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Busy week.

When I last wrote I was working on being better to myself and taking care of myself. I've cut back on the booze to only a few in the week, tracking what I'm eating again and hitting the gym. I did good!  2 weekends ago was the Kingdom A&S Collegium.  We attended Saturday and Sunday and I spent the time painting and taking a class or 2.  Had a lovely dinner out with Hrafn folks and Master Gyllym.

Finished this and this:

The friday was 5 hours of clinics. Now, I had signed up to go and with my TKD blackbelt and my yellow belt in kung fu I have a lot of experience....it just hasn't been used in about 5 years or so.  So, I was a bit worried I would suck and make Boxer's Rebellion look bad since we are already the red headed step child of the org since we aren't karate, judo or juijitsu specific but we are kung fu and Kajukenbo.  Well, our school rocked it and it showed in all of us.  I did really well on Friday and took 4 of the 5 hours of clinics. I was tired and a bit exhausted. I'm out of shape but my instincts are there and luckily I have quick handspeed still.  I was very happy with what we did.  The group of us headed to Sentinel Peak for dinner and sat outside in the warmth and had a good meal and discussion. 

Saturday we got up and headed to clinics and I got hurt. Sighs.  It was the first class which was a really cool Judo class on different ways to "fix" some reactions to grabs and throws as dictated by the form.  It was cool.  I went in for a low sweep (sweeps have never been a strong point for me) and my left knee (the problem one) popped so loud they heard it 2 mats over and I collapsed into a little ball.  It was not as bad as the time I screwed it up at Ed's fight night and I iced it and took it a bit "easier" the rest of the day.  My bad plan was taking a kicking clinic towards the end of the day on basics.  It was all about good form and I kicked a lot.  The instructor was a 71 year old bad ass and I was really glad to listen to him ramble and teach but that basically blew my wad on learning. I took one more class on karate forms and that was good but by the end I was brain dead and limping pretty good.  Benton was also tuckered out and we changed clothes and sat out the last classes of the day.  He had fun and we headed out to dinner at Bj's and then back for the kids party and the dessert banquet and talent show. I finished my hat that I had been working on and Ben had a nice time but by the end I was toast.  My leg hurt and the cold shower did not help.

Sunday was the banquet and that went good. Good food and good convos and then home for me.  Since this was weeks ago now I'm not sure what else we did but here is pictures of the hat. (ignore the double chin..yeesh).

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This weekend was exhausting and fun. Saturday was plenty of BFF time while we got my house errands done (groceries and costco) and then we had lunch at BisonWitches before we headed to get our tattoos at Istari Studios from Gail Reilly . We had picked her over a month ago but timing etc made us schedule for Saturday.

The shop is awesome and Gail was great. Her line work is why we went and we are both very happy. Mine is a line style raven with Poe's own handwriting for Nevermore. His "N" makes me so happy. Ari's is her calligraphy for her fave Terry Pratchett quote.
Getting ink. Knitting while our artist works. #bff #knittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer

My third tattoo. Done by @gail_tattoo   Words are taken from Poe's own handwriting. Raven adapted from another source. Very happy! #tattoo #tattoedwoman #knittersofinstagram


Sunday after Mel got the coolers going we headed out to the Pima County Fair for seeing the animals and exhibits...this coming Saturday we will do carnival stuff and rides. We had fun, ate fair food and got to see lots of sights. To our disappointment our favorite exhibit Power from the Past is being taken down due to it being a large footprint and non-moneymaker for the fair. Sighs. Steam powered ice cream makers are cool dammnit!

Click the pic below to go to the album from the fair.
Pima County Fair 2017
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Work has gotten a bit busy again, which is good and bad. My brain has not been up to the task of organizing this much data but I've had to put on my big girl panties and just do it. But its leaving me exhausted. I'm still a bit beat up from the previous weekend and I hit the gym hard on Wednesday and Friday. I did not woos out on my running on Friday and hit almost 2.25 miles in 35 mins. Not too shabby. Have a coworker who asked me if I wanted to do a 1/4 marathon at the end of March and well, I'm tempted. I'll be slow but it would be good I think. It will be the longest I've ever run but if I get my distances up for the next while I think 6 weeks is a good time to try it...before the dreaded milestone birthday coming up.

Anyhoo...got home, got cleaned up and changed and Mel, Benton and I met Will and Ari for dinner at the Welcome Diner (formerly ChafFins Family Restaurant). Its hipster but the food was tasty and teh drinks were good. Benton at his entire bowl of mac/cheese with bacon and I had a sample and it was good. I had shrimp and bluecorn grits. Got home and got Ben to bed and then Mel and I were both tired. We went to bed early and I slept pretty good. Ben got up early but I made sure to get him breakfast and made pancakes for the family before he and I trundled off on errands.

First we got him a hair cut which he did well with. Then I returned things to BB&B, hit Target for essentials and then picked up Obsidian's ashes. The staff had done a pawprint for us on an ornament and Ben and I were pretty sad after that. I got him ice cream (his first Blizzard) which he ate just a bit of before it went into the freezer. Icka was over for a visit when we got home and after some chit chat I managed oh so slowly to cut out 2 tunics and facings for benton, 2 tunics and facings for Mel and a dress for myself with facings. Seriously, it took hours. I know in that I was helping Benton learn to use his icord maker, I did some laundry, I checked some patterns and did a bit of ironing but still...I finished up jsut a bit after dinner and then by that point mel was going to bed. He'd been sick all week and was just done. I was not in the mood to cut anything else out or sew things like facings so I snuggled up on the couch with a beer and my knitting and watched Sherlock : The Abominable Bride. I never got to watch it. But was glad I did. Cumberbatch did a great job of being Jeremy Brett, my first love, to a tee. I loved all of it and the trippy nature of when things actually took place. So fun. It was good and I hit the hay about 1030 and snuggled in to sleep.

Sunday dawned and I again got up with Ben, got him breakfast, made coffee and tried not to be a lump. I had sewing to do and so I got myself fed, dressed and slowly sewed all 5 facings/necklines before I lost steam and headed out to do errands. I got new knee pads and things at Dick's Sporting goods. I really don't like there store and their selection is meh. They had no elbow pads or any high impact sports bras that didn't include a wire closure or underwires....seriously. sighs. Got home and Ai'sha and Lucian were over working on their bed. I started on sleeves for Benton's tunics and then it was dinner time. Mel was as tired as I was but I managed to get some laundry put away and put away everything related to sewing from the front room so we could have scribble tonight. I did manage to get the sleeves on his tunics and then sewed the pad of my thumb with the machine cause I'm an idiot. It hurts but I'm not injured.

So a few pics and a video:
Ben'd cute Tunics:

Mel's Wheel All done:

Me spinning on the wheel:
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Last week was rough and joyful in weird and meaningful ways.

