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Well, not in my life but I have hope. The Yarn Harlot had some really good perfection on perfect stitch by stitch socks out of self patterning yarn. They are perfect and if you read back in her blog a day or so you can see the chaos that comes with having a very old house in toronto.

I have hope that the chaos of my house, the fight of the valances and the crap at work will be worth it if something turns out perfect. I re-did the FIL's xmas hat since Mel felt it was a bit too small. I up-gauged one hook and the size is now perfect. I need to note that in my notes on ravelry. Its pretty interesting. Course I also wonder if I hook tight or not. Uncertain.

I finished the FIL's hat, gave [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari her hat...well, I had her try it on and seh wouldn't take it off...so she got it early and started in on another that I should finish tonight so I can start my mom's prezzy. Not sure how long that will take but I'm hoping to start it tomorrow and finish it by sunday so I have time to wash, block and dry it before I have to ship it. Shipping of gifts will now be coming up shortly and I hope I can get things out on time. Plus I still have a few more to make...le sigh. Oh, well, it will get done.

Just wish this pesky work thing wasn't in the way of my creative juices and my bike riding...course I still need to take the bike in after the mishaps of Sunday.
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So, to preface this picture taken by [livejournal.com profile] bertana. I'm on the right and [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer is on the left looking at scribal ACEOs. My iphone is in my left hand because I just got done taking some video of fighting Rabbit Fights the Dragon.
I'm part of the Order of the Pilgrim of the Desert which is an authenticity award. Which is why I'm finding this so funny. Snerk.

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Pardoner's Tale, Lines 135-160

Prdnr's Tl Lns 135-60

1nce upn a tme, 'n Flndrz
thr wuz a man
a yng prsn tht prcticd flly
bcme n'ged w/tvrnz, gmblng, & whorehousez
lystning 2 hrpz, lutz, & gtrz
thy dncd & plyd w.dice 24/7
thy als. Eat, hwevr drnk 2 much
thy do bd thngs
whn thy r n the mndset of dng bd
hz vwz & cmmitmnts wre obvi.
hwevr when he wld swr it hrt r earz
he wuz kllng us by dng ths
evry1 els jst rofl'd
& l8r on cntn'd 2 wtch grlz dnc
thy wre prtty & sm.
at the prty thr wuz a frt sllr sngr w/hrpz
prostiez. & cak vndrz
thy all wrkd w/the dev.
the fyr wuz lit
& ppl wre eating
OMG! Hw is ths hppning?!
Ppl r dng crzy sht b/c ther drunk
Thr is a man lying by his dghtrs bt he iz soooo drnk that he dozn't kno it's thm!
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It says don't feed the software engineers. Snerk

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Donors Rescue Fireworks on A Mountain.
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Apr. 14th, 2009 08:55 am
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Well, I was sore by the end of last night...especially after I read for two hours curled up with an afghan on the couch after working on banners for a few hours. This morning, I was also sore but I got a english muffin and some water and then got on my bike and bike 8.25 miles at 13.9mph...I had hills and my legs were sore from the 30 day shred but I did it and I didn't stop and I think I saw ed but I'm not sure. Anyhoo...then I was more psycho and did the 30 day shred workout and now I'm shakey but really high on enorphins. All good. Time for coffee and cleaning up the front room from silk banner fu and getting things going on sewing.

Tomorrow is sounds like there will be a "beer ride" we'll see how I do. I haven't ridden that distance in a while. but the beer sounds good. I didn't have any yesterday..I had a piece of toast with my dinner salad. I figure it was a good trade.

My lungs are doing the asthma cough thing...but that will stop again in a week or so after they get used to the work outs. Can't wait. I'm liking the me time again.

Did get a late night call from Storvarr. I waw amused because mel, of course, was many hours late getting back from Mughi's...I wasn't at all surprised. Gave him mughi's number and I got a return call that "mel just left and did you know everyone knows me as 'the apprentice'?" Tee hee.

So, time to get some breakfast etc and get on to projects.

EDIT: right after I posted my mom called her one of her cats died. Sammy, who has been dealing with lots of medical issues (including a feeding tube) died early this morning. Mom was pretty broken up and it just made me hug my girls really tight. Mom's not taking it too well...she's a crazy cat lady...and I luv her and wish I could be there for her. Sighs.
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From the guy who gives us Munchkin and Dork Tower, he did some caricatures of some of our fav and not so fav Foodnetwork cooks!

Click here to see Alton Brain, Rachel Raytard and more!
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Patience with Land Allocation? Patience?

BAH! I say BAH!!! I have been impatiently waiting up here in the Midrealm for at LEAST 4 seconds for the damn jpg images to show up. How dare they be so big and crudely drawn (even though quite obviously outlining exactly where we are going to be) with such clear hand writing?? Why couldn't you have hired a 4 year old to do the writing and pictures? Did you think CLARITY is what we wanted? BAH! I say.....

Sorry - getting close to war and I am positively giddy to see everyone. I just had to send a comment to the both of you and say "CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!"

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It was a whirlwind of a weekend but things go accomplished. I got up on Sunday morning and got on my bike...bike a short route (legs were very, very tired) and did just 6.0 miles but I pushed and came home. It got my blood going but I was still chilled much of the day. Sighs. Richard, Mel and I had breakfast at Joe's. You could watch mel crash (he got home at 1230pm from prescott) after he had food but we all managed to get ourselves fed, caffeinated and then ready for the day.

