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Friday was getting the old futon we cleaned out of the house to my coworker for his daughters sewing room. woot! We did a bit of shopping and then home to play with a new standing lamp. Which did not fit where we wanted but I move a few more of them around and it worked in another place.

Then I was busy around the house picking stuff up and putting things away etc and doing I'm not sure what. Honestly I can' t remember but I didn't sit down much and I was running around the house a lot and also working on a crochet project. Mel was busy in the shop but went to get Ben, I hit costco for things we needed for the weekend and then it was home for left overs for dinner. Ben had had a really good week and we watched some tv.

Mel and I sat up way too late watching Young Justice but that was okay. I got up at just before 6 and packed the car to head to 12th night, got Domnall and then headed to Ari's. We packed things in her car and were on the road to the event on the NW side of Phx. We arrived at 930am and kibitzed with people. It was cooler than I expected but snuggled up in my Hrafn cloak it was all good. Domnall got troll setup and Ari (dressed as the White Witch from Narnia) went to Laurel's circle. I worked on the crochet project and got to a point where I realized the stuffing was in another bag in the car so I pulled out a knitting project. The "men" were confused by me switching projects mid-circle. Sorry guys gotta keep my hands busy. But it was a good circle and there was laughter and mirth and some good discussions. Got done and then handled some good arts business with the Kingdom MOAS. She got the taste of stern but helpful peer. And got the Hrafnheim/BTY laurelate opinion on the competitions and what we need to do to fix them which is dust off and nuke from orbit and try again in a few years after we've gotten folks into making things and have a good time.

Got to sit court and eat a wonderful spread that Ari and I brought. Took care of Dom since he was stuck at Troll and chatted with [profile] public_shaylan and Bran. Good times. Throughout all of the afternoon I chatted with folks and worked on the crochet project which I finished. A cute bunny for Baby Cora Jade.


The pattern is fiddly but I like it. Then I worked on the baby hat which is the Moochi by Woolywormhead for another baby, Miss Virginia Anne. We left about the time they were going to start serving feast and headed to Uncle Bear's Brewery for booze and noms. So tasty.

We got home just about 10pm and I got home, unloaded, unloaded the cooler and then immediately took a shower and then parafin waxed my hands. Mel's been restoring his early 1800s Canadian Production Wheel and its a lot of hand scraping to get the old finishes off and well, I've been crocheting or knitting too much so yes, hands better. And then I collapsed into bed. Mel was amused but understood me being tired.

We got up early again the next day for war practice/polling. I woke up poorly but drugs and coffee helped that tremendously. Got to the event with more coffee and donuts for the household and then sat at court working on my knitting and then chatting with Mistress Cecilia in our tent for hours with other folks in the house. Benton was good and played around the tent or on the play ground with other kids. I finished the one hat and cast on another in the same pattern for another baby (as of yet unknown name/gender and still in uetero with their mama). But the first hat is cute and it needs a wash and block.

Moochi for Virginia

Polling was good and then it was the long slog for the knights circle to then have court. Sighs. The household packed everything up (we only had 2 men (a squire and a man at arms) and the ladies of the house did everything else. Sighs. But things were in the van minus the few benches we needed for evening court. Court ended a while later and Benton and I quickly jetted for home. I was done and tired and just wanted to not be outside. I was annoyed about a few things but oh well. Chatting with my apprentice made tings better.

Dinner was the most amazeballs pork ribs. That morning I had gotten the roaster out, poured in 2 bottles of Guinness and the then liberally applied Montreal Steak Seasoning and Garlic powder. I set the temperature to 275°F and we left for the day. I turned it off at 6pm. OMG! soo good. Mel had made some ramen the day before and we had a simple dinner of ramen and ribs. So good. Seriously. We are making that again.

Yesterday I finally made it back to the gym. I decided leg day was where the year needed to start and I did good. Didn't do squats since the room was full but I headed off to the leg press machines and switched off with another guy. Ran into some of my young engineers (we will all be at the gym at the same time Wednesday it looks like) but all good. I hit the treadmill and while I didn't over push I was amazed at how having working lungs helps with running. Seriously, my legs were pulling not my chest and that felt wonderful. Yay for a controller medicine.

I got home and Ben ahd his first Red day in a very long time. I think he was over tired from the weekend but we shall see. I had a quick bite to eat before heading to scribble where I got all of the names and did one full text for the awards for Sunday. Then I effed one up cause I tried to erase and it wasn't dry (headdesk). Then I headed (at 10pm) to Target for essentials like eggs and papertowels. le sigh but I got home and into the shower by 1045 so I call that good.

Today I'm feeling less sore than I expected but I'm sure tomorrow that will be different.

But all in all a good weekend though not doing anything I wanted to be doing like sleeping in and just hanging on the couch....oh well. I have to adult.
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I will be back dating some info as time permits buts my holiday was okay. We had a lazy and busy time. It was very weird. The entire family was sleeping in till at least 8am...sometimes later the entire break. Ben is growing and eating all of the time which was good but we learned not too much sugar otherwise he's a grump monster in the AM. We went roller skating with [profile] scribe_ari and the kids. Ben did great on his new from Santa skates and it was fun. Definitely need to do it some more soon. We hit the zoo and in general had a nice time.

Mel and I are almost finished watching all of Gravity Falls on Hulu.

On the making things front I made:
1) a cowl for [profile] public_shaylan

2) Caution Orange sock for Mel, I still need to finish the second one but its at the heel gusset.

3) Finished the minecraft creeper hat for Benton and Viktor

4) Got the hot head torch on and made beads with [personal profile] swordmage as a gift for Wolfgrim's wife Jess which we made into a Viking Festoon.

5) Worked on a baby gift for little Cora Jade which I hope to finish this week/weekend.

We also managed to get new to us furniture. So in the way of last January we reorganized where we reorganized the front room. This time we reorganized the family room and the bedroom. We had intended to buy bedroom stuff but managed to buy stuff for the family room. We moved out the big dresser and the futon and the purple couch. We replaced them with a 1930s armoire, a new Ashley couch and a new to us vintage 1960s custom sofa and chair.