In my effort to better myself I did get in my gym time and ate pretty good. I'm building muscle mass so the scale tells me lies about how I'm actually doing. But the gym time etc made me tired. Dealing with poor Obsidian who was getting weaker just made me sad. What was good was we hit a major deadline at work and got a free lunch out of it. Then I had to leave work and say good bye to Obsidian. Everyone at the Vet was super awesome but man it was heartbreaking. The morning was the worst and Ben's face when he said good bye is precious and so sad. It was a rough day. We snuggled with her and the drugs the give beforehand made her really loopy but she was sweet and purring till the end.


MAry and Andrew were awesome and picked up Ben from school so we could go with Obsidian. We tried to pick him up but they were still out and so I dropped off stuff at home and then I hit knit night where it was nice to have my friends and projects.

Thursday was a weird day at work. We had just finished this huge push to get things done and are now staring at the large mountain of things to do and many of us are not in the right headspace for that. Plus it was teaching folks about goals and in general team building. I toughed it out until about 1 hour before I usually leave and said screw it and went to the gym. I lifted, I ran 2.25 miles and felt better when I picked up Benton from martial arts. Had a nice evening with him and then in to projects. (socks).

Friday was get up, get boy to school, have a massage, get a pedicure, get a haircut and color and then hit the gem show with [personal profile] swordmage after a tasty lunch of lots of eel. I ended up getting lots of beads and we figured out our fave show is no longer the way it was and was disappointing. So we headed to a different show and while not quite what we wanted was still good. I did pick up this pretty:


Got home and then had dinner and got things settled for Saturday. I had my list, I had pulled a bunch of clothes to see what I wanted to wear and I was pretty set for crown. Luckily it was a 45 min drive from the house. This was doubly lucky since I slept very poorly and woke up at 330 with a screaming headache. I took meds and had a huge drink but still woke up with the same intensity of a headache. Yeesh. So the morning was slow but we got to site, got setup, got the flair out and were set for crown.

I felt good about the day, Mel felt good about the day and he fought the best he has in years. He lost to Ailgheanan and to Brian Winterborn who were in the finals so not really too shabby. I was proud of him and you could see his smile through his helmet and change in his movements as he was comfortable. This led to lots of fighting convos on the way home. Which was good since I woke up on Sunday and decided I was going to fight warlord. I'm trying to remember the last time I fought in that tourney....probably a long time ago. Its not usually my jam but the format was getting changed up a bit and I really wanted to go hit things after the weird ass week we'd had. My goal was to keep in the bear pit for 45 mins (so half of the time) and do okay. Well, I made it through the whole 1.5 hours. I even held the field on a few cases including a spectacular eye slot stab on the soon to be Sir John. I could hear Casca and Morgan (HRM) both cheering loudly and John and I were laughing. Mel was very proud of me. Now the bruises I have are kinda crazy. My left butt cheek has two crossing stripes (one from John). Now when I stated the format changed it did. Prince Ailgheanan woke up on the sinister side of the bed that AM and said he would take the top 4 as the champions of the tourney who would then pick teams to go to a unlimited resurrection grand melee. The way to win was to have your champion kill all the other champions (that was the only permanent death). You could also permanently die if a Champion killed you. The finalists were Sir Kaz, Sir Marek, Master Dietrich and Lord Demetrius. I figured no one would pick me since I'm not that caliber but Master Dietrich came up to ask and I said yes and then Sir Marek and Demetrius came up and I had to tell them no. LOL.

I just have to say I was so tired but so happy to fight. Got home and changed clothes and curled up to read for a bit.

So it was a crazy week but all in all good. Obsidian is in a better place, work has been done, I'm inspired on the SCA front and I got my butt back on a tourney field. This week thus far has been okay. Benton is having issues again and a growth spurt is messing with the meds. Not sure yet what we need to do. Mel is coming down with a cold which isn't great but hopefully he will be better before he goes on business next week. I have a list of things to for Estrella that includes cleaning carpets, cooking and sewing. Lots of sewing. The Boys and I all need tunics. I also need another pair of pants but we shall see how I get things done.

Mel also got back to his restoration project and here are the before and after pictures.



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Work was a lot of work all last week. I worked a lot and my next paycheck will show that. When you have a 330pm in the afternoon on a Friday change board you know things are serious. My entire team is a bit crispy but luckily the end is near for this set of packages and we can take a breather and work on the next hot list. To say I was tired at the end of Friday is mis-statement. Got done with our meetings, hit the gym and then had to reorganize our evening while on the treadmill.

Benton had had a bad week and we thought we had turned it around on Thursday. Nope, he had lied about his day so he could go to marital arts. Le Sigh. And he'd had a bad day on Friday. So he got to stay home with his dad (who was already peopled out) while Ari and I grabbed Erika for the hockey game. Note to self....go early for parking elsewhere in downtown cause you can get food and drinks earlier. We got there just in time to see Linnet and the TCDS school choir sing the national anthem and then we got food / beers and watched some fun hockey. Erika and I knit (ari forgot her knitting! Oh the horrors!) Then we headed to ice cream and the Screamery and then drinks at the Distillery. It was loud in there but they both loved the absinthe cocktails called Jezebel's Fire. This was the first time I'd been there when it was that busy but I had a G&T and had a good time. After that we headed home.

Got up on Saturday (even though it was cold and I was warm and snug in my bed thank you very much) to head to the SCA event. The College had its event and it was fun. Though I honestly hate very slow meetings...sighs. This is why I bring things to work on otherwise I get more than surly. I finished mel's orange socks:


Then I worked on my "Birthday Socks" which I call that since they are from some luscious yarn mel got me for my birthday last year. So nummy. I had about 2inches of leg done on them and by the time we left I was in the heel flap. Got home and we got unpacked and reorientated to the modern world before heading out to dinner with the college crewe. Jessie and Jen were in town to see lil' Cora and we had dinner and drinks at Serial Grillers and then J/J came back to our place to chat and we exchanged lots of youtube awesomeness back and forth and just caught back up. Mel and I chatted before bed and we think that Ben's chemistry had changed again and were going to try to up his meds the next day to see if it made things better. I did make it through the heel though on the sock while we chatted with J/J.


Sunday we slept in though I was awake early due to my brain being evil and it left me tired and exhausted all day. To add to that Obsidian is not doing well and this will be her last week with us. She's not eating and just snuggles with you and wants love. Sighs. I spent a chunk of the morning with her under an afghan in my lap while I read. I had lunch with Erika, Icka and Willa and then ice cream at Hub since we were downtown again. Got home and did some laundry, worked on socks while I watched Voltron with Benton. The upping the dosage seemed to work well. We are trying it again today. We had a nice dinner of turkey noodle soup and then mel and I finished up Young Justice.

Mel worked on his restoration project throughout the weekend:

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Yesterday was DH's and I 21 years of being a couple anniversary. Our relationship can drink! Woot! Looking around we are still flabbergasted that we are the stable normal couple...when the heck did that happen? We also realize that we aren't normal with how our relationship works. People are still confused that on a weekly basis we don't see each other much but still make things work well.

