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Well, the trip we thought was cancelled for Mel is back on and he will have 48 hours home before he goes overseas again. We hope they can just leave him in Europe for those days but we shall see. What that means for me is that I'm basically single momming it from Saturday night through Thursday and then the following Sunday through next Thursday. Sighs. Benton starts school next week so we will have to do the meet and greet plus the first day of school stuff and figure out after school care. I think I'm going to have to have him at school until we get mel home and then get it worked out. Not ideal but we shall see. Just not what I had intended.

All things will work out it just makes me aggravated.

So, got done with work and then headed to sushi with Ari where we got a few surprises. 1) they didn't have sake cups (WTF? a RAMEKEN?) and 2) they served the hot tea in a glass irish coffee cup.???? Since when?? The food was good and if you ever order the spicy avocado roll it is GINORMOUS and should be an appetizer not a roll and very tasty. I was stuffed when we went to knit night and I managed to make a good dent on the annoying scarf of annoying. I'm going to finish that thing and get it out of my house. Once I finish the yarn ball its done and crochet eats yarn so maybe another 6 inches to go which is about 10 rows.

Got home and attempted to craft. I was tired and making mistakes but managed to serge the edges of the blue sleeve flounces and when I went to pin the white lace to the bottom I was all thumbs. I had almost snipped the purlice of my hand with my snips trimming threads. So I was good and got a beer and sat down back to the crochet until bedtime. I think that was smart.

Tonight I will get things done. There had been an offer of movies but Benton needs time with family before his daddy is gone. And it will be nice. I think will be drag things into the family room and pin and then hop back to sew etc so mel and I can watch something at home.

The only thing I have done on the to do list is start wearing my new contacts and who knew I really need to start packing my reading glasses. Sighs. Oh, and I've misplaced my sari skirt and my cheerleading skirts. They are together but where...I don't know. Sighs.


May. 3rd, 2016 11:31 am
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Click the picture to go to the album.

Ian'ka and Cecil's Trip to KWHSS2016


Good coffee shops and good beer finds all over SLC.

Good yarn shops.

I've become that person who knows a lot of people in the SCA.

I got picked up and swung around by the King of a kingdom I've never visited.  It helps we've known each other since we were m'lord and m'lady and the fact he taught Ivan the off body so long ago.

Lots of good beer!

Heralds are a strange bunch.

Scribes are a strange bunch.

Met up in person with [livejournal.com profile] aliskye which was awesome!

Good food!

Amazing yarn store, Blazing Needles visit.

Got to see cool manuscript facsimiles.

Learned more about drawing acanthus and doing Fleuronnee Penwork

Got told i looked like I stepped out of a saga! SQUEE!!!

I think I got some of my mojo back for making SCA art.


Tweaked my back thursday bending an inch to get my pjs out of my suitcase and am still paying for it.

Lots of good beer! Which I felt was my need to finish before I left. I hate hangovers. But had a faboo convo with the apprentice.

Came home to a very sick hubby and a somewhat sick kiddo and stayed home yesterday to take care of them.

Scrolls for Coronation are done minus typing up the words for the heralds.
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I am weary from the weekend still….I guess I’m getting too old to be going back and forth with a 6 hour round trip on things. Oof. It was also cold and windy and that I’m sure didn’t help. We got going with Count Thomas about 645am which was later than we planned. I had not had the heart to finish packing and was just too damn worn out from the week. I had triumphantly finished the scroll on Thursday night with Bridget. Friday I got to sleep in and then head out to drop Ben off and get a massage with a heated rub/biofreeze chaser; breakfast, pedicures and shopping with Erika and then just as I was going to go to the knit shop to hang out the school called.

Well, he got to have the mother he did not want to pick him up. We got home and he got to pack all of his books up and then cry for a few hours in his room. I was a mess and tired and just uncaring about things. My day had been going well and yeah, had to be the monster parent. He refused to do as his teachers said and was a punk. Actions have consequences, child. Just frustrating. So, Saturday he had to sit with me almost all day as punishment and listen well. He did okay…course he also asked for food every 45 mins. Seriously, he ate more Saturday than we all did. The tourney was fun. Laurel circle was okay. I knit and was cold. Got done and headed to Lonesome Valley Brewing Co for a tasty burger and a porter I can’t stop drinking…Seriously, Brian has my number on that one.

So, the scroll, start to finish: Arsenda’s Laurel Scroll.

Sunday we were just all crabby and tired. All of us. Ben was a brat and refused to even be calm and quiet in his room. There were tears and spankings and a bin of toys was taken away. Sighs.
Monday was okay. He had a pretty good day at school and got his toys back. Tuesday was not as good and Wednesday he was so bad Mel had to pick him up about 1pm. Sighs.

My Monday involved lots and lots of meetings, arguing over a hyphen in a part mark and hitting the gym for arm/shoulders and some running. Oof. I pushed hard and ran more and increased my time on the treadmill two minutes more. Gonna keep trying to push time up to a full 30 mins. I got home and had a wonderful chicken stew mel had made and then was unmotivated to do much else. Ari was not there due to kiddo karate testing and I was running stuff which was ‘work on what you have’ and getting Sam working on learning calligraphy. I attempted to draw and was just not into it. I looked through some books and chatted with Bridget and I’m not sure what all else. Sat down to read while mel was in the shower and fell asleep with the cats snuggled on top of me.

