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I will be back dating some info as time permits buts my holiday was okay. We had a lazy and busy time. It was very weird. The entire family was sleeping in till at least 8am...sometimes later the entire break. Ben is growing and eating all of the time which was good but we learned not too much sugar otherwise he's a grump monster in the AM. We went roller skating with [profile] scribe_ari and the kids. Ben did great on his new from Santa skates and it was fun. Definitely need to do it some more soon. We hit the zoo and in general had a nice time.

Mel and I are almost finished watching all of Gravity Falls on Hulu.

On the making things front I made:
1) a cowl for [profile] public_shaylan

2) Caution Orange sock for Mel, I still need to finish the second one but its at the heel gusset.

3) Finished the minecraft creeper hat for Benton and Viktor

4) Got the hot head torch on and made beads with [personal profile] swordmage as a gift for Wolfgrim's wife Jess which we made into a Viking Festoon.

5) Worked on a baby gift for little Cora Jade which I hope to finish this week/weekend.

We also managed to get new to us furniture. So in the way of last January we reorganized where we reorganized the front room. This time we reorganized the family room and the bedroom. We had intended to buy bedroom stuff but managed to buy stuff for the family room. We moved out the big dresser and the futon and the purple couch. We replaced them with a 1930s armoire, a new Ashley couch and a new to us vintage 1960s custom sofa and chair.




So this has spurred a reorganization trend and I've been throwing things out in the KonMori style and folding things small and making things better. Yay!
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This last weekend we scurried and cleaned and made the house and porch party ready. The floors have needed a good scrubbing for quite some time and I really need to do it more than I do. Course that can be said for most of the house. Le sigh. But I've really been trying to make a conscious effort to help on things and its showing a bit.

Had a nice weekend and Jessie was visiting. He got diagnosed with colon cancer which was a surprise and they do surgery next week. It looks promising that its only the one tumor but his Wagner's disease makes it so he can't have contrast in scans so see if its spread further than the small tumor. We shall see. We spent most of Saturday chatting.

Sunday was the household meeting and we got up and cleaned a lot. I had planned on doing most of it on Friday (too many errands and hella tired) and Saturday was with Jess but we did okay.

We made pork ribs and a small rack of lamb for the not pork folks and the household brought the rest of the sides. We had fun tag teaming the smoked ribs on the grill between mel and I. He'd smoked 8 full racks of ribs and I was grilling them to temp and he was cutting and serving. The kids were having a fun time running around and it was awesome to see how big the porch was and how it fit people nicely.


And we took a pick later in the evening to show how the kitchen stuff was setup on the side and how roomy it all was.


Friday we also had Ben's hearing fully tested at the hospital. He's good but he's got my ear wax thing and allergy thing. Good to know that he has my small ear canals.

Monday I hit the gym for the first time in a very long time. My allergies have been crazy and I've sulphured myself twice but I managed. Sore today but will head back. I've also been really buckling down on what I eat and trying very hard to not have a beer or pig out on sweets.

Work is going okay. I got into the Emotional Intelligence class I've been wanting to take for years. The first class wasn't too tramatic but the self assessment was not so much enlightening but shows I really need this class. I hope the next few sessions really teach me things on how to cope.
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Busy week at work last week meant a lot of things just did not get done around the house. I worked late on Friday and was absolutely beat when I got home.  Mel was the same and Benton was bouncing around cause he was tired too. Yes, I know that sounds not correct but when he's tired he will run around to keep himself awake.  We had plans to meet a chunck of the SCA household at http://www.serialgrillersaz.com/ just opened Taproom for pizza/sammiches and beer since Sierra Nevada was doing a tap takeover.  It was really busy and loud but we had a grand time.



As you can see Ben was tired and about 8pm he asked if we were going home. I was DDing and was happy to oblidge once his daddy finished his beer.  The food was great, we got to introduce folks to the place since many of the house had never been and we ran into Artimise which was hilarious.  I saw him and walked up behind him, grabbed his ass and then snuggled his belly.  He was caught off guard for a second and then turned around to see who it was and I got a big bear hug.  He came over to meet everyone and then left with his takeout.  I then snuggled up next to Wolfgrim and we got into a convo about how in the SCA we put up with a level of sexual harrasement with people we know versus normal societal norms.  Which is true in many ways but in our group of friends we do respect the boundaries etc.  It was just a very interesting observation.

Got home and we realized that our beer fridge was empty. oops.  Had gin and homemade mint lime soda. Very tasty and we had a bit of an early night for how tired we were.

Saturday dawned and I will say it felt like I had gargled with hedgehogs. My soft palette and my throat were so raw from pollen etc. Bleah.  Both mel and I were feeling bad and Ben was too. He's been coughing at night and not sleeping enough plus growing. He was so tired he fell asleep in the car on teh way to Barmaids. We left the car in the shade with the hatch open and the windows open for air/breeze I think he slept for a total of an hour while I handled scrolls and Mel got our stuff setup.  So cute.


He woke up and was groggy but good and then his nose exploded into an epic nose bleed.  Definitely growing cause I did the same thing at his age. We finally got it under control about half way through court.

The day was nice except for the wind. I was pretty miserable and my voice was not great for talking. I did a bit and chatted with Madalena and couple other folks but in general I drank water, kept track of Benton, made lunches and knit on my sock.  I'm not past the rip cord on the second Slytherin sock.  Knowing the court list it was good to see all of the good works and the fabooness of the recipients getting their awards. Mel drove us home about 4pm.  I was beat and took a laydown after I made tuna salad to have for dinner.  We were all hot and tired and a nice cool sammich for dinner sounded lovely.

