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Well, I left work yesterday and headed straight to Grandma's to get a bit of knitting time in before the officer's meeting. The meeting was good and we got lots accomplished with some good laughs all around. I got home to a very quiet house and mel was already in the shower. He had forgotten I was at the meeting and just thought I was out late at the knit shop. LOL.

I needed to wind down so I got a beer and my crochet and relaxed watching tv with mel. I got to bed late and then got sucked into my book.

Looking at books I only ready 18 in 2011. That is horrible for me...though with a kid I'm not too surprised. 2010 was the best year where I read 40 books...so with a kid I read half. Of course I'm not counting the audio books I've listened to: Woman in White and now working through Dracula. So, it was odd for me to get sucked in last night.

So the first book I'm reading in 2012 I did start in 2011 but its gonna count is Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon. Its a space/naval/piratey thing and I just got to the "action parts" and the plot moved along at a good clip and I couldn't stop reading.

So I was up way too late. I finally just had to put things down and go to bed. I got up mostly on time and Benton was awake...but it was the "AH, I'M COLD AND CAN'T FIND A BINKY!!!" so I remedied both and he crashed right back out.

Today started out really weird at work...lots of issues right off the bat that needed my attention and I finally got coffee at 9am. Gah. After a late night that hurt.
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Well, I really need to crank out on a few things and so I need to have a list. I leave for Gulf Wars on Tuesday early AM and I really want to have things ready by Sunday. Having never been to this war, its kinda unknown what I need to pack. I'm gonna pack lots of layers and we shall see when ari and I want to do 14th Century day etc. It will be fun though and I'm excited.

Got up early (tucson time late Eastern time) and will work on my socks until mel gets up. Obsidian was very happy with me for turning on Sunrise Earth she got to watch the birds up close, though I had to tell her to not put her paw on the LCD. Course butterfly is very interested in the pigeons on Bolt. Snerk.

To Do List:
1) Emissions Testing on Truck
2) Laundry
3) Pack
4) Make copies of class handouts
5) finish sock See next post!!!
6) Cast on booties
7) start bibs
8) find a dress to wear at to wedding (I don't think I own one that isn't too big...we shall see)
9) Finish up a bit more work on the laptop...bleah.

Well, time to work on the sock. All good.
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So, I'm feeling very spunky this AM. I slept for 2.5 hours yesterday when I got home and then I went to bed by 9pm and slept all of the way to the alarm with only a few wake ups. I know it took me a while to get to sleep but I was actually sleeping before mel came to bed. Got up this morning and mel notices that my pumpernickel that I made on Saturday is "crumbly" but he doesn't use the word crumbly he uses what I thought was "fry-able" as in "to fry in a pan" what he actually mean was "friable" as in to "turn to powder, crumbly" its a geology term and then I emailed him to ask if he really meant "frangible" as in to break into pieces and I was then schooled in the term and spelling that he meant. Course he was laughing about what I thought it meant. I also had to send a podcaster the word "penannular" cause "pentacular" while funny wasn't right.

I've also got to see a Gun show today, Mr. "Burly" Bersbach wowed us with a feat of strength and then he posed...it was uber awesome. Course we still haven't gotten the sticky brain off the ceiling...oops. Crazy fun morning.

So, lets hope things stay on that keel, I could use the pick me up. Hopefully the headache I woke up with will go away soon as well...course we will have to see on that.

I hope to make knit night and kung fu...we shall see how that goes. I need another ball of yarn for giftie #3 and I need to pick up yarn for the baby afghan I'm making for a gal at work. Plus I need to work on Twila's ornaments for this year. I think I have all the stuff I need for that but I have a lot to do this year since she's doing a xstitch for me. We shall see though.
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Well, night 5 of sleeping like hell. I should just stay up..seriously. This is getting old. I've gotten such crappy sleep that I can tell its affecting me. I'm twitchy and my response time is pretty slow on somethings. Wow. Kinda scary that.

Course last night during scribble I was trying to remember a song I heard over on Pandora that I was suprised was done by Nirvana but when I finally found it today it was originally done by The Meat Puppets which makes sense now...I'd never heard the Nirvana version.

Lake of Fire )

I <3 that song. Dunno why but it was fitting for the conversation of Death Cow for Craven and all of the demons we kept finding in pictures. Very funny. Well, I did get my house more picked up with the thanks of Ari's awesome vacuum. They do make the "ball" version which is cool and I will probably be putting in an order on overstock here pretty quick. Just kinda a crazy night all in all. Nothing felt right and I was struggling with my calligraphy something fierce. Dunno, probably the insomnia talking. I think I need to hit the yarn shop and pick up another skein of yarn to finish the project currently on the hooks and just relax. Dunno. It will all depend on what time I get home. I didn't arrive home until just about 6pm last night and I'm not sure what is in store today. Lots of stuff.

