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I worked a lot last week and I was exhausted by the time friday night rolled around. Got up crazy early for my ride on Saturday and was very happy with how I did considering the wind and my lack of riding for about 5 weeks...eep. We started at Snyder and Sabino Canyon and then road Sunrise to 1st and then the river path back. Luckily Jorge had parked his truck at Craycroft and River so we didn't have to climb back up into Sabino Canyon....the wind was BRUTAL and with the 19.66 miles I only avereaged 10.76 mph. Bad but considering the wind was gusting in the 30s I think that was okay. Got done and headed home got coffee and shower and then Benton and I headed out for a day of errands.

We dropped my bike off to get maintenance (new cassette/chain/tuneup), ran into my boss and his daughter; went to Micheals and got yarn for [livejournal.com profile] brennabe's baby and ran into Zac and Jen from work; had lunch at Culver's where this face was seen after getting Custard. The look on his face is priceless. Seriously....

Then we hit Target and finally the library (Benton calls it LIBARRY, until we remind him that that is not right and he says it slowly and correctly.) We got bday presents for Holly (two awesome action figures of Rocket and Hawkeye) and lots of books to read.

I was completely exhausted by the time I got home and Benton settled down for a relaxing time and I zonked out for at least and hour. Mel made a tasty dinner and we had a nice evening of watching Gross Pointe Blank and working on projects. I am still working on the blanket for Anya/Robert's little guy.

Sunday we got up and headed to Holly's bday and then had lunch with Mary and Inara. Got to introduce them to Chef Alisah's and then home. I had about an hour before I got ready for Stacy's Surprise Bridal Shower. Had a high english tea and nummy cake and sandwiches as well as boozy eegees. Such fun.

Then it was home to flop on the couch, read a story and crochet.

Speaking of reading:

I finished #16 Broken Homes though I think there is one more book between that and the JD Robb book I read. Or I've just been reading way too much fan fic. Or both.
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Well I got up and biked even though the lungs protested mightily. Then it was home for breakfast a shower and heading to the Unique Boutique craft fair. Got some really cute holiday gifts and some other fun things. Including homemade tortillas and a loam of nummy chocolate bread. Got coffee on the way home, hand some lunch and once I finish my mocha I'll get on to cleaning the house and getting fabric cut out before dinner with [livejournal.com profile] duchess_asa. Good day.

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Well finally at Friday. Was up a bit late last night but it was good sleeping weather. We got up and on the road for a ride a bit after 7. The ride was not my best. My not taking allergy mess was not a good plan and my congestion made it a bit hard to breathe. But we did the 10 mile route. I hope to get the 15 mile route in tommorrow before the event but we shall see. Defintely on Sunday though. Just got back from AAA for scheduling our anniversary trip. It's gonna be nice. Staying right on the bay and close to lots of stuff. Can't wait.

Now I just need to schedule us for a lantern ghost tour of the Whaley house. Tee hee. Plus find all of the breweries we want to try. All good. Up next is going to lunch with Meg and thentaking the cats to the vet for their check ups. They will luv that I'm sure. I might even get it in video cause that would be funny.

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Not sure what was up with mel and I yesterday but tired and weary come to mind. I think it's the weather for me but I just got up and biked almost 11 miles and didn't suck too much at 15.4 mph.

Got home ate breakfast and got going to [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari's to feed the cats who were much more happy that it wasn't monsooning

We are now at the event and having a good time and it seems we are the craft table. Tee he's

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Yesterday was good. Got the embroidery done. Went to a good party, swam, ate bad for me food and hung out. I did get one shot of the fireworks.

Picture  )

Not sure how clear it is but it was nice. I got to work my afghan and slept well. [livejournal.com profile] public_shaylan arrived after I went to bed. Got up this am and biked almost 8 miles about 14 or so mph. I need to check my bike computer since the gps told me 13. Eh.

Then it was home to shower and head to breakfast. Met Donovan and Richard there and had a nice breakfast. Now it's family project time and I have been working on the afghan. I'm going to do a few more rows and get the stuff out for the baby stuff. All good.