On the finishing front here is the progress:

What I still need finish:

1) Finish Mel's orange socks

2) Darn my favorite grey sweater

3) Repair two more pairs of Mel's pants

4) Fix hem on one leg a pair of dress slacks

5) Sew button on my black dress slacks

Things I want/need to do:

1) Cast on my pussy cat hat for the march on Saturday

2) Cut out and sew crown clothes

3) Fix my armor for this weekend!!!!

4) Recover my scutum shield for this weekend

Feels good to finsih things. Looks like its going to be wet for the local women's march . I'm still going to go...but I'll just need to plan accordingly.
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This post was ate by the firewall...we shall see if lets me finish it.

We have fun, were tired and sore and tired. Good times had by all and we had epic cosplay moments.

Cosplay quickies:

Ari and I as Mab and the Morrigan:

Me in the parade marching with the SCA and [livejournal.com profile] happygoth

Ari and I and Hydra Cheer

Me as Athena:
Friday AM - Athena

Lolita - So Fluffy!
Friday Night Lolita - All done
Star Wars Lolita

Zatanna -
Bollywood Zatanna
Bollywood Zatana - hair pieces
Bollywood Zatanna - The back

Meeting John Ringo:

MEeting Jim Butcher for a quick selfie!
Selfie with Jim Butcher!
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Stayed up till 1130 getting laundry, hooks and eyes and detail stuff completed for me to pack today. I have to make a wand, help mel with my spear break down this afternoon. I had attempted to get my phone backed up but my laptop died....will have to fix it when we return. It should be a clean and re-install from my backup but that is time I don't have. Downloading photos for backup to another drive now so I can have clear space on my phone for the trip. Not sure if I should attempt the upgrade in software before that...we shall see.

The other annoyance is I'm fighting a cold. Grumble.
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Thursday was crazy working and then leaving early to get Ben for his group therapy appointment. We were 30mins early so that meant we headed to Fabrics that Go around the corner. I got a pretty veil for me and a gift one for Baroness Brighed for her stepping down on Saturday. I got some neat sun batik for Benton and a really nice red black and white plaid. Got done and headed back to his appointment. Ben did fall in absolute love with a soft leopard print that if it hadn't been $30+ per yard I would have gotten him some.


So Thursday is group therapy day and she has 2 sessions, younger boys and older boys. The older boys start coming in while the little guys are in session. I need to bring headphones and to sit against the wall cause boy are they loud and disruptive while I was working on drawings. We headed to Beyond Bread for dinner where Benton ate his fill. And then home for bed by 8pm. Mel's flight had been delayed and delayed and finally touched down about 1030pm and he was home by 11pm. He was tired but he got me presents of a double decker bus coffee cup and the brit version of The Cursed Child. Ben got a Brit Lion, a GB Olympics Team t-shirt and a Gruffolo book.

While I was waiting for Mel to get home I finished the cyber dread falls for the convention. Though I won't be wearing the one set with the Lolita...[livejournal.com profile] danabren is right...it looks like a jelly fish.

I also worked on Socks this weekend. I was inspired by finishing the Slytherin socks and pulled out Mel's Caution Socks and put a cable down the center which I'm liking.

And I cast on 2 pairs for myself since my second set of Signature sock needles arrived. I am making a rainbow/black striped ones and a pretty sparkly set.


Friday was busy with errands, the van driverside window mechanism breaking (thank you Jack Furriers for fixing it fast!) and my hair cut/color and errands before we picked Ben up for his followup appointment about his lungs. He got put on Singluar to help with the asthma and allergies. Additionally, we made the followup appointment to get him eval'd for ADHD meds. This is a preemptive strike since the school already hit him with a referral, he gets 3 before he is suspended. Sighs. Ben did not have a good day, he hadn't the day before so when we got home and I made dinner of lamb chops, mel took all of his toys out of his room. He was not happy about that but tough cookies. He went to bed whiny but well fed. He really, really likes lamb chops. I worked on the socks friday night. I was just not into starting anything else. Though I did get to sewing the crown under dress seams so I could have hand work the next day.

Saturday we got going for Mon's Investiture. Mel was very out of it. The jet lag was catching up fiercely but he was maintaining being awake etc. Ben did good during the day playing with Mason and keeping out of trouble. I sat at the back corner of the event and let it pass by while I sewed and chatted with Ari, Jules and various other folks. I got half way through the dress during the event before I called a time to go home cause I was toast. That site makes my allergies really bad. Got home, had leftovers and a whiny kiddo. Mel didn't even get through dinner before he passed out. Ben went to bed and then had screaming terror fears from stuff he over heard on the playground. It was lots of cuddling, snuggles and signing "My Favorite Things" to get his mind off of the scary things. Sighs.

I sat and finished the dress and knit on socks until late. My left tear duct in my eye was very swollen so I took some benadryl and hot compressed it. Which means I woke up horribly drugged out. Sighs. I got coffee and breakfast before I started to feel better and then I avoided paid work to clean up my studio from the crazy cosplay frenzy for the crazy crown frenzy, cleaned up the front room from the detritus of the previous days event and got my test fabrics out for Choli sunday building with Ari.

I managed to get the neckline cut/ pinned and machine sewn with the bound edge machine sewn ready for the hand stitching on the turn as well as the racing stripes on the sleeves before I headed for errands then to Ari's. I did not find what I wanted at Kohl's but I did hit a jewelry sale (SHINY!). Then we sat and got things worked out for my choli/vest/bolero patterning. Yay! I now have a plan. My goals are Tuesday, finish the under dress for crown, Wednesday Finish the over dress for Crown, Thursday night cut out the choli/Vest/bolero and maybe sew but I'm not guaranteeing it. I may drag the sewing machine with to sew on Friday/Saturday nights but not sure. I hope to get the choli done at least before we leave. But we shall see. I may just stay up way late the next few nights and get things done. We shall see.

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Work was work worky work work. I found some issues and now I have a lot of work a head of me. Oof. Luckily I need more things to do (LOL). Got done, got home and the boy had not had a good day at school and that made all of us tired. Plus a random no-sleep text from my mom made me in a further foul mood. Sighs. I ended up in bed by 10pm. I was so tired. The whole family was grumpy so nuf said.

Saturday morning I got up way before I wanted to since Mel and Ben were talking on the porch while mel got ready for his ride. Sighs. I got up though, had coffee and attempted to stay on task and get things done. Which I did, overall. But the one thing I wanted to figure out was a spectacular fail. Ooops. I made a choli and it did not fit and was not what I wanted for the Zatanna. Its not even useable for a pattern itself. Sighs. But that clouded my brain when I finished a skirt, finished putting trim on the sari, Finished a scarf and didn't kill people. It was an almost thing at the pizza place cause they were dumb. But I ate pizza drank beer and went to bed much happier than when I started.


Mel had a productive day and finished the entertainment center. He will shellac it next weekend so we can get it installed into the house the following week. That means I have 1 piece of my parent's furniture left and that is the curio cabinet. We are looking for an antique to replace it.

