Mughi, Jessie, Kim and Zane stopped by after going to the street fair. We kibitzed for a while, had dinner at Nimbus and then gelato at frost before we came home. It was so good to see them and Benton was uber cute. Everyone at nimbus came to visit him cause he was snuggled up with a monkey blanket. LOL. He was very cute as you can see here.

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We had a really good night last night. Everyone slept really good. Mel didn't even wake for the middle late night feeding and that was okay. He worked hard that day and needed more of a rest. I think I'm doing okay. I was falling asleep during the feedings which is okay cause he unlatches about 15 mins in so I doze a bit and then we switch sides. All good.

I think a walk today sounds good since its cooler than yesterday. But that will be after lunch. Jackie from Joe's just dropped off a traditional Lebonese "mother's soup". It smells so good. Beef, tons of veggies and spices. Nom.

All good thus far for the weekend, I have to say.
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Well, man was a busy weekend. I didn't realize it was gonna be like that when it started but knowing us, it just gets packed. Friday got off of work, got home to a grumpy hubby (he couldn't figure out why either so we just left him alone) and I went off with [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa and we got pedicures. It was so nice to have that done. Though they found what I suspected was a broken big toe nail under my polish. I had hit something with my toe and then at the gym I thought something was odd. They glued it back in place so it could grow normally for a while and not be so short. All good. Got back home and mel was having liquid dinner. Which is not so good for him though it was making him feel better. I hit up famous sam's for sandwiches and sat and KIP'd at the bar while waiting for my food. Had a slightly inebriated guy ask me if I was knitting a penis cozy. I replied nope, just a sock. But then I came up with better comebacks but oh, well. Got food home, enjoyed it and then settled into work on projects while we watched some tv I think. I hit bed a bit late after getting sucked into xmas specials on Syfy but that was okay too.

Saturday morning dawned early. We called up Tati and Mingo and met them for breakfast at Chaffin's Diner and then headed to the street fair. Such a good time was had. We hit the vintage shops too and mel picked up a faboo hat and a wonderful wool camel hair suit coat ($13 at Goodwill). I managed to find a nice couch to sit and put my feet up on at the shop and the shopping was good too. We headed out about 2pm and then got home to get ready for yule. Mel took a nap, I talked with mom due to the snowpocolypse that was happening near the farm. We got dressed and ready and down in good time for dinner. The food was tasty, the company faboo and there are still people that didn't know we were expecting. Lol. Well, its pretty obvious now. The russian makes it look pretty good too, even without my belt (I couldn't locate it). It was a good time and we got to chat with folks we hadn't had a chance to in a long time. Oh, all 3 of the preggers gals there are all due in March. So, prepare for the baby onslaught come spring. We headed out about 930pm and we were both very tired..the drive took a while since I'm still not used to the elgin or sonoita roads but we made it home in one piece and then to bed. I read for a bit and then snuggled down and was asleep.

Mel got up early on Sunday to put on chili for the household meeting. I stayed in bed resting. My head was hurting and kinda stuffy. He left to head out to bike with Matt and I finally got up since the apprentice was expected in the in the AM. I got a shower and realized it was a sinus headache due to war nose symptoms. I figure all of the cooking fires at the fair, the cottonwoods fornicating in the breeze and the huge elevation change going up and back to elgin didn't help me at all. Felt better after a shower and then chatted with Tony until it was time to head to breakfast with the bike crew. Had a nice time at Joe's and then headed home to finish getting things ready for the house meeting.

The one thing that doesn't need to be said is that Hrafnheim likes food, likes to cook and well, yeah, we were stuffed. I also got an early xmas present of a trifle bowl from Magdalen! Woot! I see trifle for xmas. Mel has refused to purchase me one for years due to having to store it. Bah Humbug I say! Woot! I managed with [livejournal.com profile] lferion's help to get 8 out of the 11 ornaments finished for Twila and I hope to get one more done tonight and the final pieces tomorrow for Wednesday delivery. Just need to call her to set that all up. We got home from the house meeting and the boys got beer and played video games while I managed to work on rob's present. Its turning out really nice so far. I'm still amazed that hours of knitting don't hurt but a few hours with breaks of hand sewing and my thumb is jacked. Grump.