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Well 5miles, 15 mph. It felt really good. My lungs are still not in great shape. They were still tightening. It was just a bit over 100 degrees out. But I did okay. No coughing and the knee didn't even notice which was really good. Course now the coughing starts but that is okay.

Had fun playing with the gps on the way home. The boys (Eric and drew) were very smitten with my phone. The battery did really well sitting in my locker but I should put the phone in airplane mode for good measure since the part of our building has wifi. Which means that the iPhone will keep searching for it and trying to connect to it. Which is utterly useless since I'm a quarter mile away. Ok. I exaggerate it's not that far away. But it sure seems like it.

Well, it's time to put away laundry and get some dinner.

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So, after I did get somethings done yesterday I lay comatose on the couch after I ran errands I awoke and realize that I'm sunburned. WTF? I'm only burnt on my arms but its a wonderfully funky one from my biking jersey, my riding gloves and my sweatband that I wear on my wrist. So I slugabedded for a while and drank lots of cool water and got some vitamin e gel on it. I'm weird in the fact that I have to cool down for a few hours before a sun burn even appears...which is also why I've had a few 3rd degree one's. I'm thinking I was a bit dehydrated and my sweat was focusing the sunlight on my 1 hour before 10 AM ride. Really weird.

Anyhoo...so I spent the later afternoon working on getting photos ready and uploaded. So, here is what I have, if there are photos hear you are expecting to see....they might be in a friends locked entry coming up.

Willa and Ryan's Wedding

ME Feast 2008 Special thanks to perin for getting photos during the competition.

After ME Feast at Papago Brewery Much debauchery and good times had by all..including the 15 month old.

So its monday and I'm a bit woozy and odd. I think the last week of killing myself physically is working well. I'm dead tired but in a really good way. My body is happy though very sore and I think I need to start really pushing up my mileage and wearing sunscreen apparently. All good. But man it makes for lousy mondays when all I want is another few hours of sleep.
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Friday the bacholorette party was really fun. Good food, good conversation, awesome dancing and just plain girly fun. Got home to shanda's at about 2am and I was bushed...but I was a good girl and stretched out so I wouldn't be too stiff for saturday. Shanda was awesome sauce and made Ari and I breakfast and then we got dolled up and headed off to site by way of a really awesome coffee shop. The guy at the drive thru was spunky and fun and the coffee was faboo. Got there just in time for me to sit opening court and to be very happy since Uko brought over all of the B&B's turkish coffee during court. Renee's bridal shower was nice and we got a private dance session with Edric playing music. Then it was time to dance! I'm pretty sure the competition had us dancing for over and hour and then I danced more. Including making it all of the way through "kill the dancer" with Edric which I've never been able to do. Yeah! Then we had food which was nummy, then I got too cold since I wasn't dancing, so I danced some more. We had kingdom court and got to see Godfrey get his pelican (pictures will be up today). Then it was time to get things rolling into cars and then closing baronial court. [livejournal.com profile] atensibilla and I were separated by one point in scoring for the advanced category for dance and I got a lovely pashmina for a prize. Then we got things packed up, changed into modern clothing and hit the road to Papago brewery. Had a really lovely time there and then it was home to Tucson. Had to stop once for baby Evie. She was overhot and needed some juice so we pulled off in Marana. Got back on the road and had her and mommy jules dropped off about 1030 and we were home just before 11. All good. So good to have our Jules back.

I stretched out more when we got home and drank some water and then I cleaned up my feet and headed to bed. My feet were black from all of the dancing and I was gonna bike in the morning. We got up this AM about 830 and got on our bikes. My plan was to bike to country club and back to joes and well, the wind was behind us and we flew for quite a ways and mel was like "hey, lets head to the bridge!" The bridge he meant was at Broadway and well, we did it...all 17.95 miles with an average speed going to the bridge of 17.1mph...back was a different story. I was tired and the wind was killer. But we made it to joes doing about 14.5 mph overall. Richard had left his cell phone at the house so I had used it to call him when we got close to joe's and he already had a table for us. I was tired...and hungry. I had a nice protein rich breakfast and we had a good chat about the event and stuff coming up. We've been home for a bit and I'm bushed but I plan on getting the staining done today on our stuff and some laundry. I'm gonna work in the car port since the bugs aren't too bad there and it will give me space out of the shop. But man am I tired. Its okay though. I'm not gonna be going to kung fu tomorrow due to scribble and I'm not fighting on Tuesday so the extra biking is good...maybe another good ride tomorrow.

