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My last post was a recap of Southern and things. This week has been busy work wise as I'm making up some time for monday and just working hard on things. I realized I have 2 weeks of work days left for the year and that is daunting in the amount of stuff I need to do. Plus as I'm reminding people, starting in mid-late march I'm going to be gone for a few months. I don't want to leave folks in a lurch and I really need to finish a few tasks to get things rolling well. Tuesday night I ended up sitting down to put on my gym shoes and fell asleep sitting up. I realized when I woke up a bit later that just snuggling down on the couch would be good, so I did. Wednesday morning was much brighter for my mood due to lots of rest and my doc appointment went good as well.

I ended up just lifting on wednesday for work out so I would at least get an hour for knit night due to working late. That worked out well cause I was tired after my sets and sore so heading out was good. Thursday after another late day (thanks to all who forwarded messages to hubby) where I didn't see mel until he got home from practice. I ran 1.25 miles and then walked another .5. My average speed was 3.7 even with my walking cool down at the end. Not to shabby. Running was a bit more difficult due to pressure on my bladder, I'd slow to a fast walk and it wasn't too bad so I was running in .5 mile bursts. Still good though and that made me happy and I felt really good afterwards.

Mel got home just after I got out of the shower last night and I got to fall asleep all snuggled up with him. That is the nice.

On the book front I finished #38 while on travel last week which was Kim Harrison's "The Outlaw Demon Wails" and then started #39 Patricia Brigg's "Wolfsbane". The Harrison novel was good and the series hasn't lost momentum but its changed, become more mature etc. I like it and I have the next in the series to read after #39. I'm thinking I'm actually going to make my goal of 50 this year. Woot!

Now, I used the bike avatar for two reasons...1) its my generic I worked out one and 2) tomorrow is El Tour de Tucson and please be careful going around town tomorrow. Most traffic on the southside should be clear by 10am but the traffic closures elsewhere will be in effect most of the day. Watch out for traffic, bikes, people and signage and be safe.
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Ooff...yeah, its 930 on friday night and I'll be heading to bed here shortly. I've already had my shower and its time for me to put my feet up for the night.

Alabama was productive but o' so tiring. Long travel days, followed by staying up reading the first night (Jim Butcher's Side Jobs which is #37 for the year. #36 was Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan and I finished that last week some time. It was intersting but a bit on the porn romance side in spots...not that I'm complaining but when the sex scenes last longer than the fight sequences well its a bit odd.) Side Jobs is the collection of all of the short stories so far in the Dresden Files. The last one takes place a few hours after the end of the last book. So for folks who have read that...it doesn't really answer anything but it give you a bit of calm and hope before we get Ghost Stories in April.

I spent most of Thursday on my feet on the factory floor with my hands dirty. The articles had issues and well, I had to use lots of brain, computer and cell phone power to get answers, solutions and actions. We didn't leave the factory until after 6pm. And were back there around 8am today to handle more stuff including a last minute forehead slap of an thing. Sighs. Hard work and I was so tired. Podling woke me up about 345am and I had a hard time getting back to sleep. I did manage to run a mile both days and today I did it even faster than normal. Of course that meant that after sitting in an airplane for a couple of hours my left knee swelled up a bit. Sighs. It was very sore by the time I got to my car and had to drive home clutch and all. Mel met me to pick up my luggage and I settled in to watch him finish the newest section of borderlands. We had dinner and then I was so weary I got a shower and here we are.

Monday I travel to California to got to a test of some hardware. It should be interesting but again a really grueling two days. Sighs. The following week I'll be in Cleveland for more of the stuff like I saw in Alabama but hopefully all of the lesson's learned from this week will make that much better. We shall see. Gonna be busy though. Sighs. All good to get these projects wrapped up by the end of the year or so. Time for bed.
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Well, I enjoyed Dragon's Horde. The event was fun, the day was beautiful and the hafla was fun. I liked the switch to the auction and I think having it in doors was very nice. I wish there had been more folks to dance with but eh. Looks like the swap meet portion of the event went well too. We got home and I had to pack for Arkansas. I was very, very tired when I was done but I was wired in that nervous way. It was rough getting up and heading to the airport. I had hoped to sleep but I was restless and read and worked on my knitting the entire trip. Got to our hotel and I took a nap on and off until dinner time. We ate at a local diner and then it was home. I went to bed early only to get woken up by my cell phone. My mother called but I didn't realize that the buzz sound was my phone until she left a message. Eh. I slept okay and got up on Monday AM and hit the gym in the hotel. I ran about a third of my mile and speed walked the rest and then stepped down the speed to cool down over a 1/2 mile. I did some pushups and dips and then headed up to my room to shower and get ready. When I was done with the in house breakfast we headed to the supplier.

Things went really well there and we ended earlier than we expected but the flights that were earlier were already booked. So, I got home about 10pm. The flights were kinda rough and I was tired the whole time. I think sitting around the little rock airport for 3+ hours didn't help.

I finished book #35 of the year and then started and finished Masques by Patricia Briggs. It was her first novel that she went and edited quite a few books later. It was a bit cliche-y in parts but it was the perfect amount of fluff I needed. I will be picking up the sequel which is being published in November. Not sure what I'm gonna start next but its what ever is on top of the pile. I slept way in this morning. I was tired (do we see a theme?) and thought sleeping in would make it better. It kinda did. But not really. I had a lot to take care of before my 1pm meeting. My boss was uber cool and saw I was tired and said early in the day I could go home after the meeting. So I did. Got home and I slept for about 1.5 hours with the girls all snuggled up with me. I got up to hit the bathroom and mel came home. He told me I should be sleeping. Lol. I had been. So I curled up on the couch and watch Billy the Exterminator marathon. Mel left for kung fu and I got dinner and then when he got back to switch out things for practice I was working on embroidery.