So this has spurred a reorganization trend and I've been throwing things out in the KonMori style and folding things small and making things better. Yay!
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Work was work worky work work. I found some issues and now I have a lot of work a head of me. Oof. Luckily I need more things to do (LOL). Got done, got home and the boy had not had a good day at school and that made all of us tired. Plus a random no-sleep text from my mom made me in a further foul mood. Sighs. I ended up in bed by 10pm. I was so tired. The whole family was grumpy so nuf said.

Saturday morning I got up way before I wanted to since Mel and Ben were talking on the porch while mel got ready for his ride. Sighs. I got up though, had coffee and attempted to stay on task and get things done. Which I did, overall. But the one thing I wanted to figure out was a spectacular fail. Ooops. I made a choli and it did not fit and was not what I wanted for the Zatanna. Its not even useable for a pattern itself. Sighs. But that clouded my brain when I finished a skirt, finished putting trim on the sari, Finished a scarf and didn't kill people. It was an almost thing at the pizza place cause they were dumb. But I ate pizza drank beer and went to bed much happier than when I started.


Mel had a productive day and finished the entertainment center. He will shellac it next weekend so we can get it installed into the house the following week. That means I have 1 piece of my parent's furniture left and that is the curio cabinet. We are looking for an antique to replace it.

Sunday AM mel woke up early for his flight and I snuggled in bed until Ben kept banging on my door from 630-715am. I was not happy. I told him that I would not accept that behavior and sent him to his room after he immediately threw something I told him not the throw. I left him sit there while I drank a cup of coffee and then planned the day. After that he was right as rain. We had breakfast at Prep and Pastry, did errands and came home for snacks etc. He played well, watched a movie nicely and was in general just awesome to everyone. Willa came over in the afternoon to help me cut out crown clothes. I had to do fabric kung fu and was left with a tiny bit of scrap. My under is short sleeved due to fabric but I think it will be very comfy.


Had a wonderful dinner with Ben and we watched more Olympics. He really liked watching the skeet earlier in the day, we watched some golf, synchronized swimming and volleyball. He got a good shower and bed shortly there after. I was tired but I sat and was watching the Olympics until the cable went out so I turned on Hulu and started watching Sleepy Hollow and finished my socks.


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I spent Friday doing school shopping with the boy. I was completely tuckered when we got home. I didn't craft on Thursday night or on Friday night for cosplay. I worked on the damnable scarf and am very close to finishing it. Mel has been decompressing from work stress and it has been nice to sit on the couch and watch the Olympics.

Saturday I did the grocery shopping and then worked on the lolita. Sunday AM was lolita in the AM/noon and the afternoon was working on the sarees at Ari's.

Benton had some rough spots this weekend. He did not listen well and did not get his reward for good behaviour (eegees) twice. I had to have him do pushups in the stores and he was annoying to the stylist who cut his hair. He did well at Ari's playing with Mason for hours and then he lost the groove. But he was tired and hungry so I can understand. I was tired and hungry too.

On the saree front I made the decision to add the pallau from the saree [livejournal.com profile] uaekiwi got me for my wedding and that I've already gotten trim and a skirt out of. I got the bottom trim all sewn on, the extra fabric and now just need to sew down the top trim and the edge of the extra fabric. The pallau piece has red on it which will go nice with Zatana's cape she wears at times off the back of her tuxedo jacket.


I still need to pattern the jacket/vest/chemise but I think that can be accomplished this week so that I can spend the following week working on SCA clothes for crown and then just working last minute items. Mel goes to Britain Sunday so I want things pretty settled and be at hand work so Ben and I can watch movies and color together etc versus me making yards and yards of trim in my studio.

The Loli is now getting very close to done.



I still need to put a bit of trim on the ends of the undersleeve, trim the bottom of the jacket, takeup the skirt piece and make the collar. The entire weekend it was "more floofy, if you think its too much, add more!" and I think I got the asthetic right on the butt bow. I still probably need bows in the front but now I'm thinking I'm going to bustle up the skirt on the jacket to show off all of my hard work on those damnable ruffles.

I sat down after dinner last night and finished up our hair bows for the Hydra Cheer squad, though I need to figure out how to use the cyber dreads I bought. I also cut out the fabric for the bun covers but I need to dig out my cotton batting to make them bigger and smoother, plus add more lace.

So, lots of progress and things are falling into place nicely. Just need to get through the next few days before school starts and then we can get back into a normal routine.

I also finished Venom in the same series I've been reading by Estep. Kev didn't give me the fourth book in the series so I started in on The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay.

I slept like utter crap last night and its now been a monday with computers, late sleepers etc. Sighs.

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Work was dull. The drawing reviews I'm doing are tedious but necessary. I found the most ubiquitous note ever that had us laughing "Soldering shall be in accordance with applicable specification." So if the Barnam and Bailey Circus has a solder spec we could use that. Seriously. LOL. But by the time quitting time came I was toasty and my brain was soup.

Fought traffic to the knit shop, we had weather moving in again and while we were there the first pass blew through which took out power poles etc around town. Didn't loose power there or at home but things flickered. I got to show off my TDFleece spinning and the cat. I worked on the Chevron scarf that I blogged about Rule Number 3 breaking and its still effed up. But I'm making do. The comments from people on Ravelry also show that its effed up and the pattern writer is still being rude. I have about 2/3 of a second ball left and then will be done with it. I'm all about finishing old UFO's (unfinished objects).

Got done there and headed home. Mel was watching Minecraft stuff on youtube. I headed back to the studio and managed in 2 hours to get the second sleeve on the jacket, the armscye hem turned, the neckline tack stitched and all of the last of the fabric for the skirt ruffles cut out. I have no idea why I was so scared to cut into the sheer fabric. It was easy, just goes to show I don't trust my own abilities with things at times to the point of nerfing myself. Put everything away and stacked the fabric up for sewing tonight.

The trim is just laid around the neckline...not sure I will use that or something else yet.

Pile of fabrics for the ruffle booty!!!!