Tuesday was just weird and Wednesday was work related frustartions (see Monday) and just a general lack of empathy and care about things going on. I was headachey and tired when I went to the gym but that perked me up quite well when I was done. I pushed up my squats to 75 lbs 3x8 and the calf raises to 348lbs 4x12s. I also did 4x20 on snowmen and added 2x12x2 on the ballet leg circles. Oof. Left there refreshed and then grabbed lunch from Rubios where I ran into Hastini which was odd but I guess serendipitous to the fact that I was running to teach at Arts Night. The new location is at Don’s business and it was an okay space. Its gonna be small though for big classes…not sure. I only had one student but that was okay. I went, I taught and I got to read her documentation that she had started for a projects. I got home and mel was snuggled up in his pj’s watching movie trailers on youtube. It was nice to see some upcoming movies. We got showers pretty late since I didn’t get home until 930. I really didn’t have any time to decompress. I read for a bit after my shower and curled up after being a good girl and remembering to put on biofreeze on my calves. I guess I was tired because I woke up in the exact same position I went to bed in and my hands were asleep. Sighs.

Today has been frustrating on a number of levels. They did a change to ingress to my plantsite that left me on the road 1.5 miles away for 35 mins for stop and go traffic getting in. Sighs. It was poorly executed and just nuts. We are all frustrated and mad and they could have warned us that things were changing ahead of time versus being stuck in traffic missing meetings because we didn’t know. Then the argument of the hyphen, I’m just not going to win so I caved. So much money wasted for a non-technical issue. So frustrated.

I hope Ben had a good day at school. Right now I’ve gotten no phone call and I will be leaving in a hour to pick him up. I’m tired and just want to knit and watch a movie.

At least on the taking care of me I’ve lost almost 10 lbs. It doesn’t really feel like it but I can see it in my face and my pants are better fitting. I’ve also noted my calves are looking better and that is good. So, small steps.
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Work, has been a lot of work. I have been so busy I'm almost drooling from brain drain by the end of each day. There is a lot of stress and I find I have to put my baroness hat on to deal with all of the political ish that is going on. Sighs.

We had a great time at Coronation in Payson. Did a bit of antiquing...attended the town's trunk r treat for Benton to trick r treat and in general had fun. Benton was not as patient as usual but he was tired the whole weekend.

This past weekend we went to Fiber Frivolity in Prescott with Will and Dom and caroused around Prescott while Ben was with Mary/Drew and Inara. It was a good time. Seriously good time.

We are now in the midst of Southern prep. I'm disappointed this year with the event in general. The communication has been shite unless you are on the book of faces which IMHO is not the proper place for information anyway, even if you use the platform. The website works, use that, broadcast across all social media platforms so all information is clear, concise and readable by all. Or be smart enough to realize the greater good is to not hold an event, save face and work on improving things for next year not pull something off that appears on the surface and under the skin as half-assed.

With that in mind though the household has made efforts to make the event "ours". We have a plan to deal with the no firepits and will be having our mead hall with food, games and drink. I plan on running the kitchen, doing some rapier, making sure Benton is occupied and relaxing. This is no stress. Just need to get to site and be there and then its no stress.

In the book front I did skip Calculated in Death and am now reading it. Been also reading Working for Bigfoot which you can get here at humble bundle. lots of fun. So, yeah. Good times. Pictures later when I get things uploaded at home from Prescott and Halloween.
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Pennsic was good, Pennsic was wet. I didn't fight much due to blistering my heels in my boots but took a lot of classes and shopped for books. The tally of purchases: 32 books (+ 2 books for Benton on the way home), 2 CDs, 1 pair of earrings, 8oz of fiber, 1 ringed pin, 2 balls of wool/cashmere sock yarn and a few presents.

Mom had an interesting time with Benton who 1) got moved to the 2 year old room (he's 16mos), 2) got another case of hand/foot/mouth, 3) got bit by a spider and 4) enjoyed grandma time.

More and better posting tomorrow when I have more of my brain but pictures are uploading as we type.

Upcoming projects:
1) New banner for Ivan
2) New dress for crown
3) [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue's Scroll
4) [livejournal.com profile] thyririgain's Scroll
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Last night I headed up with HRH Thomas, Sayyida Mariyah, Lady Aeryn and m'lord Reinhardt to meet with m'lady Ariana (Kissa), m'lord Herger (Lee) and Lord Storvarr to have a Hrafnheim prescence at the BofA Novice tourney. Aeryn, Rienhardt and Herger fought the novice side while Mariyah and I fought the non-novice tourney.

The novice side ran round robin and the non-novice side ran double elim. My first fight was good. I managed to kill m'lord Kale from Inverted with a slot. My next fight was from Micheal Kilkenny (who won the tourney) and he punked me in the face with his inverted great sword. I so missed that...gah. So dumb. My next fight was with Mariyah (had to fight her since the list was adjusted) and that was okay. I need to have some patience but eh I ended up loosing. After that I headed over and did some pickups with Baylor and had a good time with that. I'm leaving me sword arm out..something Ed noted at practice but I'm not sure why....gotta look at that. I was so worried about using the new shield I think I kept it way out there. I do like the new shield. It was nice to use, not too heavy and the handle was really comfy. Just need to work on the sword work.