I've been coughing just a bit and my chest is a bit tight and well, I'm tired and have a scratchy throat. Sighs. I hope its nothing more than just a mild cold. But I'll be heading to bed once the whiney cats get fed. They have been staring at me for the past 30 mins with hunger in their eyes and now the vocalizing has started. Eh.

Well, we shall see how I feel tomorrow. I hope better after a full nights sleep.
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Its the end of the week. A&S is tomorrow and if I could have a big ol' beer I would. So, I shall settle for the icon. LOL.

Well, I'm all packed except for my clothes and I should be tired and I'm not. I think a cup of cocoa will help with that. The girls have been pretty good and I gave them some tuna juice which they loved. Mel has been enjoying the conference and called to update me. He was heading out to the Pub Crawl last time I heard from him. Well, at least someone in the family is drinking.

Hoping tomorrow I'm less nervous but I've been through this before just not in this format. Well at least not on this side of the table. Just need to take things slow, keep my blood sugar up and keep up with my fluids. Things have been weird with my fluids at times I feel that I'm well hydrated and then later not so well. Very odd.

Oh, in the last few days I've finished some books.
I finished #33 which was Drop Dead Stitch which was fun and I like that the mysteries aren't like every month...its been 9 or so months since the last time. and that is pretty neat.

I read #34 which The house where nobody lived by Brad Strickland. He's the guy who finished off and has been writing more stories for John Bellairs. I'm rather pleased with the results.

Now I'm reading #35 Murder on a Monday which is completely british and fun so far.

So good night and hopefully I'll see folks tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone entering.
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#30 - Patricia Briggs - Bone Crossed...so good! I'm really still impressed by how the werewolves in this series are treated and how the pack works. So neato. Wow, now I have to get the next on from the library.

#31 - A Deadly Yarn by Maggie Sefton - Fun, campy knitting mystery.

#32 - Fleece Navidad by Maggie Sefton - Again good stuff and this time recipes for xmas stuff including nummy gingerbread cookies. Again, fluffy book but fun.

I'll be starting #33 which is Drop Dead Stitch..though I'm reminded of Murder, She Wrote and if Jessica Fletcher showed up people would die...same goes for Ms. Kelly Flint...fun though.

Not sure what is after that but there is a pile by the bed again.
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Well, cleveland was okay minus the fact that I didn't get any internet for work on Friday. Got home on time but getting there was a trick. Our flight out of Cleveland was delayed to a mechanical issue that was later revealed to be a hatch that wasn't staying closed well, thus it reduced our speed. Both my coirker, through different routes ran to our gate and we were the last folks on the plane. That was tough and the flight was good and our luggage even made it. Impressive.

Saturday I got up early due to being on EDT. Got some toast and read for a while. Then when mel got up we had coffee and talked and enjoyed a laxy morning. I headed to the shop for about noon and stefan and I worked on the casting. It went really well. We also got to help Roland with a project that needed 6 sets of hands. Though early on in the day I bent over weirdly and tweaked the left side of my lower back by looking at the temp on the kiln.

Got home by way of Lala for her meds, and then picked up mel and headed to thyra's for her b-day BBQ. Had a nice time and then we were home a bit after 7pm. I got things ready, packed for my trip and was in bed just after 9pm. I slept good and mel didn't even wake up when I got up at 520am. I woke him up to say good bye and had an uneventful flight out. Got more work on documentation done and then worked on finishing another book.

Last week I read #27 - Kindred in Death. Then read #28 Iron Kissed by Patrica Biggs. I'm now in #29 - Big Jack by Robb and will ready another knitting mystery book by the end of the week I'm sure. But documentation must take precedence.

Our travels in AR have been nice. The weather is good and we found a dive little diner to eat at. I had the catfish dinner with twice baked potato. The possum pie was shared (cream cheese, chocolate mouse, whipped cream and nuts in a home make flaky bottom crust). Our plans for the morning will be me getting up and hitting the fitness room, they have a weight set and treadmill and then heading out for breakfast and hitting the company. Not too bad of a day. Luckily the TDP for this vendor is small. But I get to tour an extrusion factory which is neato. Then we fly to montgomery by way of atlanta and then I'll be home on Tuesday night after morning meetings there. Oof. Baby is handling the flights okay. The pressure feels weird I must say with the take offs and landings and by the end of the day I'm sore. Might just be how things are with my core muscles getting pushed around from the inside. Other than that and my back aching from Saturday things are feeling okay. I plan on working on documentation until about 10pm tonight or when I get tired and then sleeping really well.

We are staying at a new La Quinta Inn and its nice. Very well laid out rooms and the room had a lazy boy style chair that I sat in for over an hour working on things. I'm now curled up in the bed with LOTR: RotK playing and I'll work more on docs. I had a bit of a freak out last night thinking I only had 2 weeks before A&S. Nope its more. So, all good. Though the two weeks after vacation will be busy. After tomorrow I'll find out if I'm back here again for a trip right after A&S. That would be good for business but suck since mel is gone until the 4th...oh well.