Sunday AM mel woke up early for his flight and I snuggled in bed until Ben kept banging on my door from 630-715am. I was not happy. I told him that I would not accept that behavior and sent him to his room after he immediately threw something I told him not the throw. I left him sit there while I drank a cup of coffee and then planned the day. After that he was right as rain. We had breakfast at Prep and Pastry, did errands and came home for snacks etc. He played well, watched a movie nicely and was in general just awesome to everyone. Willa came over in the afternoon to help me cut out crown clothes. I had to do fabric kung fu and was left with a tiny bit of scrap. My under is short sleeved due to fabric but I think it will be very comfy.


Had a wonderful dinner with Ben and we watched more Olympics. He really liked watching the skeet earlier in the day, we watched some golf, synchronized swimming and volleyball. He got a good shower and bed shortly there after. I was tired but I sat and was watching the Olympics until the cable went out so I turned on Hulu and started watching Sleepy Hollow and finished my socks.


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I spent Friday doing school shopping with the boy. I was completely tuckered when we got home. I didn't craft on Thursday night or on Friday night for cosplay. I worked on the damnable scarf and am very close to finishing it. Mel has been decompressing from work stress and it has been nice to sit on the couch and watch the Olympics.

Saturday I did the grocery shopping and then worked on the lolita. Sunday AM was lolita in the AM/noon and the afternoon was working on the sarees at Ari's.

Benton had some rough spots this weekend. He did not listen well and did not get his reward for good behaviour (eegees) twice. I had to have him do pushups in the stores and he was annoying to the stylist who cut his hair. He did well at Ari's playing with Mason for hours and then he lost the groove. But he was tired and hungry so I can understand. I was tired and hungry too.

On the saree front I made the decision to add the pallau from the saree [livejournal.com profile] uaekiwi got me for my wedding and that I've already gotten trim and a skirt out of. I got the bottom trim all sewn on, the extra fabric and now just need to sew down the top trim and the edge of the extra fabric. The pallau piece has red on it which will go nice with Zatana's cape she wears at times off the back of her tuxedo jacket.


I still need to pattern the jacket/vest/chemise but I think that can be accomplished this week so that I can spend the following week working on SCA clothes for crown and then just working last minute items. Mel goes to Britain Sunday so I want things pretty settled and be at hand work so Ben and I can watch movies and color together etc versus me making yards and yards of trim in my studio.

The Loli is now getting very close to done.



I still need to put a bit of trim on the ends of the undersleeve, trim the bottom of the jacket, takeup the skirt piece and make the collar. The entire weekend it was "more floofy, if you think its too much, add more!" and I think I got the asthetic right on the butt bow. I still probably need bows in the front but now I'm thinking I'm going to bustle up the skirt on the jacket to show off all of my hard work on those damnable ruffles.

I sat down after dinner last night and finished up our hair bows for the Hydra Cheer squad, though I need to figure out how to use the cyber dreads I bought. I also cut out the fabric for the bun covers but I need to dig out my cotton batting to make them bigger and smoother, plus add more lace.

So, lots of progress and things are falling into place nicely. Just need to get through the next few days before school starts and then we can get back into a normal routine.

I also finished Venom in the same series I've been reading by Estep. Kev didn't give me the fourth book in the series so I started in on The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay.

I slept like utter crap last night and its now been a monday with computers, late sleepers etc. Sighs.

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Up until about 2pm on Sunday I was feeling like a total failure. It took Ari hitting me upside the head to tell me that just cause I wasn't working on my cosplay stuff completely 24/7, didn't mean I suck. I was making stuff and doing good and I need to shut up and color.

So, lets rewind a bit....I had things to do this weekend which involved finishing up the lolita....I only managed to shop for it...I got some trims and another yard of fabric to make more trim...but I've been thinking about it.

Thursday I went to karaoke after spinning while Ben was in the shower. I got my first bobbin of 2 ply done on the red/denim yarn.
Stage 18: first bobbin plied

Had nice time singing and having a drink before getting home about 11pm. Mel was out and had to go to work in the AM. I set my alarm and crashed. He left around 515am and when I got up at 10 to 7 there was coffee. Yay! Got Ben to school and then came home to spin. I got the second bobbin done of the plying and then started in on errands (see above purchases) before I headed to my massage and a bit of other shopping. I didn't get my toes done...they were too busy but I picked up the boy who had had an awesome day and we got muchkins and coffee at Dunkin before heading home. I sat and finished up the pieces of the cat I was working on for a baby gift and the boys played legos. I got that done and we showered and then headed out for [livejournal.com profile] swordmage's bday at Ermanos. Ben did really well though he was tuckered. Good beer, food and conversations. Got home and I was tuckered myself. I didn't have the energy to do more than stare at fabrics but I managed to pull things out of stash for more purse/project bags for D*C.

Went to bed and slept pretty horribly....not sure what is up. We got up late to head to the event but it was all okay. Things were seriously running on SCA time. We should have carpooled with Dom...lol. Ben did okay. He was tired but he ran around with the kiddos there while we judged and taught folks what a median standard means and how not to be a jackass when judging. I saw lightbulbs going off above peoples heads which was good. We finished judging and then had almost 3 hours until court....seriously. 3 hours. Sighs. This meant we had to eat in SV and then drive home to make sure Ben didn't melt down. But he did good, we had Culvers and it was tasty. I did manage to get pictures of me spinning during court and also to chat and kibitz with Caolfinn. Which was awesome.


Got home and I started in on plying the rambouillet. It is so pretty.

Sunday I woke up poorly. Like the bed was on the wrong floor kind of waking up. Boy oh boy was I in a bad mood. I was a grump which was not helped by the fact that I had nothing but coffee until lunch. I had lunch and a beer and was much better. I got dinner on to cook and made spanish rice for the house hold meeting/pool party. But during the finale of this years Tour de France:
I finished my plying and then spooled everything off and organized it into this picture just as Froome crossed the line with team Sky in a can-can line.


Left: Silk/Merino singles 22-24 wpi and 233 yards all drop spindle.
Top: 2 ply rambouillet of 160 and 236 yards in skeins, Full singles to ply during tour
Middle (little): left overs from red and another project. 17.5 yards 3ply, plied during tour
Middle: red and denim merino, 69 yards and 131 yards 2 ply, 1 oz of red spun during tour all else plied.
Bottom: Easter yarn 148 and 174 yards plied only.

Total yardage spun and plied: 1633.5 yards
Total yarn to use: 1168.5 yards

We left for the household meeting a bit late because I couldnt' find my swim suit....it was in the laundry still from the retreat...really???? Sighs.

I relaxed a lot when I chatted with Ari who hit me on the head and chatted with A'isha on hair styles for the loli. We got home and dinner was not going to be done..I should have set the cooker to high while we were gone...oops. Ben ate his lunch which he hadn't earlier in the day and I think I drank a beer for dinner while mel had chips. I wasn't hungry. Hrafnheim can cook and if you go hungry its your own damn fault. Ben had a ice cream drumstick...thus he ate dinner.