We shall see though. I need to start training hard on the bike and that will mean early rides on Saturday and Sunday before the event. I'm okay with that since we have san diego next week and no bike time.
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Work was pretty productive. I'm almost caught up on my big project. We have to do statuses every 2 weeks and each status ans X amount of tasks that need to complete...last status I was uber behind, this status, almost caught up. Should finish one of the big tasks today and then its sit around and wait for suppliers. I'm okay with that.

I wore my cute heel's yesterday and that was a mistake. They aren't quite broke in and neither are my feet for wearing them and I walked all over plant site. I didn't get any blisters but it was close. I got to watch a demo of a cool laser cleaning system and that was cool...how it was implemented is still up for debate on usefulness, it looks great on paper thus the debate.

Got home about 340 and was just gonna take a small nap...yeah, I got cat attacked and slept for over an hour I think. I got dinner worked on the new crochet project where I had to frog back two rows and do the stitch properly. I got it working and replaced the two rows I frogged and got another one on before it was time head to practice.

I had to dig all of my fighting stuff out of my armor bag where it has been since crown. I had planned on fighting warlord and it was all packed for camping. So, it took me a bit to go out and grab things, get dress and out the door. Only did pickups with Justin. Melees were fun as were the drills. Got to fight with lots of different groups. Was pretty tired and armored down before things finished up but I was okay with that. Any further and I wouldn't have been able to sleep...which is important. I need me some sleep. Obviously considering my nap with the kittens.

Course we got home pretty late from practice, mel needed me to put his shoulders, collar bones and hips back in and by the time I got a shower and was reading to turn the brain off it was pretty darn late. I slept good though with only once up to hit the potty but I fell right back asleep. Butterfly is liking the cooler night time temps and has been curled up on my side during naps and night sleeping. I woke up with her snuggled in this morning and it was really hard not to stay in bed. But here we are.
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Well, my plans for last night were offed by cats. See, sometimes the girls have it in for ivan and I. He was making nummy pressure cooker chili...not my chili but still very good and we are going to can some of it! and then he got tired and laid down for a quick nap. I was also tired and though...ya, 20mins and then get changed, head to knit night and kung fu. Well, I laid down and the cats descended upon me with great vengeance and snuggles. Both of them were curled up with me, purring and I was out from a double soul suck. Its really hard to stay awake with 2 10 lb sleep bombs upon you and even harder to get back up.

I slept for over an hour I think...and then I was starving and ate dinner too fast. Chili good but my tummy wasn't happy with it. I think beans too many times in a row this week aren't making it happy. So by this time its just after 6pm...so I made the decision to just grab my knitting and go to Grandma's. It was light night of folks but Valerie helped me out with casting on my Noro Silk Scarf. I got it cast on and did the first row...realized that I had two mess ups, learned to unknit and unpurl and fix things and then got back on track to finish 3 rows total...I think. I'll look at it tonight and see. The Noro is odd to work with and I'm knitting a smaller gauge than the last practice I did but I think it will be nice and I can see what I'm doing when I screw up so I think that is okay.

After that I headed to micheals and joanns to find things they don't carry. Sighs. But online looking is showing me options and that is okay.

So, got lots to do today at work and had a really good meeting to get folks aligned on a project. Now off to send off the notes and get more stuff done.
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All week I've been thinking that the last work day of the week was Today. Yeah, not so much. Sighs. I was kinda crushed by this realization and further hammering at me about stop think just do kinda put me over the edge of things I could handle. After a very long hot shower I was slightly better...but still a bit strung out on it all. I'm past 40 hours at 11am and will be on carryover. I've got meetings all afternoon and then stuff tomorrow. We'll see. Maybe just in for a few hours tomorrow. All depends on what I can get done today...I really want tomorrow off.

Anyhoo, I learned to cast on using the knitted cast on and I learned to do the knit stitch. I figure I'm going to do that for a while, learn to purl and then play with patterns to make a scarf. I really want to do a checkerboard style one...cause I'm in love with that pattern in tablet weaving...knit should be no different.

Got to bed very late. Mel needed a shoulder massage and I did too. My body is protesting and I'm not really listening. But a good massage made me sleepy and I slept well and didn't want to get up even with heat seeking cats homing in on me. I could have slept in quite a while today. But enough of that..its time to dig back into the data and get stuff done.
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Wow, looks like lots of people had a bad night last night. I was up until 330am and it wasn't cause my brain was on...I just wasn't tired...until I drugged myself out with good old benedryl. Mel got up at 8am and brought me coffee and then took coffee away so I could sleep. I slept until 10am. Not how I planned to start my day, I can tell you that. Luckily Chill was playing Millenium and Poltergiest: The Legacy so I was entertained.