Weather was also nuts last night. I guess there were 61 mph winds at the base (1/2 mile from my house. crazy.

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Up until about 2pm on Sunday I was feeling like a total failure. It took Ari hitting me upside the head to tell me that just cause I wasn't working on my cosplay stuff completely 24/7, didn't mean I suck. I was making stuff and doing good and I need to shut up and color.

So, lets rewind a bit....I had things to do this weekend which involved finishing up the lolita....I only managed to shop for it...I got some trims and another yard of fabric to make more trim...but I've been thinking about it.

Thursday I went to karaoke after spinning while Ben was in the shower. I got my first bobbin of 2 ply done on the red/denim yarn.
Stage 18: first bobbin plied

Had nice time singing and having a drink before getting home about 11pm. Mel was out and had to go to work in the AM. I set my alarm and crashed. He left around 515am and when I got up at 10 to 7 there was coffee. Yay! Got Ben to school and then came home to spin. I got the second bobbin done of the plying and then started in on errands (see above purchases) before I headed to my massage and a bit of other shopping. I didn't get my toes done...they were too busy but I picked up the boy who had had an awesome day and we got muchkins and coffee at Dunkin before heading home. I sat and finished up the pieces of the cat I was working on for a baby gift and the boys played legos. I got that done and we showered and then headed out for [livejournal.com profile] swordmage's bday at Ermanos. Ben did really well though he was tuckered. Good beer, food and conversations. Got home and I was tuckered myself. I didn't have the energy to do more than stare at fabrics but I managed to pull things out of stash for more purse/project bags for D*C.

Went to bed and slept pretty horribly....not sure what is up. We got up late to head to the event but it was all okay. Things were seriously running on SCA time. We should have carpooled with Dom...lol. Ben did okay. He was tired but he ran around with the kiddos there while we judged and taught folks what a median standard means and how not to be a jackass when judging. I saw lightbulbs going off above peoples heads which was good. We finished judging and then had almost 3 hours until court....seriously. 3 hours. Sighs. This meant we had to eat in SV and then drive home to make sure Ben didn't melt down. But he did good, we had Culvers and it was tasty. I did manage to get pictures of me spinning during court and also to chat and kibitz with Caolfinn. Which was awesome.


Got home and I started in on plying the rambouillet. It is so pretty.

Sunday I woke up poorly. Like the bed was on the wrong floor kind of waking up. Boy oh boy was I in a bad mood. I was a grump which was not helped by the fact that I had nothing but coffee until lunch. I had lunch and a beer and was much better. I got dinner on to cook and made spanish rice for the house hold meeting/pool party. But during the finale of this years Tour de France:
I finished my plying and then spooled everything off and organized it into this picture just as Froome crossed the line with team Sky in a can-can line.


Left: Silk/Merino singles 22-24 wpi and 233 yards all drop spindle.
Top: 2 ply rambouillet of 160 and 236 yards in skeins, Full singles to ply during tour
Middle (little): left overs from red and another project. 17.5 yards 3ply, plied during tour
Middle: red and denim merino, 69 yards and 131 yards 2 ply, 1 oz of red spun during tour all else plied.
Bottom: Easter yarn 148 and 174 yards plied only.

Total yardage spun and plied: 1633.5 yards
Total yarn to use: 1168.5 yards

We left for the household meeting a bit late because I couldnt' find my swim suit....it was in the laundry still from the retreat...really???? Sighs.

I relaxed a lot when I chatted with Ari who hit me on the head and chatted with A'isha on hair styles for the loli. We got home and dinner was not going to be done..I should have set the cooker to high while we were gone...oops. Ben ate his lunch which he hadn't earlier in the day and I think I drank a beer for dinner while mel had chips. I wasn't hungry. Hrafnheim can cook and if you go hungry its your own damn fault. Ben had a ice cream drumstick...thus he ate dinner.

I was feeling restless and just started cleaning up my messes. I had spinning stuff everywhere in the family room and I organized it and put things away. I cleaned up the studio for use, organized the stuff I had bought, put more things away, finished the cat for Julia/Eric, cleaned off the table for cutting later in the week, pulled fabric for crown clothes and just tidied things up. It felt really good. I then sat down about 9pm, pulled up Pinterest for how to make hair bows and made 3 as test pieces for our Hydra Cheer Squad.

The Cat:

The Bows:
Option 1
Options 2 and 3

And then I decided to finish a long lingering knitting project that just needed a hook and eye put on it.


So, I guess I was all about finishing things that have been on my plate and are stealing my muses to work on things I need to. All good, just didn't feel up to it...Now I do.
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Got a hold of the Doc for Ben and she is confused as we are on what the school is looking for. She is making the appointment for her being able to observe him and will help us through this. What I love about her is that she heard my brief on the concerns and then asked me how I was doing. I told her we were panicked which is true in many ways. I felt better and need to chat up her office today to see if she got a hold of the school for the meeting.

The day was long and I'm in between projects which doesn't help but I left about 5pm to head to meet Ari for sushi and knit night. When I arrived at Sakura I realized that Grandma's was closed due to them being out of town....so, just sushi for us. I got us a table in sniper position and got to watch the Tour de France. Our server was okay and our orders were slow but OMG the salmon melted in my mouth. We had a good time good food, drink and conversation. Then we headed to my house to work on things and watch the Tour wrap up. What a finish....first time in a long time the breakaway worked.

I spun the second ounce of the ramboulliet and then worked on the kitten for Julia's baby.

Day5: first bobbin of Rambouillet


Ari attempted to cast on a shawl....it went poorly but comically. Then she got us hooked on Post Modern Jukebox" and Mel and I were up very late watching and listening to them. HOLY COW....I also got a plunnie (plot bunny) for a fic which I hope to get sussed out today as well. Seriously inspired. Darn you ARI!!!! (grin)

So got to bed way late but felt good for once and not too panicked. All good.
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I had big awesome plans for the weekend. Make things, Tour de France, Tour de Fleece, make my house look less like a mess, relaxing, reading and sleeping. Work had been dragging all week due to it being cold as a morgue and quiet as one too. I was exhausted on Friday but managed to hit Micheals for a sale. We had pizza for dinner and just relaxed. I think I went to bed early...not sure.