Well, enough journalling for the night. Time to write some documentation.
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Well, its been a really, really busy few days. Wow. Thursday and Friday I wasn't feeling well, digestion has been very icky and I was tired. So, I was a home body. I'm way behind on books. I finished #23 which was Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs, then I read #24 which was "The Riddle of St. Leonards" and I read #25 which was "Dyer's Consquences" and I'm now in #26 which is "A Gift of Sanctuary" which continues the Own Archer series. So, reading has been good I guess.

We headed to Mace and Greatsword with Storvarr and had a nice time. The weather was warm which wasn't making me feel better. I kept up on water but it was draining. I had a very nice time at the feast, though I really which the Mon's cooks guild could understand they really need to list all of the ingredients..hidden surprises are not fun for folks with food allergies. Having the wine in the pear soup did nothing for my stomach since now getting sulfited seems to make things just pass through me rapidly. Oh, well. I felt much better on Sunday (maybe getting sulfited helped, who knows) and I got to weaving on my A&S project. I'm about a foot or so from done. But was too tired to finish it after 8 hours of weaving.

Monday and Tuesday were me, a team of people being presented by 6 suppliers presentations of why they should build some hardware for us. It was a grueling 3 hour process for each vendor and then the scoring took time. I was home after 8pm both nights though they did take us to dinner on monday night and that was nice. I highly recommend the Little Mexico Steakhouse on Cardinal and Valencia (way southwest side of town). Last night was the final down select and we finished up at 8pm. So tired. Plus, I couldn't work on any of my other stuff the entire time we were sequestered so today has been pretty messy.

For those of you who haven't' RSVP'd for pampered chef, please do so today. Also, if you are out of town you can click on the link in the invite and go to the website and put an order in. If you have questions on that, email me. I or Joy can walk you through it. Orders are due by COB monday.

So, tonight I'm going to head home from work, take a nice relaxing nap and work on the house and do some shopping. I just want some me time to relax and not be working or interacting with people. I've been "on" too much in the past few days. Tomorrow, due to all of the OT I've been doing I get to leave at 11am for the weekend which will be nice. More time on the house and just getting things in order. Friday will be A&S arts push day for me. Which will also be awesome...and sleeping in. Though with the work this week I've ended up making it into work almost on time for what I used to get into. I need to keep that up. Its nice. Well, time to push some paperwork.
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Work has been eating my time mostly. I had a trip to PA planned last week and finally late thursday afternoon I was told that I wasn't going. So, I made phone calls, canceled plans and managed to meet with my the guy who is going today to transfer all of the knowledge. Even he was surprised he got picked to go versus me but we are making it work as a team and that is good. Ended up working on thursday night and on friday to make up time from the doctor appointments.

The verdict from the kidney specialist is that I can't take calcium supplements. So, I've stopped that. We will check again in 6 mos and see how I'm processing the excess calcium and if I haven't used it up we might try some meds but she felt that that was probably unlikely. So all good there. It was good to have an answer and not have to go through another panel of tests. Friday I ended up picking up the house a bit and then resting. The week had wore me out. Game night started and we managed to strategize well enough that the bad guys realized we had them outgunned. Not sure what they will be bringing with them next time but I'm sure it will be bigger. Which ain't cool. Got a side quest at the end that is looking like its not going to be a side quest. Went to bed and I slept okay. The sleeplessness/restless nights have been taking their toll.

Saturday we got up and going and I headed over to Steffan's shop. We worked until 8pm on my casting project. Nothing really accomplished but some frustration but we learned a few things. Which is good. I think we might actually get a full cast next time. I luv casting..hot metal is so much fun to play with. Got home and mel and marina were working on her shoes. I brought home dinner of burritos. Enjoyed those and then mel played games while I read. I had finished #23 for the year which was "The King's Bishop" by Candace Robb and started "Blood Bound" by Patricia Biggs.

Sunday we got up and hit breakfast. Got home and mel cleaned up his armor explosion at the end of the family room and I finished up #24. Then I sat down and spent most of the early afternoon and evening weaving on the loom for my A&S project. I got about a foot or so done, not as much as I hoped but it was hot and I was tired. Ended up watching the last half of Empire Strikes Back and then all of RotJ. Mel and I then hit showers and I am now reading "Dyer Consequences" (no that's not spelled wrong its a mystery at a yarn store.)

Again I had a pretty restless night. Digestion issues aren't helping. Work has gotten interesting with being thrown into a selection committee for a new piece of hardware. I get to sit and grade 8 suppliers over 2 days next week for our next down select. Its gonna be a few long days. Actually kinda glad that I didn't end up in PA this week (sorry maggie!) but I have a lot of research and reading to do on the suppliers for next week. A quick glance is showing a real lack of technical writing from one vendor. Considering from the response to one of our questions I couldn't tell which question they were answering. Oh, well. Should be interesting.
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Well, I had a three day weekend. I spent1.25 days scrambling to get TRM clothes done and delivered and then it was fun time after that. Friday was lots of sewing and attaching of trim. I was stuck on how to put trim on her hangerrock but with a bit of help from Ari and Mel we came up with a good plan. I needed opinions and it worked out well. Game night was good. Mel didnt' kill us yet and we finished up a bit early which was okay since I still had more trim to put on the clothes. I went to bed about 1230 but was up again about 630 cause I couldn't sleep. I was in project mode and wanted to get things done and I wasn't feeling too hot either and that didn't help. If you doctor every wants to do a 24 kidney function test...say no. They are a pain to do. Bleah. Also, remember that only the main fed ex office can ship biological stuff. Just saying. I finished the clothes, had a shipping debacle (see previous sentence) and then we headed out to phx. We got to T&D's about 130pm and it was awesome to see that the clothes fit and they were happy. That was a relief. I think part of me not feeling good was the stress of them possibly not liking the clothes and they didn't fit. Well, they loved them, they looked great and they looked comfortable which is actually important I think in clothing. You want it to fit and be comfortable...if you aren't comfortable its hard to look your best. So, behind the cut are the pictures from mel's camera and one from my phone in progress. I haven't uploaded the one's from mine yet since I was lame.