Ben and Mel hung out on the porch while I dozed in the bedroom.  Again Ben was being spastic since he was so tired but it was a nice night.  We had dinner and then got the boy to bed.

I worked on my fic I'm trying to finish....[livejournal.com profile] ickaimp had given me some comments that I was trying to work through and  had to rewrite a section, which is okay but it means even though I made progress I'm still stuck on how it finishes again.  Oh, well. Hopefully it will be done this week so I can work on my other ones as well.

I read a bit after working on the fic and we turned in at not too bad of time. We got awoken at 1am with Ben falling out of bed again. Sighs.  Not sure how to stop that from happening and then at 4 am with a nightmare.  Oof.  So Sunday we spent on the porch. I enjoyed my coffee and read while sitting on the adirondak chairs and Ben was happy to hang out and play in the family room. Mel got his shop cleaned up and then hung the light strings I had bought for the porch.  We realized that we would need one more set to put a double string through the whole porch.

I finally got a shower and felt better but my lungs were still over tight.  I ended up hitting my inhaler and then heading on errands.  Since I don't take my inhaler often I was jittery when I got back from Ace Hardware/Costco and Sunflower. All okay though. Got settled and then Ben asked for his tricycle to be changed into a balance bike and I went looking for the axles for it.  I had the tools but the axels had been moved to mel's shop for some reason but we got it worked out and the seat adjusted.

We had dinner, got Ben washed up and then Mel and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the evening.
Porch at Night )

It was a nice night and I got laundry done and we both made the time to put our laundry away. My studio had gotten cleaned up late on Thursday night so it was easy to put things away.  It was stuffy in the bedroom so I got the fan out again.  I tried to sleep well but my coughing kept me up a bit and my voice today is faboo.  Oh, well. I hope I'm better by Thursday when I fly to KWHSS.

But in all the weekend was relaxing and the house is happy. Having the wind chimes back up made the house very happy. Mel and I discussed what we will be doing with the backyard and the wall and its still going to be a lot of work but it will be nice.
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We've lost a lot of awesome people this year from Rickman and Bowie, to Shanding and Nat Cole.  We lost Prince yesterday.  I think Purple Rain or another album were the first bootlegs I ever got.  My elementary school BFF Kathy Arnold had the tapes and her brother copied things to memorex for me.  I remember buying Diamonds and Pearls for myself and finally got rid of my tapes when I moved to AZ and no longer had a tape deck.  I have memories of belly dancing to Theives in the Temple in Illinois and just in general thinking him awesome for music and expression.  My cubemate has been trying to get tickets to see him for quite some time and when I texted her she was devasted.

So, yeah, listening to Purple Rain now....will probably hit iTunes and buy some more to replace things I haven't heard in a long time.

In house news the new roof is almost done.  @lferion is supervising things while they install the new skylights (the other ones were about shot) and in general being the bestest person ever.

Mel's mom sent him his handwoven, by her, leg wraps. They are a modified goose eye pattern.

The house stuff can be found here:
House Improvements Outside 2016

REalized last night that I want the porch inside ceilings finished before we paint them.  So I suggested to mel that we get bead board and put that up. I think it will look nice.

Things are settling enough on the house that I was able to put some things away in the studio.  This is good. Which means maybe when I get back from KWHSS I'll be having some mojo back.

I desperately need it.
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Well, successful week last week with putting in for a major item at work that will 1) be a good career move and 2) a big challenge for me. I also hit the gym 3 days and have been back on watching what I eat (i.e. tracking it).  Its hard to "cheat" when you log it.

Friday night was a bday party for Henry and that was nice but my back was killing from my workout and I was bone tired from everything during the week.  We got home and we went to bed pretty early after I managed to sit with the heated shiatsu massager.

Saturday we all slept in. It was glorius and I sat and red in bed for a while and drank hand delivered coffee.  Got up and made breakfast for myself, watched some Agents of SMASH with Benton and then I started in on the cleaning of the hutch, dishes, kitchen cleaning etc.  In the afternoon we started moving things into the hutch and wow.  We cleaned out a few cabinets of "precious but not used very often" items (ones that didn't get purged) and got it settled.  Its so nice.  Mel got the music cabinet reglued and we moved things around so the 16th century cabinet is next to the hutch and the feast gear basket stores underneath it.  We also got all of the DVDs deboxed and set up on the new rack mel made. It will have an upper section the same size so we can get rid of the crappy $20 pieces I bought long ago.  Then I had Ben put his skylanders in a larger basket that had a handle that folded down and got rid of a different basket to the goodwill pile.  Mel's and I's skylanders got a dvd box for storage and my infinity figures got the same treatment.  Its so nice to see all of the movies in one spot.  Very enlightening on what we do own and what we don't own.  Ben was a trooper and even though mom and dad were busy he was awesome and kept content all day.  We spoiled him after dinner with another epidsode of Johnny Quest.  I went grocery shopping late Saturday night to get lunch stuff for us.  After I got back I cleaned through all of my sewing stuff and threw out old things, put like things with like etc.  I also went through my yarn stash and I need to purge it but I reorganized it so I could see it.  I have enough sock yarn to make 40 pairs of distinct socks (eep).  Though I have some folks who need some stash so I will be giving things away.  YAY!

Sunday dawned early. The girls and I had a breakfast date at Prep and Pastry before drawing.  We met Willa there and had a grand time.  Mel went to war practice and the kiddos kept themselves occupied at our house.

My drawing is showing marked improvement.  I looked at my sketchbook from almost 1 year ago with the same model and its a vast difference.  Yay!!!!

