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Being busy is nice...being too busy to do laundry is not so nice. I think I will be in a skirt tomorrow for work due to that. I've been going strong on things since last week. Between finishing up the Tour de Fleece ( I missed my spinning goal by 2 ounces of fiber, snarf), Middle East Feast, two peerage scrolls in the works, household meeting, banner planning, pennsic packing and cleaning, Benton being difficult due to teeth and not enough sleep things have just been plain weird. Add to that some SCA drama and tasks and I'm one tired cookie at the end of the day. Plus I'm back at the gym running and lifting and I've managed to pull a hamstring muscle slightly. Hmmm...that sounds a lot like me whining....lets talk about accomplishments....

1) I finished [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari's hat
2) Hit the gym a full 3 days last week.
3) Got to dance quite a bit at MEF
4) Wrote and awesome 9 page work report
5) Managed to get a pedicure!
6) Cast on my first sweater for me!

The SCA drama is just interesting. Folks need to understand and accept "The Greater Good"versus personal agendas. It makes things way easier. Its hard, you have to work at it but these jobs we volunteer for or are awarded are not easy. If it was easy everyone would be king.

On the flip side I got to watch to of my FAVORITE ladies in the world get recognized for their being AWESOME!!! [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue was FINALLY asked to join the order of the Laurel. And [livejournal.com profile] thyririgain got brought up on legal charges by the writ of the King for TOO MUCH SERVICE! She has to answer to those charges by accepting (or not) the Order of the Pelican. Needless to say both ladies were deer in headlights during their offerings. The southern Scriptorium has both scrolls. I was immediately struck with the idea for [livejournal.com profile] thyririgain and the exemplars were easy to pull. We all sat down on monday with celebratory cake, pear tart and champagne and a stack of books and we all poured over them with glee and zeal for ideas of things to put in the scrolls and full exemplars. When Ari got to page and the entire table erupted into inspired ideas on the theme we knew we had Elsa's scroll in hand. Next week will be layout and then after pennsic we shall get some sketching done and start painting. [livejournal.com profile] bewilde and Ari are both busy with prep for Dragon-Con but things will get done.

All in all things have been good with a mix of strange (Benton teething and another coworker passing away unexpectedly). Oh, well. With the sweet comes the sour.

Also in random bits I finished Unbroken, #15, and have now moved into reading Devon Monk's Magic to the Bone, #16 of the year. So far the style is a bit jarring but I'm managing.
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Not sure what PTB I managed to irk but while dealing with a grumpy-ish Benton (way tired and stuffed to the gills with dinner) I cut my finger filling the bathtub. yes, you read that right...I cut my finger filling the bathtub.

It seams there was a broken off tine from a metal bristle brush embedded in the bath mat that I was washing off while the water was getting to temperature and I ran my left hand across it and got a heck of a good v-cut that then bled everywhere and I managed to blood splatter the wall and the sink and the floor of the bathroom while trying to get it dealt with. It managed to bleed for quite a while and only stopped after I bandaged it for a while. Its pretty ouchy today. So that slowed me down after mel was kind enough to start the bath again for the boy and get him into it to splash around. I was a good wife and made him dinner and then got to giving the boy a bath one handed and into bed with mel being a good dad and distracting him from being a rolly-polly boy on the changing table.

BTW, what do you do when the kid is too long for the changing table...let his feet hang off? Things I ponder....

After he was in bed I kinda sat for a while with a finger that stung and then got out my spinning and starting in on the last ounce of Falkland. It went okay but I had to stop due to the finger about half way through. I then sat down and worked on the ratty amigurimi a bit. He's turning out very cute.

Ratty )

Since I started on things late I was still stitching away at his first ear and having to follow the directions to kitchener the toe shut. I never remember the steps and have to pull out my book each time.

Oh, well, I hope to finish him up at the officer's meeting tonight or when I get home from the meeting. We shall see.
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So to give you some idea about how bad mel has been feeling he took himself to the doctor. Not kidding about that. He has/had an pretty severe ear infection and maybe strep...but the antibiotics would kick both in the but (seriously high dosages, whoa!) Already this AM he was looking better. I'm still kinda functing at about 70 % but I seem to be able to kick things quicker or just deal not sure but its an interesting mechanism to have.

Anyhoo things this week.

Benton turned 15mos old yesterday. Wow. He's making connections to things and following directions like "Benton please come here" or "Please bring me Mr. Elephant" and the like. He's trying to talk and making progress on understanding phrasing when you speak to him. He's parroting a bit but doesn't usually repeat things more than once...I'm sure that will change. He's getting so big now..just wow. He's already in 2T for shirts and I hope the 18mos shorts last through the summer. We are moving to size 5 diapers tonight and it just amazing the dexterity he has. Course he's only dexterous when he's awake and he managed to fall to the floor yesterday just after getting up from his nap and get a bloody nose. So our kid...seriously.

On the crafty front I've done a bit of knitting on my Castiel hat and saved it from me ripping it back to the lace part. There are 100 stitches on the needles and that is too many for my 4 dpns...I really should have went to 5dpns but I decided to switch to circular needles instead. It all works out the same thought. I hope to finish the hat over the weekend. We shall see.

Got a somewhat busy weekend planned with game night tonight and then an event Saturday and a house meeting sunday. Not sure if I'm up for an event on Saturday. Its been a rough week.