After the tourney we headed to the Armadillo Grill and had some nummy food. I was starving. The conversation was good but it was midnight when we left. Tom was awesome and I was inside the house, hitting the shower at 2am. I was in bed by 215 or so and asleep very shortly after. I managed to sleep most of the way home from Chandler Blvd so I'm doing okay for now. We shall see when Benton and I need to hit Costco after work. We need diapers and some other stuff so we shall see.
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she was getting ready to have a weekend before heading to business travel to the chilly confines of Boston Massachusetts.

But first we had to get through the weekend. Thursday was a bit rough. Laura was sick as was [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa so I got the trusty [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari to watch Benton so I could make house training night at the dojo. Had a good night there and then off to pick up the boy who had a nice evening with ari. Poor kiddo though. I had put him directly in the car after his bath, he'd fallen asleep on the way to Ari's and then was awake a bit to be fed and then play and then fallen asleep in the pack n play to then be woken up just a bit to be moved to the car and home. So he was grumpy when I pulled him out of the car seat at home. I was a bit grumpy tired too so I understand. It was a pretty early night for us though I did read for a bit as well.

Friday we all slept in and then I took the boy to daycare and mel and I headed off to the movies. Unfortunately, we didn't make it in time to see Tin Tin in non 3D so we made a day of antiquing and shopping. We had a grand time and had a great lunch at Amelia Grey's Tea Garden. If you haven't gone its really good and we had a nice cuppa and soup and sammies and it was very, very nice. We did a lot of antiquing and hit quite a few places and were home about 4pm. I got a nice wedding gift for [livejournal.com profile] zippydclown and [Unknown site tag] and got myself some pretty pendants.

We had a quiet evening at home and Saturday I did laundry and worked on things around the house. I got myself all packed for my early morning trip on Sunday. My stupidity was the fact that I tried to stay up and finish my book and was up way, way late and then got up way, way early to catch my flight resulting in not enough sleep. Was I smart and napped on the plane? no, I knit. I'm working on this awesome cabled hat for Brian and its so awesome and I got sucked into its awesomeness. Seriously. My OCD took over.

Landed in Boston and it was COLD!!!!! Like single digits and with the wind it was below zero. I have not been in that cold in a while but I was very happy to be wearing my handknit cowl, my hand knit half gloves (so I could operate my phone) and my alpaca hat (the cats stole my hand knit had in the night so I had to dig out my alpaca hat). I looked cute and I was warm!

Driving in Boston is odd. We were heading north out of the city but that means we were driving on parts of "the big dig" and tunnels with narrow lanes and not great signage was kind of harrowing. The thing I hate about east coast signage is Turn Left for X means turn LEFT RIGHT NOW!!! Got to our hotel and I luv Holiday Inn...they know me there and having good status means lots of perks. Then we headed out to a nice restaurant and I had crabmeat stuffed haddock...so good. Then it was to bed.

Waking up in a time zone 2 hours different always hurts but I managed to get up and down to breakfast looking very presentable. Had breakfast and then we all traipsed out to the cars. Drove to the plant site and I got working. I had a really good day on the floor and i managed to get a lot accomplished. Found out from texts from Mel that he was home sick but the boy was at daycare. I was a bit worried but not until I called him while I was stuck in traffic did I find that he had passed out in the bathroom at 5am, hit his lip on the sick, hit the door with his shoulder and hip (scraped them up) and then landed on a bottle of shampoo and bruised his hip. He woke up about 10 mins later and then threw up. Poor guy. He got up a bit later and got the boy up and realized that he was going to stay home. I called and the boy was good and Mel was feeling better. That made me feel better.

I managed to hit The Wild and Woolly Studio in Lexington MA. Its a neat shop and they were hosting a trunk show with Ann Weaver. She a neat lady and I got to chat knitting with her. I fell in love with her new sweater called Try-works and I bought both of her books. So many cool patterns. I also bought some yarn as you can see here.

Yarn Haul

Got into boston after battling traffic and got to the rental car return where they bent over backwards to fix my issue with them charging my personal credit card when I handed them my corporate card when I checked in. Its all fixed now but they credited me some bonus points and personally took me to my hotel. Very nice. The Hilton was awesome and comfortable and had hot apple cider in the lobby to enjoy. I grabbed up cup to sip while the shuttle took me to the subway station and then I made my way to the Union Oyster House and a few other points of interest. I had a nice meal and knit a bit while sipping Sam Adams Boston Red Brick Ale which is only available in Boston on tap at local businesses. Very cool.

I made an album of my trip and you can see it Boston Trip Here.

Got back to the hotel, had a cuppa tea and then a shower and then noticed it was snowing outside. Very neat to see but I was worried about the trip out by plane the next day. I slept kinda fitfully since I had to get up way early but it all worked out. I made it to the airport with good time, got through security with a full body scan and then out to get my Dunkin Donuts. I like being back east where I can say "coffee regular" and get it without a weird look and an explanation. I sat knitting watching them de-ice planes until ours arrived and it was time to board. My flights back were good. I knit the entire time and had a really good lunch at Champs in DFW. I was lucky enough to have the window and no one in the center seat on both flights.