I tackled land straight off and then I did some of my other tasks on the list. I then got the land scanned and sent off to all and sundry (see last post). I even managed to get my studio cleaned up so the girls could come back in (took down the silk frames since [livejournal.com profile] elsisv had the last banner to steam).

Richard made up nummy meatloaf and it was so good. Wander was over working on fabric stuff and we found an error in my fighting coat pattern for ivan...oops. Fixed the data sheet so it can't happen again. Oops.

But I managed to finish the pants and get my laurel chookies all set. Once I get more cards it will be good.

We didn't watch the super bowl but I guess some folks with comcast got their service hacked and they got 30 secs of pr0n for a while. Snerk..that's funny. See article here

Anyhoo...I hear there is a Jason Statham commercial that was played....its neato

To Do )
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Every night, I wait to hear Butterfly kill the first toy of the night and her meow will echo down the hall. If I'm lucky, she'll kill a sock or one of the normal stuffed toys while I'm reading..if I'm not lucky...its after I've been asleep for a while.
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"For all the settings she could pick, she chose 'freak'"

"You look like you have a reservoir tip"

"You must have poliosis"

"I guess that was his 'swan song'" (My mom after seeing Hot Fuzz

"They did get their driver's licenses out of a cracker jack box..."

"GAH!!!! TIMKEN!!!"

"Macaroni and Cheese is a vegetable here"

"Caution: Maniac at the wheel"
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So, wacky bobo dreams were on the mound last night and I lost to them 3-0. I guess I was coughing a lot which kept mel up a bit but he woke me up to make sure I was okay. Odd. I haven't done that in a while..coughing my sleep, I mean.

I did have a funny yesterday that I forgot to share.

[livejournal.com profile] snotblossom said that she "Can't wait to be A(u)ntie Blossom" and what I heard was "Can't wait to be ANTI Blossom".

Does that mean that an Anti-blossom brings fire versus water? Dunno but it struck my funny bone something fierce.
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Work was sucktastic with server issues...then it got better cause I kinda got things done. I got home about an hour later due to work, getting a scrip and then getting my eyebrows done (note to self...stop waiting 3 mos..it won't hurt as much). Then it was home to make banana bread, work on A&S stuff and relax. Well, while I was making banana bread, got a plea for egg salad, when I commented we didn't have any eggs mel was placated and then I realized I needed eggs for the bread. Sighs. Luckily, [livejournal.com profile] richarddbrewer came to the rescue. I finished making the read, made egg salad and barely got anywhere on my a&S stuff. But we trundled off to kung fu. It was a good class but I think I pushed too hard. I got a stitch in my side during the kicking drills. So, I stretched out for a while, drank some water and got back into class during the self defense drills. I was better for a while then when I was working on staff form I got dizzy. So, I stopped for a bit. Class got let out and we moved over to the other room so the kajukenbo class could use the main room and I got assaulted with a big hug and kiss by a guy. It turned out to be Roland's brother...but it was funny cause while I was in class I was watching him change in the hallway, jake saw my expression and I mentioned I was watching the floor show (grin!) Funny guy.

Went through one of my other forms and then I was done. Got home and read some more research and kept wondering why oh why can't everyone talk in the same language about the same subject? Sighs. But I was able to get most of one documentation done until I put in some figures and write up the section about the end. Its all good. Went to bed later than planned but that was okay.

Today shall be much paperwork and digging into some of the manufacturing db for research on the failure....it was our little gyro...sighs. Then it will be a bike ride when I get home from work and then A&S projects until I go to bed. Oh, and I'll make dinner somewhere in there and we'll finish packing the trailer too. Plus today is Virtual Friday...which makes things all good anyway.


Sep. 12th, 2008 07:00 pm
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The Trekkie Test -- Create and Take a Fun Test @ NerdTests.com's User Tests!
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So, I walk into the downstairs bathroom (not my usual haunt since my cube is upstairs) and see two of our customer ladies having a dilemma on how to deal with a wardrobe malfunction of a zipper in the up position. I assist the desperate looks with first pliers and then a swiss army scissors from a co-irker and get the zipper to at least be down. Luckily, customer lady has other slacks in the car and is very happy to change...after she hits the head. I'm not sure how long they had been struggling with the zipper but it must have been a while. But I saved the day!

Course got some weird looks from the boys when I went back and forth with tools to the bathroom.

Sorry, I've been posty today...eh. I need the break.
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I'm currently contemplating an issue at work and it needs to stew so I was reminded of a few things that should give people a laugh...

#1) Did you know people think mel is CHINESE?
Mel went to pick up donuts at the local Donut Wheel on thursday am. The gal at the drivethru, asian herself, asked mel if he had any chinese in him...can you believe it! I guess it must be the beard and his kung fu skilz.

#2) Johnny Cash was a modern day Landsknecht

My evidence - Example A from "A Boy Named Sue"
But I busted a chair right across his teeth
And we crashed through the wall and into the street
Kicking and a' gouging in the mud and the blood and the beer.

Example B from "Sunday Morning Coming Down"
Well, I woke up Sunday morning
With no way to hold my head that didn't hurt.
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad,
So I had one more for dessert.
Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes
And found my cleanest dirty shirt.
Then I washed my face and combed my hair
And stumbled down the stairs to meet the day.



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