So, time to get things going.
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Well, I got up tired and groggy and I was pretty tired all day. I did manage to look at 20 coaxes, cataloged their failures and then get that in to the FRB data. I have only 2 failures that are mine for the month and I will head out to the floor today to look at them. I even worked extra to make up for time lost on monday with the eye gook. The eyes are still full of stuff but without the contacts to annoy them I'm okay. Got home and immediately changed into bike clothes. Even though I was dog tired the weather was nice so I got on the fuji and headed out. I did my normal 6.5 mile route but may need to detour it a bit until all of the silt gets off the bike path. Being on road bike tires and on silt...not fun at all. Got home and changed back to normal clothes and made us a quick dinner of organic/natural pasta roni which I added sauted garlic, mushrooms and 2 packages of imitation crab. It was good, it was healthy and I made sure to keep my portion good. Had a bit of trail mix for dessert and then I napped. I was so tired I drooled rather uncontrollably. But I did manage to pack a small bag of stuff to handout to folks at the park and have a good time. I read, I chatted, I held babies, I squashed a rumor (no I'm not pregnant!) and had a good time. Got home exhausted, showered and slept very well.

Today is another busy day of meetings. I've got more data to plow through but I think I've hit my rhythm. I hope to get another ride in tonight, get some more sewing done and maybe hit arts night. We shall see.
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Well, work was okay...to many meetings and too many people who can not get to the point in a conversation. rant OMG, I will kill that boi at some point...he really needs to learn how to communicate and keep people in the loop. Ugh./rant Got home and cooled down and then went on a lovely 8.5 mile bike ride averaging 14.8mph. My new gloves are glam and work well for shock and not letting me put a death grip on the handle bars. The only thing that really got me was my toes on both feet falling asleep during about mile 5. Weird.

Got home and cooled down, did not nap. Got going on bone carving again and watched tv and worked on it till mel left. Then I uploaded all of the photos that he needed for his docs and then worked on the bone carving documentation. So, another rant on. Why oh, why is MSWord placing pictures within the text so effing jacked? Seriously. I have pictures that refuse to stay where I put them or go to where I want them...grrrrr!!!! So I just ended up slapping all that I needed in and will work on them this morning.

Bone carving progressed more and I realized I get to use Alton Brown as a reference for my cooking entry since he solved on of my questions about my project. Woot! I just need to find the transcript. I also, I need to thank [livejournal.com profile] corinnemacleod for telling us all about the season premier of Eureka. It was really good. I realized about a 1/4 the way through the show that my bone carving wasn't looking right and set it down in frustration. I think I screwed it up. I watched the show and then got sucked into Miami Ink. Forced myself to take a shower and was done when mel came home. We chatted for quite a while, watched the tatoos. He reassured me that my carving was just in that ugly stage of progress. So, I felt better, had a berryweiss and went to bed listening to the storm.

My late meeting today got cancelled. I'm gonna pick up pizza on the way home today and be ready to finish up documentation tonight and hopefully the bone carving. I need to put my final version of the cooking entry on to age and all should be good especially with the new information I have from alton.

Course the morning started off bad. Mel came in to give me a good bye kiss and proceeded to step completely onto my big toe with his bike cleat. Ow...it still hurts.
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Well, Thursday was busy at work but I trudged on through. Made it through the many, many hours of meetings and then came home to find that mel had blown another tube and blew out his back tire. Wow. So I go and pick him up, we trundle to the bike shop and pick up the gatorskins and tubes for him and off to home. I get on my bike and do the 6.5 mile route. I still need to adjust my handle bars some cause my hands hurt. I averaged 14.4 mph and topped out at 21.4 mph on a flat. Very nice I'm a little too hunched up on the bars and I will just take it for them to do more adjusting I think. I'll try it out today and then go up there on Saturday morning. My legs are very, very tired. The new riding position is very different and it works a completely different set of muscles and then I went and did kicking drills and learning a new form with lots of jumping (Little Mantis) I guess mel was surprised at how quickly I was picking things up...I guess I'm finally getting used to kung fu.