TRM Clothes )

After the delivery we headed off to Tempe Yarn and Fiber and the Fiber Factory. Had a nice time working on projects at both places. I got a lot further along on my cuff of my RH mitt and mel got further on my mittens. We then bummed over to Chandler Fashion mall for a very late lunch at BJ's Brewery and then shopping at Atomic Comics and the Lego store. Lego has these new games out and we got Wild Wool Its so cute. We then bummed around in Barnes and Noble and got a few books and then I was beat. Mel drove us home without incident and we snuggled up on the couch to watch one of our fav movies (Practical Magic) and then I went to bed at 10pm. I was so tired. Mel stayed up reading his new Honor Harrington novel. On Sunday I was feeling a bit better. We had a quiet breakfast at joe's and then it was home to lounge. Mel played borderlands and I read.

I finished #18 Cod: A Biography of a Fish that Changed the World, which I highly recommend and then I read 19, 20, 21 and started #22. I read The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings, Book of the Dead and Book of Monsters and then I started The King's Bishop by Candace Robb. In the middle of the day we headed to Matt and Jaylee's for Abigail's 1st b-day. We had a really nice time. I got to hold the birthday girl fro a while and tour her around her own party, then she got in the pool with her dad and friends. Jaylee made an awesome b-day cake and I relaxed and KIP'd while chatting with folks. Got home and continued on my reading binge and mel worked with Maryiah on her shoes and shield. I also tamed, killed and buried my laundry hydra and then it was time for bed. Nice relaxing no pressure day. I liked that.

I managed to sleep the entire night through and that was amazing. I slept so good. Though it was tough to get motivated to get to work this AM. I was only a little late. I hope I sleep as well tonight. I need that.

So, all in all, a good weekend and a good project done. Now time to work on Kingdom A&S stuff. Tonight will be experimentation with painting ATC's and relaxing with the girls. Tomorrow will hopefully start another weaving project.
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Friday I spent the day working on TRM clothes. I got Tristan's under completely finished, got Daminana's Hangerrock taken in and started finishing seams and got Tristan's overtunic seams almost all completed. I spent a good chunk of time working on the necklines of tristan's tunics. With the wide trim that Ivan is making...doing a keyhole application is a PITA. So, after consulting Ivan we liked doing a normal neckline and putting the trim on in a square neck line. Its going to really making things pop. Also, we both like the multiple bands of trim concept and I think my just finished band will get used as well. So, not a lot of progress but still progress on the clothes. Mel worked in the shop all day and had a good time there. We headed to Ari's for game night and had a nice time there. I worked on my mitt and got a good ways. I did notice that I missed a cable cross in a few places...oops. Oh, well, its a feature. We left, got home, I made my list and then it was bed time.

The monsoons have not been letting the humidity down in the evenings..so sleeping has been weird. I slept okay but not great and didn't feel very rested when we got up on Saturday. We managed to make it to site almost on time but forgot two things. Oops. I need to stop by [livejournal.com profile] swordmage and [livejournal.com profile] domnall's house and drop off a check. Sighs. The competition had lots of really nice entries and we had plenty of judges. It was also very well attended which was in stark contrast of the previous weekend. I only judged two items since the third one didn't arrive and I was okay with that. I was tired and spent the time knitting, chatting and working on my spinning. I'm one spindle away from finishing my fiber and I'm really tempted to start some more but I think I have to wait until the commission is finished or at least until I get more progress on the commission. I'm at less than 2 weeks.

Got some good commentary from the judges though I wish some of them would have said more. I knew what they are going to nit pick on so it wasn't a big deal. We got done with court and got home tired. Mel stayed home while I hit dinner out with Mingo and company. But I picked him up for hanging out with the crew and having a good time. I warped up the trim from TRM clothes and got a bit of weaving done before we left. I again didn't sleep very well and kept getting up in the night. Sunday I was going to ride before breakfast with the crewe but lazed in bed. I had finished Moonstruck which is number #18 of the year if I count Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as #17. I didn't read the other two stories in the book but I'll get back to it. I started Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World and it is very engaging and quite a good read. Headed to breakfast after a shower and then had folks over afterwards to marvel at the item mel made for Viktor. To the friends group..they don't know what it is..don't spoil it.