My brain is really bleeding right now from the information I've been absorbing for my new job...oy. Seriously...oof and when people on the teams are giving you the look of "you are crazy to have this job" its a bit daunting. Oof.

Well, on to the weirdo paperwork.
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Slate writen Hanna Rosin is a HACK! Please go read her crass treatment of Jan Berenstain here at slate.

Here is my letter to the editor...if you also agree write them at nyoffice@slate.com and dcoffice@slate.com.

To the Editors of Slate,

Most of the comments on the article say the gist of my opinion but I felt strongly enough about how horrid the article was by Hanna Rosin on the Death of Jan Berenstain, that I am writing you my opinion.

The article should be pulled. The books, while highly optimistic and sugar coated, really do teach children and adults of all ages some of the social graces we all could stand to uphold. I have bought quite a few for my family and have been comforted by their messages. My son is now 11 mos old and while he hasn't yet enjoyed the pages of the books I have picked up he soon will. My only annoyance has been that I can not buy the complete set of the books that have been published over the last 45 years in one package.

Ms. Rosin's "Good Riddance" to a lady who put her heart and soul into one of the largest single series of children's books was crass and uncalled for. Personally, Ms. Rosin should send a hand written condolence/apology to Mrs. Berenstain's family for her poor choice of words and actions on a very public forum.


Jennifer Nelson Kemp
Mother to Benton Kemp

EDIT: 2/29/12
Looks like people at Slate listened.
Calling on the Why Oh-bitch-uaries

Then a pretty dumb "apology" from Hanna herself:

UPDATE, Feb. 28, 2012: I have been roundly (and deservedly) chastised in e-mails and elsewhere by Slate readers for my use of “good riddance” in connection with this kind woman’s death. I admit, I was not really thinking of her as a person with actual feelings and a family, just an abstraction who happened to write these books. Apologies. Next time I will be more humane. --Hanna

Lame but at least people noticed.
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So, in the pouring rain I picked up Benton last night and got him settled and when I went to start the car the wheel and ignition were locked. Try as I might I could not get it to work. I called a couple of folks and in the end I called AAA. Mel finally got the message I was stuck and he came and got Benton while I waited for the tow truck. Guy got there about 30mins later and he worked on it for about 5 mins and he finally got it to turn. Gah! I felt dumb. Admittedly, my key had some schmutz on it and he cleaned it and that seemed to help.

I got home about 745 and mel was finishing up feeding the boy. He got a bath and then I fed him and he was out pretty quickly since it was so late. I'm glad he just napped while I futzed with the car.

During all of this and most of the day my back has been spasming slightly. Its now not any better. Sighs. Hoping it loosens after some stretching and heat today. I hate it. Its my old stoopid spot again that has been damaged since high school and my broken tailbone. LAME!
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Its the monday before southern and I'm not even close to finishing everything that needs to get done. I have lots to do and well my motivation for doing any of it is at an all time low. I don't know what is up with that but there it is.

Friday we all slept in and had a nice morning. Benton went to his helmet check up and things are progressing really nicely. He's in normal range on one of the numbers already! Not bad for a month in. We then dropped him off at daycare before going home to work on things and then get ready to go to Chuck's retirement. It was a nice ceremony. I knit all of the way through it. The speakers were nice and lots of good stories. We headed home and mel made bread and then we changed clothes, picked up the boy and headed to the party. Chuck's sisters and mom were all cooking up a storm and it was all really, really good. Benton took a nap for a while before we left and then managed to roll himself off of the bed while I was getting the diaper bag. He was fine but man that scares the crap out of me. Heck he didn't even cry. We got home a bit late but it was nice to see folks.

Friday night the weather turned cold and we had a huge wind storm and then monsoon like rains. I was up for a good few hours with the wind and the storm and then Benton was a bit restless too. So saturday morning was very early. Ms. Ari arrived about on time and we quickly got on the road after some final additions to the car. We made it to site for coronation to discover that is was an slightly sealed outdoor gym for site and the boy didn't have socks. It all worked out and I was glad I packed wool and my coat. The courts were nice and pretty short to some of the ones we have been to. I had a nice time crocheting on my shawl, playing with Benton and chatting with a few folks. We headed to BJ's brewery on the way home and that was a nice time. Got home and then it was a trial to get the boy to bed. He was over tired and not wanting to go down for bed. Storvarr arrived and I went to bed not too late. At 4am, Benton woke up screaming and I do mean screaming. I finally ascertained he was hungry but it wasn't normal hungry. I think it was just an off day and after a good meal he drifted off to sleep. Nevertheless we all slept in until 830am.

Storvarr was a faboo apprentice and made coffee. Then we headed out for errands. Mel worked on getting beef and barley done and working in the shop. I fed the boy and then headed out for more errands. I needed to pick up warmer weather stuff for the boy and hit up Big Lots, Ross, Famous Shoes, Petco and Target. I did get myself some tennis shoes and but scored a little sleep sak for him that is awesome and $5.