Saturday morning was good, slept in, got things organized, spun some stuff for Tour de Fleece, cleaned the bathroom a bit. Mel, Ashley and Wander made ginger beer and peach ginger beer. Wander worked on some cross stitch and I worked on a kitten for Julia/Eric. Its turning out very cute...though I'm using up ends of yarn and it will be a very, very calico cat.

Things were great until I went and got the mail to find a letter from teh school which both mel and I took very hard. Others reading it did not take it to mean what mel and I thought but its again in flux for school for Benton. The thing is June flew by....we traveled a lot through it...were gone a lot and well here we are at July. School is about 4 weeks away. Yes, in AZ school starts in August. This means that all of the work for over the summer...is gone...we need paperwork and the like done now and well....excuses suck and I suck and that got my head screwed on my body completely sideways the rest of the weekend.

Saturday night we went to Perrin's going away party at Sentinel. That was nice to sit and talk with [livejournal.com profile] sathrn who we have not seen in FOREVER. Lots of old and new faces. Ben hung out with Faydra, and Babba's son. He at good the restaurant and ate well....he was needy all day and drove us nuts. We need to be more inclusive on big project weekends.

Mel was sick on Sunday, some time of tummy issue...not sure but he was tired/felt icky and didn't eat much. I was even good and cooked a nice dinner. Sat with Benton and gave him another spinning lesson. Which I think he just likes the spinning part. I may just give him yarn to spin and play with for a while.

Day 2: Spinning Lesson for Benton

Tour de Fleece:
I got things plied up from an old (2013...eep) project. I ended up finishing plying and then replying an older skein I had done on the spindle since it was way too loose. It looks nice now and I got to use my new yarn bowl which worked really, really well. I got through 4 oz of red that spun beautifully and now I'm wondering if I want to ply the red and the denim (from the retreat) together as a barber pole yarn. Not sure. After that I have 8 oz of white to get through and I may pull out more fiber that is colored to offset the white. I need to get the scale out and parse it out in 1oz parts. We shall see.

Monday I woke up badly. I had been up in the night and finally got back to sleep very late. I spun to settle myself and then got in on cleaning up the house. I washed floors, bathrooms and kitchen. Got laundry on for Ben and washed my wool chair covers. I was cruising fast to get things done and it seems if I had done a bit every day it wouldn't have been so long but oh well. A deadline is better than free form for me.

Ari and the kiddos arrived while I was in the shower. The boys played with the legos. Linnet played on her phone and we all chatted about Neko Atsume and lots of topics. I worked on the kitten, we just had a good time talking. Ashley arrived after Ari and I had hit the store for final essentials (cat litter cause I obviously bought some and left it at target, sighs; ice cream, yogurt and salad). I got food on the grill about 445 or so. I made grilled chicken which I had marinated in two batches...1 in Stubbs BBQ sauce and the other in wing sauce that Mel had picked up. Chicken always takes forever and since I was doing corn at the same time I had to keep opening the grill to move things and that made things cooler than I wanted...no worries. Got things together with the salads and the couscous I made and it was tasty.

The day before I had made cobbler with the spent fruit from the peach ginger ale experiments and we had that with tillamook ice cream. I had bought a pie from the store and it was moldy when I opened it. I will be taking that back to Safeway today. EWWW....

I was doing better by the time dinner was done and we were showing people how the Tour de France works, watched Big Trouble in Little China during dinner (yay!) and then did some D&D with the kids. We climbed up on the roof and watched the airbase fireworks. Some really pretty things this year. Folks went home after the kids almost got eaten by a gelatinous cube (no really!) and then it was bed time.

This morning I wrote letters, made phone calls and sent faxes for the school thing. I will call shortly to make sure it was picked up by who it should have been picked up. I had confirmation the fax went through from the machine side. So, better...tonight I need to work on stuff at the house...put laudry away and finish the declutter of my studio and put shit away.

I need to stay busy to keep my internal monologue of suck at bay. Just need to get through things and get stuff working.
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Work was work....I'm in the middle of some drafting mess and trying to fix things that the system has rejected. Yay fun. I was exhausted when I got to pick Ben up at the dojo....he'd had a good day and I made dinner of alaskan pollock burgers (thank you BOGO at costco) and brown sugar carrots. Ben liked the fish and the tortilla I served with it but did not like the carrots. Weird. I thought it was very tasty.

Got him a shower, texted for help to get cat litter from ashley since we were more than out...icky bathrooms are icky. Got Ben settled for bed, he read me the first page of the book we were reading (yay!) and settled myself in to watch Deadpool with Ashley and get projects done.

I managed to get Janelle's gift fully done (just needs a washing or 3) and got the gift for Brad done except for washing/felting. I'm really liking the elephant blanket. And now tonight will cast on for the ragdoll cat I'm making Julia for her podling.
Finished Presents

We were up late and my side that has been killing me (pulled/knotted muscle in the back under the shoulder blade) wasn't any better after the shower. I forced myself to sleep on it to get it to stretch out after heat/biofreeze/ibuprofen and its still stiff to day but better.

Tonight will be knit night and i'm looking forward to seeing folks.
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Headed to Costco after work to pick up essentials like kiddo allergy medicine and half and half. Exciting no? I fought traffic home (cause I was dumb on my route and too tired to not follow through) and got home to relax. Read while dinner finished cooking, had dinner with the family and then sat down on the couch and did not want to move. Wander was over to drop off a new shirt for Mel which has beer stuff all over it. So cool, it will be his Friday shirt.

I read for a bit and then worked on the baby presents. Got Janelle's almost done. It just needs a trunk/2 bows. The one for Brad's baby got eyes/nose, it still needs ears and felting. I hope to finish those up tonight and then start on the one for Julia/Eric so by the end of the week everything is done and I can slam out a cowl for a supplier and then be done with gifts etc and be able to concentrate on costumes.