After folks left I got things going on the xbox to watch movies and then started in on sewing. 7 hours later I had the hangerrock with finished seams and hems. That wasn't very productive I guess but I have two garments to finish yet. Hope I'm just to doing seam embroidery and trim by the end of thursday. We shall see. Got to bed on time-ish and wish I had today off to clean my house. Its disaster still and we have scribble tonight. Oh, well. I'll work my butt off when I get home. Not sure I'll be doing much scribing but I will be working on things. All good. Though one thing we did figure out this weekend is that our parafin wax bath died. It burned a hole and was leaking wax on the counter. Ooops. Oh, well, need to replace that. I have an amazon order in works so that is okay. Just annoying...especially when I have hands that I'm over working.
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The rest of sunday was productive. I got to work on the clothes and got them ready for Ari to take to battle more. I'm now happy with how they turned out. Mel got going on the wide trim and I pulled my loom out. I was not up for the brain power for him to tell me how to work Egyptian diagonals again, its been almost a year since I worked on it. So, I worked on my cowl and I have one pattern row left and then 8 rows of garter (on circular needles knit one row, purl the next) stitch to finish the edging. And then I can block it. I still need to block my scarf I made so I will do that together. All good though. I also got to play the demo for the Harry Potter Lego game. I did okay in the class room but got really stuck in the forbidden forest cause the bees kept killing me and everyone else in the party. I was happy thought that I could play it with a sinus headache and still not get motion sick. So I will be picking it up tomorrow at Game Stop. I put in a pre-order for it. Hopefully the game gives you a bit more help in the using of the spells and killing baddies.

So, as promised here are my socks all done and a picture of the cowl in progress.
Read more... )

So, good weekend and I slept okay though we got to bed late. I did finish Unknown by Rachel Caine. Like Dresden, things go from bad to worse but there is a glimmer of hope going on. though I think I should have read Cape Storm before I read this one. They overlap in time and well, I might need to know what is going on. I'll have to see if kevin has that one next time we see him. So that is #16 for the year. Still not half way yet. Gonna have to work on that. I think JRR Tolkein's Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is next on the bedside. All good though. Got lots to keep me occupied this week with projects and another long weekend ahead.
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Friday was a weird day. My headache was pretty much gone but I was still feeling the affects of it. I was tired and rested when I got home on Friday. Mel hit the antiques store and the asian market. I rested and knitted which was good. The gaming group came over and we had a nice evening of violence...though we kinda thwarted an attack versus getting into one which is pretty good actually.

Saturday dawned okay. I was tired and laid in bed finishing #14 for the year Nightlife by Rob Thurman. At first I was rather annoyed at the abrupt change in style of writing midway through the book..thinking back on it...wow, the author had to make some serious changes in his style to get it to work well and it did. It was very into the characters head and sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. This time it did. After I had a shower I headed of to WWKIP day. The Tucson knitting groups were meeting at Beyond Bread and we had a nice time. I got to meet folks from ravelery and knit and it was good.

Got home and mel and I then headed to Tom's for pre-luau party time with the household. I got in my swimsuit and enjoyed the pool and the sun and some good drinks before the kids arrived and took over the pool. Mel enjoyed rough housing with the kids and throwing them around. I hung out and chatted and then knit up in the house chatting with folks until it was time to go. Mel was pretty tispsy when we got home and he went straight to bed. I started in on Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris. I'm a book behind in the series but this one was interesting. I think it was better written than the last one and the story was entertaining...brutal but entertaining. I got to sleep about 1am or so though my breathing was off. I almost got my inhaler but didn't probably should have.

Sunday was groggy getting up but I managed. I was glad I had had a shower before bed since I felt clean but stuff up and my throat was all craggy sounding. Had a good breakfast with the family at Joe's, teased Joe's youngest a lot about being spoiled and then it was home to work on things. I was tired and didn't feel great. I managed to get the studio to almost working condition. I chatted with my mom. My step-sis gretchen had to have an emergency surgery so I was getting an update. She is doing really well and that is a good thing. Mel played with lego's and played video games all day. Which for him is the perfect way to spend your b-day. I ended up crawling back into bed and slept and read all afternoon to early evening. I finished #14 Dead and Gone and then read Undone by Rachel Caine as number 15. Hoping I can get more books in this year but we shall see. This AM the allergies are not as bad. My throat is still a bit craggy but I'm trying to drink coffee and keep my water fluid up too.

Need to get the house picked up for scribble and for my peace of mind. When the house gets cluttered I can't work on projects well. I need to get it decluttered and picked up and cleaned to get things working well in that arena. Deadlines are approaching on the horizon and I need to have that all working well. Tonight I will sketch out the A&S scroll and then I will work on calligraphy. Lots to do. I hope to be cutting out fabric tomorrow so I can be sewing thursday and friday. All good and doable if I can keep on task and get the house in order.
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The weekend was hot...literally. I did not go out much and when I did you could tell the rest of Tucson thought it was too hot to be outside. Saturday afternoon traffic was a piece o'cake.

Mel was feeling under the weather so I managed to get us dinner and I crafted stuff while he rested on the couch on Friday evening. He was running a low grade fever. He hit bed earlyish..well, so did I after I got a bit done on the Viktor blanket. Its turning out rather nice. Saturday I slept in a bit and then got up to work on the blanket. Mel finally emerged from bed and was better than the day before. He rested a good chunk of the day while I got errands run (including a massage and lunch out with the girls). I then worked hard on the blanket until late. Luv'd the new episode of Dr. Who. Very mind trippy but fun. I finished Gale Force by Rachel Caine and liked it. It s a whirlwind of action and stuff and good fluff. Its #13 for the year. Then I started in on Nightlife by Robert Thurman. Very neat concept. People are finally realizing the elves don't have to be the LOTR variety...they can be the Rawhead and Bloodybones set. Very cool.