I got home, fed the boy and put him down for a much needed nap and then picked up the kitchen a bit before starting dinner. Now dinner would have been awesome if I hadn't run out of propane in the middle of it and had to switch things to the oven, if Benton hadn't had a screaming fit and if we'd all been a bit more coherent. Needless to say things worked out after I got some gripewater down his throat but it was a frustrating hour or so of screaming and crying and a boy who was obviously really tired and gassy. I think it was the milkshake I'd had on saturday. Bleah. Very emotionally draining for a breastfeeding mother. The boy was finally in bed sometime after 830 or so and we all set to drinking. Its amazing how funny some shows are while a bit buzzed. We all went to bed really late and got up early due to boy again crying very early. I'm thinking he's cold or growing or starting to teeth again...not sure. Hopefully tonight will be better.

So, lots to do before southern and not a lot of time to do it. I need to buckle down and do more laundry and get stuff packed up for the kitchen. Just a few more things we need for that but its final stuff like ice, propane and half and half. I do need to make a tunic but I will have to see if I can do it. I need to wash and block benton's sweater tonight and get things going on that front. Well, here is to a happy baby and getting things done.
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Well, lets see...the weekend was Dragon's Horde and the dragon made the weather HOT! Which made me a bit grumpy on Saturday...which made things weird. Mostly all my headspace..sorry if I worried folks but grumpy hot baby and grumpy hot me not so good combo. Also, why don't people ask permission to cut across tent spaces? Its annoying. Anyhoo...the day was hot and Mr. Benton got all heat rashy but he got to try applesauce for the first time and liked it and he liked frozen banana again too. Lots of good people got to have awards and one of the most special for us Southern Scriptorium Girls was the Pelican Scroll for Thegn Steffan. We'd been asked to do the commission a while back and we poured through books and kept coming back to one design that was perfect. The issue was it was beyond most of our skill levels and that is saying something. So we got to bring [livejournal.com profile] bewilde back into scribing by being the awesome drawer of "fiddly shit" for this Italianate scroll. It was a labor of love for most of us and we all learned a heck of a lot about things.

Drawing entirely by Bridget, Gold and Calligraphy by Ari, Background painting (blue) by Willa, Elsa, me. Border detail painting by Elsa, me and Ari. Miniatures by Bridget.

Here is the album, I still need to get all of the photographs/scans that [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari took during the process too.

We got home from the event and it was time to cool down and change for the vigil. Little boy was much better getting cooler and fed well and then was out for the count. We took him to the vigil asleep in his carseat and he stayed there until we left hours later. The vigil was nice. I sat and tuned up Yanaton's brother's mandolin and played and sang with Yanaton, Illora, Joanie and [livejournal.com profile] spunkybluegrl. Wow, that was lots of fun and we had some magic moments of pure musical bliss. I played so much that my thumb got a huge blister on it from not using a pick. Go me.

So, Sunday dawned and things were just better. It wasn't as hot, we had a breeze and folks were going to see the spectacle of a knighting. Again the girls and I in the scriptorium pushed our boundries. It turned out awesome. Again, more photos to come with the calligraphy done etc.
So, drawing by Ari and Bridget, Top Minature by [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue, Floral border painted by [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp,[livejournal.com profile] swordmage, Shoshana, Coats of arms painted by [livejournal.com profile] elinor_dear and Icka, Sky of main miniature by Shoshana, Landscapes by me with the dry river bed, rapids and shark by Bridget, trees/cactus by Shoshana, Monuments by Aysun and Elinor, City and Castle walls by me. Bridget did the tents and lots of folks worked on the horses and knights. Again I'll have more pictures of the finished object soon.

I hope to get photos of the weekend from my camera up this weekend. We shall see if i"m successful. After we left early so I could get ready for my trip the boys napped and I should have worked...it was tough going and I was up late trying to get everything done.

I left Monday morning after dropping the boy off at daycare to Alabama. The trip was sucky. The travel was okay but the business itself went sideways from the beginning. Things were ready, paperwork was missing, stuff was built wrong...you get the idea. This was really odd for this supplier and it was frustrating and I had to finish paperwork over a very slow cellular connection and it was special. I ended up working in the evening...not knitting happily while watching tv. I feel kind of guilty that things were poorly done but its not like we could have known that going in...its just frustrating. Things have now slowed from OMG GET IT DONE to sit around and wait so, well, I'm gonna leave when I get my 40 in at 230. All good.

But when I got home last night mel was happy to see me, I got good kisses at the door and the boy was uber cute. He saw me and started bouncing on his butt and put his arms up for me to pick him up. So cute. Read more... )
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The fact that I'm reusing a title is just crappy...but it fits. I'm tired and all of my body aches in places...the hand...its special. I haven't done anything but type or write since Saturday and I'm still not sure the inflammation is getting any better. To make things even more fun Benton has been odd as well. He had a rough night on monday night with getting up at 5 but he was back down for a bit but woke up crying and didn't stop until he got to eat. It was tears and all. He then proceeded to have a strange day at daycare which involved not eating and not napping. He refused his oatmeal and a bottle until after lunch time and only took a 45min nap. He was asleep when mel got home with him and then was out for almost 2 hours but woke up pretty happy and almost normal.

When he's really tired he's not as coordinated and they have to watch him cause he falls over and bonks his head. He did really good with us yesterday night and only had 2 times of pitching over. Only complained about it once though. He ate well and then went to bed about an hour late but we had a house full of people so I'm not surprised. Then at 3am he was awake and I got up and put the blanket over him and reorientated him in the crib. He had twisted him self into the corner and I knew that wasn't comfy. He cried for a bit more after that but finally settled down but I was awake for a while listening.