But we all got to bed about on time though I stayed up reading rather late. Silly me. I finished "White Witch, Black Curse" by Kim Harrison #40 for the year on Sunday morning and started a two pack book from Rachel Caine which are the first two Morganville Vampire books. So, 41 and 42 are in work. I might actually make the 50 this year and that has me excited. We shall see though...lots to do between now and the 31st. So, all good. Well off to fight paperwork on my LAST MONDAY OF WORK FOR THE YEAR! Sorry, I'm a tad excited about that.
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Well, work was quick. I was tired by the end though and dragged myself to the gym. The gym was oddly busy for a Tuesday afternoon. Even Bob, the gym manager, commented that it was odd. So, I didn't get into the weight room cause it was full so I hit the machines for a chest and shoulder workout. Had a good run of them, worked hard and pushed myself a bit with a few machines I don't normally use. Then I hopped into a now usable weight room and did 2 pullups with only 55 pounds of assist. Go me. Since I had a schedule for the evening I headed out after chatting with Bob a bit. I like that guy. He is the ultimate encouraging smile and makes you feel good about yourself and being at the gym, no matter the skill level.

Headed out and stopped at Ari's to pick up scrolls for Wander and then home. Mel was playing video games after just getting out the the hot shop for an hour. I changed into nicer clothes and managed to weave in all of the ends on the 3 scallops I had done before we had to leave for dinner. Met with a small family crew at Cafe Alisah's (Bosnian Cuisine) way up on the west side. Wow, good food. Mel took home left overs which tells you portion size...course he did eat almost all of his 15 sausage meal. My only issue was that there were 3 large groups and I basically was in the hum of the noise and couldn't really take part in the conversations. I had my knitting and that was okay but I was so tired by the time we left..such good food though we will be back. So tired in fact that I hit the showers upon getting home and then only read a bit before I was asleep and apparently snoring up a storm.

I awoke okay but still very tired. My lungs and my throat have been very scratchy and sore from allergies and draining. There is a fertilizer fire near our plant and the air isn't too great coming into work. Bleah. I am not heading to the gym today. I've already hit the inhaler once and I think I will be again...plus they are painting in the building so the asthmatic is screwed. I need to work hard on the blanket tonight so I can get going on the commission work. Mel and I had to decide on trim colors and then get things going on the trim. I hope to get all of the under clothes cut out this weekend so I can sew things for first fittings at Dante's Inferno. But to do all of that I need to clean up my studio. Thursday night will be busy with that and getting things set out.

Oh, to Tucson Knitters, the WWKIP* day is Saturday. Come and KIP^ with us at Beyond Bread information here.

*WWKIP - World Wide Knit in Public Day
^KIP - Knit in Public
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I've been working my tail off figuratively and actually. Work has been a lot of work and preparing to basically be gone for the next 2 weeks is proving high on my stress meter. Got home and was exhausted. My legs were telling me quite thusly that they didn't like the squats and leap frogs I did on Wed. I told them to shut up but I'd get up and mel thought I was having issues. I was having them in spades but it was more stress than anything. Got dinner made but failed at having omelets just had scrambled eggs. I worked on my dresses and mel made lemon curd and sourdough bread. The curd was tart and the bread was also tart (we had it this AM for breakfast).

The annoying supplier from last week is being dumb and we get to smack them today. They will still be a thorn next week but luckily I'll have email access. Grump.

Hopefully today I can get things handled and moved on but its looking bleaker. Luckily I started the AM out with a cup of fine nummy coffee on the drive in so I'm very powered up for the fight.