I was feeling restless and just started cleaning up my messes. I had spinning stuff everywhere in the family room and I organized it and put things away. I cleaned up the studio for use, organized the stuff I had bought, put more things away, finished the cat for Julia/Eric, cleaned off the table for cutting later in the week, pulled fabric for crown clothes and just tidied things up. It felt really good. I then sat down about 9pm, pulled up Pinterest for how to make hair bows and made 3 as test pieces for our Hydra Cheer Squad.

The Cat:

The Bows:
Option 1
Options 2 and 3

And then I decided to finish a long lingering knitting project that just needed a hook and eye put on it.


So, I guess I was all about finishing things that have been on my plate and are stealing my muses to work on things I need to. All good, just didn't feel up to it...Now I do.
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I had big awesome plans for the weekend. Make things, Tour de France, Tour de Fleece, make my house look less like a mess, relaxing, reading and sleeping. Work had been dragging all week due to it being cold as a morgue and quiet as one too. I was exhausted on Friday but managed to hit Micheals for a sale. We had pizza for dinner and just relaxed. I think I went to bed early...not sure.

Saturday morning was good, slept in, got things organized, spun some stuff for Tour de Fleece, cleaned the bathroom a bit. Mel, Ashley and Wander made ginger beer and peach ginger beer. Wander worked on some cross stitch and I worked on a kitten for Julia/Eric. Its turning out very cute...though I'm using up ends of yarn and it will be a very, very calico cat.

Things were great until I went and got the mail to find a letter from teh school which both mel and I took very hard. Others reading it did not take it to mean what mel and I thought but its again in flux for school for Benton. The thing is June flew by....we traveled a lot through it...were gone a lot and well here we are at July. School is about 4 weeks away. Yes, in AZ school starts in August. This means that all of the work for over the summer...is gone...we need paperwork and the like done now and well....excuses suck and I suck and that got my head screwed on my body completely sideways the rest of the weekend.

Saturday night we went to Perrin's going away party at Sentinel. That was nice to sit and talk with [livejournal.com profile] sathrn who we have not seen in FOREVER. Lots of old and new faces. Ben hung out with Faydra, and Babba's son. He at good the restaurant and ate well....he was needy all day and drove us nuts. We need to be more inclusive on big project weekends.

Mel was sick on Sunday, some time of tummy issue...not sure but he was tired/felt icky and didn't eat much. I was even good and cooked a nice dinner. Sat with Benton and gave him another spinning lesson. Which I think he just likes the spinning part. I may just give him yarn to spin and play with for a while.

Day 2: Spinning Lesson for Benton

Tour de Fleece:
I got things plied up from an old (2013...eep) project. I ended up finishing plying and then replying an older skein I had done on the spindle since it was way too loose. It looks nice now and I got to use my new yarn bowl which worked really, really well. I got through 4 oz of red that spun beautifully and now I'm wondering if I want to ply the red and the denim (from the retreat) together as a barber pole yarn. Not sure. After that I have 8 oz of white to get through and I may pull out more fiber that is colored to offset the white. I need to get the scale out and parse it out in 1oz parts. We shall see.

Monday I woke up badly. I had been up in the night and finally got back to sleep very late. I spun to settle myself and then got in on cleaning up the house. I washed floors, bathrooms and kitchen. Got laundry on for Ben and washed my wool chair covers. I was cruising fast to get things done and it seems if I had done a bit every day it wouldn't have been so long but oh well. A deadline is better than free form for me.

Ari and the kiddos arrived while I was in the shower. The boys played with the legos. Linnet played on her phone and we all chatted about Neko Atsume and lots of topics. I worked on the kitten, we just had a good time talking. Ashley arrived after Ari and I had hit the store for final essentials (cat litter cause I obviously bought some and left it at target, sighs; ice cream, yogurt and salad). I got food on the grill about 445 or so. I made grilled chicken which I had marinated in two batches...1 in Stubbs BBQ sauce and the other in wing sauce that Mel had picked up. Chicken always takes forever and since I was doing corn at the same time I had to keep opening the grill to move things and that made things cooler than I wanted...no worries. Got things together with the salads and the couscous I made and it was tasty.

The day before I had made cobbler with the spent fruit from the peach ginger ale experiments and we had that with tillamook ice cream. I had bought a pie from the store and it was moldy when I opened it. I will be taking that back to Safeway today. EWWW....

I was doing better by the time dinner was done and we were showing people how the Tour de France works, watched Big Trouble in Little China during dinner (yay!) and then did some D&D with the kids. We climbed up on the roof and watched the airbase fireworks. Some really pretty things this year. Folks went home after the kids almost got eaten by a gelatinous cube (no really!) and then it was bed time.

This morning I wrote letters, made phone calls and sent faxes for the school thing. I will call shortly to make sure it was picked up by who it should have been picked up. I had confirmation the fax went through from the machine side. So, better...tonight I need to work on stuff at the house...put laudry away and finish the declutter of my studio and put shit away.

I need to stay busy to keep my internal monologue of suck at bay. Just need to get through things and get stuff working.
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When last we left our intrepid band of adventurers i.e. me, I was very ready for a 3 day weekend of crafting and documentation writing. What I got was partially that and a humdinger of a sickness. I had been very tired by the time Thursday had rolled around and that was just the harbinger of more to come.

I spent Thursday night in the company of [livejournal.com profile] swordmage and we chatted while she worked on her documentation and I worked on my hat. I think I went to bed pretty early. Friday dawned and I got up at some point and we got Ben to school. I got us burritos from Paco and Mom's and then I headed out after some dinking around the house to get my hair done. After that I ran some errands at the mall like getting resized for bras (seriously, that is a new size, le sigh) and then the booze store for beer. Got done with that, headed home to do drop off and made it to my massage appointment just on time.

Kevin is awesome, my massage therapist, and did a lymphatic release on my legs. When I got done with everything 90 mins later my legs no longer ached and the swelling was down considerably. Wow. Even my rings weren't tight which they had been with the heat. I was drained though since he did such good work but I picked up Benton from school and we headed home to make dinner. Mel had spent the day in the workshop working on second DVD rack. I got dinner made which was a tasty pasta with vodka sauce and lots of mushrooms. Linnet, Mace and Ari came over for game night. We had a very good evening of playing "Terror in Meeple City" and after Benton went to bed we all rolled up characters for a kids D&D game. I have never rolled such a bad ass in my life. Seriously. I'm the cleric. This will be fun.

I tuckered out after a while and lay on the couch. The body work caught up with me and probably the 2 very strong G&Ts I had. Everyone left about 11pm and I headed straight to bed. Woke up on Saturday well after Mel since he headed to Ed's for megapatio work. Ben and I had a quiet morning of cartoons and reading. We got things picked up in time for Stacy and Gallant to come over the documentation help. I was tired but managed to get my docs in work...not as far as I would have liked but we worked for a few hours. Mel got home exhausted and we had a nice dinner. Ben had melted down in teh afternoon which I later realized I had never fed him lunch. He had had two breakfast, one of which was at 11am so I didn't think about it. le sigh. I was tired too. Started getting tightness in my chest and a bit of a cough as I went to bed which at the time I attributed to me brushing the cats earlier in the day. I seriously got another cat off of them in fur. But that was not the case.

