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Work is still sucky but we are all in the midst of suck and working as a team to make it better. I figured some cool things out and I have a spreadsheet to save our little chunk of the world.  I know, lame, spreadsheet foo made me excited. I'm an engineer, deal!

Willa and I entered our failed viking glass furnace and it did very well. We won our category, though we were the only entry. We did receive a 55/60 for points so I think we would have won anyway even against other competitors so that was cool.  The organization this year was a bit weird and lists of winners had errors etc but in the end I think it was a successful competition. I judged the championship and that went well too.

In other crafty news, I finished the purple socks.

I have also been working on my "not bunnies" shawl and ran out of yarn.  Both Mel and I thought I had two balls but nope. So I pulled some left over cascade 220 out of my stash and its matching colors pretty good after a few rows.Untitled

Ben's been having better days.  We had him assessed by the school district and their only comments were he was high energy and bright.  But at least we know there is nothing wrong we hadn't already known.  Not that being high energy is wrong but we have to redirect it.

I started looking my planned to make for Xmas and seriously flipped out.  So, I guess I need to get myself organized and working on stuff. This weekend will be studio cleaning, sewing for Ben for Southern and winding yarn and planning projects. I also need to get rid of the two old carseats and get those sold as well as the stroller. Then that stuff is out of teh house.

I'm getting my fall enuii and depression.  I'm not sure what it is about this time of year but man I always feel like crap.  Add that to the I've been so tired, so sick or so busy to make it to the gym well, I'm sure that is not helping.  Next week is further screwed up since I'll have the boy at Theresa's due to school being out for Fall Break so well, we shall see.  Just frustrating cause I feel like this is all out of my control but then I realize it is in my control and its hard to take the reins to fix it.  Thus the depression lying.  Oh well. The show must go on.

My mantra will be to watch what I'm eating better. Limit the alcohol and make stuff.  I always feel better when I make things and if I can crank out some of these small projects I will feel accomplished and not so stuck in a ever ending loop of work.

Still trying to finish the treatise on Engineering in America and I started in an InCryptid novel by Seanan Macquire.  I got a load of books from Mughi last weekend to plow through.  Plus I'm also hit by a plunnie about grumpy cat, Bucky and Coulson.  Yeah.  crazy but it will get done in the wee hours this weekend I think. Its gonna be short and fluffy.  So crank it out and accomplish somethng to get it the eff out of my head.

It was inspired by this fic Wow, That's one Grumpy Cat... and the shirt I'm wearing today.  Silly but funny. I need that.
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A while ago [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer gave me a set of books called the Paper Magician (http://amzn.com/B00HVF7OL0) and the Glass Magician.  I finished the first one. Looks like there is a 3rd one.  Its a very neato world and an easy read.
So, back to fluff reading after I finished the large tome of Holmes-inspired fiction. I still have an engineering treatise to return to a coworker so I need to buckle down and read that next I think before I get back to The Warded Man and start the Mistborn Series.
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What ever has had me in the grips of pain, uncomfortableness and fatigue. I have some ideas but TMI would probably be the case here. I'm on the mend which is good but will follow up with my primary care when I see her in a few weeks.

My reading is going well and I'm thoroughly sucked into the awesome of the fairytale anthology My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me where I just got to the story that is about the title...a German one called The Juniper Tree. Its very cool and creepy stuff and one of them as Audobon as the bad guy versus Baba Yaga.

Benton is not feeling tip top and is tired and awoke this morning with a spectacular dried up bloody nose. I had to change sheets and pillow cases due to the mess and mel got to hold him down and clean it out and saline it. Poor kiddo.

Other than that...I have knitting projects lined up for me to have socks on the needles at all times for me and mel and a new pair of gauntlets for me. Goal is to use of sock yarn stash this year.
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Pennsic was good, Pennsic was wet. I didn't fight much due to blistering my heels in my boots but took a lot of classes and shopped for books. The tally of purchases: 32 books (+ 2 books for Benton on the way home), 2 CDs, 1 pair of earrings, 8oz of fiber, 1 ringed pin, 2 balls of wool/cashmere sock yarn and a few presents.

Mom had an interesting time with Benton who 1) got moved to the 2 year old room (he's 16mos), 2) got another case of hand/foot/mouth, 3) got bit by a spider and 4) enjoyed grandma time.

More and better posting tomorrow when I have more of my brain but pictures are uploading as we type.