Will be very happy to get to my work out this afternoon and then on to the multitude of things to get done. I have about 5 hours to accomplish many things tonight so I can get a good nights sleep. Hopefully all goes smoothly.
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Most Excellent Pie!


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Man I can't win for trying today. Figured out about 1pm that I had screwed up the key lime pies yesterday. See evaporated milk and sweetened condensced milk are not the same thing. But in my tired state on shopping last night I bought the wrong thing and made pies. Today while at the store I realized my mistake. No bigee. But annoying. Mel is gonna make key lime pie ice cream with it but still omg annoying. Then I went shopping for curtains.

Wow. Anna's Linens has a good selection and pretty good prices. Still expensive but we have 4 huge windows. Then it was pie plate shopping of fail. No body has the ones we like and the store I finally knew would was closed until Friday. Le sigh. I'm tired and have 3 more pies to make after the key limes get out of the oven. That was 3 hours of my time pretty wasted.

Plus I'd like to get the curtains done in the family room. Oh did I mention that a burnt my finger pretty good too? Yeah. It hurts. Well time to get things going.

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Well, Ivan and I rode a short ride yesterday of 10.5 miles at 15.7mph. I was not happy when we were done. Trust me when I say if a doc ever wants to do anything to you before you plan on racing, tell them "no" and do it after you've trained and raced. Being off of my bike for 2 weeks to let things heal and then have them still hurt is not cool IMHO. But I'm just gonna have to deal and bike as much as I can. Its not gonna be pleasant but I shall have to cope and cry when I get off the saddle.

Got done with my ride, changed and had a shake, updated my ride since my GPS went weird and then headed to music practice after I watched Mel break Richard's bed. The bed frame is fine but the brand new canvas cover tore. Needs better material and I think webbing to help with the strain on the fabric but it looked really cool though. Luckily we have an extra cot. All good.

Went to music practice and learned the next section. Its neato and much harder than the last section but i think at the end I finally got the melody and soon I will have the effing French pronunciation down as well. French is not my fav language. Though there are some on flist who are fluent who are probably laughing at me.

After practice I hit panda express on Harrison. Wow, not the best panda...very slow and with staff that speak accented English in very quiet tones...which isn't good for the girl who has been off her allergy meds for a few days and just got done singing. Got to Ari's and it was just her and Sioux. But we had a good time. The sekrit project for the Regatta is made of awesome and with commentary from [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and I its gonna be fun to stare at for long periods. I managed to not really accomplish anything. I got some lines on a scroll, then had a water incident and then got a lining sheet and lost my motivation. So I pulled out my knitting. Got home and the boys were killing zombies. I got my new podcasts loaded up and then hit the showers and bed. I was tuckered out and only read a small ways in my book.

I did manage to finish #26 of 50in2009 with The Devil's Right Hand by Lilith Saint Crow while on vacation. It was fun and interesting in the plot. It was not as angsty and whiny as the reviews on Amazon would lead you to believe. I just think its one of those transitional books that sets things up to come.
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I was in San Diego and now I am not.

The trip home was good, mel had fun driving us crazy fast and I crocheted on the baby blanket. We did manage to catch a glimpse of the Plank Road to Yuma on the dune on the way home. We got to see an exhibit on it at the San Diego Auto Museum. Yuma still is a time suck to find things like gas stations and food but we managed without a flat tire this time. Then it was on home with a brief stop in Gila Bend for tea and potties.

Got home and napped with the girls a bit. They were happy to have us home though still a but grump to one another. Had a nice evening at scribble and then home to sleep.

I had a doc appointment yesterday for a small procedure which was not fully told to me in depth. I wasn't happy about that, especially after the anesthetic was administered. Its done and we shall see what happens but I don't want to ever do that again. End of discussion.