Then just as I was getting him he was full on crying in his crib. I found him sitting up clutching his blankie. I gave him a binky and he settled back down and when I went by 10 mins later he was out but I heard him crying when mel got him up. I'm pretty sure all of the not sleeping well and tossing around in his sleep is making him more tired.

Now I'm worrying about him which is making me more tired and yeah....
Seriously thinking of taking monday off for mental health.
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Well, monday happened. yeah. I'm not sure what I did yesterday...lots of paperwork and reading but it was a weird day. I got home and Benton was cranky. Mel finally figured out that he just wanted some company on the floor. He was very happy and sleepy but it was too late to have a nap before bedtime so we coped. He was basically almost asleep when the scribes started arriving. No painting happened on the big scroll but the final sketching of the floral border was completed by Sioux and [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp. Its faboo. i sketched a few things that Ari later inked and it was a good night. All of us were crazy tired so folks left at 930pm. I got things settled in the house and was in bed by 1030pm.

Benton decided that 445am was wake up time. Mel was awesome and gave him his binky. He was still loud and cooing but he went to sleep just after I got up for the day. Crazy boy. Not sure what is up with that but I guess we just get to deal. Just crazy.

Also, my hand has been okay. Its now really sore on the back of the wrist and then I go an bang it on the door jam of my bathroom. I had gotten out of the shower and my foot was still wet and I slipped on the tile. Grump. Very sore and achey and I forgot my wrap to help support it.

Oh, well, stuff to do...
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So, Tuesday was my last post and things just got downright weird since then. Tuesday was the demo at the U of A. The plan which I thought we had nailed down between Mel and I was that I would pick up the Benton at daycare drop him off at <lj user="scribe_ari"'s and then we'd head to the demo together. Somehow it got convoluted and mel left without me while I was still driving to pick up Benton and I found this out on my way home from Ari's. It all worked out but it was confusing to me and made me more tired after the crazy day at work. I have a guy who was doing a simple analysis for me. Somehow communication with this guy always goes south. Talking with others...its not just me but I didn't find that out until Wednesday morning. I was frustrated and thought all of this was all of my fault by the time I got to the demo. I did my best to be cordial to people and I got to relax and spin some awesome wool I got at the fiber retreat. I know Clarice got a picture of my spinning so I hope it turned out. Got home very, very late from the demo. Benton needed food since the bottle I had sent with him was bad...either freezer burned or had turned during the day, dunno but he wouldn't take it and was starving when I got him home. By the time I got him to bed it as after 11pm, mel was awesome and 1) got us ice cream, 2) washed all of the bottles for me while I pumped before bed. Got into bed sometime after midnight and that made wednesday morning just crazy. The only reason I was at work this week was to get this project completed but its been wrought with crap. I seem to have a talent for finding an issue that is just plain weird and jacked up and then have the wherewithal to want to fix it. This was very evident yesterday and after annoying guy got off of the call the rest of us got it fixed...or at least got a game plan going to make things work. Got done with work after more frustration on missing my deadline and drove my butt to Baggins for an Unforgettable. Got to knit night and had a really nice time chatting with folks and working on my hot water bottle cozy. Its almost done. Should finish that up tonight I would think. Today has been so scattered. That I'm having a hard time focusing. I did manage to get my work inbox to have no slider bar (meaning its only a single page in the in box and have everything else put into folders etc. It feels really good. Course now I'd like to do that for my gmail inbox...that is gonna take longer. Oh, well, goals and all. I did manage last night to get some yarn to make the Benton another sweater for the fall since he has out grown almost all of his sweaters (I think). He's gonna need it if we head to SD for Thanksgiving. Anyhoo..back to electronic paperwork.
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Well, yesterday was not quite like I thought it would be...I slept late and relaxed and my goals for the day were to 1)get car washed, 2)get car seat installed and 3)start the podling's hat. Well, I got the first on done and then things went off plan. The battery on the car died and I was able to restart it. So I headed to autozone to have it checked out. Yea, basically no life really left in the 4 year old thing but they don't carry those smaller than a 2 piece toaster batteries. So I headed to the dealership. I had to wait a while but that was okay since I had knitting and got a new battery. I'm glad I got that done and out of the way before the baby gets here...cause yanno how things work...we'd have needed the car and it would be dead and AAA wouldn't have the battery. Got home and I laid down for a rest and mel got home and we headed out to Glenn's for fixing our bodies. Felt really good but by the time we got home it was basically time to head to dinner with a small amount of Hrafn folks. I had never been to Sushi Garden and it was good but by the time we had "ate enough sushi" I was so tired and weak that mel drove us home. I just wanted to lay down cause the body was protesting me not resting in the afternoon. We snuggled up and watched Antiques Roadshow and then it was time to get ready for bed. Mel passed out snoring and I had trouble falling asleep even though I was so tired. My hips were sore and the cats kept stealing the covers...seriously...my blankets were a foot shorter on my side of the bed the darn bed hogs.

So I slept pretty poorly but was okay and awake by the time I got to work. Hit work hard with lots of things going on at once and then got stuck in a two hour meeting that went to 4.25 hours and that made it so I didn't eat for 5+ hours...not so good. I was shakey and had to take a bit of a rest while I ate my lunch. While I ate I found out that a coworker had passed away this morning. He was the nicest guy...its really sad. Very weird day.