This weekend will be mind melding with the Ari.
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Thursday AM we left for the Fiber Retreat with Ashley going for her first time. We realized about half way through the drive that mel forgot the wheel to his spinning wheel which is hilarious in so many ways. We made good time getting to the Lake Arrowhead Ranch. Arrived at 345pm and traipsed around in the cool (to us AZ folks) mountain air. I took pictures of the beautiful purple flowers near the fountain which had a neato bee hanging in it.

We helped get things setup and people moved in for merchants etc. Settled in for dinner where I poisoned myself on the salad mix (effing kale). This was the first time I'd had raw kale before and well, it makes my lips numb and my tongue and throat swell. Awesome. Sighs. I read the labels on everything else....oh well. Lesson Learned. Stayed up chatting with folks and making sure that [livejournal.com profile] cayswan got settled from her car adventure up the mountain. Got to bed and snuggled down.

We got up around 8am or so. Benton was so happy to be up and attem' with his camp buddies. Ugh. Mel and Ashley hung with the dye pots all day and I ended up sitting in on an inspiration class taught by Ester (https://www.etsy.com/shop/BelleEstoile) and it was neat. I learned to use a new app to look at colors on photographs that I find neat/inspiring and then we talked about how we would create that feeling in textiles. It was neat and not something I would have taken as a class but I was sitting in the part of the lodge where the class was working on the present for the soon to be here Baby Wortman. Its turning out uber cute!

Benton had been hanging with Meadbhb (a young Irish girl was nannying for the event) and the other kiddos. He got to go swimming, see horses, play in the dirt, play with pinecones, color etc. He had a really good time with his retreat buddies.

I spun some denim colored wool that I got from To-ply (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Toplyfiberarts) and that spun beautifully after I let it sit in timeout on Friday night. I realized that Thursday night I had plyed up some yarn and then never switched whorls. Oops. Fixed that and then it spun like a dream for 3 bobbins. I need to ply that now to make it really awesome. Got to spin 1 whole bobbin of a red as well. So pretty.

Saturday I worked on teh baby project, spun and hung out near the dye pots putting in yarn that mel won at the raffle. Yes, he won yarn since he couldn't spin any....lol. Had a great time with that. Saturday night we got an archeological talk from Barb and that was faboo.

Hit the hot tub with Mel and Ashley and we did a run down of the event. Learned a bit, enjoyed time with friends we only see once a year and were envious that Barb has our resources for documentation on a first name basis. sighs.

Sunday we got up and moving and packing things and people up. I had to help back peoples cars down the twisty drive and I hate toyotas. Seriously. Ugh. Told Lynette that next year we are just hauling her stuff down....yuck.

But we got on the road at 1030 or 1045am and were in Tucson by 630pm. Stopped at Billy and Ashley's for dinner (homemade by Billy pasties!) and watched a monsoon come in. Got home, got the boy showered and tucked into bed but he was too wound up to sleep right away. He had napped in the car which was good.

We settled into things and then headed to bed. Mel was out about 10 seconds after his light went off. He drove from Indio all the way to Tucson. I had done the Tucson to Chiracao Summit on the way out and yeah. Tiring.

Today has been okay at work except that I either left my engineer's ring off or I have lost it at work today. Not sure. Very weird.

Pictures of the weekend - Click on the pic to go to the album.
Fiber Retreat 2016
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Well, the holiday has come and gone and work has begun anew for the new year.

2015 was a struggle on many fronts. Many good things happened but I'm looking forward to the new year to get things resettled for myself. Take care of me and mine plus get back to happy and less stress. So in December I finished:

1)Knit Cowl for my mom

2) A Knit shawl for my MIL (her handspun and some alpaca/wool/silk)

3) Two crochet cowls (for [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan)

4) A Knitted/felted Hedgehog for [livejournal.com profile] lferion

5) Plied some TdF2015 yarn
305 Yards

6) Made pie, lots of meals for the holidays, lasagna, homemade cheese (won the taste competition) and more pots of coffee than I care to think about.

I also enjoyed time home with my family. I even enjoyed cleaning and starting the purge of stuff. My MIL went home with pants that don't fit me any longer and I'm not holding on to them until they do. My SCA stuff and stash will be next. Purge and organization of the house is our theme for the first part of 2016. We will be getting the roof re done, getting a wall and a new patio door and in general making our home more livable and comfortable.

I'm still working on Mel's xmas socks. I'm at the toe on one and hope to cast on the other one this weekend. I also cast on a shawl for myself that is stuck right now...I need to fix it and I have some spinning on the wheel too. I think evenings will be project orientated once again and weekends will be sewing. I need to update everything in my SCA wardrobe and Mel and Benton need more things as well. Time to look less scruffy.
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The weekend that was awesome.

So I took of the 16th from work since it was my birthday and we already had the 17th off for our standard off Friday. The day before at work was crazy but I got a lot accomplished. I managed to edit a 47 page report and review 4 more reports for the customer/my suppliers. Then I left a bit early to get my taxes picked up. Yeah, I know, it was tax day. Got home to have mel sign them and write the check to the state. And there I screwed up and didn’t put the check in the envelope and it was sealed tight. I didn’t have business envelopes and that caused me to stress as I hit the post office which was closed (at 5pm) and was only taking mail until 530pm and their kiosk didn’t do envelopes. Sighs. I put the federal in the box, picked up envelopes at CVS and then went to knit night to relax before the Baronial Calendar meeting. I got to show off Lois’s Blanket to everyone before I delivered it and I got to sit and chat which was also nice.

The calendar meeting was good. I knit on Baby Malcolm’s prezzie #1 and chatted with people. Hrafnheim will be hosting an EPIC tournament in December of 2016. Right now the acronym is open to interpretation. I’m sure Icka and Elinor have plans. LOL. Got to give out the blankie to Lois! As you can see here….she loves it!

She especially the amigarumi sun that I attached:

Got done with the calendar meeting and then headed to the Cherrybell post office since it was open for post until midnight and then came home. Taxes managed! Got home and relaxed before falling into bed exhausted. It had been a long day/week.

