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Wow, what a weekend. Friday, was hard. I will admit I woke up in a “bad mood” The world was the wrong color, I felt weird. I was horribly sore from lifting on Wednesday and my head was fuzzy and my motivator was zilch. But I had things I had to do. I got going late and got some errands run. Got home and found that Mel had finished a stool for me and one for Benton. I think we ate dinner and then when I went to make cake for the boy I realized I didn’t have enough eggs. (headdesk). I made the adult decision to make his cake for his actual party (the following weekend) and just buy a cake at the store. So off I trundled to Safeway and I got 2 strawberry boston crème cakes and a small personal bday cake piece for less than a sheet cake. Got home and watched some youtube before heading to bed.

Saturday we got going slowly for the event but we had presents first. Ben got a card from my mom with some bday money. He got a TMNT ridealong suitcase from us and from Grandma Ellen he got some skylanders, some legos and a really cool TMNT ball cap. We got going to the park with cake and goodies to take along. Mel had gone on ahead since I was slow to get dressed and it was nice to arrive with things set up. Handled a few things and settled in on my new stool for court. I had arranged to have Benny get a court wide Happy Bday and he got a present from Magdalen and Simon. He opened the TMNT paper and found they had gotten him (Sean had picked it out) TMNT Junior Legos. Now, I’m not one for Junior things usually. I hadn’t been too impressed with the Legos since Ben can play with the normal ones just fine but the instructions were awesome for his age and the part that came pre-built were pretty neat.

The day was good. Watching the tourney was good and Hrafnheim believes in string. We had at least 4 looms going and I spun all day. Gweneth came and sat with us and that was awesome. Dominique came down from Twin Moons to get to know us and that was also good. Ceara brought her harp and was practicing…it was just an awesome creative vibe all day. Ben played with the other kids and had a great time. We served cake in the afternoon and it was a good day.

The laurels at the event had an impromptu meeting. It was a really good discussion on the ways of the barony and arts and what we as peers needed to do. Sioux got nominated to be the Arts contact for the barony and we all agreed to start taking a more active part in arts/arts nights/workshops etc. There is a lot going on in the barony on any given week and well, it needs to get disseminated.

Thom won Great Helm defeating Thegn Sean in the finals and it was like old home week. We packed up and got home with [livejournal.com profile] lferion in tow. We all changed clothes and then headed to Claim Jumper for dinner. It was good food and we got out of there just as things got heinously busy. Benton was a tired kiddo but he’d gotten more cake. We got him settled in bed and I knit on a sock while Wander and Mel wove.

Sunday we were all tired. Ben was tired and ended up having a tantrum after me sticking with his decisions he made over what to have for breakfast and what he was doing that day. It was pretty epic and honestly I was happy it had happened at home and not on Saturday. Mary and Inara got him out of his funk when they picked him up for a play day. I was distracted and forgot my allergy meds and that was a bad plan. I managed to eff my weaving up pretty good so I knit more than wove and we had 6 looms in the tent at one point. We are funny. I left early to get Ben picked up so mel and I could go to Alton Brown Live and I was tired and my right ear was clogged.

I got a quick shower to neti-pot and clear things out and felt way better after doing that and taking my meds. Mel got home and Ben was being tired and slightly bratty but we got him in the bath so he’d be clean for dinner with Bridget and the kids. All was good with that and we headed to the U of A for the show. We ate at Pelio Grill which was faboo greek food and then hit the show. Wow, Alton is fabulous in person and he managed to get some Tucson specific food like Sonoran hot dogs and was in love with them. The show was faboo and well worth the price of tickets and we were well entertained. We got home very late and were both happy that we had cleaned up before we went to the show.

Monday was busy at work and there are days I want to hit my head on my desk. Yesterday that was rampant. I got out of work at 530. Yeesh. But I made it to the gym and did squats with way better form which made my legs feel way better. I woosed out on cardio cause I was tired and my body is not getting enough oxygen. I’ve taken my inhaler a lot and realized its expired very early this am when I was gasping for air. Got home, snarfed down some food and grabbed scribble stuff. It was a crazy night. We were punchy and the #shitscribessay was prevalent on Twitter. I finished painting on a scroll and I’m awaiting a book before I delve into true design on the Laurel for Arsenda. All in all the day ended better than it started and that was good. I finished American Gods which was also really good and then could not sleep due to coughing incessantly. Sighs. Today has been a trial and I hate being late on something cause other people are late. Grumble.

In the effort to be a good peer I’m passing this around for people to realize that FB for everyone doesn’t look the same which is why it’s a bad plan for single point communication.
Sheldon Comic of Why Facebook Sucks
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You get me wearing a dress to work. This dress in fact. With a cute little white sweater so its modest and a cute pair of heels. I bought donuts for my coirkers and they had marshmellow peeps on them!

Its been a pretty good day thus far and I'm happy with that. Had too many days lately that have not been great at all.



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