Upcoming projects:
1) New banner for Ivan
2) New dress for crown
3) [livejournal.com profile] msaimeesue's Scroll
4) [livejournal.com profile] thyririgain's Scroll
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Sunday morning the sink backup. Mel started trying to unclog it. Took things apart and about the time he started sawing and smashing drywall he ended up with a mess he needed help with. He had figured out where the clog was but was perplexed at how to get there.

So, we called in Rudiger and after a pretty short amount of time he found a corroded piece of galvanized pipe that was so clogged that even though it was rusted out it wasn't going to leak. Mel has never liked plumbing and he's not the greatest at it but Rudiger was able to really show mel what he was doing, why he was doing it and how to do thing that I think the next plumbing mishap we have things will be better. I was very happy to have him come over. As you can see in the picture below it was kinda icky )

I was also really happy to have Domnall and [livejournal.com profile] swordmage help me get the Time Capsule drive setup and get me on my way to upgrading the OS on my laptop. Things were a bit dicey for a bit but luckily some brute force on the OS got things going and I need to do a bit more tweaking before things run completely set but all in all its good. I'm very happy to now have a backup of my harddrive and that makes me feel good. Using Time machine is just neato and I'm very glad to have a backup now.

I ended up finishing the TARDIS Mitts for Wil Wheaton who I will give them to on Saturday. YAY! I will post pictures of them on him! I also got going further, though the pictures don't show all of the progress I made on another fish hat. This one for little Anna. It matches Sid the Cephalopod and will be cute.
TARDIS MITTS and Fish Hat )

I also started book #11 which is The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. So far so good.

And to end the picture parade Mr. Benton likes Peanut Butter Jelly time!
PB Jelly Face!
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Well, I left work yesterday and headed straight to Grandma's to get a bit of knitting time in before the officer's meeting. The meeting was good and we got lots accomplished with some good laughs all around. I got home to a very quiet house and mel was already in the shower. He had forgotten I was at the meeting and just thought I was out late at the knit shop. LOL.

I needed to wind down so I got a beer and my crochet and relaxed watching tv with mel. I got to bed late and then got sucked into my book.

Looking at books I only ready 18 in 2011. That is horrible for me...though with a kid I'm not too surprised. 2010 was the best year where I read 40 books...so with a kid I read half. Of course I'm not counting the audio books I've listened to: Woman in White and now working through Dracula. So, it was odd for me to get sucked in last night.

So the first book I'm reading in 2012 I did start in 2011 but its gonna count is Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon. Its a space/naval/piratey thing and I just got to the "action parts" and the plot moved along at a good clip and I couldn't stop reading.

So I was up way too late. I finally just had to put things down and go to bed. I got up mostly on time and Benton was awake...but it was the "AH, I'M COLD AND CAN'T FIND A BINKY!!!" so I remedied both and he crashed right back out.

Today started out really weird at work...lots of issues right off the bat that needed my attention and I finally got coffee at 9am. Gah. After a late night that hurt.
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Well, work blew up some annoyances as I was trying to leave last night which means I'm having a busy busy day of paperwork, design archeology and validation of stuff. Lame but at least I'm busy. I'm also now very glad that I did not wait to start packing cause I now wouldn't have had time.

Last night was "Literacy Night" at daycare. It was also a Halloween party for the kids. Mr. Benton got into his "1st Halloween" jammies and enjoyed a song and a book reading and then it was time for us to go. He was tired and looking a bit overwhelmed and we still had lots to do before I dropped him off at Ed and Candace's for a few hours.
Here is the boyo looking a bit timid:Read more... )

We got the book Cluck and Moo for Benton as our free book. Its cute and very neat. Plus he can nom upon it. Which right now is his appreciation for literature.

Got home and had just enough time to get him a bath, wash the helmet and get me changed and get things loaded. We headed out and dropped him off and then it was dojo night for the household. I had a good night but was very tired and sore when we were done. Got home and chatted with the neighbors a bit and then mel was home with the boy who was fast asleep after a diaper change.

Mel and I chatted while we got ready for bed and I was out just after about 3 pages of reading.

So lots going on this weekend but hopefully I'll have some time to do some baking and cleaning my studio. We now have "baby jail" for the boy to let him have good safe play space.
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Well, work was just a bit crazy with paperwork and meetings and I have to have my cubicle packed up for a "mass move" by 4pm Friday. So I started with a few boxes late in the day and purged some old stuff that had been hanging around since my days at Caterpillar. Yeah, that old. Mel texted me that he had gotten a $50 gift cert to Claim Jumper for doing a good job and offered to take me to dinner for our anniversary. So after I picked up the very happy boy (who had just had a poop-splosion(tm) at daycare we headed out to dinner. It was nice and Benton did really well up until just the end of dessert. We then headed to Babies R Us for more Benton stuff and picked out what we want to get Viktor for christmas.