Woke up on Sunday and I was not well. I managed to get grocery shopping done and then settled for a nap for a bit before heading out and getting Benton a new bike. This time with pedals since he had broke his balance bike and we hit Costco for a quick thing we needed and then home. Ben rode around the porch happy as a clam. Its got training wheels but those we will take off in a few weeks.


I settled in after dinner to relax but could not get my brain to function. I read and went to bed about 9pm. I was toast. I woke up coughing horribly and just stayed in bed. I finally got up and slightly mobile about 930am and I spent the rest of the day sleeping and reading. I didn't even really have a brain and that was how I lost 2 whole days of work etc. I finally had some function on Tuesday to get a shower and switch out linens on beds/bathrooms but that was the extent of my ability.

I went to work yesterday and that had been okay but I hit a down trend and only did 8 hours. Got home and napped for almost 2 hours before Ben and Mel were ready for dinner. Little boy was tuckered and went to bed early. I finished reading an epic fic called "Washed Ashore" and then settled in to finish up the string documentation. I hit the showers a bit after 10pm and was asleep before 11am. All of us were up and going this AM and that is good. My nose is not dripping as much and my cough has basically subsided. All good just still tired.

I have to finish the docs and finish the hat still and I hope to do the final edits tonight.
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This last weekend we scurried and cleaned and made the house and porch party ready. The floors have needed a good scrubbing for quite some time and I really need to do it more than I do. Course that can be said for most of the house. Le sigh. But I've really been trying to make a conscious effort to help on things and its showing a bit.

Had a nice weekend and Jessie was visiting. He got diagnosed with colon cancer which was a surprise and they do surgery next week. It looks promising that its only the one tumor but his Wagner's disease makes it so he can't have contrast in scans so see if its spread further than the small tumor. We shall see. We spent most of Saturday chatting.

Sunday was the household meeting and we got up and cleaned a lot. I had planned on doing most of it on Friday (too many errands and hella tired) and Saturday was with Jess but we did okay.

We made pork ribs and a small rack of lamb for the not pork folks and the household brought the rest of the sides. We had fun tag teaming the smoked ribs on the grill between mel and I. He'd smoked 8 full racks of ribs and I was grilling them to temp and he was cutting and serving. The kids were having a fun time running around and it was awesome to see how big the porch was and how it fit people nicely.


And we took a pick later in the evening to show how the kitchen stuff was setup on the side and how roomy it all was.


Friday we also had Ben's hearing fully tested at the hospital. He's good but he's got my ear wax thing and allergy thing. Good to know that he has my small ear canals.

Monday I hit the gym for the first time in a very long time. My allergies have been crazy and I've sulphured myself twice but I managed. Sore today but will head back. I've also been really buckling down on what I eat and trying very hard to not have a beer or pig out on sweets.

Work is going okay. I got into the Emotional Intelligence class I've been wanting to take for years. The first class wasn't too tramatic but the self assessment was not so much enlightening but shows I really need this class. I hope the next few sessions really teach me things on how to cope.
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Work has been busy and I've been trying to go through drawings at a good clip but its draining on the brain.  Got home on Friday absolutely exhausted and the boys weren't home.  It was weird.  I guess Mel picked up stuff at Ed's before they got home and then they were off again for dojo stuff. I was left tired and sleepy and curled up reading after mucking up my knitting once again.

They got home and were hungry and I wasn't. I was feeling very off.  I'm not sure if I'm allergy icky or what but yeah.  I had beer for dinner cause I'm an adult and went to bed happy but exhausted.

Saturday we got up a bit slow but were still to site on time for coronation.  Andrew was there and Benton and he played all day.  [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari and I did our coronation ritual of untangling yarn which was part of my shawl issue.  It took us the entire first court to get the cake of yarn into a ball and untangled.  It was epic.  Wolfgrim and Petrek were faboo company and we had a very lively corner of crafts and snark. The snark was mostly at us.  I got called into court and was given membership into Order of the Golden Quill for my work in Scribal stuff.  Casca and Melissa almost made me cry. I'm the sixth recipient of the award and that is pretty cool. I also have another grant of arms which brings me to 3....between me and Mel was have 6 so I guess we have an armada?

The courts were fun and the pounce of peer for Gunnar was great for his Pelican. He'd been standing dead center at the back of court and was golf clapping enthusiastically about everything. It was cool.  His Chapeau had an awesome feather hanging off the high tip of it. (ala gnome hat).

The transitional courts were great and we got told very seriously to have lunch.

During Lunch we got hamburgers and brats from the concessions outside at the resort. Mistress Gepa came up to us with a piece of unfinished business. We had made her a Pelican during our reign and she had a thank you note for us. It was so sweet.  Love that lady a lot.

Got back into court and the counties were the last of the business.  I stood with the ladies of the Rose until Ari realized I needed to carry Melissa's county. So I marched up with her entourage.  I held Casca's hand and rubbed on his back while he kneeled during the Rose talks. I have so much love for that man, I just want to snuggle him in a blanket. Seriuosly.  Melissa again made us cry and my gift to her was a hankerchief so she could always know her sisters had time for her when she needed.

Got done with court and headed out to do some cleanup of the boys stuff and chat with [livejournal.com profile] corynnemacleod one last time.  Sniff Sniff. Never did get to give Gwennie a hug.  Outside we made sure to get scroll to Brian and Lia from their reign (17 Guardians of Atenveldt on the field at Estrella, eep).  Got to enjoy a beer with Arsenda and then got to talk one of my favorite ladies off a cliff becuase a peer said something and that crushed them into a ball.  Sighs. This peer has a history of saying the wrong thing and I was a good Peer and friend and got them back on track.  Said lady's hubby thanked me for it the next day.

We got home at a reasonable time and then headed out to get dinner at Sentinel Peak with Gallant and Stacey.  Food was okay, I think they switched chef's again but the beer and company was good. Ben was squirrely but he was way over tired and way over stimmed.  He fell asleep in the car and had to get woken up.  I think I made it to 830pm and then went to bed. I was toast. It had been a long day and I was done. So tired.

Woke up Sunday way too early and then fell back asleep once everyone else was up which then further made me feel awful. I was not functioning at all well. I did manage to not forget anything, including the scroll case and my earrings and off we went.  Got to site and Ivan and could not communicate tent setup. In the end it worked out but what is funny is my approximation of where I thought the eric would be was spot on.  Lol.  Got settled, talked another person off a personal cliff. And then set about trying to have a nicer day. I was grumpy, tired and a bit more snippy with Ben than I needed to be. My patience was thin and I'm pretty sure they are going to find something with Ben's hearing on Friday. He's not catching what we are saying a lot of times.  But yeah. Not my best but I tried to stick to the tent and work on projects. I sketched out the layout for Jorge's Knighting scroll, sketched out my breast plate design for Wonder Woman and knit on my Slytherin Socks.  I got a daisy from Mistress Sabilla, a Paper Rose from Baroness Magdalen, Daisy's from Benton and a pair of earrings from HRM Elzbieta for Mother's day.