Sunday was breakfast out with the family. Had a really good time. Then it was home to clean up the kitchen a bit (its really needing a deep clean), make cookies and working on the blanket. I got through the second to the last disk of Sherlock Holmes and then Tati, richard and I watched the new Holmes. Mel was feeling himself and was in the shop most of the day finishing up the workbench. I made a big pasta dinner with help from Tati. We then had a good time watching a new Call of Ctuthulu and Justice League: Crisis of Two Earths. The former was a 2005 adaption of the story where they tried to make it all silent film era. The special effects were cheesy and good. Very nice. The latter was a animated telling of the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic. I think they called it two earths so we didn't get too confused by who was what on each world. It was good and it was really neat to have Mark Harmon be the voice of Superman.

By that point it was time for bed...though BBCAHD was playing Blade Runner. We own it and I really need to sit down and watch it from the beginning on the big screen. So much detail abounds in that film that you tend to loose on small screens. I know the last time I watched it it was on our old TV.

I slept good but would have loved to have slept in this am. Its monday with all that it brings. Looking forward to hitting the gym and having a good time at scribble. I have a scroll to finish sketching and I hope to get that done so I can ink it. Though I think I have one more fwippery to do for the edges. Not sure we shall see. On to the paperwork.
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Well, the weekend was spent in geek heaven. Saturday we got up early and met Ed and Candace at Joe's for breakfast and then we headed up in the fit to the Phoenix Comic Con. It was lots of people, lots of fun, awesome artists and a good time. My goals for the event were to meet Randy Mulholland ) of S*P. Randy is awesome.
He is really sweet and funny and a very luvable guy. Not the asshole you think he could be from reading his comic and that is good. Mel and I got some fan art and got to chat with Spike of Templar, AZ. It was Spike's first trip to the AZ and that was cool. Her comic is odd and I'm still trying to figure it out but the art is fun and the sepia tones are really neato. We also got to show off the cool works of Travis Hanson of Bean Leaf Press, his sketches are amazing, fun world and just a great guy. He was teamed up with another artist on some art work which we bought and a kids book. It was nice.

My biggest thing I wanted to do was to get to meet Wil Wheaton and to see Levar Burton and Jonothan Frakes of ST:TNG. Well, we went to The Guild Panel with Wil and Felicia Day. Mel and all of us were cracking up with the commentary from both of Wil and Felicia. I had never seen the Guild and they made us want to. Such fun. I got in line to see Wil after the panel. I stood outside and knit. )
Mel and the gang had went to get us lunch and I waited in line. Got to meet Wil and I think I wasn't too fangirl. Had a really good chat with him, told him that he was totally awesome and got me into MST3K and other things and that his blog was lots of fun. Then I explained that he should ready Yarn Harlot and he said he'd look her up. Then we got a picture taken together and Adam Douglas of BSG took the picture. Now unlike everyone else at the con, Wil was not charging for autographs and that is cool. So, here we are.

Phx Comic Con 2010 - Wil and Me!

Then it was off for lunch and meeting lots more other people including Ms. Alina Pete ) of Weregeek. So cute and so awesome. By about 4pm we were all tuckered out. There were lots of people and lots of sites including a really cool Voltron. We got home and had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Right before dinner we hit gamestop and Picked up Borderlands and Red Dead Redemption. Mel played to former at mughi's and luved it. I wanted RDR since I started seeing commercials for it. Mel played Borderlands till latish after dinner and I read comics.

Sunday was video and video game day. I played RDR and learned that I need more practice at shooting games. I'm not sure the the pan and scan camera thingy and well, I need work on that. Though my horse skills are improving. Then in the afternoon we got the netflix working on the xbox and watched all of The Guild and then Dr. Horrible. So good. Mel hadn't seen DR. H. and well, he needed to. I went to bed earlyish I guess and read for a while.

I have finished The Nun's Tale by Candace Robb, book 11 of the year. Though do I get to count trade paperbacks of comics? Templar, AZ Book 1 and 2 so book 12 of the year. I then started Gale Force by Rachel Caine. All good. Mel stayed up way late playing borderlands.

I slept way too much and was kinda grumpy but eh. I played more RDR and then showered and started work on my A&S project for baronial. I got the first miniature sketched today. I'm hoping to be painting on it by kingdom A&S collegium. Maria and David were over working on armor and other stuff. Mel made meat in the smoker and I did root veggies on the grill and blueberry crumble. Richard brought STRAWBERRY!!! ice cream (the emphasis is real, it is that STRAWBERRY!!!). Good night and then I headed to scribble to ink my stuff I sketched all afternoon.

Now its getting a bit late and I need to go to bed. Gonna hopefully be an okay week. We shall see.
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Friday the time just seemed to slip by me. I had big plans to get more done but I did mange to get the car detailed and the tires rotated in anticipation of the CA trip. We got to the demo on time and got things setup. It was hot and windy that day. We were pretty zapped after a few hours of chatting with kids. Got home, showered and chatted with Tati and the trickling in gaming crew. We had planned to start late and have folks bring their dinners. It worked out and we had a good game. Though I was beat by the time we finished. I stayed up reading Friday Night Knitting Club which is book 9 for the year. It was good though I don't like how some authors throw you ill managed plot devices at the end of a book. Kinda makes things a bit too real. I slept a bit fitfully and was awakened by coffee in bed. It was nice.