Got to TIA and had a message that Benton's appointment was canceled. Checked in on mel and he was at work...poor guy. Got home and enjoyed the quiet and when mel got home he wanted a nap. I picked up the boy and chinese for dinner and then we had a family meal...though Benton wasn't very hungry. He was tired and a bit cranky. But we all were. We got him bathed and into jammies and then it was bottle and early bed. Though he squawked for a bit I think he was out in 15 mins. Mel and I watched some new to us episodes of NCIS and then it was bed time.

I slept pretty good but mel was up coughing a bit. He stayed home like a good boy. Benton was tired this morning and i'm not sure why but he's also a bit snotty. Poor kiddo. I tried to leave him at day care and he fell forward from sitting and threw a mini temper tantrum with tears and banging of feet. I comforted him a bit and tried to leave but he clung to my pant leg. Miss Lisa picked him up and we got him to smile. I waved to him and he waved back to me and looked much happier. I felt really bad. Oh, well.

So it looks like I'm not hitting knit night unless mel perks up a bit. I was hoping. Oh, well, gotta take care of my boys.
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So, due to scheduling and the people I'm traveling with "having to travel on sunday due to kids" I get to fly to Boston on Sunday...be at out manufacturer on Monday doing mechanical fit checks and then flying home Tuesday am. I've located one knit shop that is open until 6pm which I will try to get to before I drive back to Boston on Monday night. We shall see how that works out. I'm not looking forward to the highs being lower than our lows here but I'll cope and wear lots of knitwear. It will get me lots of knitting time while flying so that is good I should be able to knock out Brian's hat and maybe start a hat for myself. We shall see. I also need to get working on a hat for the Benton since once he's out of the helmet his head is gonna get cold.

So projects while flying will be good. The trip will hopefully be pretty uneventful for weather and I hope to god my fit check goes well with the hardware. I'm a bit worried....its a sound design but I have doubts. We shall see...which is why we do this.

I'm not happy about traveling on Sunday but I will cope. I get home early enough on Tuesday that I can still pick up Benton and have an evening at home with him. I don't have to pump milk anymore so traveling will be much easier and Mel will only have to watch the boy on his normal night. Hopefully he will be good for him.
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Well, my business trip went really well. Lots accomplished and I have lots to do paperwork wise due to action items but nothing too hideous or hard. Just one issue that I should have caught and didn't that is annoying me but that is more from a "I know better than that" versus "hey this is wrong" kind of thing. I also failed on my quest to bring home boiled peanuts for mel. He luvs the darn things and I tried 3 places, including a farmer's market that ended up being closed. Oh, well.

Got home last night and I was very happy to see the Kemp men and little Benton was really, really happy to see me. Mel had texted me that he was noticing I was gone yesterday morning and wasn't eating very well. I figure another day of me being gone and he would not have been a happy camper. I really didn't get too emotional until I was holding him. The smell of my baby boy got me and that made me feel really bad for leaving him. Weird but true. Mel and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home and I fed the boy and put him to bed. He is so cute when you give him his blanket. He grabs it and flings it on his head and then pulls it down to play peak a boo. Such a cutie.

So odd things I noted while in Alabama. I'm gonna list it since its so weird in places.
1) Every 3 channels is a religious channel on cable for the first 30 channels and then is 15 sports channels...weird.
2) I ate at a restaurant that had Pabst Blue Ribbon on TAP!
3) You can throw anything and hit a church around there...yup, its the bible belt.
4) I saw a gal at a crossroads soliciting cars in hot pants and a bikini top...it was a high way..we were running at 65mph...not very efficient.
5) Food is fried in most places and I can get mac and cheese when ever I want.

I managed to finish two knitting projects while on travel. I finished mel's mitts which he is in love with. He had them on last night and was hugging his hands to his chest like a mental patient. I finished his dad's cowl, take II. I then worked on my shawl and got to the 3rd chart and borked it up. Not sure how to fix it but I think some looking into ravelry and chatting with [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari will be helpful.

Got back to work today and lots of crazy is happening. I have a lot of paperwork to do and not a lot of motivation to do it. But I must get it done. I don't want to work tomorrow and its due monday and I hit my 40 hours just after lunch and tomorrow is our day off and well..I'm tired and my brain hurts. Oh, well. Its wacky.
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Well, monday morning I fed the boy and handed him over the Mel and then flew to alabama. We hit a lot of rain after we landed but it was good flights and I managed to finish mel's mitts by the time I went to bed last night. We ate at an Oyster house and it was tasty. Getting up this morning for working out was hard. It was 530 am local time...oof. But I went and did some calisthenics, some body weight exercises, some weighted exercises with the little 15#s that they had and then ran intervals for 15 mins. It was good for me and I'm going to do it again in the morning. The work was good and I had other stuff going while we went through all of the paperwork. I've got drawing changes to do and one of them was unexpected but I guess I'm not surprised. I just don't have a solution yet and I'm tired enough that I'm going to work on it tomorrow.

There was a huge thunderstorm while we were at the supplier today and the power went out. ITs not that bad for temperature even with the humidity. I was thinking it was going to be worse. Pumping is going okay. Family bathrooms in airports and the really nice ladies bathroom at the supplier have made things easy. The boobs though aren't too happy. I think part of it is just I'm off in timing than normal and I think Ben pulls things differently than the pump does. My right side is a bit sore but I've been there before. I'm missing the boy and it sounds like he and Mel had a great time with [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa and [livejournal.com profile] american_knight's for dinner last night. I hope he is happy tonight and not too grumpy for mel. [livejournal.com profile] meowandbark sent me a picture today of him at daycare being all happy playing in an excersaucer. Its good to see and hard to see. All of the folks at the supplier, including the machinists were really happy to see the pictures of Benton. I've spent a lot of time here before and that was nice to see the caring nature of this supplier. Makes it not feel too bad about being gone.