So, its tuesday. We have birthing class tonight and mel will get to see the new Birth Center. We might get to putting things away from Estrella...we shall see. All good though. Time with the hubby will be good cause really, I didn't get much of that during last week or this weekend.
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The title is taken from one of Richard's beers called Old Bumble. Its really strong, really good and will knock you on your kiester. I kinda feel like that is what the weekend did to me and I'm sure its just a phase but man did that suck. Now, there were some very, very good things about the weekend. 1) We got rid of lots of old SCA stuff to some good fooks and are left with a very small box of things. 2)We managed to get one meal prepped and packaged and in the freezer. 3)Mel finished spinning the plies for the yarn for podling and 4)I got the land mapped out for my household for camping. 5) got a good ways to finishing my 2nd A&S project for Estrella. 6) I got the stroller put together and its awesome..but all of that took way too long and I had lots of just *flail* on things.

Things I learned Friday are that I am no longer allowed to go late night shopping with out and escort. 1) they need to push the cart for me and 2) they need to heft things in the car for me. I'm not weak even though I'm pregnant its just by then end of the day and the fact I really need a chiro adjustment that I was not in the best of shape to brave costco late on THE friday before the super bowl. I came home and curled up on the futon in front of the fire and just kinda made sure I didn't fall off of the world for a while. Food, finally a hot shower and going to bed early made things better but when we had to go get stuff on Saturday Mel came with and pushed the cart for me.

The odd for Saturday is we found out that Jocy, [livejournal.com profile] argent_lupin's mom fell on ice in SoDak and broke her right arm just below the shoulder. She was getting out of her friends car and fell at the curb. Her neighbor also fell trying to help her and the ambulance crew also had issues with the ice. She is all okay, with pins and plates and a hospital stay. She's a tough midwestern gal for such a little thing but it sure sucks.

Had a lovely time hanging with Joanney, Lennore (WHO IS HOME FOR 2 YEARS!!!) and Morgan. The helped cook up veggies for the stroganoff and make the afternoon pleasant. I felt pretty accomplished by the time that Saturday night finished up but I was tired. I was in bed at 10pm. The water heater was still acting funny though. Friday while mel was off of work due to no potable water at his plant site he replaced the thermocouple and ignition assembly on the water heater with a free kit from whirlpool. Now that should say something. Yeah, the thing has issues and from doing some reading we were lucky to have 6 years of good service before things went south. But even after the replacement its not keeping the pilot lit. First we thought it was decreased gas pressure due to the issues with the El Paso Gas line but further research here shows that you have to tweak the replacement parts to get things going properly and to keep things lit.

This is further reinforcing my plan to get a tankless system. When we have the HVAC assessment for the addition, I'm going to look into that replacement because 1)they are way efficient now, 2), it will take up less space which means we can probably get a proper furnace that isn't the crappy and annoying Forced Air Gas system and 3)its just a better thing in my engineering opinion...less parts to go breaky and no tank to deal with leaks.

By sunday we really couldn't keep the darn thing lit but mel will be tweaking it when he gets home tonight. Now that really brings us to Sunday, which I thought started out okay. I got grocerys (just a few more carrots and some eggs, nothing heavy) and came home to have Ashley and Billy over to work on projects. Billy needed armour mods. Ashley was "living in the library" and just being a big general help to me in the kitchen with cleaning things up. I then managed to get my A&S project to a good head and got some flannel bits for scrap burp cloths cut out. And the stroganoff got fully finished. In the interim I ate too many donuts, we all spilled our drinks on the carpet and things were kinda just funny. Richard came over and went through the brewery to get things bottled up. 1) he realized he bought the small bottles, 2) he had to wait for the dishwasher to finish dishes before he sanitized bottles, 3) he and mel were drinking old bumble, 4)I was distracting them by watching Hot Fuzz while working on A&S and land stuff and valentines cards and 5)probably 2 gallons of mead went all over the kitchen floor and under the cabinets due to the bottling bucket valve being open and none of us realized cause we were distracted. The boys moved the dishwasher and cleaned the floor. Things just got late and mel got dinner for us and by that point I was tired, very grump (I'm blaming the massive amounts of donuts I had and the guilt associated with it) and I got my laundry put away and mel was kind enough to package up the huge amount of stroganoff for me and we headed to bed.

Yeah, there is no point in crying over spilled mead but I guess the bright side is I have a very clean kitchen floor. Sighs. Plus the podling has decided that big rough movements and pushing me in painful places is the things to be. That is also making me slightly grumpy we shall see how today goes. I again blame the high amount of sugar. I have no idea what possessed me but I had a craving and I was indulging too too much. Plus I'm sure I'm just weary from the podling and well there we go.

To that end, even though I dropped a cast iron trivet on my foot things morning I'm saying this week will be good, I shall accomplish good things and life will be better. Estrella prep will be done and I can move on with going to estrella, having a good time and then get ready for finishing up a few weeks of work and then podling's arrival. So, there.
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Well, friday I managed to get all of the separate sections of my report finished and concluded and now I need to write up the final summary of the report and send it out for the peer review tomorrow. It was rough to write because I was tired and kept second guessing the numbers I was seeing and having to go back through large reports to confirm but I'm okay with that. I got home and worked on the house and finally ended up curling up on the couch with the hubby to watch a movie and rest. I then got cleaned up and we headed to Sean and Elaria's for the final 12th Night party. I had a really nice time chatting with folks and just catching up with people. We left a bit after 11 and we both slept really good.