Got home and picked up more stuff and took a lunch break after drawing and then I started in on the making the front room completed. I called for help to Wander since I needed picture hanging help (like, placement and please hand me that, while on the piano etc).  We moved almost all of the pictures in the family room and almost all in the front room. Rearranged things in the hallway and in general figured things out.  The antique singer does not want to be a dumping ground and put a nice lantern on it.  That just leaves me to find spaces somewhere for all of the pictures that didn't have frames we could hang.  I got ride of more frames but I made rework some to hang elsewhere.  The last bit I did was move the dining table 90°.  I didn't think there was space but there is and the bottle neck is bigger than near the piano. Plus, if we are diligent we can remove a leaf from teh table when not in big use and get more space.  It completely changes the room.  We are so adult and the green walls look more defined now which is neat.





Bridget and the kiddos came over to watch Ben for the holiday and I got a few errands ran before work. All nice and easy for being 1.25hours late to work. Part of the cleaning we deboxed my Funko POP! figures and I brought them to work. I can't take a picture but as I type the Coulson bobble head rattles...lol.  So cool.

On the docke this week is more gym time.  Finishing the studio so I can work on Crown clothes (and other misc sewing projects/repairs) and gaming on Friday. Plus we get the hitch on the van on Friday and the car goes in for maintenance on Saturday.  Busy week.
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The theme for 2016 is purge and organize and we did a lot of that this weekend. Over the holiday I we did a bit of antiquing to look at furniture for the house. We have been looking for a new bigger buffet to replace the 1960s buffet I got from my stepdad when I moved out of the farm house. Additionally, we've been looking for a different solution for the tv stand since we've been using the coffee table I got in my parent's divorce which they bought new in 1980-81. It originally had the coffee table, 2 end tables and a curio cabinet. We are now down to just the one end table (until mel makes an arts/crafts bookcase) and the curio. Very shortly we won't have those either. :)

We had found a few things we liked and went to go pick them up. Got the hutch at one place and went to get the item we picked for the TV stand and realized we didn't really like it. Hit the 22nd street antique mall and found a very pretty little dresser which we both loved. Got it home on Friday (after we had seen a movie, picked up my 1950s sewing machine (with new case!) etc), had dinner and then thought it wouldn't take us long to get things moved and sorted. Well, the tv needed a quick box to sit on so the Bose could sit under it. Mel slapped one together in the family room and then when we shifted things the paperback bookcase decided to fail and that had to be fixed. We were up pretty late but the results were dramatic. Plus we moved the trash can and the fruit stand and the opening into the family room is now so open and clean its amazing.

Before with the DVD racks already moved:

After with the new handmade dvd rack in place for placement (still needs the upper section completed):

Saturday mel went up to the Lie Nielsen Toolshow and I got working on taking things out of the buffet and cleaning the house while I waited for the buffet and a music cabinet to arrive. I got laundry on as well and after the furniture was delivered and we had a play date with Inara I got the xmas lights off of the house and cactus and put away. Then Ben and I ran errands which involved getting a new trashcan (with pet lock), new boots for Ben and some game stuff.

New Buffet:

New Music cabinet:

Got home from errands and mel was just getting home too. Ben was outside running around while we got dinner ordered and thought through our plans for the rest of the weekend. Mel was determined to get the dvd rack finished. I was determined to get the studio redone. WE managed to get the studio cleaned up enough for the reorg, got the old buffet moved into the studio when we moved the cubicle thingy out.

Sunday we got up and I went to drawing with Erika And Bridget. Got home and helped Bridget change a light bulb in her truck, load the cubicle stuff into her truck and load the sewing machine I was giving her and some old artwork. Then I got working a bit of lunch and then Willa came over and we started in on the studio. We did not get everything done. If we had started in the AM, maybe, but we purged through all of the cubbies, reorganized the items and put them away in the buffet with room to spare plus moved the filing cabinet and all of the yarn/fabric storage. I can now get to all of my yarn stash in one spot. Plus the door opens all of the way.

So Before (looking in from the door):

Before Looking from the opposite wall:

After (looking from the door), still needs work on the shelves and cleaning my kiln off:

After looking from opposite wall:

So, lots to still purge and clean but the floor space is amazing. I'm going to work the shelving on Tuesday and then Willa and I can get the yarn/fabric purged on Thursday. I had dinner in the crockpot which turned out good (Salisbury steak thing). Then after dinner I ran two errands and bought two lamps for the living room and one for Mel's side of the bed. And we both got our laundry put away and folded. I need to purge towels and sheets cause good lord is that closet a mess and we don't need that many of any of it. Plus I need shoe storage which IKEA may have the solution for.

Here are the new lamps:
The light is amazing and the house is really happy. We just need to rehang a lot of art work since my county needed to come down off of the wall. But that will be Friday/Saturday since that involves acrobatics on the piano to get things hung correctly.

The changes are slow but January will bring a lot of the purging completed we hope and to get things moving towards a more adult house.

Friday we did a date lunch that involved the Roadhouse Cinema and use seeing Star Wars VII while eating lunch and drinking beer. The movie was awesome. Quite a few unexpected moments and why couldn't we have had that type of movie for Eps I-III? More on that later. But both mel and I are now doing lots of thinking on it. Not how the plot went in our heads and completely left field from the decannonized Zahn novels.
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The impetus for purging continues, especially after Michigan and now with us having to replace the dishwasher.  That was a cluster on Friday AM.  The fix that 6 or so years ago on the cabinets that [livejournal.com profile] richarddbrewer did was pushing on the counter top due to a brace.  So, I had to unloade the entire glass cabinet, helf the installers get the countertop lifted up off of the old crappy dishwasher and then they could see if it would fit.  it didn't since the counter top had sagged over 12 years and they left and mel came home to fix it. He ended up driving a wedge up and got the countertop to be level and set and then the guys came back to install it.  Its shiny, pretty and so quiet it has a red light to tell you its on!