Saturday was busy working on the blanket of doom and hitting the library demo. This demo was fun and I finished the demo scroll (only worked on it in the last 3 demos and its pretty neato) and I worked on the other scroll that I had started at scribble the previous week. I got it closer to done as well. Though, I now have lots of scrolls stacked up and I'm going to have to do a calligraphy blitz but that is okay. Got home and we were both really tired. Mel stayed home and I went to thyra's for Frodi's graduation shindig and craft night. I crafted and that was good. Got through to the border of the blanket before I got there and just cranked on it. Though my hands hurt. Had a good time though and then headed home. I was too cranked up to sleep so I read The Graveyard Book and watched anime. Finished it (book 10 of the year) about 130am and went to bed.

Woke up on Sunday and got moving. We had breakfast at Joe's and then I worked on the blanket and talked with my mom. I watched Dr. Who, though the DVR didn't get the last 5mins of the show. Anybody want to clue me in to the ending of Weeping Angels? I have it DVR'd correctly for next week while we are out but man I hate that. Talked with Mom twice throughout the day and found out that Gretchen was having contractions at breakfast. So, hopefully a new nephew this week. Ended up watching the rest of the Eureka marathon. Man do I luv that show. Fargo really is the dammit-doll for that show. But at least he's got a girlfriend now. I finished the blanket and sewed in the last end at 5pm and then headed to the store for food supplies.

I grilled up steak and sweet potatoes for dinner. Grilled sweets is the best thing EVAH. Never doing them any other way. Also got to try the grass fed beef from Thyra. I can tell its grass fed versus corn fed but it was tasty. Then I got a bee in my bonnet and made rhubarb crumble from scratch. It got the "Its terrible, I'll need to eat it all to save you from its awfulness" from my husband. So I guess it was good. I have enough to make more too though I think I'm also gonna try a fruit upside down cake thing this week too. The Amish/Mennonite cookbook is a good thing. Was wired again before bed. I started my own Cassia Scarf like I made for Ari and I hope to finish that before we leave on Thursday. Took benedryl to help with all of the puffy allergy stuff. My nose is still dripping most of the morning and later in the evening. Bleah. Started in on another Owen Archer mystery before I settled into a drug induced slumber. I slept really well though odd dreams. I did not want to get up this AM but the DH was awesome and had packed my lunch and made coffee. Good hubby.

I need to get a hold of glen today and go in. My ribs are jacked up and you can tell when I'm wearing my 14th C that things are off. Gonna hopefully get in after work and then head home to clean up the house (bathrooms and carpets) and get my class handouts worked up for teaching at the retreat. I also need to go buy supplies for my crochet class and that will be Tuesday after I hit the gym.

So pictures from blanket so folks can see it. It took 7.25 balls of yarn total. Its really neato and completely reversible.
blanket pictures )
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Friday we packed up and drove to Pine to stay at Chris and Miana's house. Its an awesome place and they have two cute kitties named Dash and Violet. We hung out and chatted with folks and just relaxed. Stayed up too late, got up to early (what weekend don't we, really?) and then I noticed that I forgot my overdress. Luckily Tati and I are about the same size and I wore her cote while she was in her kirtle. I really can't believe I did that but I was a bit of a space case by the end of the day I guess. The drive up was nice but my side was not enjoying the curves. I was hurting. I also hurt on Saturday after standing court for a few hours. Didn't think that would happen but by the end I was DONE. We did stop by The Pine Yarn Shop and did a bit of antiquing on the way to phx. Family dinner at Rockbottom was good. Beer killed the pain and life was good. This was the first time I've ever skipped on coronation. It felt weird but it also felt good.

Got home, showered and finished book 8 of the year (wow, I'm behind) called The Forgotten History of the United States which was basically all of the history before the revolution especially how it linked to our dealings with the native peoples. Interesting reading to say the least. I had not realized that France kept trying to take over parts of the continental US and it was a good read. A bit sided but all history has a POV. Then I started in on the 9th book Friday Night Knitting Club which is very good so far. So good I stayed up too late reading last night.

Got up on sunday morning and we had family breakfast at Joe's. Tati's mom was a hoot! Then it was home to watch more of the Complete Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett and crocheting on the agfhan. I'm now about 9-10" from ending the body. I worked on it all day. It grew about 10 inches or so...but man its killing me its not done. I've not been working on my socks just the darn blanket..though I guess I did work on them a bit yesterday during breakfast but not really. I want to work on stuff for me. But I hope to push through on things in the next few nights and I hope to get past the body and on to the border by the weekend. That would be AWESOME. So many other things to make. I also have to work on my handouts for the fiber retreat so lots to do. Work front is a bit slow though but I'm coping.
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Friday good..camping with Dancing goat good.
Coffee good.

Not sleeping on friday night bad.
Allergies kicking my ass bas.
Body in general kicking my ass bad.

Watching court is good.
Speaking in court for 3 awesome peeps is good.
Watching surprise the herald's with court baronies is good.
Hanging in my camp the entirety of the event sans court was good.
Body still hates me which is bad.
Drunk Bjorn (the smaller) is good.
Getting more sleep in Saturday night is good.

Packing up liesurely is good.
Taking the back way home through the countryside is good and only 15mins more travel time.
Spending afternoon reading is good.
Getting to the end of Jim Butcher's new book is good.
The ending was not an ending but another door opening...damn you Jim
Now almost time for more knitting.