Well, time to knit a bit and then head to dinner.
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Wow, what a crazy Tuesday...not crazy in things were weird but in the amount of stuff I got done. I left work a tidge early to make it to Alice Rae's to pick up a special order (best nursing bras evah!) and then went to pick Benton up. We hit the grocer and got some essentials, including rhubarb and then headed home. I put him in the bumby while I made tacos for dinner and we had a really nice dinner with Mel. Then I cleaned up the kitchen, did the dishes and got Benton his bath. Fed him and then put him right to bed and I filled bottles, washed bottles and then I got myself in the shower. I think I was asleep sometime after 920 or so. I woke up when mel got out of the shower. It was thundering and that confused me but I went right back to sleep until just about 5am when the cooler shut off.

It was snuggly and I really didn't want to get up. But Benton was stirring and well, that whole work thing was pressing. Today is my long day and I almost feel better than yesterday. The extra sleep and some pain killers for the headache is helping I think. I really want to hit the gym today and I don't feel as tired but still a bit woogy.

Tonight is knit night and I'm up for some of that. Now that the house is straightened up I need to start working on projects for my new fighting clothes and some other clothing as well. Time to move the yarn bins and set up sewing machines. I'm hoping to have Sunday to cut things out for a few items and that should be good.

I'm traveling to alabama on Monday. Quick trip and back on Wednesday but I need to pack for that as well. I really hate my pump bag and need to see if I can switch out to either my williamsburg bag or my avon bag for a nicer looking and easier to carry bag. Plus I will have to decide if I'm gonna save milk or not. Probably not except on the way back. We shall see. I don't remember if I have a fridge in my room or not. Eh, not really worried about it.

Funny thing about dropping Benton off this AM. Since it was raining he was sleepy and not really awake. Big snuggle bug I tell ya. One little boy working on one of the computers commented to me that "its still night time, why am I here?" and then when I was leaving Logan from the 1 year old room toddled out to see things and he was wearing a "Most Eligible Bachelor" romper. I commented on how awesome his outfit was and he blew me a kiss. Talk about an awesome way to start the day! Course I then was so amused I almost put the car seat back in the car...which would have cause lots of problems for Mel this afternoon.
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Well, right now mel is on his way up to Estrella. We had a lovely breakfast at Joe's this AM. Got to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and I took this picture of mel with the cute little turtle I got him.

Our neighbors were also having breakfast and we got a cute lil CARS valentine from JJ (he's 3 or 4 years old). Very good breakfast and nice chatting with people. Put me in a very nice mood to start a monday I have to say. That probably has something to say about a good breakfast and coffee right away in the morning.

I have a lot to accomplish between now and wednesday AM. My goal is to be out of here by 8am to get to site by 10am. We shall see. My to do list is growing again and I have to make a new detailed packing list before I get home today. Its okay but I need to remember a lot of stuff. Plus finish A&S project and its documentation. I was happy though that my fabric fit checks worked out really well...though Mason was being 4 and didn't want to look "RAWR"...which we all know is a lie...he loves running around and saying "RAWR." I hope to get the leather ones cut out tonight for final work and then we shall be good.

I'll probably be up late tonight depending on how the podling is doing...all of the bending yesterday made things a bit sore and I had to sit down a lot but all in all I feel better this AM than I figured I would...we shall see how I feel come Wednesday morning.

So that is life in a nutshell. This packing trip makes us all realize that we need a household trailer and mel and I really need another vehicle that is larger than the xterra and can haul a trailer, maybe even just our stuff. With podling coming we won't have space for things like armor and clothes and we will need that. So, I think by next Estrella we will have to be having a new vehicle. We figured it was coming to that point but man alive was it obvious last night.
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Well, I was on business Tues-Thursday in Greenville, SC which meant I got to stay with SIL/BIL and the awesome nephew. Seriously. Had a great time with that and it was nice to not be in a hotel and near family. I do have to say though that travel in 3rd trimester is tiring. Very, very tiring. I easily converted to eastern time for going to sleep, getting up sucked and both me and podling's schedule was kinda jacked...it still kinda is but we are dealing. Going out podling was not as happy as when we came home. Not sure what was up with that. Lots of kicking and punching during landings ow. Oh, well. We are now done with travel by planes..though cars are still in the works.

The business trip was good minus the fact that they were not working on my hardware but I did get to talk through one issue with the lead engineer and we have a plan to work on when they start to build my hardware. The company was pretty cool and I got to see a really neat product and process I've never seen before and that was really cool. I also got to tour [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek's lab. She says its just a "small" lab. The entire materials and process lab at my work would easily fit with in her's and there would still be lots of room.

Oh, so picture of the awesome nephew. And for those that can see it, pic of me coming home from greenville at 8mos pregnant. I hit 32 weeks on thursday.