But this meant that the contents of the glass cabinet needed to be gone through and the cabinet fixed but that was for later.  I got to work and worked my butt off on paperwork.  Got home late and mel and I did a marathon of house cleaning.  Benton got sent to his room cause his daily report wasn't good and we had to set up a meeting his teacher and the director.  He screamed for a bit but did okay after that.  We got the house settled and I even got the front carpet cleaned really well before folks arrived. I made hamburgers and hotdogs since it was so hot.  Had a nice time playing Shadow over Camelot> and enjoyed some G&T's.  We failed the game but it was good.  We had a brief visit by [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan and Richard and that was nice.

Saturday we got up early pulled weeds and got the kitchen cleaned up, sorted glassware into donate and keep.  We got rid of enough that our travel coffee cups/shaker cups all have cabinet space.  We also got rid of kidware cause Ben is now old enough to use all of the adult stuff.  The new dishwasher is awesome and it cleans uber well.  Just still working out how to load it. Its very different.  Mel fixed the two cabinets in situ since they just needed bracer blocks put in and screwed back into the wall. He put clamps in to hold things while things dried and I was able to reset everthing in the cabinets.  Got that done, worked on a few other things and then Ari arrived with the kiddos to work on clothes.  She needed help getting a viking hangerock patterned up and we got that patterned settled, fed everyone and then got into sewing.  I finished the two project bags I still had lingering and then started in on the little boy clothes.  Back a month or so ago, Wander and I had cut out a lot of clothing for me to make and then I didn't do anything with it. So I know that Ben wanted a new outfit(s) for crown so I got to work on that.  I made him a red Tunic with dinosaur trim, dinosaur bag trousers and a starwars tunic.  With that I also made a new neckline pattern for him and figured out how to put together the pattern for his tunic that Eithni and others had made him but I'd never actually sewed one together.  Weird I know.  But this happens when you get a bunch of awesome kiddo handmedowns and reign as K&Q...so, now that he's getting bigger we need more clothes and I'm going against my Commander of the Pilgrim to make him happy and have fun prints etc.  Cause every lil' Viking boy needs dinosaurs, star wars, jake and bugs.  More cute clothes in a few weeks.  By the end of Saturday I got the red tunic done minus the trim attachment and the star wars tunic put partially together. I was smart enough to not cut the neckline until the next morning. (good thing I did, my pattern was too small.)  Shanda and Richard stopped by for a good talk and we watched Rocky Mountain Vets which is a pretty cool show.  Got to also hear about the winery tours they had done all over Southern AZ.

Sunday AM we all got up early and mel worked in the shop. I got going on sewing and realized my issue with the neckline pattern, got it fixed, updated and started sewing it before we headed to joe's breakfast with Shanda/Richard.  Had a great time there and then back to the house for sewing. Ben got outside time before it got heinously hot.  Saturday broke the record at 110°F and it got to 106°F Sunday.  I got work done in the kitchen on putting dinner in the crock pot, cleaned the stove/counters, made radish quick pickles and handwashed the silverware.

Stacy/Brian stopped by to get more photos of the backyard for the wall/roof plans.  All good. Stacy and I chatted while I sewed.  Unlike the dino tunic, I worked the entire neckline etc flat. I fidgeted with the binding but it looks really cool with the black.  I used some bias tape tricks from Pinterest for the corners and how to start and stop the trim which worked really really well.  I got everthing finished on both tunics just before dinner.  By this point Ben was "done" for the day. He'd had some tv but was tired and cranky and hot.  Poor kiddo. I got dinner finished with grilled curry squash and we delighted we had Wander over for it. The pulled pork turned out great.

Crockpot Awesome Pulled Pork
1 red onion chopped
1 large pork loin
1 can of beer (I used fat tire)
1 can of green enchilada sauce
Ground pepper
Garlic powder
Ground Cinnamon

Place onion in bottom of crockpot, arrange porkloin in crop pot (I cut mine into 4 chunks), sprinkle liberally with spices, pour liquid over, put on lid and cook on low for 8-9 hours.  Shred pork with forks. Serve over buns.

After dinner and getting Ben to bed I got the kitchen cleaned up and started work on my crown dress. I have the trim all pinned on it and now its hand sewing.  I sat for a while and then got really, really dizzy and hot. Mel was watching Mindcraft videos and they were making me sea sick. I went to bed a bit early and finished reading the Improbable Sherlock Holmes Anthology.  I swear I've read more than two books but its really only been that. so I guess that is the second or third book for the year.

Lots of progress and not in a lot of ways.  I guess, a lot for the house and the kiddo but not for me. I hope to get my dress finalized this week so I can work on getting the fancy trim on and figureing out what I'm wearing with it.

So, all of the projects finished laid out.

Ben in his pants (beware the cute!) Contrasting buttflap, cuffs.

The dress in progress:

Benton's progress at school after a week, writing his name without prompting.

We had a meeting this AM with his teacher and it went really well. He does great by himself but working in groups is completely new/odd to him. So we need to work on family projects at home more.  Plus work on expressing ourselves verbally. We will be getting a report home everyday as we transition but all in all it was a really good talk.  We are doing the right things and we know what we as a family need to work on.
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The weekend that was awesome.

So I took of the 16th from work since it was my birthday and we already had the 17th off for our standard off Friday. The day before at work was crazy but I got a lot accomplished. I managed to edit a 47 page report and review 4 more reports for the customer/my suppliers. Then I left a bit early to get my taxes picked up. Yeah, I know, it was tax day. Got home to have mel sign them and write the check to the state. And there I screwed up and didn’t put the check in the envelope and it was sealed tight. I didn’t have business envelopes and that caused me to stress as I hit the post office which was closed (at 5pm) and was only taking mail until 530pm and their kiosk didn’t do envelopes. Sighs. I put the federal in the box, picked up envelopes at CVS and then went to knit night to relax before the Baronial Calendar meeting. I got to show off Lois’s Blanket to everyone before I delivered it and I got to sit and chat which was also nice.