Good weekend. Tired and need more Harry Dresden!
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Wednesday was busy. I was appalled at some things I found on wikipedia about what I work on. Hmmmm...interesting. But it was also neat to hear the podcast from How Stuff Works on the uses for Wikipedia and how you shouldn't use it for research papers. I'll have to put that in my class handout. I got more tasks in the new job and that makes me happy. I'd rather be busy than bored and that is a good thing.

workout specifics, skip if you don't want... )

Knit night was fun and Ari luved her t-shirt and new coffee mug. I got her a "I knit so I don't kill people" shirt and a "knitting genius" mug. I thought it was apropos. She brought in still warm red velvet b-day cake. Nummy. I had a piece. I cast on for my new sock while at knit night. And I'm pretty happy with it so far. I got about 1/2 of the cuff done last night. Zippy and Reynier were over working on projects. Things looked like they were going good for them. I put aside my history book and started reading Changes by Jim Butcher. Wow. Uhm. Wow. Must resist going home and only reading. I have packing to do for the weekend and more baby projects.

Well, work continues...lots of meetings today and a dept BBQ. It will make things go quickly though and that is good.
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Wow, this week is flying by..though I don't get tomorrow off like mel or my co-irkers unless I want to take more vacation. Meh...I need to pack my desk and take some training which is better when there isn't lots of folks around for nice and quiet. Got home about 430pm and mel was busy working in the shop. He's been working on more stools and he was working on mine which is awesome. I made a quick dinner by repurposing leftovers and we had a nice dinner together before I headed to knit night. I was the first person to knit night and that was weird but it worked out. I relaxed into working on the second booty and enjoying folks's company. Ari arrived and moved the last of my stuff from Gulf into the car. Then I got to help her work on her heel turn of her socks. They are turning out really neato. Two at once has a lot of appeal. I'm thinking maybe a few pairs of socks down before I try that. Though if I do more booties I can practice with doing them that way. Tee hee.

Got home and mel was weaving and was a very tired and sore boy. Not sure what is up with that but we both need more sleep it seems. He went to bed early and I watched some excellent episodes of Robot Chicken. If you can spoof Ranma, the Tick, Star Trek TNG and others in the same episode...omg...it was good. I headed to bed and finished my latest reading.

Books 6 is On Her Majesties Wizardly Service by Diane Duane. Wow, what a good book. I so luv her writing and the world for this is so nice. Cats and Wizards and fun. Plus good steampunk stuff. I highly recommend this series (though these books are a shoot off of the same world). They are good reading and lots of fun. I'm gonna start either The Graveyard Book or a book on history that is never taught. We shall see. I'm way behind on the reading for 50 in 2010. I'm not sure if I will ever reach that amount but we shall see. I'm kinda on a history kick I think so that will probably be the next book. I also bought more books at war and need to finish scanning things. Some time in April we will start the bookshelf purge, clean and organize. We've decided on Library of Congress catalouging and just need to get things worked into that. Its gonna be a large task but it should be eased along by library thing, I hope. All good though.

Well, time to get off of this really dull telecon and go to work on other paperwork.
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I really wish I had been on that business trip last week. I think I'd already be ahead on the paperwork I have to do. But eh. Its okay. That added to some stress to the afternoon and I called it quits a bit late. I hit the gym and I ran through my circuits fast and hard. I felt so so drained when I was done but also very happy with it. Got home and mel wasn't home yet...it was a bit after 530pm. So, I changed clothes and got to work cleaning the kitchen and the front room. He got home just at 6pm and was so exhausted. He immediately went and poured himself a mug of old ben and I shooed him out of the kitchen to go sit with his cat for a bit. I got the kitchen settled and then cleaned the guest bathroom while he made dinner. I to everything done, including vacuuming. I <3 my dyson. Seriously am amazed each time I use it.

By that point I was toasty in the brain and I couldn't even contemplate getting my studio picked up enough to plug in a sewing machine to finish up the trim on my new hangerrock. So, I pulled out my knitting and knit while chatting with Amy/Elsa, our newest scribe. Lots of good stuff going on and listening to Ari chat with herself with her headphones on while drinking and doing gold filigree was a treat. Mel and Bill and Richard played some bloodbowl and faydra was being cute while Perin embroidered. All good crafty night by all.

I was beat by the time 9 rolled around and I got people moving to pack up at 945pm. I was in the shower a bit after 10pm and asleep by 11pm. I had finished High Whorling as book 5 for the year on Friday and had started To Visit the Queen though under an earlier title On Her Majesties Wizardly Service, I think,by Diane Duane. It started talking time transit and I got even more sleepy.

The one funny from last night was me showing off my sock and everyone thought I was acting like my cat. She tends to drag socks around to show off and it was very similar I guess. I even put the sock in my mouth and trilled like she does when she's "killed" one. Very funny.

Oh if you tried the friendship bread last night mel spiced it with Baharat which is a blend of Tellicherry black pepper, coriander, cumin, Ceylon select cloves, Saigon cinnamon, cardamom, Spanish paprika and Chinese Tien Tsin chile peppers. Very, very nummy. I bought some with my last spice house order and its good, even in sweets.

Also, in neato things...I highly recommend the Avon's Moisturizing Body Yogurt. Its so soothing on my hands and elbows which seem to get really dry due to all of the knitting.

Today is lots of papework writing, a few meetings and hopefully home in a good time. I'm gonna clean up the studio, put away some laundry, do some laundry and hopefully finish two dresses so I can move on to the other two pieces of things I need to make before the weekend.


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