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The last few weeks I've been a bit crispy with the work thing. I've been consistently getting OT each week and not working weekends....which makes me have to work more hours to make up time I didn't spend working...its a weird ass cycle. Things will slow down here next week after we hit a deadline (sideways but still making most of it) and then for the next phase of our project I will not be working change paper so I can support my team, review their work as a senior engineer and get things handled. I'm tired and today my allergies and sleep dep are making seeing my monitors a bit hard. Things are fuzzy. sighs. Course I also need new glasses and will probably have to get ones just for the computer since now I'm older and yeah....

I am not happy with our current optometrist...I think its too old school and I've been asking for new close up glasses and nothing for 2 years. If I have to take off my glasses to read a book or my phone comfortably I need to have new glasses.

Date: 2017-04-22 11:08 am (UTC)
cowboy_r: (lego)
From: [personal profile] cowboy_r
Yeah, gotta watch out for that creeping old age! Today it's glasses, next week it's a walker!


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