The calendar meeting was good. I knit on Baby Malcolm’s prezzie #1 and chatted with people. Hrafnheim will be hosting an EPIC tournament in December of 2016. Right now the acronym is open to interpretation. I’m sure Icka and Elinor have plans. LOL. Got to give out the blankie to Lois! As you can see here….she loves it!

She especially the amigarumi sun that I attached:

Got done with the calendar meeting and then headed to the Cherrybell post office since it was open for post until midnight and then came home. Taxes managed! Got home and relaxed before falling into bed exhausted. It had been a long day/week.

I had hoped that Mel would take Ben to school but he didn’t so I got woke up at 630am by Ben asking for breakfast. Got him up and dressed and fed and to school by 730am. Then I sat and had coffee, trifle and some Dr. Who. Got dressed up for errands (skirt and cute top), scheduled my massage and got Elinor in on scheduling a pedicure for the afternoon. I headed to look at shoes at DSW which I have a love hate relationship with….that day it was both since everything I tried on fit…I may have bought 4 pairs of shoes. Then I headed to the mall and got bras and some nightgowns before heading to lunch with the girls at Takamatsu. Tasty sushi and a Tokyo Mule later I was on my way to a 1.5 hour hot stone massage and a pedicure. Soo good both of them. Got cute toes with Elinor who was also recovering from a massage. I’m so going back. Picked up Benton and relaxed with him for a bit before bedtime where he made me birthday cards and then read after he went to bed before mel came home from St., Felix practice pretty late.

Friday we slept in a bit, I got coffee in bed where I sat and enjoyed it and read while Mel and Ben played legos. Got up and we got everyone dressed. Dropped Ben off at school and then headed out to look at plants and bum around. We hit Mesquite Valley Growers and Lowes and I loved the bougainvillea. I’ve always wanted one and we figured out what we wanted to shop the next day. We also looked at a lot of appliances to see what is available. The dishwasher really needs to be replaced and the washer and dryer are getting older. So it was good to look at see what we liked. Then we went to Grandma’s Spinning Wheel where Mel finally got to meet Jimmy from knit night. Those two are peas in a pod with spinning. Seriously. He got spin on the wheel I’ve been looking at and he liked it well enough and agreed that if I wanted it I should order it….so I did. I will soon be the owner of a Schacht Sidekick which is a folding travel wheel. I had just gotten a bonus from work for my good deeds and I spent it on the wheel and its case. I’m pretty stoked. And it should be here in time for the fiber retreat….oh, it you want to go… Griffin Dyeworks Fiber and Dye Retreat its in late June. Lots of fun!

We had lunch at Yardhouse and then tooled around the mall a bit to walk off the beer we drank. Looked at more appliances at Sears and then we headed home to take a nap, cause we could. The nap was glorious but mel was woogy from it. I went and got the boy picked up and then got booking to get cleaned up and gussied up for Demtrius and Danny’s wedding. We looked good and didn’t realize that we had matched the theme. I 1940’s my hair and Ben all paperboy out, Mel wore one of his new shirts with a set of my grand dad’s cufflinks. It was fun and pretty in the little park downtown. We got home and were beat. Benton spent the evening either busting moves on the dance floor or running around the gazebo with the other kids.

Saturday we all slept in and had a nice morning. Got headed out to go shopping for plants and We got a fuchsia bougainvillea, some Arabian jasmine and some succulents as well as trellises for letting the jasmine and the bougainvillea climb. We got home and potted things up and mel started on on the hacking away on the rosemary. The bougainvillea looks awesome! Mel got eyelets put into the brickwork to wire the trellises to the house for safety.


Mel was still working on the yard stuff when I left for my hair appointment. I had a plan and it came out perfectly. I haven’t had true bangs in about 25-30 years. And then I had no idea how to deal with them. Well, I’m better with irons now and I’m able to keep them looking nice so I got Betty Paige bangs! Tee hee!


Mel wasn’t too sure when I got home about the new haircut but everyone else loves it. Benton thinks “its very pretty, momma!” Its rather freeing in a way and I think I look a bit younger than my 38 years which is a good thing. Got everyone ready for wrestling and when I came back out in a tight shirt, capris and heels Mel was liking the hair cut even more. Yay! Wrestling was fun and we had a great time. I had been invited out to go dancing afterwards and got changed into some cute Goth gear to go out. I stayed dancing till almost 1am and it was glorious and fun and the DJ’s from Revival were fabulous.

Sunday was nice and Benny and I ran errands for more pots for plants, groceries, new shoes and some grill stuff. I made Dickman’s 50/50 burgers on the grill and used a new grill pan to make grilled squash. So tasty. After Ben went to bed Mel and I tackled cleaning up the bedroom which had become the dumping ground for lots of things including cosplay stuff, various laundry bits and junk. We put away all of the wool stuff, reorganized my hats, shawls etc and lilac mothballed the containers to keep the damnable wool moths away. It looks really nice though I still have to tackle my highboy dresser and get my jewelry organized and put away.
So, all in all it was a busy 4 days and it was lovely. I spent some good quality time with the family and took some care for myself and had a great birthday.
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The weekend was nice. Mel and I managed to do some good and non SCA things with SCA people. Had a great evening on Saturday night with [livejournal.com profile] swordmage and Domnall. Good times were had over food, beer and games. Sunday I decided that I finally needed to CLEAN so I started in our bathroom and then did the guest bathroom. I honestly love the look of 1x1" tile but it is a pain to keep clean and non dingy looking when its white. Our bathroom had been not deep cleaned since my mother was here after Benton was born and it needed it. I spent 2.5 hours scrubbing and cleaning and bleaching everything and both of the baths just sparkle now. Course that got my mind and body all geared to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!! but I resisted and knit. I hope to make more progress around the house in the next the rest of the house to a good standard before my mom gets here. I hope I can make that happen. It will be nice to go off to Pennsic with a clean house.