Got home and did bottles, we got the baby washed up and then he wasn't really ready for bed even though it was 2.4 hours past his bed time. I was a bit cranky by that point and he finally fell asleep a bit after 10pm. The one funny thing was when he was rolling around his crib his velcro on the helmet got him tangled in his afghan and he had to be rescued. Funny but true.

I got to bed just a bit late and then read more. I finished up "Kitty and the Midnight Hour" a bit ago which was #17 for the year and I started All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin. Stephanie makes me realize I'm not crazy or maybe not too crazy and I'm okay with my fiber/crochet/knitting addiction. I really do need the shirt "I knit so I don't kill people".

Tonight is the first officer's meeting I will have attended since stepping down from being Baroness. I'm a bit nervous. But I think things will be okay and I have a good deputy to train up. Its not like I haven't done this job before (seneschal)but its still shiny and new with this regime of B&B and officers set. I'll try not to be too scary.

The new car seats for the boy arrived yesterday and I hope to try to get them installed in at least the fit on Thursday. Gonna have to make sure the pack n play is set up in the mornings to corral Benton since he's been a terror and getting into EVERYTHING he can and can not readily grab. But it will be nice for him to have more room.

I also booked our trip home for Thanksgiving. We are flying a discount airline that has a direct flight from Mesa's Falcon Field to Joe Foss Field in SD. Its discount but they sure hit you with fees throughout the process. Its still cheaper than American Airlines and its a night flight and direct no stops but I still wonder if its worth the hassle of the drive. We shall see.
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So, I'm not reading as much as I used to but I am driving a heck of a lot so I listen to lots of podcasts including:

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Been really tired all this week. Not sure what is up with that other than the fact that I have been staying up a bit late reading. Well, last night I didn't do that but managed to hit the sack by 1030pm.

I was having a really strange dream when I woke up this morning. It involved going to a supplier and there was a hostage situation. It wasn't really a tense one since they let us in and out of the building but I was traveling with our chief engineer Rob and he had a gun in his car. It was strange and we got the gun and were developing the plan of attack when my alarm went off. Not sure where this came in from my subconscious but it was weird.

Ghost Story continues to please me. Very good in depth thought into actions and consequences which is fascinating to read since I've been with the characters for 12 books already. Butcher really is giving us a very well written book and i'm glad he took the extra time to make it that much better.

The gym yesterday was hard. I was so tired I had to physically motivate myself to get there and to keep going through my sets. Once I got to the floor exercises I had a hard time not trying to nap. My intervals were okay. I figured out how to get the treadmill to set them for me minus the timing and that was okay as well but tiring. The last interval was hard and my sides were aching from the running so that was good for me.

Knit night was crowded for Mike's B-day. I didn't remember and found out while reading email at a stop light. I came and worked on mel's shop mitts and chatted with one the ladies who is due with her baby soon. It was a nice night but I was tired as I said before.

Well, hopefully soon LJ stuff will get sorted out.
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Well, the work week has been taking its toll and I'm one tired engineer at this point. I think I have written more paperwork this week than any in a long time and there is still more to do. Sighs. But its for a good cause of finishing off tasks so things are done and not lingering while I'm gone. This is the last friday I will work until June...scary.

In non work news I am chunking away at the Podling sweater. I'm about half way through the first set of decreases in the pattern and its become potato chip knitting ala The Knitmore Girls. You finish a row and think...oh, just one more. Yup...addictium(tm).

I hope to make good progress on it this weekend as well as get the house in better shape. I will need to go grocery shopping tonight since we are out of everything. Mel has been working on the commission casting project and it was looking pretty good last night. I managed to get almost all of the Podling laundry done and now its time to pack bags for the birth and put all of the clothes away. Course I need a closet rod installed in the closet and I still need an organizer over the door and a few shelves up. Still also need to do a bit of shopping for myself which I hope to accomplish this weekend as well. Just want things in order before my leave starts and that means I can accomplish other things and rest. We shall see how my plan goes.

I had hoped to see Joanny sing tonight but I think its in my best interest to rest. I probably won't be getting home until late or at the least I will be taking work home to do over the weekend and this morning both me and podling are tired. Plus, I really have nothing to wear in my current state of body so eh. There were will other chances...just not before the baby gets here I don't think.