I had hoped that Mel would take Ben to school but he didn’t so I got woke up at 630am by Ben asking for breakfast. Got him up and dressed and fed and to school by 730am. Then I sat and had coffee, trifle and some Dr. Who. Got dressed up for errands (skirt and cute top), scheduled my massage and got Elinor in on scheduling a pedicure for the afternoon. I headed to look at shoes at DSW which I have a love hate relationship with….that day it was both since everything I tried on fit…I may have bought 4 pairs of shoes. Then I headed to the mall and got bras and some nightgowns before heading to lunch with the girls at Takamatsu. Tasty sushi and a Tokyo Mule later I was on my way to a 1.5 hour hot stone massage and a pedicure. Soo good both of them. Got cute toes with Elinor who was also recovering from a massage. I’m so going back. Picked up Benton and relaxed with him for a bit before bedtime where he made me birthday cards and then read after he went to bed before mel came home from St., Felix practice pretty late.

Friday we slept in a bit, I got coffee in bed where I sat and enjoyed it and read while Mel and Ben played legos. Got up and we got everyone dressed. Dropped Ben off at school and then headed out to look at plants and bum around. We hit Mesquite Valley Growers and Lowes and I loved the bougainvillea. I’ve always wanted one and we figured out what we wanted to shop the next day. We also looked at a lot of appliances to see what is available. The dishwasher really needs to be replaced and the washer and dryer are getting older. So it was good to look at see what we liked. Then we went to Grandma’s Spinning Wheel where Mel finally got to meet Jimmy from knit night. Those two are peas in a pod with spinning. Seriously. He got spin on the wheel I’ve been looking at and he liked it well enough and agreed that if I wanted it I should order it….so I did. I will soon be the owner of a Schacht Sidekick which is a folding travel wheel. I had just gotten a bonus from work for my good deeds and I spent it on the wheel and its case. I’m pretty stoked. And it should be here in time for the fiber retreat….oh, it you want to go… Griffin Dyeworks Fiber and Dye Retreat its in late June. Lots of fun!

We had lunch at Yardhouse and then tooled around the mall a bit to walk off the beer we drank. Looked at more appliances at Sears and then we headed home to take a nap, cause we could. The nap was glorious but mel was woogy from it. I went and got the boy picked up and then got booking to get cleaned up and gussied up for Demtrius and Danny’s wedding. We looked good and didn’t realize that we had matched the theme. I 1940’s my hair and Ben all paperboy out, Mel wore one of his new shirts with a set of my grand dad’s cufflinks. It was fun and pretty in the little park downtown. We got home and were beat. Benton spent the evening either busting moves on the dance floor or running around the gazebo with the other kids.

Saturday we all slept in and had a nice morning. Got headed out to go shopping for plants and We got a fuchsia bougainvillea, some Arabian jasmine and some succulents as well as trellises for letting the jasmine and the bougainvillea climb. We got home and potted things up and mel started on on the hacking away on the rosemary. The bougainvillea looks awesome! Mel got eyelets put into the brickwork to wire the trellises to the house for safety.


Mel was still working on the yard stuff when I left for my hair appointment. I had a plan and it came out perfectly. I haven’t had true bangs in about 25-30 years. And then I had no idea how to deal with them. Well, I’m better with irons now and I’m able to keep them looking nice so I got Betty Paige bangs! Tee hee!


Mel wasn’t too sure when I got home about the new haircut but everyone else loves it. Benton thinks “its very pretty, momma!” Its rather freeing in a way and I think I look a bit younger than my 38 years which is a good thing. Got everyone ready for wrestling and when I came back out in a tight shirt, capris and heels Mel was liking the hair cut even more. Yay! Wrestling was fun and we had a great time. I had been invited out to go dancing afterwards and got changed into some cute Goth gear to go out. I stayed dancing till almost 1am and it was glorious and fun and the DJ’s from Revival were fabulous.

Sunday was nice and Benny and I ran errands for more pots for plants, groceries, new shoes and some grill stuff. I made Dickman’s 50/50 burgers on the grill and used a new grill pan to make grilled squash. So tasty. After Ben went to bed Mel and I tackled cleaning up the bedroom which had become the dumping ground for lots of things including cosplay stuff, various laundry bits and junk. We put away all of the wool stuff, reorganized my hats, shawls etc and lilac mothballed the containers to keep the damnable wool moths away. It looks really nice though I still have to tackle my highboy dresser and get my jewelry organized and put away.
So, all in all it was a busy 4 days and it was lovely. I spent some good quality time with the family and took some care for myself and had a great birthday.
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Friday was hard at work....I'm waiting for people on way too many things and yeah. I was DONE by the time I left. I also got a large bonus at work and that was nice.

I did see Mike from American Pickers on the road and I waved at him when I passed and he HONKED AT ME!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Got home and worked hard to clean up my house for cloak night. We did a bang up job and I even got my studio cleaned up with clothes put away and the floor cleaned up. Our bedroom and Ben’s still need a deep clean but its all good. Just as we finished dinner, Myra arrived to pick up the Xterra. I had already taken my last drive in her before signing over the title.

Last Drive in Persephone


I shall miss that truck. Wow…it’s the longest I’ve ever owned a vehicle and I have many, many good memories of that truck and lots of road trips. I’ve driven her through: AZ, CA, NM, CO, WY, SD, NE, NV in the last 14 years and 170820 miles. Sniff, sniff.

Cloak night was good. Dominique came down and we all watched Ghostbusters while Mel and his crewe worked on things in the front room (1 squire, 1 man-at-arms and 1 student + Will). Wander, Ari, Sam, Willl, Dominique and I just chatted away, watching the movie and stitching. I almost got the raven done but was too tired to rehoop to finish. I will endeavor to get that done in the next few weeks. I also have a scroll to work on which I did not work on at ALL during the weekend.