Butterfly is still being a bad kitty, more so now that I cleaned things up. We shall see what we do with her...its getting frustrating. I'm tempted to now get the pheromone air diffusers next after we clean everything of the marking. I got a black light to do that and the family room/brewery are next on the hit list. Just need to plan a day around the family room.

Other than that I've been spinning and knitting away on things. I managed to finish up my version of "Cheddar the Craftlit Critter" and he is uber cute! I also swatched for my first sweater and will be casting that on on Wednesday at knit group. Woot go me!!!


So, there we are....
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Sunday morning the sink backup. Mel started trying to unclog it. Took things apart and about the time he started sawing and smashing drywall he ended up with a mess he needed help with. He had figured out where the clog was but was perplexed at how to get there.

So, we called in Rudiger and after a pretty short amount of time he found a corroded piece of galvanized pipe that was so clogged that even though it was rusted out it wasn't going to leak. Mel has never liked plumbing and he's not the greatest at it but Rudiger was able to really show mel what he was doing, why he was doing it and how to do thing that I think the next plumbing mishap we have things will be better. I was very happy to have him come over. As you can see in the picture below it was kinda icky )

I was also really happy to have Domnall and [livejournal.com profile] swordmage help me get the Time Capsule drive setup and get me on my way to upgrading the OS on my laptop. Things were a bit dicey for a bit but luckily some brute force on the OS got things going and I need to do a bit more tweaking before things run completely set but all in all its good. I'm very happy to now have a backup of my harddrive and that makes me feel good. Using Time machine is just neato and I'm very glad to have a backup now.

I ended up finishing the TARDIS Mitts for Wil Wheaton who I will give them to on Saturday. YAY! I will post pictures of them on him! I also got going further, though the pictures don't show all of the progress I made on another fish hat. This one for little Anna. It matches Sid the Cephalopod and will be cute.
TARDIS MITTS and Fish Hat )

I also started book #11 which is The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. So far so good.

And to end the picture parade Mr. Benton likes Peanut Butter Jelly time!
PB Jelly Face!
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Friday I managed to leave work a bit early and then hit some errands before heading to the gym. I had a really good work out and then stopped off at the store to pick up final stuff for enchiladas. With the tummy protruding now I'm not able to carry 2 twelve packs of beer home for the hubby. Sighs. The sacrifices of pregnancy not being able to bring so much beer home to the hubby. Lol. The best thing about the gym though I was able to do a 14:24 mile and I ran all but the first 2 minutes. It felt great. I've also figured out that due to pregnancy I now have the lung capacity of a normal person..wow, that much oxygen makes me feel awesome!

Maria and Mel were working on shoes when I got home and I put together the beef, hatch green chile and been enchiladas. They turned out awesome. Especially with the tortialls I had from the craft fair. Had dinner and I did not work on projects, I relaxed which was nice. Mel and I were in bed by 11pm and I had a nice snuggle beforehand with the heat pack (I also got at the craft fair) for my shoulders and cocoa.

Saturday we slept in and then had toast and coffee before heading out to Tuff Shed to finalize the workshop. The site survey will be today and then we will give them monies and the process starts. Which means sometime very soon we will need some help getting the back yard up to snuff. I see a trip to the dump and needing to move Mel's truck and Richard's trailer so things can get in. Its gonna take some work but I think it will be awesome.

After that Tuff Shed we headed to Target to get things for [livejournal.com profile] meowandbark's baby shower and look at things. It was really the first time we've actively looked at baby stuff together to get a feel for what we want and what we like and don't like. Mom called during it and that was fun. Mel was hungry so we tried Monkey Burger in Williams Center. It was very, very nummy. Good burgers and the bottle beer selection was also tasty. Their fries are parsley/salt seasoned and they give you lots of them. I took home leftovers.

We then headed to ToysRUs, BabiesRUs and got to test drive a few things. Plus mel got some more ideas on the crib/bed he's going to make. Didn't see much sheep stuff but we didn't get down into the toys or clothes either. Becca and Rob's recommendation for a stroller was right on. Jeep makes good things. Also found two car seats that we liked so that is also good. Won't be getting anything till after christmas though since we don't have storage right now. After that it was time to head home. I put my feet up and I'm not sure what else. We watched tv and mel finished his latest pair of socks. I did manage to do some embroidery before bed.

Got up on Sunday morning and I felt really good. My hands were feeling really good too. Headed to Joe's for breakfast and got joined by Will and Raylee. Good times there. Got home and mel headed to the shop. My goals for the day were to pick up the house. Its been pretty untidy of late and I started in my studio and cleaned things up, put things away and got it, the guest room and the front room pretty well set. I even managed to get my noro scarf blocked, my socks handwashed and my spinning from the Tour de Fleece washed up. The family room and bathrooms still need a bit more attention but I got my laundry all put away and have almost my side of the bedroom up to my standards. Hopefully in the next few days I can get things worked out and cleaned up. Its helpful to get rid of the clutter. Plus it also allowed me to decorate for Halloween which was also fun.
Got the 4th flower almost done last night in the embroidery and that makes me happy. I'll have to take it with me on travel to finish the 5th one up on time but it will be fine. Just have to do things in short bursts to keep the thumb in check. Got a nice visit from Tati and Mingo and we all watched the new BBC Sherlock Holmes on PBSHD last night. OMG SQUEE!!!