Well, time to put my headphones on and slog through another report. I do wish I could listen to podcasts (I'm months behind on listening) and type at the same time but it doesn't work...music on random is the way it is.


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Well, its been a really, really busy few days. Wow. Thursday and Friday I wasn't feeling well, digestion has been very icky and I was tired. So, I was a home body. I'm way behind on books. I finished #23 which was Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs, then I read #24 which was "The Riddle of St. Leonards" and I read #25 which was "Dyer's Consquences" and I'm now in #26 which is "A Gift of Sanctuary" which continues the Own Archer series. So, reading has been good I guess.

We headed to Mace and Greatsword with Storvarr and had a nice time. The weather was warm which wasn't making me feel better. I kept up on water but it was draining. I had a very nice time at the feast, though I really which the Mon's cooks guild could understand they really need to list all of the ingredients..hidden surprises are not fun for folks with food allergies. Having the wine in the pear soup did nothing for my stomach since now getting sulfited seems to make things just pass through me rapidly. Oh, well. I felt much better on Sunday (maybe getting sulfited helped, who knows) and I got to weaving on my A&S project. I'm about a foot or so from done. But was too tired to finish it after 8 hours of weaving.

Monday and Tuesday were me, a team of people being presented by 6 suppliers presentations of why they should build some hardware for us. It was a grueling 3 hour process for each vendor and then the scoring took time. I was home after 8pm both nights though they did take us to dinner on monday night and that was nice. I highly recommend the Little Mexico Steakhouse on Cardinal and Valencia (way southwest side of town). Last night was the final down select and we finished up at 8pm. So tired. Plus, I couldn't work on any of my other stuff the entire time we were sequestered so today has been pretty messy.

For those of you who haven't' RSVP'd for pampered chef, please do so today. Also, if you are out of town you can click on the link in the invite and go to the website and put an order in. If you have questions on that, email me. I or Joy can walk you through it. Orders are due by COB monday.

So, tonight I'm going to head home from work, take a nice relaxing nap and work on the house and do some shopping. I just want some me time to relax and not be working or interacting with people. I've been "on" too much in the past few days. Tomorrow, due to all of the OT I've been doing I get to leave at 11am for the weekend which will be nice. More time on the house and just getting things in order. Friday will be A&S arts push day for me. Which will also be awesome...and sleeping in. Though with the work this week I've ended up making it into work almost on time for what I used to get into. I need to keep that up. Its nice. Well, time to push some paperwork.
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Work was pretty dull. I read lots of reports and worked on a report. Pretty snooze worthy. I got home and took an hour nap. The cats were happy about that. Mel got the kitchen picked up while I was sleeping and made dinner too. He's the awesome. I didn't have that dinner though, cause I had left overs from the weekend and really only heat up well in the toaster oven so I had that. Today I will have the pasta and sauce. Nummy. Got going on cleaning up the house and watching CSI. I got to see the episode with the Mythbusters. I had only seen the Mythbusters episode so that was a treat. [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer arrived for scribble first and she helped me get the table all set up while I vacuumed. I didn't get much scribing done. I sketched a couple of things but my mind was not being creative on that. Need to work on that some I think. I did watch tv, chat with folks and work on my mitt. Folks left just before 10 and I stayed up just a bit watching Ghost Rider. God, I luv that movie. So much fun and they were doing lots of behind the scenes information at the commercial breaks.

Got to shower and bed pretty quickly and then read some more in The King's Bishop. I so like the world that Candace Robb creates in the 14th Century. Very realistic and not too bad on accuracy of clothing etc. Not sure on the history but I'm recognizing names etc. Oh, if you go out and buy the newest Honor Harrington book you get a CD with almost 30 books on it free for reading and sharing all by David Weber. How cool is that? Mel is stoked. I'm sure he'll have lots of reading material on his iphone now. I will need to look up how to get that loaded into stanza.

I slept really good last night which was nice but I didn't want to get out of bed. I did though, that whole job thing. Was making my breakfast and went to get ice out of the freezer and noticed that things were melty. I think the door got left open a bit or the freezer controller is going out. I took out the stuff that was spendy to replace and put it in the big freezer and turned up the control to max and shut the door. I should have emptied the ice tray...ooops. Oh, well. Hopefully it was just the door. If its not, I get to call a repair man...joy.
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Work was busy and I now have more work to do. Which is a bonus. Left after ERB to head to the kidney specialist. Basically I get more tests but she is pretty unconcerned. It was probably an anomaly but they will figure it out. She did instruct me to decrease my calcium supplement to 1 500mg per day. I'm okay with that though she said we will have to watch one of my indicators cause it can be affected by dark beers. Sighs. Well, I guess I can cope if I have to stop drinking but man that would suck.