Saturday we had breakfast at Joes and then I did laundry/errands and got the car worked on. Friday night I really started to feel a headache coming on and Saturday was painful. We hit the antique mall on the way back from dropping off the car for service and picked up some nice things. The headache hit full swing once we got back from picking the car up and I was toast. I managed to lay down and take a break but I failed to get drugs (I thought I had…stupid head). After dinner I managed to finally take drugs and have a tasty beverage and things were better. Mel and I watched some Tabletop and I got him to watch some other fun on Youtube like The Rock lipSync battle and other fun things.

Sunday I slept in. I got up about 850am to coffee. Mel had been up for a while. We were sitting and chatting and Bridget showed up for drawing….I hadn’t gotten her text that we were doing that…we chatted, had coffee and declined to go. Which was good, I was still feeling fuzzy headed and I got the border done on the blanket and decided to just finish the applique and get it done! It turned out cute and you will see pictures later after its delivered. Needless to say I only managed to basically do the dishes, do some laundry and sit on the couch crocheting and sewing. I never got out of my pjs and I’m okay with that. I was toast. But that project is done and then I got going on the present for Dana’s son and got the one for Phil’s soon to be here baby set out and ready.
But sneek peak of the applique:

This week is a short week for me. I’m taking Thursday off and we have Friday off already so….it will be a good week. I just have to get a bunch of stuff done. All doable if I stay on task. I also need to get my ass to the gym. Last week I felt like crap and well, I let myself feel like crap if that makes sense. This week I’m not going to let that happen.
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Work has been stressful...millions of dollars on the line stressful and well yeah. But I did get everything done before I left. Hardware is shipping today and we should be good for when we get back. Have to finish laundry, pack and go to a wedding before driving to phx but all in all good.

I did manage to finish one thing this week which is a stuffy for little Leia who is [livejournal.com profile] theresa_who's newest. Its 6+ months late. Ravelry seems down but we can post it here. Its a bit lumpy and misshapen but its cute and snuggly and I can imagine it getting drug everywhere.


So, yeah. That is the state of the world I guess.
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Well, its been a stressful week for me and my mood was great and now its not. Work, well, yeah.

I have made it to the gym twice this week and have my bag packed for more this afternoon. I'm committed to at least taking care of myself and maybe then my attitude about other things will get better and I'll feel less like a failure.

So making things this week.
I painted on scroll bits for [livejournal.com profile] ezabella's laurel. Helps like cats is fully in effect for that project.

I finished the blankey for Anya's boy and its here:

The border is fun but fiddly to do:

Going to finish a hat and another baby gift this weekend and clean my studio up cause good lord...its just become the dumping ground for projects, supplies and costume pieces. Sad but true. I spent some money on a big sale at joann's last night since I had a 15% off of everything including sales stuff and got polar fleece for the kiddo's hrafn hoods plus some fun fabrics for holiday gifts. I plan on sewing a bunch this year and I think that is okay. I just need to get my craft space up to snuff again and make a few hoods before southern. Though polar fleece technically doesn't need hems I'm still probably going to do them. We shall see.

I did manage to transcribe my prelude to my holiday story I'm working on for Ao3. 1300 words...needs heavy effing editing but its a start. I need to finish my research on the other story which really should only be about 1300 words or so and get that ready to go.

Just need to plug on and get that working.
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Busy and tiring week it has been. By Thursday at work at 1pm I was working pretty hard on brain drain extreme.  Got home with the boy a bit early and had mel home since he was busy working on his armor and taking it easy before dojo night which we were holding at St. Felix practice since they had just had their club fair. 

I did not want to go, I will admit but we had childcare and I needed to do something other than projects.  Now it so happened that what I expected to happen did.  I got onslaughted with questions etc from a myriad of folks and didn't get to warm up which was to my detriment.  I stiffened up really bad especially after the circuit training workout the day before. Oof. I couldn't even raise my shield above my shoulder about halfway through the night. Oh, well.  It was good though and my flap snap still sucks cookies.  Conversations with Mel the next morning helped a bit with that but my muscle memory is still the suck.

Friday we slept way in which meant Benton did not nap at daycare but we had a nice morning.  After I dropped him off I went to Joann's and scored bigtime with fabric and notions purchasing due to good use of coupons. I got more of the hrafn wool for cloaks and [livejournal.com profile] lferion got more last night so we now have enough for the next batch of cloaks inclusive.  YAY!

I then got us burritos at Filiabertos which has now become our fav burrito place versus Viva whose quality has gone way down .  Mel had gone to the wood store and got stuff for the new poles for the new sunshade and we go through more projects as the afternoon progressed. I cut out my dress and only had a foot left over and got a pedicure before picking benton up from daycare.  We had a nice evening in and I relaxed and worked on a blanket square I wanted to try.  It turned out awesome. It looks wonky in the picture cause it still needs to be blocked and was sitting on my lap a bit crooked.

Today will be sewing on my dress and hopefully getting everything to handwork.  The truck is in the shop getting a tune up and we picked up our new glasses too.  I'm uncertain if the boy will take a nap today or not. I hope he does but he's going to get some time in  the shop after lunch.

To Do List:
To Do List: )
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Wow, its been a while since I last caught up on things but the world has been busy. In the book department I finished #26 which was AWESOME!!! and then read #27 On Raven's Wings which is a Poe inspired short story anthology. I'm now reading #28 which is Cool for Cats. I have been busy making presents. The biggest of which was the belated baby gift for [livejournal.com profile] american_knight and [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa of a personally designed Captain America Shield Blanket.

Blanket )

I also made a cowl for Bryan, a thingy for Shanda, a Scarf for my cubemate and I'm working on a pair of socks for mel. Plus I've been working on a pair of socks for myself. So I've been busy in the crafty department.

More pictures of projects behind the cut )

Work was a bit stressful the last few weeks. I've been trying to close things out for the year and meeting some resistance to change on other things. I wasn't supposed to be in the office this week but I clocked in 12 hours over days. Along with work stress Benton has been biting again. We haven't found a trigger other than transitions between tasks at daycare. He's been actively teething for weeks it seems and well things are getting kind of dire at daycare that we are now having to take some more radical action. My personal fear and real life worry is that we will get kicked out of this daycare for an "aggressive" kid even though he's uber sweet most of the time. Its been a trial and I've had to come pick him up more than once from daycare way early. Sighs. The joys of parenthood.