I think my fav line was "No, I'm a high functioning sociopath!" which was Holmes describing himself. I could not help be struck by all of the fun Dr. Who, Torchwood fan fic that could be combined with this incarnation of Holmes. Seriously fun. Definitely on the watch list for the next while. So enjoyable and the writers definitely know the cannon. Oh, and they kept the same sets from the Jeremy Brett version which made me so happy. After that it was time for bed. I slept pretty good once I got to sleep. Poor mel was stuffy and kept snoring and I guess didn't get a good night sleep. Poor guy.

Course that now brings us to today which is our 7th Wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Honey!
Saying our Vows
Man I still love that dress. And unlike the day we got married when it was 85 outside its cool fall weather today. We're gonna have a nice sushi dinner tonight and relax.

So happy week everyone!
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Well, work has been busy. My cold has settled to not really being a cold just pregnancy snuffles and I've been having a bit of odd with the GI track that isn't my normal but that could just be weird stuff eaten over the last week. We shall see. Its nothing serious just odd.

Got a huge packet of stuff from the human resources folks with 4 books, a baby hat (OMG CUTE! I squeed!), a cooler for bottles and lots of check lists etc. I've also gotten my subsidy for a breast pump. Anybody out there ever use a PJ Comfort from Limerick Corp? (I have visions of leprechauns making breast pumps that make me giggle). I'd like opinions before I get it.

Mel and I talked house stuff and we will be heading to Tuff Shed on Friday to price out the new workshop. Its gonna be nice I think and lots of natural light. The one thing I know that will have to happen shortly is to get the truck up and running and get tires and brakes on it so we can move it around. Does anyone have a yard cleanup crew they like? Weeds need to be take care of. Lots to think about all of us and the baby. Lol. But that is okay its kinda fun.

I'm almost done with the 2nd edelweiss flower and will be working my butt off to finish them all by monday. I have a pretty free weekend minus a few shopping trips (I need maternity t-shirts) and the Unique Boutique Craft Fair at Gridley Middle School on Saturday/Sunday. I'm going Saturday. Its lots of fun and one of my neighbors and one of my old coworkers also has a shop there. Plus I know we have some [livejournal.com profile] dverning and [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer time scheduled for Sunday. So nice crafty weekend.
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Work was pretty dull. I read lots of reports and worked on a report. Pretty snooze worthy. I got home and took an hour nap. The cats were happy about that. Mel got the kitchen picked up while I was sleeping and made dinner too. He's the awesome. I didn't have that dinner though, cause I had left overs from the weekend and really only heat up well in the toaster oven so I had that. Today I will have the pasta and sauce. Nummy. Got going on cleaning up the house and watching CSI. I got to see the episode with the Mythbusters. I had only seen the Mythbusters episode so that was a treat. [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer arrived for scribble first and she helped me get the table all set up while I vacuumed. I didn't get much scribing done. I sketched a couple of things but my mind was not being creative on that. Need to work on that some I think. I did watch tv, chat with folks and work on my mitt. Folks left just before 10 and I stayed up just a bit watching Ghost Rider. God, I luv that movie. So much fun and they were doing lots of behind the scenes information at the commercial breaks.

Got to shower and bed pretty quickly and then read some more in The King's Bishop. I so like the world that Candace Robb creates in the 14th Century. Very realistic and not too bad on accuracy of clothing etc. Not sure on the history but I'm recognizing names etc. Oh, if you go out and buy the newest Honor Harrington book you get a CD with almost 30 books on it free for reading and sharing all by David Weber. How cool is that? Mel is stoked. I'm sure he'll have lots of reading material on his iphone now. I will need to look up how to get that loaded into stanza.

I slept really good last night which was nice but I didn't want to get out of bed. I did though, that whole job thing. Was making my breakfast and went to get ice out of the freezer and noticed that things were melty. I think the door got left open a bit or the freezer controller is going out. I took out the stuff that was spendy to replace and put it in the big freezer and turned up the control to max and shut the door. I should have emptied the ice tray...ooops. Oh, well. Hopefully it was just the door. If its not, I get to call a repair man...joy.
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Well, its later on Sunday than I should be up. I'm keyed up from a good weekend. I'm almost 100%. Though at times the sides pulls at me a bit. Thursday afternoon was a comedy of errors and daftness. The computer tech was uber late (due to not listening to my voicemail message) and then he forgot the powersupply and an internet cable. After a while though things were working and I got a shiny new toy. I spent sometime trying to get the monitors to work like I want but it didn't work. I ended up leaving and heading out. Course I headed out the wrong door and had to walk 1/2 way around the building to my car before I realized it. Bleah. Got to the gym and my work out taxed me a bit. It was hard and my side ached after the dips. Really ached. Left the gym and it was pouring and I had to run to the car. Finally got home and was miserable, cold and tired. I was uber whiney too which wasn't good. Mel was amused. I got myself snuggled up on the couch with dinner, cats and knitting and that was a nice evening.

Friday we slept in and that was nice. We had a leisurely breakfast before heading out to the demo at Tanque Verde Elementary. The kids were very fun, I painted on a scroll the entire time and showed off the books. Mel had a good time entertaining them with armor and chatting about fighting. It was a good time had by all. They even fed us. Got home after 2pm and we were beat. Fortified with another cup of joe I headed out to Costco by way of Trader Joes. I picked up essentials and then was home to work on the house. Mel was busy with the bench. I made rhubarb pie and strawberry pie. Oh, so good. We had a good game night, though slow in the play. It was good.