I think I ate too much at dinner, we went to famous sam's for burgers and an impromptu date night. Then it was too bookmans to get books. I luv the fact that we got 9 books for 25 bucks. I finished reading Strangers in Death and I do luv the back reference to classic Hitchcock. All good. So that would be #17 of the year.

Maybe I should have started reading something else..don't know but I was tired and just couldn't sleep cause it felt like it was noon. Course its almost noon and I think its about 9. I made us a nice brunch of bacon, eggs and cinnamon crescents. Coffee is being consumed and soon a shower will take place and then I will go shopping and come back to bake and relax for the day. I'll probably nap to get back on schedule. Tonights game is gonna be big.

I'm about half way done with blanket #3. My goal is to finish it today. I should be able to manage since I'm relaxing and not pushing too hard. Obviously my body is rebelling.
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Well, I had another one of those nights where I wasn't really sleeping. The humidity is up since it rained all last night and the temp is low so the cooler isn't even on. Mel is getting ready for phx and I'm up. I guess I will get the pies done and try to see if I can get in to get the car oil changed (yes I know its a holiday but the maintenance minder is showing negative oil life...ooops). Mel is gonna take the truck and I'm gonna not go too far if the car is suck.

Other than that I have a get together later to go to and the hammer to work on. Nice quiet day I guess.

Just watched lance launch out on his time trial for the first day of the Tour all good. Its wet and I'll probably just do my workout tape due to it. No ride today.
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After going home early, napping, getting woke up by a concerned hubby which then made it so I couldn't go back to sleep, you'd think I would have gone to bed early. Nope, I'm again DUM!

I'm pretty sure its all my allergies and I took half of my meds this morning. I need to not be taking the other stuff...getting some edema again which means time to stop taking it for a while. I'm better this morning after meds but still really tired, though my brain is on so at least that is one thing above yesterday.

I stayed up late cause I watched Wall*E even though I set the DVR to record it. Sighs. It was too cute not to watch all of the way through. I need to own it...its way too cool. Mel was home early from practice due to getting hit by timoura in the arm. He iced things down a lot and then we both stayed up even later reading. yes, we are both DUM. I did finish my srubbie last night and that was cool...next will be to finish my plarn bag...but that has a lot left on it to go. Probably be the friday project at Grandma's.

But staying up late did help me finish book.
#15 - Lean Mean Thirteen - Good read, lots of "intrigue" and Ranger/Morelli play. I also like that you get to see what a dumbass Stephanie's ex husband is. Wow. I'd have killed him years ago.

So, today will be a few meetings and lots of paperwork. I have a presentation today and I need to get the qual report out for review (with DOM) and then work on stuff for our group project on friday early AM. This week can go by quicker, thank you...I want the weekend...course that is going to be more travel which is the suck but eh. I shall cope.
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Well. Banners are completed for me, Perin and dan. I still need to steam them. But hopefully I'll get a call tommorrow from Raylee to help with set up. I watched tv for a bit and then went to bed. My book got really,really good,so I finished it. And now I'm awake. Sighs. I hope things are productive today since I'm a bit ahead of schedule. I might get the pennants done after all.

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Well, I got back to bed after the last post about 430 or so. I slept until the final alarm and got up and came to work. Glad I made 2 pots of coffee last night for scribble. I can haz coffee's this AM.

Not sure why I have a headache...I'm thinking its my sinuses...things are starting to bloom. Le sigh. I will have to make sure to get some Zyrtec D for estrella when I pick up scrips on Friday afternoon.

Worried that I'm running out of time..today will be crunch day for documentation so I have a full day tomorrow to do final edits, photos and set up and get feedback from Stefan. Plus tomorrow will be household planning night and then I can start packing...will probably start that this afternoon after mel and I get home from the TEP show (he needs tools, course I might skip dependent on my day).

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ickaimp for my new icon. It makes me happy. Had a nice time at scribble and that was good. Got to see [livejournal.com profile] bewilde who I haven't seen in a coons age. Maddy and Mark had fun playing the family room.

I'm rambling and that is sleep dep talking. I've got a ton of things to do today and a few telecons. Should be an interesting day.

To Do )
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Well, I guess karma was in effect...I kept mel up the night before, I kept myself up with coughing last night...it was some time after 1230 or so that I actually fell asleep. I was very tired but I kept coughing. I almost got out of bed to get some tea but I was so cold I didn't want to move. Sighs. But I propped myself up a bit and I was better...not great though. butterfly was kind enough to bring my nalbinded hat during the night. Awwww. It was in bed with me when I woke up. I got myself into work and after some coffee and more sinus meds I'm better...just so tired and still coughing. Eh.