Got home and was wired...so I cleaned up my beads from wednesdays kiln run and then went to bed. I slept okay. I think I was tossing about a bit. I'm tired now and the stairs at work were not kind. Tired, tired legs. I went through my glass stuff and I just have a few more things to make for A&S...maybe another hour of torch time. So, things are shaping up...just wish I was a bit more ahead. Sunday is gonna be the big push for getting things done so I can work on finishing my 80% completed docs and tweaking my displays.
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Well, I had this great plan go to bed early but meh..didn't happen. Left work just a bit early and got home and biked. I made it 7.5 miles before the heat was too much. I think my water pak being dark colored is not helping much...but I needs it..catch 22. Got home and started in on making dinner. Had nummy burros with beans, beef, avocados tati style (lime and salt), tomatoes and pepper jack cheese. Mel was very happy and ate 2 very overstuffed burros. Then it was family nap time. It think I slept for about 40mins, I'm not sure but I was tired and worn out from the ride and heat. Got going when mel left on reading some documentation for [livejournal.com profile] atensibilla. I watched a mythbusters-esque episode of good eats. Weird but entertaining. Got through the docs and then moved to mine and finally got to bone carving about 8pm. I carved for about an hour and now everything is to my scribe lines. I then sat and made my sketches of the object for top view, side view and front view to show what the shapes will be. I'm doing this so I can remember what I need to carve and also to show the judges what I intended. I then took a shower and was in bed by 10pm but I was reading and wasn't even close to being sleepy when mel came home about 1030. We chatted for quite a while and I finally fell asleep while he was in the shower. Sometime this morning butterfly and obsidian decided that it would be good to go fist-o-cuffs on the dresser with hissing. Then they were being uber snuggly...so sleep wasn't that fulfilling. Got up this morning and well, here I am.

Luckily [livejournal.com profile] genkadin IM'd me with a fun site of picts, looks like from France of a re-enactor's event. My only comments are 1)They were having too much fun in the picts and 2)Don't you guys believe in trim? See for yourself Orleans
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Work was full of meetings...like out of my 9 hours I was in meetings for 4 and the rest of the time I was working on the model of doom. I did manage to get the first model done, weight correct and CG set but now I need to get creative on how to add just a bit of weight by another part and keep the cg the same. We shall see...I'm almost willing to just get another part completely versus trying to add .12# to a part but we shall see what I come up with. I need to update the guy this is for since its gonna be a week late but its gonna be perfect.

Got home and changed into biking clothes and chatted with the husband. The wind was whipping around the house something fierce. I took a small nap since I was so tired and then got on my bike about 5. I only went 6.5 miles but I ended up having to gear down to my 2nd ring gear...I don't even remember the last time I did that...its been so long. The 27mph sustained winds with the 40+ gusts was insane. I kept a good rhythm the whole time but the constant strain of pushing into the wind was tiring. Got home 50mins later on a ride that usually takes me 30-40...not bad but dude. Mel was kinda worried. He made spicy rice for dinner and I had some imitation crab in it. Got working on finishing his pants and they got finished by 8pm. Richard came over to show off his new keg system he got for uber cheap. I sat down and almost finished the rough draft of my cooking entry. Got to bed and read for a while...almost done with the current book. I slept good minus weird dreams in the early morning hours that involved multiple theme hotels, sca folks and me not finding my hotel. Odd. Oh, well. Off we go.

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So, work was much better. I ignored the horrible model until after lunch and finishing up a few other things that needed doing. Drew and I hammered it out and it took gross cuts to get this thing to move its CG. Seriuosly...it looks like I gave the thing a lobotomy. But I've got one more axis to dial in and then mess with the weight. My goal is to be done by lunch today...since I R DORK and forgot my lunch and snacks.

Got home and rested for a bit and then went on a bike ride. I headed down to the base and around to craycroft, flipped a u-ey and then headed back to pantano, down to escalante, to prudence and up to stella and home. Not sure how far that is...probably 9.5 miles so a little bit less than normal but a much safer ride. Got home and was able to talk which was a major improvement over the day before. Had dinner, had some richard time and then shower and heading off to practice. I did some bone shaping and chatted with folks, played a bit with faye who was walking all over and had a good time. Got home and was in bed asleep by 1030.