Ari and I headed to Ikea on Saturday morning. We met Shaylan there and had a good, good time. I picked up the new pantry cabinet and few other fun things. Then ari and I had lunch at rock bottom and then headed to the Tempe Yarn Company. We had a good time getting yarn that was not in our usual colors or brands. Then it was off to a beautiful indian clothing store where we lusted over the silks. Wow. We made it home by 5pm. Got half of the cabinet put together with mel and richard's help. They had to fortify the kitchen wall to mount it. I went to bed brain dead and exhausted.

We slept in Sunday which was nice and leisurely made it to Grail. I had a nice time sitting and working on projects and chatting with everyone. Courts were fun. Maria got her boar argent, Zippy got a Boar Azure and Ivan was awarded with the Lamp of Tir Ysgithr. Well deserved honey. Headed home and we finished out the cabinet and reorganized the pantry. It is nice. Then we picked up the house a bit. Still have more to do but its better than it was. Mel was uber tired and went to bed and I'm keyed up. Trying to get settled and my brain is going. Sighs. Well, I'm time to head to bed.

Oh, and a bit of fun with Ari and her sock.
Ari's First Socks )
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Well, I overcame the headache or more better I'm ignoring it and its okay. I've accomplished a couple of things...the linen closet is now presentable and its so nice, I almost don't need the curtain I use in front of it. See below:

I've also been working on laundry and I made a really cool thing for gifties for everyone at the fiber retreat... Check out the pictures below.

I have enough so I think everyone will get one set of tags...pretty fun! Now to finish up laundry and get the SCA dresser drawers organized.
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First off, this AM I got to see [livejournal.com profile] msgolda on the road. That was cool. We work a couple miles apart but I never see her driving. I also got to wave to my neighbor when he passed me heading onto the access road...that was also neat.

Work was productive, putting on headphones and just diving into the qual report actually made things work. I'm happy about that. Got home and mel remembered the phone messages and I hauled the last 2 sewing machines off the shelf and headed to cathy's to pick up my other 2. They aren't sure it will be worth fixing the babylok but I'm getting an estimate. They have some really spiffy machines that could replace about 2 of mine and do leather..tempting...but I'm concerned about all of the electronics going haywire...I like the solidness of the machines I have. Course if the babylok is truly dead, I'll just leave it with them for parts or have them scrap it out...that will give me room to have all of the machines on the same shelf in the studio. I do plan on getting the machine that my neighbor gave me serviced and then putting it up at Dragon's Horde. So that will bring me down to 3 sewing machines and 2 sergers. Anyhoo..got home and was feeling shakey...the blood sugar took a drop so I made dinner of chops and corn. Very nummy...then mel and I both got the tireds...I fought it though and just relaxed.

When he left for practice I got the laundry hydra butchered into manageable chunks and started in on it. I also got more embroidery done and I managed to get an entire garbage bag of clothes ready for good will. I know I have more but I need mel's laundry put away so I can sort things better. Plus, actually going through the drawers and folding things would give me a better idea of what I can get rid of too. Spring cleaning has definitely hit turtle house brewery. I stayed up late finishing laundry. I made good progress on the 2nd rose (all petals outlines, leaves 2/3 done and the center is all filled in). Mel was sore from practice and stayed up reading with me. Brimstone Kiss is disjointed and not Carole Nelson Douglas's normal style...it more reminds me of her first book in that way. But I'm getting through it.

Oh, and if I failed to mention it, I finished Jim Butcher's Turn Coat last week. Not the usual Dreseden and the plots are getting thicker and muckier but there was some interesting resolution with one of the characters. So that would be #8 in my list.

Today I hope to get a pedicure after work and then get ready to teach class. My laundry is almost all put away and I just have sca laundry and sheets to do. The studio still needs a bit more picking up but things are looking good in there. Its almost a pity to start working on things since it so nice. But I'll get working on things soon.
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Well, I worked a 10.5 hour day...where 8+ hours of it were meetings. The only reason I got lunch was cause one of my coirkers brought muffins to our noon meeting. Sighs. But it was all good stuff...even my performance review (though I didn't get the promotion, but I'm close). I got home and partially cleaned up the kitchen, made dinner (hmmm, porkchops, nom nom) and then I was a lazy but and didn't get much else accomplished and we hit the showers at 830pm and were in bed by 9pm. With that much sleep I should be much more awake today. eh.

So, when I get home (its gonna be another long day) I will be working on the house and getting things settled for company. Looks like its just a board game night which is good...I know I won't have the brain capacity to think D&D.

On a side note: Kashi Go Lean Crunch is like honey smacks for adults. OMG is it GOOD! It is faboo in my morning yogurt!

Well, time to get some coffee and get going on lots of paperwork that took the back burner yesterday...but at least its friday!


May. 29th, 2008 07:41 am
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Well, work was very productive and then I hit glenn's house for a much needed, and painful adjustment. I felt way better afterwards and then headed home...where I did not much of anything but eat toast, play with pictures (as in the previous post) and watched tv and read a bruce coville book I didn't remember having. yeah, that was it. Mel got the bathroom plumbing almost done...he got the water running but the drain is missing a few fittings to be functional. So hopefully tonight that can be accomplished. I think I will be making the returns to lowes while he is at home depot and we should be good. I will have to do a big cleaning on friday to get the house ready for gaming but it shouldn't be too bad..lots of vacuumming and dusting I think.

I've got plans for the weekend that involve setting things up for my silk class and working on things around the house and pulling fabric for making fighting pants. We shall see..its gonna be a busy few weeks after that and I still need to work on pennsic clothing...maybe this weekend too. We shall see. Need to buckle down and not be so random about things around the house.


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