Saturday was a nice morning with coffee in bed and snuggles. It was nice to laze in bed and just enjoy the morning. Got out and about in the house late and was cleaning when phone calls from out of town about the shooting in tucson started arriving in. I had seen a tweet about something but hadn't clicked the links to follow what was going on.

Shocking in its severity, random in the news coverage and misinformation and sad that the guy thought this was a way to deal with things. Folks will scream about gun control etc. My personal opinion is you can take my guns away from my cold dead hands but it doesn't matter how controlled things are or aren't people will do extremist things if they believe they are the right thing to do. A lot of folks outside of AZ don't understand our political climate or the issues at hand and what, especially the southern parts of the state, deal with. I've come to realize that very rarely does anybody I ever vote for get into office but I realize that is the democratic process, I gave my opinion and it wasn't the majority. I'm okay with that, I still vote to at least show my voice. Those are the legal things you can do, along with supporting candidates, working for the polling places etc. Violence is not the answer or the solution. And that is all I shall say.

So, that made saturday weird after that. We got the house in ship shape for Chris and Miana staying with us for Fop Revel/War Practice. I'm very sure I over did it. I headed to site to set up the artisan's display and Craven and Elzbieta had everything I needed. I put up table clothes and set up the box and came home to make a little sign for it and get things packed up. I had managed to squeeze into my cotehardie, not my kirtle and since I had taken it in recently it was self supporting and I had the part under my bust unbuttoned and I looked cute I think and I guess folks didn't realize we were "this pregnant" Lol. Oh, well. I guess waiting until month 4 to tell people folk's timing gets weird. The display went really well, the event was lots of fun and I really want a recipe for the gluten free Guinness cupcakes. Lots of people took part in the costume contests and that was some awesome there as well. All in all a very good event and a nice Fop Revel revamp. It was the best 12th Night I have ever attended in the Kingdom. Ivan sat most of the event in the corner near the display with a circle of ladies who I later nicknamed his "harem of yarn harlots" all doing string stuff especially nalbinding. We got home just after 11pm and I was done. I made a big cup of cocoa and snuggled up in the couch in jammies as we awaited our houseguests return from a quick bite to eat. They arrived just after midnight and we all quickly went to bed. I slept okay...I think the too much movement and things all day and the too much sugar right before bed weren't my best plan. I did okay but another hour or two of sleep would have been wonderful.

We all got dressed in modern clothing and then headed to Joe's for breakfast. Good times there and good conversation. We headed back to the house and got packed up for the event. I managed to put on some nice looking viking that I fit into well and I didn't look as preggers in that as I did in my 14th Century. I was worried about being warm enough and I did okay until the afternoon where I think I got too warm. Oh, well. I managed I think to not walk around too much and keep off of my feet. I even managed a little bit of a nap under mingo's shade. But by the end of the event I was sore and feeling out of sorts. I'm happy to say that Ivan and I now have SCA Grandkids in [livejournal.com profile] zippydclown and [livejournal.com profile] alyedczypsser. Woot! We ended up heading to Monkeyburger and it seems that the podling wanted food and that made me feel tons better until we got home and I was so tired.

Mel had to help me off of the couch and I think I probably should have taken some tylenol before bed because I kept waking up throughout the night to roll over to get comfy again. I just couldn't stay comfy for long. I got up finally and mel made my day by 1) bringing me coffee in the bathroom and 2)finding lunch for us in our canned pantry stores. It was lentil soup we canned up in 2009 and it smelled so good. So I only got to work ten minutes later than planned and that was okay. I've sucked down almost all of the coffee I can for the day and I feel much better. I'm sore still just in general all over and I think its just over doing things in general. I'm calling glenn to get an appointment today cause the left knee is not staying in place and I'm sure my hips have shifted again. So, time to get the pregger body set and then hit the gym tomorrow to get things back on track. I need my planks and my weights.

So, goals for this week are to take it easy when I can and not push too hard. Work on projects in knitting and get things ready for the household meeting on Saturday.
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Well, work yesterday was annoying. I was tired and even though I thought I ate right I ended up cranky and hungry by the time I got home. To add to that i managed to hit the belly on the bank counter and that had me feeling like a bad momma but the podling has recently changed position and the belly is now a completely new shape and distance away from me. Sighs.

Got home and after some reassurances from hubby i had a nummy omelet and toast. Podling was happy about that and was bouncing around. This will be a theme btw. Mel's been feeling off since monday. He's not been hungry and when he eats about 30 mins later he doesn't feel well. This is still going on and on top of that after we had a meeting with Ed and Candace on Hrafnheim stuff for Estrella he was wired. I headed to bed and he didn't follow. Baby, bladder and bad dreams got me up about 1am and he was still up. He came to bed when I told him what time it was but I had trouble going to sleep, mel and I chatted about it and podling was having hockey practice in utero. After an hour or so of that I finally had to eat something and snuggled up with mel and finally got some good sleep. But I basically lost 3 hours or so I think of sleep.

That made this morning rough on both of us but we managed to get up and moving. Work is less daunting today but I think I'm going to have to be careful to not get over tired today since I already am. uffdha. I had hoped I was past the sleepless crap last week.