Did manage to get the house cleaned up last night (though I still have more I want to do). But mel did the kitchen and I did the front room and family room. My goal before we leave is to vacuum them and tidy them up just a bit more. I hope I can do that this afternoon plus hit our bathroom. I managed to get all of my laundry done minus some sheets and 1 section of fabric (that will also happen this afternoon.) Had a very nice scribble with everyone working very hard after we had our coffees. I managed to work some on a scroll that has been bothering me and then worked more on the florentine one. We were all working so hard that I didn't even realize when it was 10pm. Whoa!

I think I will start packing and got to bed early tonight. Work should be okay today, I have a few things on my plate still but stuff is definitely slowing down. Which I'm grateful for. It does look like I'll meet all of my goals for the year though and that is good. Especially all of the stuff for our qual unit in January.

So, time to get cracking on things before the meeting rush hits.
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So the weekend ended relaxing with mel and I having a very nice home made Kemp dinner of chops and potatoes with gravy. We sat and watched House for a few hours and then we attempted to sleep and that didn't work very well. I really should have gotten up and did something like finish the last of the one style of ornaments for twila but I tossed and turned and didn't really get any good deep sleep. Eh, its monday, I don't expect much different.

I'll be happy to relaxing with some peeps at scribble tonight for our restful recoup from Coronation. Then we will get back into the real swing next monday for painting etc. Tonight shall be us and fun and movies that Ari can't watch at home. Work has a going away lunch for my coworker julio. We've worked various programs together and he's an awesome guy...gonna miss his hijinks. Mel will be heading to the demo and I will probably work a bit late and then head home to clean (vacuum and dust) for folks coming over. Anybody who wants to come over early can help!
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Work was annoying..fixed another piece of hardware that someone munched and didn't tell us. Grrr. That just annoys me. Was in a peer review where the person was 1) not organized and 2) didn't annotate their analysis so we could understand it. 1.5 hours of my time wasted for piss poor planning and lack of follow through. Grrr. Anyhoo. The afternoon was better with 2 productive meetings about stoopid hardware issues (see the first point) and then I went home. I got home, had mel take a picture of my hair in case it got chopped weird. I was pleased with the cut and she only cut off what I wanted versus what she thought I needed. She did a very nice job on my eye brows and I was pretty happy minus the fact that it took a while. I got home about 615 and got going on making dinner. It was very basic being soft tacos but I made dinner again...I think I'm on a roll. Was eating with folks started arriving but it was good.

We shoved to after some discussion and got going on scribble. Folks were painting away and I got tired of detail work and was getting a head ached. Icka was perusing the bookshelf so I started grabbing things down for use in my classes. I need to make some photo copies this week and by the scribal supplies. I'm still debating if I want to have dip pens or the markers since this is an intro class. Gah...the laurel sensibilities versus the engineer sensibilities are warring. Chatted up folks before they left and then I got the kitchen cleaned up, the front room reorganized and I practice my mandolin for another 30min run. Its going okay but trying to get the chords to work with my hands is weird. Not sure what I can do about that...need to talk to some guitar players for some advice since I just can't seem to get any 3 fingered chords correct. My hands hurt after that (4 straight nights of playing) so I soaked them in wax after my shower. Though with the new bathroom config it only fits on the bathroom in the master bedroom so I think I will be putting the wax in the kitchen from now on for use. I read some more in JS&MN and finally get to hear a bit about JS that isn't in the foot notes.

I awoke this morning not wanting to get out of bed at all. Seriously comfy and tired and I kept having dreams of going back to bed....course opposite of those dreams were dreams of musical instruments in an abandoned warehouse. So, hopefully today will go quickly so I can get home, cut out the one dress I have in mind and get sewing on it and my other hangerock.
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I was home last night because I got home from work and was exhausted. Seriously exhausted. I had enough energy to pop online to look something up for mel and then I was on the couch trying not to be a sleep. Had dinner (pressure cooker beef stew) and was watching eureka. Mel left for practice and I was curled up on the couch. I was intending on getting up and working on the scrolls I have to paint and failed. I fell asleep shortly there after and awoke and just went to bed. The girls were confused by this.

Mel came home sometime...I think about 10pm. I was asleep. I was awoken at 2am by the phone ringing a local call. I'll check the caller ID tonight to find out who will be on my shit list. I didn't sleep much after that. The outdoor cats got into a row about 4am which then involved me snuggling with the girls and calming them down from freaked out puffy tails. I think I dozed until the alarm went off by my knees are aching. The bruise on my right knee is a wonderful color. Hopefully today will be better and I can get things accomplished and stay up until normal bedtime. [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari, I'll know after dinner if I can come over...if not probably friday day.

Well, time to save the world again...or at least maintain the kooky balance.


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