I treated myself to mocha on the way into work and then worked till about 3pm. I did manage to score really nummy greek lunch for free and that made the day much better. I headed off for some errands and then to Nimbus to celebrate Richard's B-day. Family came back to our house after that and it was project time and chatting...all good. I'm on the second to last row of edging and I have one part that is...off. But I don't think people will notice. Its for a baby and they will like it.

Today is better and I'm not so sore but I'm still taking it easy. I got my normal flu shot yesterday and need to make some phone calls to see if I can get my H1N1 this week too. Looking forward to the weekend but we shall see if I can get through all of my work...lots to do. I might not be getting friday off we shall see.
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Well we saw 6 museums today: The Mingei International Crafts, The Museum of Man, The Air and Space, The San Diego History, The Model Railroad Museum which was uber awesome, the Automobile Museum. Quite the busy day even for Museum Rats like us. The thing is ... The museums are small but very nicely presented. We've Been spoiled by the Smithsonian and Pima Air and Space. If u go to San Diego get the $65 pass it's worth it

So we are now at Karl Strauss. And the sampler as seen below:

Shows lots of beers but nothing darker than an Oktoberfest. Good Ipa's though. We relived our dinner from our wedding night of burgers and beer. Nom. nom. All good. Course they do have a heffeizen and a Belgian we both like. Which is impressive since I hate both styles.

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Just got back from the new Nimbus Bistro Pub with [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa. Food was good. Portions were a bit small. Beer was good but the wait staff didn't know the beer that well. And they don't have the nitro for the stout that I like.

It was very bust due to the U of A game. But we sat in a side room near the brew room that wasn't as loud. The had view screens all over for the game which was nice for Holly the sports fan.

All in all not too bad.

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Oct. 6th, 2009 08:55 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] eithni these guys are in Madison! Check outinsomniacookies

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Everybody here but Ed, Candace, Bertana & Shanda

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Well it is now really Friday and I've had a ride (10.25 mi/15.0 mph) and made pancakes from scratch for breakfast. I used the Saco recipe on the buttermilk container but I changed a few things, added cinnamon and fresh grated nutmeg and wheat germ. They came out awesome.

Now it will be time to sort laundry and pick up the house. I'm going to keep things pretty relaxed and just be home. Tomorrow is a big training ride for el tour. I hope I can keep up with [livejournal.com profile] american_knight and Malaius, we shall see. My ride today was hard due to the wind and me needing to blow my nose. I've been trying to not take my meds for allergies and well I don't think get to do that yet. Oh and I'm a dumb engineer. I realized I was in my low gears not my high gears which explains why my chain was rubbing on my derailer cause it wasn't quite in the right position. Oops. I'm dumb. But I figured it out and that was good.

So on to work on stuff and relax.

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Wow, looks like lots of people had a bad night last night. I was up until 330am and it wasn't cause my brain was on...I just wasn't tired...until I drugged myself out with good old benedryl. Mel got up at 8am and brought me coffee and then took coffee away so I could sleep. I slept until 10am. Not how I planned to start my day, I can tell you that. Luckily Chill was playing Millenium and Poltergiest: The Legacy so I was entertained.

I think I ate too much at dinner, we went to famous sam's for burgers and an impromptu date night. Then it was too bookmans to get books. I luv the fact that we got 9 books for 25 bucks. I finished reading Strangers in Death and I do luv the back reference to classic Hitchcock. All good. So that would be #17 of the year.

Maybe I should have started reading something else..don't know but I was tired and just couldn't sleep cause it felt like it was noon. Course its almost noon and I think its about 9. I made us a nice brunch of bacon, eggs and cinnamon crescents. Coffee is being consumed and soon a shower will take place and then I will go shopping and come back to bake and relax for the day. I'll probably nap to get back on schedule. Tonights game is gonna be big.