Other than that I have been getting back to the gym and have been meeting some fitness goals I have set. I'm now running 2 miles of intervals at a crack..not very fast but I'm still running the whole way. I've also been working really hard on my core and my stoopid pulled muscle is behaving itself. The fitness has meant that even though the scale isn't moving in the direction I want the clothes are starting to fit better and that is really what matters most.

We are having a mostly small Xmas. Have a few folks over for Xmas Eve and for Xmas day. I hope to get out and run tomorrow and try to get out for runs or walks with the boy the rest of the week or so we are off. I've been baking pies this evening and working on mel's socks. My goal is to finish the one sock for Xmas and the second sock for new years.

Oh, also in news I've stepped down as Seneschal and am now the emergency deputy. Still helping out and working on somethings but its kinda nice to not be in manager mode with things. I'm very happy I stepped in to help but I'm also very happy to be back to doing my own things. I've missed not hitting knit night every week. Seriously missed it.

Oh and in other SCA news I took [livejournal.com profile] swordmage as my student. It was done at scribble since the Pas was cancelled due to field conditions but her head of house was there to accept the wereguild I got and I made her a nifty pennanular brooch with some of my glass beads on it to ID her as "mine". So if things work out in 6mos-1 year we will discuss apprenticeship.

Student Stuff )

So, yes, we've been busy...seriously...way busy. Glad for some down time now. I will try to post more and probably shorter posts as the new year starts. All good.
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The last few weeks have been projects, projects, projects and nothing for me which makes it even more draining. I've lots a lot of sleep to these projects and mel's that even though I can see the end (sort of) in sight its hard none the less. I've been feeling very drained from all of the sickness in the house and I realized, rather esoterically that maybe I've been making too much stuff...putting too much of myself in things and its eating away at me bit by bit.

The scroll everyone will see on Saturday but the blanket most folks won't see unless the parents bring it out to events. Maestra Tatiana (Melissa) and her hubby Mike are expecting a boy in mid-November and I had an idea for a blanket and then went with it. Its not designed by me but I made some modifications and chose the colors to be bright and strong and not your average baby blanket. Its based on a quilt pattern and is 112 pieces crocheted all together. The finish work took me many late nights for over a week to accomplish and I was down to the wire on getting it blocked and having the acrylic yarn set but I was so happy with it. Here is a quick pic of it.
Blanket! )

After being strung out on asthma meds for the last few days and staying up to finish it I was so toasted by the time the shower came around yesterday. So, I realized that today I needed to UNMAKE things. Now to unmake something does not mean to destroy it...rather get it back to where it started or get it out of the state of chaos its been in. I took time today to clean, to sweep, to put away to tidy and to organize multiple spaces in the house. The studio is usable (minus me wrapping xmas gifts), Benton's room is in top shape, the kitchen it clean and mostly tidy. The front room isn't too bad, still cluttered more than I like and in need of a good dusting but better. The vacuum's been run and things just look more tidy. I frogged two shawls. One of them I will start again with now a better understanding of the pattern. The other I will do the pattern in a larger yarn and larger hook but I UNMADE them and now they are just potential energy ready to start swinging in motion or start the build up to something greater. I swept the porch clean and got a circled candle burning to drive things out of the house. Get the chaos to settled and get back in line. Its cathartic, its zen, its necessary. Even though I'm now aching to make something I'm waiting until tomorrow. There are other things that are due that need my attention before I dive into my now stocked with two projects bag.

I've also been reading. I finished a 145k+ fan fic which I linked on my fic filter. I also finished #20 Small Favor which was completely new to me it seemed. I know I read it when it came out but I had completely forgotten things and when I've now read the most recent books in the series again...damn it Jim! You so set us up...OMG! Everything is obvious in the webs you wove! AGH!!! Thank you. Now I'm in Turn Coat and reading other fic.

So realize that if you keep putting your energy into making things you also have to unmake them to keep yourself sane. Mel and I sat and talked out next projects and how it will make the house better and easier and that made me happy. Keep moving forward.
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Friday mel and I ventured out to see Brave. It was good and fun and very pretty. It was Disney in it made me cry and do stay through the ending credits....its worth it.

We then hit up Polish Cottage for a fabulous meal...OMG such good food and then we went antiquing and had a good time at that. Got home and I was beat. We had dropped off the Fit for a brake job and oil change and mel kissed me goodbye when he went to pick up Benton...I think I slept for 1.5 hours. Sheesh.

Benton had dinner..we were still stuffed from lunch and we had a nice evening. He was crazy tired from his long day. We all were and I think we were in bed by 10 pm.

Saturday dawned and we got up and had a good morning. I managed to spin while watching the Tour de France for the Tour de Fleece. I'm working my way through almost a pound of fiber over the 3 weeks. Its a big goal and during the week I need to try to spin for at least an hour per day. We shall see what I can accomplish.

But here is day 1's spinning.
Day One on Spindle

Its polwarth that i got from 2Sisters Stringworks in Canada. Its in the colorway "Summer Skirt" but it reminds me more of those awesome red sunsets...uncertain we shall see when I get it finished.

Benton was pretty tired for his nap and slept a bit over 3 hours. We picked up the car and I managed to hit Old Navy for a gonga sale and get my eyebrows done before it was time home for dinner. Mel had made a lime/cilantro and rice dinner. Very tasty though Benton didn't much care for the chicken. It was another early-ish night for us but that was okay.

Sunday was hot and mel had been working in the shop in the mornings to beat the heat. We stayed in minus breakfast at Joe's. Managed to get more spinning done before breakfast and then worked off and on on the blanket for Elizabeth Grace. It turned out cute.


I really like the darker border. Very snappy.

So this week is light on the people in house for work but heavy on the tasks. Lots to do and its not helping that I had trouble falling asleep last night. Not sure what it was but grrr. Making me groggy today. I hope to get home a bit earlier tonight from scribble. We shall see.


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