I worked as signet deputy and got names on scrolls and chatted with a few more folks including THL Jacquiline who is taking over as A&S minister.  So pleased for her and it will give her some visibility in the arts. Many people have nommed upon her food but may not know her face.

We headed back after the tourneys and it was nice to get home to dinner done. Ben fell completely exhausted asleep in the car and mel poured in onto the couch to relax and watch some Batman:TAS.  I got up to get a beer since we had brought home two filled growlers the night before.  I pulled out the Mexican Amber, filled my glass and then went to grab lime juice and the growler of IPA fell out of the fridge. I couldn't catch it and jumped back but it smashed to the floor and I cut my big toe on glass. It was a mess. I'm bleeding profusely and all I can think is "great, the ER on mother's day, my favorite" but luckily the cut just bled a lot but wasn't too deep.  After that I flounced on the couch and then went to bed early after a good dinner from the crockpot. Sighs.

So, I guess in overview the weekend was good. Sunday was just weird but I was a good peer and a lot and helped out a lot of awesome people and I guess inspired others.  So that is a win?

So, I've determined that Monday: I own you and I'm hitting things out of the park on getting updates and slogging through weird tasks.  Going to leave on time from work and the family is going to clean house. My areas will be the front room and the bathrooms and the boys will get the kitchen, the family room and bedrooms.

Just need to work as a family and get it done.
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Busy week at work last week meant a lot of things just did not get done around the house. I worked late on Friday and was absolutely beat when I got home.  Mel was the same and Benton was bouncing around cause he was tired too. Yes, I know that sounds not correct but when he's tired he will run around to keep himself awake.  We had plans to meet a chunck of the SCA household at http://www.serialgrillersaz.com/ just opened Taproom for pizza/sammiches and beer since Sierra Nevada was doing a tap takeover.  It was really busy and loud but we had a grand time.



As you can see Ben was tired and about 8pm he asked if we were going home. I was DDing and was happy to oblidge once his daddy finished his beer.  The food was great, we got to introduce folks to the place since many of the house had never been and we ran into Artimise which was hilarious.  I saw him and walked up behind him, grabbed his ass and then snuggled his belly.  He was caught off guard for a second and then turned around to see who it was and I got a big bear hug.  He came over to meet everyone and then left with his takeout.  I then snuggled up next to Wolfgrim and we got into a convo about how in the SCA we put up with a level of sexual harrasement with people we know versus normal societal norms.  Which is true in many ways but in our group of friends we do respect the boundaries etc.  It was just a very interesting observation.

Got home and we realized that our beer fridge was empty. oops.  Had gin and homemade mint lime soda. Very tasty and we had a bit of an early night for how tired we were.

Saturday dawned and I will say it felt like I had gargled with hedgehogs. My soft palette and my throat were so raw from pollen etc. Bleah.  Both mel and I were feeling bad and Ben was too. He's been coughing at night and not sleeping enough plus growing. He was so tired he fell asleep in the car on teh way to Barmaids. We left the car in the shade with the hatch open and the windows open for air/breeze I think he slept for a total of an hour while I handled scrolls and Mel got our stuff setup.  So cute.


He woke up and was groggy but good and then his nose exploded into an epic nose bleed.  Definitely growing cause I did the same thing at his age. We finally got it under control about half way through court.

The day was nice except for the wind. I was pretty miserable and my voice was not great for talking. I did a bit and chatted with Madalena and couple other folks but in general I drank water, kept track of Benton, made lunches and knit on my sock.  I'm not past the rip cord on the second Slytherin sock.  Knowing the court list it was good to see all of the good works and the fabooness of the recipients getting their awards. Mel drove us home about 4pm.  I was beat and took a laydown after I made tuna salad to have for dinner.  We were all hot and tired and a nice cool sammich for dinner sounded lovely.

Ben and Mel hung out on the porch while I dozed in the bedroom.  Again Ben was being spastic since he was so tired but it was a nice night.  We had dinner and then got the boy to bed.

I worked on my fic I'm trying to finish....[livejournal.com profile] ickaimp had given me some comments that I was trying to work through and  had to rewrite a section, which is okay but it means even though I made progress I'm still stuck on how it finishes again.  Oh, well. Hopefully it will be done this week so I can work on my other ones as well.

I read a bit after working on the fic and we turned in at not too bad of time. We got awoken at 1am with Ben falling out of bed again. Sighs.  Not sure how to stop that from happening and then at 4 am with a nightmare.  Oof.  So Sunday we spent on the porch. I enjoyed my coffee and read while sitting on the adirondak chairs and Ben was happy to hang out and play in the family room. Mel got his shop cleaned up and then hung the light strings I had bought for the porch.  We realized that we would need one more set to put a double string through the whole porch.

I finally got a shower and felt better but my lungs were still over tight.  I ended up hitting my inhaler and then heading on errands.  Since I don't take my inhaler often I was jittery when I got back from Ace Hardware/Costco and Sunflower. All okay though. Got settled and then Ben asked for his tricycle to be changed into a balance bike and I went looking for the axles for it.  I had the tools but the axels had been moved to mel's shop for some reason but we got it worked out and the seat adjusted.

We had dinner, got Ben washed up and then Mel and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the evening.
Porch at Night )

It was a nice night and I got laundry done and we both made the time to put our laundry away. My studio had gotten cleaned up late on Thursday night so it was easy to put things away.  It was stuffy in the bedroom so I got the fan out again.  I tried to sleep well but my coughing kept me up a bit and my voice today is faboo.  Oh, well. I hope I'm better by Thursday when I fly to KWHSS.

But in all the weekend was relaxing and the house is happy. Having the wind chimes back up made the house very happy. Mel and I discussed what we will be doing with the backyard and the wall and its still going to be a lot of work but it will be nice.
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For weeks I've been run down and just bleah...not quite a cold, not quite well just very drained by the end of the day. The whole family has the samething and yeah.  Crown happened and it was good. Ivan didn't win but he felt the best at fighting than he has in years.  Which is good. Our household hosted 6 fighters and all did really well.  Domnall got the Shield of Chivalry and Wolfgrimm was a close second for that accolade.  Wil/Haukr made the ladies swoon with his introduction for his consort and it was very well indeed.

Got a few pictures...not a lot. I was tired and just nervous as you are on the day you might become a princess.  We had a lot of people under our shade and I think for next crown we need to have a kids tent.  So many people that I had to turn friends of the household away for lack of space.  All good though.