This morning was weird and I forgot my lunch and snacks. I have lots of meetings today. So, I better get my tail in gear.
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My statement for work yesterday was "Gravity is a harsh mistress and she doesn't use lube." Nuff said.

Got home about 30 mins early and got on my bike. Did the 10.5 mile route and was overheated when I got back. 102° + 20% humidity and a sucky wind was not my friend. Got back and took forever to cool down and I drank most of my 64oz in my pack. Mel got ready for his test and I showered. I met him there after getting scribble stuff and camera. I was the resident camera girl running the video and the still camera. Mel's test went pretty good. He screwed up in a few places but that was okay. They looked good. I'll hopefully have a copy of the test soon. Got going and headed to taco bell for comfort food. I probably ate too much but I needed the salt like a fiend. Had a nice time at scribble. Got a bit of painting done, irish coffe drank, broke the ari and got to hold the baby. All good. Looks like we will have [livejournal.com profile] bewilde back with us for the summer since the kids are out of school and some activities. Got home late, did an upload of photos and fell into a good sleep. Got woken up at some time by mel chucking obsidian off of the bed. I had to do the same when she came back a minute later. Being uber annoying kitty. Got up this morning and I'm very sore and my legs are tired. The stairs to my office were fun. I think this will be a 3 cup of coffee morning.

On the agenda today is to finish up the cluster that was yesterdays work and get a response back to a supplier. I just hope I can get things done. I'm gonna bike when I get home but I will probably be antisocial and stay home tonight. Luv you all but I needs to be working on A&S.
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Work was well, weird since we were all in a weekend mood still and I got a few things handled and that was good. I need to tweak a model one more time and all should be good. Got done at 230pm since its an 8 hour day week and headed off to Target. I had a list of strange stuff to get but all was accomplished with a few extra's..like a b-day gift for mason. Got home and then had a snack and headed out on my bike ride. I did 8.5 miles due to the wind but I made good time and managed not to get hit by a dumb ass at craycroft. He even saw me but I guess it didn't register that I had the right of way..dumbass. Got home and mel made us a nummy version of chili mac with fresh veggies. I was good and had a little bit and did not succumb to the temptation of beer or sugary snacks. I had to make a quick dash to joann's before mel left for FP for thread for mel's blue tunic. I didn't have the right color and when doing handwork I wanted it to match. Got all of the hem and the cuff trim done on that. I was able to watch tv, ignore the whiney punkins and soak my hands in wax before bed. One of my purchases was a fan for our bedroom. The old one died last week and I had a really hard time sleeping. I didn't last night at all. Mel got home just as I was hopping in the shower and I was asleep before he got out.

Today should be good. I have a game plan for stuff I need to do at work...have stuff printed out for books and I should be good. Course I just realized I left a few of my source listings at home but I should be able to recreate that without running home.

Some progress on the To Do )
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Work was okay minus getting stuck in a meeting where I really didn't care about the outcome just needed to know what I need to do to help in either decision. I cranked away on some italian numbers and it looks like the parts are fine at least before plating. Got home and got dressed for biking, took some annoying SCA calls and then went on my ride. The 4.5 mile route was good enough, I was tired and my lungs hurt from the effort. Course I think I made awfully good time even though I was trying not to push so hard. Got home and had toast for dinner and continued the photo uploading of the last few days. I have everything uploaded but now I need to do all of the flips. Course I realize that I probably could have done all of the flips while it was still on the card and just wrote over it...oh well. I should have things up later today.

Mel and andrew got back from kung fu practice and mel was exhausted. We got ready for A&S night and were very happy to make a nice quick night of it. I was able to get some documentation reviewed, hand out a handout and relax reading for my own projects. Got home and we were in bed in short order.

I hope to get my mother's day gifts sent off today and get to the bank too. Plus hopefully get another small bike ride in so I can be ready for a longer one tomorrow. I'm pretty sure we will have to turn the coolers on.


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