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I got home on thursday and was exhausted. I had toast for dinner and mel got to see me quickly between kung fu and StFelix practice. I was okay with that since I was a lump on the couch. I went to bed at 9pm and I'd already had my shower. I slept okay and was still tired after 10 hours of sleep but podling wanted food and I did too. Mel got up and we leisurely got going to phx. We had an errand in Tucson before we headed up but that allowed time to organize the lunch date with Shanda and Bryan. We had a really nice time with the swedish meatball lunch and Bryan skyping the check. Then mel and I made a big step in the baby dept and we got the furniture for the nursery. It was a lot of thoughts and comments and I was pretty tired. We had to take a few breaks when walking around and by the end I was sore. We headed to Tempe Yarn and Fiber and Fred was awesome and made our time there awesome. Mel did some nalbinding and helped a gal on her spinning. I worked on mel's sock. Oh, I forgot to say I knit an entire cowl for Darkhaired Kaz on the trip to greenville and worked on mel's sock on the way home. I made really good progress on the sock and its fitting which is a bonus. I was able to put my feet up at the yarn shop and that was good. We also got a really cute sheep print for the nursery with a spinning wheel. When we know when podling gets here I think we will get a few more.

We headed to an antique store after that and got a few things. Two more plates for our dining set and mel got some tools. We then headed to Mughi's and got to go to Brad's Place on 48th and Ray. Its a midwestern bar and grill that serves walleye fish fry all of the time and wisconsin cheese curds. Its awesome. Its also right by one of my fave gyro places so that is also a bonus. We then headed back to mughi's and got to visit with his parents who are visiting from MN. Mughi showed us the intro for the DC Universe MMO. Wow. We left pretty late and got home a bit after 11pm. I was sore and tired and my left knee kept cramping.

This didn't change throughout the night and I tossed quite a bit. Oh, well. Today is nursery day. We are going to cleanout the guestroom and convert to the nursey. Big step to the podling's arrival. Plus once we get things in there we will know what else we might want to get. I think we might need an end table by the rocking chair but we shall see. I hope by the end of the weekend we will have all of the stuff moved around and put in places. Things are gonna be cramped for a while but good news is that we should have permits for the shop this coming week. Which means by Estrella we might have the shop in. Which will give us some storage. So the main construction will probably be this summer. We shall see.

So that is my life this week. Big changes for the house and I'm feeling more ready now for the podling to get here...its still pretty surreal though but I'm okay with that. I have to meet with HR this week to plan my LOA cause they need to back fill me for a time while I'm out. Plus I have lots to finish before I go out on maternity leave as well.

Well, time to start moving things around and building furniture.
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Well, work was less than stellar...it was great until about 3pm and then things just sucked. My work email was doing odd things and I now have a call into see if they can fix it. Its really odd. Then I had to get a basis of estimate reviewed before COB yesterday and I didn't get what was written up so I left in frustration.

Got home and was exhausted...so I put my feet up for a bit and got sucked into cats, couch and games on my phone. I admit angry birds is fun but I can't get past level 4 so I was playing Stick Wars 2. Yeah, didn't make it to the gym I was worried about mel. He was still feeling sick and kinda congested but he soldiered himself to kung fu and practice and that worries me. I don't like him sick. I managed to get the heel on his sock turned and its seems...right but it was odd doing it. Dunno. I saved my sanity by not trying to pick up the stitches and starting the gusset cause that didn't seem SMRT.

I was in bed on time reading book #2 of the year Grave Secret and mel got home just at 10pm. We had some good chatting and making fun of the cats and just all around nice to chat with him before I fall asleep. I slept okay. I was a bit uncomfy but not sure why. I can now tell what side podling is sitting on when I roll over and if I roll to that side it kinda hurts cause its pulling but eh. Butterfly was a grump most of the night but she can cope.

If all goes well at my midwife appointment on Friday I will be traveling to SC next week. Need to chat to [livejournal.com profile] fibergeek and [livejournal.com profile] argent_lupin about that. But I get to see family which will be good. I'm also trying to see if I can get a medical upgrade and have been faxing information around to see if that will work or not for that trip. Its the last flying I can do until the baby is born so I hope it works. I'll be at 32 weeks then so I hope they take that into account.

Well back to the grind. I did manage to pack my gym bag so I'm gonna hit the treadmill when I get off of work and then hit knit night. I hope to do some floor work tomorrow after I get the oil in the car changed. We need to do that before we drive to prescott on Saturday. Well, off to type.
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Well, I survived California. I was in Ridgecrest..which seems to be more desert than Tucson. It was a tan barren mars scape and I don't recommend it to anyone. But we had really good teppan yaki and had a good time. I got lots of work done and that was also good. I was also happy that the travel, minus the final day was less exhausting than things have been which I attribute to 1) no time change and 2) quickish travel times. Though the way home it took us 7+ hours to get home and the flights were both just over an hour. LAX is not as comfy as DFW and I was pretty uncomfy by the time we left. Plus, United has crappy planes. There are many reasons I hate that airline, their aircraft is one of them. They are old and too small. But I got home and was able to vote and see the hubby before he headed to fighter practice.

The girls were happy I was home and I got lots of snuggles. I had hoped to make it to knit night on Wednesday but I was beat and feeling unsociable. Mel and I had started the morning with our 20 week ultrasound and the baby was deemed "a kickboxer" and we got to see all of the development and lots of cute feet. No, we didn't find out the sex. Podling is still podling. And is still sporting uber long legs and was holding hands around the head in a "stop poking at me" gesture for much of the scan. Mel was all grins watching and it made me so happy. We spent the night hanging out watching TV on the couch and podling was very active so lots of tummy luv from mel. (I know, very sappy but that is us, sorry!).