So, today will be a trial but I think I'm up for it. I hope. If I wasn't preggers I'd be base-lining caffeine all day long. I think cocoa might have to substitute...with marshmallows.
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and now I'm at work. Bleah. I'm very tired this week but I did manage to remember my workout gear so that is a plus. I will be hitting the gym this afternoon, though I will take it a bit easy on the stomach crunches...things still kinda hurt. I hope I get up with enough time to get a short ride in tomorrow and then maybe on Sunday before Grail. I need to get back in the saddle for training. Gotta see if we can do the full tour...not sure about that myself but we shall see.

Work has been a bit of a stressball this week. The words for the week are POOR COMMUNICATION. Bleah. I hate that. And I seem to be caught in the middle of two different issues and I hate that. I really do hate it. It makes me grumpy.

I got home late, grabbed dinner from the crock pot (go Mel for putting that on the night before) and got going to knit night pretty quickly. I guess I passed Mel on the road and didn't know it. I was tired. I was more tired when I got to knit night but it was good. I took video and pictures of Ari finishing her two in 1 socks. I'll have those up sometime this weekend. I also need to get Barmaids stuff up. Hmm..maybe tonight.

Just got off IM with [livejournal.com profile] argent_lupin. I had not caught up on posts from last week and Momma Huck is recovering from double bypass surgery. I guess my mom picked Rob up at the airport and things like that. Wow, I'm out of the loop. So, send your thoughts up to SD for Momma Huck. She is a great lady.
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Well, monday I woke up with lots of pain in my abdomen and back and I thought it was gas, so I was gonna head into work a bit late. Well, it didn't go away and subsequent attempts to get up didn't go well. So, I stayed in bed and finally moved to the couch about 10 am. I slept most of the day. The pain never got more than a dull icky ache. I tried to throw up and failed to see if that would help the tummy and nope. Got up at 530pm to shower and eat something. Felt okay but not great for a few hours. The pain was getting worse the more I was sitting up and I was running a mild temp. Got up on Tuesday with the samething. I forced myself to drive to work and pick up the work laptop. Got home, called the doc and after chatting back and forth with the nurse they sent me to the ER.

I've never been to the ER for me, or to a hospital for me for that matter. So, I had my knitting and went. I called [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r when they decided it wasn't infection and were going to do a CT scan to see if I had kidney stones or something else. He was awesome and came and sat with me through the test and then while we waited for results. I slept for a while which was good. They gave me stuff for the nausea and for the pain so I was a a bit more comfortable. I found out that I can knit with a hand IV and that is good for future issues I guess. [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r was awesome. He's really good with the hospital thing and made me feel much better by having someone there with me.
The final result was that I probably have a stomach virus in conjunction with a pulled muscle. Odd but I guess that works. The ER doc had a great bedside manner and he was very cool. They have a few more tests they were culturing to see if I had an infection all of teh other tests didn't pick up but I was sent home to rest, drink lots of fluids and take care of the muscles with pain meds. The anti nausea stuff was good. I think that was the biggest thing that was bothering me besides the pain. I got more nauseous as the evening went on and I went to bed early. I slept good but I should have taken more pain meds so I woke up very sore.

I've been logged into the work net since about 730 and have been working on plenty of paperwork...though one our systems seems to have shut down so I can't do some of the stuff I need to. Hopefully it will be up soon. Checking with coirkers to see if its just the overnet connection or the system. Looks like it was a temporary outage.

I'm gonna take the drugs and see how things go today. I'm not as tired today so I know that is a good sign. And coffee is tasting really good though eating is meh. I had a good lunch yesterday and then not anything else but a piece of toast. Same this AM. bleah. Glad I went and got the work laptop though I'd have gone in and been miserable and I'm much more comfy here. Plus I think I'm going to be getting the heating pad to snuggle up with. That sounds good. Well, that is the update for the last few days. I'm about 2 inches from my heel flap on the first sock of my second pair of socks. All good.
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Looking at the Tucson crime map they caught who was ever at the neighbors and put it in as disorderly conduct, trespassing. So, they got their comeuppance. Now, I got home from scribal and I pulled onto Lurlene into a crime scene. Not sure what was up but there were 10 cop cars, a barricade onto birch and a news crew. I tried to catch it on the news and missed it on kgun9 I think and my google fu is failing. Anybody see the news? Its been a weird week.

I then sat and worked on the bib and I think I'm half done. If I get out of work on time today I will be heading home to grab the hubby and hit grandma's for supplies. I need to finish that afghan and pick up a few more things. If I don't make it home, I'll pick stuff up tomorrow at knit night but it would be nice to have an FO to show off. Though I guess I'll have 2 if ari brings her scarf for Mike to take pictures of for the shop.

Scribal was good. I managed to get almost all of the way done on a scroll though the white work was making me unhappy. I was tired and I'm sure it will look better later but eh. I'll fix it if it really is the suck. No big deal.

Well, lots of meeting today. So I better shove to on the paperwork.

ANSWER TO POLICE ON LURLENE: DUI Injury accident. Case # 1004050749. Interesting. I was wondering if someone T-bone'd some thing on that corner but I couldn't tell cause it was so dark.
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Well, work has been annoying thus far. They did a massive uninstall of one of the "non supported" programs I used daily and well, I lost 4 years worth of data and get to use another crap program (which doesn't have spell check!). Grr. Then lotus notes decides that it wants to turn everything in my inbox to unread...thus I went from 20 unread (and marked to stay that way for priority) messages to 450. grr. Our replication archiving does not work well so I've never used it...and its making the morning really annoying. Guh. Down to 243 but it uber annoying. I think I will try the replication thing when I get my new machine but still grrr.