Left there and came home really tired. My blood pressure was actually running really low while I was at the doctor. I'm gonna attribute that to the high carb lunch we had for a coirker's retirement. It was 102/60 and my pulse was slow as well. I took a nap when I got home and felt much better but I was out. Got up, had nummy dinner that mel made and then he retaught me how to do Egyptian diagonals. I then got going on that and when 7pm hit I put in the first disk from the first season of castle. OMG...so much fun! Though I really believe the JD Robb needs to get some royalties with Beckett's character cause if she's not a modern version of Eve Dallas, she really should be. Plus I think the books would be fun to read...guess they are coming out with the first Nikki Heat book this summer. LOL. I'll so pick it up. Anyhoo..I think I will be ordering the first and second seasons cause they are too much fun.

Things that don't make me happy are these allergy headaches. I got really used to not waking up with a headache...I guess I'm back to that and I really don't want to take anything. Sighs. Oh, well. Such is life.
Worked until 8 on the weaving and then I sat down and finished my cowl. I got it cast off and then took some photos, updated my ravelry page and then dug through my stash and figured out yarn for another scarf and then the mitts I want to make for work. I'm going to work on the mitts first since I think they will make great gifts. All good. Got done stash diving and then went back to weaving. So happy with it so far and this means I can get this off the loom this weekend and get the new bands up for working on in good time. Weekend is gonna be busy with projects and that makes me happy.

Well, paperwork is calling.
oh, pics of the cowl )
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Work was okay. I spent a good chunk regurging data from six reports for a final report. Got done with things and worked late to make up some time. Then got home and mel was on his way out. I sat down to watch more sherlock holmes and realized that I think the DVD player is trying to die. It got to the edge of the disk and couldn't really manage. Richard helped me put it into the xbox and get it working but it looks like I need to be researching replacements. Got another row or so done the blanket from hell and I headed to scribble. I finished an Armenian scroll and pondered the scroll I had been working on at demos. I decided that I would leave it as my demo scroll for now. I started in on another one and I think I got a bit carried away in base painting. The red was a bit seething. Eh. I finished that and knit on my sock while everyone else was painting or working on stuff. Got to show the girls the luv of Paraabnormal and they showed me Least I Could Do which I will start reading today.
Got home and mel was working on a new nalbinding stitch. He'd had a good time teaching kung fu in Paul's absence and then it was time for bed.

I'm rather enjoying the book. Its odd though in that, yes, there are main characters but you are in the heads of everyone. Its a bit predictable right now in the middle and I suspect what will happen next. The writing is engaging though and though I know its kinda a fluffy feel good book, its intriguing in the characters. I stayed up late reading again.

I awoke when mel shook me awake with a snuggle attack. I was in a very, very vivid dream. We, I'm not sure who is "WE" but it was a plural feeling, were trying to kill kill a guy. It involved electricity and cold freezing...very odd. Its a repeat dream, I've dreamed it before but I didn't get to the part where I normally wake up. Very odd.

Since I got to work my nose has been running and I've been sneezing a bunch. They just cleaned the carpets outside of our area and I'm sure the cleaners have something that is affecting me. It did smell good, kinda like pina colada. Eh.

Gonna be a busy day. Lots of meetings and then I will hit the gym, damnit. I don't care if my side hurts afterwards I'm going to the gym. Though its only been sore when I wake up and I've been trying to stretch it out during the day, so hopefully this is the end.
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Friday good..camping with Dancing goat good.
Coffee good.

Not sleeping on friday night bad.
Allergies kicking my ass bas.
Body in general kicking my ass bad.

Watching court is good.
Speaking in court for 3 awesome peeps is good.
Watching surprise the herald's with court baronies is good.
Hanging in my camp the entirety of the event sans court was good.
Body still hates me which is bad.
Drunk Bjorn (the smaller) is good.
Getting more sleep in Saturday night is good.

Packing up liesurely is good.
Taking the back way home through the countryside is good and only 15mins more travel time.
Spending afternoon reading is good.
Getting to the end of Jim Butcher's new book is good.
The ending was not an ending but another door opening...damn you Jim
Now almost time for more knitting.