Thursday was busy at work. My abdomen was very tight and podling was kicking around a lot. I finally came home and slept for a while to get the pressure off of me. I was planning on hitting the gym and was more comfy just sitting with my feet up. I did learn that since the bump is much more out there it can get too hot from me cooking dinner. It was a bit alarming when I realized I almost singed myself. So, aprons will be in order from now on and I'll have to be careful at southern. I didn't realize that I'm not feeling how hot things were getting. Bun in the oven should not be taken literally. LOL.

Well, due to all of my hard work and travel I have today off. I'm happy about that. Looks like I'll be able to hit southern on Thursday night. My flight from cleveland gets in about 430pm so I should be able to make it there by 8pm depending on how tired I am and how prepared I am. I hope to pack on Sunday so I'm all ready to go and I'll just have to switch bags and drive to site. Probably grab a cooler as well. We shall see. I'm just happy that I get to be there for most of the event and that is the good. Though I realize that I need to work on my one class handout so I can print it on monday. Hmm...maybe today after I offload pictures. I'm way behind on that. I still haven't downloaded Wiliamsburg off of the camera or coronation. Well, I guess I know what I'm doing today along with packaging up beef and barley and mustard for Southern.

Well, have a happy weekend folks. I'll see some of you tomorrow!
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Ooff...yeah, its 930 on friday night and I'll be heading to bed here shortly. I've already had my shower and its time for me to put my feet up for the night.

Alabama was productive but o' so tiring. Long travel days, followed by staying up reading the first night (Jim Butcher's Side Jobs which is #37 for the year. #36 was Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan and I finished that last week some time. It was intersting but a bit on the porn romance side in spots...not that I'm complaining but when the sex scenes last longer than the fight sequences well its a bit odd.) Side Jobs is the collection of all of the short stories so far in the Dresden Files. The last one takes place a few hours after the end of the last book. So for folks who have read that...it doesn't really answer anything but it give you a bit of calm and hope before we get Ghost Stories in April.

I spent most of Thursday on my feet on the factory floor with my hands dirty. The articles had issues and well, I had to use lots of brain, computer and cell phone power to get answers, solutions and actions. We didn't leave the factory until after 6pm. And were back there around 8am today to handle more stuff including a last minute forehead slap of an thing. Sighs. Hard work and I was so tired. Podling woke me up about 345am and I had a hard time getting back to sleep. I did manage to run a mile both days and today I did it even faster than normal. Of course that meant that after sitting in an airplane for a couple of hours my left knee swelled up a bit. Sighs. It was very sore by the time I got to my car and had to drive home clutch and all. Mel met me to pick up my luggage and I settled in to watch him finish the newest section of borderlands. We had dinner and then I was so weary I got a shower and here we are.

Monday I travel to California to got to a test of some hardware. It should be interesting but again a really grueling two days. Sighs. The following week I'll be in Cleveland for more of the stuff like I saw in Alabama but hopefully all of the lesson's learned from this week will make that much better. We shall see. Gonna be busy though. Sighs. All good to get these projects wrapped up by the end of the year or so. Time for bed.
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Well, I enjoyed Dragon's Horde. The event was fun, the day was beautiful and the hafla was fun. I liked the switch to the auction and I think having it in doors was very nice. I wish there had been more folks to dance with but eh. Looks like the swap meet portion of the event went well too. We got home and I had to pack for Arkansas. I was very, very tired when I was done but I was wired in that nervous way. It was rough getting up and heading to the airport. I had hoped to sleep but I was restless and read and worked on my knitting the entire trip. Got to our hotel and I took a nap on and off until dinner time. We ate at a local diner and then it was home. I went to bed early only to get woken up by my cell phone. My mother called but I didn't realize that the buzz sound was my phone until she left a message. Eh. I slept okay and got up on Monday AM and hit the gym in the hotel. I ran about a third of my mile and speed walked the rest and then stepped down the speed to cool down over a 1/2 mile. I did some pushups and dips and then headed up to my room to shower and get ready. When I was done with the in house breakfast we headed to the supplier.

Things went really well there and we ended earlier than we expected but the flights that were earlier were already booked. So, I got home about 10pm. The flights were kinda rough and I was tired the whole time. I think sitting around the little rock airport for 3+ hours didn't help.

I finished book #35 of the year and then started and finished Masques by Patricia Briggs. It was her first novel that she went and edited quite a few books later. It was a bit cliche-y in parts but it was the perfect amount of fluff I needed. I will be picking up the sequel which is being published in November. Not sure what I'm gonna start next but its what ever is on top of the pile. I slept way in this morning. I was tired (do we see a theme?) and thought sleeping in would make it better. It kinda did. But not really. I had a lot to take care of before my 1pm meeting. My boss was uber cool and saw I was tired and said early in the day I could go home after the meeting. So I did. Got home and I slept for about 1.5 hours with the girls all snuggled up with me. I got up to hit the bathroom and mel came home. He told me I should be sleeping. Lol. I had been. So I curled up on the couch and watch Billy the Exterminator marathon. Mel left for kung fu and I got dinner and then when he got back to switch out things for practice I was working on embroidery.