I'm about half way done with blanket #3. My goal is to finish it today. I should be able to manage since I'm relaxing and not pushing too hard. Obviously my body is rebelling.
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Well, work was long...even on a short day. I had lots of little tasks that didn't take up enough time. But I coped. I did manage to clean up my desk though and that was nice...I have nice clean work spaces..stuff is filed and neat looking. All good. Cause a clean desk is a sign of a disturbed mind...tee hee. One of the things all of us in the ME row at work were commenting on that even though its 100+° out we are all in a "baking" mood. Shannon brought in 4th of July decorated cupcakes yesterday that got us all talking. Yup, this week will be lots of baking.

Got home and mel and I went shopping. The cupboards were pretty bare and we hit the sales and got good stuff including ingredients for me to make bundt cakes. Squee! Got home and put things away and then we sat down to weave for a while. One thing of note is I'm sure that mel will be building us a new weaving bench very, very soon. And I think the pedals are really hard for me to push since I have short legs and I have to sit on the edge of the bench to reach and that is not comfy for me. Right now we are weaving tabby, plain woven, fabric. I'm not sure what else we will do but its a start. While mel was weaving I made a lemon rum bundt cake and then sat down to do some embroidery. The storm hit about then and the boys went out to batten down the hatches in the shop. Mel left for kung fu and Ari arrived soon after so I showed her the weaving and I wove a bit more. Then it was coffee time and book research. I working on my A&S research which entailed lots of lots of perusing through calligraphy/illumination books and having fun commentary.

My favorite Annunciation is from Simone Martin and the angel is wearing a plaid sash and has really neato wings but the expression on Mary is one of of utter disdain and WTFO! Ari and I have an entire commentary about it. My other favorite is a piece from the Engelbrech and Vander Wyden where mary is reading and has this look of "dude, I'm reading, go away" it also has some really nice back ground pieces and it has a neato majoilica jug. Plus then we all started to look at books and the phrases of "oh, these are the cutest little demons!" and "cutting babies in half" permeated the conversation. Scribes are a weird lot...yup. But I was happy and got lots of pictorial evidence for two of my projects and that was good. More work today to look up information on one of the artists but all in all a good day. Folks left and then it was time for bed.

PP&Z has gotten more amusing with another 2 suitors entering the mix. I'm still just tickled to be reading it and I think I need to put the real book on the reading list. I slept well but as always I could have slept more. I'm glad its a short week cause I have lots to do at home...including laundry...yikes, when did that hydra rear its head...oh, yeah, over the weekend when I should have been doing chores versus playing with the loom! Sighs. But I can get a few loads done this afternoon before practice and that should be good. Hopefully we won't get rained out but it is monsoon season...it tends to put a "damp"er on things...tee hee.
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Well, we got the alarm set and made rather good time though I sucked up the hills to Triple T truck stop. The frontage road was quiet but the road a bit rough. Eh. It was 8.26 miles to the truck stop and we averaged 14.6 mph there. Got food...I'd forgotten the portions on truck stop food. It was nummy but luckily richard was able to take our left overs home for us. Had a nice time with folks and even hung with some bikers, one of which was SCA (Martin!). Course SCA folks and bikers really usually get along and it was good.

Good conversations and good hearty food. Then I didn't suck out and have someone drive me home. We pedaled home and at first I thought, this is not a good idea, but once we turned onto kolb I did much better as my legs warmed back up. Had some good runs on speed and my hill climb didn't suck as much as going to the truck stop. By my bike computer we averaged 15.6 over the 8.77 miles. Not bad. Got home and richard was playing overlord and reynier was playing in the shop. Cooled down, got showers and then the house cleaning began. We've been a bit lax of late with the house and it needed a good pickup and put away and vacuuming. Now I'm going to work on embroidery and when folks get hear for weaving I will continue to do that until we get back to warping the heddles on the loom. I'm tired though, pretty weary from the ride but I think I will perk up with some tea...if not.. yanno, a nap isn't so bad.

Well, good weekend so far and I've been keeping up on the workouts and that is a good thing.

At Nimbus

Jun. 26th, 2009 07:14 pm
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