Just a few pictures here:

Crown Spring 2016

Mel took an elbow shot that was hard and well, his elbow pad was dead and he burst his bursa.  Its gross and still leaking a bit.  Weird injury that we wouldn't have know had happened if he hadn't been knocked out of the tournament on that bout.  Took his armor off and was bleeding profusely.  Luckily he got taken care of by Mistress Rowan and we got supplies to take care of it at home.  It hurts but the tired/sick stuff has been affecting him more.

We got to have beer/food at Uncle Bears and food at Mellow Mushroom. Ben crashed on his dad's lap at Mushroom and we had to drag him out of the booth. The people behind us didn't know there was a kid with us and were surprised and the manhandling we did with a sleeping boy.  Ben did awesome the enitre weekend and we could not have asked for better behaviour.  He listened, played well and was good during court.  what more can you ask for?

Today I'm telecommutting and waiting for the door installers to get here for the new patio door and for the estimator for the coolers to get here.  yay!
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All of last week I've had a linger...not sure...cold, not really just tired and had a bit of a sore throat off and on and some snuffles.  I had hoped to kick it this weekend....and that doesn't seem to work I guess. I'm to the point were I'm going to stop taking it "easy" and just hit the gym etc.

Friday night we were all tired.  I hit bed at 930 and slept really well. I was still pretty groggy when I awoke on Saturday and slowly got ready for the tournament. Once drugs and coffee kicked in I did okay. Benton was awesome at the event and listened well and we hit the library to get some books and just in general had a good time.  Ivan was Sir Sable and everyone was suprised he could be an asshole.  Honestly, people don't liv with him. He's a jerk a lot of the time. He's just sublte about it.  Will was the rapier sable and Ceyln was the youth sable so we changed the household name to Rottenheim cause yes, we were rotten. LOL.    Got home after hitting up Frost for gelato and relaxed into the evening.  I made lamb chops, edamame and couscous with a really nice dill yogurt sauce.  I've never cooked lamb but I hit it with a bit of garlic and cooked it to medium rare.  So tasty.  Benton loved it. Mel was exstatic about it and just purred with happiness about it. I'll have to make it that way again.  We are saving the bones to make stock but are currently stuck on what you use lamb stock for....ideas?

My goals for the weekend were to get laundry done, work on my projects and try to get better.  I did pretty good with that though I didn't get my studio any better but I put more stuff away and figured out how to get Ben to clean his room with a timing game and the Visual Timer.  He now understands that in small increments (10 mins each) we set up to do tasks in the 10 min section. It worked really well and we even got his laundry put away nicely.

My goals this week are to do a bunch of calligraphy and finish mel's sock. I got through the heel and gusset yesterday and now am in the foot.  I also spent too much time play Free Flow but I'm in the way higher levels having fun.  We also finished up watchign Jonny Quest Season 1 (1964) and still love it.  We also found that Kim Possible is on youtube boot legged but I did order the Season 1 and 2.  We will now be going through the Batman Animated Series with Ben.  Then maybe on to Justice League and Teen Titans.

Mel did get the bottle openers out to people and we got text messages of people hanging them up and putting them right to use.  Its awesome. Plus that is projects out of his shop.  He made Ben's bed this past weekend for camping and he needs to finish it this week.

I have to say the weather last night was crazy.  The airport had 47 mph winds. Oof.  The rain was a lot though the gauges only stated 1/3 of an inch. Weird. it sounded like a lot more.

Work this week is about finishing things up and kicking ass at the gym.
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Well, successful week last week with putting in for a major item at work that will 1) be a good career move and 2) a big challenge for me. I also hit the gym 3 days and have been back on watching what I eat (i.e. tracking it).  Its hard to "cheat" when you log it.

Friday night was a bday party for Henry and that was nice but my back was killing from my workout and I was bone tired from everything during the week.  We got home and we went to bed pretty early after I managed to sit with the heated shiatsu massager.

Saturday we all slept in. It was glorius and I sat and red in bed for a while and drank hand delivered coffee.  Got up and made breakfast for myself, watched some Agents of SMASH with Benton and then I started in on the cleaning of the hutch, dishes, kitchen cleaning etc.  In the afternoon we started moving things into the hutch and wow.  We cleaned out a few cabinets of "precious but not used very often" items (ones that didn't get purged) and got it settled.  Its so nice.  Mel got the music cabinet reglued and we moved things around so the 16th century cabinet is next to the hutch and the feast gear basket stores underneath it.  We also got all of the DVDs deboxed and set up on the new rack mel made. It will have an upper section the same size so we can get rid of the crappy $20 pieces I bought long ago.  Then I had Ben put his skylanders in a larger basket that had a handle that folded down and got rid of a different basket to the goodwill pile.  Mel's and I's skylanders got a dvd box for storage and my infinity figures got the same treatment.  Its so nice to see all of the movies in one spot.  Very enlightening on what we do own and what we don't own.  Ben was a trooper and even though mom and dad were busy he was awesome and kept content all day.  We spoiled him after dinner with another epidsode of Johnny Quest.  I went grocery shopping late Saturday night to get lunch stuff for us.  After I got back I cleaned through all of my sewing stuff and threw out old things, put like things with like etc.  I also went through my yarn stash and I need to purge it but I reorganized it so I could see it.  I have enough sock yarn to make 40 pairs of distinct socks (eep).  Though I have some folks who need some stash so I will be giving things away.  YAY!

Sunday dawned early. The girls and I had a breakfast date at Prep and Pastry before drawing.  We met Willa there and had a grand time.  Mel went to war practice and the kiddos kept themselves occupied at our house.

My drawing is showing marked improvement.  I looked at my sketchbook from almost 1 year ago with the same model and its a vast difference.  Yay!!!!

Got home and picked up more stuff and took a lunch break after drawing and then I started in on the making the front room completed. I called for help to Wander since I needed picture hanging help (like, placement and please hand me that, while on the piano etc).  We moved almost all of the pictures in the family room and almost all in the front room. Rearranged things in the hallway and in general figured things out.  The antique singer does not want to be a dumping ground and put a nice lantern on it.  That just leaves me to find spaces somewhere for all of the pictures that didn't have frames we could hang.  I got ride of more frames but I made rework some to hang elsewhere.  The last bit I did was move the dining table 90°.  I didn't think there was space but there is and the bottle neck is bigger than near the piano. Plus, if we are diligent we can remove a leaf from teh table when not in big use and get more space.  It completely changes the room.  We are so adult and the green walls look more defined now which is neat.





Bridget and the kiddos came over to watch Ben for the holiday and I got a few errands ran before work. All nice and easy for being 1.25hours late to work. Part of the cleaning we deboxed my Funko POP! figures and I brought them to work. I can't take a picture but as I type the Coulson bobble head rattles...lol.  So cool.

On the docke this week is more gym time.  Finishing the studio so I can work on Crown clothes (and other misc sewing projects/repairs) and gaming on Friday. Plus we get the hitch on the van on Friday and the car goes in for maintenance on Saturday.  Busy week.


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