I've been coughing just a bit and my chest is a bit tight and well, I'm tired and have a scratchy throat. Sighs. I hope its nothing more than just a mild cold. But I'll be heading to bed once the whiney cats get fed. They have been staring at me for the past 30 mins with hunger in their eyes and now the vocalizing has started. Eh.

Well, we shall see how I feel tomorrow. I hope better after a full nights sleep.
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Well, T-minus 2 days till A&S. My docs are printed and everything is done except final polish on the temple pendants. Wow. I worked till I was too tired last night but things were accomplished and I felt good about that. Mel was all packed and ready for his trip. I slept oddly. I wanted to make sure he got up on time and he did. I had to make sure he realized that he needed to get up when the alarm went off though. He left a bit after 4am.

So, in a few I find out what days next week I'm traveling. Looks like next week for a few days,and then the following week and two weeks after that..probably also right before southern as well. We shall see.

But I'm looking for a good weekend. A bit nervous about things but I just need to deal. I'm tired but I'm sure that is just stress and yanno being preggers.

So, here is to a good weekend.
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I was in Arkansas. Yeah, the business stuff went really well. I was beat when I got home on Tuesday afternoon and we left Wednesday for Williamsburg. I'm gonna do a longer post about it later..probably after A&S. But we had really good time. We really needed one more day at williamsburg but went to Jamestown instead which was neat. Got home on sunday and we both were tired. I should have been working on documentation and was tired so I read and relaxed. Had dinner out with Tati and Mingo who are back from their texas adventure and then it was time to get ready to go to work.

Work has been busy as always and well I'm gonna be working A&S stuff until the end it looks like. I have to have drafts of my documentation to the committee by Friday. I'm getting closer on that. I finished the garment doc, the scroll and temple ring docs are okay for now and I'm working on the embroidery and fabric docs. Lots to do and now I'm stressing.

Podling is doing okay and on track for size etc. Been feeling pretty sore since the bump came out but that is to be expected and nothing to out of the ordinary. Mel has been teasing me and I've been hitting him for being him. You'd have to see it to believe it. He's all giggly about the podling.

My morning was exciting. I got to change a tire in the driveway. I managed in just under 10 mins. I had texted for hubby help but a later phone call showed that his cell phone was still in airplane mode from Sunday. LOL. Oh, well. I managed and I was only 15mins late for work. Well the grinding stone is whirling..I better shove to.
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Well, cleveland was okay minus the fact that I didn't get any internet for work on Friday. Got home on time but getting there was a trick. Our flight out of Cleveland was delayed to a mechanical issue that was later revealed to be a hatch that wasn't staying closed well, thus it reduced our speed. Both my coirker, through different routes ran to our gate and we were the last folks on the plane. That was tough and the flight was good and our luggage even made it. Impressive.

Saturday I got up early due to being on EDT. Got some toast and read for a while. Then when mel got up we had coffee and talked and enjoyed a laxy morning. I headed to the shop for about noon and stefan and I worked on the casting. It went really well. We also got to help Roland with a project that needed 6 sets of hands. Though early on in the day I bent over weirdly and tweaked the left side of my lower back by looking at the temp on the kiln.

Got home by way of Lala for her meds, and then picked up mel and headed to thyra's for her b-day BBQ. Had a nice time and then we were home a bit after 7pm. I got things ready, packed for my trip and was in bed just after 9pm. I slept good and mel didn't even wake up when I got up at 520am. I woke him up to say good bye and had an uneventful flight out. Got more work on documentation done and then worked on finishing another book.

Last week I read #27 - Kindred in Death. Then read #28 Iron Kissed by Patrica Biggs. I'm now in #29 - Big Jack by Robb and will ready another knitting mystery book by the end of the week I'm sure. But documentation must take precedence.

Our travels in AR have been nice. The weather is good and we found a dive little diner to eat at. I had the catfish dinner with twice baked potato. The possum pie was shared (cream cheese, chocolate mouse, whipped cream and nuts in a home make flaky bottom crust). Our plans for the morning will be me getting up and hitting the fitness room, they have a weight set and treadmill and then heading out for breakfast and hitting the company. Not too bad of a day. Luckily the TDP for this vendor is small. But I get to tour an extrusion factory which is neato. Then we fly to montgomery by way of atlanta and then I'll be home on Tuesday night after morning meetings there. Oof. Baby is handling the flights okay. The pressure feels weird I must say with the take offs and landings and by the end of the day I'm sore. Might just be how things are with my core muscles getting pushed around from the inside. Other than that and my back aching from Saturday things are feeling okay. I plan on working on documentation until about 10pm tonight or when I get tired and then sleeping really well.

We are staying at a new La Quinta Inn and its nice. Very well laid out rooms and the room had a lazy boy style chair that I sat in for over an hour working on things. I'm now curled up in the bed with LOTR: RotK playing and I'll work more on docs. I had a bit of a freak out last night thinking I only had 2 weeks before A&S. Nope its more. So, all good. Though the two weeks after vacation will be busy. After tomorrow I'll find out if I'm back here again for a trip right after A&S. That would be good for business but suck since mel is gone until the 4th...oh well.

Well, enough journalling for the night. Time to write some documentation.


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