Led to a morning of not being productive. Also, the notebook I was traveling with had all of my notes for work in it and now its at home versus in my purse...so I'm kinda lost. Grr..bitey bitey. But in the midst of all of the paperwork yesterday I did manage to get my photos uploaded...

Blossom's Pelican
EW Aten Court
March Crown Finals
Prize BTY War Practice
Estrella War- Outlands Prize
Grand Court
Raylee and Will's Wedding

Oof...that is a lot of photos. But I will try to get on to Gulf this week...I have to do some batch editing I think...cause there is stuff that was research related versus visual stuff but we shall see. I don't know how many shots I actually took since I forgot to reformat my card before we left...took a few pictures and then realized it. So, I'll check later tonight. Got a few classes to take today for training before the month ends and well, lots to do that I can't remember. Ooops. Well, it will all work out.

I've been really stuffy since we came back...probably allergies but I'm taking it easy today. Gonna have dinner with the hubby and then head to knit night. Mel realized while I was gone for basically a week that he really doesn't see me all that much. Snerk. I've told him that and well, it was funny that he realized that. So, we will make a better effort to see each other more often and we had a date night last night (dinner and booze shopping but still a date). Then we got home and worked on projects and watch telly.
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Well, my hands hurt from all of the knitting and painting. My arms are killing me from my workout on friday but now that I've been up its just mostly the triceps. I'm okay with that. I'm also glad my stretching in the shower last night got the kinks out of my core. I'm looking forward to what will be coming up today...not sure if I repeat what I did or move on to the next stuff. All good.

In sad news, I just got the alumni weekly newsletter and found that my dorm "mom" Wanda passed away. I'm cutting and pasting the article.

Former Palmerton housemother passes away at age 72. Wanda Clemmons, 72, of Rapid City passed away this week at her home in Rapid City. Wanda was born in Denver, CO and she worked at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for 11 years, retiring in 1998. She was the last person to serve as a “housemother” at Mines from 1987 to 1998 as the “housemother” in Palmerton Hall. She oversaw the change in Palmerton Hall from an all male residence hall to a coeducational facility. Affectionately known to resident students as “Ma” Clemmons, she provided a homelike atmosphere and an empathetic ear to over 2000 students during her tenure helping them to cope with the stress of college life and living away from home. She is survived by three sons, two daughters, two brothers, two sisters, 10 grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. Visitation will be from 2-4PM on Sunday, February 21, 2010 at Kirk Funeral Home in Rapid City. Services will be at 10AM on Monday, February 22 at the First Evangelical Free Church (1124 Kansas City Street) in Rapid City. On behalf of the many alumni whose lives she helped while they were students, we offer condolences to the family. For a complete memorial and guest book, please visit www.kirkfuneralhome.com.

Ma was absolutely awesome. She made us cookies, kept our guns locked up for us, was always open for a chat, treated us like adults and was just all in all the best lady to watch over us ever. If I was in rapid I'd be going to the funeral without a question. What a lady.

Well, I'm at the new office since I have a meeting at 9am. I also have to get stuff over to the lab for testing which is on this side of the plant. All good. Its chilly over hear today though. We had a roof leak and they are moving tiles all over and placing buckets. Funny considering the engineering that went into this building. Anyhoo...time to get cracking on the paperwork.
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With all the rain it was annoying that I didn't get to see the mountains this morning since it was still dark. I'm sure the snow is beautiful. The Santa Rita's were gorgeous yesterday on the drive out of work..so picturesque. If the light had started to get too dim for my phone I would have pulled over to get a picture. I'm sure they will look even lovelier today.

Work is getting odd. I got to meet with a gal who has been asked to take my position...things have been going further down hill so [livejournal.com profile] meowandbark's hubby can't take over for me as quickly as we thought last week. Its odd talking to someone about your job. I think she'll do fine but since she has no production experience that learning curve will be steep. I had the same thing though and there really isn't anything they can do about that. No training will prepare you for it except the job and a couple of classes on the computer systems. Very, surreal though. Got back to my desk and had to dig up stuff from two years ago that folks reviewing our work needed to see. I knew where to find everything but still...they could have done the same thing but they wanted us to find it. Eh. It worked and I didn't get any pages afterwards.

Hit the gym and worked shoulders and back. I did the machines for the back exercises and I think I overworked my delts on the free weights...my left shoulder/arm was really unhappy with me this am. But it was good and I pushed another 5 mins on the elliptical stir thingy after weights. I had my own tunes in my ears and that was good. Left there and drove to knit night but I first stopped off at boston market to get food and realized I didn't have my wallet. Tried to call and text mel and got no response (he was at class which has now shifted 1 hour earlier), luckily I had a luna bar in my work out bag that was fresh so I ate that and drank more water...but it was distressing since I had used it yesterday at the bike shop and then wasn't sure what I had done with it. Mel finally texted me back that he was looking. I got home and he hadn't found it and it was on the end table. Oofh. I hate that crap. Luckily all good though on that end.

I've got other thoughts working in my head. Not sure what else to say until they coalesce into something more tangible. Just hurt and confused.


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