Good weekend. Tired and need more Harry Dresden!
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Wednesday was busy. I was appalled at some things I found on wikipedia about what I work on. Hmmmm...interesting. But it was also neat to hear the podcast from How Stuff Works on the uses for Wikipedia and how you shouldn't use it for research papers. I'll have to put that in my class handout. I got more tasks in the new job and that makes me happy. I'd rather be busy than bored and that is a good thing.

workout specifics, skip if you don't want... )

Knit night was fun and Ari luved her t-shirt and new coffee mug. I got her a "I knit so I don't kill people" shirt and a "knitting genius" mug. I thought it was apropos. She brought in still warm red velvet b-day cake. Nummy. I had a piece. I cast on for my new sock while at knit night. And I'm pretty happy with it so far. I got about 1/2 of the cuff done last night. Zippy and Reynier were over working on projects. Things looked like they were going good for them. I put aside my history book and started reading Changes by Jim Butcher. Wow. Uhm. Wow. Must resist going home and only reading. I have packing to do for the weekend and more baby projects.

Well, work continues...lots of meetings today and a dept BBQ. It will make things go quickly though and that is good.
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Work has been progressing. Its a bit slow on the new job but things are making sense for me since I have time to get "up to speed" that is good. Left work on time and headed home with hopes to head to grandma's with the hubby. He had to work late so I went all by myself. I got the ball of yarn I needed for Britton's blankie, some more ella rae for booties for a seekrit laurel project and I also picked up addi-turbo's for my next few projects. I got the ones I need for my cowl and I got ones for a hat I'm going to make. Though I think socks and cowl will be next. I brought my next sock yarn to swatch tonight for knit night.

Got home and since mel was working late I was a good wife and got dinner cooking to be ready when he got home. I did some pantry kung fu and made a frittata. I'd never made one before but it turned out nummy with mushrooms, garlic, ham and tomatoes. I also fresh grated some Parmesan cheese for the top. Mel relaxed with his new legos and I brought him dinner and a beer.

I managed to finish (minus putting snaps on it) the bib for Mina and the blanket and do some laundry last night. So, here are some pictures.
Read more... )

So, good progress. Tonight I will swatch for my next pair of socks. I've got new needles that I want to try out and see what the gauge will be for the next pair. I need to have a "me" project or two going while I work on all of the presents otherwise I'm gonna get burnt out a bit.

I got some b-day money and I'm figuring out how to spend it. I've been looking at the Tom Bihn sock bags and some other accessories. We shall have to see.

Craftlit has been doing Persausion by Austen. I didn't really like the writing in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (80% of the book was Austen) because it seemed pretentious. It was one of her first books and after hearing some of the history on it and how she was a "pulp fiction" writer of her day it makes things make a bit more sense. Having it spoken to me also helps. I'm finding the humor and the absurdity of the situations much more funny when spoken than when written. All good. I'm going to have to go back and listen to the first 20 episodes of Craftlit since they did P&P sans Zombies as the first book. All good though and I'm surprised I'm enjoying it.


Mar. 30th, 2010 08:27 am
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Yesterday I got an email from a gal in Ansteorra about how much she enjoyed my class and she found the Mastermyr find book for way cheap. I then started looking around the site...oh, I can see our library grown very quickly from this website.

So, I want everyone else to see the AWESOME that is there

Astragal Press

Have fun.
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Work yesterday was crazy slow but it did have some upsides. I managed to get some test hardware figured out and got it assembled and now we just need to document and ship the stuff. All good there. But it was a slow day.

Got home and all I wanted to do was knit. So I did. Well and I worked on the last bits of laundry besides blankets. Got down to my laurel coat and another few pieces of wool to wash and that was good. Though I need to bleach and under dress again. I also finished Oliver's booties minus the drawstring and worked on Britton's blankie. All good.

I really should have gone to bed about 930 but the washer was still going. I did manage to start The Forgotten History of America which got mixed reviews on Amazon. Eh, history is biased folks its just the way it is. I'm okay with reading various viewpoints. Then it was nappy time. I was well asleep before Mel turned off his light I think.

I got up and am now at work in a really, really quite building. I'm writing up my tasks for my replacement and starting to purge and pack my cube. Not sure how long I can manage to stay here in the eerie quiet but we shall see. I packed my lunch so that is my goal. Then home to bury the laundry hydra and start picking up the house and decluttering. Oh, but a good part of today...I pre-ordered Changes by Jim Butcher. It comes out on the 6th...squee!!!!


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